Sunday, 2012-04-15

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Alison_ChaikenStarted playing with Archos tablet, with intent to put Plasma-Active and Angstrom on forthwith.04:25
Alison_ChaikenCurrently at the "mulling over partitioning" stage.04:25
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_av500_Alison_Chaiken: ping me in pm05:43
Alison_Chaiken_av500_, it is PM!   Almost 11PM here.05:43
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dm8tbr Rob does some cool shizz, not only for TI :D06:19
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_av500_now somebody from qualcomm needs to RE sgx...09:26
_av500_but then, QC is using sgx too09:26
Stskeepsthey're not, afaik?09:26
Stskeepsor has they moved away from adreno09:26
_av500_but for the cpu that is bound for WARM, they needs sgx09:28
_av500_as adreno cannot meet the DX10 demands (yet)09:28
_av500_so they have one with sgx now too09:29
jukkaeklund_saw this thread?
jukkaeklund_so there are Lumias out there with unlocked bootloader09:29
Stskeepshehe, but their price just went a fair bit higher :)09:32
Stskeeps_av500_: ah, that make sense09:34
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jukkaeklund_but yeah, let's see if there comes a hack for the rest of us (with lumias)10:17
lbtmorning all10:25
CosmoHillmonring lbt10:30
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Stskeepsmorn lbt10:48
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smokuhi Stskeeps10:58
Stskeepslo smoku, so what was your impression of mer sdk?11:06
smokuvery nice11:16
smokuallowed me to start hacking almost immediately11:16
smokujust one issue with yum already reported on BMO11:17
Stskeepswe have yum? :)11:17
CosmoHillwasn't yum meant to be removed from meego 1.1?11:17
smokuyes. and coming from fedora i immediately typed 'yum search something' and tripped over on 'no repos configured' ;-)11:19
Stskeepsseperating out yum binary from the library parts we use might be an idea yeah11:22
* Stskeeps fails on mer-general11:35
smokuStskeeps: BTW, it's usable as app SDK too. I'm using one installation for both11:36
Stskeepssmoku: yeah, to some extent -- my definition of 'app sdk' is one that does not require linux necessarily to run11:37
Stskeepsbut for now, a working platform SDK is important11:37
Stskeepswhich happens to work well for apps too ;)11:38
TermanaStskeeps, third time's the charm11:38
Stskeepssmoku: did you try the SB2 instructions too?11:39
smokuno as I don't know which instructions you mean11:40
smokuI didn't have a need for cross-compilation yet. but thanks for the link11:41
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Stskeepslbt: i think we're on to making a prerelease tonight, if you're up for it11:49
Stskeepspretty sound content11:49
Stskeeps worries me btw11:54
Stskeepsnot sure how it could have happened11:54
E-Phow should I add new packages to Mer:Tools? with submit request to Mer:Tools:Testing?11:57
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lolcatDo you have a working dialer?12:00
Stskeepslolcat: Nemo has a dialer, mer itself doesn't12:01
StskeepsE-P: think so12:01
lolcatCould I run said dialer on a debian distrobution?12:02
Stskeepsit requires a bit more hacking for that, i think12:03
Stskeepsit's ofono based12:03
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E-PStskeeps: was it ok, if we use the Mer wiki and bugzilla for QA tools development?12:08
StskeepsE-P: yes, as i said, mer wiki functions as a incubation place and your work does benefit for the project :)12:09
E-Pgreat, we will do our best to provide useful and working tools12:12
StskeepsMer contains the efforts that is the core, the activities supporting the core (QA, Release engineering) and the activities allowing people to utilize the Core better (BOSS, MINT). everyone else is a vendor that utilizes the core and the functions within Mer talks to those12:14
Stskeepsthat's how we delimit the project, basically12:14
Stskeepslolcat: ofono12:14
Stskeepstimoph: good idea regarding mer meetup at devaamo for qa etc, btw12:15
lolcatAlso have anyone ran mer on a android phone/samsung phone?12:15
lolcatAsus transformer12:17
lolcatthat isn't so far away  from my note12:18
Stskeepsjust be aware hardware adaptation isn't a easy job12:18
lolcatWell,  this is the easiest road to get maemo back12:20
Stskeepswhat are you hoping exactly to accomplish, out of morbid curiousity?12:21
lolcatRunning the Maemo gui (probably have to remake it), and debian as a phone os.12:22
lolcatdo you have a libisi?12:24
Stskeepsno, we use a open telephony stack12:26
Stskeepslolcat: well, do you know of Cordia?12:26
lolcatYes, but weren't they struggeling with finding decent hardware?12:29
Stskeepsdifferent things as such, cordia project is also maemo UI12:30
lolcatIt runs on atom12:33
lolcatI need it for ARM12:33
Stskeepsit compiles for both12:33
Stskeepsalso, hint of warning: maemo ui stack is a mess to get working - hence something like cordia12:34
lolcatBut it  isn't debian based?12:34
Stskeepscordia's mer based, afaik12:35
lolcatdebian is just so perfect for a phone12:36
Stskeepsyeah, that's what people think..12:36
