Tuesday, 2012-04-24

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wmaronewhere does the mer platform sdk track the chroots using the SDK?03:55
wmaroneI have a false one breaking my setup03:55
wmaronenever mind, found it03:58
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iekkuhuomenta :)05:32
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timophguten morgen05:50
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lbtwmarone: there's a patch to improve that in the next version07:51
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Stskeepshello decibyte08:00
decibytehi there :)08:00
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?08:00
decibytethe heartbreaking realization that harmattan is degenerating day by day, looking for an alternative.08:01
Stskeepsah, so it goes08:01
Stskeepswe mostly do a core here and nemo has the UI parts for handset08:01
Stskeepscore work goes well :)08:02
decibytehaha. i guess it's what brings a lot of people to #mer.08:02
decibyteso, i better also join #nemo too?08:02
Stskeepsnemomobile, yeah08:03
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decibyteStskeeps: thanks for guiding in the right direction :)08:06
Stskeepsnp, feel free to hang out and ask questions if you have any08:07
decibytei will. but i'll start looking for answers to the most obvious questions in the wiki.08:08
lbtStskeeps: are you OK with an "unsubscribe link" as a footer to the mer-general list? https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31808:08
lbtdecibyte: welcome to mer anyhow :)08:09
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decibytelbt: thanks :)08:09
Stskeepslbt: ok08:12
Stskeepslbt: had many complaints?08:12
lbtJust the one - I doubt many have tried to unsubscribe - Denise managed but she still had the welcome mail to hand08:12
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byakoStskeeps: hi again. Did I miss or are there no src.rpm's on releases.merproject.org ?08:43
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Stskeepsbyako: wow, you're good at finding the particularities of mer :)08:43
Stskeepsbyako: so, do you know a bit about what the GPL says about how you should deliver source code?08:44
byakoStskeeps: :) damn08:44
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byakoStskeeps: emm, on request one who uses GPL code should provide all modifications provided in his product. Right ?08:44
Stskeepsit says something along the lines of that you need to provide scripts and so on that will give you a binary that's similar to how you made it first time08:45
byakoand scripts are provided, right ?08:45
Stskeepsnow, because of some particularities in OBS and RPM, the input material (a OBS package) will not correspond to the contents of the src.rpm's08:45
Stskeepspartly because the packages sometimes modify themselves to accomplish certain things08:46
byakomeh, it's all lyrics :) I don't want to go deep in things here.08:46
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byakomaybe after I finish bringing up the fraphics08:46
Stskeepsso, in Mer, we deliver full git repositories and a project core description that you can reproduce with a OBS, to remake the entire system and each package08:46
byakoI just want to upgrade xorg-x11-drv-evdev package08:46
Stskeepsfullfilling the gpl requirements08:47
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Stskeepssure, http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Contribution_in_detail08:47
byakoStskeeps: thanks :) sorry for boring questions. It's just quite a lot of docs in wiki.08:47
Stskeepsit's okay, the question comes up once in a while08:47
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Stskeepssome people see it as "omg you're breaking gpl by not having src.rpms", while in fact, we comply to it08:48
byakoStskeeps: no, that wasn't relevant to licenses :) I wanted to put new tarball and rebuild the package08:48
Stskeepsthen Branch the package to work on it in that page works08:49
byakoStskeeps: sure08:50
* byako went reading docs08:50
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byakoStskeeps: I like how this thing looks. Nicely designed. Not willing to compare it fulle with OBS, but it's a bit easier to find things here. Mostly because it was designed to be used withing one project but different releases.08:55
StskeepsOBS is a distribution builder that isn't tied to a certain distro :)08:56
