Tuesday, 2012-04-03

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* Stskeeps yawns02:54
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* Stskeeps waits to board to cph 05:22
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Sagemorning all06:26
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* Stskeeps lands in cph07:44
RaYmAnwelcome =P07:46
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* timoph watches code compile07:47
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* iekku watches the grass growing 07:50
iekkuor snow melting...07:50
lbtmorning all07:50
* lbt has the window open and is listening to the birds singing ... nice :)07:50
lbtbloody noisy though!07:50
mdfegood morning07:55
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Bostikoh bugger, what is going on in qt5 upstream...09:21
BostikI really need to rewrite the helper :/09:21
slaineanyone use any LCD panels on their servers09:26
slaineThe old server I found that I've setup as my OBS box has one and I'm thinking of installing something on there.09:27
BostikI've been toying around with the idea of buying a Lilliput monitor for my server09:27
slaineI used LCDProc in a previous life09:27
slainebut it's not in the OpenSuse repo's09:27
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Bostiksince I have a small rack at home, I could install the monitor to a swiveling "panel" and keep it out of the way when not needed09:28
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Sagelbt: RE meeting at what time?09:50
lbtThe QA meeting is in 1hr10 I think - iekku? E-P ?09:51
E-Pthat's right09:51
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E-PI have a meeting before that, but I try to be on time09:52
Sageumm... hmp09:52
SageNemo meeting was supposed to be UTC 11:0009:52
E-Pshould that be on the odd weeks?09:52
Sageah, true09:53
Sageyes next week :D09:53
E-Phuh, don't scare me09:53
lbtwe should switch from meetings being scheduled in UTC to UTC/BST09:55
lbtbritish summer time09:56
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lbt== UTC normally09:56
Sageisn't UTC then just clearer it doesn't change ever?09:57
lbtI'd rather know it's at 12noon every monday (except 2 week in the year maybe)09:58
lbtpeople will have personal calendars which are almost always local-time09:59
lbtso to have the meetings move is a PITA09:59
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iekkulbt, thanks for reminding10:15
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E-Preminder, initial QA meeting in 2mins at #mer-meeting10:58
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harbaumvgrade: ping11:04
* lbt prods mdfe11:10
lbtQA meeting11:10
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vgradeharbaum, \o12:07
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E-Phm.. I cannot edit the Mer wiki: "out of captcha images; this shouldn't happen"12:16
harbaumvgrade: Buy recommendationfor the 1G C71?12:18
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timophE-P: had to go somewhere in a hurry.. had nothing to add though :)12:25
E-Ptimoph: no problem, we can continue the discussion here and in the mailing list12:26
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E-Phas anyone else problems with mer wiki?12:39
vgradeharbaum, not yet, still waiting for kernel12:40
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lbtE-P: are you logged in?12:45
E-Plbt: yes, I can edit the page but unable to save12:46
lbthmm, I can: http://wiki.merproject.org/index.php?title=Mer_OBS_Build&action=history12:47
lbtE-P: the wiki's not yet on the Mer infra so I can't look at it12:48
lbtcan ping alterego when he's about12:48
E-Phmm.. now I was able to edit my user page12:48
E-Pbut not the Quality page12:49
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lbtI can :(12:50
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lbtI can't see anything like a block12:51
lbtcookie flush?12:52
lbtor pastebin and I'll paste it for you12:52
E-PI logged out, back in, restarted the firefox, removed cookies and still the same. I will try some other browser12:54
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E-Pso if I try to add url, it will show the error12:57
E-Plbt: try to add this to Quality meetings: * [http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-04-03-11.00.html Meeting minutes 2012-04-03]12:58
lbtIt could be because I'm a special user12:59
E-Pyes, I read that error is related to spam detection13:00
lbtmakes sense13:00
lbtso we need a way to upgrade users13:00
lbtwell, "migrate wiki" is on the list :)13:01
lbtbut honestly I'd rather work on the CI automation13:01
E-Pi have to study a bit more how the boss works13:03
lbtwell, ask me13:03
E-Pyou can be sure that I will :)13:04
E-Phow valid are the documents in the MeeGo wiki?13:06
lbtpretty reasonable13:06
lbtare you planning on deploying it?13:07
E-Pnot yet at least, just trying to get better overview how it works13:08
E-Pand how it is connected to current review process13:08
lbtOK - but be aware that you don't study gcc code to see how to debug Qt13:09
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lbtBOSS runs processes - they're practically code in their own right13:10
lbtso the fact that boss uses AMQP for messaging ... not really important at that level13:10
lbtso if you want to *use* BOSS... then you need to know what it is capable of13:11
