Friday, 2012-04-20

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rrixvgrade/Stskeeps: I'm having some trouble getting an xorg.conf.d snippet that gets the mtev stuff woring03:51
rrixcrimsonred's Archlinux-arm port just suses evdev but I couldn't mae that wor either03:51
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Alison_Chaikendm8tbr, I tried to put the PlasmaActive on my 101G9, but my eMMC card has not enough space.   The 1.6 GB data partition is almost full after install of rootfs, so that boot shows PlasmaActive splashscreen come up, but then KDE dies, as its "disk" is full.05:44
Alison_Chaiken_av500_ recommends recompiling the kernel's initramfs to look on the HDD for its userland.05:45
Alison_ChaikenIn order to do so, I need to pull the kernel sources and get the right toolchain, but I am a bit puzzled as to where to get both.05:45
Alison_ChaikenI have zImage for kernel, but do I get source from a PlasmaActive repo or a Mer repo or Linaro?05:46
Alison_ChaikenFor armv7l, natch.    And I need right cross-gcc and binutils as well.05:46
Alison_ChaikenI guess those I can just fetch from FSF.05:47
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: do you have a community obs account?05:56
Alison_ChaikenStskeeps, I do.05:56
Stskeepsfor the cross compilers, mer platform sdk will have matching cross compilers05:56
Alison_ChaikenYou are suggesting that poking around Mer OBS is best way to cross-compile and build new kernel?05:57
Stskeepsthat's one way, yes05:57
Stskeepsas they already package kernel there to my knowledge05:57
Alison_ChaikenProblem is that pre-built kernel has statically compiled initramfs that I need to change.05:57
Alison_ChaikenWill look at OBS then.    Prefer easy way to hard way!05:57
Stskeepscan you point me to the PA installation instructions for g9?05:58
_av500_Alison_Chaiken: you can fwd the link to Stskeeps06:02
Alison_ChaikenWill do, _av500_.06:02
_av500_i know where he lives, so .... :)06:02
Alison_ChaikenSent to address.06:04
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Stskeepsok, lookin'06:05
_av500_Alison_Chaiken: the pa kernel does not have initramfs06:06
_av500_so a simple recompile with different init= should do06:06
* Stskeeps concurs06:07
_av500_maybe needs a rootwait til the usb hdd is up06:07
Stskeeps_av500_: does the G9 have framebuffer console capability?06:08
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: ok, step one: install Mer Platform SDK, you'll need that06:08
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: two, in there, set up your osc with and osc branch -c Project:KDE:Mer_Extras:Adaptation:Archos-gen9 kernel-adaptation-archos-gen9-new06:09, that is06:09
Stskeepsand modify the .config file in there to point to right root= and add 'rootwait' as well06:09
Stskeepsgo to the branched project in "repositories" tab and enable publishing06:10
Stskeepstest first you can rebuild the PA image with 'mic'06:10
Stskeepsthen add your own repository in the .ks, build that image, write it to usb hdd06:10
Stskeepsboot it06:11
Alison_ChaikenWow, _av500_, that's too easy.   But I need to do my own KS and packages anyway.   Thanks, Stskeeps for detailed hand-holding, as usual.06:11
Stskeepsyeah, it's very small modifications to .ks06:12
Alison_ChaikenI will need to add my own packages as well, so I may as well do that when I build.06:13
Stskeepsyou were planning on own UI on top, i presume06:14
Alison_ChaikenI want to make an IVI tablet.   So gpsd and obdgpslogger and nobdy and Navit and festival for sure.06:14
Alison_ChaikenGetting those working should keep me busy for a while.06:15
Stskeepsnext step after PA booting would then be reducing image to be booting qmlviewer with opengl06:15
Stskeepsso you have it down to 'hardware adaptation' + core06:15
Alison_ChaikenOur project has a webkit2-based HTML5 demo, so that makes it a bit fatter.06:15
Alison_ChaikenI should probably start with basic packages, so that getting build going isn't too much pain.06:16
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Stskeeps:nod: just get a solid foundation for playing with the package first (booting device), rest is trivial compared :)06:19
Bostik  PROGRESS!06:21
BostikQt3D finally synced to build again06:21
Bostiklocation, systems still untouched, wayland needs additional packaging before I can fix it, and the couple of missing modules should be relatively easy to add06:22
Stskeepsyeah, mer wayland is deadly old06:22
Stskeepsif you want some other things like directfb in mer core to support more qpa backends, let me know06:23
Bostikand for the record: qtquick1 will not work in alpha1, the code tries to use now defucnt header paths :)06:24
BostikStskeeps: let's not go there yet, I'll want to get the baseline up to speed first06:24
Stskeepsi'm fairly certain that at some given point management will come and push them to get qtquick1 going to make it 'easier to port old apps'06:25
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Stskeepsmorn timoph o06:33
Stskeeps /06:33
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tanukOh dear, hand fell off...06:33
Stskeepsit's one of those mornings(TM)06:33
* timoph thinking about on what to use his weekend (in addition to the devaamo summit competition implementation)06:33
Stskeepsi think i've finally found a topic for devaamo summit :P06:34
* timoph crosses fingers for something technical and hacky ;)06:35
Stskeepswhich is on the other hand a bit like chickening out, but i might be able to pull it off.. "What Mer can do for you - taught through doing a product prototype in 30 minutes on the Raspberry Pi"06:35
timophsounds very good06:36
Stskeepsi will need a hdmi projector though06:36
timophthat reminds me. should we ask for an "official" time slot for the Mer QA workshop/BoF?06:36
Stskeepsyes, sure06:36
Stskeepscheck on mailing list if people can go06:37
E-Pdamn that I am not in Finland during that time06:37