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slainelooks like I'll have the hardware to start proper device adaptations shortly, teheheheee09:26
byakoslaine: which one ?09:27
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byakoStskeeps: do you know is it allowed to use rsa key with empty passphrase ?09:27
byakoStskeeps: from what I see - not really allowed.09:27
Stskeepsbyako: we can't see passphrase of your private key status remotely09:27
Stskeepsso we can't check it09:28
Stskeepsif we should make default behaviour saner, then please add that in wiki09:28
byakoStskeeps: so you don't know if it's allowed ? I'm not asking to check anything. That was yes/no question :)09:29
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byakoStskeeps: ok, nevermind, I will get new one09:30
Stskeepsbyako: the primary objective is to enable easy off-the-street contribution, so we try not to do it too heavy :)09:31
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Stskeepsbut yes, from a security POV there should be guidelines for private key storage for submission09:32
lbtlike this maybe: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Web_Infrastructure/Policy#SSH_Keys09:34
lbtI admit that's aimed at people with shell access :)09:34
byakolbt: that's what I was asking about. Fits totally. thanks :) third tip is what I was asking about - key must be protected with a passphrase.09:35
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slainebyako: a Pandaboard ES should be here this week as will an Atom Cedartrail.09:41
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* Stskeeps boots up 0.3 based image..09:45
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StskeepsSage: 0.3 x86 OK09:50
* Stskeeps locates n90009:50
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Stskeepshello MGM09:53
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E-PStskeeps: you are scaring people off :)09:54
Stskeepsi know :(09:56
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lbtyay.... bank account approved10:20
vgradelbt, nice, OBS meeting later today10:21
Stskeepsvgrade: when is it again?10:21
vgrade16:00 UTC10:22
Stskeepsok, i will be at driver's lessons then10:25
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StskeepsSage: 0.3 N900 OK10:30
Stskeepslbt: i think i can say go for .110:31
lbtcoffee first :)10:31
lbtdo you want me to correct+push the 0.2 tag?10:32
lbtI think we should10:32
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lbtStskeeps: did you clean up disk space?10:35
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lbtno ... nm. I read the lv name10:35
Stskeepsleaving that in your capable hands10:37
StskeepsREMINDER: Release management meeting in 15 minutes in #mer-meeting10:45
lbthmmm need to do SDK release too10:50
lbtphaeron: ping10:50
phaeronlbt: pong10:50
lbthey ... can you update on copyproject in the release mgmt meeting10:51
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byakoany xorg/xorg.conf experts?11:30
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Stskeepsask away11:31
byakowhat is the criteria xorgs takes to filter udev input devices or does it just grabs all of them applying default inputClass to unknown ?11:33
byakolooks like just input subsystem is the criteria11:39
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vgradebyako, check in /etc/X11/xorg.d/ there is a 00-default-input.conf which takes everything, but you can add xx-my-device.conf to pick off a specific device type, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Input_device_configuration11:48
vgradexx being > 0011:48
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byakovgrade: yes, that's what I did.12:12
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Stskeepslbt, phaeron: can we schedule a forward port of merproject patches to obs master/2.3?12:38
slaineIs phaeron back from the dead ?12:40
Stskeepsyes :)12:41
lbtStskeeps: yes, I rebased and upstreamed mine last week12:42
Stskeepslbt: as they're about 2 months behind12:42
lbtI only know about my patches - we need to have a chat about how to handle any sb2 stuff12:43
lbtI assumed we carry them for now12:43
Stskeepssadly yes, i had really expected them to be merged back in feb12:44
lbtok .. biab ... going to cook dinner12:44
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lbtmmm hot bread + butter13:01
Sagelbt, Stskeeps: do I need to update my osc, build or something for the -next?13:01
lbtzypper up in the SDK should get it13:02
lbtthanks - I've not looked yet13:02
