Monday, 2012-04-30

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Stskeepsmorn iekku04:38
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E-PMorning all05:02
Stskeepsmorn E-P :)05:02
E-PStskeeps: it seems to be quite warm in there?05:02
Stskeepsgoing to be 29 C today, 31 C yesterday05:03
Stskeepsmy thermometer says 40 C in the sun..05:03
iekkuStskeeps, do you mind if i come for a visit :P05:03
Stskeepsiekku: you're always welcome :)05:03
E-Phere was +15 yesterday and it was warm for us05:03
iekkui was just wondering what to wear today, going for a picnic with friends and it's going to be like +4 in the evening...05:04
iekkuE-P, it was very nice :) took one over 2h walk and other over 1h05:04
E-Piekku: I could borrow our dog to you05:05
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iekkuE-P, :D05:08
iekkui'm so happy that there's forest so near our apartment05:08
iekkuhave been missing that a lot05:08
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E-Pthat would be nice05:11
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iekkuall of those taken under 4km from our home05:15
iekku4km = easy walking distance05:15
E-Plooks great, lucky one05:16
iekku7 km (or something like that) from our home is place where's old trees.. midleage is about 120 years...05:17
iekkusome of the trees are over 150 years old..05:17
iekkuhaven't been there yet, but i think we are going there soon05:17
Stskeepsyou know it's monday when it takes 30+ minutes on a fast server connection to grab opensuse dvd..05:30
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E-PStskeeps: let's hope that the Monday stays like that and not giving any bigger surprises05:44
Stskeepsmy usual rule is that on mondays, i prefer to have meetings, less ability to really screw thigns up :005:47
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Stskeepsmorn ScriptRipper06:39
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StskeepsScriptRipper: planning on going to tizen conference?06:47
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ScriptRipperI was one week on GENIVI members meeting already. Not sure I also go to tizen conf06:54
ScriptRipperwithin that short time and so much work06:54
Stskeepshow was eurodisney? :)06:55
ScriptRipperI wasnt staying in the Hotel, got one real french in the countryside06:56
Stskeepshehe, sounds cool06:56
ScriptRipperbut anyway, very disney the New York Hotel06:57
dm8tbrthat can be very nice or very bad ;)06:57
ScriptRipperI wanted to get a french breakfast and not a disney hotel one06:58
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* Stskeeps is deploying b1-systems' cross-build obs for testing atm, for putting sb2 patches on toop06:59
ScriptRipperwhat is b1-systems cross-build ?06:59
StskeepsScriptRipper: remember the cross dependency mailing list discussion?07:00
ScriptRipperyes, but anyway what is a b1-systems cross-build  ?07:00
ScriptRipperhavent seen any code like that in git07:00
Stskeeps ,
Stskeepsit's based on the discussions how to do a pure cross compile easier in OBS, while i'll add on top of that with SB207:01
ScriptRipperok, I am not up to date to outcome of the discussion in ML07:07
Stskeepsi'm hoping to accomplish my core-toolchain stuff with this as well, making for entirely new types of mobile cores07:07
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Stskeepsmonday: when stops working..07:40
Sage__Stskeeps: could you kill libsatsolver package out of mer core? Also after that kick zlib in review07:41
Stskeepszlib i can kick, libsatsolver i'll have to wait07:42
ScriptRipperAs far as I understood the code, its using a real cross build approach07:42
Stskeepswe'll do a 0.0.1 to have early warning07:42
Sage__well zlib fails to libsatsovler :)07:42
StskeepsSage__: ah..07:42
Sage__so no need for that yet then :P07:42
ScriptRippere.g. there is a host and a target ARCH07:42
StskeepsScriptRipper: yep, but i prototyped sb2 on top of that actually07:42
Stskeepswith normal builds07:42
Sage__Stskeeps: as the xorg went in you could kick xorg-x11-util-macros07:43
ScriptRipperbut currently for the old code it does not offer anything new07:43
ScriptRipperwhere you can put atop own code07:43
ScriptRippernot for the openSUSE @ ARM, nor for existing cross toolchains07:44
Stskeepsit's a completely new concept07:44
Stskeepswith sb2 on top, it would be useful for a lot of things07:44
ScriptRipperthe concept as such is not new07:45
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ScriptRipperthe implementation is new07:45