timophI'll do a ml round and send a proposal if there's "enough" interest06:37
StskeepsE-P: we'll set up a webcam if need be ;)06:37
Stskeepstelepresense ;)06:38
E-Pgood idea, but I am on a vacation trip and I am pretty sure that I am not "allowed" to spend too much time on the computer ;)06:41
E-Pwould be the best time to do stuff..06:42
Stskeeps:nod: vacation is most important06:43
Stskeepscan't be good if we burn out early :)06:43
* Stskeeps glances at roskilde-festival this year06:43
Stskeepsoh hey, we have an advisory board meeting today06:46
E-Pwas it at 11 UTC?06:48
timophI wonder if the session could be more than QA.06:49
timophbasically a Mer Bof with QA as one the topics06:49
Stskeepsyeah, makes sense06:49
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* timoph sent mail06:57
Stskeeps - my devaamo talk07:04
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Stskeepsif i get that accepted, i wouldn't mind if someone videoed it as it would make a good tutorial for webpage07:05
Stskeepshello byako :)07:06
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E-PStskeeps: would be great07:06
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Stskeepsof course my success depends on that we'll be able to do that then ;)07:13
byakohello Stskeeps07:13
timophStskeeps: iirc there's a plan to record the talks07:14
Stskeepsbyako: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?07:14
Bostikwith the current crop of DSLR cameras, all that is needed for a video recording is a tall tripod and preferably an eye-fi card ;)07:14
byakoStskeeps: i'm bringing up MeeGo on snowball and I found that in u8500 project in mer's home there are available xorg-drv-ste packages, but they're broken due to empty b2r2 package on the same MeeGo obs. So I'm building now b2r2 with hope that I will be able to build xorg-drv-ste after it :)07:15
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Stskeepsbyako: did you ever read b2r2 license? :)07:16
byakoStskeeps: didn't even tried. should I ? :)07:16
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Stskeepsbyako: it makes up for interesting reading, and that's why there's no 'public' adaptation07:17
dcthangBostik: video recording is out of order atm on Mer unfortunately07:17
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byakoStskeeps: but it's sources are available from git repo from igloo community. ok, i will take a look to the license.07:17
Stskeepsbyako: yeah.. that's the stupid part :)07:17
Bostikdcthang: that doesn't surprise me, but I was referring to having devaamo talks recorded if organisers don't arrange for them07:17
Stskeepsbyako: you can probably get it going yourself with ease07:18
byakoStskeeps: so did anyone actually asked STE to use this driver or we just looking to these lines with apprehension? :)07:20
Stskeepsbyako: i think it has been asked.07:21
byakoit says that we need to ask them for a permission07:21
byakoStskeeps: let's see, if it will help frin gup graphics, I will mail them07:23
byakos/frin g/bring/07:23
Stskeepsfeel free07:23
byakoStskeeps: do you know if there was already some positive experience running meego + some UI on Snowball ?07:24
Stskeepsbyako: i -think- so, but i haven't been involved with it07:24
Stskeepsnew binary blobs doesn't work on old boards, so07:24
Stskeepsit might be easier bringing it up on mer instead tbh07:24
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byakoStskeeps: ahh, well I meant mer :) didn't get used to this name yet07:25
byakoand BTW meego 1.8 runs pretty fine with igloo kernel, but without graphics.07:26
Stskeepsstart with getting the basics up, qmlviewer on a framebuffer07:26
Stskeepsthen move on to specialized xorg driver, then run mer-gfx-tests until things work07:27
Stskeeps(with GLESv2/EGL)07:27
byakoStskeeps: that was the trouble I got system working without /dev/fb0, only /dev/hdmi. So I started to search for a driver07:28
byakoand came here07:28
Stskeepsthat's true, modern kernels may not have the fb0 interface07:28
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Stskeepsbyako: and might be useful as you're dealing with essentially closed source sources07:33
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Stskeepsso it can't be put on community obs07:34
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byakoStskeeps: ok, as soon as I will get the binary, I will remove sources07:41
Stskeepsor look into doing local builds with osc build07:41
Stskeepswith platform sdk07:41
byakoStskeeps: or I can just put same stuff on ob build.opensuse.org07:42
Stskeepsdoubt it, they have some fairly strict guidelines07:43
Stskeepsjust stating, that's all :)07:43
Stskeepsyou should be able to build b2r2lib locally and then use that to build xorg driver locally as well07:43
Stskeepswith osc build07:43
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byakoStskeeps: normally it should be possible just to use arm toolchain and cross compiling07:44
Stskeepsthat too, but i presume you want rpms too07:44
byakoI'm just running ubuntu and target package is rpm so I wanted to pass this pain stage of building another platform package07:44
Stskeepsmorn slaine07:44
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo07:45
slainemorning folks07:45
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Stskeepsbyako: :nod: i'm just suggesting what would probably be easiest to pull off to get to the intended goal of a bringup07:45
Stskeepsthat can be replicated easily07:46
byakoStskeeps: setting up the SDK with instruction longer thatn 2 pages is not the easiest way as for me :)07:46
Stskeepsbyako: in practice it's just getting a tarball, untarring it, running the sdk chroot script07:46
Stskeepsyou need this for making Mer images anyway07:46
byakodo I :)?07:47
Bostikhmh, where's the handy single-page setup guide I wrote for our hacky devs...07:47
