Thursday, 2012-04-19

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DocScrutinizerwell, I guess first thing would be to ping the device from "outside" to see if it's actually "there" in your WLAN00:27
DocScrutinizertrying on an open WLAN (no WPA) helps a lot to eliminate some complexity00:28
DocScrutinizeronce it works on open WLAN, you add WPA or whatever you prefer00:28
DocScrutinizermeh, he's gone00:30
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: just now, when I reboot my system, I got the errors
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: and got the error "mv: cannot move `uxlaunch.service' to `uxlaunch.service.bak': No space left on device"06:11
Stskeepswell, that is -probably- why... :P06:12
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: but everythings seems ok an hour ago06:13
Stskeepssomething must have caused more disk space06:13
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I do some test with webkit and gstreamer06:13
Stskeepsperhaps a coredump somewhere?06:16
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: find somethings at /tmp/, 80M files created by webkit, which caused the problem06:41
Stskeepsah yeah06:42
* Bostik starts to abuse cobs again, and Qt5:Devel in particular06:43
Stskeepscan you make a copy of Qt5:Devel content as we're staging it atm?06:44
Stskeepsqtbase passed review and all, so06:44
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Stskeepsso we have something that matches06:44
sonachStskeeps: Is there any way to snag the screen to a picture file under Mer?06:45
Stskeepssonach: screenshot it, you mean?06:45
sonachStskeeps: yes,06:45
Stskeepssonach: is one way06:46
Stskeepsit takes framebuffer and copies it to file, then you convert it on host to png06:46
Bostikah, sure06:46
sonachStskeeps: I will try it, thank you.06:46
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BostikStskeeps: apparently my housekeeping triggered a rebuild in Qt5:Devel but the only thing I did was to remove qtquick3d module (since it has been killed and work migrated to qt3d)06:50
Bostikso no changes in packaging OR sources06:51
Stskeepseither way, we're in a good direction06:52
Bostikyup, and my goal is to get the packaging for all modules (sans qtwebkit) packaged for 5.0.0-alpha1 and thus have a working and approved baseline in mer for follow-up work06:55
Stskeepsif you have updates to wayland 0.85 those are welcome too06:55
Stskeepsi haven't followed up on it recently so06:56
Bostikwebkit is a bit of an outlier since I know from painful experience that it's a bitch to package from git :)06:56
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Bostiklbt has my notes on qtwebkit 2.2.1 and 90% of them dealt with varying levels of ugly hacks06:56
Stskeepsi have a qtwebkit 2.2.1 though, though for qt406:57
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StskeepsBostik: we're also merging e8johan from pelagicore's libxcb work07:13
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Bostikexcellent, the more the merrier07:23
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lbtmorning (been in a chat for 30mins *g*)08:21
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lbtStskeeps: since Danny has been away with personal issues I'm wondering how to get a proxy for tomorros08:22
lbtI suggested to jbos that he can suggest someone who may be able to attend08:23
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Stskeepslbt: ok09:03
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Stskeepslbt: BE ran out of space last night, btw09:05
* Stskeeps tries to see what his new internet connection is like..09:07
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Attiemorning lbt + Stskeeps09:30
Stskeepsmorn attie09:30
lbthey Attie09:30
Attieboth well?09:30
lbtfor sure09:30
Attiewe've circled back, and decided to try to get the Congatec IVI kit running properly09:31
Stskeepsjust got new 60mbit connection at home, now to clean up the mess the repair man made.09:31
Attieim good ta09:31
* lbt glares at Stskeeps09:31
Attiehah, tasty! *jealous*09:31
Attieperform well?09:31
Stskeepsi need to test on something else than wifi09:31
* lbt nurses his crappy 1.5Mb09:31
Attieor is it the "60meg" we are promised in the uk09:31
