Monday, 2012-04-09

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Stskeepshow's it going? i finally saw the tizen ivi preview, good to see some people have sense to make a meego style stack :P06:33
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: can I use ping command in mer ?09:22
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I cannot find the rpm for this command09:23
CosmoHilltype "ping" and see if it's there09:23
CosmoHillZiQiangHuan: do you have inetutils?09:23
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ZiQiangHuanCosmoHill: there is no "ping" in my system09:32
ZiQiangHuanCosmoHill: inetutils ? something is wrong with my rpm, so I cannot try "rpm -qa | grep "inetutils""09:33
CosmoHilltry: zypper search inetutils09:33
ZiQiangHuanCosmoHill: no zypper here too09:34
CosmoHilluse the gui package manager then09:34
ZiQiangHuanCosmoHill: is there a rpm built for mer I can use?09:34
Sage_it is iputils package09:36
Sage_ZiQiangHuan: CosmoHill: ^09:38
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CosmoHillthanks Sage_09:38
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ZiQiangHuanSage_: thank you , I see the iputils pacakge09:41
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alteregovgrade: planning on heading to the Tizen summit?14:30
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CosmoHillhi Stskeeps and alterego14:56
CosmoHillI'm having a go at learning LESS for style markup14:57
Stskeeps.. style markup?14:58
CosmoHillI'll show you in a while if I can14:59
alteregoYeah, I've been playing with that with Rails14:59
CosmoHilli looked in SCSS and HAML but I don't use rails14:59
vgradealterego, I had planned to, and had sponsorship all agreed from LF for flights and hotel but family commitmens meant I could not go so had to pull out :(15:02
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vgradealterego, gutted does not cover it15:03
vgradeI should make akademy though in July15:03
CosmoHillthat was annoying, stylesheet wasn't working because a . was missing15:20
CosmoHillvgrade: that sucks but family must come first15:20
Stskeepsjavispedro: ever played with the gles drivers of touchpad?15:21
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javispedronope,still with builtin15:24
javispedroOS et al15:24
Stskeepsi found out i could do full screen gles with them at least, though they still seem to load luna and napp throgh the egl sub driver15:25
javispedrowebos works that way, all sdl apps are fullscreen15:25
javispedrowhen they receive the pause event (card view) drawing is redirectered to libnapp15:26
javispedrowhich is basically some shm pixmap manager (kind of ad-hoc compositor)15:26
javispedroI am not sure why would the sub driver do that, iirc it was patched SDL doing that swapping15:27
CosmoHillStskeeps: and
Stskeepswas looking into it to see if we could macgyver it into working on top of mer alone15:28
Stskeepssure, we have softfloat mer15:29
javispedrobtw, is mikhas still around?15:29
Stskeepsin maliit channels probably15:29
javispedrooops true, thanks15:29
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javispedrothe subdriver API looks simple, though it seems like a webos invention15:45
Stskeepsit talks of subdrivers for android and x11 and fb in strings though15:47
Stskeepsmaybe wsegl like15:47
javispedroit is a wsegl15:47
javispedroI can guess what each parGetNativePixmapSize(eglSubDriver_s*, void*, int*, int*) -- I can guess what each parameter is for :)15:48
javispedro(all glory to C++ name mangling)15:49
javispedrothe fact that the subdriver links with napp is news to me though :(15:49
javispedroI think this must have come with SDL plugins -- a special type of sdl app that is embedded on the normal webkit view15:50
javispedroprobably the old approach wasn't performant enough for that (memcpy() basically, they rate-limited it to 1fps)15:50
DocScrutinizerall glory to the hypnotoad!15:50
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javispedroaha, they have indeed changed the sdl patch, there is this comment now where the old napp logic was: * Offscreen surface updating managed through EGL subdriver */15:52
javispedroand then a plain call15:52
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javispedrobut I cannot find anything about this in android, and I'm certain the word subdriver was already there in OMAP/PowerVR webos, so..16:01
javispedrothat's why I think it is a webos-only thing.16:01