byakoisn't mic-image-creator not enough ?07:47
Stskeepsno, we use 'mic' now, and mic2 is ancient and buggy07:47
Stskeepsplatform sdk comes with all necessary tools07:48
byakoStskeeps: ok, as I will need to evolve this enyway. You win.07:48
* byako installing SDK07:48
Stskeepsit's not about winning, just sharing :)07:48
Stskeepsand trying to make your life easier ;)07:48
Bostikbyako: wait a few minutes and I'll provide a handy guide07:48
byakoBostik: nevermind. The current one should'nt be hard. I'm not total noob07:49
byakoBostik: but thanks07:49
Bostik  just in case ;)07:50
byakoBostik: :) OK07:51
byakowhat's wrong with weather ? +2 and half-snowing half-raining. Is it april or where ?07:51
lbthey byako07:52
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byakolbt: morning!07:52
* Stskeeps rejoices seeing Mer_Core-next succeed07:53
lbtphew - I went to bed and crossed fingers07:54
lbtpubworker08 needs a reboot too07:57
lbtBostik: can you show me your quick guide?07:58
lbtfor SDK07:58
Bostiklbt: see my pastie link above08:01
Bostiklbt: it's the one you helped me debug when the missing /etc/rpm/platform file caused grief08:02
lbtah yes08:02
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*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer08:05
Bostikoh ffs with the qt3d again, now the generated classname headers are not installed at all...08:06
Stskeepsmorn mdfe_08:06
*** notmart has joined #mer08:06
lbtStskeeps: hmm writing release notes now and I realise - people will need the latest "git" build installed to their OBS08:08
mdfe_good morning08:08
*** bfederau has joined #mer08:10
*** eocanha has joined #mer08:11
Stskeepsmdfe_: any reactions in PA to new core-next so far?08:16
*** Attie has joined #mer08:16
mdfe_please give me five minutes08:18
*** arcean has joined #mer08:18
mdfe_hmm, is still there08:19
mdfe_but the rest looks much better :)08:20
lbthehe ... reported yesterday :)08:23
Stskeepswe have upgraded libtool, so08:23
mdfe_Stskeeps: should we patch nspr?08:24
Stskeepswhat do you use nspr for?08:24
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lbtStskeeps: what 'build' is on CI ?08:52
lbtpkg or hacked?08:52
Stskeepsi need to look into that08:53
Stskeepsit has tmpfs08:53
lbtgah - OBS makes it so hard to compare versions in 2 projects08:54
*** hhurtta has joined #mer08:54
Stskeepshello hhurtta :)08:55
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StskeepsREMINDER: Advisory board meeting in #mer-meeting in 2 hours, agenda at
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*** jonnor has joined #mer09:12
byakoError <creator>: Unable to install: Rpmdb checksum is invalid: dCDPT(pkg checksums) ;(09:28
Stskeepsbyako: what .ks did you use?09:28
*** jonnor has quit IRC09:28
mdfe_Do you used --pkgmgr=yum option ?09:28
Stskeepsyou probably ran into
byakoalso Package MAKEDEV-3.24-1.7.armv7hl.rpm is not signed09:29
byakoStskeeps: 0.20120405.1/kickstarts/mer-core-armv7hl-connectivity-xorg-basic-qmlviewer.ks09:29
Stskeepsyeah, take v7l instead09:29
Stskeepsyou need that for snowball anyway, afaik09:29
Stskeepsnot hardfp blobs09:29
byakoand yes, I used pkgmgr=yum09:29
byakoStskeeps: ok, will try09:30
*** jonnor has joined #mer09:30
byakoMakefev (arch armv7l) not signed too. Manual upload?09:32
Stskeepsno, we do not sign our RPMs right now intentionally09:33
Stskeepsbecause we don't have secure key storage yet, so we don't want to pretend they're secure09:33
*** clopez has quit IRC09:34
byakoah, allright09:34
Stskeepslbt: do we have a task bug for secure release key storage?09:35
slainelbt, hoping my time is free-er today to get back to testing that setup stuff09:36
E-Ptimoph: and
*** arc_mat|tp has quit IRC09:40
*** KaIRC has joined #mer09:40
* Stskeeps ponders idly09:41
byakoStskeeps: v7l worked fine09:42
Stskeepsbyako: ok, so you ran into 30709:43
Stskeepslbt, E-P, timoph: let me know who should have review/submit rights on mer-tools stuff09:44
Stskeeps submit=merge09:44
lbtStskeeps: we do - part of the obs-setup is "signer"09:45
Stskeepslbt: ok, but it's more than that..09:45
Stskeepslbt: as a start, we need to distribute the keys as part of release too09:46
Stskeepslbt: and ideally the key should be stored somewhere not together with release scripts09:46
Stskeepsalso, we should re-sign rpms as part of release scripts09:46
lbtyep - but first we need to make sure we have enough disk space *g*09:47
Stskeepsas to have a uniform release key that doesn't depend on our CI OBS backend09:47
Stskeepsas we might change that at times09:48
lbtgood point on re-signing though09:48
lbtthat requires a verification step too09:48
lbtif it's not implicit09:48
byakolbt: verification of what ?09:48
byakosigns ?09:48
lbtbyako: well, stripping the signature and signing as release is good09:49
lbtbut if the signature you strip is bad in some way (ie not CI sig) then ... oops09:49
byakoCI ?09:50
lbtThis process needs a few eyes on it - we've discussed it and I have notes as part of the signer setup09:50
lbtcontinuous integration09:50
lbtMer has a discrete OBS with no humans allowed :)09:51
byakolbt: ok, so it has places where no one has access, where the sig key can be stored ?09:51
lbtas a seperate issue - yes09:51
*** toscalix has joined #mer09:52
byakoI'm not really familiar with mer process yet, I'm just comparing it to what we had in our distribution09:52
lbtall our infra is hosted at an ISP - I'm writing a policy to say we can't use 'donated' servers where physical root is not highly restricted09:52
lbtbyako: *nod*09:52
lbtwhat distro?09:53
byakoASP Linux, Fedora-based russian linux distro. used to be leading at dark times :)09:53
lbtooh - useful09:53
lbtwell, advice would be extremely welcome09:54
SageStskeeps: normal with .0.2 ?09:54
Stskeepshappened on -old too09:54
lbtbyako: I can take you through how we handle contributions in Mer09:54
lbtwhen you have time09:54
