Sunday, 2012-04-29

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IanWizard-CloudTermana: hi :)06:06
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Stskeepsiekku: would it be possible to have a weekly summary of taken bugs (ie, not need-triage, not not-taken) and who is working on them?07:58
Stskeepsinstead of the weekly 'whining' thing that bugzilla used to have07:58
Stskeepsso we don't get bugs that are stuck on the sideline for several months07:59
iekkusounds like a good idea08:03
iekkushould it have also information about when bug has been last time touched?08:04
Stskeepswe don't have bosses who hit your head when bugs go idle too long, so gentle prods by public shaming is better ;)08:04
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iekkuseparate mail or list coming with bug triage invite?08:05
Stskeepsi think we can make it with the bug triage invite i guess08:06
Stskeepsthen it's not very spammy and all the info a contributor needs to know is in the mail08:06
iekkuthat was on my mind08:06
timophStskeeps: dunno if sjgadsby is using some script to generate the maemo/meego bug jars. is so maybe we could use that?08:06
timophif so even08:07
iekkui rather get the lists manually, i get better understanding then08:07
iekkuthe amount of the bugs isn't so big yet08:07
Stskeepswhich is good, considering we're already >30008:07
Stskeepsin bug id08:07
iekkulater on it would be maybe useful08:07
timophStskeeps: btw, did you try the updated testrunner-ui?08:08
Stskeepstimoph: no, i guess i can08:09
Stskeepsor not08:09
timophthe key thing is in settings08:09
timophanyway, I think I'll add a check that the provided key actually exists08:10
timophactually it checks it now but doesn't tell it to the user08:10
timophwas thinking something like making the lineedit's background red if the provided file doesn't exist08:11
timophthe thing seems to be almost 2 years old already :)08:13
Stskeepsworks quite well for it08:13
Stskeepsbtw, found out why icons weren't showing?08:13
timophWed Jul 28 2010 Timo Härkönen <> 0.0.108:13
timophnot yet08:13
timophI'll look into it after niina's parent leave :)08:14
timophactually. hmmh08:15
timophI recall them working08:15
timophwith ubuntu that is08:16
timophanyway. I'll check what's going on there later in the evening08:17
timophanything else that you're missing from it?08:17
* timoph is open for feature requests08:18
timoph(and needs a break from the summit challenge work)08:18
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Stskeepsi should really book those plane tickets for devaamo summit..08:25
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CosmoHillI really sould make a plan of attack for CLFS08:31
Stskeepswork on mer instead? ;p08:31
Stskeepsthough CLFS did help me discover some things08:31
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CosmoHillit's a pain to work on the book as a lot of stuff is duplicated but with subtle changes08:32
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CosmoHillI've also been meaning to give wayland and ekopath a go08:35
Stskeepsmorn jbos_ :)08:37
jbos_I wondered, did anyone ever tried icecream with in obs ?08:37
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Stskeepsjbos_: obs comes with icecream support, but i'm not sure about on OBS itself, just local builds08:37
jbos_yep, that I wondered about. Since, well y know If only one worker is running on one cpu you may want to have it using idle resources via icecream.08:39
jbos_It *should* work in theory08:40
Stskeepsi've not played with it myself08:40
Stskeepsfor me, tmpfs builds are 'fast enough'08:40
Stskeepsand when you do -j > 4, a -lot- of packages start breaking up08:41
jbos_breaking up > broken? or split to more workers?08:41
Stskeepsas in 'random failures doing build due to bad makefile design'08:42
jbos_since, y know for my build here it is cpu bound, and capable of doing -j16 without trouble08:42
jbos_so -j16 on plain hardware is building in 15 min   -j1 is 35 min :)08:43
Stskeepslinux software isn't in a good state always08:43
Bostikooohh, I know one package where parallel make breaks - gtkwebkit :)08:44
jbos_yep, but that is why I like it. (no good state)08:44
Stskeepssure, it keeps most of us in a job .. ;)08:44
jbos_mh one other thing, do y think Mer can get a 'Linux Cross Reference'08:46
