Monday, 2012-04-16

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smokuStskeeps: could you take a look at ?00:32
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Alison_ChaikenI had set aside the next two weeks of my time to play with Mer on brand new Archos tablet.01:35
Alison_ChaikenAnd just now, when I tried to attach USB, the connector on the table went inside the case.01:35
Alison_ChaikenWhich means I will have to return it.01:36
Alison_ChaikenWhich means that it will come after two weeks.01:36
Alison_ChaikenWhich means, I guess to have to face it, that "coding vacation" will not involve Mer after all.01:36
Alison_ChaikenNot having USB is bad enough, but I'm afraid that connector will short something out and ruin the whole device.01:37
Alison_ChaikenI guess I could try to open the case, but that's idiotic with a new device.01:37
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Alison_ChaikenOoops, device no longer under warranty.02:02
Alison_ChaikenPulled connector out of case with dental pick.02:02
Alison_ChaikenHot glue or duct tape, that is the question!02:02
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dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: which connector? the small or the large one?03:25
rrixHot glue, I'd venture03:43
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Stskeepsiekku, i sent out for 12 utc yesterday ;)04:57
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* Stskeeps offers iekku more coffee05:01
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iekku15/5/2012 ?05:08
* iekku offers Stskeeps more coffee05:08
Stskeepsiekku: yes, that was fixed in a follow up email too :)05:09
Stskeepswhich just indicated i shouldn't work on sundays05:09
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iekkui really need to read mails before sending new ones05:11
Stskeepsso will you try to run the triage today then at 12? just so we're sure who does what :)05:12
Stskeeps12UTC that is05:12
iekkui will05:12
Stskeepsalright, thanks05:12
Stskeepsit's grey and dark and wet outside, one of these days i'm not very motivated to get up :P05:13
iekkudidn't really spend time at computer yesterday, and first thing in my mind when i woke ip today was "shit!! the invitation!!!"05:13
iekkusunny here, birds are singing05:13
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Stskeepsmorn E-P05:27
Stskeepstime to find out how to make qt5 and qt4 co-exist in a repo..05:30
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Alison_Chaikendm8tbr, the big one.   I was just joking about the glue: I bent the spring tabs way out with a tweezers.  That should keep the connector outside.05:47
Alison_ChaikenHuomenta suomalainen, by the way.05:48
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: i managed to at one point to have my connector on my freerunner drop inside, due to using a usb connector that was a tiny bit too big for it :P05:49
Stskeepssometimes i miss old styles of plugs :P05:49
Alison_ChaikenI heard a story about US Atomic Test Site in Nevada where techs used 2.25" bolts to hold "physics package" to crane above deep hole.05:50
Alison_ChaikenThey were supposed to use 2.5" bolts.   Device dropped into deep hole.   Miles of cable followed.05:51
Alison_ChaikenGuy's leg was whipped by giant cable, got broken.05:51
Alison_ChaikenEveryone waited to see if they were all dead.05:51
Alison_ChaikenNothing happened, except maybe somebody lost their job.05:51
Alison_ChaikenStupid mobile devices though: connector falls inside PC, open case and remount: fixed.05:52
Alison_ChaikenOn a more serious note, I take it that Mer kernels require no explicit initramfs, as it's statically linked?05:53
Stskeepsmer kernels just typically have all the settings needed to boot into a system05:53
Alison_ChaikenI guess you can probably tell by looking at KAllsyms?05:53
Stskeepsie, ext4, mmc drivers, etc05:53
Alison_ChaikenSo all we need is vmlinuz, and, and we're good to go then?05:54
Alison_ChaikenIn /boot, I mean, of course.05:55
Stskeepspretty much, just have something that can be loaded by bootloader, boot up, mount the root file system, start mer's init process05:56
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SageStskeeps: shouldn't be very old why?06:27
StskeepsSage: was working to remove libmeegotouch dependency on it06:27
SageStskeeps: please accept the nss fix to the mer as it breaks the projects06:28
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Stskeepshmm, in -next?06:28
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Sagenss has multiple choises atm.06:28
SageStskeeps: our compositor is a bit old 1.1.31 vs latest 1.1.3506:29
Sagebut not very large changes there it seems06:30
Stskeepsdo we know that your nss fix doesn't screw glibc?06:32
Stskeepsjust worried by the error message in DBC06:33
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Stskeepsi guess i'll check it myself06:36
E-Ptimoph: ping06:37
StskeepsSage: does your nss and glibc build OK together in your home project?06:39
dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: if you need help with mer on that, let me know. there are a few gotchas06:40
dm8tbrand they are to my knowledge not documented06:40
SageStskeeps: let me put glibc to there06:41
* dm8tbr should write a blarg-post as he was able to get it running06:41
* Stskeeps needs more coffee06:43
* dm8tbr too -.-06:45
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timophE-P: yo06:48
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E-Ptimoph: I ran tr-lite tests in Mer SDK and couple of the tests are failing06:50
* timoph doesn't drink coffee but is well stocked with energy drinks :)06:50
E-PI used packages from your COBS home06:50
timophah. those might be old/broken06:50
E-PI didn't have time to trace the failures06:50
StskeepsSage: checking glibc on mer-CI obs too06:51
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timophE-P: x-tests?06:53
StskeepsSage: boom:
E-Ptimoph: if you mean testrunner-lite-tests, then yes06:55
timophah. it's own tests06:55
E-Pwe should check those failures before adding the src and package to obs06:55
timophI thought you were referring to mcts or something06:55
Sage/usr/bin/ld:/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/eglibc-2.15/build-i686-linuxnptl/ syntax error <- wtf that means?06:55
timophgot a log?06:55
StskeepsSage: do you know what a linker script is?06:56
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SageStskeeps: I think not.06:56
