Friday, 2012-05-04

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IanWizard-Cloudhey, I'm near there.00:23
IanWizard-CloudI'm opting not to go.00:24
IanWizard-CloudI dont really care for Tizen, from what I've seen of it.  And really from how tightlipped they're being... but IMO.00:24
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wmaroneha, hell03:57
wmaronethe only Ubuntu releases that will boot, natively, on a Mac are the x86_64 versions03:57
Stskeepswmarone: ouch?04:08
wmaroneannoying mostly, looking to see what option for getting the stupid tizen sdk going on it is most feasible04:08
Stskeepsvirtual machine?04:08
wmarone1.5GB of RAM makes for a very grumpy VM04:09
wmaronemight have to though, just cause of the multitude of possible compatibility issues with an x86 chroot04:09
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* Stskeeps tries to wake up04:26
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sonachStskeeps: hi, I want to do a test for QtWebkit in qml. Is 'import QtWebkit 1.0' correct for Mer?05:22
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E-P Morning all05:27
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Stskeepssonach: should be, yes - install libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin and libqtwebkit405:50
sonachStskeeps: I have already installed this two and test HTML5 video successfully. Now I am wondering whether the version of 'QtWebkit' is '1.0' or other,05:51
Stskeepssonach: think you may possibly be able to do 1.1 as well05:53
Stskeepsit's just the API version, i think05:53
sonachStskeeps: OK:)05:53
* Stskeeps will be leaving for tizen conference tomorrow and back in europe on 11th05:54
Stskeepssonach: out of curiousity, what are the popular HTML5 APIs/runtimes in china?05:56
timophhave fun05:56
sonachStskeeps: what is 'HTML5 APIs/runtimes'?05:56
timophI really hope there could be some co-operation with tizen05:56
Stskeepssonach: well, if there's any typical ways people distribute html applications05:56
Stskeepsfor smart TV, cellphones, or other05:57
sonachStskeeps: Can you give me an example?05:57
Stskeepssonach: never mind :) i'm a little tired today and don't remember exactly what i was going to ask about :)05:58
sonachStskeeps: NP:)05:59
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* Stskeeps is going to nap for an hour or so, bbl06:13
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lbt_awayStskeeps: I'll do another snap06:17
Stskeepsno :/06:24
Stskeepsit hasn't finished up06:24
Stskeepsblocking on qtwebkit06:24
lbt_awayyou sure?06:26
lbt_awaythey look like DBC builds06:26
lbt_awayStskeeps: ^06:27
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SageStskeeps: zlib, nss, gstreamer, openssl and  pcre would need kick at leats06:35
Stskeepslbt_away: check armv606:39
StskeepsSage: ok06:40
lbt_awaythere is no armv6 ... which explains it06:43
lbt_awayOK ... abandonded it06:43
lbt_awayoff to airport :/06:43
Stskeepshave a good flight06:43
lbt_awaywill do ... see you all soon06:44
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sonachStskeeps: How to change the UserAgent in QtWebkit? (similar to userAgentSwitcher of Chrome)06:58
Stskeepssonach: hmm, moment07:02
Stskeeps but this doesn't tell you how to do it with just qmlviewer, this is with a qml launcher of your own07:04
sonachStskeeps: OK:)07:04
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sonachStskeeps: Is there any way to set userAgent in WebView of QML?07:11
Stskeepssonach: only good way is if you make your own 'qmlviewer', ie, qdeclarativeview and qapplication, in c++, and set the application there07:11
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Stskeepshey goldy :)07:12
sonachStskeeps: OK,07:12
Stskeepsgoldy: welcome :) so what brings you here to #Mer ?07:13
goldyi am unable to use power button of my n900 tu turn it off07:13
Stskeepshold it down for 30+ seconds07:13
byakoStskeeps:  what ? :D07:13
Stskeepsbyako: morn07:13
byakoStskeeps: morn, how about using temrinal or removing a battery ?07:14
goldywhile using internet browser unable to dowload any mp3 file07:16
goldyi installed it on memory card07:17