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lbtread this - http://autodoc.meego.com/boss/process-store/CE/SRCSRV_REQUEST_CREATE.CE.pdef13:12
lbtdon't try to fully understand it - just scan it13:12
lbtalmost every command starting do_* is a python script13:12
lbtalmost every command *not* starting do_* is a python script13:13
lbtthe do_* are like function calls (subprocesses)13:13
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E-PI will look it later, now I have to go. Thanks13:14
lbtthat is the Nemo process - totally differnent from the Mer one13:14
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lbtOK .... l8r13:14
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sledgesis it possible to run MeeGo IVI on beagleboard (i.e. recompile for arm..)14:16
harbaumi did that ages ago14:17
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* CosmoHill came home from work exp early cos he doesn't feel well14:23
slaineHey CosmoHill, long time no see14:24
CosmoHillhey man14:24
CosmoHillspotted you yesterday but didn't say anything14:24
slaineyou mean you blanked me !!!!14:24
slainethat's the height of rudeness14:24
CosmoHillat least I made the effort instead of using /ignore :p14:25
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sledgesharbaum, could you please confirm there will be any difficulties apart from just doing: "sudo TYPE=ivi ./build_image.sh" from http://wiki.meego.com/ARM/Meego_on_Beagleboard_from_scratch#Assembly_of_the_root_file_system (note the page says: May 31st 2011: The instructions on this page don't work anymore! )...14:57
sledgeswould be nice to be able to build MeeGo IVI for ARM using Mer SDK ;) just need the right .ks I guess..14:57
harbaumi don't know, haven't tried for ages14:57
vgradesledges, what do you mean by MeeGo IVI?14:58
harbaumsomeone might instead try to get the ivi components to run on mer. but that's a different story14:59
sledgesloads of loose-end-patching I guess, harbaum14:59
harbaumif you just want to run it once, then you might use one of my old image swhich should still be available somewhere14:59
vgradesledges, the IVI project is not now based on the IVI qml based UI, they changed over to xcfe sometime ago due to performace issues with the QML UX15:00
harbaumreally? the ivi stuff is still alive?15:01
vgradeyou would need to bring the latest packages over from MeeGo.com OBS and buld them against Mer15:01
sledgesI see, vgrade. Well, we are just trying to put up IVI on BeagleBoard for demo purposes.. and since it's Genivi compliant; can't wait really for anything new to come up in the market (SteelRat etc.)15:01
harbaumthat would acually be  nice, the ivi ux had pretty low hw requirements and may indeed allo for some nice simple uxs for home automation or whatever15:02
vgradeharbaum, yes, will be for ages yet. Not in any way going forwards but maintanence releases. There was one a couplr of weeks ago15:02
* sledges seconds harbaum , really still alive?15:02
harbaumthis should still work: http://bug10738.openaos.org/images/beagleboard/meego.outdated/mg_ivi_beagle_sd2gb_20110318.img.gz15:03
sledgessame like MeeGo on my NetBook - got Adobe Flash 11.2 update recently :)15:03
vgradesledges, harbaum, https://meego.com/downloads/releases/updates/meego-v1.2.0.6-ivi-update15:06
sledgesharbaum, brilliant finding, will try right away for a smoke test. even .ks files (broken/dead links, but something to hook onto)15:06
harbaumsledges: not so difficult to find as i placed it there myself15:06
sledges:) thank you15:07
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sledgesHas anyone used MeeGo IVI on Congatec (Intel's Russellville) board? It heats up bad, that MeeGo's crashing. Wonder if HW heat-related issue, or updates might have fixed it (as per vgrade , harbaum conversation) ?..15:37
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dm8tbrSage: your cable is mostly done16:34
dm8tbrit's ugly as hell, but should do the job16:34
dm8tbrall that is missing now is the 680k resistor and a level shifter16:38
Sagedm8tbr: very nice!16:39
dm8tbrlet me snap a picture...16:40
Sageif it works I prolly need to buy you a beer or something :P16:40
dm8tbrSage: http://www.bfst.de/20120403_018.jpg16:43
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Sagedm8tbr: if it works it is perfect and that is the only thing I care about :)16:46
dm8tbrthe two red wires are ID and GND16:47
dm8tbrand you'll have to be careful when removing the connector. it's now quite a tight fit and not easy to grab, but I have an idea for that. tie some thin yarn around the rightmost metal bit, then you can yank it out using the yarn16:48
dm8tbrSage: you could do me a favour. can you fork and rebuild the gen9 kernel on COBS? the only change is in the kernel config.16:50
dm8tbr15:49:34< av500> CONFIG_ARCHOS_UART3_ON_DPDM16:50
dm8tbrthen I could try and test that cable on my gen9 before I hand it to you16:51
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Sagedm8tbr: sure I can do that. I just have couple of things first but I'll do it today sure16:55
dm8tbrno hurry, tomorrow is still enough :)16:55
dm8tbrlet me check if we have a 620k here at the club16:56
dm8tbrbingo, improvised 616k, that should be close enough :)17:01
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dm8tbrSage: done, added resistor. do you have 'real RS232C' or some usb2serial converters? if so I'll rig it with a RS232C port at the end of the cable17:10
