Wednesday, 2012-04-04

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dm8tbrSage: great, I'll try that later today04:29
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wmaronesomething is broken, I'm getting a bunch of "process -1 exited with exit code 0" spamming at high speed on tty206:15
wmaroneuxlaunch is completely pissed06:16
wmaronetime to try something else06:17
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wmaronenope, not the launched application06:32
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wmaroneok more tomorrow06:44
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BostikStskeeps, lbt, Sage: I had to pull newer qt5/qtbase (and lots of others too); I fixed the packaging according to suggestions and added the newly included files to get the current upstream packaged again; current status - building, qtbase succeeded07:10
Bostikchanges to spec since review modifications:
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lbtmorning all07:59
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sageBostik: seems good08:05
lbtcouple of build failures Bostik08:05
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lbtsonach: ping08:06
sonachlbt: morning! I want to setup a new MerDS OBS, What OS will you recommend me to install, OpenSUSE server or jeos? If OpenSUSE, 12.1 or 11.4?08:06
lbt:) .... exactly why I was pinging you :)08:07
lbtUse 11.4 for the moment please - we think 12.1 will be OK in a few weeks but we don't run it yet08:07
sonachOK. And OpenSUSE 11.4 desktop is not suitable?08:08
lbtNo, Server or jeos is fine - I tend to use jeos because suse has it's own management tools (yast) which none of our admins understand08:08
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lbtso using minimal jeos means you don't have susefirewall etc to deal with08:09
lbtbut you do need to make sure things like ntp and any iptables you need are managed08:09
lbt(I assume this is a completely internal deployment behind a firewall)08:10
Bostiklbt: I know, but at least it's finally getting closer to sane state again08:11
sonachlbt: this OBS is just for internal usage, nothing releated to ntp or iptables.  Have you used jeos as one of your server?08:12
lbtBostik: :)08:12
lbtsonach: yes, I use jeos all the time (and ntp is for time synchronisation which is important)08:12
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sonachlbt: I remember there is a guild on Mer wiki to setup OBS. It seems that it is talking about which based on SUSE. So, what is the link about this? I can not find it for the moment:P08:18
lbt ?08:18
lbthowever - I am working on these packages at the minute because there are some known bugs08:18
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lbtI suggest that you work through the guide but make notes so you are ready to erase the machines and do it again in a couple of days08:19
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lbtif you make notes it should be very quick to rebuild :)08:20
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sonachlbt: "At this point in time, JeOS is meant to run under VMWare Server". But I want to install the OS directly on the hardware, not under VMWare!!08:20
lbtyou have one server?08:21
sonachYes, it is Dell R710,08:22
lbtIf I was doing it I would setup kvm and lvm on the physical server and then make VMs for the fe/be machines and then a couple of VMs for the workers08:22
lbtThis would make scaling up much easier08:22
lbtAlso, you need to run the Mer version of OBS and we don't have an appliance build for that version08:23
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sonachWhat do you mean by "you need to run the Mer version of OBS and we don't have an appliance build for that version"?08:24
lbtMer requires the use of scratchbox2 - the version on that wiki page has scratchbox2 built in08:25
lbt(this will soon go upstream)08:25
lbtI wasn't sure if you were using an appliance - sounds like you're not so don't worry about it08:26
sonachlbt: In fact, I don't know what the "appliance" is...  My OBS is runing MerDS which can do building and publishing...08:30
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lbtOK - it's not important then08:31
sonachlbt: You mean I should setup scratchbox2 in my OBS in order to run MerDS?08:31
sonachlbt: but my current OBS is running MerDS can it seems that it is working fine... (BTW, Now I am using the Mer 20120120.1 version, and I will upgrade to Newest Mer on my new OBS server)08:32
lbtSo the OBS consists of 3 main areas: web/api,  backend and workers08:32
sonachlbt: can --> and08:32
lbtthe workers build the code - and they need to setup scratchbox2 for the latest versions of Mer08:33
lbtit's automatic08:33
lbtthe backend needs to understand the scratchbox2 configuration values08:34
lbtthe setup and configuration for scratchbox2 (sb2) is not yet in the Suse version of OBS08:34
lbtso you need to use the Mer version of OBS08:34
lbtthis page tells you how to install it08:35
lbtwe expect those changes to go upstream to suse fairly soon08:35
sonachlbt: OK. but the wiki page is based on SUSE 11.4, Not jeos!08:36
lbtmmm "jeos 11.4"08:36
