Sunday, 2012-04-08

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StskeepsSage_: btw, noticed that the tizen stuff has a connman-qt06:56
dm8tbrqt? I thought Qt was framework-non-grata in tizen06:59
Stskeepsdm8tbr: in ivi it's mandated07:02
Stskeepsyou don't ask those guys to change on a whim :)07:02
dm8tbrah, right, IVI is dead set on QT07:04
* dm8tbr had a talk about IVI and did some background research, so knows at least a bit about 'their world'07:05
Stskeepsfrankly, i'm happy to see two different backend stacks (.rpm, .deb) having a tizen stamp :P07:06
Stskeepsat least we don't need stupid discussions about packaging format as the apps are in .wgt ;)07:06
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Stskeepsmorn IanWizard07:08
IanWizardStskeeps: barely. :P07:08
Stskeepsindeed.. though it's easters so have to go to my mother in law07:09
IanWizardStskeeps: hey, there's an upside to that.07:29
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Stskeepsmorn harbaum07:57
harbaumI am thinking about how to deal with the c71+. I wonder if the GPL requires the seller to give me the source07:57
harbaumImho it does as he is distributing the kernel.07:58
harbaumI am pretty sure a german seller will taske the device back to avoid a negative review on ebay07:58
harbaumbut what about chinese sellers? They seem to be very afraid of negative reviews07:59
Stskeepstheoretically the person/entity that distributed to you is obligated08:00
harbaumAlso is there really happening that much behind the curtains regarding the vivaldi?08:00
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Stskeepsi'm not involved, but it's my impression they're doing what they can, even meeting people physically, talking to chipset people, etc08:01
Stskeepsthe image on vivaldi should obviously be gpl compliant08:02
dm8tbrdid they have any 'problematic' chips on that thing?08:02
harbaumStskeeps: But who's "they"? Obviously even the-gibsondoesn't have a clue08:02
harbaumSounds like the vivaldi is based on amlogic3 which currently does not have any public kernel source08:03
dm8tbras in e.g. boradcom or other companies known for their 'gpl friendlyness'08:03
Stskeepsharbaum: aaron seigo at least, no idea who the-gibson is08:03
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harbaumI've been told "the-gibson" is madmaze and thus the person behind opentablets08:04
Stskeepsthat's a community though, ie forums and so on08:05
Stskeepsas far as i can tell08:05
Stskeepsthink internettablettalk08:05
dm8tbrbtw: someone sat down and created another boot menu for SDE, this time gen908:05
harbaumSure, thus i expected the guys behind opentablets being as close the the tablet guys as the it guys where to nokia08:06
* dm8tbr is happy as he wouldn't have had the time for it08:06
IanWizardmakes me think "internetpillowtalk"08:06
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Stskeepsharbaum: wasn't much at all :)08:06
harbaumreally? I thought there were nokia employees like texrat involved08:07
Stskeepseither way, i doubt they'd put out a vivaldi with kernel source problems, it'd be community suicide08:07
Stskeepsharbaum: reggie (owner of itt/tmo) started it on his own, texrat hasn't been a nokian for ages08:07
harbaumHmm ... ok08:08
Stskeepsit's first when itt got merged into reggie got bills paid for hosting, but work didn't typically come with a nokia nda08:08
harbaumOk. Still i'd be interested how a chinese seller would deal with the request for source code. If you pay via paypal you could even revoke the money08:10
dm8tbrthere is a good chance that the seller has no chance to get the sources as he is just a box pusher08:10
Stskeepsmore interesting is if paypal will consider a gpl violation a revoke reason..08:11
harbaumsure. but we have no direct way to request anything from the vedors. the sellers are the only ones that have an interest in satsfied customers08:11
harbaumActually i would expect the chinese sellers to be pretty close to the vendors08:12
Stskeepsi'm not sure i'd be able to justify a credit card protesting the cost if i got was what advertised from their web page08:13
harbaumIf the item turns out to contain illegal IP? Sure noone claims it's legal, but that doesn't meant it's ok to be illegal08:14
Stskeepsyep, true08:15
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* Stskeeps ponders to play with Lipstick today08:17
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harbaumif you end up with a lipstick .ks i'd like to give it a go on the beagle08:21
harbaumSuch a lighteight UX is exactly what i am searching for08:24
dm8tbrhmm how slowwww would that be on a N810?08:27
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CosmoHillMorning .o/08:59
CosmoHillStskeeps: what's that thing that says it's always morning when someone joins and always evening when they leave?09:00
CosmoHillUniversal Greeting Time?09:00
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Sage_Stskeeps: libsolv needs gitweb project09:52
Sage_I wonder which one of those we should drop?09:57