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trip0vgrade, how goes it?16:43
vgradequiet here, family away16:49
vgradeyou see the tizen link?16:50
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trip0vgrade, yessir16:53
trip0i helped make the tizen that's linked16:53
vgradenice one16:54
vgradeI got it up on Exo with a bit of fettling16:54
trip0oh cool16:54
trip0try wayland yet?16:54
vgrade, no not yet16:55
trip0ahh, that's the X version then?16:55
trip0hmm, screen is small16:56
trip0oh, it's not wayland16:56
trip0so it doesn't have a window manager that stretches16:56
trip0there's a zypper pattern called ivi-wayland-pc16:57
vgradeI'll give it a go later. Do I need maps for navit?16:58
trip0it comes with maps for oregon16:58
trip0but i'm guessing you live elsewhere16:59
trip0oh, and navit doesn't work on wayland atm16:59
vgradeah ok, I have no GPS either so don't know where it was centered.  I also got stuck in the navit menus, no way to get back to map17:01
vgradewhen will the OBS be open for business?17:01
trip0not sure17:02
Stskeepsi wonder if we should import tizen base and ivi preview into  community obs17:03
Stskeepsi found the prjconf in gbs17:04
Stskeepslbt_: ^17:04
vgradecould you then build for arm17:05
Stskeepsno, binaries aren't published for arm17:07
Stskeepsbut there's indications they exist (two sets of .src.rpm, cross compiler stuff. etc)17:07
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* mikeleib peers in17:14
* CosmoHill peers back17:15
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Stskeepsmoo mikeleib17:34
Stskeepsstill causing trouble? ;)17:34
mikeleibStskeeps: I am a trouble maker renowned both inside and outside of Intel it seems17:36
mikeleibI should put that on my performance review.. I have industry-wide renown17:36
Stskeepshehe, good :)17:36
Stskeeps(and welcome here, feel free to idle)17:37
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Sageah, found the issue with the zypper search not working20:18
Sagesome patches added in meego broke it so dropping those20:19
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Sagelbt_away, timoph: commented on bug 213 please verify and let me know if you need some other arch for it20:20
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* lbt_away is not here right now ... please leave a message after the tone .... beeeeep.20:21
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Sage \o/20:25
Sagezypper search working for the first time in Mer :D20:26
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smokuis Mer Platform SDK supposed to have no repos?20:43
smokuMerSDK 20:43:32 0 smoku@wing:~$ yum repolist all20:43
smokurepolist: 020:43
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Sagesmoku: I don't think so20:45
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smokubaka me20:46
Sageerr.... smoku: you should use zypper not yum20:46
smokunote to self: use zypper, not yum20:46
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smokuSage: right20:46
smokutoo much fedora ;-)20:46
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smokumaybe we should remove yum from image then? :/20:46
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Sagehmmp... that should be fixed btw. yum pkg should probably have link to zypper repo dir20:47
Sagesmoku: we use some parts of yum as well so can't do that20:47
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smokuSage: do we use yum binary itself?20:47
smokuecho -e '#!/bin/sh\necho "Use zypper, dummy!"' > `which yum`20:48
Sagesmoku: hmmp. good point we might not use the actual yum binary20:48
Sagesmoku: feel free to file a bug about that we definitely should check that if we could a) disable yum binary or b) fix yum repos so user could use the one he prefers20:49
smokuSage: sure. at it20:50
SageAFAIK there are two parts of yum we use. createrepo script and mic that uses it for image builds, not sure if that is binary usage or via python includes20:51
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smokucreaterepo is not part of yum package20:56
smokuon Fedora it is separate package, on Mer I don't know where it is20:56
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trip0anyone here have experience with ?23:11
trip0the beagleboard/bone lcd?23:11
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trip0Stskeeps, has tried the waylands on tizen yet?23:33
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