Saturday, 2012-04-14

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Stskeepsmorn :)07:10
timophI'm still pondering the env thing07:11
timophnot sure if we can totally avoid hacky solutions07:12
timophtestability often requires hacky things :)07:13
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IanWizard-CloudStskeeps: hello :)07:46
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StskeepsIanWizard-Cloud: lo07:52
IanWizard-CloudStskeeps: anything new in the Mer scene?07:52
StskeepsE-P: added mer qa tools bugtracker product, let me know what components you need there07:53
IanWizard-CloudI miss anything?  Neural implant support, etc :P07:53
StskeepsIanWizard-Cloud: forward progress, QA effort starting up07:53
timophStskeeps: at least eat, tr-lite, test-definition07:54
E-PStskeeps: great, thank you!07:54
E-Ptimoph: and other07:54
StskeepsIanWizard-Cloud: qt5 in review atm07:55
IanWizard-CloudAhh, I prefer to leave QA to the users, and provide random Q ;P07:56
IanWizard-CloudI try to keep an eye on things, and it seems to be moving, which is always good.07:56
IanWizard-CloudEsp after Meego.07:56
Stskeepsyeah.. if we have to do continous integration we need QA :)07:56
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E-Ptimoph: we should tag the current tools in the gitorious and then move them to mer git then07:57
SageStskeeps: review 314 should be abandoned/rejected or something07:57
E-Ptimoph: do you want to make some changes to the tools before moving the first versions to mer git and obs?07:57
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timophE-P: no07:57
timophimport as is and fix as needed07:58
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SageStskeeps: grr... why gerrit has some formatting in the review notes, If I write line starting with * or - it decides it is a bulletpoint and does html formatting for it :)08:05
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Sagerantom_: gave some comments on python 2.7.3 packaging08:22
Sagewell who ever that is :D08:23
Sageah, it was letters.random13 the email :P08:23
SageStskeeps: can you kick augeas08:24
Sagealso I wonder why the nss fix caused failure on glibc08:24
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Stskeepsi will prolly drop nss this release as glibc dep08:28
Stskeepscan first kick later this afternoon08:29
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SageStskeeps: sounds good to me08:44
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Stskeepshmm, any Mer people in prague?08:50
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MacerStskeeps: your site doesn't have much information on how to get mer onto a transformer10:08
Maceris there anything out there for it?10:08
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Macerhave rasberry pie units been sold and shipped already?10:09
Maceri thought those were vaporware like pandora :)10:09
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alteregothe pi started shipping.yesterday to the early orderers.10:14
Macerhope that improves10:14
Macerodd that it uses a broadcom chipset but doesn't have a wifi chipset on it... guess that would push it over $3510:15
Macerinteresting concept tho.. wonder how much a case for it would cost :) i wouldn't mind getting one10:15
Macerwhere are they being made?10:17
* Macer crosses his fingers to not hear "Asia"10:17
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Maceri hate asia10:34
lbtthis is probably not a good channel for you then... :)10:34
lbtconsidering many of Mer's customers will come from or use suppliers in asia10:35
lbtyou know the raspi people tried to get the boards assembled in the UK?10:36
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lbtbut *our* government taxes component imports much higher than assembled boards ... so the govt priced UK manufacturers out...10:36
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_av500_it would have cost 3 quid more, big deal10:58
lbtto who? you or the school education budgets?10:59
lbtI read that that was a factor in the costing and the decision10:59
lbtI don't know the business case well enough to say if it's a big deal - it may have been11:00
lbtI've had a business case where £0.01 mattered11:00
_av500_i have that daily :)11:00
lbtso you can accept that it may have been a big deal - we can't really know11:01
lbt(and I guess that's telco then?)11:01
_av500_well, more like £0.10 :)11:02
lbtmine was voip and breakout costs11:03
_av500_0.01 matters of you talk about millions of units11:04
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Macerlbt: that is everybody nowadays tho11:10
Macerfinding non-asian electronics is like finding uranium in your basement under a brick11:11
_av500_buy a beagleboard, made in texas11:12
Maceryou mean assembled in tx ;)11:13