sonachlbt: So I should install SUSE 11.4 server on the physical server, and run several VMs of jeos?08:37
sonach"jeos 11.4"??08:37
sonachbut the newest jeos is "8.04", see:
MerBotlbt: Error: "!!!" is not a valid command.08:38
slainesonach: I just setup the same env here and used a minimal install of opensuse 11.408:38
lbtjeos is a name used to mean "a minimal version of an OS"08:38
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lbtsonach: sorry, I assumed you were using it in that sense :)08:39
slaineUsing the DVD iso, I chose other when given the Gnome/KDE choice, chose minimal install, gives you a small console based install08:40
sonachlbt: sorry, I am lacking knowledge about server:)08:40
lbtsonach: no problem08:40
slaineI've 2 servers like that, 1 beefy as the obs worker, one old, as the web/api and backend combined. This also runs MDS08:40
lbtslaine: that sounds like a good way to setup the physical host08:41
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slainelbt, yeah, happened by accident. We had to clean up the office for some visitors and I found an old dual Xeon with 2 250GB drives. Wouldn't be great CPU for compiling so thought it'd make a good phost for OBS admin08:42
sonachslaine: After setting up the minimal version of SUSE 11.4 on the physical server, then setup a few VMs, right?08:42
slainesonach: you can do that, but then it doesn't matter what host os you use on the phost08:43
slaineand i'd argue the newer the os/kernel, the better the performance would be for the VM's08:43
slaineI have 2 physical hosts08:43
slaineone with all the web/ap/backend OBS stuff installed and running and 1 with the obsworker stuff installed and running08:44
slainesonach: if you're going with a server that's just going to act as a host for a bunch of VM's then I'd go with something like latest Debian or Ubuntu LTS 12.04 beta08:45
sonachslaine: Ah,"one with all the web/ap/backend OBS stuff installed and running", this one doesn't run any VMs?08:45
slaineafter all, it's just going to be running the kernel and libvirt stuff08:45
slaineI did have the beefy server running with everything on there in VM's and then when I found this other server that needed a home, decided to move to 2 physical installs08:46
slaineThe VM setup I had was something like08:46
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slaineUbuntu 12.04 LTS Beta as phost on a 20GB lvm partition08:47
slaineFedora 14 (1 CPU, 256MB RAM, 40GB lvm partition on phost) for MDS08:47
slaineOpensuse 11.4 Minimal install (4 CPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB lvm partition on phist) for OBS Worker08:48
lbtsonach: when you scale up to a large and secure build farm, the worker machines can run on bare metal so they can create worker VMs for security and performance. When you start everything can run in a VM.08:48
slaineOpensuse 11.4 Minimal install ( 2 CPU, 4GB RAM, 100 GB lvm partition on phost) for OBS Backend08:48
slaineOpensuse 11.4 Minimal install ( 2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 40 GB lvm partition on phost) for OBS Web/API08:49
sonachslaine: what you are listing above are all VMs running on the same physical host?08:49
slaineYes, the Ubuntu LTS was the OS that Installed to run all the VM's08:50
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slaineAll the VM's used an lvm partition off the drives rather than a drive image hosted on phost's own filesystem08:51
sonachslaine: "Opensuse 11.4 Minimal install (4 CPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB lvm partition on phist) for OBS Worker", but I think 100GB is not enough for OBS workers, since there are 16(??) workers at the same time.08:52
lbt16 is way too many :)08:53
slaineThere's only as many workers process as CPU's on the OBS worker VM08:53
lbtand more important - RAM08:53
sonachlbt: On my current OBS, it is something like 16...08:53
slaineprobably because you have 2 4Core Xeons with HT08:53
slaineIf the VM is only allocated 4 CPU's then there's only going to be 4 worker instances08:54
lbthow much RAM do you have?08:54
lbton the physical host?08:54
sonachslaine: you are right, that is it! Now I think I know something about what you said:)08:54
slaineI rebuilt i586 and armv7hl on that worker without issue08:54
slainesonach: sorry if my descriptions aren't clearn08:55
sonachlbt: the New Server will have 8GB RAM. and the old server is about 2GB or so...08:55
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slaineThe hierarch is something like08:55
slainePhysical server running Ubuntu08:55
lbtsonach: 8Gb :(08:55
slaine  Ubuntu running KVM instances of08:55
slaine    Fedora for MDS08:55
slaine    OpenSuse 11.4 for Backend08:55
slaine    OpenSuse 11.4 for Frontend08:55
sonachlbt: 8GBytes is not enouth?08:55
slaine    OpenSuse 11.4 for Worker08:55
lbtsonach: that should be much higher - you should aim for 24/32Gb08:55
lbtsee this:
slainesonach: mine has 16GB and is coping ok08:56
slaineBut I'm thinking of taking it to 32GB when I put this into a production setting08:56
lbtyeah - you'll benefit most from extra RAM08:57
lbtthe reason is that I/O is usually the bottleneck for most builds - putting I/O into tmpfs (RAM) gets the best use of $$08:57