Stskeepsbyako: we have a thing in DSME that listens to power button07:17
Stskeepsand if it's down for more than 30+ sec, it forces off07:17
Stskeepsand saves file system07:17
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goldywhile using internet browser unable to dowload any mp3 file07:19
Stskeepsgoldy: yes, there's not any good download functionality07:20
goldyis there any one who can answers my probleb07:20
goldywill it be resolved07:20
Stskeepsgoldy: well, when someone makes a patch07:21
Stskeepsfile a bug in bugs.nemomobile.org07:21
goldyi uninstall the u boot but it still shows it on startup07:23
Stskeepsyou have to reflash kernel07:24
goldyhow to do that07:24
Stskeepsit should say on pages somewhere, along with a warning that 'don't install uboot if you don't know how to flash back' :)07:25
goldyi have to reflash the image ????07:26
timophjust the kernel07:26
goldyok i will try07:26
goldythanks for help07:27
timophcan't remember the flasher options to do that off my head07:27
timophbut that should be documented somewhere07:27
timophsudo ./flasher-3.5 -F <firmware-image> --flash-only=kernel -f -R07:27
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timophoh. btw, got the mer+cordia image for n900 done07:29
timophnot much to look at currently :)07:29
timophneed to hack with a bit to see why it only shows the task switcher button. it "works" but only shows a black screen07:36
timophalso the settings menubar can be accessed but doesn't work07:36
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Stskeepsmorn mdfe_ :)07:37
mdfe_good morning07:37
mdfe_Stskeeps: could you take a look to ?07:38
Stskeepsmdfe_: yes, we're aware that -next is 'blocked'07:39
Stskeepsignore it please :)07:39
mdfe_all mer-next build states are looking strange07:39
Stskeepsme and lbt managed to talk past eachother so he snapshotted while things were still building in mer obs07:39
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byakoStskeeps: tha't the dark side of keeping all things in one place :)08:02
byakoStskeeps: any ETA for unblocking ?08:02
Stskeepsbyako: we had hoped this morning but sometimes darwin's law kicks in08:03
Stskeepsbyako: you can, potentially, in your <repository> line, have <repository block="never"> instead08:03
byakoStskeeps: will try, thanks08:03
byakoStskeeps: hmm, is it so, that block="never" also removes dependency tracking so all of packages are rebuild at once instead of queue or is it just because none of them are changed ?08:07
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Stskeepsno, it just won't wait for up path project to finish blocking08:08
Stskeepsyou might want block="local" instead08:08
timophStskeeps: btw, do you have anything against tmo having a section for Mer?08:10
byakoStskeeps: aha08:11
Stskeepstimoph: i don't, but for various reasons i don't want mer tied too much into
timophin any case it will be discussed there and imo having a single place would help to follow Mer related things there08:12
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Stskeepsmorn eocanha, slaine08:13
slainemorning folks08:15
byakoStskeeps: there seem to be just huge pile of info to be learned about project, for example, why binary package's %{version}-%{release} is different from spec's :\. I assume it's something related to the release and internal configuration of RPM packager, but still it's a bit distracting08:16
Stskeepsbyako: OK, so, OBS doesn't care about Release: tag in spec, instead, by default, it sets it to a <CI_CNT>.<B_CNT>08:17
StskeepsCI_CNT is amount of checkins done to the package08:17
StskeepsB_CNT is how many rebuilds of that B_CNT08:17
Stskeepsof that CI_CNT08:17
Stskeepsunfold some of the concepts08:18
SageStskeeps: pushed rpmlint update to review08:18
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byakoStskeeps: Okaay, interesting08:44
Stskeepsbyako: that's a dump of most of my obs knowledge from some months back08:45
slaineSage, will that fix the problems with xcb_utils etc.  ?08:49
Stskeepsslaine: that was another issue08:50
Stskeeps-now- i can order my r-pi08:50
slainemine is on it's way08:50
X-FadeMine is shipped already :)08:51