byakolbt: can't give any, we worked in closed environment, all servers were in room behind the wall of the working room in the same office09:54
byakolbt: would be nice, after I will get this thing up and running09:55
lbtbyako: ah ... OK ... for a user perspecive09:55
Stskeepsand for the high level view09:55
byakook, will read that on nex build stage09:56
SageStskeeps: what image you want to test from nemo against the .0.2 ?09:58
Sagejust wondering what should I build first09:59
StskeepsSage: x86, n90009:59
SageError <creator>: Failed to build transaction : iptables conflicts with kernel-adaptation-pandaboard-3.1.5-11.1.armv7hl09:59
Sagesay what09:59
Sagehow what where10:00
*** clopez has joined #mer10:00
Sagehow can that be possible10:03
Sagethere isn't any same files10:05
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer10:06
byakocheck hardcoded info (conflicts field)10:07
Sage  12 Conflicts: kernel < 2.4.2010:09
Sagein iptables but my kernel is 3.1.x :P10:09
Stskeepsrpm -qp kernel-adaptation-pandaboard*.rpm --query-format "%{VERSION}" ?10:10
byakoI can't find kernels :\10:12
Stskeepsbyako: mer doesn't contain hardware adaptation, those are external so you add that10:12
Sage$ rpm -qp kernel-adaptation-pandaboard*.rpm --queryformat "%{VERSION}"10:12
StskeepsSage: wtf10:12
StskeepsSage: solar flare?10:12
Sagewell happened again when I tried10:12
Stskeepssounds like a good thing to debug, if possible10:13
Stskeepshappens for n900 too?10:13
SageFWIw: we could drop that conflicts from the iptables. Mer can't rearlly run on 2.4.x kernels anyway10:13
Stskeepsprobably yeah10:14
* Sage branches iptables for test10:14
*** himamura_ has joined #mer10:16
*** himamura_ has quit IRC10:18
byakono "less" package ? or is it in named differently ?10:19
*** himamura has quit IRC10:19
Stskeepsno 'less', but we could probably add it in Mer:Tools - explains a bit about the rationale behind this10:20
Stskeepsi miss 'wget' and 'less' at times too, so10:20
Stskeepsmer is ~330 source packages intentionally10:21
byakoStskeeps: you mean mer missing couple of packages intentionally ?10:21
byakowhy? it's kilobytes.. doesn't take much space10:21
Stskeepsfor any given package there's usually a bunch of libs being required too10:22
*** Openfree` has joined #mer10:22
Stskeepsand it increases the weight of maintaining the core, as well10:22
byakoStskeeps: lack of maintainers ?10:23
Stskeepsfor instance, but also we can much easier cover the system with QA if we don't have a large amount of them to cover10:23
Stskeepsit's a bit different approach than other systems, agreed :)10:24
byako:) indeed10:24
Stskeepswe are more liberal in Mer:Tools, which doesn't typically go into the run-time architecture10:24
Stskeepsso that has image creators and tools for development, etc10:25
*** grinsekatze has quit IRC10:27
* Sage would like to see busybox in mer core and all these small tools could be provided with that probably10:29
lbtStskeeps: curl -O == wget10:29
Stskeepsyes, i know10:29
lbtalias :)10:29
Stskeepsbut my muscle memory == wget10:29
*** grinsekatze has joined #mer10:30
* Sage is usint cat and vi instead of less/more etc. :P10:30
Sagetakes a while to get used to some limitations but in the end it is not so hard10:31
Sagecould someone grep Provides Obsoletes and Conflicts from all mer core packages?10:33
Sagemeaning .spec files10:34
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman10:38
Sage/usr/sbin/prelink: /usr/bin/Xorg: Could not find one of the dependencies10:42
Bostikoh gaaaawwwwdd, default header install target eats the correct headers and replaces them with build-tree-only wrappers10:43
* Bostik slits wrists10:43
StskeepsSage: which one?10:43
StskeepsBostik: sounds like a good day for beer10:44
StskeepsREMINDER: Advisory board meeting in 15 minutes in #mer-meeting10:44
BostikStskeeps: indeed, but I'll need to get this mess sorted out today since I'm on winter holiday next week and can't be arsed to even spit at qt3d10:45
StskeepsBostik: ah, well, a holiday sounds good too10:45
Bostik..and I really would prefer to get the worst alpha1 kinks sorted out before that10:45
SageStskeeps: armv7hl10:49
Bostik...aha, faulty fix by me...10:50
StskeepsSage: yes, but what dependency10:52
SageNo idea as that message was the only one10:52
SageI'll upload the image when it is done10:52
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC10:53
lbtjbos: I'm guessing Danny's not back yet?10:54
mdfe_lbt: I will take over from danny10:59
lbtmdfe_: OK - that's good10:59
*** dcthang has quit IRC11:04
SageStskeeps: dropped that conflicts from iptables and now ti works :)11:07
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC11:12
*** kurtul has joined #mer11:25
*** kurtul has quit IRC11:25
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer11:26
*** tomeff has joined #mer11:26
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:27
*** jluisn has joined #mer11:28
Bostikwow, did I actually fix it?11:37
*** jstaniek_QFridge has joined #mer11:46
*** andre__ has quit IRC11:46
*** toscalix has quit IRC11:51
*** arcean_ has joined #mer11:56
*** jonwil has joined #mer11:58
*** andre__ has joined #mer11:59
*** andre__ has joined #mer11:59
*** arcean has quit IRC12:00
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk12:01
Bostikright, qt3d packaging improved to the point where other modules (or at least qtlocation) now can build against it12:09
Bostikthat was ... painful12:09
SageStskeeps: only thing with .0.2 that I noted so far is the strange conflict with the iptables package12:13
Stskeepsyes, not sure why that would happen12:13
Stskeepsdid it happen for n900 too?12:13
Sageno only for my pandaboard build12:14
Sageanyway submitted iptables package that has fix for it to review12:14
Sageit might be my fedora host that has the problem as well as mic uses the yum from that one (yes, I'm not building inside mer sdk atm."12:15
*** cxl000 has joined #mer12:16
Bostikholy crap!
