Thursday, 2012-05-03

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Stskeepsdecibyte: so you're living in .dk? (i'm originally from .dk as well, though living abroad)05:40
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I test with -O0, maybe not it which cause the problem05:53
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: ok, at least you've checked that05:54
SageStskeeps: rm libsatsolver ?05:54
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: sometimes on ARM there is really obscure errors due to optimization, so it's always good to check first05:54
StskeepsSage: yes, it's on my postit in front of me05:54
StskeepsSage: was waiting for lbt to finish snapshotting05:54
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: yes, ok. at least I learn something about gcc's option for optimization05:55
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I install gdb, but not found, I think it is offerd by python, right ?05:56
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: yes, python-libs and python05:56
* Sage hates
StskeepsSage: it's getting a bit annoying atm, yes05:57
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: yeah, python libs which I missed, thank you05:57
Stskeepswow, OBS 2.3 released06:03
* Stskeeps expects to see pigs flying today06:03
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Stskeepshuomenta iekku06:21
StskeepsSage: libsatsolver gone06:24
SageStskeeps: good, retrigger zlib patch :)06:32
StskeepsSage: first gcc i486 fix..06:33
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Stskeepsmorn slaine :)06:54
Stskeepsslaine: btw, not sure if you saw, but we had a problem with 'i486' port accidentially doing --with-arch=i686 (non-atom), hopefully fixed in next mer release06:57
slaineI did see that yeah06:57
slainenot been looking at i486 just yet06:57
Stskeeps:nod: just letting you know06:57
slainebetter get that coffee on, it's going to be a long day06:58
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slaineVendor support can be pretty shocking07:31
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slaineAh, just frustrated07:32
StskeepsEEPROM issue?07:32
slaineI'm having to corrupt each byte individually to see what impact it has on the Firmware controller, because they can't tell me07:33
slainethey're sending me tools saying "This fixes the problem for us" but no details of what they're changing, no confirmation that they've replicated the issue and we're just going round and round in circles07:33
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Stskeepsways not to start a day, having a perl ARRAY(0x51512424) in your output07:37
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decibyteStskeeps: yep, i'm from denmark :)07:51
Stskeeps<- from herning, studied in aarhus, left for poland 2.5 years ago07:52
decibytecool. why poland?07:52
Stskeepsmet my polish wife in aarhus while we were both studying07:53
Stskeepsand well, tax is low here :P07:53
decibytehaha. good choice then.07:53
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Stskeepsmorn byako07:54
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Stskeepsmdfe_: upgrade looks good :)07:58
mdfe_Stskeeps: the automatically dependency build check was done by boss?08:04
Stskeepsit's doign it atm08:04
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Stskeepsit looks good so far08:04
mdfe_reallly cool08:05
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dm8tbrMerBot: botsnack12:15
MerBotdm8tbr: Error: "botsnack" is not a valid command.12:15
dm8tbranyway, looks like freenode screwed up their ipv6 irc-servers or at least DNS...12:16
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E-Pdm8tbr: do you have permissions to +o the MerBot?12:22
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dm8tbrE-P: shouldn't be necessary12:29
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Stskeepssledges: yeah, that looks reasonable14:00
sledgesworked-around by moving maliit-server to /usr/share to silence it forever :))14:02
sledgesotherwise every 5sec it gets coredumped by systemd14:02
byakoanyone? how to wake up hdmiservice? sysfs ?14:03
Stskeepsbyako: tap keyboard?14:03
sledgesnow i can show smooth demo of QmlComponentsExtraGallery TumblerDate - very nice :) just one bugfix away to make touchscreen send BTN_TOUCH along with ABS_PRESSURE and we have an LCD Lipstick demo, hey hey!14:03
byakoStskeeps: no, try again :)14:03
Stskeepsbyako: baseball bat?14:04
byakoI'm faraid it won't wake it up, but make it silent forewer :D14:04
byakotried approaches from, no result14:05
Stskeepsbyako: did you get glestest running on display yet?14:05
byakono, should I? I stopped playing tests after I got 200fps on console report, now trying to start xsession14:06