Stskeepsmorn jbos_07:45
ScriptRipperand its new for OBS07:45
StskeepsSage__: kicked xorg-x11-util-macros and made postit for libsatsolver removal07:45
ScriptRipperbtw, about tizen07:46
Sage__Stskeeps: thx07:46
ScriptRipperi talked to the tizen devels in paris07:46
jbos_damn, I get today 100 Mbit at home, but my cable provider 'forgot' to send me a modem to use it...07:46
Stskeepsjbos_: wire it up directly to your brain, i'm sure you've spent enough time in front of code in order to interface properly ;)07:46
ScriptRipperStskeeps, that might interest you about tizen07:47
StskeepsScriptRipper: :nod: i finally got to see tizen ivi preview as well07:47
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jbos_I only accept ipv607:47
Stskeepswhich for the record, is far saner than the handset stack07:47
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dm8tbrgetting native ipv6 in finland is still surprisingly hard :/07:51
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lbtmorning all08:32
Stskeepsmorn lbt08:32
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Stskeepsmorn slaine08:36
slainegroan, is it Stskeeps, is it really08:37
* slaine collapses into his coffee08:37
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* lbt passes slaine a chocolate chip cookie08:47
slainelbt, oh, you shouldn't have08:47
slaineThat coffee was only to wet my lips, now I'll get the real coffee08:48
lbt*sigh* I just finished mine08:50
lbtI did notice a few days ago when cleaning the coffee machine that it had made > 22000 shots08:51
Venemo_N950lbt, awesome, is that for you alone??08:52
lbtme + Denise08:53
Venemo_N950awesome :)08:53
lbtOK Stskeeps ... snapshot time? Or are there any DBC runs worth waiting for - Sage__ ?08:58
Stskeepsjust snapshot08:58
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lbt20120510 ?09:00
Stskeepsthat sounds a bit unrealistic to actually meet09:00
lbtdelay 1wk due to SF and slip of last one09:00
Stskeepsi'll travel back on 0510, so09:00
lbtoh yes, didn't realise what today was!!09:01
lbt17 ?09:01
lbtthere's no need to rush - better to get it done right09:02
lbtand there may well be follow on from SF etc...09:02
Stskeeps17 makes sense09:02
Venemo_N950Stskeeps, are you going to talk about Mer at Devaamo?09:03
StskeepsVenemo_N950: yes09:03
* lbt looks at dm8tbr ... I've not heard back yet09:03
Venemo_N950awesome :)09:03
Stskeepswell yes, if i get accepted09:04
* lbt looks at step 2 of release process "check bugzilla"09:04
lbtso Stskeeps.... we need to get some release blocker bugs in there09:04
Sage__lbt: well, just started to submit patches for next release so not atm. AFAIK09:04
lbtSage__: cool - worth checking09:05
Stskeepslbt: content isn't final, just catching issues early09:05
lbtStskeeps: yes, I meant to start making use of the new flag09:05
lbtSage__: did you notice we now have a release blocker flag09:05
slainelbt, What was that tmpfs tweak for the obs workers ?09:06
dm8tbrlbt: hummmm?09:06
Stskeepslbt: is "add version to bugzilla" in the checklist?09:06
lbtStskeeps: yes09:06
Sage__lbt: no. we do?09:06
slaineI kicked off a full rebuild on Friday and it's barely gotten anywhere09:06
Stskeeps - did i forget any agenda items proposed?09:07
lbtSage__: needs a little clarification IMHO - I may review the logs and edit09:07
lbtslaine: hmm - I think those patches are in our OBS but not sent up yet09:07
lbtmainly about umount checks09:08
lbtdm8tbr: 's OK - just prodding you for news on Devaamo talks - we all want to come you know :)09:08
slaineRight, but I don't know what to do to setup tmpfs in the first place09:08
slainefor OBS that is09:08
lbtslaine: ah...09:08
lbtcheck the sysconfig file for obsworker09:09
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Stskeepsmorn Attie09:09
Attiehow are you? good weekend?09:10
StskeepsAttie: 30C, yes, it was09:10
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Attieoh, no fair. it was raining here, though i did have a go on off-road segway! awesome bit of kit09:11
slainelbt, Was about to say, that config file is pretty sparse as it's generated by your now09:11
slainelbt, Is that all I need, as in I don't have to mount some particular dir as tmpfs via the fstab09:12
lbtactually it seems not to install one to the worker anymore - a bit odd09:12
lbtslaine: I think that's all09:12
slainelbt, That was the bug I reported a while back09:12
slaineThe file is called obs-server in the sysconfig template dir, but the post script is looking for obs-worker09:13
lbthmm I wonder if they've been consolidated09:13