jbos_like over all packages08:46
jbos_there was iirc08:46
Stskeepspossible, though someone should admin it08:48
Stskeepsit had rather high resource demands08:48
jbos_timeless did it back in time...08:48
jbos_didn't he?08:49
Stskeepssure, with massive trouble08:49
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jbos_yep,... I tried my self to get a lxr running,... not funny ;)08:50
jbos_but though, I'm not the best perl guy ...08:51
Stskeepsshould be easier with mer though, given our rsync-able packages-git/08:51
Stskeepsno need to manually extract srpms08:52
CosmoHillhmm, Amazon US =  $5.75, Amazon UK = £31.79, i know which one's trying to rip me off08:52
Stskeepslbt: i think we can do a 0.0.1 based on content in COBS - not a prerelease, just snapshot to get early warning of issues08:55
Stskeepsbased on content in CI, that i08:58
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CosmoHilltool: £3.69, VAT: £1.74, postage: £5.99 >.<09:08
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lbtStskeeps: sure09:27
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TermanaCosmoHill, I know which one is trying to rip you off as well: Amazon09:33
lbtI don't like the fact that Amazon charge pennies less than the competition and pay pounds less in tax - essentially we're paying taxes to Amazon for their benefit and not our own :(09:35
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lbtbut .... a bit OT I guess :)09:35
* lbt goes back to arguing with Stskeeps09:36
CosmoHillI've found the same tool for £8.70 with vat and postage09:48
Stskeepslbt: in email, i presume?09:51
CosmoHillis that so you have a easy to find record of the argument?09:51
lbtotherwise you were worried I was shouting at myself in a padded room?09:51
lbtCosmoHill: it's a good place to have more widely shared discussions09:52
lbtirc is a bit "here and now"09:52
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CosmoHillon LFS we find that the developers only use the mailing lists where as I and some others only use the IRC channel10:06
CosmoHillthis has lead to the odd situation where I run the IRC channels without the knowledge of the project owners / developers10:07
Stskeepslbt: well, that would certainly explain a lot (padded room)10:08
* Stskeeps ponders what to work on today10:19
lbtadd ldap-based access control to our front end web server10:21
lbtso we can have group control of who gets things like internal wiki, monitoring10:21
Stskeepsbit out of my field :P10:21
lbthey, I'd never done it before the first time either :)10:22
lbtI mean I have no idea how to do it now so I'd have to learn it too10:22
Stskeepsoh, ldap auth on website you mean10:23
lbtI know the shape I want10:23
CosmoHillwe'll pay you in coffee10:23
lbtldap auth to a virtual host which is a reverse proxy (like most of them)10:24
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StskeepsBostik: 0003- / egldrm patches ought to have better copyright headers10:24
Stskeepsmost interesting, why are they in Qt5:Devel in the first place..10:25
Stskeeps(because they're not mentioned in .spec)10:25
* Stskeeps fixes up10:26
Stskeepslbt: how many pages is this email..10:37
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lbtgot sidetracked by chores10:43
lbtand actually thinking about it too10:44
Stskeeps28 C out.. i think if i went outside, i would catch fire10:48
CosmoHillStskeeps: really? it's cold and wet here10:49
Stskeepsliving in eastern europe has it's perks10:50
CosmoHillyou're in poland right?10:53
CosmoHillStskeeps: on the plus side, the BTCC is interesting to watch today10:56
CosmoHillI wish that when they filmed in the wet they'd use devices to keep the cameras clean10:57
CosmoHillit's so wet that there is a land rover trying to tow the recovery truck that is trying to tow a racing car out of the grass11:06
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Stskeepslbt: i see where you're getting at12:12
lbtgood - sometimes I think I'm being too fussy12:13
lbtI think extending the yaml would be really nice12:13
Stskeepsi disagree, for the sole reason not everything has yaml12:14
Stskeepsdid you know you can enter arbitary named.xml files into a RPM-md repository?12:14
Stskeepsnamed .xml12:14
lbthence the "yaml flag for packages where yaml does not own the spec"12:14