slainecan't wait08:51
byakorays of envy to everyone08:51
Stskeepsor not08:51
byakowhere did you order Pie from ? Allied Electronics ?08:53
byakoEl14 & rs-online still not taking orders, only "soon available"08:53
X-Fadebyako: farnell08:54
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slainefarnell for me too08:55
StskeepsArgh! Finally received my @Raspberry_Pi order invitation email from RS Online, but the activation code box is greyed out and disabled08:56
Stskeeps^ same proble08:56
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byakoHuh ? Where are you from ? US ? Europ's Farnel shop doesn't have any price or Order possibility :\08:57
X-Fadebyako: Ordered on the first day.08:58
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byakoX-Fade: ok, so it's really so that ordering currently one has a chance to get his pie aound autumn :) Allright then09:00
X-Fadebyako: I think there are 300k preorders waiting before you :)09:00
timophX-Fade: wow. you actually managed to get through. I gave up after 20 mins of trying to connect :)09:00
X-Fadetimoph: Had no issues at al, just worked for me.09:01
timophdone anything interesting with it?09:02
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X-Fadetimoph: Just got ups tracking number :)09:03
timophah :)09:03
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byakoStskeeps: hurray :) hdmi doesn't go sleep anymore, no screen blanking09:06
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sonachStskeeps: where is the source code of qmlviewer? in qt-everywhere-opensource-src?09:13
Stskeepssonach: yes09:15
Stskeepswoo, raspberry pi ordered :)09:16
* timoph is jealous09:16
E-PStskeeps: any estimations when they can deliver that?09:16
Stskeepsclaimed dispatch in 7 days09:17
Stskeepsi was on waiting list at rs-online fwiw09:17
E-Pah, then09:18
sonachStskeeps: But I can not find 'qmlviewer' in qt source code. Is it renamed?09:18
E-Psonach: if I remember correctly, it is under the tools/qml09:19
E-P(in Qt 4.x)09:21
sonachE-P: yes, tools/qml is the source code of qmlviewer! But I don't find Makefile there, So how to make it seperetely?09:22
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Stskeepssonach: may be of use09:23
Stskeepsthat is used with 'qmake', which makes you a Makefile09:23
sonachStskeeps: Can I execute 'qmake' in Mer SDK's chroot?09:24
Stskeepssonach: think so09:24
E-Pyou can09:25
Stskeepsthere's also
sonachStskeeps: E-P: thank you. I will try:)09:25
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Stskeepsmdfe_: 4.8.1 + calligra fix on the road to release :)09:34
mdfe_yeeahhaa ;)09:35
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sledgesQmlComponentExtrasGallery @imx53 overnight soak-test: 7K mem leaked (only)09:49
Stskeepsnot bad09:50
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alteregoThinking of adding an rss feed aggregator to the mer wiki to build a mer based planet page. Thoughts?10:14
alteregoJust thinking we could do with a reflection of the current state of the community.10:18
alteregoAnd give people a bit of a platform for being more aware of the community.10:19
Stskeepsoh, bugzilla plugin would probably be a start10:19
Stskeepsdid we migrate the wiki yet?10:20
alteregoAh yes, I'll look in to the bugzilla plugin. I should catch up with lbt and do the migration.10:20
Stskeepsalso check bugzilla and close tasks assigned to you and done10:21
Stskeepsmer tshirt, check, tizen tshirt, check, maemo/mozilla tshirt, check10:25
Stskeepsnow noone can accuse me of not being diversified..10:25
jussiStskeeps: where is your windows tshirt? :P10:26
* jussi runs10:26
Stskeepsjussi: i could wear a lumia ..10:26
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alteregoI was thinking of getting some mer t-shirts printed.10:27
Stskeepslbt still has a bunch in store10:28
alteregoI've got a friend that can print them cheap cheap :)10:29
alteregoMaybe I'll be a bit different and get a jumper :)10:29
alteregoOr a Mer Jacket10:29
w00tStskeeps: wear them all at once10:30
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Stskeepsw00t: i vote we make a game of wearing the most amount of dead mobile platform tshirts at once10:31
