Friday, 2012-04-06

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vgradehey trip001:09
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vgradeberndhs_950, hi01:44
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niqtmorning all06:27
Stskeepsmorn niqt06:28
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Stskeepshello ericy_12key06:29
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TomaszDStskeeps: any love for ready to go Nemo builds at ?07:14
TomaszDI see there's been a new release out, but no new image since the middle of March07:14
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TomaszDto be fair, I might be in the wrong channel07:15
StskeepsTomaszD: 03.19 is fairly recent07:19
Stskeepscore's from 0315, release is 031907:20
TomaszDthere was a release yesterday right?07:20
TomaszDStskeeps: how's life/work anyway man, long time no see07:21
Stskeepslife's good, work, well, on a small vacation atm07:21
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Sage_gnutls again08:09
Stskeepstaking some papers to my accountant atm, back in an hour or so08:09
Stskeepsi'm reviewing each of them today08:09
Sage_.... expat caused sensorfw to fail08:10
Stskeepsnot imposible fwiw08:11
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Sage_well the fun part is that there is no expat-devel in sensorfw compile used.08:13
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Stskeepsbut maybe indirectly08:42
Stskeepstimoph: how did eat go, btw?08:46
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lbtmorning all - when's the next SDK meeting?08:51
Sage_Stskeeps: it seems so and also it is most probably qt that is causing that :(08:53
Stskeepsbrb food08:54
lbt-> coffee08:56
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* CosmoHill headbangs his desk09:13
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Stskeepsah, finally back at desk09:28
StskeepsSage_: which ones would you like me to kick?09:32
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TomaszDStskeeps: any good contracting work or has the well dried up?09:39
StskeepsTomaszD: just temporarily without contracts, but not worried09:39
TomaszDwell, you probably have saved up for situations like this09:40
Stskeepsyeah, so i get some nice free time to work on Mer and my beer belly09:40
TomaszDanything good incoming? tizen?09:40
TomaszDbeer belly must be cultivated09:40
Stskeepstizen has their own problems, they don't have to deal with me too ;)09:41
TomaszDstill have my n900 as backup09:42
TomaszDI've put cm9 on my year old motorola milestone 2 and it's like I bought a new one09:45
Stskeepsi need to convert my sim to a microsim, then i'll probably be using my n909:47
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TomaszDn9 is so much cheaper now09:58
TomaszDit's the prices it should have started with09:59
Stskeepswelcome to mobile world09:59
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TomaszDno seriously, it lost so much value10:06
Stskeepswell, yes, but things always start high10:08
Stskeepsi found it impressive i can still buy n900 here10:08
TomaszDpeople want to get rid of that brick10:14
TomaszDI bought some screen polish, polished the n900's screen so it has no scratches and bought a high quality screen protector, very durable10:15
TomaszDI also have a plastic two piece case put on it10:15
TomaszDso it's like a tank10:15
TomaszDshame the things I wanted to use it for fail constantly10:16
TomaszDcolumbus crashes mercilessly10:18
TomaszDcloudgps fails whenever there's patchy 3g reception from my 3g router and doesn't want to download tiles afer one breakup10:18
TomaszDpyobd doesn't want to connect to my car's ecu10:19
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Bostikaye, pricing always starts a tad above what bean-counters think the bling-bling hungry idiots are willing to pay10:33
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TomaszDwouldn't call them idiots just because they have money to spare10:46
TomaszDfired up my n900, still have some updated, even the community csu got one10:47
odin_where are the cheap N9s for the UK then?  I did not get one as too expensive for a grey import10:49
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TomaszDyou can buy a new one with 2 year warranty from a legal source for the equivalent of 238 GBP10:52
TomaszDit used to be exactly twice that10:52
lbtTomaszD: where?10:53
lbtI just sold my Lumia 800 on eBay for £250 :)10:54
lbtso now I can get an N9 \o/10:54
TomaszDdid you get one for free or did you actually buy the lumia lbt ?10:54
lbtyou have to ask if I'd buy a windows phone?10:55
lbtNokia tried to 'influence' the linux dev community by sending free Lumia's to all those who'd gotten an N950 I think10:55
* Stskeeps tries to hack his hp touchpad10:56
* lbt remembers he's doing OBS ....10:56
TomaszDStskeeps: hah, I also have one, wonderful hardware, although I have plastic ring around the screen completely broken in pieces near the speakers10:56
TomaszDI need to use some glue before it all falls off10:57
TomaszDlatest cm9 nightlies and an overclocked kernel = great experience10:57
TomaszDStskeeps: although I'd love to see nemo there or meego or whathaveyou10:58
TomaszDbottom line is, I can watch 720p mkv videos via DLNA without issues. This is a winning combo10:59
Stskeepsmy idea is to get fullscreen egl working on a mer install, just for fun11:00
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TomaszDwell don't tell anyone, might get their hopes up for a committed porting effort11:01
Stskeepsof course11:03
Stskeepsthis is for myself to learn about qualcomm chipsts11:03
TomaszDof course ;)11:04
TomaszDStskeeps: how's your freerunner doing11:06
Stskeepsi'm pondering to put it in the car11:09
Stskeepsor experiment with featurephone stuff11:09
Stskeepslet's see :)11:10
TomaszDqtmoko is great for featurephone11:13
