Friday, 2012-03-09

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Alison_ChaikenFor packaging my IVI app on ARMv7, which mer obs is it best to check out?00:32
Alison_ChaikenJust "Mer" presumably?   Mer:OBS:Testing?00:34
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StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: topic on building against mer, use armv7l03:10
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: in mer's core, not all the libs of qt-mobility used ?03:18
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: what do you mean?03:19
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I mean I compile qt-mobility, but I found there are many rpm packages03:19
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: yes, we don't include all of them by standard, so vendors can select which they need03:21
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: ok03:22
Stskeepswe used to have all but it took up a lot of space03:24
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: anyone already tested the qt-mobility in mer ? I found even I used qt-mobility's player to play ogv files, I can't make it work.03:26
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: we've tested it to some extent with video player in Nemo UI03:30
Stskeepsbut if it doesn't play ogv, please file a bug about that03:30
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: Because something is wrong with ALSA in my system, I make the test3.ogv only contains video stream. Then I can use "gst-launch-0.10 -v playbin2 uri=file:///mnt/usb/ogv_qmh/test3.ogv" to play test.ogv file. But when I use qt-mobility's demo "player" to play it, I got the error below:
Stskeepsok, i'll have to look at it later today (is 4:30am here)03:33
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: so early in the morning, maybe you need a rest now03:34
Stskeepsmy wife is going on a trip so we get up early today to avoid morning traffic03:34
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: morning traffic is boring. Have a good trip03:38
ZiQiangHuanIt's 11:40 in Beijing, so lunch time for me.03:40
Stskeepsenjoy :)03:44
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StskeepsZiQiangHuan: does your playbin2 example use ximagesink ?04:37
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Stskeepshuomenta jukka04:44
jukkaeklundhyvää huomenta!04:44
* Stskeeps begins to take a look at if we can re-use the meego test set04:46
jukkaeklundooh testing..04:50
Stskeepsnow, of course we need some people to actually run them, too, but hmm :P04:51
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Stskeepswhy did my tv just spontaneously turn on and off05:00
Stskeepsi hope not, i'm alone home for 3 months and i wouldn't like to spend time with digital ghosts05:09
Stskeeps3 weeks05:09
Stskeepsnot months05:09
* Stskeeps tries to build BLTS, MCTS and MWTS05:10
iekkufeels like 3 months?05:11
Stskeepsprobably, yeah05:11
iekkucould you please tell me how it went and are they usable in mer?05:11
Stskeepswell, so far they're building05:11
Stskeepshaven't tested them yet as i just started doing this 40 mins ago :)05:12
Stskeepssome of the pieces is useless (on mer side) as they test components we do't have05:12
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Stskeepsgood morning sonach05:27
sonachStskeeps: good morning!!05:28
sonachStskeeps: I send one email to mer-general, ask about supporting android apps on Mer. what do you think of this?05:28
Stskeepssonach: i think the best thing you can do is to contact those vendors and ask them -- the products are not for free probably though05:30
Stskeepsbut some of them are based on Qt05:30
Stskeepsso they should work on Mer too05:30
Stskeepsthere's not currently any free solutions for using android applications on normal linux05:30
sonachok:) tv vendors want to support android apps. STB vendors doesn't.05:31
Stskeepsi'd personally prefer html5 any day over supporting android apps :P05:31
Stskeepsthe problem is also that even if you use this kind of tool like openacl etc, you can't say in product brochures you support android applications05:32
Stskeepsbecause of trademark problems05:32
Stskeepsand you won't have access to android market05:32
sonachStskeeps: I personally agree. What we should do now is to provide a solution to TV vendors. Whether to pay for openacl, is decided by TV vendors themselves.05:33
Stskeepsthere shouldn't be any technical problems in doing so on top of mer, at least05:34
sonachStskeeps: another question. I am using mer-sdk-latest. I have to ''?05:35
Stskeepssonach: hmm, moment05:36
Stskeepsyou're using ?05:36
sonach... maybe I was wrong? I am using mer-sdk-latest...05:36
Stskeepsah, so an old version probably05:37
Stskeepsthen yes, you need to rpm -i the qemu-usermode probably05:37