Stskeepsof course this will be murder in 22 C..10:31
w00toh good god, is it that hot?10:31
Stskeepssaturday: 22 C10:31
Stskeepsmonday: 25 C10:31
w00t25 is my melting point10:31
TermanaYou wussy Europeans. Come down to 'stralia, we can give you a roaring hot time10:32
Stskeepsw00t -is- australian10:32
w00ti moved because i kept burning to death10:32
TermanaWell... whatever... :p10:32
w00t(ok, slight exaggeration, but i really don't tolerate heat well)10:32
Termanaw00t, what would actually be nice is if it wasn't 30 C one day, 10 C the next. Now I know why they make those pants with the zip off bottom leg parts.10:36
jonwilThe secret to not burning up in the Australian sun is to live in a house with air conditioning :)10:36
Tm_Tjussi: you and your hilights (:10:37
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jussiTm_T: *snigger* :P : P10:41
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Tm_Tjussi: yup, my bad, but still noticed it's almost always you10:46
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E-PStskeeps: AB meeting today?11:00
Stskeepsoh, yes11:01
* Stskeeps is a bit off his mind today :)11:01
StskeepsAdvisory board meeting in #mer-meeting NOW11:01
E-Pit's Friday, it is ok11:01
Stskeepsi actually wonder if we have quorom11:02
Stskeepsmdfe_: you representing in #mer-meeting ?11:03
alteregoSweet, my printer is "on track" to be shipped today! :D11:05
alteregoWell, printer kit11:05
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*** DocScrutinizer is now known as BOFH11:17
*** BOFH is now known as DocScrutinizer11:18
mdfe_Stskeeps: Yes I will do it11:20
Stskeepsmdfe_: ah, we cancelled already11:20
Stskeepsno worries, we were too few anyway11:20
mdfe_sorry :(11:20
Stskeepspostponed 14 days, which is OK too - i'm a little unhealthy today as well11:21
mdfe_bless you11:21
iekkuStskeeps, oh, get well soon!11:21
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byakoStskeeps: do I get it right that you're an Xorg pro || heavily familiar and can be bugged with quest ?11:52
Stskeepsbyako: i wouldn't call myself a pro11:52
Stskeepsi have more of a system wide view, not terribly deep at times11:52
byakoStskeeps: that's normal11:52
Stskeepsie, i can't recite the X11 protocol at heart11:52
byakook, so you might know what is responsible for cursor redrawind ? I have all screen in cursors because the screen is redrawn only when some app does thisi11:53
byakois there a chance to make X server constantly redraw screen on mouse movement or so11:54
Stskeepsit depends, there is hardware cursor and software cursor11:54
Stskeepson a mobile device you really don't want to have a cursor at all, for FPS reasons11:54
byakoStskeeps: I don't have a choice, LCD is all I have. no touch-devices11:54
byakoSo I would rather see low fps rate on mouse movement11:55
Stskeepsi'm not sure how mali and cursor would work together, sorry11:55
byakoif I'll need more, I will just leave mouse in peace11:55
byakoStskeeps: that's second problem, just give me the vector to dig - so I need a hw cursor ?11:56
Stskeepspossibly. or a software cursor.11:56
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byakoStskeeps: ok, thank you one more time11:56
byakothere was one funny flash-card, something like one million thank you, I should send it to you some day11:57
Stskeepsbyako: if you don't mind me asking, are you doing this for work or fun? (it doesn't matter in practice to me, just curious - my rule is that if people, companies, etc ask in #mer, everybody learns from answers being given here)11:57
byakoStskeeps: 50\50, it's not related to work direcly anyhow, I just got a plenty of free time and I got this board. If I will manage to make something fine with it - ok, if no - ok, it's just a nice experience for me11:59
Stskeepsalright :)12:00
Stskeepsnow, back to laying on the sofa and watching national geographic..12:00
byakothat's nice :) get well12:00
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* Stskeeps submits qtdeclarative to mer13:03
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byakodoes anyone has any problems with uxlaunch except me? or even this way: enyone uses mer without touch screen ?13:31
