Friday, 2012-03-23

vgradelooks like raster's comments on IRC today have been picked up on he mailing list00:10
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vgradeleaves vivaldi kernel package building and goes to bed00:24
cxl000night vgrade00:25
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jbosok got oprofile working00:44
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sonachStskeeps: morning! Have you waken up?05:39
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sonachStskeeps: When I 'mic-image-creator', it reports error: Failed to build transaction : libXcursor-1.1.12-1.2.Mer.armv7l requires /usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache06:33
sonachStskeeps: when I 'mic create fs' in MerSDK and with the same ks file, it reports: Error <config>: File contains no section headers.06:34
sonachfile: tvos-0.1.20120331.0.ks, line: 706:34
sonach'lang en_US.UTF-8\n'06:34
sonachStskeeps: Would you please help me out when you have time?06:35
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Stskeepssonach: yes, i'm just waking up a little later :) libXcursor is a bug we've fixed06:39
sonachStskeeps: so at this moment, I have to copy these files to rootfs by hand?06:39
Stskeepsnah, just give me a moment :)06:40
sonachOK, cool!06:40
Stskeepsdid you have your own OBS?06:41
sonachStskeeps: BTW, I use the libXcursor from my local OBS,06:41
sonachYes, it is :)06:41
Stskeepsif so, git clone and upload that package to your obs then06:41
Stskeepsit's the fixed source version06:42
sonachOK, thank you, I will try it!06:42
Stskeepssonach: show me your 'mic create fs' command line06:42
sonachStskeeps: sudo mic create fs --config=tvos-0.1.20120331.0.ks --cachedir=rpms --outdir=/home/zhanghui/Mer/tvos-0.1.20120331.0 --arch=armv7l --pkgmgr=yum06:43
sonachStskeeps: I use Ubuntu's mic before, Now I am going to turn to MerSDK to do everything,06:43
sonachDo you want to see the ks file?06:44
timophStskeeps: I have a deadline at work today so might not be able to attend/chair to sdk meeting06:45
Stskeepssonach: ok, mic no longer does --config=, it's mic create fs tvos-0.1.20120331.0.ks --cachedir=rpms --outdir=/home/zhanghui/Mer/tvos-01.20120331.0 --arch=armv7l --pkgmgr=yum06:45
Stskeepstimoph: OK, food on table first :)06:45
sonachOK, I will try it:)06:45
* timoph mumbles something about work in the way of hobbies06:45
timophbeen a hectic week I'll tell you that much :/06:46
sonachtimoph: everytime I do './mer-sdk-chroot mount', it reports: mount: can not find /home/zhanghui/Mer/sdks in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab. But the MerSDK can work well. Does it matters?06:47
timophlbt: changed something? ^06:48
E-PI just tried the latests sdk and the mouting worked fine06:48
timophbut if it works I woudn't worry about it06:48
sonachtimoph: OK, that's fine.06:49
sonachStskeeps: When do 'mic create fs', it reports: Error <mount>: Bind-mounting 'rpms' to '/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-bdHwsh/install_root//var/cache/yum' failed06:49
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Stskeepssonach: hmm, i think lbt might be better to ask06:50
Stskeepssonach: do you use shared mic-obs cache?06:50
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sonachStskeeps: hmm, I use 'rpms' directory to store the downloaded files. When using 'mic-image-creator', it is fine.06:51
timophE-P: didn't have the energy to do anything yesterday so let's get the thing running during the weekend.06:51
Stskeepssonach: maybe it's something that got broken with new 'mic'06:52
sonachStskeeps: OK, I can ask lbt for help about this problem:)06:52
E-Ptimoph: no problem, I try to setup the sdk today and get something running06:52
sonachNow I can just use the 'mic-image-creator' instead.06:52
timophE-P: yeah. the sdk starting to shape up pretty nicely06:53
timophE-P: if you have time we have the platform sdk status meeting today at 10utc (12 @ .fi)06:53
E-Ptimoph: nice to know, I try to participate06:54
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade07:05
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: three weeks ago, when I met the error udevd[62]: unable to receive ctrl connection: Function not implemented. you told me to patch my kernel and offer me a link. Now I want to patch my kernel, but the link seems not used any more.07:16
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: The link you told me then is
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: ok07:20
Bostikgrmblfhh... had to fix declarative spec after some package specific requires: lines still referenced old package names...07:40
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Netweavermorning all, is there a problem with the web interface for COBS? I'm getting lots of strange behaviour, browser dependent in the code editor and now unresolvable build "nothing provides \" ...07:50