Stskeepslbt, phaeron: do you know if they've branched 2.3 officially on obs yet?13:03
lbtthere's a 2.3 branch13:03
Stskeepsso for mer productization branch we'd be 2.3 based13:04
lbtyep - typically I rebase on master and allow them to apply to 2.313:05
lbtmmm for pull requests that is13:06
lbtbut we'll build packages on our rebase on 2,313:06
* lbt thinks that his clarification may not have been that clear :)13:07
Stskeepsi think we should have a page that illustrates a bit what mer 'obs' is actually about13:07
Stskeepsie, the mission of productization, stable foundation for vendors, etc13:08
Stskeepsand well, that it's not limited to mer only13:08
lbtin fact, ideally, it should not really exist :)13:08
Sagelbt: is there tools build for hosts still btw? or only for the sdk?13:08
lbtSage: in general we only do SDK13:09
lbtThere are some non-SDK targets around13:09
Stskeeps'others are welcome to support and provide packaging for the tools for other distros', that is13:09
lbtbut we don't test/support13:09
lbt*nod* ... we should find a way to make that easier - could just be links13:10
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* Stskeeps makes a task bug13:10
Stskeepsjbos, lbt: https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31913:11
Stskeepsand the idea to have it as a common ground for productization efforts across distros as well.. as an example, tizen would probably need that too13:13
Stskeepsor genivi13:13
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jbosmhm RAILS_ENV="production"  rake db:setup   give me: No Rakefile found (looking for: rakefile, Rakefile, rakefile.rb, Rakefile.rb)13:40
Stskeepswhat is your $PWD?13:41
*** himamura has joined #mer13:41
jbosls give:    config files log13:41
Stskeepsjbos: rpm -qa | grep obs-server13:42
Stskeepsand obs-api ?13:44
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jbosdidn't install on 12.1 since broken dependency13:45
lbtdon't use 12.1 yet - are we building for it?13:45
jbosrubygem-erubis  was renamed to rubygem-erubis-2_613:45
jbosmhm now I get a undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass13:46
Stskeepslbt, does our pages state that?13:47
lbtStskeeps: looking13:47
lbtjbos: where?13:47
lbt"One or more physical or virtual machine with a minimal installation of OpenSuse 11.4 (12.1 is not recommended yet). It should be sysvinit based, not systemd. "13:48
lbtjbos: I don't *think* upstream support 12.1 yet13:48
jbosoh its a official appliance image i run in13:49
lbt12.1 appliance?13:49
jboskilled original obs on it and reinstall13:49
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:49
lbtOK - I wasn't aware - we haven't had chance to test it yet13:50
Stskeepslbt: when people ask me how to set up a merproject obs, where should i point to?13:50
lbtStskeeps: me... until I fix that webpage ... which isn't a bad fallback13:50
Stskeepslbt: ok, we need a page :P13:52
lbtwe do13:52
* Stskeeps tries to encode mer meetings..13:53
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lbtjbos: is your objective a working Mer OBS as soon as possible?13:56
jbosok i think i needed simply to downgrade the rubygem stuff.13:56
jbosno my objective is to actually have as much trouble as possible (seriously)13:56
lbtOK - in that case can I ask you to use those scripts13:57
lbtand hack them until they work13:57
jbosI use them as doc :)13:57
lbtif you log bugs for issues you find on 12.1 installs using Mer OBS packages that would be appreciated13:58
jbosbut so far (except of this dependency stuff) they seem to work13:58
jbosit seems there was a upstream update to fix this rubygem issue13:58
jbosI think an uninstall and update would be something benefitial :)14:00
jbosy should think about appliances, this makes it simpler14:01
* Stskeeps steps back14:01
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jbosok, this nil thing was caused be missing spaces in database.yml14:24
*** JLP has joined #mer14:25
jbosmhm rcobsapidelayed start, where does it log into?14:26
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* Stskeeps heads out for driving lessons14:29
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sledgesStskeeps, if I have linked against Mer in OBS, where can I find sources of that Mer? (I need sources of xorg-x11-drv-evdev but in OBS it shows up only under home:bako or ..sage:Mer)14:45
*** zeq has quit IRC14:50
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vgradesledges, http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Contribution_in_detail#Branch_the_package_to_work_on_it15:00