Bostikit worked12:19
*** Misaka42 has joined #mer12:21
Misaka42Uhm, hello?12:21
Stskeepshello Misaka42 :)12:21
Stskeepsso what brings you here?12:21
Misaka42Well, I came here to ask a question about mer.12:21
Stskeepssure, ask away :)12:21
Misaka42I am a linux user. I've used ArchLinux for about a year and a half now. Since the first time, I've used KDE and I love it. Not that long ago, I've came across Plasma Active, and, as a result, mer. The question is: can I install Mer with PA on a tab wich had android as a stock OS?12:23
*** jpwhiting has quit IRC12:24
Misaka42The tab is Acer Iconia A500, if that really matters.12:26
vgradeMisaka42, depends which one and what level of functionality you expect12:26
Sageerr... those tests are in pvr drivers nm.12:27
vgradeMisaka42, we've had some sucess with Tegra 2 tablets, Archos G912:27
StskeepsSage: ah.. i think you're hitting the armhf stuff now :)12:27
Stskeepsthe linker renaming thing12:28
Sageah, I recall you mentioned something about that12:28
Sagedo I need to do something for that?12:29
Misaka42vgrade, full functionality?12:29
StskeepsMisaka42: graphics acceleration, for example12:30
vgradeMisaka42, what SoC is the A50012:30
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer12:30
Misaka42How do I find out?12:31
Misaka42I mean, where should I look for it?12:31
Misaka42I'm sorry for being noob, I have 0 exp with tablets.12:31
Stskeepsit's a nvidia tegra 2 t2012:31
vgradeseems to be tegra 212:31
Misaka42Yeah, it's Tegra 212:31
*** andre__ has quit IRC12:32
vgradeMisaka42, does it have am onlocked bootloader?12:32
vgradeMisaka42, ie can you use nvflash tool with it12:32
Misaka42I got the sbk code.12:32
vgradeMisaka42, so unlocked then?12:33
Misaka42Yes, it is.12:33
vgradeMisaka42. ok, next would be kernel source avaiability as we need to make a few midifications to the andriod config12:33
Misaka42Is it something I can do myself?12:35
*** deegee__ has joined #mer12:35
vgradeMisaka42, there is not a guide for A500 if thats what you are looking for but if you can use nvflash get kernel source and rebuild theres a good chance of getting Plasma Active up12:37
Misaka42Well, I've got the acer's stock kernel source, honeycomb 3.212:40
Misaka42Any advices on what should I do next or where should I read about what to do next? I'm sorry for bothering.12:41
Stskeepsyou're not bothering, all of us started a similar place and asked similar questions :)12:42
Stskeepsfirst thunderstorm of the year12:44
Stskeepsgood time to turn off laptop..12:45
vgradeMisaka42, sec for links12:50
vgradeSee for a similar project on the transformer prime12:53
vgradeMacer is the guy on here working that12:53
vgradeMisaka42 ping back with any questons and we can take it forwards from that blog12:54
Misaka42I'm not sure on why and what should I modify in the original kernel.12:57
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC12:57
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer12:59
SageStskeeps: /usr/bin/Xorg: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:04
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC13:04
SageStskeeps: something is wrong somewhere13:04
Sagethis is with .0.213:05
Sageand armv7hl13:05
Sageon panda this my report but I assume that n900 has the same thing13:05
Sagebased on prelink output13:05
Misaka42As I can see from the post, this Mace guy is still working on his project. I guess I have to wait untill he's done with it, and only then attempt to do something simmilar on my device.13:05
vgradeMisaka42, he went away to look at kernel compiling13:07
vgradeMisaka42 the reason why we need to recompile the kernel is that Mer uses Systemd init system so needs kernel options setting which aren't usually set in an andrios kernel.  We also need to remoce some andriod options , see
SageStskeeps: not sure what is wrong there as nothing related to Xorg or libXfont went in13:12
Misaka42vgrade, I see.13:14
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:17
*** simh_ has quit IRC13:17
*** niqt has quit IRC13:19
*** niqt has joined #mer13:22
StskeepsSage: urgh13:24
Sagebased on webui-ci the xorg rpm doesn't depend on the libXfont13:25
Stskeepsmaybe indirectly13:26
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman13:26
Sage :/13:27
Sagemissing quite a many of those actually13:28
* Sage check previous release13:29
*** toscalix has joined #mer13:30
Sage10 deps reduced and I guess it needs those all13:32
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: Hisiv's busybox can work in our system, and its command ping can work, nfs can work too13:34
Sagelbt: FYI ^ problem with .0.213:34
bfederauHi. Does someone already work on, because I will try to find a solution and create a patch for this bug13:34
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC13:35
Sagebfederau: it is not set as ASSIGNED so nobody working on it I guess.13:36
bfederauoh right. missed it :)13:37
*** Misaka42 has left #mer13:38
*** Misaka42 has joined #mer13:38
bfederauI have assigned the bug #316 to me then13:45
*** Eren has joined #mer13:51
*** niqt has quit IRC14:05
mdfe_Sage: how do we get changes for nspr into mer-next from cobs?14:06
mdfe_using also submit requests?14:07
Misaka42vgrade, does the kernel need to be an android kernel?14:10
byakoIs it possible to use someone's home project's repository in you own project in OBS ?14:10
lbtbyako: yes14:11
lbtthere are no 'special' projects14:11
byakothat's what I thought. with this abstract names, aliases it's a bit complicated to setup.. doh14:11
StskeepsSage: i shall look at the bug logs14:11
Stskeeps(thunderstorm has passed)14:12
byakoStskeeps: the real one ? Or was it a metaphor?14:12
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC14:13
Stskeepsno, real thunderstorm, first i've seen this year here :P14:13
byakoSage: is your home project mer:u8500 opened for access ?14:14
Stskeepson community obs there's really no secret projects14:15
Stskeepsjust remember home: projects may go away at any time14:15
byakoStskeeps: I understand. But from what I see, either it's buggy as hell or it's me who stupid enough to not get with simple build system... I like more first one.. I'm trying to use bin repo in my home project but it says that it can't find a package that actually in the repo..14:17
Stskeepsbyako: ok, show me the 'meta'/'raw config' tab of your project?14:17
SageStskeeps: k14:17
Sagebyako: the project is open for build however it is missing one piece of one package as it wasn't with oss license, thus I didn't upload the sources there14:18
byakoStskeeps: I assume you want to see some repos in there? I will add those (I'd just removed all of them )14:18
byakoSage: yep, I know what you're talking about :) I"m trying to build that piece and will remove it from there as soono as I will get bin package14:19
byakoSage: and I'm updating your kernel package to 3.3.214:20
Stskeepsbyako: i just want to see what it says :)14:20
Stskeepsbyako: what snowboard revision do you have14:20
byakoA12, old one14:21
byakoStskeeps: ^14:21
byakoStskeeps: will this be fine to read ?