Stskeepspatterns are made similar way12:14
lbtyeah - it gets on to where is it mastered12:15
lbtI like it being in the packaging12:15
Stskeepsso do i, but i can also see the benefits of it not being12:16
Stskeepsand perhaps to some extend only analysed from packaging12:16
lbtmastering in the packages does not preclude overrides12:16
Stskeepseither way, just brainstorming12:17
lbt*nod* - we had an external master in Nokia .... REVS12:17
lbtit became clear that keeping them in sync was more trouble than you'd hope12:17
lbtversioning issues pop up12:18
lbtI think it's worth considering the yaml further12:18
lbtI almost had #3 ... mer metadata12:18
lbtit would be  yaml for this stuff12:19
lbtthen I thought ... why? just extend the spec,12:19
lbtand fix the "but that means I have to master the spec in the yaml" objection12:19
Stskeepsalso, source determining group: because you can't tell if you reliably can remove a component else12:19
Stskeepsor replace it12:19
lbtI think source defines default group ... cf license12:20
lbtin cairo the license is gpl2 ... but trace binary is gpl312:21
Stskeepsfwiw per-component licenses are ok12:23
Stskeepsgraphs aren't per source12:23
Stskeepsbut i see your point12:25
Stskeepsbtw, .yaml has the bad sideeffect of not being easily extractable from a repo12:26
Stskeepsor even obs output12:27
lbtI'm not massively worried by that12:30
lbtthe 2 big areas are managing the data and reporting on it12:30
Stskeeps.. and maintaining12:31
lbtreporting is by far the easiest as there's 'just' a transformation step in the mgmt process12:31
lbtintegrating the maintain step/process into a current process makes life fairly easy12:32
lbtwriting a tool to move yaml => xml on commit is reasonably sane12:32
lbtwe also don't do src.rpms so keeping the yaml in VCS is OK too12:33
lbtwe don't need to encode it in the .spec12:33
Stskeepssounds like a good idea to write up actual requirements to properly analyse12:34
Stskeepseither way, i'm flexible: right now, it exists as a source=>group mapping in my spreadsheet12:39
Stskeepsso as long as i can automate the setting/metadata, i'm happy12:42
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lbtOK .. going to make lunch now :)12:43
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade12:45
vgradehow did lfnw go?12:46
Stskeepsthey had technical difficulties so they only managed to get aseigo on12:46
Stskeepsthough now i have some notes on presenting mer in future (ie, what i had prepped to talk about)12:46
Stskeepssupposedly the room was packed there, at least12:46
vgradegoo I saw someone said that Mer had a few mentions12:47
* Stskeeps glances at tizen conference trip12:50
Stskeepsdeparting from here at 6:05am satuday12:50
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Stskeepslbt: BTW, i'll be using monster for some sb2-obs v2 experiments with your scripts starting tomorrow13:04
Stskeepsworker is offline13:04
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* Stskeeps yawns14:36
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Stskeepshello Swartnag14:48
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BostikStskeeps: they are crud which *should* have been cleaned up and removed from the build long ago15:44
Stskeepsah, ok15:45
BostikStskeeps: I thought I had snuffed most of the dead patches but those I really don't understand how they could remain...15:45
Stskeepseither way, alpha1 passed automatic testing15:45
Stskeepsi'll fix one thing i messed up and then start trying out the others15:46
Bostikwhooo, ahma uploaded all that were missing :)15:47
BostikI explicitly told him to not bang his head against qtwebkit, that's a monster15:48
Bostikand I'll get it together soon15:48
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* alterego goes about installing everything again ...16:04
Stskeepshdd failure?16:05
alteregoHD upgrade16:05
alteregoAnd upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04, but remembered no toolchain, qt sdk, or mer sdk :)16:06
alteregoWow, using windows phone is just like using windows. I gave a lumia to my gf for her birthday, and I've just plugged it in to her laptop, and it's prompted 1 after another to install (so far) 3 upgrades.16:08
timophheh, I'm doing currently the same :)16:08
alteregoqt sdk installer isn't working O_o16:09
