Thursday, 2012-04-05

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* wmarone_ starts cleaning up his OBS project04:21
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* Stskeeps looks forward to flying back home today04:42
E-P_hopefully not so bad rush today at the airports04:43
Stskeepsindeed.. even ferry traffic was bad yesterday04:44
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Sage_morning all05:39
Sage_\o/ zypper update packaged \o/ :)05:39
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Sage_lbt: let me know if you have some kind of release schedule somewhere in the wiki. Would like to add couple of bigger tasks for the future, PulseAudio 1.x and Xorg 11.x updates which will be something that needs consulting with the vendors at least05:45
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timophSage_: any fixes to highlight? (haven't been following)06:08
timophalso good morning06:08
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Sage_timoph: I have no idea actually. At least libsatsolver is gone and libsolv has replaced it.06:23
niqtmorning all06:23
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dm8tbrjukkaeklund / Sage_ - now on my way06:36
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Stskeepsjukkaeklund: for good measure, not ignoring your mails, just abroad for 48hrs, will respond when i'm more capable (at my desk in 5 hours)06:41
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jukkaeklundstskeeps, sure no worries06:58
dm8tbrjukkaeklund: which floor? almost there07:03
jukkaeklundwe are in 5th07:03
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* Sage_ sent 3 cve fixes to review07:53
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Sage_vgrade: output from the serial when trying to boot08:18
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Sage_I flashed the kernel with cmd "fastboot flash:raw boot kernel ramdisk"08:18
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Sage_that is from galaxy nexus gt-i925008:20
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jukkaeklundstskeeps, saw this already?
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* slaine yawns and stretches08:48
slainenot getting good sleep this week08:48
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jukkaeklundslaine, I am now using fitbit to track my sleep pattern :)08:59
slaineif my kids wake up then I wake up, that's my sleep pattern09:00
slaineonly they don't have to get up at 6am to commute09:00
slainecoffee will help09:00
jukkaeklundtrue true09:01
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sledgesProject Glass: jukkaeklund, looks astounding. Wonder if we can run Mer on it :D09:13
slaineYay, my RAM arrived for that server09:21
slainei'll coffee up, install it, hope I ordered the right sticks, and kick off my mer rebuild in time for a long weekend09:22
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* Stskeeps lands in warsaw09:28
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lbtmorning all09:30
niqtmorning lbt09:30
lbtSage_: will do09:30
lbtSage_: been battling with OBS install testing :/09:32
lbthey niqt09:32
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jukkaeklundsledges, yep let's see what is the hw09:43
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sledgesanother great news, showing how MeeGo platform is lightweight:
slainelbt, want me to try a fe/be obs reinstall ?09:52
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lbtslaine: can you wait a few mins?09:52
X-Fadesledges: Another really made up story, yes.09:53
slaineI'm not ready to do it right now but if you think it'd help then I could give it a shot in a while09:53
slaineMy RAM sticks have arrived and I'll be taking the server offline anyway09:53
slainejust waiting for someone for finish with the NOC trolly09:53
* sledges interested in other made-up stories then, X-Fade 09:54
lbtslaine: great - I'm just having a hack09:54
X-Fadesledges: There is just not a single fact in that article.09:55
X-Fadesledges: I might as well say that coca cola is going into the tablet business or something like that ;)09:55
sledgesX-Fade, just like Google Project Glass was just a rumour months ago09:56
X-Fadesledges: That idea is decades old..09:56
sledgesX-Fade, I'm not talking about the idea09:57
jukkaeklundstskeeps, also sorry missing out AB today wife is issuing demands about easter travelling..09:57
sledgesas for MeeGo devices: wait and see, if it comes true - great, if it doesn't, we're fine with what we've got (N9), continue porting Mer on anything made of silicon09:58
X-Fadesledges: don't get your hopes up. Nokia fired everybody who worked on it, so...09:59
sledgesthen who's releasing PR1.x ?09:59
timophgood question :)10:00
X-FadeAt the end of the month..10:00
X-FadeSome contractors.10:00
slainelbt, Heading down to install the RAM, I'll reinstall the OS too while I'm there.10:00
* sledges feels for Alison_Chaiken , one of the many enthusiasts...10:00
slainethen you can give me a shout when you're finished your hack10:01
* timoph has been out of nokia related projects since last september10:01
sledgescontractors having put together PR1.2 ? wonder how the phone still works :)10:02
