Saturday, 2012-03-24

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vgrade :)00:17
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vgradeE: badness 191250 exceeds threshold 1000, aborting.00:40
vgradeis this a record !00:40
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vgradetime for bed I think00:42
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lbthey Texrat01:45
lbtwould love to chat but not good timing - it's 1:45 here and I just got my machine and RAID back up ... so sleep now :)01:46
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timoph"Mer now has NetworkManager packages, allowing us to use that instead of connman where it makes sense. This really shows the progress of Meego as a community project in my opinion"06:58
timophmorning btw :)06:59
iekkuwhere's that?07:00
timophaseigo's blog07:00
timophwait a sec07:00
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Stskeepstimoph: probably just a misconception :)07:02
Stskeepsnot worth arguing about07:02
timophStskeeps: yeah :)07:02
* timoph reading the backlogs from yesterday07:02
* Stskeeps brews coffe07:03
* timoph also thinking about going out and buying some cheap / small pc for TA experiments07:04
timophE-P: might make sense to put min into obs07:07
timophI really though we got rid of that thing :)07:07
timophluckily sampos is around :p07:07
Stskeepswell, i thought i have min in devel:quality07:08
* timoph looks07:08
timophwas just about to write "on tspsomething?" :)07:09
Netweavergoodmorning guys :)07:10
E-Ptimoph: the mwts tests are using min, and the scripting works quite nicely in min07:11
timophI know :)07:11
E-Pbut I am not fan of min :)07:11
timophthe problem is that there are not too many guys who can fix min bugs, etc07:11
timophbut as long as it works07:12
timophif not we need to be nice to sampos :p07:12
timophStskeeps: oh. you have corelysis there too07:13
Stskeepsi do?07:13
Stskeepsi basically ripped devel:quality for basic stuff07:13
timophyeah :)07:13
timophdon't remember how far the guys got with the corelysis stuff07:16
timophanyway, that would be a great addition to TA after the basic testing is rolling07:17
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Stskeepsi'm being a bit daft here, but TA?07:23
timophtest automation :)07:23
timophacronymns - confusing everyone since forever :)07:24
E-PI have to take a dog out, back later07:33
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timophI'll need to go in a while. I'll just set up things and really start hacking a bit later in the evening07:35
timoph*go too*07:35
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* timoph wrote a simple test to create sdk image07:54
timophand running that now inside the sdk07:54
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Maceri just realized in the 1984 Dune movie... paul was using wikipedia in the beginning07:59
Macerdune was so ahead of its time :)07:59
Stskeepsmorn vgrade08:02
vgradethat meego looks like a typo08:02
timophyep though so :)08:03
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* Stskeeps is pondering if to take big or small laptop along for travel08:05
Maceralways go small when traveling08:06
dm8tbrunless absolutely necessary *nod*08:06
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andre__It's easier if something does not work on one of them. currently wifi is broken on my small one so I'll stick to the big one. :P08:07
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timophStskeeps: doesn't get much simpler than this
Stskeepstimoph: how do you test pass/fail?08:09
Stskeepsreturn values?08:09
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Stskeepsbut yes, looks great08:09
Stskeepspost-steps should probably remove the image too08:09
timophdefaults to 0 but you can set expected value08:09
Stskeepsunless used later08:09
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lbtmorning all09:42
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Stskeepsmorn lbt09:43
lbtwell yesterday was awful09:44
lbtstill, all seems to be recovered now09:44
Stskeepswas it the raid in your house?09:44
lbt2 disks failed - but luckily I had a spare and ddrescue did it's thing09:45
lbtso end result was a *loong* time recovering one disk and replacing it - but nothing lost09:46
lbtand then .... the network card in my desktop 'went away'09:46
lbtmeh.... that was yesterday ... today the sun is shining :)09:47
* dm8tbr checks the calendar - but yesterday wasn't the 13th09:47
lbtwas here - calendar broke too *g*09:48
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Anssi138hello, is there a new image that could be tried in VM ?10:22
Stskeepsthere's the Nemo images yes10:24
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Anssi138just found it10:25
Stskeepscheck wiki for instructions10:31
dm8tbrworked OOtB for me with KVM10:34
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Stskeepsmorn mdfe, enjoying the weekend?10:59
mdfegood morning :)11:00
mdfeyes, just relaxing and doing stuff I like11:01
Stskeepshehe, that's good :)11:02
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E-PStskeeps: what is the repository url of OBS?11:24
E-Pfrom the obs, it shows http://obs:8211:25 albeit we should probably get those packages into Mer Tools or the likes11:25
vgrademdfe , morning11:30
mdfegood morning :)11:30
vgradegood work on NetworkManager btw11:30
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mdfedoes it work right now?11:31
vgradeI think thats what he guys said on #active yesterday11:31
vgradeonce they removed connman :)11:32
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vgradethe crashes I was getting in polkit-qt are now gone as well with the DEvel build.11:34
mdfewhat was the reason?11:34
vgradewith the updates to the packages its looking much much better now11:34
vgradeI was building from testing which had an old polkit-qt11:35
vgrademight be worh doing an audit of Devel vs Testing at some stage11:36
mdfethis makes sense11:36
mdfeI cannot find a polkit-qt update inside devel11:37
vgradeDevel has newer tarball11:43
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mdfevgrade: ouch you are right, I forgot the polkit-qt update to testing12:21
vgradenp, might be worth a quick check of the others?12:22
mdfeof cause12:22
mdfethree eyes are noting more than one :D12:24
vgradeMeego reference fixed,
vgrademdfe :)12:25
mdfevgrade is NetworkManager allready part of Mer?12:28
vgradeonly the packages you made12:31
mdfeah ok12:32
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vgradedo you have a devel image on the G9 ?12:38
mdfenot yet12:40
mdfeimages are based on testing12:41
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E-Ptimoph: I wrote some stuff to wiki
E-Pat least everything worked nicely in the sdk chroot17:20
vgradeE-P, nice17:20
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* Stskeeps watches eglibc 2.15 and sb2 2.4.48 do it's work19:29
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