Maceris there no more nemo?07:51
StskeepsNetweaver: URLs help to point to where07:51
StskeepsMacer: nemo's going fine07:51
Macerwhere is the #?07:52
StskeepsMacer: #nemomobile , release announcements on mer-general@07:52
Macerah ok07:52
Macerwant to try it this weekend07:53
Stskeepsmorn pirut07:53
Maceris it functional on n90007:53
Stskeepsit works, yeah07:53
Macerfully? :)07:53
Macerie: all hardware and n900 capabilities?07:53
Stskeepstry it out, if you like it you do, if not, you don't07:53
Netweavermmm, using x-chat on my N900 and the building on my laptop. I'll get it running there too. anyway it's in my home project, still that branch of ur kernel-adaptation-n90007:53
Macerwell i was just making sure the hardware worked07:54
Maceris there a site that shows what works and what doesnt?07:54 is what's documented07:54
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E-PI have a problem when setting up sb2 in the mer sdk,
netweaver_stskeeps: editing that file with Chrome 19 makes my characters insert in wrong place08:02
Stskeepsnetweaver_: yeah, get mer SDK and check out with 'osc'08:02
Stskeepsthe editor is a nightmare08:03
netweaver_stskeeps: trying to edit it with Firefox gives me this : An error occurred during a connection to
netweaver_Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).08:03
netweaver_(Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)08:03
netweaver_no editor issue I guess ... ?08:03
netweaver_stskeeps: and on here:
Stskeepsthe \ thing is because of you editing the .spec08:05
netweaver_shouldn't I? I updated the Series file to include my latests trial but it didn't got into effect. Then I remembered the spec file, to enter it in there as well. But I only added few extra lines ... ??08:07
Stskeepswell, you have a BuildRequires: \ somewhere08:07
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StskeepsE-P: looking08:09
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netweaver_stskeeps: mmmm, need to check out the hotel now, will continue in ofc. I might need to pick ur brain on this one ;..08:12
StskeepsE-P: grep zypper /usr/share/scratchbox2/modes/obs-rpm-install/*08:15
E-PStskeeps: gives nothing08:16
StskeepsE-P: interesting08:17
E-PI took the latest sdk and updated it with zypper08:17
Stskeepsyeah, i think lbt missed one step08:18
StskeepsE-P: try -m sdk-install instead08:18
Stskeepsof -m obs-rpm-install08:18
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E-Pthat goes further, but gives an new error08:20
E-Pjust a sec08:20
E-Por does that even matter08:21
Stskeepsnot an error08:21
Stskeepswell, not one you have to care about08:21
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E-Pshould I make that change to wiki page too?08:22
Stskeepsyes please08:22
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E-PStskeeps: done. Thanks for the help08:25
Stskeepsno problem, and thanks for fixing the page08:25
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sonachStskeeps: If in my repo, there are gst-plugins-bad-free-0.10.21-2.1.Mer.armv7l.rpm and gst-plugins-bad-free-0.10.22-19.1.Mer.armv7l.rpm. How to select the lower version when creating rootfs?08:35
Stskeepssonach: i think you can indicate full version in %packages if you want, such as there are gst-plugins-bad-free-0.10.21-2.1.Mer08:36
sonachOK, I will try!08:37
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Stskeepselse you have to play with --excludepkgs= on mer repo08:38
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Stskeepsmoin mdfe_08:42
sonachStskeeps: It is success,08:42
mdfe_good morning08:43
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Stskeepshello swid_bk08:52
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?08:53
swid_bkGet to know the platform :)08:54
Stskeepshehe, always good :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask08:54
swid_bkI will if I have 'em08:54
swid_bkJust setting up the toolchain08:54
Stskeepsalright, platform SDK i presume?08:54
Stskeeps:nod: a good first step08:55
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: maybe I don't know how to use the patch, I use " patch -p0<0001-ARM-6329-1-wire-up-sys_accept4-on-ARM.patch patch", right?08:56
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StskeepsZiQiangHuan: maybe -p108:56
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: then it ask me file to patch08:56
lbtmorning all08:56
Stskeepslbt: E-P and me discussion about obs-rpm-install is worth a read08:57
lbtStskeeps: E-P - we use sb2 -m sdk-install now - from /usr/share/scratchbox2/modes/sdk-install08:58
lbtthe reason is that obs-rpm-install and obs-rpm-build rules come from mer-core08:58