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Maceri bet 100% of the electronics are from asia11:13
Macereven the silicon boards11:13
_av500_silicon boards?11:13
_av500_you mean the pcb?11:13
_av500_made locally afaik11:14
* lbt likes things made by humans, on earth11:14
lbtwhy so provincial?11:14
_av500_lbt: s/humans/robots/ :)11:14
lbtrobots are human by proxy :)11:14
Macerbecause regardless of what people would like to think asian products are cheap and i swear are made with some type of solder or copper that wears in 5 years time as a timer to break11:14
lbtthat's not true11:15
Maceri am starting to suspect they're doing it on purpose11:15
lbt'we' buy the cheapest products and force quality to suit11:15
Macerlbt: all i can say is that so far anything i have ever purchased that was made in china lasted 5 years11:15
lbtdon't blame people for responding to market demands11:15
lbtMacer: you're US based?11:15
Maceri'm not.. but now there are no other options ;)11:15
Maceri looked for a US made television11:16
Macercouldn't find one11:16
lbtwhat's the legal requirement for longevity of electronics?11:16
lbtlegal == socially mandated11:16
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lbt1 year?11:16
Macerlbt: as long as the warranty i guess :-P11:16
Macerbut still11:16
lbtyep  - look at Apple in the EU11:16
lbtthe EU mandates 2 years11:16
lbtthat forces quality (and price) up11:16
lbtor in this case reduces the gouging that Apple can do11:17
Macerbut shipping nowadays outweighs labor price differences11:17
Macerwith oil past the $100 mark11:17
Macernot to mention the dollar is turning into crap11:17
_av500_US made TV, good one11:17
lbtand who's fault is that?11:17
* lbt looks at US military expenditure11:18
Macerpoliticians :-P11:18
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Macerfree trade ruined the world11:18
lbtit sure doesn't help11:18
Macerwe traded tariffs for taxes11:18
Macerso we are helping china11:18
Maceron the backs of our citizens11:18
_av500_time to throw tea into a harbour....11:18
Macerbecause the burden of no tariff is passed onto the citizens11:18
Macera shame11:18
Macer_av500_: yeah.. probably right11:19
Maceror find a piece of land and start a new country11:19
* lbt looks at chinese respect for science and US respect for science... and knows which one he's backing11:19
Macerthe US is an example of what happens to open source :)11:19
_av500_and throw the tea party after it11:19
Macer_av500_: are there any US made tvs anymore?11:19
_av500_not since the 80s11:19
Macerzenith was the last company i remember actually making tvs domestically until they went out of business11:20
Maceror were bought then did11:20
Maceri'd love to find something electronic made 100% local11:20
Macera PC.... anything11:20
_av500_and btw, chinese PCBs and elcetronics are as good as european ones11:20
lolcatSo when will Mer be done and availeble for my galaxy note?11:21
Macer_av500_: if you say so ... they're doing something to it.. they've probably chemically engineered the metal to disolve after 5 years :)11:21
_av500_Macer: bs11:21
_av500_you can get crap stuff out of china too11:21
Macer_av500_: someone should investigate it ;)11:21
lbtlolcat: Mer doesn't target any specific hardware11:21
_av500_like you can get crap coke from the wrong dealer11:22
lbtlolcat: you need someone handling a hardware adaptation - like Nemo or PlasmaActive11:22
Macer_av500_: how do you know what good is if there is a monopoly that forces bad upon you as the norm?11:22
lbtlolcat: unless you're interested in starting with a kernel and doing some work?11:22
Macerall i can say is electroncis from the 80s still work to this day11:23
Maceranything i have bought in the last 10 years has failed in 511:23
Macerall made in asia mostly china11:23
_av500_Macer: btw, PCs are still made in europe11:23
_av500_former Fujitsu/Siemens makes PCs in germany11:23
Stskeepsokay, guys, we are from different nationalities here, including china, please move off topic to #mer11:23
Stskeepsokay, guys, we are from different nationalities here, including china, please move off topic to #mer11:23
_av500_pcb and all11:23
Macernow i am no scientist nor have i done research.. but it forces one to suspect :)11:23
Maceroh.. there's a mer-bar11:24
MacerStskeeps: are there solid steps somewhere on how to get mer onto a transformer?11:24
lolcatlbt: Do we have a bootloader? If I could find the specs on the cellmo I guess I could make something work11:24
Stskeepsno, ask whoever does a hw adaptation for it11:24
lbtlolcat: Mer doesn't have a bootloader - not sure what that device uses11:25
Macerah. vgrade said if he had time today we'd try to figure something out11:25
Macerso maybe if he pops up today we can work on it.. i've just been a little busy with my father being sick11:25