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E-Ptimoph: not at the moment, I can run them in the evening again (if I have time)06:57
Stskeepsokay, so, it's special instructions to 'ld' on where to place things in memory, libraries to link06:57
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timophE-P: I'll try to run them06:57
E-Ptimoph: test-definition was fine, all tests passed06:57
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KaadlajkE-P: executor tests part of tr-lite-tests failed?07:00
sampossome of those are not very robust07:01
Kaadlajkthose tests pretty much only pass reliably with harmattan device07:01
samposyeah, depend on env07:01
E-Pok, nice to know07:01
timophdo we want to include tests that *only* work with harmattan07:03
Kaadlajkmost of them work everywhere07:03
timophrunning the tests now07:04
Kaadlajkon your PC? :P07:04
timophMer SDK07:04
E-Ptimoph: we should have only tests that passes on every platform07:05
timophE-P: yeah or at least make sense to run everywhere07:06
E-Ptesting the tr-lite itself, not the platform07:06
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timophwould be nice to have some simple xslt for the result files07:13
timophor --html-results switch :)07:13
samposthat there is07:14
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samposno wait, it was text only07:15
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slaineHello ?07:15
slaineAh, that's better07:15
slainedamn irc client crashed07:15
Stskeepsyes we see you, slaine07:16
E-Ptimoph: iirc, Vesa made some xslt thing for that07:16
samposyeah, it's in the test-definition package07:16
timophok. so using that how do we make it easy and straight forward for the user to see nicely formatted results?07:17
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timophimo xml is not intended for human eyes07:18
StskeepsSage: in other bizarre events, glibc local build with -j4 does not crash for me.07:18
samposwell if that is enabled in the result.xml then user could look at results with a browser07:18
Sagelbt: cobs scheduler having problems?07:19
timophso it just needs to know where the xslt is07:19
Sagelbt: lot of free workers but for some reason my jobs are not getting scheduled.07:19
timophsampos: want to do a quick patch? :p07:20
sampostimoph: i'm trying to remember the reason this was not done in the first place :)07:21
timophsampos: beats me. does it do something strange if the xslt is not available?07:22
timophI'd guess not07:22
samposdunno if it would have messed qa-reports or smthing07:23
E-Ptimoph: were you able to reproduce my findings?07:25
timophE-P: still running07:25
l3iHi everyone.. and sampos, nice to see you here as well :)07:27
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StskeepsSage: i officially hate this nss problem now07:30
Stskeepsi can't make it break in local build07:31
SageStskeeps: drop the nss dep and lets move on :)07:31
Sageit was planned anyway07:31
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samposl3i: o/ :)07:33
* Stskeeps tests removing dependency..07:36
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StskeepsSage: just one thing .. this might break upgrades if we're unlucky07:40
StskeepsSage: i'm a little unsure how changing cryptography algorithms will affect things like, well, /etc/shadow ;)07:41
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lbtmorning all07:43
niqtlbt morning07:43
lbtSage: will look07:44
slainemorning lbt07:46
SageStskeeps: hmmp...07:47
Stskeepslbt: actually, let's hold on 0.1 release notes07:49
Stskeepslbt: and do a 0.207:49
StskeepsSage: sage says it didn't play nice in mer-next07:49
lbtjust writing blurb07:49
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Sage0.1 isn't really working at all all things are unresolvable atm.07:51
slainelbt, did you want me to try an OBS setup again today ?07:51
lbtslaine: yes please07:51
slaineis everything up ?07:52
StskeepsSage: please do a patch that reverts to the old /lib/ stuff, i can't also fix rpm today07:52
lbtshould be.... I have a script for you07:52
slaineoh, cool07:52
SageStskeeps: when ever the scheduler starts working as atm. I can't get anything compiled07:52
StskeepsSage: ok07:52
lbtslaine: it's based on cut'n'paste docs with some configs:
slainelbt, cool, I'll try and get down to the server room this morning and kick off a reinstall of both.07:56
lbtit needs a bit of documentation - eg mysql root pw is random and put in  /etc/mysql_root.pw07:57
lbtI then do automated setup of MDS and kick of a trial build07:57
lbtwhich sadly fails to run the arm build07:57
slaineYeah, I'm having arm troubles too07:58
slaineit's building, but incredibly slowly and only 1 process at a time07:58
lbtyou also saw a bug where the scheduler doesn't start?07:58
slainei.e. out of my workers, only 1 of the 8 is doing something.07:58
lbtI think I hit it too07:58
slaineI added a work around to solve that07:58
slainebut not familiar with the scheduler's queueing methods yet to do a proper fix07:59
StskeepsSage: can you try to add Prefer: nss-softokn-freebl nss    in a project somewhere and see if that makes it go awy?07:59
lbtiekku: are you running mer bug triage today?08:00
Stskeepsshe is, see backlog08:01
lbtatin now +08:01
lbtat now +3h ?08:01
Stskeeps12 UTC08:01
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iekkudidn't have my morning coffee and didn't read the received mails... sent a update08:02
lbtOK - I thought we used UCT with summertime adjust08:03
lbtyeah - got the backlog ... :D08:03
SageStskeeps: yes solves the thing08:04
slaineHmm, I take that back, it seems to have reached a critical mass of bootstrapping (took since friday though) and is now build many projects08:04
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StskeepsSage: wtf..08:05
lbtslaine: ah, good - yes, there is a 'single threaded' part where one package blocks08:05
slainelbt, yeah, I thought something was up 'cause it was still on 1 thread mode, looks like gcc/glibc took most of the weekend to build, which I'm surprised at.08:06
lbtare you on tmpfs?08:06
Stskeepslbt: what sha does your Core-next have on COBS?08:06
slainelbt, no08:06
lbtthis 'broken' 0.108:06
Stskeepslbt: prjconf doesn't correspond to what i think it should be08:06
lbtslaine: that's probably a very very useful approach08:06
slaine16GB RAM, wasn't sure I'd have enough08:07
SageStskeeps: o_008:07
lbtStskeeps: let me check log08:07
lbt(cd obs-projects/Core-next; git pull) -> error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 503 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly08:08