lbtthey can only be updated on new releases08:58
Stskeepslbt: yeah, documentation was incorrect08:58
Stskeepsit said obs-rpm-install08:58
lbtah OK08:58
lbtE-P: thanks for editing08:59
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Macerstupid comcast09:01
Maceri hope it isnt back to the once a week outage09:01
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lbtsonach: reading backlog I see you have an issue - let me catch up and see if I can help you out09:04
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E-Plbt: no problem09:09
lbtStskeeps: oprofile?09:10
swid_bkwhen I enter the chroot via mer-sdk-chroot enter my pos1 and home keys stop working, anyone got a quick fix?09:13
Stskeepslbt: jbos' working on that09:15
lbtOK - just wanted to confirm you're happy with it as a/the profiler tool in M:T09:16
Stskeepsone of them, yes09:16
Stskeepsthere's plenty of them09:16
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lbtwe should add the CONFIG_ to HA kernel then (as an optional)09:17
slainemorning all09:17
lbtswid_bk: that's odd09:17
swid_bklbt: yeah. it is :)09:17
swid_bkI'll see if it's something with my $TERM or .inputrc09:18
lbtI'd guess inputrc09:18
lbtwhat's 'pos1' btw ?09:19
lbtand fyi 'home' works here09:19
swid_bklbt: I guess that'd be 'home'09:20
swid_bkproblem 'solved'09:21
swid_bkIf I use xterm instead of rxvt it works09:22
swid_bkGood enough for now09:22
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FluxiFlax2022hey jooo joo jooo motherfuckers ..Nemo sucks Cock ..Maemo sucks are all cocksuckers and the biggest of all all suckers is Nokia..FUCK N900 y'all09:30
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swid_bkGotta hand it to him, he got an oppinion...09:31
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps09:32
*** Stskeeps sets mode: +b *!*jawad@193.227.186.*09:33
Stskeepsaand that's why we seperate into a core, ux and hw adaptation ;)09:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps09:33
slainepew pew pew, take that FluxiFlax202209:33
pirutserious case of tourette syndrome :)09:34
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* Stskeeps curses qemu and gcc atomics09:36
* slaine needs coffee before he attacks obs09:37
pirutsudo mic create raw trimslice.ks -o . --pkgmgr=yum --arch armv7l09:38
pirutError <mount>: Error creating ext4 filesystem on disk /dev/loop0209:39
pirutException AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'px_proxy_factory_free'" in <bound method ProxyFactory.__del__ of <libproxy.ProxyFactory object at 0xa4a7fcc>> ignored09:39
pirutusing latest sdk09:39
Stskeepspirut: losetup -a09:39
Stskeepsalso, ls -l /dev/loop*09:41
lbtFYI we saw this last night on a suse 12.1 machine - (needed a reboot)09:42
pirutjust tried the reboot - no luck09:43
pirutStskeeps: losetup -a returns nothing09:44
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pirutls -l /dev/loop* shows loop1 -> loop709:44
pirutbut no loop0209:44
sonachlbt: thank you. I will reach you when I am online:)09:45
*** sonach has left #mer09:45
Stskeepspirut: host OS = ?09:45
lbtpirut: also : dmesg | grep loop09:45
pirutubuntu 11.1009:46
pirut[    1.409773] loop: module loaded09:46
Stskeepsalso, kernel version if possible09:47
lbtpirut: has it ever worked?09:47
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pirut3.0.0-16-generic #29-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 14 12:48:51 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:48
pirutlbt: Image creation worked with old sdk09:48
lbtusing 'raw' ?09:49
pirutlbt: yes09:50
* lbt asks timoph to add "raw" test to SDK (which also means having extlinux in default image)09:50
StskeepsSage_: wasn't there something about loop devices in latest mer?09:50
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Sage_Stskeeps: no as the udev update didn't go in09:51
lbtpirut: hmm - it does work in some situations - vgrade, sebas and I got raw images last night.... OTOH our 'IMG' machine has loop problems too09:51
Sage_Stskeeps: the current way is hack in udev that should be moved09:51
* sebas notes that "reboot" helped for him09:51
pirutI raised this bug after not being able to chroot into the resultant image ^09:53
pirutso both fs and raw worked09:53
pirutI will try a reboot and then install the old sdk and try again09:53
lbtoK - you can run the old SDK in parallel FYI09:54
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*** pirut has joined #mer09:56
timophlbt: Stskeeps can you chair the meeting? I'm "a bit" busy atm09:56
Stskeepstimoph: OK09:56
StskeepsREMINDER: Platform SDK meeting in #mer-meeting in 3 minutes09:57
*** pirut has quit IRC09:58
timophlbt: ack. I'll add a draft to the wiki page's qa section for planned tests. first things to automate will be cross compiling a hello world and image creation (raw, fs)09:58
