Sunday, 2012-03-25

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cxl000 morning05:33
Macerthe iron lady isn't too bad05:34
Macerbest part is argentina05:34
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timophE-P: nice07:07
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lilstevievgrade, has anyone heard anything about newer hardfp drivers?12:47
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norayrI wonder when packages get updated? for example tzdata is pretty old, and it didn't reflect timezone changes in some countries.14:18
vgradelilstevie, the latest release did not include hardfp.
vgradelilstevie, but Mer can support hard or soft so we're not limited in this way as we used to be with MeeGo14:20
lilstevievgrade, eh, yeah I was aware of that, I was wondering if there was any behind the scenes progress on getting hf14:21
lilsteviewas more a general request than a specific14:21
lilstevie+ one to mer14:21
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vgradeI've not seen anything but the trimslice guys may be able to help again if you need hardfp14:21
lilstevieworking with precise kinda does get that way14:23
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vgradehey lbt, more prospective customers for SDK,
lbtvgrade: looking14:51
lbtvgrade: it may be worth adding a vivaldi section at the end too14:52
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vgradelbt, at
lbtyes, sounds like a good place to start it15:25
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Stskeepsnorayr: file a bug with severity task when you see stuff like that, we cant yet track all upstream releases16:57
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lbthey Stskeeps ... moved imbackup - doing releases now17:56
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