lbtlolcat: Mer takes over when you provide a working kernel11:25
lbtlolcat: we have certain CONFIG_ that you must provide11:25
lbtbut this permits a greater range of hardware adaptations11:26
Macerto what extent does mer install userland tools?11:26
Macerjust basic hardware stuff until you add a repo?11:26
lbtMacer: the core is pretty minimal11:26
lolcatOh, so I supply a kernel and then you fix the rest?11:26
lbtbut it's linux command line11:26
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lbtlolcat: yes, all the way up to a blank X/Wayland screen11:26
Macerlbt: well.. maybe if we are able to get mer and a repo going and active working on a transformer it will just be a matter of making an image11:27
Macerthat would be awesome11:27
lbtlolcat: then on top of that you put a UI layer11:27
lbtMacer: yes - we provide tools to make that easy too11:27
Macerat least make it easier for people who want to do it later.. it's getting it up and running that is a pain i am sure11:27
lolcatlbt: What about dirvers?11:28
Macerdrivers/modules are usually part of the kernel src aren't they?11:28
lbtMacer: (and lolcat) the idea is that experts work on the hardware adaptation (including drivers) and this makes it easy to share UX11:28
lbtMacer: typically you need to provide GLES2.0 libraries11:28
Macerexperts being......? heh11:28
lbtMacer: someone with a device and time on their hands :)11:29
Macerhaha... fair enough11:29
Macerwell. if vgrade comes back around today i'll see if he can help me get it going on the transformer11:29
lolcatWhere can I check wheater it has been done before?11:29
Macerandroid needs to go11:29
Macerbut i'm sure the cam and gps drivers will never work just like the n810/n900 etc :-/11:30
lbtlolcat: google :)  unless someone here happens to know11:30
Maceror at the very least run into major problems trying to do so11:30
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lbtlolcat: typically you're looking for the people that are hacking the device11:30
lbtthen once you have a kernel :
lolcatWill/does Mer include an implementation of Dalvik?11:32
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lolcatI really would love to have Maemo, but it seems getting maemo to work isn't easy11:33
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Macerdalvik? yuck heh11:57
Macerthe world's biggest blunder next to python11:58
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waay u want maemo?14:41
waathe best thign i did on maemo was replace browserd with a dummy sleep 3600 loop, install debian and chromium in a chroot14:42
Macermaemo is great14:42
waanemomobile actualy worked on the HW with i guess meego's kernel and QT. i heard somethin about smoku porting GTK3/hildon/maemo-ui stuff to mer?14:42
* Macer holds his n900 in a sensual manner14:43
Macerwaa: how is nemo on an n900?14:43
waaincredibly easy to install. dd to a miniSD card and it just worked14:43
Maceri meant to try it but have this fear that everything in the ui will be broken heh14:43
waaat least camera, wifi worked. not sure about GPS14:43
Maceri'm sure something doesn't work :)14:43
Macerjust dd to a minisd? you mean micro?14:44
waawhatever itt is14:44
Macerwhat happens to the rest of the space on it? you have to growfs it or something?14:44
waayes i keep 2.6.28 kernel from maemo and chroot into mer/debian stuff usually14:44
waajust so i can fall back on legacy binary crap from maemo for GPS and whateverelse is missing14:44
Maceri wouldn't mind a full replacement for maemo14:45
waaits 3 partitionsi  think14:45
Macerif everything worked14:45
Macerbut i doubt everything works ;)14:45
* Macer points at nitdroid14:45
waayouve tried that?14:45
Macera while back14:45
Macerit was getting better but they hit the typical drivers roadblock14:45
Maceri'm sure meego did as well at some point14:46
Macerwhere it was easier to just drop trying to get the n900 working in favor of concentrating on the N9/950 (the only phones which actually run meego)14:46
waaarchos has 4 inch tablets14:46
waai think mer runs on those14:46
Maceryeah but it's always a crapshot14:46
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Macerif you go outside the stock stuff.. things stop working14:47
waawell, vanilla 3.3 linux has a lot of n900 support14:47
Macerwhen mer was going on for the n810 and it had a ui.... a lot of hardware didn't work.. and the ui was pretty pointless14:47
Macern8x0 actually i suppose14:47
Macerthe base was nice if they could get all the hardware working... but then you step into nokidiot and ti territory14:48
Macerand those fools will never help an open project out with any real conviction14:48
Macerother than releasing broken sdks :)14:48
waanemo took photos out of the box, i was impressed14:48
waai guess it uses Meego's 2.6.37 kernel, which Nokia released a n900 build of14:48
waaso most stuff works14:48