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Stskeepsbyako: uxlaunch just starts Xorg as user and runs the x session as stated in /usr/share/xsessions/default.desktop , and then everything in /etc/xdg/autostart/13:33
Stskeepsif the default.desktop process dies, it takes xorg down and restarts13:33
Stskeepsit might start the X with xopts=-nocursor, too13:34
*** alexxy has joined #mer13:39
*** kavurt has joined #mer13:39
byakoStskeeps: yes, I know, but there's something in the way it starts.. I didn't took a look into the code yet, but I figured out that all mthemedeamons, meegotouchhomes etc. work just fine when X started manually13:40
byakoStskeeps: but when uxlaunch is triggered - not for long13:40
byakoand if manually trying to tun it from root - should it stay alive like daemon ?13:40
byakoI though it should13:41
byakobut it just exits after trying to access backlight class in sysfs13:41
Stskeepsbyako: can you try to set user=root in /etc/sysconfig/uxlaunch ?13:42
byakoem, sure, and then look for what? it doesn't even leave a log file in /var/log/uxlaunch.log13:43
Stskeeps $HOME/ should have one13:44
byakoHe-he, much much better, started everything from the first attempt. You know woo-doo ?13:46
byakoStskeeps: for some reason this helped13:46
Stskeepswhich, user=root?13:46
Stskeepsokay, as a start.. rpm -qa | grep xorg-x11-server13:47
byakoStskeeps: and as a result I have lots of home dirs in/root13:47
Stskeepsuser=root isn't exactly a good thing :)13:47
byakoStskeeps: xorg-x11-server-1.10.1-1.35.Mer.armv7l13:48
bigbluehatStskeeps: you've likely already seen this...but if not:
Stskeepsbigbluehat: yeah, the reaction videos are hillarious13:48
Stskeepsbigbluehat: there's more to that output13:48
bigbluehatreaction videos?13:48
bigbluehatI'll have to look for those :)13:48
bigbluehatseems the ideas time is nearly here in any case13:49
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer13:49
Stskeepsbigbluehat: i don't presume you're in SF area are you?13:51
bigbluehatlove it!13:52
bigbluehatno. why?13:52
Stskeepstizen conference, flying there tomorrow and returning thursday13:52
*** tilgovi has quit IRC13:53
bigbluehatah, nice!13:54
bigbluehatif you swing by the East Coast, on your way back, feel free to stop in and say "hey" :)13:54
Stskeepshehe, i will fly sfo-detroit-amsterdam-warsaw on way back13:55
*** l3i has quit IRC13:55
byakoStskeeps: you're in Warsaw ?13:55
Stskeepsbyako: yeah, been living here in .pl for 2.5 years13:55
byakooriginally from ?13:55
bigbluehatyeah, detroit's not quite the east coast.13:55
Stskeepsbyako: .dk13:56
bigbluehatbut wave anyhow :)13:56
byakoStskeeps: we're almosted switched places, I'm from Ukraine, but live ~2 years in Fin13:56
byakoquite near13:56
byakoStskeeps: so, back to business: user=nemo kills uxlaunch. and no logs anywhere13:57
Stskeepsbyako: right, so Xorg can't startup sanely likely13:57
Stskeepsbyako: rpm -qa | grep xorg-x11-server should give more than one line's output13:57
byakoI got -common & -Xorg-setuid also13:58
Stskeepsthat part is fine then .. /usr/bin/Xorg is +s right?13:58
byakoyes it is13:59
* Stskeeps ponders idly13:59
Stskeepswell, my bet is on that hwmem thing we discovered13:59
byakouxlaunc starts from root user, right ?13:59
byakowith -v it shows some errors, i'll show you14:00
byakougg... it should have been nemo, not mer14:01
byakouser is wrong14:01
Stskeepswhat mode does /dev/hwmem have?14:01
byakoI think it was 40014:01
Stskeeps;a=commitdiff;h=efa0e186cdd3bb34b436bd37e0dee5d9270ab0a1 , search for /dev/hwmem14:02
Stskeepslooks like we need a udev rule14:02
Stskeepsto set permissions right14:02
*** raignarok has joined #mer14:03
byakoStskeeps: and still:
byakoStskeeps: hwmem: crw-------14:03
byakoStskeeps: what for? to start Xorg from user ?14:04
byakoit's normally started from shell without any problems14:04
Stskeepswell, perhaps we're dealing with two issues here14:04
*** sirdancealot2 has joined #mer14:04
byakowoah, 66614:04
Stskeepsone is that 1) the compositor will fail to startup due to broken EGL and hence halt uxlaunch14:04