TomaszDactually it's outstanding11:13
TomaszDI would love to se qtmoko on better hardware11:14
TomaszDshame the qtextended thing is dead11:14
TomaszDstill active, last release in feb11:15
TomaszDI think the key to its success is not running on top of X, apart from many other nice UI features11:15
TomaszDthe keyboard itself is quite nifty, with gesture support and character recognition AFAIR11:16
TomaszDswipe up for capital letters, swipe left to delete last character, things like that11:16
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CosmoHillvgrade: are you watching the match?12:49
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vgradeoh s***t I thought it was on later12:49
CosmoHillstarts in 11 mins12:49
CosmoHillsky sports 112:50
vgradeok tuning in now12:50
CosmoHillcool, I didn't want to say the score and ruin it for you12:50
CosmoHilldidn't know that if we won this game we'd be top12:50
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* CosmoHill is watching football atm13:05
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CosmoHillvgrade: on snap13:13
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vgradeliving up to the dirty leeds tag13:16
CosmoHillhave you ever seen to leeds?13:18
vgradebeen or seen13:21
vgradelived there until I was 1813:21
CosmoHillfair enough, I've never been to reading13:21
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vgradeyou should support your home town team13:22
vgradeeasy for me in the 70's13:22
CosmoHilli think my home team are in the lowest table known to man13:22
CosmoHillwe offically became a city this year but we've always had it in the title13:23
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CosmoHillwow, I've seen cleaner trams than this13:24
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lbtI hate proxies ... so many things to go wrong ... but essential when you're rebuilding VMs again and again on a slow link13:50
Stskeepslbt: couldn't you theoretically do a transparent proxy instead though?13:53
lbtStskeeps: ideally - but when you hit places like suse they have dynamic redirects for load balancing13:54
lbtturns out apt-cacher-ng works...13:54
Stskeepslbt: ah..13:55
Stskeepslbt: thanks for release night, btw13:55
Stskeepser, last night13:55
lbtnp - looks like it went smoothly13:56
Stskeepswe'll know when people come back from easters13:56
Stskeepsoh, you forgot .ks'es though13:59
lbtyep - not in the instructions :(13:59
lbtI'll do that now14:00
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* Stskeeps tries to get his inbox to zero14:03
CosmoHillctrl + a, backspace14:03
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CyfusI cant find merinstaller.install at it seems to be down, does anyone have a mirror?14:05
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dm8tbrStskeeps: ^^14:07
lbtCyfus: what are you reading to get that?14:08
StskeepsCyfus: old Mer is dead, sorry - is what is available these days14:08
CyfusI was reading
* dm8tbr ponders a super simple MerUX based UI14:09
dm8tbrsomething like a clock and a notification field that listens to a UDP port14:09
StskeepsSage_: congrats, you broke the build :)14:16
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Cyfushow active is mer? I have an n800, is it still getting attention?14:16
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StskeepsCyfus: Mer's a core and quite active, but n800 efforts are low, but the general ARMv6 port is getting attention14:16
StskeepsSage_: have choice for needed by rpm: nss nss-devel, have choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss nss-devel, have choice14:17
Stskeepsfor needed by rpm-libs: nss nss-devel, have choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss nss-devel,14:17
Stskeepshave choice for needed by rpm-libs: nss nss-devel, have choice for needed by rpm-libs:14:17
Stskeepsnss nss-devel, have choice for needed by glibc: nss-devel nss-softokn-freebl, have choice for14:17 needed by glibc: nss-devel nss-softokn-freebl, have choice for needed by rpm-build:14:17
StskeepsSage_: take a look at %packages devel14:19
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Cyfuswhat would you guys suggest as the best alternative for n800 2008?14:25
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StskeepsCyfus: i'm not sure there's much else14:26
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CosmoHillstop teasing them and score already >.<14:40
Stskeepstime to open #mer-bar, perhaps14:41
CosmoHillmaybe, there's argument at LFS about if there should be a chat channel or just use the main one14:41
Stskeepsi'm okay with watercooler talk but it's important to be kept on topic, ie no continous ranting or constant off topic as people are in here to participate in Mer and see what goes on :P14:43
CosmoHill#mer is bigger than #lfs-support and #meego is bigger than both (and full of zombies)14:44
Stskeeps:nod: and bigger means more people are watching :)14:48
CosmoHillhad an odd situation where someone was asking support questions in the chat channel14:49
vgradeStskeeps, no problem I don't want to talk about the football anymore15:09
* CosmoHill cackles15:10
* CosmoHill pets vgrade 15:10
CosmoHillpets / pats15:10
Stskeepsvgrade: ah - no worries, i talk random stuff about my travels and such at times, that qualifies under watercooler :)15:11
Stskeepspeople are after all working together here as a virtual company of sorts15:11
vgradeyour call was a good one as my team lost to CosmoHill's team15:12
vgradeas you can probably tell from the cackles :)15:12
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CosmoHillcould be worse, I could be a man u fan15:15
vgradeCosmoHill, don't15:19
vgradegoes back to compiling kernel modules15:20
Stskeepsvgrade: it's weird it's not crashing though (mali + framebuffer location)15:20