timophwe're going to do it with ots now that we have E-P on board09:59
Stskeepsthis is probably a silly question, but for manual tests, were there ever any systems built for allocating those amongst a bunch of testers/ability to take them off the pile?10:01
Stskeepsso we can publish 'test jobs' on a website and people can download the work to be done10:02
timophnot really. alhtough we could use testlink, etc. for that. (personally I don't like testlink)10:02
timophopen source web based test management system10:02
timophsucks usability wise imo10:03
BostikStskeeps: okay, qtbase builds for all architectures and I cleaned up the files that end up in OBS; can we start with the integration effort in say, about 1h? (need to eat first)10:05
Stskeepsjust ping me10:06
*** pirut has joined #mer10:09
*** fecub has joined #mer10:10
pirutin the oldsdk I now get10:19
pirutError <mount>: Bind-mounting '/var/tmp/mic/cache' to '/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-D9wDKz/install_root//var/cache/yum' failed10:20
pirutException AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'px_proxy_factory_free'" in <bound method ProxyFactory.__del__ of <libproxy.ProxyFactory object at 0x9b9128c>> ignored10:20
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lbtgood - not a regression then :)10:33
lbtwhich makes more sense to me10:33
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E-Plbt: bug #244 for qa-reports, I added that to Mer Infra, please change if the location is wrong10:45
*** ali1234 has joined #mer10:49
lbtthat's a good place10:51
lbtslaine: are you blocked on OBS at the moment?10:54
lbtpirut: OK ... so lets take a quick look at that10:56
slainelbt, Nope, blocked on kids keeping me up most of the night10:57
lbtnot much I can do there then ...10:57
slainenope :)10:57
slaineI've just setup a user account on my OBS setup10:57
lbtyou know you can do LDAP integration fairly easily?10:58
slaineplanning on adding MDS as a source and generally following the last part of my earlier guide,
slainelbt, Don't have LDAP setup here.10:58
lbtOK & OK10:58
slainemore coffee required10:59
lbtpirut: so that's a mic error10:59
pirutlbt: yes10:59
* lbt just got a fresh brew10:59
lbtpirut: can you pastie the mic command/output10:59
lbtand also pastie cat /proc/mounts on the host11:00
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC11:00
lbtso I'm wondering why the bind mount fails11:02
BostikStskeeps: is there something special needed to get openid logins working in gerritt? at least it doesn't like me11:02
pirutlbt: /var/tmp/mic/cache exists11:02
pirutbut there is no /var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-*11:03
lbtno, that will have been cleaned up11:03
pirutunless that is already cleaned up before the error is printed11:03
lbtso lets emulate mic11:03
lbtmkdir -p /var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-D9wDKz/install_root//var/cache/yum11:04
lbtinside the SDK11:04
lbtmay need sudo11:04
lbtsudo mount --bind /var/tmp/mic/cache /var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-D9wDKz/install_root//var/cache/yum11:04
StskeepsBostik: shouldn't be\11:05
StskeepsBostik: what errors do you get?11:06
pirutdmesg output is11:06
pirut[  962.922080] EXT4-fs (dm-1): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)11:06
BostikStskeeps: "provider not supported or incorrectly entered" so I guess I need to set up a google account for this after all11:07
Bostikused the company service as a starting point...11:07
*** kavurt has joined #mer11:07
Stskeepsok, please file a bug against mer infra so we don't forget this issue11:08
Stskeepsopenid should naturally work11:10
slaineRighty, on second thought, my OBS setup is probably rubbish11:14
slaineI'll reword that11:14
StskeepsBostik: so your goal should be to get ssh keys added11:14
Stskeepsand be able to successfully do ssh -p29418 gerrit11:15
slaineMy original OBS setup guide is probably rubbish, for populating my new Vendor style setup11:15
Stskeepsslaine: just put MDS somewhere, as long as BE can reach it11:15
slaineI've an mdsvm up and running11:15
lbtpirut: doorbell - back now11:16
slaineThe part I'm not clear on now is how to see my OBS setup to be able to11:16
slaine1) rebuild Mer Core11:16
BostikStskeeps: aye, setting up an account that will work11:16
slaine2) rebuild a Nemo n900 image and x86 image for the ideapad11:16
Stskeepsslaine: well, be able to osc ls on MDS and that's step 0)11:16
lbtStskeeps: I'd rather have ldap backed sso - otherwise people can hijack account names11:17
Bostikbut need to do some housekeeping first, since I really don't like any of the web giants tracking me any more without my explicit concent11:17
lbtbut not a debate for now :)11:17