byakoor is it better to paste it somewhere ?14:23
byakoit's building the package actually14:23
Stskeepsit's fine14:23
StskeepsSage: looks like a build that went totally bad14:26
byakodid anyone managed to get Raspberry Pi from the first batch ?14:26
Stskeepswell, there's not really 'first batch' but a flowing delivery.14:28
vgradeMisaka42, kernel does not need to be an andriod one14:30
byakoStskeeps: huh? element14 says that they got first batch for delivery on 13th of Apr and in three days it was emtpy. 24 countries..14:30
byakoFinland is on the list. So somebody already got his pie.14:30
Stskeepsvgrade: didn't you get your retail pi?14:32
Misaka42Is there any kernels I can use with mer right away?14:33
Stskeepskernels vary from device to device14:33
Stskeepson arm, typically14:33
Misaka42It depends on hardware, right?14:34
Misaka42Brb, gonna buy some canned coffe for ld2314:34
SageStskeeps: only armv7hl or all?14:35
StskeepsSage: all, and i'm really unsure of why14:35
slainelbt, whats the git url for the setup-obs stuff again ?14:36
slainethings are likely quiet for the next hour14:36
lbtgithub /lbt/setup-obs14:36
vgradeStskeeps, yes I did14:36
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:37
*** mlfoster has quit IRC14:38
*** mlfoster_ has joined #mer14:38
*** mlfoster_ is now known as mlfoster14:38
vgradeStskeeps, will validate our HA on it this weekend14:38
Sagebyako: that A12 is quite new one I had A4 that isn't even supported by the upstream anymore :P14:40
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer14:40
*** macmaN has quit IRC14:41
*** toscalix has quit IRC14:42
dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: hi, you were trying the g9 mer/pa image?14:42
byakoSage: I see changelog and wonder what was that rev 4 :)14:42
byakoso it's that old, huh14:42
*** toscalix has joined #mer14:42
* Stskeeps stares14:45
Alison_Chaikendm8tbr, I did try it, but my HDD model of G9 has only a 1.6 GB /data partition, and PA doesn't fit.14:47
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean14:47
Alison_ChaikenI have to recompile the kernel to move its init to the HDD, and as Stskeeps pointed out, I may as well make a whole new image in OBS.14:48
Stskeepskernel in obs, image in sdk14:49
Alison_ChaikenI have to send a note to the PA doc writers; they should amend the instructions.14:50
Alison_ChaikenI'll send a detailed patch of how I switch the boot after I have it working.14:50
*** byako has left #mer14:50
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, the PA guys like me had a special G9 so our process was different to the new SDE ones.14:51
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, is the SDE process public now14:51
dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: can I privmsg you about that14:52
Alison_ChaikenSure, pm away.14:52
Alison_ChaikenI don't think it will be hard to switch the init, plus since I want to make mer-ivi I want to change which packages I use anyway.14:53
Alison_ChaikenI could take stuff out of PA to make the 1.6 GB large enough, but I need all kinds of stuff for IVI.14:53
Alison_ChaikenUnfortunately, I must now run to laundry room, pronto.14:53
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, thats mivi14:53
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: fairly sure you can strip it down to ~400 even with your ivi stuff14:55
*** Aurium has joined #mer14:59
dm8tbrrunning off muSD should be more convenient anyway15:00
dm8tbrand earlier mer/pa kernel did exactly that15:00
StskeepsSage: i can already tell this is going to be a very bad day for me..15:00
*** kaizerslawten has joined #mer15:01
Stskeepshello kaizerslawten15:02
kaizerslawtenim brazilian15:02
SageStskeeps: :(15:02
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?15:02
kaizerslawteni'm using Mer15:03
* Sage listens15:03
Stskeepskaizerslawten: cool, in where?15:03
StskeepsSage: x86 doesn't exhibit problem, all arms, but not mipsel.15:03
Stskeepsif mipsel does, it's a sb2 problem15:04
Stskeeps(checking atm)15:04
kaizerslawtenI'm using google translate to speak15:04
SageStskeeps: the issue might be just simple permission issue. I recall some library exports not working if lib didn't have +x, so maybe something similar but this time with executables?15:05
StskeepsSage: maybe15:05
StskeepsSage: the really idiotic part is that Requires: gets extracted correctly15:05
sroedalkaizerslawten: wow, must be cumbersome :)15:05
Stskeepsthe RPMs just doesn't have it15:05
kaizerslawtenStskeeps : in Nokia N80015:05
Stskeepskaizerslawten: ah, so old Mer15:05
kaizerslawtenis running Mysql , php5 , apache2 and others softwares15:06
Stskeepshehe, yeah, it was cool for running random experiments15:06
Stskeepsnew mer is a bit different15:06
StskeepsSage: %@%@ mipsel works fine15:08
kaizerslawtenStskeeps : I never saw running , u have screenshot15:09
Stskeepskaizerslawten: Mer is a core now, so people build UIs on top of that, and add hardware adaptations, but the nokia n800 one isn't that advanced15:09
kaizerslawtenN800 is obsolete :-(15:10
Stskeepsnah.. it's just that aftermarket hardware adaptation is much harder than people expect15:11
dm8tbrStskeeps: does MerUX run (slowly)? ;)15:11
Stskeepsdm8tbr: i haven't tested15:11
*** pirut has quit IRC15:12
kaizerslawtenStskeeps : want to run an RPM-based system on the Nokia N800, is this possible?15:13
Stskeepskaizerslawten: yes, new mer is rpm based15:13