vgradesledges, what board are you on there?15:01
sledgesthank you vgrade, but I think I just found it: http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/xorg-x11-drv-evdev.git;a=summary15:02
sledgesimx53 same with imx28lcd15:02
sledgesso da9052 touchscreen is not passing BTN_TOUCH events to evdev :( even evtest shows ok15:02
vgradeare you running an andriod based kernel?15:02
sledgesno, running ltib's one, Mer is most friendly with it, and supports the most with patches (except SATA..)15:03
sledgess/supports/is supported by Freescale/15:03
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vgradeReminder OBS meeting in 55 mins15:07
slainehopefully I'll be free to join in15:14
*** Openfree` has quit IRC15:15
vgradehow is your OBS going?15:15
slainevgrade: it's been on hold while I do our support teams work for the last week or so, sigh.15:16
slainenot bitter15:16
vgradeI can tell15:16
slaineI've had it up and running a few times, tore it down again to help lbt test out the upgrades15:17
slaineiirc, the last round worked ok, I just have to setup the MDS and local projects and kick off the recompile15:18
slaineI'll probably do that thursday15:18
slaineleave it running over the weekend15:18
vgradeslaine, I had a quick go with the scripts15:18
slainewhat kind of setup where you after ?15:19
slaineall VM's or phosts15:19
vgradejust setting up for experiance really VM's15:19
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*** araujo has joined #mer15:22
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slainevgrade: yeah, that's why I was happy to go through it a couple of times15:25
slainebest way of learning wtf is going on ;)15:25
jbosvgrade, did i read right that maemo / nokia is maybe hosting a community obs?15:26
jboswas something on the active list15:26
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vgradejbos, maemo community is investigating moving over to OBS builds15:30
jbosok, so not actually setting up a own obs?15:30
vgradejbos, utilising current maemo infra15:30
slaineOh, it's coffee time :)15:30
jbosok understand15:30
jbosso its an own obs, open  for the community :)15:31
vgradejbos, but if they manage to get OBS targets working then we could pool infra and management resources15:31
vgradejbos. http://mg.pov.lt/maemo-meeting-irclog/%23maemo-meeting.2012-04-23.log.html15:32
vgradejbos, http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Maemo_OBS#Goals15:32
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer15:33
* jbos reading15:33
vgradealso http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-04-10-16.00.log.html15:34
jbosjust a note, before y have same fun as I, do not use official obs build but the mer-tool one for sb2 fun15:37
Alison_ChaikenI strongly suggest that the page "Building_against_Mer_in_COBS" be renamed to use the string "OBS".15:37
Alison_ChaikenRight now "Mer OBS" on google search does not list this page on first results.15:38
Alison_ChaikenBecause of "COBS," which I've never ever seen anywhere before.15:38
Alison_ChaikenThe page was titled by an anonymous user from acn.waw.pl who is part of Mer Governance.15:40
Alison_ChaikenUnless someone objects soon, I will retitle it.15:40
vgradeCOBS is used to differnciate between community OBS and meego.com OBS15:40
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: acn is prolly me ;)15:41
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: it's OK trename15:42
Stskeepsto rename15:42
vgradeStskeeps, hope your not driving :)15:42
Alison_ChaikenWill do then.   It's a wiki with version control, after all.15:42
Alison_Chaikenvgrade, "Community OBS" would be found by search engine.   "COBS" is not.15:42
Alison_ChaikenIt wasn't that I didn't know what COBS meant!15:43
Stskeepsvgrade: 15 mins to lesson15:43
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vgradeOBS meeting starting in 215:58
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC15:58
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #mer15:58
Alison_Chaikenvgrade, thanks for gpsd package.   About to test on Archos 101g9 today.   You be Da Man!15:58
jbosmhm "Undefined subroutine &Build::get_sb2installs called at ./bs_sched line 643"15:59
jbosany clue?15:59
jbosits in scheduler_i586 log16:00
Stskeepsinstall mer 's 'build'16:02
Stskeepsand restart scheduler16:02
*** Guest86751 is now known as zumbi16:03
jbosmhm I have fakeobs running and there I get also obs - - [24/Apr/2012 18:06:57] "GET /public/source/Core:i586/_config HTTP/1.1 20016:09