* dm8tbr is going to lose his 2x100M into 10GE backbone due to moving, but at least I can get some sort of VDSL2 or somesuch09:32
lbtI bought 2 ADSL lines and some Sangoma PCI ADSL cards to bond them ... and now the cards aren't working!09:32
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lbtsangoma are being super-slow09:32
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* lbt gets a teaspon and starts digging a trench to nearest fibre provider...09:33
Attiei was going to ask if you know where i should go for patches... specifically for the adaptation-intel-automotive kernel builds09:33
Attieive managed to source all the files I need, and they apply okay09:33
StskeepsAttie: meego's probably your best bid09:33
Attiebut X refuses to run09:33
StskeepsAttie: what error?09:34
Attiesomething about DRM (not protection) 1 sec09:34
Stskeepsstart in meego, or in mer, fwiw?09:35
AttieEMGD(0): [hal to drm] Communication With DRM Failed09:35
Stskeepswhat chipset is in that congatec09:35
Attieyou know it?09:35
lbtEMGD... :/09:36
Attieits an atom, with gma50009:36
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Attieive taken the original config from the /boot partition, and that works perfectly with 'make oldconfig'09:37
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lbthere is my attempt
lbtit uses the LIN_EMGD_1_10_RC_2209.tgz  as src09:38
lbtand builds emgd packages09:39
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StskeepsAttie: consider looking at the tizen IVI hardware adaptations09:39
Attiethanks ill take a look09:39
lbtand by "builds" I mean extracts binaries into rpms for Mer09:39
Attiehow tight are the packages and kernel? - if i rebuild the kernel do i need to update the DRM packages too?09:40
Attiegood, worth checking09:40
Bostiklbt: in case you ever need to get anything build against EMGD (*shudder*) I found it's possible by "just" packaging the khronos reference headers09:41
lbtBostik: OK, useful09:41
StskeepsBostik: we just build against generic mesa, just works(tm)09:42
lbtI got too deep in a rabbithole with that though - had to get some real work done09:42
lbtlike finding a monitoring solution for merproject :/09:42
BostikStskeeps: that works, yes, but this was more of a "discovered in project using ubuntu as platform" and there EMGD creates massive conflicts with mesa, and the client needed to develop their own stuff with EMGD directly09:43
StskeepsBostik: yeah...09:43
Bostikthat was not a fun packaging exercise...09:43
StskeepsBostik: well that part we solved kinda in meego/mer :P09:43
* rrix pouts at the Mer kernel for the touchpad :(09:44
Stskeepsrrix: i got mer working on touchpad fine09:44
rrixStskeeps: I can't get uxlaunch to come up following [[Adaptation/Touchpad]] on the wiki09:44
rrixwith a Plasma Active rootfs09:45
Stskeepsrrix: start lower and get qmlviwer up09:45
slainelbt, I'll likely have to target some Cedartrail hardware for our Mer projects09:45
rrixDoes that mean I have to set up a CC environment that can compile more than a kernel? ;Pp09:45
Stskeepsrrix: not really, just install mer platform sdk09:45
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Stskeepswhich for the record is bloody easy09:46
lbtMer FAQ:  *) Answer) Install Platform SDK09:46
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* rrix reads wiki09:47
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SageStskeeps, lbt: any timeline for .0.2 release?10:00
lbttoday we hope10:00
lbtI'm looking at monitoring solutions :( .... be ran out of disk space and we don't have time to monitor manually10:01
dm8tbricinga? :)10:01
* dm8tbr has an irc-bot latched to his that complains e.g. about disk space10:01
Stskeepslbt: i've restarted dispatcher10:04
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lbtdm8tbr: is nagios the best solution ?10:05
*** Kiranos has joined #mer10:05
Stskeepsproably icinga instead10:06
Stskeepssame stuff..10:06
dm8tbrthere's also this zabbix thing10:06
dm8tbrnothing else that I'd rate relevant10:06
lbtwhat I'd like is the ability to monitor remote machines with just user-level access10:06
dm8tbricinga >> nagios10:06
dm8tbryou can probably run remote agents without installing them as root. not nice but doable10:07