timophStskeeps: I'll be on a train (again) tomorrow during the sdk meeting10:02
timophsledges: have little faith. a lot of things are made through contractors10:03
X-Fadesledges: Check the source, you will see who worked on it :)10:03
sledgessharps! :)10:03
sledgesnot whole lot good things, timoph :)10:04
timophsledges: e.g. the test automation toolchain :p10:04
sledgessurely there are exceptions, which increase with good program management10:06
* timoph needs more free time to spend on hacking10:06
sledgesand a well written underlying platform10:06
timophlike Mer10:06
matrixxmost of the contractors have been along from the start, so I wouldn't underestimate the quality of efforts10:07
lbtsledges: if you really want to troll I'm sure there are better places...10:08
sledgeslbt, was not the intention to troll, pardon if it looked like10:09
sledgesi should review troll's manifest, times change! :)10:11
StskeepsX-Fade: damnit, you just blew the cover of the mer based coca cola tablet :(10:18
X-FadeStskeeps: Awww, I thought I used coca cola just to hide we are working on a pepsi one..10:19
X-FadeCrap, wrong channel..10:19
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Sage_Stskeeps: something wrong with gerrit?,498 ?10:23
StskeepsSage_: will look in 30 mins10:24
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StskeepsSage_: looks like a fluke, happens on others too?10:47
Sage_only that one it seems10:48
Sage_Stskeeps: can you trigger rebuild for that10:48
Stskeepsyes, will do10:48
Stskeepsi just need to get used to typing on a keyboard again ;)10:54
* w00t glues Stskeeps to his sofa10:55
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Sage_Stskeeps: about the shadowutil is it ok to change from UID min 500 to 1000 as fedora did?10:57
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StskeepsSage_: kicked gnutls11:01
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slaineOpensuse doesn't have a server specific kernel does it ?11:03
kimjuhmmh.. maybe I should remove "gnu" from my highlights, at least for this channel.. (my ham radio callsign is oh3gnu :)11:03
slaineI only ask because the DVD iso installs a kernel labeled Desktop11:04
Stskeepskimju: wow, that has to be a world of hurt in #debian* channels ;)11:05
kimjuluckily I'm not on those :)11:06
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slainelbt, I'm ready to rock11:09
lbtpushed a new tarball - give it 5 mins11:11
slainetell you what, I'll get MDS up, grab lunch and them come back11:12
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Sage_ok, all CVE's reported now fixed in review11:20
StskeepsOK, cool11:20
Stskeepsand thanks11:20
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StskeepsREMINDER: advisory board meeting in 7 minutes in #mer-meeting11:54
Stskeepsand stskeeps seemingily can't spot a friday in a calendar11:54
Stskeepsshould have been 6th :)11:55
Sage_Friday is holiday so better this way11:55
Stskeepsthink it'll, erm, be a quick one11:56
Sage_lbt: ping :)11:56
Stskeepshow are we doing on testing -next, btw?11:59
Stskeepsi've been a bit out of touch11:59
Sage_it seemed to work on i586 and n950 at least11:59
Stskeepsany image size increase?11:59
Sage_I didn't see that dual status you said you saw11:59
Sage_hmmp.... let me check12:00
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* lbt has been buried in OBS packaging, deployment debugging12:00
Sage_Stskeeps: 30M it seems to me but I had other changes in that as well12:02
StskeepsSage_: yeah, wouldn't surprise me12:02
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CosmoHillvgrade: do you have sky sports?16:07
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CosmoHillI asked for regex help 2 hours ago and the discussion has continued even after I lefty16:23
Stskeepsi don't see any regexp help in here, CosmoHill16:28
CosmoHillthis was another channel16:29
Stskeepsalrighty then16:29
CosmoHillstill going >.<16:29
CosmoHilleven tho I've finished my work experience there half an hour ago16:30
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sledgeshave a good time everybuddy! I'm out holidaying until 16th April :)17:34
lbtenjoy o/17:34
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* lbt is starting the release - Stskeeps ... FYI18:17
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Stskeepslbt, ok18:34
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lbtalso getting close to automated OBS installs here for testing purposes18:35
lbt(and easier vendor install too)18:35
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lbtthe obsapisetup script for the appliance was quite useful18:40
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vgradeCosmoHill, yes, is the game on tomorrow?19:20
vgradelbt, automated OBS sounds great, put me down for one19:20
lbtyup - I should have it sorted later - I'm using kvm and lvm writeable snapshots so I can reinstall over and over19:22
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vgradeeyes his pile of 1TB disks he bought before the hdd shortage19:27
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CosmoHillvgrade: yeah19:29
CosmoHillnot often I get to see Reading on tv19:29
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