slaineStskeeps: osc from where though, obs frontend vm, obs backend vm, obs worker vm11:17
Stskeepsslaine: well, osc talks to frontend which in turn talks to backend which in turn talks to MDS11:18
slaineSo something else11:18
slainea Platform SDK instance.11:18
Stskeepsfor example11:18
slaineOr ?11:18
lbtpirut: so I'm wondering if that is due to a bind --make-unbindable11:18
Stskeepslocation doesn't matter much, as long as it talks to frontend11:18
*** JLP has quit IRC11:18
*** JLP has joined #mer11:19
lbtslaine: the OBS fe machine offers a webservice API11:19
*** JLP has quit IRC11:19
*** JLP has joined #mer11:19
pirutlbt: where would that be configured ?11:19
lbteverything goes via that11:19
lbtpirut: so it's a normal part of mer-sdk-chroot mount11:19
slaineI know, it's the gateway into the OBS infrastructure11:19
lbtpirut: so lets clean up your mounts11:19
slaineBut I don't know how to seed the OBS infrastructure yet11:19
*** arcean has joined #mer11:19
Stskeepsslaine: are you at a state where you can successly log in as admin through the web interface?11:20
slaineI can see my worker vm connected11:20
lbtpirut: can you exit the SDKs11:20
lbtand umount them both11:20
slaineI created a user for slaine via the Admin UI too11:20
Stskeepsslaine: and MDS is set up?11:20
slaineYes, listening on port 800111:21
Stskeepsok, and functioning? (curl http://ip:8001/public/source/Core:i58611:21
slaineAndI've created an MDS project, pointing to it, on the OBS frontend11:21
Stskeepsok, osc -A http://your-api-location ls shows MDS project ?11:22
*** tsdedst has quit IRC11:22
slaineStskeeps: back a step11:22
Stskeepsslaine: ok11:22
slainethat curl command failed, error 500 on the mds console11:23
Stskeepsslaine: ok, progress - does obs-projects/Core exist ?11:23
Stskeepsat mds11:23
lbtpirut: OK - that's odd. Can you check with /proc/mounts that no SDKs are mounted11:23
slaineStskeeps: silly mistake, I'd launched fakeobs from inside the tools/ dir, rather than calling tools/fakeobs.py11:24
slaineOk, that's working now11:24
Stskeepsslaine: OK11:24
pirutlbt: only 33 of them now :)11:24
slaineThe next step is the one I'm "stuck" on. I'm not really stuck, I just want to make sure I fully understand it and my options11:24
slaineNamely running OSC11:24
lbtI think it might be because /srv/mer/sdks is a mountpoint itself11:25
Bostiknow really, W-T-F is wrong with these openid providers.. (" uses insecure.."; "certificate is only valid for")11:25
Stskeepsslaine: right, osc is a client you can run from any developer machine11:26
pirutlbt: interesting, I did not do that myself11:26
slaineSo, I'm thinking, from the Vendor perspective, the correct approach should be to have the platform SDK installed on your workstation, setup your .oscrc file to point to your local obs front end and do your project setup and commands from there.11:26
Stskeepsslaine: correct11:26
slaineRight, this part I understood11:26
lbtpirut: you didn't - OK that's not a problem then11:26
slaineThe next question is the part I don't11:26
slaineCan you do all the osc command line work for copying in and seeding the packages from MDS, via a login to the WebUI11:27
Stskeepsslaine: yeah11:27
Stskeepsthe admin one for setting up a root-level project / remote link, rest can technically be done by any user11:27
Stskeepsthe admin/a admin11:28
slaineI have a feeling this may end up being the way I first present OBS to the developers, as they're currently on diverse working machines, all with their own little setups. The WebUI would be a common ground to get started, but then they could dig down to osc cmdline stuff once they get the general concepts11:30
pirutlbt: I unmounted /srv/mer/sdks11:30
pirutthen did mer-sdk-... mount11:31
lbtit will come back11:31
pirutthen did mer-sdk-... enter11:31
lbtgood - that's what I was about to ask :)11:31
pirutand mic11:31
Stskeepsslaine: entry wise i'd present platform SDK and webui as a helping tool to view things beyond the command line11:31
slainefair point.11:31
Stskeepsslaine: that's the path they'll end up using anyway, so11:32
lbtpirut: OK - I would have tried the sudo mount --bind /var/tmp/mic/cache /var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-D9wDKz/install_root//var/cache/yum11:32
pirutlbt: so it appears to try and build fine now11:32
pirutjsut cant find package depends11:32
lbtpirut: OK - some kind of problem with the bind mounts... hmm11:32
pirutdo you have a minimal .ks file that is known to work ?11:33
*** jonnor__work has joined #mer11:33
lbtyes - see the wiki page11:33
lbtbasic tasks -> building an image11:34
*** aleksm has joined #mer11:35
pirutlbt: that appears to be downloading fine now11:36
pirutlbt: but the /srv/mer/sdks is not mounted itself now11:37
pirutonly /srv/mer/sdks/oldsdk11:37