Stskeepsmaybe we reach into the back buffer15:20
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CosmoHillI thought I saw some spelling mistakes on this ebook but there there are numbers mid words15:50
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trip0hi vgrade17:30
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vgradehi trip0, saw your new packages on OBS18:28
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harbaumi ordered a c71+ yesterday ...18:44
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CosmoHillfor a moment I thought you meant the standard of C from 197118:44
Stskeepsharbaum: the 1gb one?18:45
harbaumyes, the 1gb one18:45
harbaumthe opentablet guys old me that this is enarer to their tab18:45
harbaumand i need a host mode capable device to tinker with18:45
Stskeepsi got a hp touchpad recently, interesting device18:46
Stskeepsmy first qualcomm18:46
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harbaumi don't even know what's inside the c71 ...  but i'll find out soon18:48
Stskeepsprobably amlogic still18:49
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harbaumah, yes amlogic3 was mentioned somewhere.but i didn't know it's the name of the cpu18:49
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vgradeharbaum, you know we don't have kernel source for that18:55
vgradeamlogic meson 3 chipset18:55
Stskeepsdid anyone try to boot a reference kernel on there yet?18:55
vgradeyou mean a one18:56
Stskeepswell, or amlogic one18:56
harbaumvgrade: i didn't know that. but in the worst case i have spent €99 for a android 4 tablet. things could be worse18:57
vgradeyes , I think one of the guys booted using the kyora kernel ( based on amlogic meson 1 ref) but things like touchscreen not working18:57
vgradeI did post here and on #opentablets and opentablets forums that c71+ did nt have kernel yet18:58
harbaumactually this opentablet guru claimed ypu had a working kernel :-)18:59
vgradedid he, well he's wrong18:59
Stskeepsand we can learn to not always trust gurus ;)18:59
harbaumgah ... i was in the mood to shop gear ....19:00
harbaumwhat happens if one asks amlogic for the kernel source?19:02
vgradethey point you to the amlogic wiki which has a tarballs of old kernels whcih don't have the recent drivers for C71 and don't include anything for the meson 3 boards ie 1GB C71+19:04
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timophStskeeps: the eat thing got buried under other things.. I'll try to do something to it as soon as I can19:40
*** nsuffys has quit IRC19:40
* timoph visiting parents this weekend so will be pretty much offline until monday19:41
harbaumvgrade: What's that?
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harbaumthe 282 are imho the "upgrades" c91+ and c71+19:47
vgradeyea, but only binary kernels19:47
vgradewe need to recompile to remove andriod options and add options for mer eg systemd related ones19:48
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harbaumvgrade: sure, 9mb sounded to big for a binary only package ... but you are right, there's only binary stuff inside19:49
vgradebeen there19:50
vgrade80MB for kernerl source usually19:51
vgradesorry you were fed duff info, I'll have a word with the-gibson19:51
harbaumah, no problem.19:54
harbaumlet's first see what i actually receive. It was pretty cheap for a c71+ and may still turn out to be the old model19:55
harbaumthe-gibson actually claimed that the old version may not be supported anymore, which in turn raised some eyebrows of c71 owners19:57
the-gibsonwhats up?19:59
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Stskeepstimoph: alright, have a good easters20:00
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the-gibsonharbaum: ahh yes, i was mistaken about the c71+ kernels, i saw the autoscript assumed it as a kernel but not so20:02
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harbaumwhat about your statement that the vivaldi will be closer to the c71+ than to the c71?20:06
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the-gibsonharbaum: from what I understand that is true20:09
harbaumBut that doesn't make much sense given the fact that there's no kernel source. Or is someone building a mer kernel in cooperation with zenithink?20:10
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the-gibsonharbaum: i dont know on that point, last i checked into it I was told the " we're still working through some final20:18
*** shanem_ has joined #mer20:18
the-gibsonlegal matters around the sources:20:18
the-gibsonso thats as much as i know about the source, though i sent an email off to zenithink asking about their status.. and havnt heard back yet20:19
wmarone_I think it's more that the chinese OEMs are trying to coerce a fee for the kernel sources above and beyond the purchase price of the hardware, despite having distributed the binary20:19
harbaumthe old cordia tab story again ...20:22
harbaumi don't understand that business model. I can't believe anyone is buying their kernel source. I mean who besides us has a use for them?20:22
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harbaumWhoever bought the kernel source may legally forward this. I'll lurk on some of those boards where they build/distribute customs android roms. Perhaps they have the source20:30
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the-gibsoncould someone familliar with MIC give me a pointer on how to tell mic-image-creator where to find repositories?22:20
the-gibsoni keep getting "Error: No repositories found"22:20
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:21
the-gibsonvgrade: could you point me in the right direction?22:29
*** khetzal has quit IRC22:34
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the-gibsonnevermind.. i wasnt in the SDK =/22:47
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