Stskeepsbut don't expect to be able to use fedora arpms15:13
kaizerslawtenStskeeps : Where to find this version of Mer ??15:15
Alison_ChaikenStskeeps, I will consider my options.   I'm not sure that for a development machine, I see a disadvantage to booting off HDD?15:16
Stskeepsbut very complicated15:16
Alison_ChaikenBut maybe if I have to keep recompiling my own kernel all the time, that will turn into a maintenance headache.15:16
kaizerslawtenStskeeps : i'm going see :D15:17
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:17
SageStskeeps: :(15:18
*** toscalix has quit IRC15:18
kaizerslawtenStskeeps : Thanks man !15:19
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: yeah, true15:19
Stskeepsbrb pizza15:19
*** enc0de has quit IRC15:20
*** Attie has quit IRC15:23
slainelbt, Process for a combined setup seems to be, Frontend, Backend, signer, tweak, reboot15:24
*** toscalix has joined #mer15:25
slaineslight tweak to the patch area15:25
slaineallowing my workstation write access15:25
slaine$ip_access area that is15:25
*** smoku has joined #mer15:25
lbtah, sure15:25
slaineI still get a failed when doing the fe step, just before it starts apache15:26
slainebut everything seems to come up on the reboot15:26
lbtcan you pastie that15:26
slaineit's gone15:26
slaineBasicaly, "rcobsapidelayed start" should give a green ok or something, but gives a red failed15:27
slaineThere's no error message per se15:28
vgradeslaine, I had issues during that part as well. will pastie the next time I'm on that15:28
lbtI'll keep my eye open15:28
slaineI could find any logs that would indicate a problem though15:28
slaineand like I said,everything comes up on a reboot15:28
slaineI'll get MDS setup later and see about kicking off a rebuild over the weekend15:29
slainehave a good weekend folks15:29
*** slaine has quit IRC15:29
lbttry /srv/www/obs/api/log/delayed_job.log15:30
*** toscalix has quit IRC15:38
Stskeepslbt: i think we are to consider 0.2 as not suitable for release15:50
Stskeepsi'm not entirely sure why this happens though15:50
StskeepsSage: do you have a full build log from your armv7hl build for panda?15:50
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk15:51
*** bfederau has quit IRC15:52
*** leinir has quit IRC15:53
*** tommis has joined #mer15:53
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:57
*** falexey has joined #mer15:57
*** gimli has joined #mer16:04
Stskeepshello falexey :)16:09
SageStskeeps: yes but its not much
StskeepsSage: trying to assess if it's just Xorg or what else16:13
*** kaizerslawten has quit IRC16:13
Sagewell to me it seemed it was mainly xorg16:14
Sagebut can't be sure16:14
Sagethe image booted ok16:14
Stskeepsi just can't find out why - ldd of /usr/bin/Xorg is fine16:14
Sagewell from my panda image two libs were missing at least and needed to install those first16:15
lbtis it the rpm linked library dependency detection ?16:17
*** kaizerslawten has joined #mer16:17
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer16:17
* lbt wonders about sb2 reverse mapping16:18
lbtI get a bug about bash!=sh16:18
kaizerslawtenhello guys16:18
lbtwhich is due to a symlink I think16:18
* lbt stops musing :)16:19
Stskeepslbt: it's really bizarre, because /usr/lib/rpm/find-requires reports it but it doesn't make it into the actual rpm16:21
lbtunder sb2?16:22
lbtie find-requires in the logs or are you doing a manual run?16:23
*** sts|home has joined #mer16:24
* sts|home curses16:25
lbtnew line problems?16:25
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC16:26
*** kaizerslawten has left #mer16:26
*** smoku has quit IRC16:27
Alison_ChaikenLinux IVI job in Nurnberg in my Inbox.16:33
Alison_ChaikenPing me and I can forward.16:33
E-Pa bit too far away, closer to middle/north germany I am looking for16:35
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC16:36
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:37
sts|homelbt: monster hiccup16:44
sts|homeseems to have crashed16:44
* sts|home sends reset request16:47
lbtView Service Details For This Host16:49
lbtup now16:49
sts|homenot yet16:49
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer16:50
sts|homelbt: do you have time for checking why VPN isn't active on monster16:54
lbtit's the tap0 not coming on reboot16:55
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC16:56
lbtopenvpn --mktun --dev tap0; ifup tap0; /etc/init.d/openvpn restart; brctl addif vlan110 tap016:56
*** Stskeeps has joined #mer16:57
lbtnothing in the logs - maybe we should run syslog/netconsole to a remote machine :/17:00
lbtanyhow... I have to wrap up for the evening17:00
lbtwe have 31 hosts up, 1 down (cbe)17:01
lbtso the monitoring was working - I saw phost3 go down and come back17:01
lbtI don't think mail is setup quite right yet17:02
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away17:02
sledgesgood weekend everybuddy!17:02
*** sledges has quit IRC17:02
*** niqt has joined #mer17:05
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:06
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:09
* Stskeeps curses more17:14
*** jonnor has quit IRC17:18
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer17:19
CosmoHillwhat's the voodoo that you to, Stskeeps?17:19
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone17:23
*** leinir has joined #mer17:31
* Stskeeps twitches17:32