Stskeepsbecause of /dev/hwmem, /dev/mali etc having bad permissions14:05
byakoStskeeps: stop here14:05
Stskeeps2) that uxlaunch has some problem in it's startup phase14:05
byako1) - why doesn't it fail when I start all from user in a shell ?14:05
Stskeepsdo you start mcompositor, too?14:05
byakoI can paste log14:06
byakoall those services in the background14:06
Stskeepswell, anyway, get those permissions set on startup - i sadly have to prep for going to resturant with my wife14:06
Stskeepsas i'm leaving in the early morning14:07
byakonp :) have a nice weekend14:07
byakothanks once more14:07
Stskeepsi'll be back in this timezone friday-saturday14:08
byakoI hope i'll finish with this by that time14:08
Stskeepsstuff works as root, so that's a good start14:08
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*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer16:38
*** shmerl has joined #mer16:40
Stskeepsmoo shmerl16:41
Stskeepshow is it going?16:41
shmerlGood, thanks. Updating my Mer SDK :)16:41
Stskeepshehe, cool16:41
shmerlI had a brief question. Why in general 2.x kernel / glibc etc. are used, while the most up to date one is 3.x?16:42
shmerlI'm not so familiar with what common Hardware practices are, so I'm just curious :)16:43
Stskeepshehe, now, that's because embedded field and reference boards are typically quite far behind16:43
Stskeepswe're standardizing on 2.6.32 as -userland- kernel interface, but people can use 3.x if they want16:43
Stskeepsglibc is eglibc 2.15 now, so pretty up to date16:43
shmerlYeah, that's what I thought. You mean most drivers are developed for older kernels?16:43
Stskeepswell, more like that most boards have 'most functioning' at that kernel level16:44
Stskeepsand our userland really doesn't need higher16:45
shmerlI see.16:45
Stskeepsnothing stops anyone from rolling their own Mer with a more up to date kernel interface16:45
*** mlfoster has quit IRC16:45
shmerlBut Wayland probably will need higher one in the future.16:45
shmerlThough I don't see any Wayland based devices so far coming soon.16:45
Stskeepswayland doesn't really need one, it's more on implementation basis16:46
Stskeepsie, in mesa16:46
Stskeepsi know of GBM, KMS etc, but typically if the ioctl is possible to use, well, they'll use it in userland16:47
shmerlDidn't Tizen plan to use Wayland at some point?16:47
Stskeepsand there's already wayland devices on the market, FWIWW16:47
Stskeepssure, and they do, for IVI16:47
shmerlAh, good. But not for handsets?16:47
Stskeepsthere it's a little more complex..16:47
Stskeeps - uses wayland, for example16:48
Stskeepson intelCE16:48
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:48
Stskeeps specifically16:48
shmerlOh, by the way. Did Plasma Active folks voice any interest in joining efforts with Nemo for handset design?16:50
shmerlSo far they were mostly focused on tablets.16:50
Stskeepsi don't think it really came up, they've had their own work to be done16:50
Stskeepsfrankly, it's my belief, that given a frontend designer who knows qml and backend developer, you can do a full featurephone handset UI in 14 days16:50
shmerlDoes anyone really work on design for Nemo (I mean like professional designers) or it's mostly just code improvements now?16:51
Stskeepswe have had some, but right now we're focusing on core development16:51
Stskeepsthe project is entirely open for people to participate in, releases rolling16:51
shmerlI found someone who is interested in working for an open source project (a designer). Do you think I can connect them with Nemo team?16:51
Stskeepsbut we did take a bit of a cut when nokia financing went out16:52
Stskeepsand was too busy in civil wars to see in time that nemo was the right direction :P16:52
shmerlMay be as volunteering so it can help.16:52
shmerlYeah, IMO it's too cluttered as of now.16:52
Stskeepswe could have done a lot more on hw adaptation side, than spend time on UI16:52
Stskeepswhich would have ensured the future for these devices16:52
shmerlToo many Harmattan discussions.16:52
Stskeepsbut so it goes.. at least out of meego we got mer16:53
Stskeepsand surprisingily a lot of knowledge/know-how of how to make a phone16:53