sonachok, I will download the new one:) I have not done builds for several days.05:38
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sonachStskeeps: after existing the SDK chroot. In /proc/self/mountstats, I found 'device /dev/disk/by-uuid/a32367cc-d954-4094-9dde-cda6de4c3eef mounted on /home/zhanghui/Mer/mer-sdk-latest/home/zhanghui with fstype ext4'05:44
Stskeepssonach: you'd have to ask lbt, i don't know sorry05:44
Stskeepsmorn timoph05:44
timophhuh. opencv has a huge dependency chain05:45
Stskeepstimoph: probably a lot that can be scrapped05:45
timophyeah. I need to check what's actually needed05:45
timophI started by just moving the existing stuff but not everyting build against mer05:46
timophcurrently blocking one is freeglut05:48
timophsome opengl symbol reference error05:48
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: yes, when I use playbin2 to play ogv, ximagesink is used.05:49
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: yes, when I use playbin2 to play ogv, ximagesink is used.05:49
Stskeepstimoph: might be useful to see if you can make opengv do gles instead05:51
Stskeepser, cv05:51
timophhmmh. yeah05:52
timophanyway. I'll first try to get the stuff building as is and then start updating and modifying them05:57
Stskeepsi intentionally dropped glut and such from mer06:04
timophah. the problem is that it tries to include GL/gl.h06:14
Bostikmost of those uses can do with GLES2/gl2.h + GLES2/gl2ext.h06:21
timophyeah. I found a post where someone had just provided gl.h as a symlink to gl2.h and that evidently works06:22
timophI just trying think of a not so hackish way to do it06:25
timophmaybe I'll just patch the code06:25
* Stskeeps ponders idly06:25
Stskeepsi just booted my live usb nemo mobile06:26
Stskeepshow can it remember my wif..06:26
timophblack magic?06:26
Stskeepswell, starting out with my tv randomly booting this morning06:26
iekkuelectricity in the air?06:27
timophit doesn't have a persistent partition on the stick?06:27
Stskeepsi don't know, but that would be cool :P06:28
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ShadowJKMust be some sunstorm, the sky was glowing green plasma last night06:46
iekkuShadowJK, where?06:50
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Stskeepsbut now i'll have to take a nap, bbl07:52
Stskeepspirut: was another thing we did07:53
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pirutStskeeps: I have jsut spent a few weeks in Suwon with Samsung guys,for the tizen stuff, and using thier wrapper around sb2, SBS
pirutI wonder how I ever lived without it :)07:55
Stskeepshehe, yeah, it's a nice approach too07:55
pirutsb2 really jsut makes life so easy07:56
Stskeepstheir version is ancient though, 2.3_development is blazing fast these days07:56
pirutI have noticed that about many of their packages :P07:57
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pirutdo you know where there is some documentation about sb207:59
pirutI have only seen teh man pages in the repo07:59
Stskeepsi've been discussing that with the author and it's being worked on to be published07:59
Stskeepsyou know legal processes..07:59
Stskeepsso hopefully anytime now08:00
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Stskeepsin practice all the magic happens in the modes and if you have any technical questions, i'll be able to answer than or pass them on08:02
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vgradeStskeeps, yes, the opensuse was a suggestion as a backup really08:14
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kulveStskeeps: progress again: EGL extensions: EGL_KHR_image EGL_KHR_image_base EGL_KHR_image_pixmap EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image EGL_KHR_gl_texture_cubemap_image EGL_KHR_gl_renderbuffer_image EGL_KHR_vg_parent_image EGL_KHR_fence_sync EGL_KHR_reusable_sync EGL_IMG_context_priority08:22
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Alison_Chaiken_av500_, do I use the XDA method to unlock bootloader of my 101g9, or can I just use plpbt?08:25
Alison_ChaikenI was stopped in my tracks this morning by the discovery that there are two kinds of USB-OTG adapters, namely the one I have on hand and the one the 101g9 needs!08:25
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* jukkaeklund_ listens carefully, still pondering should he get g9 or not..08:28
dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: remove the modem or the modem dummy, instant USB-A port, ..., profit!08:28
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Alison_ChaikenNo kidding, dm8tbr, that's too easy!08:31
Alison_ChaikenI feel that I should suffer just a bit more than that.08:31
dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: also, there are micro and mini usb connector families. BB and panda use the latter, Archos the former.08:32