Stskeepslbt: urgh08:08
* Stskeeps kicks gerrit08:08
lbtrerun make updatestorm08:08
Stskeepsand no08:08
lbtthe git pull worked now08:09
Stskeepsyes, i restarted gerrit08:09
lbtfwiw I ran the pull before pasting ....08:09
Stskeepsverify that git log has commit a16297e3a6cb320c3b54c8f2b452a2cbc48add5308:10
StskeepsAuthor: Carsten Munk <>08:10
StskeepsDate:   Fri Apr 6 20:54:05 2012 +020008:10
StskeepsPrefer nss and nss-softokn-freebl to fix nspr/nss messup08:10
Stskeepsin it08:10
lbtit doesn't08:11
lbta9906ce2d4aa089811513b71fa11557156632a0fPrefer Qt408:11
Stskeepsyes, thats ok08:11
Stskeepsit's a little further down08:11
Stskeepsfeel free to run updatesstorm now08:12
SageStskeeps: well prefer works sort of but it seems to cause lot of failed builds08:12
SageStskeeps: <- check next armv7l armv7hl08:12
StskeepsSage: yes.. remove it again08:12
Stskeepsthis is really turning into a monday08:13
Sagewell IMO it was that for sure couple of hours ago already when I woke up :)08:15
lbtStskeeps: yes, it's there - I thought you were checking HEAD08:18
Stskeepslbt: nah, just had to be sure it's there08:18
lbtwell if HEAD matches the history is crypto guaranteed :)08:19
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Stskeepswoo, qtbase passed i586 DBC08:20
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Stskeepssampos: so there's a xslt so you can view results 'offline' (ie, without qa reports)?08:21
samposStskeeps: yes, the same was/is used in qa reports08:22
Stskeepsok, interesting08:22
samposand is used in the testrunner also iirc08:22
timophshould the xslt be installed with test-definition? (wondering if I have an old version)08:39
sampostimoph it should, and it's been there for a while08:42
timophit has08:43
timophit's /usr/share/test-definition/testdefinition-syntax.xsl08:43
timophjust tried it and seems to work08:43
Stskeepscan i see an example output of results/testdefinition in html?08:43
timopha sec08:43
sampostimoph there is also testdefintion-results.xsl and it's installed in the debian packaging08:46
timophjust needed to add <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="testdefinition-syntax.xsl"?> to the results08:48
timophalthough I cheated and copied the xsl to the same directory as the results file08:48
timoph(since there's no browser in the sdk)08:49
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* sampos -> to see a dr08:49
timophhave "fun"08:50
E-Ptimoph: iirc, the tr-lite features tests failed for me08:54
timophthat transformed xml doesn't actually show the results :)08:56
E-Pyes I know, just came to my mind when I saw the test-definition08:56
timophyeah. those fail for me too08:57
E-P"nice" to hear08:58
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Stskeepsconsistent failure is better than random failure08:58
timophyep. usually easier to fix08:58
E-Pdefinitely :)08:58
timophdid you try running the test on some other target? desktop, etc.09:00
E-Pno, only in the sdk09:01
E-PI have to setup the virtual environment of nemo and try there09:02
timophI have nemo installed in my exopc but that's home09:02
timophanyway, I can try it there when I get home09:02
E-PI think those failures are not blocker issues anyway, like Kaadlajk said might be environment depended09:03
timophwill be nice to get rid of those anyway09:03
E-Pyep, could you file a bug about that?09:04
timophso we don't need say things like "don't mind those failing tests"09:04
* timoph files09:04
E-Pthanks, our first bug.. snif, it is so beautiful and small09:05
E-P(and hopefully doesn't grow up)09:05
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timophE-P: ^09:14
E-Ptimoph: thanks a lot09:15
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*** sonach has left #mer09:19
slainelbt, heading down for OS reinstall on OBS and OBS Worker09:22
lbtOK - I'm still wondering WTF is up with the scheduler09:23
slainea lot ;)09:23
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*** tomeff has joined #mer09:59
lbtStskeeps: it looks like we need x86_64 workers to build armv8el10:10
lbtdue to cross?10:10
lbtnot the response I'd hoped for :)10:10
Stskeepsyou don't have x86_64 workers? :)10:11
lbtas it happens my VMs defaulted to 68610:11
*** e8johan has left #mer10:11
*** pirut has quit IRC10:12
lbtthere's no reason we should need x86_64 is there?10:12
Stskeepsi have to remember what adrianS told me10:12
lbtI have no prob just saying "yep, prereq"10:12
lbtI'm in a position where I can now start (and reliably-ish restart if they crash) OBS deployments all the way to osc scripts (like copypac to build acl) - now I'm thinking I want a BOSS connection to track build events too (but that can wait)10:15
slaineright I'm, after a small fire drill diversion10:16
lbt+back ?10:16
slaineerm, yeah10:16
Stskeepslbt: there is something about that we can do hostarch: i586 and x86_64 workers will use those10:18
Stskeepser, take those jobs too10:18
SageStskeeps: still something broken in -next?10:19
StskeepsSage: i'm waiting a bit to conclude10:19
lbtSage: what was your problem btw?10:19
lbtStskeeps: OK10:19
Sage/.build/build: line 1779: test: '': integer expression expected10:19
Stskeepsyes, that looks awkward10:20
Stskeepskeep in mind we have an upgraded sb210:20
Stskeepsit shouldn't happen for -everything- though10:20
Sagewell, it doesn't happen for everything but most of my stuff :/10:20
Sageor well it might be almost everything actually still waiting to see if something succeeds :)10:20
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC10:21
Sagewhat is the changelog for the current -next? can someone pastie it for me?10:21
lbtSage: I think
Sagekt thx10:25
*** niqt has quit IRC10:28
*** lizardo has joined #mer10:28
slainevgrade: Is the screen on the C71 any use ?10:33
Stskeepslbt: did you patch COBS 'build'?10:36
lbtsince when?10:36
Stskeepslet's say long ago10:36
Stskeepsshell quoting stuff10:36
lbtI'd have to check - I think it's still patched rather than updated from our package10:37
Stskeepsi need to see enter_target in common_functions10:38
*** eocanha has joined #mer10:38
slainelbt, ok, both servers up with minimal os and sshd enabled10:40
lbtslaine: are you running x86_64 workers?10:41
*** tomeff has quit IRC10:41
Stskeepslbt: can you tar up the /usr/lib/build from the backend and send to me somewhere?10:41
lbtworth installing the latest version ?10:42
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer10:42
Stskeepsi want to see what's amatter first :)10:42 ?10:43