slaineOk, so I'll install the Platform SDK on my Ubuntu box, and get the osc cmdline stuff underway.11:39
*** clopez has joined #mer11:40
lbtpirut: I think that's a bug11:41
*** E-P has quit IRC11:42
lbtpirut: did   mer-sdk-... mount   report any errors?11:42
lbt(although when you say "old" sdk ... how old are we talking?)11:42
*** niqt has quit IRC11:43
pirutlbt: downloaded this afternoon from the old/ dir11:43
slaineDoes the platform SDK work inside a VM lbt ?11:43
lbtslaine: yes11:43
slainethat might solve a few problems11:44
slainemost of the dev team are on a desktop setup of their choosing and dev inside of VM's11:44
lbtslaine: we're also developing a virtualbox SDK11:44
pirutlbt: when mountig the new sdk at the same time I got the following error11:44
lbtso no need for nesstin11:44
slaineFor example, I've a Ubuntu box, running Fedora VM's of or dev environment.11:45
slainekvm based11:45
slaineI've also got a build host server that hosts a few of the same fedora vm's for production and development, that the dev team use.11:46
lbtpirut: OK - not good11:48
pirutlbt: but when I unmount both and then mount just the new sdk, I do not get that error11:49
pirutand it mounts /srv/mer/sdks11:49
lbtOK - there must have been more changes than I'd recalled between the versions11:50
*** araujo has joined #mer11:50
lbtso try the mic in the new SDK ... :)11:50
pirutthe first 2 entries11:50
pirutlbt: currently it is downloading the packages for that .ks file11:51
lbtalso just above ... line 12611:52
lbtI've found a possible bug11:57
pirutlbt: so I jsut ran successfully for a fs target, exactly as Platform_SDK wiki12:00
pirutlbt: then I jsut changed fs for raw12:00
lbtso rootfs ... good12:00
lbtyeah - that's mic reporting an error in the .ks12:01
lbtisn't it obvious?12:01
lbtyou missed the partition sizes :)12:01
lbt(I think!!!)12:01
lbtie . that ks doesn't have all the disk info needed to make a raw image12:02
lbtthe upstream mic devs know that error reporting is ... a little rough12:02
lbtneed to pop out ... bbiab12:03
*** toscalix has joined #mer12:07
*** himamura has quit IRC12:14
*** tomeff has left #mer12:18
*** drussell has quit IRC12:20
*** clopez has quit IRC12:26
*** GeorgeH has quit IRC12:28
*** GeorgeH has joined #mer12:29
StskeepsBostik: any luck?12:30
Bostiknone so far12:31
Bostikrepeating a comment from earlier...12:32
Bostiknow really, W-T-F is wrong with these openid providers.. (" uses insecure.."; "certificate is only valid for")12:32
Stskeepstha's what your openid provider said?12:34
*** dionet has joined #mer12:52
BostikI tried setting up a new one, their registration page uses unverified cross-site stuff with faulty certificates for captcha12:55
Bostikbasically: "if this happens to work now, don't bet it'll work tomorrow or anywhere else"12:56
*** vivijim has joined #mer12:57
*** vivijim has joined #mer12:57
*** rippel has quit IRC13:04
*** smoku has quit IRC13:05
*** niqt has joined #mer13:19
*** jluisn has joined #mer13:34
*** arcean_ has joined #mer13:36
*** arcean has quit IRC13:39
*** toscalix has quit IRC13:56
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean14:03
*** JLP has quit IRC14:07
*** rippel has joined #mer14:16
*** clopez has joined #mer14:16
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*** himamura has joined #mer14:53
*** E-P has joined #mer14:54
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*** leinir has quit IRC15:00
slaineosc -A <obs frontend> ls15:03
slainegiving me a 40415:03
slaineStskeeps: this look ok for the OBS project def15:05
*** Aurium has joined #mer15:05
*** Aurium is now known as Guest9253815:06
*** alexxy has quit IRC15:09
*** Guest92538 has quit IRC15:09
*** araujo has quit IRC15:09
*** araujo has joined #mer15:11
*** alexxy has joined #mer15:17
*** u1106 has left #mer15:19
Stskeepsslaine: yeah15:21
slainesomething wrong with the frontend setup perhaps15:22
slainethe curl command against the MDS is working15:23
Stskeepsshow me the error15:23
slaineand the https connection to the frontend is being accepted as I got a warning about self signed cert the first time around15:23
*** araujo has quit IRC15:25
slaineMerSDK merdev@balrog:~$ osc -A ls15:26
slaineServer returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found15:26
Stskeepsgo to , what appears?15:28
*** Eren has quit IRC15:28
slainePort 444 gives the admin interface stuff15:29
slaineuser management etc.15:29
slainewonder if the api is on a different port again15:29
Stskeepsyeah, osc -A
*** araujo has joined #mer15:31
*** araujo has joined #mer15:31
slaineyeah, that was it15:32
slaineI'll just set that as the default in the oscrc file15:32
*** swid_bk has quit IRC15:42
*** leinir has joined #mer15:43
*** gimli has joined #mer15:44
Stskeepsslaine: and osc ls MDS:Core:i586 works>?15:46