Stskeepsjust for good measure14:07
byakoStskeeps: maybe later14:07
byakofor now I'm trying to make all the rest of the process easier - make hdmiservice not go to suspend14:08
byakodon't want to hack it so far14:08
Stskeepswell, hdmiservice is OSS so that's good14:08
byakoyes, it can be hacked easily and that is good14:08
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X-FadeStskeeps: Any reason why no kickstarts have been published after the 0.20120405.1 release?14:40
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byakoStskeeps: meegotouch home running stable14:54
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byakobut sysuid is what fails everything14:54
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StskeepsX-Fade: lbt15:25
Stskeeps's job15:25
Stskeepsbyako: no surprises15:25
Stskeepsbyako: it's kinda unstable piece of crap :)15:26
lbtah, I know why - I purged 0.20120419.115:26
lbtand didn't do them for the .215:27
Stskeepslbt: anything we need to discuss before you fly tomorrow?15:27
lbtI need to report a little AB stuff15:27
Stskeepsok, send it on email to me or to mailing list first15:27
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byakoStskeeps: it's a surprise for non-familiar peopl (I'm with those guys)15:29
Stskeepsbyako: yes - feel free to grab a backtrace :)15:30
byakoStskeeps: sure, as soon as I will get X & meegotouch home autorun through xdg15:30
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lbtStskeeps: when did you set CI building again?15:53
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lbtI was sorting out the disk space/hardlink issues last night and did the snapshot today - but I'm thinking we may not have done the "locking" quite right15:55
Stskeepslbt: uhh.. i checked that there was a snapshot done and then went one15:55
Stskeepson to merge15:55
lbtwhich snap?15:55
Stskeeps0.0.2 is marked as unvisited by me, so i guess i messed up15:56
lbtok - kinda  good - explains why everything in -next is blocked :)15:56
lbtETA for CI rebuild to finish?15:57
Stskeepsno clue, we changed gcc remember?15:57
lbtwhat's monster up to ?15:58
Stskeepssb2-obs v215:59
lbtI guess we wait then - should be fine16:04
Stskeepswhen are you gone to airport, btw?16:04
lbt07:45 tomorrow16:04
Stskeepsalready started packing here, personally16:06
lbt*nod* ... clothes are done, stickers, T-shirts too :)16:06
lbtall checked-in ... got a nice seat in the upper deck!16:07
lbtand I can probably do a snap before I go in the morning16:07
lbtif the CI is quiet then cut'n'paste with a "sleep XXX"16:08
Stskeepsremembered to bring sun lotion?16:08
lbtoh yes - weather looks a lot drier than last year16:09
Stskeepsbetter be, last time i was met with massive rain16:09
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lbt*g* ... we got soaked many times16:10
Stskeepslbt: were you taking mer tshirts?16:11
lbtmy own16:11
Stskeepsi think i can fit a few of the ones i have16:11
lbtworth taking a few extra?16:11
lbtwasn't sure it was polite :)16:12
Stskeepswell, for the people that we know from here who's coming, i think it's OK16:12
Stskeepsas advertising, not so much16:12
lbtoh, I'm happy to walk round in them all conference long :D16:12
Stskeepsafter all, you might see me in a tizen tshirt too16:12
Stskeepsthose are -comfy-16:12
lbtthey are nice aren't they...16:13
lbtit's a bit like Microsoft and keyboards .... they've found something they do well ;P16:13
Stskeepsi have OTC tshirt too, but that is probably not going to fly well16:13
Stskeepsas i might be misinterpreted16:13
lbtand .... not so much16:13
lbtI do have the MeeGo hackers lounge poster from last year.... I could take that and replace the Tizen one ....16:14
Stskeepseither way, aim is collaboration - frankly, i think we could picture a model where mer delivers tizen 'core'.. but that's wishful thinking16:17
Stskeepsthey have their niche and we have ours :)16:17
lbtit is - but I do agree with that16:17
Stskeepsand a -lot- of shared tech16:17
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lbtmmm BART from SFO to hotel looks really easy16:36
Stskeepsit is16:36
Stskeepsinternal airtrain first, then bart16:36
Stskeepsdepending on terminal16:36
lbtwe taxi'ed last time ... not this time I think16:37
Stskeepsthe bart is practically next to the hotel16:38
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dm8tbrlbt: ah, so you're also coming to tits'n'conference?16:48
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dm8tbrStskeeps: ah, so you also have transit figured out, good no need for a taxi then *scribble*16:50
dm8tbrStskeeps: or does the hotel have a complimentary shuttle?16:50
Stskeepsdm8tbr: BART straight from SFO to the door of the hotel16:51
Stskeepstakes ~30-40 min16:51