Stskeepswhich wasn't available in the open before16:53
shmerlDid you try to find hw partners for handset projects?16:54
Stskeepsnot personally, no16:54
Stskeepsi'm a core/machine room guy16:54
shmerlBecause I don't really understand why they wouldn't be interested.16:54
Stskeepsdid you ever see Lipstick and understand the power of that thing?16:54
shmerlOn the other hand I have no idea how hw vendors operate :)16:54
Stskeepsyou've seen the N9, right16:55
*** musca has joined #mer16:55
*** musca has left #mer16:55
Stskeepshow much code and effort in man months do you think went into the homescreen alone (not compositor)?16:55
shmerlI'd give it a few months (rough draft)16:56
Stskeepsjust an estimate16:56
shmerlMay be 2-3.16:56
shmerlWith polishing - more.16:56
Stskeepsnow look at and then at
shmerlBut I don't count how long the ideas were brewing.16:56
Stskeepsthe bar has been lowered significantly in how much effort it actually takes to make a mobile UI16:57
*** mlfoster has joined #mer16:58
shmerlHeh, that's not a lot of code :)16:58
StskeepsMer's just prepping for an entirely new class of devices :)16:59
shmerlThe main thing there is not to write a code, but to polish the concept.16:59
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer16:59
shmerlHard to say how long Harmattan designers did that.16:59
Stskeepsbut code really bogs down things too :)16:59
shmerlSkillman is a great guy.16:59
Stskeepsand democratising(sp) device making16:59
Stskeepswhere i think mer will have most merit is in a world like
Stskeepswhich is why i think we still have some time to run on :)17:00
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:00
shmerlThough rather predictable.17:01
shmerlI think it'll move to something more interesting. Like in the Avatar virtual screens in the air :)17:02
Stskeeps is newer and better, though17:02
shmerlGoogle made some demo about glasses.17:03
Stskeepsyeah, see too ;)17:05
shmerlHehe, yeah.17:05
shmerlAdblock needed.17:06
shmerlSo do you think Nemo will be interested in more designers?17:07
Stskeepsi'd really like people to try out to do something entirely new, too, honestly17:08
Stskeepsand play with what mer and qml and lipstick etc can do17:08
shmerlSure. I don't mean you need to always stick to the same concept.17:09
Stskeepsas such, the n9 stack is already 'behind', technology (MTF) invented in 2006-200717:09
shmerlBut so far I didn't see any community driven handset effort besides Nemo.17:09
Stskeepsno, 200917:09
shmerlI don't appreciate that Tizen has the same pitfalls as Meego had.17:09
shmerlI.e. closed development, not transparency and etc.17:09
Stskeepsi had enough, though i see collaboration opportunities between mer and tizen17:10
Stskeepsgoing to tizen conference tomorrow17:10
Stskeepsthey sponsored a small bunch of us to go17:10
shmerlNice. Hopefully the big benefit will be that they can push open devices to the market.17:10
shmerlAnd work with vendors to produce drivers.17:10
Stskeepsit should almost be trivial to put tizen on top of mer, honestly17:10
Stskeepstizen ivi has so much in common with mer it's not funny17:11
shmerlYeah, did you propose that?17:11
Stskeepswe'll see17:11
shmerlCorp. ideas though don't like that.17:11
Stskeepsi can understand their reasons though17:11
shmerlSince they aren't in control.17:11
Stskeepsthat's why i prefer SME's for Mer17:11
Stskeepseach has a benefit and interest in contributing for a common good base17:12
Stskeeps== less cost17:12
shmerlFor example when Sun made OpenSolaris they never release the control.17:12
shmerlUntil Oracle killed it, and community made illumos.17:12
Stskeepssee my talk at
shmerlAh. Did they make any videos of that?17:13
Stskeepssadly no, they screwed up something17:13
Stskeepsand the slides are better tbh17:13
shmerlNice, I'll repost the link to my Diaspora pod.17:14
shmerlWhom should the designers contact if they want to help Nemo?17:16
shmerlOr just to pop here on the IRC?17:16
*** asknet has joined #mer17:17
*** Attie has quit IRC17:19
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vgrade2Stskeeps, any idea what updated component in Mer is causing this build failure?