Stskeepsi have to debug internal rpm dependency calculator17:32
CosmoHillI'm doing better at work17:33
CosmoHilleven tho I've had to redesign part of the database and update the pages that use it17:33
*** niqt has quit IRC17:38
vgradeCosmoHill, have a deserved weekedn off17:49
CosmoHillit's will be nice17:49
CosmoHillmy anxiety has been going all over the place the last three weeks17:50
vgradesounds like you have settled in though17:50
CosmoHillyeah, once I got there today I was okay17:50
CosmoHillmy first full week of paid work since 200717:52
vgradethe novelty wears off after 20 odd years, I can tell you17:57
CosmoHillas long as I'm not in the same job in 20 years :)18:00
vgrademy Grandad was in the same company 15 - 65 with a few years off serving in the army18:01
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC18:01
CosmoHillI'm a web developer in a gun shop, go figure18:01
_av500_they have a web gun?18:02
*** notmart has quit IRC18:02
CosmoHillboss pointed a air rifle at me, does that count?18:03
*** Misaka42 has quit IRC18:06
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:34
*** dionet has joined #mer18:44
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:47
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:48
*** waa has quit IRC18:53
StskeepsSage: found!18:53
*** trbs has joined #mer18:53
vgradeStskeeps, 0.2 issue?18:55
vgradeeasy fix?18:58
Stskeepswe were missing;a=blob_plain;f=rpm-4.9.x-elfattr.patch;h=7d6ed4f49c567ecf1c9d1618a5c87fcb9034408d;hb=f1718:58
Stskeepsi wouldn't say easy, i do need to rebuild some packages now18:58
vgradewhy has that hit now, did rpm get an update?19:01
Stskeepsanywhere between pure chance and bad luck19:01
*** clopez has quit IRC19:02
vgradefeeling a bit down today, got declined for my Akademy talk19:03
Stskeepsah, that sucks19:04
Stskeepsbut there is serious competition on those talks too19:04
Stskeepswhat did you submit about?19:04
vgrade Device Adaptation for Mer Devices Focusing on Spark Tablet19:04
vgradewas hoping to be part of a spark session19:04
vgradelbt ^19:05
vgradestill a chance for a BOF session so fingers crossed19:06
Stskeepsvgrade: saw the one i proposed for devaamo?19:10
vgradeI did, I also sent my Academy one to Jukka19:14
Stskeepsthough that's not correct place, cfp@ is :)19:14
vgradethere has been some Pi updates which need updating in the HA19:14
vgradeyea I sent to him before the cfp was open19:15
Stskeepsok, make sure it's sent to
vgradewill do , was looking at flights today, bitch to get to from UK19:16
vgradeand expensive19:16
Stskeepssure? there's a ryanair flight19:17
Stskeepsi thought19:17
Stskeepsor not19:18
vgradeyea I saw one diret getting there19:19
Stskeepsfound tampere-london stansted at 117.17 EUR19:19
Stskeepswithout administration fee19:19
Stskeepserr.. maybe i should look oppositely19:19
*** Eren has quit IRC19:20
vgradeI'll check ryanair direct, I'm on skyscanner19:20
vgradewhich does not give me a direct return on the sunday19:20
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer19:21
Stskeepsfind an excuse for business meetings on the monday? :)19:22
*** eocanha has quit IRC19:25
*** talavis has joined #mer19:36
*** kavurt has joined #mer19:38
*** waa has joined #mer19:40
*** tommis has quit IRC19:49
*** furikku has quit IRC19:50
*** tomeff has left #mer19:51
*** eocanha has joined #mer19:52
*** Stskeepz has joined #mer19:56
*** Stskeepz has quit IRC19:56
*** sts|home has quit IRC19:57
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC20:05
*** arc_mat|tp has quit IRC20:05
*** sigkill_ has joined #mer20:19
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:22
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC20:23
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer20:23
*** jbos_ has quit IRC20:25
*** eocanha has quit IRC20:27
*** leinir has quit IRC20:31
*** kavurt has quit IRC20:31
SageStskeeps: nice.20:39
StskeepsSage: fix in review atm20:41
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC20:47
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer20:49
*** mlfoster has quit IRC20:56
*** kurtul has joined #mer20:56
*** himamura has joined #mer20:57
*** macmaN has joined #mer20:58
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:02
*** Cosmo[PB] has joined #mer21:05
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC21:06
*** Cosmo[PB] is now known as CosmoHill21:06
*** MerBot has joined #mer21:21
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC21:21
*** dm8tbr has joined #mer21:21
*** the-gibson is now known as gibson|mobile21:30
*** gibson|mobile is now known as the-gibson21:31
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:40
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC21:40
*** himamura has quit IRC21:41
*** falexey has quit IRC21:49
*** the-gibs1n has joined #mer21:55
*** the-gibs1n has left #mer21:55
*** Aurium has quit IRC22:00
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:01
*** kurtul has quit IRC22:37
*** vgrade has quit IRC22:46
*** kurtul has joined #mer22:47
*** waa has quit IRC22:54
*** arcean has quit IRC22:55
*** kurtul has quit IRC22:56
*** vgrade has joined #mer23:01
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:05
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*** terietor has joined #mer23:06
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer23:07
*** tilgovi has joined #mer23:08
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