lbtis that value in obs-server ?09:14
lbtmmm all my tmp VMs are down after powercut09:14
lbtyeah - I see09:17
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lbtStskeeps: re AB .... I can't make 4th, dep at 10am UK time - I'll write up some notes for you09:18
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lbtsnapshot underway09:23
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Sage__When is the update freeze for the next release btw? i.e., after which no new packages are not accepted to release?09:27
Stskeepsprobably friday09:27
lbtSage__: are you doing ssl ?09:27
lbtbecause I could look at that and you could take ofono (285)09:28
Sage__I can do the ssl. The ofono will be a pain. :(09:28
lbtOK then09:28
Sage__the n900/n950 support would need help from upstream09:29
Sage__btw, is there api breakage in 1.5 ofono compared to our current version?09:30
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lbttrip0: ping09:31
lbttrip0: this: is a workaround - you shouldn't need it. Can you verify if it's still a problem for you and Alison and log a bug if so ... thanks09:32
StskeepsSage__: if you can file a revert of nss /lib -> /usr/lib, that'd be good09:38
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* lbt wonders why that is causing issues09:39
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Sage__Stskeeps: how can that be an issue?09:39
StskeepsSage__: well, the duplicate .so stuff if you recall09:40
lbtisn't that a packaging bug09:43
Stskeepsor at least find some way to put .so in the main package, instead of in -devel09:43
Stskeepsand fix rpmlintrc for it09:43
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E-PStskeeps: in mwts we had to use: addFilter("E: devel-file-in-non-devel-package.*")09:47
E-Pusing .so files in non -devel packages09:47
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slaineDoes the OBS worker box need to have ssse3 to be able to build the i586 and armv7hl rpms ?09:48
Stskeepsi586 yes, armv7hl not anymore09:48
Stskeepsi486 no09:48
slaineStskeeps: thanks09:52
Sage__Stskeeps: well that was bug in packaging09:52
slaineI've a pair of older Pentium 4 desktops, might slap OBS on them to act as workers for the ARM stuff09:53
Sage__Stskeeps: ^ should fix it09:54
Stskeepsok, so needs kicking09:54
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* Sage__ ponders if we should have all the same patches that are in fedora for openssl10:00
Stskeepsusually a good idea10:02
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* phaeron wonders if I should attend devaamo10:54
Stskeepsif we have a mer BoF, for sure :P10:54
phaeronwhich day is it on ?10:55
StskeepsBoF not accepted yet10:55
phaerondoes the event continue overnight ? It would be cool :D10:56
*** afiestas_ has joined #mer10:57
Stskeepsdepends on how much beer or energy drinks..10:58
lbtbug triage in 2min? E-P ?10:58
* Sage__ sadly can't attend to devaamo summit :(10:58
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lbtwe should move the summit :)10:59
E-Plbt: bug triage, me, what?10:59
iekkumer bug triage starting soon10:59
lbtE-P: sorry ... iekku :)11:00
phaeronSage__: :/11:00
E-PI was wondering if I have missed something11:01
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slainelbt, What exactly should enabling "OBS_VM_USE_TMPFS" do for me ?11:04
slaineI don't see any difference11:05
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slaineMy rebuilds are blocking11:26
slaineRPMLINT report:11:26
slainesh: /usr/bin/python: No such file or directory11:26
Stskeepsthat part always takes time11:26
slainehence why none of my i586/armv7hl packages seemed to build over the weekend11:26
Stskeepswhat does your 'git log' say?11:27
Stskeepsthe first item11:27
slainewhere that11:27
slainewhere's that11:27
Stskeepsin obs-projects/Core11:27
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slaineperhaps I'm mistaken11:28
slaineit looks like it eventually built11:28
*** burro is now known as Guest6104111:30
slaineNot sure what's going on to be honest11:30
slaineit keeps repeatedly build cloog11:30
slainebzip2 etc.11:31
Stskeepsthat's a normal bootstrap11:31
Stskeepscheck 'osc jobhistory'11:31
Stskeepsand show me11:32
slainedid a wipe binaries11:32
Stskeepshey, can i see your ?11:32
slainerestart it11:32
slaineit basically had built nothing since Friday11:32
slaineexcept those 311:32
Stskeepsslaine: i have a hunch what it could be11:33
Stskeepsso i need to see your :)11:33
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iekkualmost done for today11:34