Stskeepsmy wife hated the lumia and went back to her n90016:09
alteregoYeah, we'll see how Phoebe does, she's not as tech savvy as your wife I don't think, but she has been using an N900 for over a year and a half.16:10
alteregoInteresting, the SDK has to be installed with sudo.16:10
timophalterego: does -style=plastique help? (I'm not that far yet)16:11
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alteregoMight do, I'll see if it does after I've installed it as root ;)16:12
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timophseems to do the trick16:14
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alteregoWell, 3 updates later and the phone is ready for her to use -_-16:16
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CosmoHillanyone in here good at identifying snakes?18:55
saunabadi know python when i see one :)18:57
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Stskeepsevening phaeron19:16
* Stskeeps is sitting and writing a response to marc stephan nkouly on mailing list19:17
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CosmoHillStskeeps: duh duh duuuuhh19:21
Stskeepsnah, no drama19:21
CosmoHillerm, where's the question?19:23
Stskeepshe's wondering how he can contribute and develop for this brave new world19:23
CosmoHillbest of luck answering19:24
CosmoHillfyi, bad teacher isn't a good film19:37
CosmoHillStskeeps: cool answer19:38
Stskeepsi really do wonder what a n8x0-style tablet with gprs would cost these days in BoM19:41
CosmoHillBottom of Market?19:41
Stskeeps bill of materials19:41
CosmoHillthat makes more sense than what I just aid19:42
Stskeepsie, the components needed / cost of them, to do a product19:42
_av500_Stskeeps: easy19:42
_av500_it would be a low end android phone today19:42
Stskeepsstill, sub-100?19:42
Stskeeps usd19:42
_av500_low end android retail for 9919:43
_av500_the huawei19:43
_av500_you add cost for a keyboard19:43
_av500_but thats about all19:43
_av500_and 800x480 screen19:44
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_av500_OPPA project?19:44
_av500_one phone per african19:45
Stskeepsfrankly, i wouldn't mind aiding to bomb the market to an area where tablets are as cheap as keyboards bought in a supermarket..19:45
Stskeepsera, i mean19:46
Stskeepsbut that's just idealistic me19:46
_av500_there are 50$ tablets comming19:46
_av500_wifi only though19:46
* _av500_ has seen some boms :)19:47
Stskeepsi have my smartq5 somewhere.. wifi only? pah, connect gprs modem with OTG19:47
Stskeepsi have this fantastic idea for a product concept.. but some idiots trademarked 'windows' already, so i need a better name..19:53
* Stskeeps heads to bed20:00
CosmoHillnight night Stskeeps20:05
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lbt*grumble* ... powercut for several hours :(20:10
CosmoHillat least the lights are on now20:10
lbtCosmoHill: you too eh ? :)20:10
lbtapparently it was a pretty large part of Berks20:11
CosmoHillbut if I did I have a kindle and a whine up touch20:11
CosmoHillI should go there some time20:11
lbtthe concept of a "whine up" device is stupendous !20:12
lbtthe more you bitch about it the longer it keeps running20:12
CosmoHillsounds like my car20:12
CosmoHillI swear some of these kindle books where copied from actual books cos of the spelling mistakes20:15
CosmoHilllike "comer" instead of "corner"20:15
lbtscanned you mean ?20:16
CosmoHillthat would make more sense20:16
* lbt is only buying Tor books20:16
lbtthey do a lot of sci-fi / fantasy20:17
CosmoHillI'm reading Isaac Asimov atm20:17
lbtmore importantly they just went DRM free20:17
lbtAsimov is good stuff20:17
CosmoHill4th book this month and I didn't even start at the begining20:17
CosmoHilliRobot, The Naked Sun, Foundation and currently Foundation and Empire20:18
CosmoHillI'm still to read the last three iRobot stories since my book didn't have them20:18
lbtwhen I get them back off mord you can borrow some E.E. 'Doc' Smith : "Lensman" series20:18
Bostikthe first Foundation (with the short stories) is still the best Asimov I've read20:18
lbtit's been too long for me to recall it :)20:19
CosmoHillI'm prefering the first to the second20:19
CosmoHillI read The Naked Sun in less than two days20:20
CosmoHillonce I figured out how to use the kindle20:20
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