lbtdm8tbr: the hotel shuttle is expensive - and the concierge didn't mention the bart when we asked about the best way to SFO last year :/16:56
Stskeepswell, it does have a bit of a poor man's transport feel over it16:57
Stskeepsbut it functions quite well16:57
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dm8tbrlbt: ok, the hotel shuttle to the conference for ABS/ELC was free16:58
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E-PStskeeps: how was the movie?17:02
StskeepsE-P: good, but my german needs to be stronger, or the subtitles != polish17:02
Stskeepswhich means that once it comes out on DVD, i can re-watch it better17:02
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Stskeepsphaeron: did we have a IMG instance that uses 'mic' yet?17:05
phaeronStskeeps: lbt setup one and I just tweaked a little bit17:12
phaeronStskeeps: why17:14
Stskeepsphaeron: curious17:15
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Alison_ChaikenI managed to injure myself yesterday and won't be able to participate in my ultracycling on Sunday.17:40
Stskeepsauch, hope you're alright17:40
Alison_ChaikenI'd love to meet Mer people for dinner or lunch on Sat or Sun, therefore.17:40
Alison_ChaikenNo drinks: have bad concussion, and apparently staples in my scalp.17:40
Stskeeps:nod: i think food is on the planning at least17:41
Stskeepswe're at least planning on having some kind of gettogether, not exclusively mer people, but no decided plan17:41
Alison_ChaikenSomeone is going to post at, or here on IRC?17:41
Stskeepsi'll try to do it on irc at least, i'll just /msg you my phonenumber for good measure17:41
Stskeepswe'll be centered around the conference hotel naturally17:41
Stskeepssunday's quite free for many as well17:42
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* Stskeeps ponders idly how to find a good place to eat in advance17:50
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timophwas it the same hotel as the meego conf?17:53
Stskeepsi know a good chinese place, though not sure exactly where17:53
timophthere's a subway right around the corner :p17:53
timophcan't remember the chinese place we went then but that was a good place17:54
Alison_ChaikenI'm more or less familiar with the City, so I can help.18:02
Alison_ChaikenFor example, there's a great Vietnamese veggie place in the Westfield Center.18:03
Alison_ChaikenThere's a wonderful sushi and noodles places on Cyril Magnin.18:03
Alison_ChaikenDown by the waterfront it's all overpriced tourist places.18:03
Alison_ChaikenIn the Mission/SOMA district are more stylish, hip places.18:04
Alison_ChaikenBear Republic (? IIRC) has tapas and beer.18:04
Alison_ChaikenBuca di Beppo is a fun place for groups on a budget: kind of 50's Americana, not great food.18:04
Alison_ChaikenNaan-and-Curry is closeby and good cheap Indian eats.18:05
Alison_ChaikenGreens at Fort mason is famous veggie place, but service can be terrible.18:05
wmaroneyou are making me hungry >.>18:10
Alison_ChaikenDim sum for Sunday brunch is fun.18:14
Alison_ChaikenCan't remember name of famous place I've been to before, but I can look it up.18:14
Alison_ChaikenBut last time I was there, a cockroach ran on our table.18:15
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* CosmoHill suddenly had an urge to read Artimos Fawel 18:17
vgrade2Alison_Chaiken, you're making me hungry18:19
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: good goes over famous :)18:20
vgrade2and reminding me I'm not going :(18:20
Alison_ChaikenStskeeps, I prefer good and cheap myself, but good and expensive is also available.18:21
Alison_ChaikenAll Asian is cheap unless it's sushi.18:21
Alison_ChaikenThen there's good plus cockroach!18:21
wmaroneit's the secret ingredient!18:21
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* dm8tbr was to the mission district before ABS/ELC and it was a very nice experience19:12
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Stskeepshello beholder19:23
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blauzahli second the Mission.19:40
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blauzahlis the tizen conference worth going to, btw?19:41
Stskeepsit's up to your own preferences, but at least some of us #mer people are going19:41
Stskeepsprogramme isn't half bad19:41
blauzahli'm local, but i think i'd be taking vacation time to go. so i'm not sure.19:42
Stskeepsthen don't go on monday for sure.. :P19:44
Stskeepstuesday and wednesday are more interesting19:45
* phaeron screams at obsstoragesetup19:53
* Stskeeps typically sidesteps obsstoragesetup19:57
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lbtOK - night all ... see you in SF21:16
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away21:17
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