*** Attie has quit IRC16:12
*** krtaylor has quit IRC16:16
*** mlfoster has quit IRC16:20
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:25
*** mdavey has quit IRC16:25
*** enc0de has quit IRC16:27
*** pirut has joined #mer16:27
*** gimli has joined #mer16:39
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:45
*** 66MAAEE7V has joined #mer16:57
Sagedrivers/staging/omapdrm/omap_gem.c:145:3: error: implicit declaration of function 'drm_gem_create_mmap_offset' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]17:00
Sageanyone seen that error and happen to know what patch is needed to get rid of that (other than removing the -Werror.17:01
SageI'm probably missing something essential from my omap_drm patch set for the 3.0.8 kernel17:01
*** khetzal has joined #mer17:03
*** slaine has quit IRC17:05
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:07
*** bergie has quit IRC17:13
*** mlfoster has joined #mer17:13
*** dionet has joined #mer17:27
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:27
*** clopez has quit IRC17:28
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC17:29
*** baldand has quit IRC17:30
*** mdavey has joined #mer17:33
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:35
vgradepastie,org is broken17:35
*** Anssi138 has joined #mer17:36
CosmoHillvgrade: use mine: http://cross-lfs.org/~cosmo/pastebin/17:36
CosmoHillsince I got a job I've been watching a lot more news17:36
vgradecheers CosmoHill17:37
*** pirut has quit IRC17:37
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC17:42
*** Anssi138 has joined #mer17:44
Sagealmost there http://pastebin.com/pc2Lhdi8 :P17:44
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:51
*** trbs has joined #mer17:52
*** leinir has quit IRC17:55
*** leinir has joined #mer17:56
*** leinir has quit IRC17:56
*** leinir has joined #mer17:56
jbosmm now with mer obs, i get this error on setup of obs server lvm volume: http://paste.jeremiasbosch.de/show.php?id=102418:01
jbosvg looks like: http://paste.jeremiasbosch.de/show.php?id=102518:02
jbosits on the worker, I have actually the issue that after the update the workes didn't get "available" on obs server18:03
jbosthey stay dead, however, fetching server code etc seems to work18:03
*** eocanha has quit IRC18:08
jboslbt is there a way to figure out why a worker is dead?18:13
lbtyou don't want to hear "zypper in seance" ?18:13
lbtdefine dead though18:14
*** marquiz_ has joined #mer18:14
lbtis the bs_worker process running ?18:14
lbtI need a bit more to go on18:15
jbosthe overview in obs is displaying 6 workers18:15
jbosi see log on /obs/log/rep_server.log and /obs/log/src_server.log18:15
jboshowever the status in obs webui is redlight/"dead"18:16
lbtyou mean the scheduler?18:17
jbosonly unexpected is this obs storeage issue i postet some lines before18:17
lbtworkers don't have a redlight18:17
lbtso is it running?18:17
jbosoh dear... oh dear... hacking for about 12 hours on this is maybe not a good idea18:18
lbtthe problem is that you begin to lose track of what you've done18:19
jboswell its indeed quite complex stuff18:19
lbtalmost worth getting consultants who know what they're doing ;)18:20
jbosesp. when you come from a 2.2.995 and make a downgrade...18:21
Sagegrrr... would need to revert this commit to get pvr driver to compile (this commit didn't make in to upstream as such) https://github.com/supercurio/android-omap-tuna/commit/b442e52cba6dcffdf5880ca1c2f2625bfc5ee7f218:22
jbos:D well as I said, this is for my private obs.... and aggregating info and ideas :)18:22
Sageerrr... wrong chan :P18:22
lbtjbos: don't worry, I'm teasing you18:22
jbosI know18:22
jbosI hate it :D18:22
lbtoh, I hate it at times too18:22
jbosbut I earned it18:22
jbos:) amazing, it seems to work,18:25
jboshow did that happen18:25
lbtyou followed my guide?18:26
jbosah I tried18:26
jbosbut as said... i use some suse 12.1 and i had already a obs 2.2.995 installed18:26
lbtyeah, understood18:26
lbtI'll see about doing an appliance based guide at some point18:27
lbtanyhow... back to work .... l8r18:27
jbosyep, so just for the record here, the trick was to downgrade / force install rubygem :) and just ignore conflicts18:27
jbos... ;)18:27
jbosI also needed to do some hacking on the config files since I'm in kvm's behind a nat (non bridged) and changed the ports18:30
jbosso if someone is looking for similar strange setup, just ping me - i can tell how not to do it :)18:30