Maceri think htc learned the lesson that it sucks when you have a whole staff that works on android dev and some guy going by the name "cyanogen" makes something better from the src google handed out14:49
Macerthey don't help because of embarassment :)14:49
waaim still annoyed people love google's dalvik/java monstrosity14:49
waaisntead of reusing pulseaudio/X/wayand/dbus like maemo did14:49
Maceri don't care too much for it14:49
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer14:49
Macerbut the alternative was to use X based stuff14:49
Macerwayland is the new x isn't it?14:50
Macersupposed to cut out a lot of the legacy unnecessary X stuff?14:50
Macerwhich probably isn't required now that most things have direct hw access14:50
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #mer14:51
Macereither way... X had to go heh14:51
Macerplus there are probably far more java coders out there nowadays than the world needs14:52
Macerusing it to do awesome multi-platform stuff just like it was intended lol14:53
waavivaldi's screen res is amusing. 800x480? didnt Openmoko have that in 200514:53
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC14:54
waaat least u can use XFT/fontconfig subpixel antialias. unlike apple's awful blue-based antialias that needs a retina display14:54
Maceri love how apple just increased the screen res :)14:54
Macerand called it "new" hahaha14:54
Macerhigh fives to apple for that one14:54
waaya. their grayscale antialias is so awful on low-res screen14:54
Macerjust herding the cattle14:54
Macerit takes a trained eye to notice anti-aliased fonts ;)14:55
Macermost of the cattle don't care... they just want to make sure the apple symbol is showing to the world14:55
waafixed is a great font14:55
waaid take a 800x480 open tablet over an iPAd14:56
Maceri guess.. i'd take an ipad over an android tablet14:56
Maceri have a tf101 and the damn things randomly reboots unless i run a 3rd party app to keep the cpu awake14:57
Macerasus fail14:57
waaas much as i hate propreitary sw. i think that model inspired a ton of creative multlitouch apps14:57
waathe incentive of $4 per app-sale caused people to slave over it14:57
Maceri honestly believe that the closed stuff is better since it follows a straight path14:57
waathat said, between maemo/meego/mer/tizen/openmoko/e17 there are so many X apps that are decsigned for a touchscreen. and on Android you cnat run them14:57
Macerthe open stuff forks and then combines.. then forks the fork of the fork to fork back to another fork14:57
Macerthen gets strung together by python lol14:58
waaactualy there are some X servers for android. i gues you could chroot into a linux userspace and export your DISPLAY14:58
Maceryeah. there are a few14:58
Maceri never tried any of them tho14:58
waaf course ALSA will be fubar since dalvik's VM will be claiming audio devices and god knows what else14:58
waavarious drivers will only work right with proprietary android apps14:58
Macerwell.. that sort of thing is what mer is for ;)14:59
Macerthe only problem is getting it to work on your device14:59
Macerand the hardware to work ... which companies refuse to allow in anything other than what a device is designed for15:00
waawhats thee deal with Archos15:00
waado they personally ensure Ubuntu installs before shipping hardware?15:00
*** kurtul has joined #mer15:01
waathe fact that MEr runs on them bumps to #! choice of a cablet for me15:01
waai'll stick w/ n900 until it breaks tho15:01
*** otep has joined #mer15:02
Macerme too15:02
Maceri love my n900 :-P15:02
Macertruth be told maemo is probably as close as it's ever going to get to having a functional linux feeling distro on a phone15:03
Maceri doubt there will ever be another one like it15:03
timophthat's why I got two :)15:03
Macermy first one broke15:03
Macerusb port thing :(15:03
timoph+3 space batteries15:04
Maceri had to ebay another one but got it for 25015:04
Macerand a battery charger so i never have to use my usb port again unless i flash heh15:04
Macerand 3 batteries :)15:04
Macerwell... i had 1.. got a new one with the phone.. and 1 included with the $5 charger15:04
MacerMade in China15:04
timophI just wish I still had a flashing jig for it15:04
MacerUS Seller!!15:04
Macerat least i can use the old n900 for spare parts in case something breaks on this one15:05
Macerlike the screen and plastics15:05
timophthat stand broke on my other n900. I just glued it to it's hole15:05
Maceri kept such great care of it and of all things the usb port snapped off.. i was so depressed.. i loved that phone... took 3 weeks for my new one to get here15:06
Macertimoph: i need to buy spare keyboards15:06
Macerthey fade15:06
Macermy last one you can see the white backlight heh15:06
Macerbut yeah. the n900 was seriously one of a kind15:06