*** niqt has joined #mer10:43
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Stskeepsjukkaeklund: do you have any contacts with the webinos people btw?10:44
lbtStskeeps: it's in your home10:45
Stskeepslbt: ta10:45
jukkaeklundstskeeps: nope, not yet..10:45
slainelbt, don't think that was the right pastie10:45
slaineyou want me to use the script you linked earlier ?10:45
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: ok, let me know if you do10:45
lbtslaine: wasn't for you :)10:45
slainethought so :)10:45
*** Zeroedout_ is now known as zeroedout10:45
slainegrand, I'll do that now10:46
lbtlet me confirm the config10:46
jukkaeklundstskeeps, sure I'd like to get hold of somebody10:46
slaineI'll provide patches as suits me10:46
slainei.e. I might a combined option to install fe/be/signer10:46
lbtthe script takes 'role' as an arg10:47
lbtso run it twice should be fine10:47
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: i'm a tiny bit worried about it being a EU framework programme, those has a tendancy of doing a lot of paperwork without much benefit after they're over :P10:47
lbtif it fails, patches welcome10:47
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: but good ideas so far10:47
lbtslaine: also that pastie is messed up due to10:47
lbtthe ## lines10:47
jukkaeklundyep, but..10:47
jukkaeklundlike you said10:47
slainelbt, I hit the download link and it looks ok10:47
lbtOK then10:48
*** leinir has quit IRC10:49
sampostimoph: still returning to XSL.. try adding testdefinition-results.xls instead of the testdefinition-syntax.xls10:54
SageStskeeps: anything I could do to help to track down the -next issue?10:55
StskeepsSage: i'm reviewing a diff atm10:55
vgradeslaine, its awful. Its a bit better if you turn the tablet through 180deg10:57
slaineHmmm, had a feeling it was shite10:57
slaineWas thinking of picking one up as a hack device10:57
slainebut would still like to use it as an android tablet for the Kindle app10:58
vgradeslaine, you get what you pay for I guess10:58
Stskeepsignore the echo "== " stuff11:02
Stskeeps+++ is my build copy11:02
*** sirdancealot has quit IRC11:03
Stskeepslbt: that's for sure the cause of the problem11:06
*** sirdancealot has joined #mer11:06
StskeepsTOPDIR=`enter_target needuser "rpm --eval '%_topdir'"` is what it tries to shell quote11:07
*** himamura_ has joined #mer11:08
*** tilgovi has quit IRC11:08
lbtlooking at git11:08
*** himamura_ has quit IRC11:08
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer11:10
lbtit matches git11:10
Stskeepsyour copy?11:10
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC11:10
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer11:10
*** himamura has quit IRC11:11
Stskeepsi don't have Quote arguments to enter_target ,11:11
StskeepsUse "$@" for su command instead of shellquote. Expand comments11:11
Stskeeps85f3fa3d1a Browse code11:11
Stskeepslbt authored 2 months ago11:11
lbtis that the main delta?11:12
StskeepsQuote arguments is what causes the problems11:12
Stskeepsit semi worked before because of a bug in sb211:13
*** bfederau has quit IRC11:13
Stskeepsthat bug is fixed in sb2 now11:13
Stskeepscan we make COBS 'build' fairly clue to the merproject git?11:16
lbtUse "$@" for su command instead of shellquote. Expand comments11:16
Stskeepsright, all i'm saying is that it behaves significantly different than mer CI and Merproject/build :P11:17
Stskeepsdo you remember why we added that?11:17
*** bfederau has joined #mer11:17
lbtbecause it fubar on non-Mer stuff otherwise11:17
* Stskeeps ponders11:18
StskeepsQuote arguments to enter_target is not good, for sure11:18
Stskeepsthe "$@" for su command .. less harmful11:18
lbtI'm not so sure11:19
* Stskeeps ponders idly11:19
lbtnormal use is to pass a command line string and allow the final recipient to parse11:19
lbtif there is a trick it is usually to ensure no intermediate parsing11:20
lbtso passing them as discrete args seems odd11:20
Stskeepsdo you happen to have testcases of the non-Mer foobaring?11:20
Stskeepsor even remembering in which cases it showed up11:20
lbtiirc it was hack until it worked11:21
lbtsadly, no11:21
Stskeepsi think it was harmattan that screwed up, wasn't it?11:21
* Stskeeps looks in logs11:22
lbtjust looking at build queue11:23
Stskeepsokay, so, end result should be that COBS, mer ci, uses the same 'build'11:25
*** lardman has joined #mer11:25
Stskeepshow we get there.. well, let's see11:25
lbtyep - that's why I'm doing the local test setup11:25
Stskeepsdo you have a remote obs link to COBS in that?11:26
lbtwe need to test our branches to obs with reasonable coverage11:26
Stskeepsit could be good in order to test harmattan and other builds11:26
lbtI may find a machine on to deploy this stuff11:26
lbtStskeeps: so ... I'd say we wait until the builds are done and then try changing it11:32
lbtlbt_master is the most current build11:32
lbtthe idea is that I'm testing there and then pushing to :Devel for OBS11:33
lbtwhen I get a good result I'll push to merproject git master11:33
lbtand there-> :Testing11:33
*** arcean_ has joined #mer11:34
lbtmaybe I should be using lbt_master on MerProject version of build/obs ... better visibility ?11:34
Stskeeps'lo lardman, how is it going?11:35
lardmanhey Stskeeps, not bad, very busy at work and not getting much sleep11:36
Stskeepsso the usual :)11:36
lardmanbut was thinking of resurrecting my Tab work11:36
Stskeepsthat was omap4 right?11:36
Stskeepsor samsung11:36
lardmanyeah, am hopeful that our daughter will start sleeping a bit more soon11:36
lardmanHave pulled the PVR driver source to pieces and compared the Exynos stuff to the Pandaboard, and looks like it might be doable11:37
lardman... he says ;)11:37
Stskeepsah, ok11:37
*** arcean has quit IRC11:37
lardmanThough I'm concerned that I go to the effort of writing a driver that will work, and then find that the Panda userspace stuff wants a different and specific version of the PVR hw11:37
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean11:37
lardmanThe alternative is to buy a cheapish device which has working drivers, but am not keen on the Vivaldi-style level of device (though who am I kidding, getting GPS, etc., working on the Tab is going to be more work! :) )11:40
lardmanI now fully realise why people pay for things they could potentially do themselves - lack of time11:41
* lardman goes back to writing a PCI card driver11:41
*** dionet has joined #mer11:41
Stskeepsthe archos g9 seems like a perfect mer target atm11:42
lardmandoes it have an e-compass? The original Archos devices didn't iirc11:42