*** jonnor has quit IRC18:36
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:38
*** toscalix has quit IRC18:39
*** jluisn has quit IRC18:40
*** arcean has joined #mer18:41
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*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer18:48
*** pohly has quit IRC18:50
*** dijenerate has joined #mer18:52
*** jluisn has joined #mer18:52
*** Behold has joined #mer18:58
*** Behold has joined #mer18:58
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC18:58
*** Behold is now known as BeholdMyGlory18:58
* Stskeeps returns19:02
* CosmoHill cowers 19:02
HexxehStskeeps: can i bug you a bit about your patch (again)?19:02
Hexxehi've gotten around that early segfault19:02
Hexxehit's failing to launch because it can't get a surface now (which is good! progress!)19:03
StskeepsHexxeh: sure19:03
Hexxehso i've copied the rpi libs into /opt/vc/lib19:03
Hexxehand the libEGL.so compiled into /usr/lib19:03
Hexxehwhen i launch chrome it fails with a missing symbol: undefined symbol: eglGetProcAddress19:03
Hexxehseems like that's actually provided by the libEGL i compiled, though?19:07
Stskeepsi'd think so too19:08
Stskeepsshow me the steps you did?19:08
Hexxehfor what?19:09
Hexxehpretty much everything i did is above19:09
Stskeepsokay, so, putting together the libegl lib and where you put things19:09
Hexxehi don't have the two lines I used to build libEGL handy, but they were basically the ones given with the file19:10
Hexxehthe lib is here http://radium.hexxeh.net/libEGL.so19:10
Hexxehso i copied the /opt folder from the firmware repo into my rootfs19:10
Hexxehcopied that libEGL.so into /usr/lib19:10
Hexxehand then added /opt/vc/lib to my /etc/ld.so.conf19:11
Stskeepsthat doesn't look right to me19:11
vgradedon't you need all the libs in the same place19:11
Stskeepsit's missing several egl calls19:11
Hexxehi'll try recompiling it with my new toolchain19:12
Hexxehjust changed it for a new file, does it look ok now?19:15
vgradeStskeeps, those Mer screenies do bare a striking resemblence19:16
Stskeepsvgrade: as wazd would have said, Simpsons Did it19:17
StskeepsHexxeh: yes, better now19:17
HexxehCould not load the GL bindings, Check failed: surface_.get(). Unable to create compositor GL surface.19:18
Hexxehwell, no missing symbol now19:18
Stskeepsi'd call it a miracle if you can run a compositor19:18
Hexxehbeyond the scope of that hack?19:20
Hexxehjust tried --use-gl=osmesa19:21
Hexxehseeing a very screwed up browser running19:21
Hexxehbut osmesa is expected to not work19:22
Hexxehit was broken in like R1819:22
Stskeepsyou can pretty much just assume you can run a fullscreen gl application19:22
Stskeepsnot composition of multiple19:22
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer19:28
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC19:29
Stskeepshttps://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Secondary_Architecture_Promotion_Requirements <- auch19:30
StskeepsAll supported platforms must have kernels built from the Fedora kernel SRPM and enabled by default in the spec file. Each kernel must be built in a timely manner for every SRPM upload.19:30
Stskeepsthat'll be the day19:30
InformatiQStskeeps: what is wrong with that19:32
StskeepsInformatiQ: the discussion came about with Fedora ARM19:32
*** Eren has quit IRC19:32
StskeepsInformatiQ: and it's very difficult to get devices to be == upstream kernel19:32
*** krtaylor has joined #mer19:33
InformatiQi see19:33
*** jluisn has joined #mer19:37
*** furikku has left #mer19:45
*** kavurt has joined #mer19:48
Stskeepslbt: i am so happy that the alert system isn't phoning me19:55
lbtyes... I think I'm filtering and filing them ....19:56
lbtnot seen any yet19:56
lbtno, they're not arriving here19:59
InformatiQlbt: moi19:59
lbtInformatiQ: hey there19:59
InformatiQwhat's up, how is everything19:59
lbtit's all good :)19:59
lbtMer's doing well20:00
lbtTango is great20:00
lbtOff to SF in a couple of weeks20:00
lbtCosmoHill: https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Community/Tizen_Conference#Argentine_Tango20:01
InformatiQlbt: you still dance?20:01
lbtof course!20:01
InformatiQgood for you20:01
Stskeepslbt: how did .1 go?20:02
lbtInformatiQ: I organised the music for our dance last week20:02
lbtStskeeps: working on it20:02
lbtmoving disk issues20:02
*** vilpan has joined #mer20:04
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:08
*** javispedro has joined #mer20:09
CosmoHillhi javispedro20:11