Stskeepswhich isn't true12:37
lolcatAnd the Maemo UI when I think about it, is really simple. It can't be hard to make12:37
Stskeepsmaemo's great, debian isn't12:37
lolcatMaemo is based on debian12:37
Stskeepsyup, and they've cut and sliced it into something that's fairly far from being debian, to make it mobile12:37
Stskeepstrust me, i've been there :)12:38
lolcatIt still has aptitude and debian awesomeness12:38
lolcatI loved the N90012:38
lolcatSo slick and simple. Android is so complicated, I feel like sitting on a buss looking out the side of the window. When I use the N900 I'm driving. I  understand it.12:39
lolcatAnd I guess soon someone will make a nice dalvik implementation for nemomobile12:40
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vgradelbt, dust off that dragonboard,
lbt :)13:13
vgradegot to hand it to these guys, RE looks hard13:14
lbtI see it has 2D compositing13:14
lbtcertainly makes it more interesting as a HA13:14
vgradewonder if the gpu vendors will start to encrypt the kernel to userspace comms13:16
Stskeepsyou have to remember you can still sue people who use patents without license..13:16
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StskeepsSage: how old is our meegotouch-compositor?13:25
Macervgrade: have any time to look into getting this transformer going with mer?13:35
vgradeMacer, remind me where we got up to, you were keeping a webpage?13:40
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Maceri got up to pulling the partition table14:20
Macerand making a script and batch file to back the tf up14:20
Macerso i am assuming that i will need a kernel.. and a way to manage to get mer to boot on it :)14:21
Macermy bootloader is unlocked so.... but i doubt i will ever see the gps or cam work in mer/active... the tf101 is all older tegra based stuff tho14:22
Macermost of it should be in the stock linux kernel by now14:22
Macerso if you can check it out and see if you have any ideas.. at this point i don' tknow where to start with it14:23
Stskeepsstock kernel by now? hah14:23
Maceralthough i know the current ics kernel has a bug and there are kernels on xda which may prove helpful14:23
MacerStskeeps: wasn't tegra hw added to the linux base as of late14:24
Maceri thoguht that stuff was open14:24
RaYmAnthe tegra stuff in mainline14:24
Macergreat :)14:24
Macerwell if i can use a custom kernel from xda that will work14:24
RaYmAnjust getting it booting on tf101 will be a fairly large challenge14:24
Maceri think that the tf101 has a rebooting problem14:25
Macerbecause of their broken ics kernel14:25
RaYmAnrebooting problem?14:25
Macerit can't resume from sleep states without kernel panic14:25
RaYmAnhm. I've never seen that.14:25
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MacerRaYmAn: it has an unlocked bootloader and the flashing tool is similar to an n90014:26
Macerwhere it is easy to return it to stock14:26
RaYmAnMacer: tf101 doesn't have an unlocked bootloader.14:26
Maceractually... i am saying that wrong14:26
Maceri mean the flashing part seems to be unlocked14:26
RaYmAnMacer: yeah, that was kindof me that released the stuff to do that ;)14:26
Macerand it seems to be impossible to break14:26
Maceroh heh14:27
RaYmAnit's definitely not with ASUS's blessing :P14:27
RaYmAnand yes, it's essentially unbrickable with nvflash :)14:27
Macergood because this ics debacle14:27
Maceris awful14:27
Maceryou haven't had it randomly reboot on you and stay stuck at the circle splash screen?14:27
Macerwhen being asleep for a while14:27
RaYmAnhm, no14:28
RaYmAnthough I don't use it a lot since getting a prime14:28
Macerupdate to ics14:28
Macerand leave it alone for a while and let it go to sleep14:28
Macerand see if the thing turns back on after a couple hours ;)14:28
Maceryou have to reset it by holding down the power button for about 6 seconds14:29
MacerRaYmAn: well.. try to help me get mer on it :-P14:29
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Macerand active14:29
MacerCMON.. one team.. one fight :)14:30
RaYmAnwell, should be fixable. These tegra2 boards are...not very stable when it comes to suspend/resume..Tiny changes mess it up14:30
RaYmAniirc lilstevie already got it running a while back?14:30
* Stskeeps glances at meegotouch-compositor14:30
* Stskeeps gets an axe14:30
MacerRaYmAn: yeah but not too many instructions on how14:30
Macerall i ever saw was one video and some pics with no instructions on how he did it14:30
Maceri'm trying to make a site to explain how to do it14:30
RaYmAnlilstevie: *poke*14:30
RaYmAnhe's probably asleep right now :>14:31
Macerfor the plebs :)14:31
Macerlilstevie: how did you get mer on your tf101 :-P14:31
RaYmAnMacer: i'm hearing the suspend/resume issue might only be the case with dock?14:31
MacerRaYmAn: it happened to mine without the dock attached14:31
lilstevieby writing an image flash and using a kernel14:32
lilstevieoh, and a different bootloader14:32
RaYmAnthat seems excessive :P14:32
Macerlilstevie: that's what i'm trying to do... but make instructions on how to do it14:32
lilstevieit really isn't that difficult14:32
Maceri didn't get far14:32