lardmanand I'd like to do some augmented reality work, or just finish off an app I've half written11:43
lardmanah cool it does11:43
StskeepsREMINDER: Mer bug triage in 17 minutes in #mer-meeting11:43
Stskeepslbt: we're a bit shooting in the dark until we figure out what it is that breaks Merproject/obs-build11:45
Stskeepslbt: can we perhaps set up some of the usual suspects?11:45
lardmanthanks Stskeeps11:45
Stskeepslbt: around 02-21-2012 was the shell quoting problem11:47
Stskeepsif you have logs11:47
lbtyep - I'll check the logs11:51
Stskeepsthis problem moves to high priority fwiw, as it blocks -next release11:51
lbtgrabbing a bite before triage11:51
Stskeepsyeah, makes sense11:51
lbtyes, I'm only looking at it now11:51
Sagelbt: it is not possible to use wget in .spec file on cobs?11:59
Sagewget: unable to resolve host address `'11:59
Stskeepsthe workers are shut off from the interweb11:59
iekkumer bug-triage starting soon @ #mer-meeting11:59
*** clopez has quit IRC12:01
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer12:14
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:30
*** sledges has joined #mer12:41
*** sledges has joined #mer12:41
sledgeshello hello!12:41
Stskeepswello sledges12:42
Stskeepshow was your holiday?12:42
sledgesvery sporty :) don't think there's any fat left in my body, which is the frustrating bit :D12:42
sledgeshow were you here?12:43
Stskeepsprogress, progress12:43
StskeepsQA effort slowly but firmly starting up12:43
sledgesgood to hear, I am on that note with the questions:12:44
*** leinir has joined #mer12:44
sledgescan we build MeeGo IVI bit on the top of Mer ?12:45
Stskeepsit seems like someone already has put tizen ivi on top12:45
Stskeepsso i would suspect that with a bit of grease, you could put meego ivi12:45
sledgesbut Tizen IVI is not Genivi certfied, so not a way for us..12:45
Stskeepsthat's true12:46
Stskeepsi don't exactly know what GENIVI certification exactly implies.12:46
sledgeswell, a set of UI reqs I guess12:47
Stskeepsi'd be surprised if it was, but again, i don't know :)12:48
*** waa has quit IRC12:48
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind someone doing a case study about Mer in IVI12:48
sledgesso: * take src.rpms from * filter out duplicates with Mer (i.e. get only those packages which make MeeGo an IVI) * build them against Mer * try to run12:50
Stskeepsbasically, yeah12:50
*** kavurt has joined #mer12:53
*** notmart has quit IRC12:56
sledgescould use this .ks as reference to arrive to MeeGo IVI on Mer+armv7(h?)l_for_BeagleBoard:
Stskeepsthough you need to expand package groups13:02
sledgesdue to @X for IVI et al. would start triggering conflicts?13:05
Stskeepsyeah probably, frankly, start compiling the packages first13:05
Stskeepson top of mer13:05
Stskeepsand go fromt here13:05
Stskeepsi would really advise you to figure out what constitutes GENIVI compliance though13:05
sledgesand last problem: MeeGo IVI built repo is only for ia64 and armv7hl, beagleboard (we use) looks like armv7l only, but I hope good de-coupling could put IVI on top of Mer here ....13:05
Stskeepsjust use sources13:06
sledgesbut where are the .spec files?..13:06
sledges(or .yaml)13:06
Stskeepsin the sources/13:06
Stskeepsin srpm13:06
*** aurium_ has quit IRC13:06
* sledges looking..13:06
sledgesinside src.rpm ?13:07
Stskeepsrpm2cpio *.src.rpm | cpio -idv13:07
* sledges used the command above oh so many times on a non-root user RedHat (blush)13:07
sledgesMer SDK is the way to compile all them I guess (as opposed to Platform SDK)13:08
Stskeepscompile it in obs13:08
Stskeepseasier on the heart13:09
*** tomeff has joined #mer13:11
sledgesjust loads of GUI clicking (for every package)13:12
sledgesjust found out: MeeGo IVI has been GENIVI certified only for Intel architecture :(13:13
sledgesStskeeps, how to put loads of srpms on OBS in a batch?13:21
Stskeepsosc importsrcpkg13:21
sledgessorry, got tangled up in my typings above: on Mer's Platform SDK ?13:21
*** tomeff has quit IRC13:22
*** tomeff has joined #mer13:22
Stskeepsagainst a obs, but yes, you can do it inside sdk13:22
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer13:25
iekkui have been missing the bug-triages13:27
iekkuso happy that i have time to participate now13:27
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:29
*** krtaylor has quit IRC13:43
*** harbaum_ has joined #mer13:43
*** alh has joined #mer13:44
*** harbaum has quit IRC13:44
Stskeepsmoo alh13:44
slainelbt, about to run those scripts, any updates since this morning or will I crack on13:45
alhHeya Stskeeps :)13:45
*** krtaylor has joined #mer13:47
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC13:48
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC13:51
*** krtaylor has quit IRC13:55
*** krtaylor has joined #mer13:57
*** clopez has joined #mer14:00
*** himamura has joined #mer14:10
slainelbt, be part seemed to work14:10
slainefe part is failing on the DB creation stuff14:10
*** dijenerate has quit IRC14:14
sledgeshow to expand package groups?14:27
* sledges trying to deal with xdg-utils depending on libactioncontent error whilst adapting MeeGo IVI to Mer's beagleboard .ks 14:28
*** JLP has joined #mer14:33
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:35
Stskeepsmer providers xdg-utils14:43
Stskeepsdont try and replace it14:43
*** tsdedst has quit IRC14:43
*** pirut has joined #mer14:51
*** pirut has quit IRC14:52
*** pirut has joined #mer14:52
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer14:54
*** tsdedst has joined #mer14:55
*** Eismann has quit IRC14:57
*** Eismann has joined #mer14:58
*** niqt has quit IRC15:01
*** jooncheol has joined #mer15:12
*** Minos has quit IRC15:21
*** MouseTheLuckyDog has joined #mer15:23
MouseTheLuckyDogDoes Mer handle digitizers well?15:24
Stskeepsdefine digitizers :)15:24
*** slaine has quit IRC15:27
MouseTheLuckyDogLike on the Thinkpad tablet, Galaxy Note 10.1 ( when it cones out), or the Asus Slate, Samsung Slate a digitizng pen that works on a tablet similar to the way a graphics tablet does.15:27
MouseTheLuckyDogI was thinking of trying to replace Android with Mer + KDE PA, when I get it.15:30
Stskeepsso, what you're looking for is if your kernel can handle it and export it properly to userland15:34
Stskeepswe have x-windows so it can handle a fair bit15:35
sledgesStskeeps, but the MeeGo repos provide their own, (mer repo is on the top in the .ks). how is this dep matching carried out?15:35
Stskeepssledges: ah, don't do that, that's stupid15:36
Stskeepssledges: start importing source packages starting from top level ui packages15:36