*** jluisn has joined #mer20:12
*** notmart has quit IRC20:13
* Stskeeps heads to bed20:13
StskeepsCosmoHill: how would you statically compile mpfr/gmp into a cross gcc?20:14
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:15
*** clopez has joined #mer20:15
CosmoHillI believe that maybe possibly if you follow the CLFS book with modified cflags20:15
CosmoHillis it only mpfr and gmp you need?20:15
CosmoHillon clfs we use cloog, ppl and mpc20:16
Stskeepswell, maybe those too20:16
CosmoHilldo you want gcc to contain the mpfr and gmp libraries and / or the programs it creates?20:17
*** IanWizard has joined #mer20:19
*** lamikr has quit IRC20:22
*** kavurt has quit IRC20:22
IanWizardOk, I'm here,20:22
IanWizardparty can start :)20:22
IanWizardCosmoHill: I know, right?20:25
IanWizardI've been working so hard, at a stupid job.  I quit last week, so it's time to dev :)20:25
CosmoHillI'm on my third week of my first job20:25
IanWizardCosmoHill: yeah, it was my first.. Started out great, ended horridly.20:26
IanWizardI wish you well though :)20:26
IanWizardhopefully yours goes better.20:26
CosmoHillI'm on a 6th month trail but thinks get easier / better every day from my anxiety point of view20:26
CosmoHillalso gets easier working on the tangled web that is their website20:27
IanWizardCosmoHill: that's exactly what it was for me.  It was a three week contract, that turned into a permanent position, at the top of the (three person) company.  And basically taking their mess of a site, and making it work.20:29
IanWizardIt did get easier as I went, and I find that it gets better, just being more familiar with the site / code / project itself.20:29
IanWizardI don't know how off topic this chan can get, before repremand :P20:30
lbtit's "reprimand"20:31
CosmoHillI am the master of offtopic stuff having caused an entire channel to now talk off topic :/20:32
CosmoHilltruth be told it was offtopic before I turned up20:33
IanWizardsorry, I'm tired :(  didn't sleep much last night.20:33
CosmoHillaww, how come?20:33
IanWizardCosmoHill: I have an ipad, and Hulu +, and I just got a bunch of free time :)   what do you think?20:33
CosmoHillsounds like me and my dad's kindle20:34
CosmoHillmy eyes started getting fuzzy at 12, at 12:20 I was still up and reading and at 12:25 I was driving a car :/20:34
IanWizardI've been in here a bit before, chatted with Sts a few times.  It's never seemed strict, so I don't worry too much about off topic.20:35
IanWizardCosmoHill: I got up thismorning, and first thing, started driving, on a very curvy, very narrow, very fast road.20:35
IanWizardNearly lost it on the first turn... I chose to slow down after that.20:36
CosmoHillthe scariest part of my journy is the quater mile outside of work20:36
CosmoHillwent off the side today and through a bit pothole that splashed the car20:37
CosmoHillhad the car since 1997 and this is the first time it's really been used for commuting20:37
*** Behold has joined #mer20:38
*** gimli has quit IRC20:39
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC20:40
StskeepsCosmoHill: cross compiler not needing those libs for running, them being statically linked20:40
*** Behold is now known as BeholdMyGlory20:40
CosmoHillshould be possible20:41
CosmoHillI'll give it some thought tomorrow20:41
*** JLP has joined #mer20:44
IanWizardI suppose my first goal will be compiling for ARM.  Get me started with the project.20:44
* IanWizard goes to wiki.20:44
lbtIanWizard: what device?20:44
IanWizardlbt: atm, I'll probably try to get it running on HTC Evo20:45
IanWizardthat was my goal with meego , way back.20:45
lbtdo you have a kernel and gfx drivers ?20:45
lbt(glibc linked drivers)20:45
IanWizardlbt: I have kernel source20:46
*** kavurt has joined #mer20:46
*** mlfoster has quit IRC20:46
IanWizardand I can get it all setup (gfx drivers, sound drivers, etc)20:46
lbtyou can try: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptation_Guide/Step_by_step#Make_a_kernel_package and help improve it20:46
CosmoHillIanWizard: cross-lfs.org :)20:47
IanWizardlbt: thx20:47
*** khetzal has quit IRC20:47
lbtthen http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_and_SB220:47
CosmoHilloh god20:48
*** kavurt has quit IRC20:48
*** kurtul has joined #mer20:48
lbtCosmoHill: 2, not 120:49
CosmoHillI went to staples.co.uk but made a typo and ended up on a porn / hook up site20:49
*** mlfoster has joined #mer20:49
*** JLP has quit IRC20:50
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:51