lbtI'd like to be able to delegate monitoring without the monitoring admin needing root on every other VM10:08
lbtit's reasonable to require certain setup on them all of course10:08
lbtand a user account10:08
lbt(although the signer should probably not even have a user account)10:09
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E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting starting in 27mins in #mer-meeting10:34
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iekkuE-P, thanks for the reminder!10:45
iekkuE-P, are we going to have the qa meeting every week in the same time?10:46
E-Pyes, if this time fits for everyone10:46
iekkugood, i will add it to my calendar10:46
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E-PREMINDER: Mer QA meeting in 5mins in #mer-meeting10:56
* lbt prefers regular meetings at the same time too :)10:57
E-PQA meeting starting10:59
* lbt prods jbos and mdfe_11:01
lbtjbos: mdfe_ you only missed : "The last meeting minutes are available at"11:04
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Jopehiya, I'm looking for instructions on how to configure obs to authenticate against ldap. the ruby environment in the api site looks straight forward, but do I need to do anything with the webui site?12:27
Jopelike copy the ldap config lines from the api site's environment to the webui site's environment or similar. I hear Mer has OBS <-> LDAP working12:28
lbthey Jope12:29
lbtso yes, we we use LDAP on OBS12:29
lbtargh ... phone .. min12:30
Jopenp :-)12:30
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lbtJope: OK ...12:38
lbtso, I'm familiar with OBS using LDAP as a read-only authentication system12:39
lbtnot so much with writing to LDAP12:39
Joperead only is what I'm after too12:41
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lbtyou've seen :
lbtwhich is in /srv/www/obs/api/conf/environments on your deployment?12:49
lbtset log level to :debug12:50
lbtand you should see ldap debugging in the logs12:50
lbtLDAP_MODE needs to be :on12:50
lbtwhat type of LDAP? slapd or active directory?12:51
Jopejudging by this, I only need to configure it for the api site then?12:53
Jopewebui will always authenticate via api?12:53
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Jopeok, thanks a bunch for the help :-)13:00
Stskeepsplease help documenting the LDAP setup on mer wiki as well :)13:02
Jopeif I get it working, I'll try to write something up. I'm already foreseeing some head against the wall action because my ldap server has a self signed cert..13:03
X-FadeJope: Just make sure your CA is known on the machine.13:06
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Jopeyep :-)13:10
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Stskeepslbt: estimation of 0.2 content is sometime late tonight13:48
lbtI'm around all the time - out tomorrow night as usual though13:49
Stskeepshopefully 8ish13:49
lbtoh, np then13:49
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lbtjust mailing a guy called Kiran who used to be a nokia kernel test engineer13:50
lbtinviting him to join us in Mer13:51
lbtmost of our OBS patches are now upstream13:52
Stskeepsexcept for sb2, but that is another story13:52
lbtStskeeps: yeah - I didn't want to muddy the water there13:53
lbtslaine - you have code upstream
Stskeepsthe path is going OK with that, at least13:53
Stskeepsi just erm, need to work more on my part13:53
* Stskeeps looks after cloning machinery13:55
slainelbt, awesome13:55
lbtI was going to work on copyproj today ... but I think icinga may be needed13:56
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Stskeepsyeah, agreed14:36
lbtdid you raise all our SB2 issues upstream BTW?14:39
Stskeepsyes, the ones i've encountered14:40
Stskeepsbut now i have to head out for drivng lessons14:40
lbtall the ones in bz14:40
Stskeepswill look later14:40
lbtok .. l8r then ... good luck - look farther than you think you need to :)14:40
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Attielbt + Stskeeps; thanks for those suggestions! it's up and running now (sorry for the delay)14:48
Attiethere was just one more patch i was missing......14:48
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lbtAttie: cool - could you document it for us ?15:29
Attieit was just a matter of finding all the patches15:30