Sage_libzypp-6.29.2-meego.patch and libzypp-meego-release.patch at least I guess09:57
Sage_MeeGo-resume-download.patch doesn't apply09:58
Stskeepsthey have to be modified at least, -meego-release that is09:58
Stskeepsi don't mind something stock-ish for libzypp09:59
Stskeepsand then fix as we go09:59
Sage_So dropping everything for now and see what comes up?09:59
Sage_That sounds good to me.09:59
Stskeepsthe timestamp one should stay in :P09:59
thautaStskeeps: is there a git tree somewhere for lipstick?10:00
Stskeepsthauta: hmm, i think w00t has one10:01
Stskeepsw00t: ?10:02
thautaseems to be well hidden =)10:02
thauta thats the one i found but now gives 40410:03
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Sage_Stskeeps: augeas, libsolv, libzypp, zypper in review.11:39
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Sage_Stskeeps: compiling at ^ if you want to see. There are dependencies, thus the compiles in gerrit will probably fail.11:39
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CosmoHillHappy Easter / Giving Chocolate Eggs to loved ones day11:46
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Aard14:39 < Sage_> Stskeeps: augeas, libsolv, libzypp, zypper in review.14:01
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StskeepsAard: putty strikes again?14:02
Aardstuff on mouse error14:02
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Sage_Stskeeps: I haven't tested thosezypp packages yet btw.14:07
Sage_I did one image with those on thursday but that is all14:07
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* CosmoHill wants to code something15:24
Stskeepsplenty of open severity=task bugs on bugs.merproject.org15:24
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Stskeepsmoo alterego16:15
alteregoGood day :)16:15
Stskeepsalterego: seems like non-admin folk are getting out of captcha images error16:15
alteregoHrm, okay.16:15
Stskeepsalterego: i've started packaging up lipstick without libmeegotouch dep and planning on start hacking a bit again as well16:15
Stskeepsconcluded i need some project to support my core work :P16:16
Stskeepshow was france?16:17
alteregoReally good :)16:18
alteregocaptcha should be sorted now.16:19
Stskeepsalright, ta16:20
Stskeepswhat causes it?16:20
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alteregoIt just runs out of images. So i have to generate a load of new ones, which takes a while.16:22
alteregoWe should probably set up a cron job thayt replenishes them over night or something.16:23
alteregoAre you going to the Tizen summit?16:23
Stskeepsyup,got sponsored16:25
Stskeepsand i don't even have to give a talk16:25
alteregoI'm thinking about it16:26
Stskeepstickets from warsaw are 942 usd plus atm16:26
alteregoThink I'd like to go, what routes are there for sponsorship?16:26
Stskeepstoo late now, i think16:27
Stskeepsit's in less than a month16:27
alteregoWell, I'll think about it next week. I'm trying to wind myself up to a month of hacking after a week of nice holiday in the snow ;)16:29
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Stskeepsstep  1: coffee16:31
alteregoI've got now plans to do any work today, except having a quick look over my code to remember what I want to do next week.16:32
alteregoWhich is what I'm doing now, later I will be playing xbox :)16:32
Stskeepsi'm on doctor who and trying to avoid a flu16:33
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alteregoI started coming down with something before I left, but being in the mountains sorted me out and I didn't really get hit with anything worse than a tingly cough16:35
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patinux_laptopsorry my englis is not very good16:54
patinux_laptopy have openmoko Neo its possible install mer ?16:55
patinux_laptopy have qtmoko y whant change  ....16:56
patinux_laptopmer is very importante .. ;)16:57
patinux_laptopfrench here ?16:58
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CosmoHillpatinux_laptop: some i think17:02
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patinux_laptopCosmoHill, thank :)17:05
patinux_laptopyou have N900 ?17:05
patinux_laptopNeo ?17:05
CosmoHillnope, sony w99517:05
patinux_laptopits ok17:05
patinux_laptopme y not sure mer for freeruner GTO2 /0717:07
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CosmoHillI'm not sure either17:08
patinux_laptopok :)17:08
Stskeepsmer doesnt currently port to armv4 so no gta02 port possible17:08
patinux_laptopah ok :/17:09
patinux_laptopStskeeps, ok thank you17:09
Stskeepsi have a gta02 so maybe one day, but today no17:09
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patinux_laptopyes I would love to be a little jhours :)17:10
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patinux_laptopyes I would love to be a few days :)17:11
patinux_laptopyou have qymoko in freerunner ?17:12
patinux_laptopqtmoko *17:12
Stskeepsatm nothing17:12
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patinux_laptopthank bye all :)20:47
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