vgrade2in the Meego buld log there are warning about .pc files not being found but only warnings. Mer build halts17:28
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC17:31
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:31
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*** Aurium has joined #mer18:00
Stskeepsvgrade2: figured it out?18:01
vgrade2Stskeeps, yes the MeeGo package built due to qmake continiing , new qmake stops on that type of error18:09
vgrade2woot blog was a direct hit for this one18:10
vgrade2alhough I'm not rejoicing :)18:10
Stskeepsah, clever18:11
vgrade2now to figure out how to workaround the new qmake18:13
*** NIN101 has joined #mer18:16
vgrade2ivi-ux was going well up to that point ,
Stskeepsyou're probably just missing a BuildRequires: pkgconfig()18:17
Stskeepsvgrade2: if you get bored, it seems like 'gbs' tool can be used to nicely package up tizen sw18:18
Stskeepsie, for .spec18:18
vgrade2I see pkgconfig in the build setup18:18
Stskeepsyes, but for libsomethingsharing?18:18
vgrade2ok, thanks18:19
vgrade2will check out gbs if I get time18:20
vgrade2I start onsite next Tuesday18:20
Stskeepsoh, congrats18:21
vgrade2I'll miss the comute from the bed to the office at home18:23
Stskeepsfrankly, working from home for longer periods of time makes you go crazy18:23
*** phaeron has joined #mer18:23
Stskeepsjust look at me ;)18:23
Stskeepsevenin phaeron :)18:26
* phaeron goes back to picking at OBS18:27
*** shmerl has joined #mer18:27
shmerlDid anyone try to use sb2 with Vivaldi image lately?18:28
shmerlI get an error when trying to update sdk tools.18:28
shmerlsb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper refresh18:29
Stskeepswhat error?18:29
shmerlsb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper refresh18:29
shmerl (ERROR)        [sb2d][11531]   Lua interpreter PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (...120504-182629.C11478/lua_scripts/init_modeconfig.lua:53: No exec policy selection table in /tmp/sb2-<user>-20120504-182629.C11478/share/scratchbox2/modes/sdk-install/config.lua)$18:29
shmerlsb2d: Lua interpreter PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (...120504-182629.C11478/lua_scripts/init_modeconfig.lua:53: No exec policy selection table in /tmp/sb2-<user>-20120504-182629.C11478/share/scratchbox2/modes/sdk-install/config.lua)18:29
shmerl(Am I doing it right? That's the way to update it?)18:29
Stskeepswell, not the right way to update the sdk18:30
Stskeepsin general18:30
Stskeepsfor a given target, yesss..18:30
shmerlI updated the root isntallation, yes.18:30
Stskeepscan you file a bug about that and output of rpm -qa | grep scratchbox218:30
shmerlJust regular zypper ref etc.18:30
*** raignarok has joined #mer18:30
Stskeepsand cc me on it18:31
Stskeepsi think i know what the problem is18:31
shmerlIt's scratchbox2-2.3.52-1.1.i48618:31
shmerlI'll file a bug.18:31
Stskeepshappen to know what sb2 version you had before?18:31
shmerlNo, I didn't check :)18:31
*** phdeswer has joined #mer18:32
shmerlUpdated the wiki for target setup:
*** dionet has joined #mer18:39
*** arcean_ has joined #mer18:40
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shmerlShould I file it under SB2 and OBS integration section?18:40
shmerlIt's in "Mer Crosshelpers"18:41
shmerlOh, found it.18:41
shmerlMer Integration Tools18:41
Stskeepswe usually catch it in triage else18:42
Stskeepsso grouping is less important to get right at first18:42
*** trbs has joined #mer18:42
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shmerlno problem18:48
*** harbaum_ has joined #mer18:48
Stskeepsthe cause is likely that our sdk modes haven't been upgraded to the new sb2 ruleset api18:48
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