Attiedo you still want doc?15:30
Attie(finding all the patches, and then building the kernel from source...)15:30
Attieim still chasing down some bugs, the ethernet drops out and apparently it freezes up (i've yet to see it though)15:31
lbtideally we'd have hardware adaptation sections for various devices15:33
*** JLP has quit IRC15:35
Attieok, do you want to show me where to go?15:36
lbtthere are some links in
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*** JLP has joined #mer16:06
Attiethanks i'll take a look16:09
Bostikbloody hell, I remember again why I felt so much distaste towards qt3d16:10
dcthangproblems when building qt3d package or something?16:12
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:13
Bostikthe usual, I've worked with them before but the patches needed some extra massaging16:14
dcthangah ok16:16
dcthangI've never experienced with that but their demos look appealing16:17
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Attielbt: ive got some patches, and a default config16:58
Attieis there anywhere in particular you would like them uploaded?16:58
Attiethe wiki doesnt like .tgz :(16:58
lbtI prefer git to mediawiki as a vcs :)16:58
Attiefair enough :)16:59
lbtideally a kernel git repo based on mainline with patches/diffs applied16:59
Attiei can do that16:59
Attiehave you got somewhere for me to do it?16:59
lbthave a look at:
Attieok ty17:00
lbtsadly OBS still uses .tgz uploads (but I'm working on it)17:00
lbtyou can use any git repo though17:00
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lbtMerProject doesn't host hardware adaptations as such17:01
lbtwe don't mind them on the community OBS though17:01
Attiehmm okay...17:01
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* slaine collapses into a pool or drool18:34
CosmoHillcan't  it be both?18:36
slaineWas meant to be of drool18:37
slainethat's how fecked I am18:37
slaineHey CosmoHill how's it going18:37
CosmoHillif you have to be fecked to make that kinda mistake then what am i? :p18:37
CosmoHillokay I think :)18:38
CosmoHillstill getting used to working18:38
*** Eren has joined #mer18:46
vgradepanic over slaine?18:49
slainevgrade: almost18:49
slaineI figured out how to remote restore the eeprom18:49
slaineonly problem is that the usb hub that the touchscreen is connected to doesn't power down during a reboot, so it needs a shutdown/power on cycle18:50
vgradeyou need to get out on the road then18:51
vgradehow many sites?18:51
slaineNo, the installers will have to go back around18:51
slaine1 site, thankfully18:51
slainethough, most of the problems that have hampered me over the last few days have been down to the company responsible not actually following the commissioning process, despite them insisting they did18:51
vgradedid you hear about the mars rovers which kept rebooting due to a sw bug, that was fixed remotely18:52
vgradebig had been seen before in the lab and the devs just put it down to one of those things18:53
vgradebet they were relieved it could be fixed from millions of miles away18:53
slaineNow that's cool18:54
slaineYeah, when you look at what your actually doing sometimes it blows your mind18:54
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC18:54
slaineI'm writing 64 bytes to a controller chip on about 400 units from hundreds of miles away18:55
slainewell, actually, at the moment, I'm running a site wide validation script to log what units where commissioned properly and what ones wheren't18:55
slaineit's looking at about 1/3 done properly so far18:56
vgrade facinating account18:56
slaineof course, the beagle wasn't so lucky :(18:57
CosmoHillslaine: since we last spoke I've started a job and I'm the new CLFS leader18:59
slainevgrade: Attended a fascinating talk by Vint Cerf at the Google Dublin offices a couple of years back, talking about interplanetary communications networks19:00
slainewonder if there's any vids of that online19:00
slaineCosmoHill: well fuck me, congrats ;)19:00
slainetime for a cuppa I think before the next bus19:01
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC19:10
*** slaine has quit IRC19:11
*** harbaum has quit IRC19:16
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer19:17
Stskeepslbt: clear for 0.219:20