Stskeepsthose kind of things15:37
Stskeepsand start filling dependencies15:37
Stskeepsyou're mixing two cores :)15:38
*** dijenerate has joined #mer15:38
sledgesis there a list of top-level ui packages?15:38
sledgesand then when one of the MeeGo IVI's ui packages will depend on xdg-utils, I will bump at the same problem (the top of the .ks file reads repo mer-core ... and repo meego ...)15:40
Stskeepsyes, don't even include the meego repos15:40
Stskeepsmake your own UI repo15:40
Stskeepsmer's xdg-utils doesn't dep on libcontentaction15:42
*** dijenerate has quit IRC15:44
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC15:46
Stskeepslbt: any new insights on quoting?15:46
lbtno - still working on my local setup until the cobs is quiet15:51
lbtnot long now15:51
Stskeepsif anything, we can test x8615:51
sledgesStskeeps, correct me if I'm wrong: to merge two cores properly means: taking one core as a reference (a stable, supported), and `osc srcimport`ing and compiling the top level packages from the other core ?15:52
Stskeepssledges: combining two cores is what i think you -shouldn't- do :)15:52
sledgesok, then I used the wrong term for the current aim :)15:53
Stskeepssledges: what you should do, is to take one core (mer), and osc importsrcpkg packages you need until they build on top of mer15:53
sledgesdoes MeeGo OBS have cmdline interface or srcimport function?15:54
Stskeepsjust grab the src rpms from repo.meego.com15:54
Stskeepsi will be frank though, genivi requirements may require you have even the meego base system15:54
sledgesStskeeps, that has been relaxed15:54
sledgesby our PM15:54
Stskeepsyou can do IVI ux on top of mer, sure, but you need to check the exact ones :P15:54
sledgeswe are going blind here: MeeGo 1.2 IVI on Intel Congatec was crashing. That's why we went to do it on BeagleBoard15:55
sledgesbut there is no MeeGoIVI 1.2 for beagleboard15:55
sledgesonly 1.1 by harbaum_15:55
Stskeepsand that one was even unofficial build done by me15:56
sledgesso we want to have Meego IVI 1.2 for beagleBoard, but to avoid potential crashes we would like to do it on top of Mer15:56
sledgessounds crazy (i.e. overengineered) enough? :)15:56
Stskeepsand it -has- to be meego ivi 1.2 ui?15:57
sledgesthat's it15:57
sledgesit has to be 1.2 ...15:57
* Stskeeps notes whoever is running MeeGo:1.2 on is a moron 15:58
Stskeepsarm totally unresolvable15:58
Stskeepssledges: do you have a .packages file from a meego 1.2 ivi image?15:59
sledgesok, here we are15:59
sledges(referring to the arm part)15:59
sledgesI can obtain that easily16:00
Stskeepspleae do16:00
vgradedid 1.2 ui ever run on arm?16:00
Stskeepsvgrade: it's tablet based16:01
Stskeepsi'm not entirely sure why people are so obsessed with meego 1.2 ivi, it's not really that impressive :P16:01
Stskeepsbut i guess it's better than other systems in the field16:01
vgradethis one?
sledgesStskeeps, in our case it's something that already existed as a demo, so we continued on and put effort around so became more inertive16:01
Stskeepssledges: are you on your own or do you have people that can assist?16:02
*** harbaum_ has quit IRC16:02
sledgesit is an in-company project.16:03
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:03
Stskeepswell, i meant more, are you going to work alone or as a team :)16:03
Stskeepsokay, anyway16:03
Stskeepsstart with meego-ux-ivi and start resolving dependencies16:04
Stskeepsand meego-ux-compositor16:04
sledgescould you tell an estimate, in man days?16:04
Stskeepsi was thinking to give you one in amount of $$ paid for therapy16:05
sledgesi think you've just answered ;)16:05
Stskeepssledges: it's not so much about man days, it's more along lines of how quickly the people involved can learn to deal with packaging and OBS16:05
sledgesyes, I was thinking the same16:05
lbtStskeeps: whilst waiting ... hacking /data/release-tools/obs-projects/Core/armv7hl/_config to have Hostarch: i686 allows my local worker to build acl for armv7hl16:06
Stskeepslbt: yes16:06
Stskeepslbt: can you test this on COBS too somehow?16:06
lbtlocally I reinstalled the OBS from scratch...16:06
sledgesI've build imx-xorg-driver and evtest on MeeGo OBS, how much time do you think it would take me?16:06
Stskeepssledges: give me ~10 minutes to get a proper assesment16:06
lbtdepends how dynamic MDS is16:07
sledgesthank you16:07
lbtit's low importance right now - fixing quoting is more important16:07
Stskeepssledges: you also owe me a beer16:07
Stskeepssledges: i must also say in advance, that the theme that meego IVI comes with has a license of 'linux foundation permission needed' which means only usable in connection with a meego compliant product16:08
sledgesa share from the project :) if it rolls out16:08
Stskeepsand there are no open replacements16:09
sledgesbut it's going to be just a demo, so we can get away with that16:09
Stskeepsyeah, ok16:09
Stskeepsfrankly you can make something much cooler with lipstick and co16:10
sledgesbut since you mention arm being unresolvable16:10
sledgesand $$ for therapy16:10
sledgesthat's the problem: we are constrained to go 1.2 IVI way on a non-congatec platform, BeagleBoard being the choice16:10
sledgesif it is going to introduce just more problems, we might ditch the effort putting that constraint on altogether16:11
sledgesand clean the blackboard16:11
Stskeepssomeone needs to restrain your sales people16:11
lbtsledges: I just hooked Attie up with a cobs account16:11
sledgeslbt, thanks, he's just shouted that out from over his desk :)16:12
Stskeepssledges: morbid question, how far are you guys from Reading, UK?16:12
sledgesStskeeps, those were engineering and wrong-timing decisions in the past, putting limitations for future decisions16:12
sledgesStskeeps, not too far :)16:12
sledgesare you IP-caching? :D16:12
Stskeepsno, i just know a professional in OBS and such nearby there ;)16:13
lbts/professional/unemployed professional/16:13
sledges:( cuts ?16:13
lbtsince last october ... yeah16:14
sledgeshow do you last? if I may ask :)16:14
lbtsainsburys economy chicken16:14
lbtand faith in Mer ...16:14
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:14
sledgesneed a job? ;)16:15
sledgesI'll ask around :)16:15
*** dijenerate has joined #mer16:15
sledgesStskeeps, back to index: <sledges> if it is going to introduce just more problems.....16:15
Stskeepssledges: if you promise me this won't ever ever go into production..16:16
lbtsledges: the intention is that we'll get part time work for Mer-related things and vendors using Mer will support key developers for X hrs/week16:16