iekkusoon to the picnic11:34
lbtslaine: yeah, so that setting should make OBS use tmpfs - I don't recall if you have to use obsstoragesetup11:36
Stskeepsslaine: also, check timestamp on workers and OBS fe/be11:36
slainelbt, whatever the worker component of the script does11:36
lbtanyhow... I need to get my head down or I'll not get anything done :)11:37
slainelbt, "OBS Storage Autosetup is not enabled in sysconfig, skipping!"11:38
Sage__ <- might need some review for this :D11:38
lbtslaine: yeah, I last set this up >12 months ago ...11:38
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slaineStskeeps: what are you looking for in the ?11:49
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Stskeepsobsname needs to be set to something else than $hostname11:55
Stskeepselse packages rebuilt on diffeeent workera will not compare to be similar11:56
slainecool, let me check11:57
slaineWell, I've only got the one worker atm11:58
Stskeepslbt, very important for setup script11:58
lbtjust editing it :)11:58
Stskeepsslaine, else the bootstrap phase can take several days12:02
slainewhich is what I'm seeing12:02
slaineThere's also a new version of obs-worker package available12:03
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slaineStskeeps, so, obsname, should I change it to something non-routable ? i.e. it shouldn't be a hostname12:24
*** toscalix has quit IRC12:24
Stskeepsjust something uniquely identifying your obs12:25
slaineIT's hostname should do that12:26
lbt 's,^my.*obsname\s*=.*,my \$obsname = "'"${OBSBE_REPO}"'"; # Use the repo name as there can be only one,'12:26
slainei.e. hostname -f returns ""12:28
lbtbut it must return the same value on any backend machine12:29
lbtand is copied to the workers12:29
slaineAh, 'cause the worker is ""12:30
lbtyup ... sneaky eh?12:30
slaineSo, if I change it to "GlensOBS" and not $hostname, it'll work12:30
slaineOr, just the string "" rather than the $hostname variable12:31
slaineI get it12:31
lbtthe comment is buggy12:31
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sledgesStskeeps, why did you say BeagleBoard can't go hardfp ?13:01
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer13:04
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*** Kiranos has joined #mer13:08
Stskeepssledges: because of sgx drivers/3d acceleration for beagle not being hardfp13:14
sledges:{ that's a shame, thank you Stskeeps13:14
RaYmAn:/ Even nvidia started releasing hardfp drivers now! Seems all upside down :P13:14
sledgeshow was the conf?13:14
Stskeepssledges: javascript overload13:15
sledges:) all going HTML5 and WEB2.(5?)0 :)13:15
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slaineHmmm, still seems to be stuck in a loop building cloog, binutils and bzip2 over and over again13:41
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC13:43
slaineStskeeps: for ref, git log of obs-repos/Core has13:45
slaineAuthor: Carsten Munk <>13:45
slaineDate:   Fri Apr 27 07:10:32 2012 +020013:45
slaine    Pickup 1, 27/4/201213:45
slaine    Signed-off-by: Carsten Munk <>13:45
slainewhich is pretty recent, I ran make update earlier13:45
slaineto ensure all the mappings etc. where ok13:45
iekkufunny vappu riddle: what is green, pink and orange?13:51
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*** niqt has quit IRC13:52
slainelol, I think I found the problem13:54
slainewe'll see13:54
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*** raignarok has joined #mer14:04
slaineStskeeps: lbt, looks like ntp wasn't running on those servers and one of them was off by over an hour14:04
slaineAfter fixing the date with ntpdate, starting ntp and enabling ntp server, I restarted the schedular and workers and it's actually listing things other than cloog, bzip2 now :)14:05
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*** enc0de has quit IRC14:06
*** byako has joined #mer14:14
Stskeepsslaine: woo, that goes to faq14:17
slaineHow's the Joggler working these days ?14:17
Stskeepsgma500 nightmare as usual, i think14:18
slaineNo suitable drivers for Meego / Mer ever made it out I assume, still needs Xorg 1.6 ?14:18
Stskeepswell, there was for meego14:19
slainelbt was working on it for a while with Mer wasn't he ?14:19
Stskeepsright, but ran into too new xorg problem14:19
byakoStskeeps: I found out what kills UI - it's maliit-server, trying to figure out why.14:25
*** l3i has quit IRC14:27
vgradeslaine, new emgd driver in latest Tizen release14:29
Stskeepsnew xorg too?14:29