waaARchos webpage touts dual-boot to linux15:06
timophbut the one maemo device that I trulu treasue is my 77015:06
timophit still works after all these years15:07
Macertoo bad it didn't have much of a commercial following as far as support from nokia15:07
Macersince they were too busy being idiots15:07
waaDual boot between Linux Android™ and Linux Ångström "Your ARCHOS 101 internet tablet is completely open15:07
Macer2 steps shy of bankruptcy15:07
waai think Microsoft bought out their board or something15:07
Maceri'm waiting on it.. it has to happen soon.. someone will either buy them out or they will go bankrupt15:07
waaits all very bizarre15:07
waathem killing so many projects and going Windows15:07
Maceri haven't even tried a windows phone15:08
Macerdoes it outright suck?15:08
timophat least there are other jobs available15:08
waano apps, IE as a browser15:08
Maceri know win8 is supposed to be some touch based thing that looks utterly awful15:08
Macerno apps?15:08
* timoph had to change job after the ms thing15:08
Macertimoph: wow really? you worked at nokia?15:08
Macersymbian dev? :) lol15:08
timophtest tools, etc. for maemo/meego15:09
Macersend me your n950 :-P15:09
Maceri want one15:09
timophactually the screen on it broke :/15:09
Maceryou should be ashamed for that15:10
rantomSage: You called?15:10
Macerthose things are probably the most rare phones in existance lol15:10
timophyep :)15:10
Maceri'm sure some day a collectors item15:10
Macerthey're not even on ebay15:10
timophit already is15:10
timophthe screen didn't competely break. it has a few permanent black lines in it15:10
Macerthat's broken :-P15:11
waacold solder joints?15:11
Macern9 doesn't have the same screen?15:11
timophn950 has lcd15:11
Macerhow the hell is a damn e7 still so expensive??15:12
Maceri know they don't sell THAT well15:12
MacerN9 is around 500 now too15:12
timophdunno but that imo has the best hw keyboard nokia ever made15:12
Maceri am tempted to get one but don't want to buy into disappointment :)15:13
Macerthe e7?15:13
Maceri heard15:13
Maceri want to get one but i figured with the price of their stock going down so would their e7 price15:13
Macerbut they're going up :-P15:13
timophcan't say the same about the software though :)15:13
Maceri should have got them when they hit the 380 mark15:13
Macerdoes it have an ssh client and a gtalk or jabber client?15:13
Macerfor the last symbian they made?15:13
Macerthat's all i'd need ;)15:14
timophdon't actually know15:14
Maceri really would love to get one15:14
Macerbut not at that price15:14
Macernokia should sell them off for $200 :)15:14
Macerthere really isn't too much choice for phone os left15:16
Macerios... android... uhm.....15:16
Maceri guess symbian if you still want to count that and windows15:16
waa4" tablet and mer15:20
waa it is pretty clear ARchos is actively encouraging openness15:21
Maceryeah but most true open mobile interfaces actually like.. totally suck15:23
Maceralthough i haven't tried active yet15:23
Macermaemo was the only one that kind of came close but we all learned how "open" that was :)15:23
waae17/illume is fine15:24
waaso is gtk3/matchbox/hildon15:24
waayu just need to tab between apps. not rocket science15:24
Maceris hildon actually open? i thought there were quite a few places where it was closed15:25
waaplasma-active on KDE4 is preobaly even fine15:25
Maceryeah. i haven't tried it15:25
Maceri want to if i can get mer on this transformer15:26
Macerand install active and see how well it works15:26
*** Aurium has joined #mer15:26
* Stskeeps returns to desk15:36
StskeepsSage: kicked augeas15:40
Stskeepswaa: historical wise, the nemo team is the remainders of the people who brought .37 and rest of meego port to n900 :)15:41
Stskeepswaa: generation 9 / G9 of archos tablets even has a SDE (Special Developer Edition) which runs Mer these days15:42
Stskeepswith mer+plasma active, that is15:42
vgradeStskeeps, Hexxeh has cros up on the Pi in 2715:44
Stskeepsvgrade: not ba15:44
vgradewith x, connecivity15:44
vgradebut not browser yet15:44
Stskeepsah, now that's cheatin15:44
Stskeepsi had qmlviewer+gles up in 37mb15:45
vgradehe was having issues with chromium v6 buils last I noticed15:45
Stskeepsyeah.. v8 is a bitch15:45
vgradeyea, we've been comparing sizes :)15:45
Stskeepsit would probably be possible to use thumb1 on armv6 for some things but ..15:46
Stskeepsi'd rather spend time on thumb2-enablign mer15:46
vgradeyea he mentioned he's not using thumb yet15:46
*** tommis has joined #mer15:49
Stskeepstimoph: what's EAT short for again?15:51
timophenables test automation15:51
timophcan be renamed freely15:51
timophsince that is a platform specific thing15:51
timopherr. no15:52
timophthat is "enables automated testing"15:52
timophit's been too long :p15:53
*** gimli has joined #mer15:53
Stskeeps^ E-P15:53