sonachslaine: the Ubuntu running on the physical server should be the SERVER version, not the desktop version ,right?08:57
sonachlbt: I will try to get more RAM:)08:58
slainesonach: Yeah, but, I had the desktop running09:00
slainei.e. the main difference is the kernel tip and the software installed09:00
slaineI installed the desktop version but switched the kernel to the server version09:00
slaineMy "new" physical host for the web/api/backend needs more ram though. It's only 1Gb and swapping hard. I've 4GB replacement ram coming, hopefully today.09:01
lbtfor my production systems I run amd6409:03
lbtit may well be worth running 32bit OS for the fe as ruby uses lots of RAM and should benefit from smaller pointers09:03
lbtI've not tried this but if you can't get the RAM .. maybe worth it09:04
slaineThe RAM is on it's way, i'd rather have the RAM and 64bit09:04
slaineonly cost €40 or something09:05
lbt*nod* ... just mentioning it if you're stuck with a small machine09:05
slainehopefully that'll arrive today actually09:06
slainethen I'll kick off a full rebuild09:06
lbtI'm pushing new packages to :Devel by the way09:06
slaineOh, anything you want me to test ?09:06
lbtI've hit some irritating bugs in the frontend that I'm working on09:06
lbtI'll yell :)09:07
slaineI could do a reinstall of the server as part of the RAM upgrade process09:07
slaineIt's good practice for me and helpful for you09:07
lbtright now it builds packages using MDS but the build results don't appear in the webui :/09:07
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sonachslaine: ON you installation, only 300GB disk is used? (Ubuntu host 20GB, Fedora MerDS 40GB, Worker 100GB, backend 100GB, 40GB frontend)09:16
slaineRight, so the drives are setup as follows via the Ubuntu installation09:17
slaineFormatted as RAID-0 for speed not for reliability.09:18
slaineWell, actually, I think I made 3 partitions per drive09:18
slaine1 RAID-1, for /boot, 1 SWAP and 1 RAID-009:19
slainethe RAID-0 was formatted as a LVM, I created a Group on there called buildhost.09:19
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slaineUnder the buildhost group I created a volume called phost of 20GB, and install ubuntu onto that.09:20
mdfe_good morning09:20
slaineAfter the installation was finished and the os was up and running and fully updated09:20
slaineI then created some other volumes under the "buildhost" group for each of the VM's09:21
slaineobsfe_vm, obsbe_vm, obsworker_vm etc.09:21
mdfe_Sage_: ping09:22
Sage_mdfe_: pong09:22
Sage_sry for the lag :)09:22
sledgestrip0, yes, MeeGo 1.2 IVI update09:22
mdfe_Sage_: do you have time to disable and enable again the building flags of repositories from CE:MW:PlasmaActive CE:Utils projects?09:24
slainesonach: Oh, I also had to make the network device under ubuntu be a bridge device, so that all the VM's could share the ethernet port and get on my network properly09:24
Sage_mdfe_: why do you need that?09:24
mdfe_Sage_: I like to build a armv7l mer pre-release image and some build are stuck09:24
Sage_ah, so only rebuild --failed is needed09:25
slaineActually, if you look here, and look at the "Buildhost VM Server" part, you'll get an idea09:25
slaineYou should follow lb.'s OBS Setup guide for the actual setup of the VM's though/.09:25
Sage_$ obs-community rebuild --failed CE:Utils09:26
sonachslaine: Do you have many drivers? I only have 2 1TB Sata and plan to make a RAID-0.09:26
Sage_mdfe_: done09:26
mdfe_great thanks Sage_09:26
slainesonach: I only had 2 250GB drives09:26
mdfe_Sage_: Whats about the fuse submit request?09:26
slainethat's enough for my needs09:26
Sage_mdfe_: resend it09:27
sonachslaine: "I made 3 partitions per drive", so you only have two drives, one have three partitions?09:27
Sage_mdfe_: and tell when done09:27
Sage_accepted :)09:28
mdfe_awesome :)))09:29
sonachslaine: Very good VM_Setup_Guide. I will read it carefully first:)09:30
sonachslaine: And I think it will take me several days to setup the similar env:)09:31
lbtsmoku: ping09:35
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slainesonach: first time around is a learning experience. I suggest you schedule time to do it more than once, helps you become familiar with the process and more comfortable.09:46
sonachslaine: OK, good advice!09:47
slainethat's what I've been doing over the last couple of weeks09:48
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sonachslaine: cool:)10:02
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harbaumoh, wow ... pa is really eating memory. it's bascially unusable on the 256mb beagle atm ...10:29
sledgesis a heavy beast indeed, experienced on imx53 as well, harbaum ...10:30
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* Sage_ smiled when he saw zypper-aptitude compatibility package11:18
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Sage_I have it packaged already however I'm seeing strange lib dependency in zypper11:22
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lbtoh - I thought someone had gotten aptitude's frontend to work with zypper backend :/11:24
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smokulbt: ?11:29