Stskeepsbyako: prolly a composition issue14:29
slainevgrade: So would it be worth me getting one ?14:29
vgradeStskeeps, no tizen is on 1.9.314:30
slainevgrade: thats better than the 1.6.x that it used to require14:30
*** raignarok has quit IRC14:30
*** l3i has joined #mer14:33
vgradeslaine, they are good bits of kit. If you can get one cheap and don't mind spending sometime on getting the emgd, kernel, Xorg interface aligned14:38
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byakohow bad is this : "ARMCodeEmitter::emitPseudoInstruction", "UNREACHABLE executed at ARMCodeEmitter.cpp:838!", I see it's somehow related to LLVM, but could It crash X ?15:04
Stskeepsis normal when you try to use llvmpipe on arm and not vendor gles15:05
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byakoStskeeps: when you have time, could you please take a look at this ~/.xsession-errors log : , do you anything suspicious that could cause SIGTERM call for X ?15:30
*** toscalix has quit IRC15:31
byakoI even have two listings of a `ps axf` before (when X with meegotouchhome is running) and after the crash, can show the diff if that helps15:32
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kaizerslawtenHello guys , I'm brazillian , I have a Nokia N800 running Mer 0.1616:51
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kaizerslawtenhow to switch to USB Host mode on Nokia N800 running Mer, need to load any module?16:54
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eocanhaAnybody know how the compiler used when OBS builds a package is chosen?17:09
eocanhaI have my own project in my own OBS server, created from Core:i486:0.20120120.1, from the release-tools17:10
*** kaizerslawten has quit IRC17:11
eocanhaand I've changed some things in my gcc package, so when it's build, it's gcc-4.6.3-4.1 (for i486)17:11
eocanhaHowever, when I build any other package (eg: systemd) and see the logs, they say that gcc-4.6.3-3.1 is being used. That makes me think that the gcc with my custom changes isn't being used to compile the rest of the packages.17:12
eocanhaI see some relevant lines in my prjconf:17:12
eocanhaPreinstall: libgcc17:13
eocanhaRequired: gcc17:13
eocanhaSupport: gcc-c++17:13
eocanhaKeep: libgcc cpp gcc gcc-ada gcc-c++17:13
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eocanhaAny suggestion about why OBS is behaving like that?17:13
lbteocanha: where is the gcc you built?17:14
Stskeepseocanha: first gcc it counters in the path, first look in project it's in, then the path project/repo, then that project's path project/repo17:14
Stskeepsuseforbuild may affect this behaviour17:14
eocanhalbt: the gcc I built remains in http://myobs:8080/mer-486/Core_i586/i486/gcc-4.6.3-4.1.i486.rpm17:16
eocanhabut I thought that the compiled packages were automatically reused for compilations of other packages17:16
eocanha(gcc reused to compile systemd)17:17
Stskeepsit should17:18
lbtI'm wondering how you got it there17:19
lbtand have you ever had the OBS pick it up and use it in an OBS build?17:20
lbtbecause it's possible that the old gcc is being specified by the resolver and it's in various caches17:21
*** krtaylor has quit IRC17:21
eocanhagcc-4.6.3-4.1 never was actually used to compile anything. Only the previous versions.17:22
eocanhais there any way in which I can remove all the caches or something like that?17:23
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:23
eocanhaI also have all the packages "disabled" (to avoid rebuilds) and only enabled a few ones (gcc, systemd and a coulpe more)17:23
lbtthe aim is to build systemd with this new gcc?17:24
eocanhayes, and then a lot of packages more, but systemd the first one. I'm getting illegal instructions when executing it on i48617:25
eocanhaand I think it's because gcc has Atom specific patches, which I have removed from my last gcc sources17:25
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lbtOK ... so ... Mer is fine with non-atom17:26
eocanhaand I kept having illegal instructions in systemd... until I noticed that it wasn't being compiled with my tuned compiler17:26
lbtso is the objective to hack around with compilers for fun? or is it to make it work without illegal instructions?17:27
*** tilgovi has joined #mer17:28
eocanha"Mer is fine with non-atom" --> is it an affirmation?17:28
lbtyes, it's a bug if not :)17:28
Stskeepseocanha: i486 should not build for atom / ssse3 or be atom17:28
Stskeepsthat's i58617:29
eocanhaOur target CPU is "similar to i486"17:29
Stskeepsi486 being mthe port name17:29