Macerhow well did active work on it?14:32
lilsteviein reality you could replace the ubuntu rootfs with a mer one14:32
lilstevieactive does not work at all without acceleration IIRC14:33
Maceroh.. :-/ so the hw accel didn't work?14:33
Macerthat hurts emotionally14:33
lilsteviewell that is why u-boot and CrOS kernel was used in my trials14:34
RaYmAnlilstevie: I'd think that fancy llvm egl stuff might work =P14:34
Maceris it because the gpu is closed off?14:34
StskeepsRaYmAn: sadly llvm doesn't work properly on arm14:34
* dm8tbr has used plasma-active on an OMAP4 without SGX and it runs OK14:34
RaYmAnStskeeps: ah, damn14:34
Macerlilstevie: do you have instructions on how you did it? i'd love to see if i can do anything with this tf10114:35
Macerat the very lease not use android anymore :)14:35
Maceralthough with android lease works as well14:35
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Maceri'd love to finish writing something with instructiosn on how to make an image and flash a kernel for joe common to follow step by step to get android off the tf10114:37
lilstevieMacer: well, if you look at the OLiFE stuff14:37
lilsteviefirst step would be just replace the image with a mer one14:38
Maceryou have a site that explains it?14:38
Macersome good reading material? :)14:38
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Macernice. thanks. i'll start reading ;)14:40
Maceri need to learn how to make the image.. make the kernel.. flash both and boot into mer14:40
Macersound right?14:40
Maceror just use a pre-made supported kernel i'm guessing?14:41
lilsteviethe kernel shouldn't really matter tbh14:41
RaYmAnmaking the image is generic for any mer device pretty much14:41
lilsteviethe only issue I see is the initrd14:41
Macerthe kernel is stored on another partition in order to boot on these devices?14:41
Maceri'd probably still want to learn how to do it14:42
lilsteviecause fastboot(type not protocal) bootloaders require initrd while mer does not14:42
RaYmAnlilstevie: they don't require it at all14:42
RaYmAnlilstevie: if you put in NONE as image in mkbootimage it makes a boot.img without initrd.14:42
lilstevieRaYmAn: I have had nothing but failures with doing that14:42
Macerwell.. i'm goign to get a pack of cigarettes and some food and try it out after reading this site. thanks a ton for the help.. i'll come here nagging you guys for help later i'm sure lol14:43
Macerwow that is a huge thread14:45
Macershould i just start at the first page? heh14:45
vgradeMacer, kernel source compile first then we can do some extraction and rebuilding of the boot.img14:46
Macerbrb tho14:47
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Maceri'm going to go through a whole pack figuring this out14:47
Macerstore is just 3 blocks away :)14:48
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marquizStskeeps: i have problems in local builds with the osc-wrapper/sb2 thingie14:51
marquizthat is, i have to always do a clean build14:52
marquizis that a known problem or just me?14:52
Stskeepsmarquiz: yes, that's a known problem - it is fixed in next mer version14:52
Stskeepsit was the mother of all shell quoting problems :)14:52
marquizoh yeh ;)14:52
marquizbut good to know that'14:53
marquizthat's going to be fixed14:53
marquizeta? :P14:53
Stskeepswe're putting out a prerelease with it tonight or tomorrow14:53
Stskeepsand then final release thursday14:53
marquizok, thx14:53
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Macerwow sunday mornings suck15:22
Maceronly thing open is church heh15:22
Macerand starbucks15:22
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Macernow to figure out where to start to build a kernel heh16:08
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smokuhow do I configure i486 repository on COBS?17:26
CosmoHillif it's like meego, painfully17:27
Stskeepssmoku: Core:i486 arch i58617:29
smokujust Core, or Mer:fake:Core ?17:29
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Stskeeps - run it through google translate18:49
Stskeepsthat was quick18:49
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lbtStskeeps: ready for 0.20120426.0.0.1 ?18:59
Stskeepsfrankly, i think we can call it 0.119:00
lbtand that's the wrong date isn't it19:03
Stskeepsyes, i aim for 0.2012041919:03
lbtright 0.20120419.0.1   coming up19:03
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* lbt goes to do gloss paintwork whilst it runs...19:06
Stskeepsi can have it play star wars in ascii art if you want19:07
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* Stskeeps ponders idly how to get to his driving lessons19:11
CosmoHilldriving to your driving lesson would be a bad idea19:11
CosmoHilldid you not drive in denmark?19:13
Stskeepsi'll be learning in insane traffic here19:14
CosmoHillmy mum's friend is down, he's a country boy and we're a city19:14
CosmoHillthere's one set of traffic lights within 100 miles of his house19:14
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lbtevening nj3ma21:46
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nj3malbt: Evening21:47
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