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:16
*** Attie has joined #mer16:16
trip0who's the debian packaging mastermind here?16:17
Stskeepsthis is not a synchronised swimming contest16:17
* trip0 is having trouble with his harmattan build16:17
sledges|o| , as in lol16:17
sledgesis just a proof of concept, Stskeeps16:18
Stskeepssledges: famous last words ;)16:18
lbttrip0: sadly I have some cobs issues I need to resolve ...16:18
sledgesStskeeps, basically, if you think it is doable, then I'd be really thankful for your estimates. Otherwise we just go and persuade PM to steer away from MeeGo IVI (and use e.g. Ubuntu IVI Remix for this famous POC ;))16:20
Stskeepssledges: well, i have the homescreen building16:21
Stskeeps.. which is a start16:21
*** marquiz has joined #mer16:22
Stskeepssledges: just FYI, tizen IVI has a qt homescreen too16:23
sledgesic, will keep that in mind, but not for this project :)16:23
Stskeepsi'm doing this in home:stskeeps:ivi on cobs if you want to watch, fwiw16:26
*** dijenerate has quit IRC16:27
sledgesthat's i58616:27
sledgesmeego-ux-ivi | meego-ux-ivi-theme16:28
Stskeepsyes, always compile against the fastest arch when packaging16:28
Stskeepsin 99% of cases they build fine for arm too16:29
sledgesso they look succeeded16:29
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer16:29
sledgesis there any MeeGo API breakage risk in Mer )?16:29
Stskeepsi'd say yes16:29
sledgeshow many packages will be there to compile?16:30
Stskeepsif i'm lucky, about 30-4016:30
Stskeepslet's see16:30
sledgesloads of monkey job :)16:30
Stskeepssometimes my asperger's syndrome does come in handy..16:30
Stskeepsoh @$ me16:33
Stskeepssomething that actually requires fortran :)16:33
* Stskeeps silently drops dependency16:33
lbtwe are talking IVI here...16:33
trip0lbt, issues that are causing my problem?  or a separate issue that prevents you from diagnosing me?16:37
lbtseparate issue16:38
trip0sledges, what are you guys up to?16:38
sledgesStskeeps, you are testing the waters to give an estimate by building -only a couple of- packages, right? Otherwise I might have misunderstood asperger's syndrom?16:39
sledgestrip0, we need MeeGo IVI 1.2 on arm, built16:39
Stskeepssledges: hehe, i could probably have kept going, but i'm summarizing atm16:39
Stskeepssledges: okay, so - generally, you have to re-build the meego tablet UX base on top of Mer repositories -- two problems: text-to-speech (pocketsphinix) requires fortran which we don't carry in mer, 2) the MeeGo UX components do not have clear dependency declarations16:40
Stskeepssledges: how about a shortcut? :P16:41
* sledges is thinking how to automate osc ~40.srpm packages. /me is always scared the hell out when thinking of doing something with osc command line rather than an equivalent through
lbtsledges: osc is fairly easy to script16:41
Stskeepsoh feck, you can't use the shortcut16:41
sledgesStskeeps, how about a hair cut :)16:42
Stskeepsmeego is armv7hl16:42
* Stskeeps grumbles16:42
sledgesStskeeps, bump (a few hours ago) :D16:42
Stskeepssledges: i can copy from meego obs to other places, i still have some access to log in there :P16:42
sledgeswell, I had armv7hl running on imx fine16:42
sledgesjust no graphics accel16:42
Stskeepsyeah.. and that's needed for this16:42
sledgesbut can't we have a hybrid16:43
* sledges tried to find another shortcut today16:43
sledgeseverything what's in Mer - arm7l, meego's necessities - arm7hl16:43
*** dijenerate has joined #mer16:45
vgradeStskeeps, watching your IVI, what made you add mcompositor16:47
Stskeepsvgrade: meego-ux-compositor is part of ivi afaik16:48
Stskeepsif it's not, that's good :P16:48
sledgesvgrade, it appears that default.desktop links to it when X are starting16:48
Stskeepssledges: anyway.. just so you also know, the meego IVI codeline is based on a set of ux components that are obsoleted/project halted16:49
*** tilgovi has joined #mer16:49
lbtand the support for meego is scheduled to be hard-terminated in early 201316:50
Stskeepssledges: so, assesment: a week for 2 people working together, both having basic obs and rpm training and understanding how to build images and not afraid to ask questions16:50
sledgesis dead :) even managed to get GENIVI to get everyone tangled around the grave16:50
sledgesStskeeps, a beer for you. Anytime meeting lbs in Reading? ;)16:51
Stskeepsi've been meaning to come visit at some point :)16:51
lbtsure :)16:51
Stskeepssledges: you'll basically have to transplant the meego tablet ux basic components on top16:52
sledges(I always get typos swapping two letters, but those which are next to each other in an alphabet...)16:52
Stskeepssledges: my personal opinion you'll have a much better time prototyping something with lipstick, but management is management16:52
sledgesyes, but we need ready-made IVI, that's the req of the project16:53
Stskeepssledges: :nod:16:53
Stskeepsand if i was to choose, i'd present tizen IVI homescreen instead16:53
Stskeeps'a week' is worst case scenario, fwiw16:53
Stskeepsyou have ability to see all dependencies within the meego obs16:54
Stskeepsso it gets easier to track down what you need16:54
Stskeepsand knowledge that the tablet components -has been- working on arm before16:55
*** tilgovi_ has joined #mer16:56
*** tilgovi has quit IRC16:58
Stskeepsand even if it fails, you would have learnt a lot16:59
trip0Stskeeps, i agree (tizen homescreen) ;)17:03
trip0way less deps17:03
*** jooncheol has quit IRC17:03
vgradealso on Mer already17:03
trip0vgrade, rly?17:03
sledgesStskeeps, what about repeating harbaum's (or yours) effort for 1.2:
trip0vgrade, any news on the c71-1m kernel?17:04
vgradetrip0, some but not avaialble yet17:05
trip0Stskeeps, do you know if wayland on mer works on TI SGX graphics?17:08
Attiei'm heading home for the day... thanks for your help guys :)17:09
sledgessame here17:09
*** mlfoster has quit IRC17:10
*** Attie has quit IRC17:10
*** gimli has joined #mer17:11
*** gimli has joined #mer17:11
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:12
Stskeepstrip0: sadly there's no proper wayland impl for omap3/4 just yet17:13
Stskeepstrip0: robclark is working on it, but for omap417:13
trip0need omap3!17:14
Stskeepshrm, new tizen ivi release out17:15
Stskeepshow did i miss that17:15
Stskeepstrip0: are you coming to SFO btw?17:15
trip0oops, sorry w00t, i keep on abusing your name17:15
trip0no, I will not be SFO this year17:15
trip0as of now...  although i did get approved to go17:16