lbtcareful about terminology here17:29
lbtwe have some unfortunate legacy naming :)17:29
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*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer17:31
lbtso if you see illegal instructions then we'd rather focus on fixing that - hacking the compiler is ... fun but not hugely productive :)17:31
*** bergie has quit IRC17:32
lbtAt some point we may need a "rebuilding Mer with a custom toolchain" tutorial ... but not this month :)17:32
eocanhawell, the thing is that I have copied the prjconfig from Core:i486:0.20120120.1 and rebuilt the full project, and passed the systemd package trough this checking script:
eocanhawhich dissassembles and reassembles the binaries17:32
eocanhaand it does have illegal instructions17:33
eocanha(illegal for i486)17:33
Stskeepsremember sometimes instructions can be guarded with cpuid though17:33
Stskeepsyour binary rpms are also Core:i486 right17:33
eocanhayes. anyway, I've rebuilt them all17:34
Stskeepsok, and when building, target is i486-meego-linux right17:34
eocanhaBuilding systemd for project 'mer-486' repository 'Core_i586' arch 'i586' srcmd5 '41e7268c81d1fc807c4a0d81961fb9b3'17:36
Stskeepseocanha: can you grep for configure in gcc.log for i486\17:36
StskeepsCore-i586 doesn't sound right17:36
eocanhaexec rpmbuild -ba --define '_srcdefattr (-,root,root)' --target=i486-meego-linux --define 'disturl obs://myobshost/mer-486/Core_i586/41e7268c81d1fc807c4a0d81961fb9b3-systemd'17:36
StskeepsCore_i586 that is17:37
lbteocanha: see that wiki page I linked17:37
eocanhaThat disturl doesn't sound right17:37
eocanhaok, let me read it17:37
eocanhaI've read it. I wouldn't worry about that "i586" path in the url, because the compiled packages are all in:17:39
eocanhaand there's no .../i586/ dir for compiled packages, only i486.17:40
Stskeepsok, now check first ./configure of gcc log17:40
eocanha"Core_i586" is just the name of the repository17:40
lbtyou can see this is going to get confusing - yes?17:42
eocanhayes, a bit confusing, maybe O:-)17:43
eocanhagcc build log:17:43
eocanhaBuilding gcc for project 'mer-486' repository 'Core_i586' arch 'i586' srcmd5 '65e4e4c0922433e8e9ed2e598c05e80a'17:43
*** tommis has quit IRC17:43
Stskeepsarch = scheduler name here17:43
Stskeepsnot a problem17:44
eocanhainstalling gcc-4.6.3-3.1 <-- that's the previous one, the one used everywhere when compiling other packages, not only gcc17:44
Stskeepsshow us the project meta17:44
eocanha+ exec rpmbuild -ba --define '_srcdefattr (-,root,root)' --target=i486-meego-linux --define 'disturl obs://myobs/mer-486/Core_i586/65e4e4c0922433e8e9ed2e598c05e80a-gcc'17:45
Stskeepsnot prjconf, meta / raw config17:46
eocanhait's like the one in Core:i486:0.20120120.1, in the release-tools, with a few optflags17:47
eocanhaah, ok17:47
Stskeepsi'll have to go now, my first practical driver lessons (wish me luck), lbt can help debug17:49
lbtStskeeps: have fun :)17:49
Stskeepscheck first ./configure of gcc log17:49
eocanhadon't worry, and thank you very much anyway. Luck with your lessons.17:49
lbtOK eocanha it's worth digging out your gcc build log ./configure17:50
eocanha(uploading to pastebin)17:53
*** trip0 has quit IRC17:58
* lbt has to make dinner now ... paste logs and I'll look again in a bit17:58
*** trip0 has joined #mer17:58
eocanhaI had to select only a portion of the whole logs, cause the full logs exceeded pastebin limits18:03
eocanhaI'm leaving it here for today too. I can connect again tomorrow and continue discussing the problem18:03
*** toscalix has quit IRC18:03
eocanhaThanks for the support and the hints.18:04
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Stskeepsm /me clings to his keyboard21:02
Stskeepsm /me clings to his keyboard21:02
* Stskeeps clings to his keyboard21:02
alhPlease let go of your keyboard. You're hurting my eyes ;)21:02
CosmoHillclinging to hard it seems21:02
Stskeepshad my first practical driving lesson today - my first time ever behind a wheel. A couple of maneuvering exercises, learning how to be changing gears .. and straight into Warsaw evening traffic at night. It's amazing there were any survivors.21:03
* w00t bets there weren't21:04
w00tyou are, after all, arriving home at 11pm21:04
w00tthat gave you a few hours to bury the victims21:04
Stskeepsburying is for the clean-up crew.21:05
CosmoHillI hope you had your lights on otherwise that's not giving the public a sporting chance21:07
Stskeepsfull light beams on to blind them first21:07
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