lbtsmoku: aha ...11:30
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lbtsmoku: msg'ed you11:35
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slainewaiting for ram delivery == frustrating11:43
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sledgesfellows: "out of captcha images; this shouldn't happen" : :)14:20
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timophsledges: yeah. I though alterego fixed that14:24
timophlbt: ^14:24
sledges!seen alterego14:24
MerBotsledges: alterego was last seen in #mer 1 week, 1 day, 3 hours, 5 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <alterego> Heh14:24
Stskeepshe's in france14:24
lbtsledges: it only happens when you write a url14:25
sledges!whereis alterego :)14:25
MerBotsledges: Error: "whereis" is not a valid command.14:25
sledgeslbt, happened when I submitted changes to Platform SDK page..14:25
lbtdid you add a url ?14:25
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sledgeslol yes, understood lbt ..14:26
sledgesurl to minutes14:26
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lbt*nod* ... wasn't sure if it would barf for already existing urls - eg if you just edited a typo14:27
sledgescan't tell that for now14:28
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lbtgrumble ... obscure runtime dependencies in apache/ruby/obs16:44
sledgesthe nastiest ones always sneak in :)16:53
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trip0Stskeeps, ping17:14
trip0lbt, what's my target repo if I want to build against mer-core?17:17
trip0(background, I'm building a package on cobs.  need to add target repos.)17:18
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lbtwhat arch?17:22
lbteg Mer_Core_i486 is <path repository="Core_i486" project="Mer.MDS:Core:i486"/>17:23
lbttrip0: ^17:23
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* trip0 doesn't understand why there are arch specific projects17:45
trip0ie, in Mer.MDS:Core:i486, there are arm7el builds available17:46
*** E-P_ has joined #mer17:46
trip0lbt, i want to build for all archs17:47
lbttrip0: the armv7el in 486 is due to some cross-compile requirements17:48
lbtto build against multiple archs simply add multiple repos17:49
trip0the only Mer.MDS:Core:i486 i see is home:lbt:branches:Mer.MDS:Core:i48617:50
*** E-P has quit IRC17:50
lbtwe used to use Mer.fake17:50
lbtwhich is slightly deprecated17:50
trip0so I build against your branch?17:51
lbtset your project up like that ^17:52
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lbttrip0: working?17:56
trip0I can't find any project named Mer.MDS:Core:armv7hl17:56
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*** sebas has quit IRC17:57
lbtyou can't browse to them as they're not built on c.obs17:57
lbtedit :
lbtyou should be able to do it by selecting the repo but I'm not 100% sure that works :)17:58
*** sebas has joined #mer17:58
lbtI know it could be easier17:58
lbtright now I'm having a nightmare hacking on apache/ruby stuff so :/17:59
trip0i didn't know you could edit the meta file17:59
lbtsadly sometimes it seems the easiest way18:00
trip0getbinaries: missing packages: libqttest418:01
*** swerden has joined #mer18:01
trip0interesting... i'm not explicitly bringing in qttest18:01
*** kavurt has joined #mer18:03
*** swer has quit IRC18:04
trip0oh, that's only on the i586 repo18:04
trip0the others seem happy18:04
*** smoku has quit IRC18:11
trip0editing the spec from the web interface is kinda hokey18:17
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:21
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vgradesome Tizen arm dev,
* CosmoHill is getting a Raspberry Pi21:41
vgradeCosmoHill, cool, what are you planning for it?21:41
CosmoHillno idea21:41
CosmoHilldad's getting it for my birthday21:41
vgradehows the new job21:42
CosmoHillI start on tuesday21:42
CosmoHillI got some kinda 24 hour bug on monday which sucked21:42
vgradeah ok,21:43
CosmoHillill + S.A.D = bad times21:43
vgradeyou have a few days to recover21:44
CosmoHillI think I'm fine now which is nice :)21:44
CosmoHillI was panicking and stuff monday21:45
vgradeis the job local21:48
CosmoHill14 miles away or something21:48
CosmoHilltook me 25 mins to drive there21:48
CosmoHilland that was when i overshot21:48
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:49
vgradenot too bad, I've been doing that sort of commute for 20 years21:49
vgradebut changed jobs recently so will be starting a longer commute (45mins) soon21:50
CosmoHillif my car breaks down it's next to a garage21:50
CosmoHillI've been doing work exp locally which has been good21:53
CosmoHillhelps with confidence and health cos I'm biking 8 miles a day21:53
*** trbs has quit IRC21:55
CosmoHillon my cv it meantions that I've done C and C++ and he asked what they were21:58
vgradecan't remember the last interview I had, those things used to get me worked up22:00
CosmoHillfor some reason I seem to be going towards web jobs22:01
*** tilgovi has quit IRC22:27
*** raignarok has quit IRC22:33
CosmoHillcyas va22:35
CosmoHillvgrade: *22:35
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:35
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