*** toscalix has joined #mer15:47
slaineOk, so trying to checkout MDS:Core:i586:cal gives an error15:47
*** fecub has quit IRC15:47
Stskeepsosc -A blahblah ls MDS:Core:i586 works ?15:47
slainecheckout with the correct syntax does however ;)15:48
Stskeepsyes, was waiting for you to reach that conclusion15:48
*** marquiz_ has joined #mer15:48
slaineSo, now the seeding must begin15:51
slainejust in time for the weekend too15:51
Stskeepstest if a sample package builds first15:51
slaineOr do I bother, can I pull built rpms from via the OBS MDS project ?15:51
Stskeepswell, you can always build against MDS15:52
Stskeepsif you want to rebuild itall, that's possible too15:52
*** leinir_ has joined #mer15:53
slaineHow do I do that then ?15:53
slainenot the rebuild it all part, the use MDS->>repo/<Rpm files>15:53
slaineor is that not intended15:54
Stskeepsyou mean, make a mer 'release'?15:54
*** leinir has quit IRC15:54
Stskeepsthat you can make a image against15:54
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir15:54
slaineyeah, the end game is to have a nemo handset image for the n900, built on my Vendor setup here15:55
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:55
slaineAs I understand it, at the moment, the principal is something like this.15:56
Stskeepsso, what you'd like to do is build all nemo packages on your OBS and then combine it with a mer release, and make an image of that?15:56
slaine1) Setup MDS in your office. pulls down the latest rpm and source rpms that have been built on c.obs, it sets up mappings etc. and has a http server listening on port 800115:56
slaine2) Setup OBS on your beasty server15:57
slaine3) create an MDS project on your OBS instance15:57
*** lofty306 has joined #mer15:57
slaine4) use osc copypac or something to import the source packages that MDS is serving locally, into your own OBS instance, this will trigger them to be rebuilt15:58
slaine5) Create you own Vendor projects for your own HA and UX projects15:58
slaine6) using mic, point to your kickstart at the local Mer build, your local HA and your local UX projects hosted on your OBS instance15:59
Stskeepsso, for 4), you make a project, copypac in the source packages, you modify project configuration to retrieve binaries from MDS (repositories), and the source packages can then build against that15:59
Stskeepswell, your principle is correct15:59
slaineThe implementation is where I'm fuzzy15:59
slainei.e. can copypac pull in what was built on c.obs wholesale, or do I only pull in the source and then generate my own binaries16:00
Stskeepsit can't copy binaries, but that's ok16:01
slaineto put it another way, do I have to rebuild everything from source or can I reuse the binary rpms that cobs built as part of the release16:01
*** Eismann has quit IRC16:02
Stskeepsokay, so, you understand the concept of OBS "repositories", ie, it's a setting in a project configuration that tells the OBS where to look for built binaries to build against when not found in current project16:02
Stskeepsfor example, let's say i have a blank project except for 'acl' source package in it16:03
Stskeepsthat project has repository with a <path> element towards Core:i58616:03
Stskeepswhen looking to build acl, it will first look in my 'blank project', then in Core:i586 for build dependencies16:03
Stskeepsso it can fetch stuff like gcc, bash binary RPMs in there16:04
Stskeepsthe MDS project in your OBS is a gateway to another OBS which contains projects of it's own, packages and binaries16:04
Stskeepsso you can point your blank project to MDS:Core:i586 and it can fetch gcc, bash from there16:05
slaineThe that c.obs built and I cached in my MDS vm16:05
Stskeepsif you want to do a "local" Mer build, ie rebuild entire Mer core, you then take all source packages from MDS:Core:something into your project, build it against MDS:Core:something, and then "cut the umbilical cord" to MDS:Core:something when done, as it can stand on it's own16:06
Stskeepsthat gives you finished RPM repositories to build images against (well, sortof, with some post-processing ideally)16:06
Stskeepsthat makes sense?16:06
slaineI think so16:07
slaineJust let me give my version to be sure we're on the same page16:07
slaineSo, in my case, I've created a project called MDS, this points to my VM running on port 800116:08
slaineI could then, create another Project called Mer:Core, under that, create a sub projects called :i58616:09
slaineI would use copypac from MDS:Core:i586 to Mer:Core:i58616:09
Stskeeps(nothing wrong so far)16:09
slaineThat would import all the source rpms from MDS:Core:i586 and store them in Mer:Core:i586, build them and create a repo to get at the built RPMS16:10