*** jluisn has joined #mer20:54
*** andre__ has quit IRC20:55
*** tommis has quit IRC20:59
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC21:02
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IanWizardCosmoHill: typo my ass :)21:12
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:12
CosmoHillI wanted to find out how much it would cost to bind a copy of my dissertation, and all i got was tits21:13
*** phdeswer has joined #mer21:20
*** kavurt has joined #mer21:25
*** vilpan has quit IRC21:28
IanWizardOk, lbt, CosmoHill: here's my only disconnect, on building for my device (I think), with the kernel.21:47
IanWizardMaybe I just completely missed it somewhere, I've been skimming a ton of docs.  What do I use for my kernel?21:48
CosmoHilland you're assuming I'd be able to help because...?21:48
IanWizardCosmoHill: I had thought that you mentioned it, it was just CosmoHill I see though21:49
IanWizardsorry :P21:49
CosmoHillwhat kind of device?21:49
lbtIanWizard: mmm ... so you know Mer is not a full distro21:49
* CosmoHill didn''t know that21:49
lbtit has no kernel and no UX21:49
IanWizardlbt: yes, but as I understand it, there are kernel requirements to be met.21:50
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC21:50
IanWizardlbt: yeah, it's like fso, but better :)21:50
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer21:50
lbtand http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptation_Guide/Step_by_step this has some scripts which, when you package a kernel, verify the config21:50
lbtI think they got promoted to https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=Mer%3ASample%3AHA21:51
lbtso you need to modify that config and add patches for your device21:51
lbtI wrote it to permit people to do patch management in git21:52
lbt'cos I think that's sane :)21:52
IanWizardlbt: I know you linked that earlier, I think it lost it though.21:52
IanWizardthanks, I'm on track now I think.21:53
lbtnp - there's a lot to get your head around21:53
lbtall we ask is that you feedback on issues and help make it better21:53
IanWizardtwo more things21:53
CosmoHillIanWizard: what country are you from?21:53
IanWizardmaybe they're covered in there, sorry if they are.21:53
IanWizardCosmoHill: US21:53
CosmoHillcool beans21:54
IanWizard1. I see in the pre-req it mentions needing a bootloader.  I have a basic bootloader on the device (hboot) that loads the kernel, and ramdisk.  Is that sufficient, or does it actually need an independent bootloader?21:55
lbtno, that's fine21:55
lbtmind you, we tend not to use initrd on devices21:55
lbtgenerally the kernel is very targetted21:56
lbtand it boots quicker21:56
lbtso that's my excuse for not doing the initrd packaging  :)21:57
lbtwoo - I finished the sysadmin crap and can start the release21:57
lbtI may get to bed before midnight21:57
IanWizardlbt: yay :)  site, or something re: mer?21:58
lbtmer release21:58
IanWizardlbt: where are you?  UK?21:58
IanWizardlucky guess :)21:58
IanWizardoh wow.  I've not seen that one.  That's good.21:59
CosmoHillokay some of these chapters are rediculus22:00
CosmoHillthis last chapter was a single page22:01
lbtIanWizard: did you have a 2. ?22:01
IanWizardlbt: say what?22:02
lbt[24/04/2012 22:53] <IanWizard> two more things22:02
IanWizardoh, yes, I forgot.22:02
lbt[24/04/2012 22:55] <IanWizard> 1.22:02
IanWizardmust not be important.22:03
IanWizardahh, Here's a 2.  I can't seem to find the repo (I know, it's right there, i'm just tired), are we on github?22:05
*** himamura has quit IRC22:05
IanWizardWas it overstepping to assume that there's a repo somewhere, with all of the source for core?22:07
IanWizardTO build the system?22:07
lbtin general you start by building packages22:07
lbtbuilding the whole thing needs an OBS22:07
lbthttp://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Category:About is a good place to look for concepts22:08
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC22:14
CosmoHilljust finished my book and now time for bed, cyas22:21
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:21
*** 66MAAEE7V has quit IRC22:28
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Alison_Chaikenvgrade, your instructions (via Vivaldi Wiki) for bringing up WiFi on 101g9 worked.   Thanks as always!23:51
*** Alison_Chaiken has quit IRC23:52
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC23:55
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer23:55

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