lbtyou beat me to it19:20
lbtI'm just copying the music for tomorrow night :)19:21
lbtthen ready for a release19:21
lbtI have up and icinga installed19:21
lbtresearching best practice19:21
* rrix got back to a booting image using qmlviewer kickstart, but it hangs with a bunchof msm_ output and no gui..19:35
rrixI think it's missing a switch to tty or something19:35
Stskeepswhat .ks are you using exactly?19:35
Stskeepscan you pastie it, just for good measure?19:36
lbtStskeeps: sb2 hostarch = i586 ?19:37
rrixIt might just be a picture taken, like "that guy" ;)19:37
rrixif i can focus19:37
rrixNope, handtyping, brb19:37
Stskeepsrrix: handtyping? :O19:37
Stskeepsi mean the .ks itself19:38
rrixI thought you meant the kernel output19:38
Stskeepsfor console messages pictures are fine ;)19:38
rrixYeah, I can't focus on my shitty cellcam and I can't find the eyefi for the dslr I have laying around19:38
Stskeepsbut i'm mostly interested in the .ks right now19:38
Stskeepscan you somehow get /home/mer/.Xorg.0.log extracted19:39
rrixlet me reboot it19:40
Stskeepsmake sure /usr/bin/Xorg is +s (setuid)19:40
rrixCute, it's not19:42
rrixalso, it's owned by whatever UID luna is19:42
rrixit's owned by 100019:42
Stskeepsseems like you screwed the extraction somewhere19:42
rrixle fu19:42
* rrix regenerates his rootfs19:42
Stskeepstar --numeric-owner -pzxvf19:42
Stskeepsand tar --numeric-owner -pzvcf of the image rootfs19:43
Stskeepsdir, that is19:44
rrixI didn't --numeric-owner or -p19:44
Stskeepsalso make sure your drive or whatever isn't mount nodev/nosuid19:44
Stskeepsthe goal is to get it up on framebuffer first, then you can probably accelerate it a bit with xorg-x11-drv-msm19:44
rrixMakes sense19:45
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind being able to triple boot android, mer and webos ;)19:45
bigbluehatStskeeps: me neither ;)19:46
bigbluehatlet me know once you get it sorted :D19:46
lbtit's easy19:46
lbtjust buy 3 devices19:46
Stskeepsbigbluehat: well, i already had mer with fullscreen gles19:46
* bigbluehat wants a WeTab actually19:47
bigbluehaton the TP?19:47
bigbluehatsuper nice19:47
Stskeepsbigbluehat: yeah19:47
Stskeepsbigbluehat: though i don't like the amount of libs copied from webos19:47
* rrix hardly uses his CyanogenMod install in all honesty19:47
Stskeepsbigbluehat: i prefer touchpad over wetab/exopc19:47
rrixI'm pretty satisifed with webOS, but I don't do games or media consumption so19:47
rrixI want to play with Plasma Active though19:47
rrixAnd if I can put together something 90% functional with it, I'd be happy19:48
* bigbluehat has to sign off :/19:48
bigbluehatrrix: would love to hear your thots on WebOS needs, though...PM me maybe19:48
* bigbluehat uses :)19:48
bigbluehatStskeeps: mind sending your TP thoughts?19:48
bigbluehatPM's good too if that's cool19:48
* bigbluehat has plans for All The Things :)19:49
bigbluehatand just needs to decide some next steps19:49
Stskeepsbigbluehat: yeah, when i'm not tired19:49
bigbluehatrrix: I'm in the same app consumption boat...hence my curiosity of what you'd want in addition to Angry Birds ;)19:49
bigbluehatStskeeps: perfectly fine to wait ;)19:49
bigbluehatl8r gents19:49
rrixbigbluehat: Some sort of sane screensharing solution with linux would be nice, ie being able to use it as a second monitor19:49
rrixOSX/iOS has that19:50
Stskeepsi'd just love "share to touchpad" tbh19:50
Stskeepsas i occasionally want to lay and read on the sofa an article19:50
rrixotherwise, I just need a good ToDo application and notes sync19:51
rrixemail is handled by the builtin19:51
rrixtodo I'm still working on since I moved away from toodledo19:51
rrixnotes is Tapnote19:51
rrixwhich syncs to dropbox to all of my devices19:51
rrixetc etc19:51
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:52
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind seeing someone try to run bits and pieces of webos on top of mer19:52
Stskeepslike, the open sourced parts19:52
rrixI'm definitely going to be getting enyo and probably the node services running on it19:52
Stskeepssounds cool19:52
rrixBecause a lot of really great applications have been written in Enyo19:52
Stskeepsisis and nyx could probably be adaptated19:53
rrix(plus some of my own day to day hacks)19:53