*** Eismann has joined #mer16:10
slaineIf I didn't want to build a Local copy, i.e. I didn't want to create Mer:Core:i586 project on my OBS, I could just point my UX and HA projects to the MDS:Core:<arch> repository as appropriate.16:11
Stskeepsright, as long as you point to MDS:Core:i586 as repository (That would import all the source rpms) -- source rpms=source packages maybe better term16:11
*** niqt has quit IRC16:11
Stskeepsbut yes16:12
slaineok, so I think I have the basics understood16:12
slainethe rest may well be best practice for working with OBS16:12
slainei.e. learning best practice for setting up projects correctly etc.16:12
Stskeepsso, practically you can import the binaries from COBS as well for HA and UX but if there's no circular dependencies, there's really no big long term benefit16:13
Stskeepsthe core is where the problems lay16:13
slaineIs it possible for me to copypac from c.obs to my local obs ?16:13
Stskeepsgot an account on cobs?16:14
slaineI assume it's possible, just making sure there's no infrastructure stopping it16:14
Stskeepsthen it's easy, osc -A copypac -t https://obsfevmblahblah:444 fromproject frompackage toproject topackage16:14
Stskeepsit's client side16:14
slainethat's what I guessed16:14
Stskeeps is my brain's mapping of OBS concepts16:14
Stskeepsmight be useful for you too, a lot of stuff to expand within that graph there16:15
slaineOoo, handy16:15
slaineright, I've 45mins before I have to head off16:15
Stskeepstest if you can build a simple package against MDS:Core:i58616:15
Stskeepsthat's a good finisher on a weekend16:15
slaineso I'll import acl16:16
Stskeepscongrats, you're starting to understand specialist OBS knowledge :)16:20
Stskeepssoon you'll run us all out of business ;)16:21
slaineno, we'll just form Mer Corp and become a Fortune 500 company16:30
slaineBest practice question16:30
slaineWhen creating a project for something like Mer:Core:i58616:30
slaineIs it best to have a 1, 2 or 3 tier model16:31
slaine1 = Mer:Core:i586, 2= Mer:Core->:i586, 3 = Mer->:Core->i58616:31
Stskeepsdoesn't really matter, if i make Mer:Core:i586 and then Mer:Core , Mer:Core:i586 is a subproject of  Mer:Core16:33
slaineAh, so it's clever16:39
slaineJust wondering what the best practice is, i.e. what do people normally do16:39
Stskeepsjust make the projects thats needed16:41
*** rippel has joined #mer16:49
slainebeen stuck on calls for the last hour, sigh16:51
slaineI'll do the acl import tonight, have to collect son #216:51
slainethanks for the time and help this week lbt Stskeeps16:51
lbtI've seen Stskeeps helping out - I've been recovering a failed RAID :(16:52
slaineoh the joys16:52
lbtyeah ... ddrescue now ...16:53
slainehardware raid or software raid ?16:53
lbtthe drive that failed...16:53
slaineit's at least possible then16:53
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer16:53
lbt1 week old RMA *replacement* samsung enterprise drive16:53
lbtand another popped at the same time ... grumble16:54
slaineright, really have to dash, take care folks, have a good weekend16:54
*** slaine has quit IRC16:54
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:54
lbtStskeeps: config.guess is returning "armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabi" on armv7hl OBS builds16:57
Stskeepsfile it17:00
lbtit kinda is
lbtis this an sb2 bug then? or obs setup?17:01
Stskeepsold issue from hardfp enablement17:03
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:03
lbtok - I'll file it against sb2 and triage it17:04
*** niqt has joined #mer17:10
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:14
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vgradeStskeeps, looks like the accept4 patch sorts out the journal18:44
vgradeI'll add to adaptation wiki page18:44
*** tamisoft1 has joined #mer18:59
*** tamisoft1 has left #mer18:59
E-Ptimoph: I was able to get the sdk to work, compile min and some tests, but there was some problems with min and library locations19:00
E-Ptimoph: nothing bigger, I will continue tomorrow19:01
Stskeepslibrary locations?19:03
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake19:06
E-PStskeeps: min tried to look plugins under the /usr/lib but when compiling the test plugins they go to /usr/local/lib19:09
Stskeepshm, interesting19:09
Stskeepsnothing should generally install into /usr/local/lib19:10
E-Pmight be some old config or something19:11
E-Pbut, see ya ->19:12
Stskeepsand thanks19:12
*** aleksm has quit IRC19:14
samposE-P: ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc19:21
samposregarding min, that is :)19:21
*** trbs has joined #mer19:32
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* Stskeeps is writing architecture documentation20:37
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Stskeepshello Raj_21:26
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