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Sagedm8tbr: well only thing I have is usb2serial adapter, not sure actually what you mean with that17:20
SageI think I have this one http://www.dealextreme.com/p/usb-rs232-cable-622 :)17:22
dm8tbrhttp://www.bfst.de/20120403_022.jpg with kimju's help it now looks totally brofeshunul! :)17:26
dm8tbrSage: sounds good. I'll try to fit it with a level shifter17:27
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trip0vgrade, has awesomeness?17:45
trip0sledges, meego 1.2 IVI update?17:46
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bigbluehatStskeeps: you know about wetab.mobi, I'd guess18:02
bigbluehatAnssi138: fabulous :)18:03
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trip0where is mer's obs?18:13
trip0and how do i get an account if i don't have one?18:13
vgradetrip0, what are you planning for Mer OBS?18:21
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trip0add a package18:21
vgradeto Mer core?18:21
trip0sounds like a good place18:22
vgradenot sure of the process, but get the package building on c.obs then ping Stskeeps18:22
vgradefor c.obs?18:23
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:23
vgrade 51805718:23
vgradewoops :)18:24
trip0i already have an account there18:24
vgradeping lbt, for a login18:24
trip0vgrade, how's progress on the 1m kernel?18:25
vgradetrip0, your all sorted then. still waiting, its qing ming this week so things are quiet18:26
trip0so you are working with some folks in PRC on the kernel?18:27
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lbtso all well?18:29
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer18:29
vgradelbt, hey,18:30
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, hi18:30
Alison_ChaikenHey, vgrade.18:30
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jboshi guys19:23
jbosi was just chatting with lbt, ... I do have a mixed feeling about mer project setup on community obs,19:24
jbosso what I heared and see is that currently mer makes an update and all  dependencies have to go with and fix... (yep there is next, but its not a real solution...)19:25
lbtso you want to be able to build against a named release?19:26
jbosso as a app / dependency it would be awesome to build against a fixed / named release...19:26
jbosbut this would implicity cause always lot of changes (to set up a new project) maybe other dependencies of yours do not build against it .... y know19:27
lbtright ... so that's kind of doable19:27
lbtwe (well Stskeeps mainly) is rewriting the MDS to make this more efficient19:28
lbtthat is the mappings file - currently it's done at the file level19:29
lbtwe're moving to better git-based handling19:29
lbtwhich will be much better at doing this19:29
jbosso you would setup a revision ?19:29
lbtMDS stores everything in git19:30
lbtwe tag a collection of sha1s with the release tag19:30
lbtso given a release value we can get anything back19:30
lbtbut this is currently not used19:32
lbtso we have a checkout of each tag in a directory :/19:32
lbtthis is not easy to maintain19:33
lbtso jbos when we have a request for a named release, we can do that19:33
jbosm. well currently its only me in person here :) not for a project. But maybe mdfe is looking for such.19:34
lbtI would expect to have something static for any vendor who wanted one19:35
lbtright now it's pretty trivial to do but just a bit ungainly19:35
lbtand, fwiw, it's easy to do with your own OBS too19:36
jbossure, mhm I just wonder, do you only tag releases or branch out?19:37
jbosto handle specific patches19:37
jbossince y'know its always the same that people / vendors want to stay "stable" on a release . until there is a bug - which is fixed in a newer release... but this newer release causes 15 other bugs...19:39
jbossince person/vendor made some workarounds19:39
lbtwe have a mechanism to support branches but haven't yet used it19:39
lbtjbos: don't forget that a lot of the low level thinking and design comes from MeeGo/Nokia - we expect to support branches and we expect vendors to need to support private branches19:42
jbosIt's not a sort of critisim or so, just playing a "what would be when" game :)19:43
lbtcriticism is fine - we all miss things or make mistakes19:44
jbosso I think its at least good practice to branch out on release (even if you dont use the branch), so doing this always as part of the process will at least  make it more clear that you can do it :)19:45
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vgradelbt, interesting spam on the ml :)19:48
vgradewell, dressed up as a user who can't unsubscribe19:49
lbtthe irony of the username...19:51
lbtdm8tbr: pin20:12
lbtor needle, don't mind20:12
dm8tbrlbt: pon20:15
lbtdo you run the mail server?20:15
dm8tbrfor the ML? no20:16
lbtrats - who does? I can't find a reference20:16
dm8tbrIIRC smoku runs the ML20:16
lbtah - ye20:17
dm8tbrhe's offline on XMPP since 90min though20:17
lbtI'll have to ping him to remove the abusive user20:19
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wmaroneis it possible to purge all published repositories?20:20
lbtan osc command20:21
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Sagedm8tbr: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=kernel-adaptation-archos-gen9&project=home%3Asage%3Abranches%3AProject%3AKDE%3AMer_Extras%3AAdaptation%3AArchos-gen921:06
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