rrixExcept no one has actually got isis to compile ;)19:53
rrixit's pretty much a running joke in #webos-internals at this point19:53
* Stskeeps loooks19:54
* rrix untars new rootfs and boots19:54
rrixMy coworker just showed up at the hackerspace, so I'll have to do some Real Work soon, I think19:55
rrixThe day I can get paid for random hackery like this ... *gruble* :)19:55
Stskeepsi learnt my skills in here and it got me 2-3 years doing mobile linux19:55
Stskeepswell, in here/some other places19:56
Stskeepswhich makes me wonder if i accidentially make my own going rate lower by making myself less rare in skill. hmm19:56
rrixI spent enough nights passed out on the floor of my hackerspace and it got me a job that I can work out of the space doing cool shit :)19:56
rrixhmm, it's still 1000:1 and not suid19:57
Stskeepsare you by chance making your image on a nosuid/nodev/automatically mounted location?19:58
Stskeepsi meant, when you 'mic'ed it first time19:59
Stskeepsimage creation20:00
rrixNope, it was on the same fs with the same options20:00
Stskeepsdoes it have the right permissions in original location?20:00
rrixIt does not, lol20:00
rrixlet me just remic this20:00
rrixI havne't caffeined yet today :)20:00
rrixI just woke up like two hours ago after sleeping on a floor :P20:01
* Stskeeps is planning on passing out in bed soon20:01
*** sirdancealot2 has quit IRC20:01
* rrix sudo mic create fs mer-core-armv7hl-xorg-basic-qmlviewer.ks -o . --pkgmgr=yum --arch=armv7hl20:02
*** afiestas has quit IRC20:02
lbtso Stskeeps: I mentioned the sb2 hostarch = i58620:03
Stskeepslbt: hostarch in which sense20:03
lbtto permit the use of i586 workers for sb220:03
* rrix brbcoffee20:04
lbtit's low prio20:04
Stskeepslbt: ah right20:04
Stskeepsbug please20:04
lbtbut if it's a no brainer then it'd be useful20:04
*** leinir has quit IRC20:04
Stskeepslbt: please test that hostarch: i586 works on somewhere like cobs and i'm fine20:04
*** leinir has joined #mer20:04
lbtok - next snapshot maybe20:04
lbtready for me to start 0.220:05
* Stskeeps goes crash in bed20:07
*** Eren has quit IRC20:13
*** sirdancealot2 has joined #mer20:15
*** javispedro has joined #mer20:22
*** butter is now known as waa20:25
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*** afiestas has joined #mer20:35
* rrix boots20:38
rrixwoo hoo, QML viewer!20:39
rrixTouchscreen input doesn't work though20:45
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC20:46
*** steff has quit IRC20:46
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*** shadeslayer has joined #mer20:46
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vgraderrix, \o, try mtev driver21:08
lbtrrix: nice :)21:09
rrixvgrade: What's the packagename?21:10
rrixactually, I have repo views for that :p21:10
*** dijenerate has quit IRC21:12
vgraderrix, see
vgradeand xorg conf secetions at the bottom of that ks21:14
vgradewhat hardware are you on?21:14
rrixvgrade: msm, an HP touchpad21:15
vgradeok, I had success woth mtev on nexus one years ago, fingers crossed21:15
* rrix looks at your ks and throws it at mic21:15
rrixis that the one that's being used on vivaldi?21:15
vgradewell its a bit old now21:16
rrixya, I was looking at another one lamarque showed me in #active21:16
vgradebut good enough for hardware adaptation stuff21:16
*** leinir has quit IRC21:16
* rrix nods21:16
*** leinir has joined #mer21:16
*** leinir has quit IRC21:16
*** leinir has joined #mer21:16
* rrix wants booting working hardware before he cares about up to date ;)21:16
vgradeyea I think mdfe from #active is setting up a git repo for the ks files21:16
* rrix hopes he can get at least mostly working hardware support for the touchpad21:17
rrixI'm not asking for CM9-level, but being able to use it semiproductively would be nice21:17
*** javispedro has joined #mer21:19
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC21:23
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer21:25
*** dijenerate has joined #mer21:29
rrixbye bye21:31
*** mlfoster_ has joined #mer21:32
rrixbest part of building OS images, I'd forgotten about this21:33
rrixdownloading sucks21:33
*** mlfoster has quit IRC21:33
*** mlfoster_ is now known as mlfoster21:34
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