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:16
Stskeepshm, just APL for the homescreen from ivi17:16
*** toscalix has joined #mer17:22
E-Ptimoph: failures in the features test are remote logging and hwinfo17:22
*** pirut_ has joined #mer17:24
vgradeStskeeps, it has layermanager and dlt17:24
*** pirut_ has quit IRC17:27
*** seanvk has quit IRC17:28
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:30
*** pirut_ has joined #mer17:32
E-Ptimoph: and the other failures are related to remote execution and ssh17:32
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:35
Stskeepsvgrade: point17:36
*** pirut_ has quit IRC17:36
vgradeStskeeps, see dibs in sdk?17:38
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:38
Stskeepsno, that's new17:41
* Stskeeps looks17:41
vgradelooks like a Qtcreator for e17:43
Stskeeps.. why is madde there17:44
Stskeepsbut good17:45
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer17:47
vgradeyea good to see all this being throw over the wall and the ivi getting an update already17:47
vgradebugs open as well, just the OBS and some ARM now17:48
*** disco_stu has quit IRC17:51
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*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo18:05
Sagewhy doesn't wget work when doing build in cobs?18:06
*** dijenerate has quit IRC18:07
Sagelbt: wget: unable to resolve host address `' <- any ideas?18:08
*** vgrade has quit IRC18:08
lbtthere is no network available during the build18:08
lbtit should be totally isolated18:09
Sageis there a wayt to get files from rpm easily to certain diretory during a build?18:09
Sageie. I'm building busybox separately and want to take files from that to the build dir but can't really install it as it conflicts with other stuff in build env :/18:10
*** tilgovi_ has quit IRC18:10
Sageor was there a way to get all busybox tools available without symbolic links by starting some cmd?18:11
*** vgrade has joined #mer18:11
lbtfeels like busybox should have a package of busybox binary only?18:11
lbtthen you could depend on that and it would be /bin/busybox and you could make any symlinks into /home/abuild/bin/*18:12
Sagelbt: well I have that separately yes, but I need the cmds as well and don't want to do symlinks manually18:12
Sageso, I'm building a ramdisk where I do "find ../${RPM_TMP} | grep "\.rpm" | xargs printf "rpm2cpio %s | cpio -idu --quiet\n" | sh " for all busybox rpm's to install those to ramdisk rootfs18:13
lbtat build time?18:15
*** pirut has quit IRC18:15
lbtI assume kernel packaging?18:16
Sagelbt: in my script when did the ramdisk locally, but I guess I need to change that if I want to make it rpm18:16
Sagelbt: init ramdisk creation18:16
*** pirut_ has quit IRC18:16
*** tomeff has quit IRC18:16
*** tomeff has joined #mer18:16
lbtit kinda feels like a mic-time thing doesn't it?18:16
lbtI'm thinking that providing a mkinitrd script to run at mic-time may work18:17
lbtalthough you may have the same issue in getting the rpms in18:18
Sagewell, I want to do this to rpm package so it is easy distribute and have separately available18:18
Sageso I'll just copy the /usr/bin/busybox to abuild/rootfs/usr/bin/ and then do manually the 100 symlinks :P18:18
lbtjust fyi I have put rpms in the tarball before18:19
lbtit's ugly18:19
Sagebut I recall reading somewhere that there is somekind of busybox shell that provides all the cmds without links18:19
Sagelbt: well that is messy as then if wanted for different arch I would need separate rpm's for each18:20
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:20
StskeepsSage: my busybox package doesn't come with symlinks unless you want it18:20
Stskeepshome:Admin:busybox on webui-ci18:20
lbtStskeeps: he wants the rpm but not installed18:20
SageStskeeps: mine doesn't either18:20
SageIt is that I wouldn't want to do ln -s cmd 100 times to get all the functionalities18:21
Sageit is doable but there must be easier way to get all busybox cmds available18:21
Stskeepsthere's a command for expanding/installing the symlinks18:22
Sagethere is?18:22
Sagebuild in to busybox?18:22
Stskeepsthink so18:22
Stskeepscheck my home:Admin:busybox18:22
lbtyou could package busybox with a the post extracted to a script called setup-busybox and have a version that doesn't execute it in post18:23
SageStskeeps: but that is installation time thing18:23
* Stskeeps looks18:24
SageStskeeps: I forked out of your busybox IIRC so :)18:24
Stskeepsapplets/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT --symlinks18:24
Sageyes, so not buildin busybox.18:25
Sage#!/usr/bin/busybox or some other shebang thing should get all the cmds there IIRC18:25
lbtSage: so that's what I meant : package bb to have a version that doesn't call applets/ $RPM_BUILD_ROOT --symlinks in post18:26
lbtbut leaves it in /usr/share/busybox/18:26
lbtwhich presumably would be the otherwise 'bare' busybox18:27
lbtback l8r18:30
*** dijenerate has joined #mer18:31
*** enc0de has quit IRC18:35
*** dijenerate has quit IRC18:37
Sagecan't one use busybox as a shell. I don't need any other binaries that all that busybox provides?18:40
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:42
SageStskeeps: osc is unable to update local build env if there is depdency change btw.18:44
SageI need to use --clean or --no-init each time I run osc build with sb2 it seems18:44
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:47
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Stskeepsit's fixed in -next18:58
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Sageany updates on the -next failing compile thing?19:42
*** tommis has joined #mer19:43
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Stskeepsbbl sleep19:57
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk19:58
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Alison_Chaiken_av500_, if I repartition the disk on my Archos tab and put the groovy plasma-active userland on it, how do I modify the bootloader to find the new partition?21:15
Alison_ChaikenThe bootable (and only) partition on the HDD has no /boot directory, nor any other likely candidates.21:15
Alison_ChaikenNotheless, the syslog makes mention of a bootloader and kernel command-line parameters.21:15
Alison_ChaikenI guess boot params are part of statically linked initramfs?21:16
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vgradeStskeeps, sledges, tizen ref ivi UX. , built for ARM as well,
*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:25
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