timophdo we need "other"?15:54
Stskeepsyes, true15:54
*** kurtul has quit IRC15:55
*** dijenerate has joined #mer15:55
timophshows as ".Other" to me15:55
Stskeepsthen it comes in top15:56
Stskeepswe have same over in mer core15:56
*** thopiekar has joined #mer15:57
timophany ideas for the environment thing?16:02
*** dijenerate has quit IRC16:04
*** thopiekar has quit IRC16:06
*** thopiekar has joined #mer16:07
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*** CosmoHill has joined #mer16:13
*** jstaniek has joined #mer16:17
Stskeepstimoph: well, other way is to have testrunner include the environment before each command manually16:22
MerBottimoph: Error: "!" is not a valid command.16:24
timophsauna turn started 25mins ago16:24
* timoph goes16:24
Stskeepshave a good one16:24
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:30
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:31
*** tomeff has joined #mer16:43
*** dijenerate has joined #mer16:44
timophStskeeps: so to pass the env as a cmd line parameter to tr?16:53
Stskeepswell, more like that upon ssh it will load the env, export it, start process..16:54
timophtrying to picture how it'd work in practise16:54
timophbtw, your coming to devaamo summit right?16:55
timophwas thinking that since most the qa people are finland based we could have a mer qa workshop during the summit16:56
timophmaybe even propose it to be included in the program16:57
Stskeepsthat's my plan, also planning to propose a talk16:58
*** dijenerate has quit IRC16:58
Stskeepswhat exactly about, well, i need a martini and some time's quiet to figure it out16:59
timophexcuse to come and stock up on liquorice :p17:00
Stskeepsthat's another part of the story17:00
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC17:00
* Stskeeps ponders idly to book flights17:01
* timoph boots nemo on exopc17:04
timophneed to check what the diff in the env was17:05
*** raignarok_ has quit IRC17:07
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer17:12
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:12
*** Siosm has joined #mer17:21
timophso if we do something like this in eat "env > /root/.ssh/environment" and "echo "AllowUserEnvironment yes" >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config" then the env is ok through ssh17:27
timophdbus and all17:27
Stskeepsmy sshd_config man page doesn't have that17:28
Stskeepsin fedora17:28
timophor was it permituser..17:29
Stskeeps    PermitUserEnvironment17:29
Stskeeps             Specifies whether ~/.ssh/environment and environment= options in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys are processed by sshd(8).  The default is “no”.  Enabling environment processing may enable users to bypass access restrictions in some configurations using mechanisms such as LD_PRELOAD.17:29
Stskeepsinteresting about environment=17:29
Stskeeps     command="command"17:31
Stskeeps             Specifies that the command is executed whenever this key is used for authentication.  The command supplied by the user (if any) is ignored.  The command is run on a pty if the client requests a pty; otherwise it is run without a tty.  If an 8-bit clean channel is required, one must not request17:31
Stskeeps             a pty or should specify no-pty.  A quote may be included in the command by quoting it with a backslash.  This option might be useful to restrict certain public keys to perform just a specific operation.  An example might be a key that permits remote backups but nothing else.  Note that the17:32
Stskeeps             client may specify TCP and/or X11 forwarding unless they are explicitly prohibited.  The command originally supplied by the client is available in the SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND environment variable.  Note that this option applies to shell, command or subsystem execution.  Also note that this command17:32
Stskeeps             may be superseded by either a sshd_config(5) ForceCommand directive or a command embedded in a certificate.17:32
Stskeepseat-env there? :)17:32
* timoph tries to keep up :)17:32
timophhmmh. interesting17:32
Stskeepsthink eat key would mean 'eat-setup-env' will be run when ssh'ing in17:32
timophthat might actually do the trick17:33
timophthe "the command supplied by user (if any) is ignored" part might be a blocker if I understood it correctly17:35
*** tommis has quit IRC17:35
StskeepsThe command originally supplied by the client is available in the  SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND environment variable.17:36
Stskeepsto the command17:36
timoph<3 man pages17:36
Stskeepsso set up environment, run $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND17:36
Stskeepsi had no idea this existed until you told me of permituserenvironment17:37
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