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Alison_ChaikenYeah, the USB-OTG cables I have left over from Gumstix project (OMAP3 like BB) is mini-A to mini-B.   Thought all USB-OTG were that way.08:34
Alison_ChaikenOh well, the kg of adapters I mail-ordered this morning will come in handy another time, I'm sure.08:34
Alison_ChaikenWhat's the shiny rectangle next to my new USB-A port?08:34
dm8tbrbtw: nokia used micro-A for many symbian phones08:35
dm8tbrthe headphones were microA, while the port was AB so it would also fit regular micro-b for charging08:35
Alison_ChaikenOh yeah, I have a dozen micro-USB cables for Nokia devices lying around, but all are car chargers or micro male to USB-A male.08:36
Alison_ChaikenToo bad it's after midnight here, I got get cracking right away!08:36
Alison_ChaikenBut I'm lunching at the Googleplex tomorrow with a buddy who's a manager there, so I can't sleep too late.08:37
dm8tbrI even have a nokia micro-A -> A adaptor, for attaching e.g. USB sticks to the newer symbian phones (anna/belle)08:37
Alison_ChaikenThe Googleplex is only a few km from here: I will rollerblade there.08:37
Alison_ChaikenThat way I can eat a gigantic free lunch.08:38
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Alison_ChaikenSo is that an RF can there in with the port?08:39
Alison_ChaikenIs there actually already a modem installed?08:39
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Alison_ChaikenBack to original question, you root these things with plpbt, or using scary XDA method?08:42
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dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: modem uses the slot, so no. no idea what's beneath it. don't have mine here with me08:49
Alison_ChaikenCould be the WiFi.     Definitely a radio of some kind.08:50
dm8tbrAlison_Chaiken: I have no idea how PLPBT would even fit in the picture08:50
Alison_ChaikenIf you can see the /boot directory in a shell, dm8tbr, and you can cp files into it, you're in with plpbt.08:51
Alison_ChaikenWorks with WeTab, for example.08:51
dm8tbrAFAIK you can not08:54
dm8tbralso it's ARM and not x8608:54
dm8tbralso: ICS firmware is out, so SDE should essentially be released $NOW08:55
* dm8tbr prods _av500_ 08:55
dm8tbrpeople here are waiting for it08:55
Alison_ChaikenI went to consult photos of the Paris-Nice bike race for a while instead.08:58
Alison_ChaikenIt's safer for us old women to full-screen bike race photos instead of taking hormone-replacement pills.08:59
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lbtmorning all09:01
Alison_ChaikenHere's a question for you: who laughed when they read that Nokia's new camera phone was Symbian-based?09:02
Alison_ChaikenAnd the answer: people who already sold their Nokia stock.09:02
Alison_ChaikenAll right, I'd better go to bed before I really get into trouble.09:02
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Alison_ChaikenTomorrow bright and early, I will sit and read "man osc," which should put me in an appropriately serious mood.09:03
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lbtsonach: morning09:05
sonachlbt: morning:)09:05
lbtI saw you had an SDK issue09:06
lbtI need to clean up the old versions :)09:06
sonachStskeeps: when I link my app with one so, it reports:'/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible .// when searching for -lezwebkit'. and is provided by others. what's the problem? should I rebuild the
sonachlbt: yes, I use the old one. Now I update to the latest version:)09:07
sonachlbt: And the new version works fine:)09:07
lbtso you should be able to just upgrade09:07
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lbthowever you need to check when you exit that all the mountpoints are clean09:08
sonachStskeeps: the '' is armv7l,09:08
sonachlbt: sure. I will do that,09:08
lbtthen follow instructions on the webpage09:08
lbtsonach: let me know how the upgrade goes09:08
sonachlbt: why should I upgrade?09:14
sonachNow the sdk works fine for me...09:14
lbtfair question09:15
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lbtI think mainly because if a problem does arise we'll find it harder to help you on the older version09:16
lbtOTOH if it's working for you then you may want to wait until the next, SB2 version09:16
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lbtsonach: you mentioned an issue this morning about a stray mountpoint09:17
lbtso that's the kind of bug the new approach is supposed to help with09:17
lbtAlso, by actually using the newer version in a real situation, you help us find and fix bugs - and that makes Mer better09:18
sonachlbt: what you mean is that, after the mer-sdk-i486-chroot-0.20120209.1.tar.bz2 was released, there are some upgrades?09:18
sonachlbt: I just download the mer-sdk-i486-chroot-0.20120209.1.tar.bz2 version.09:19
sonachand don't do any upgrade till now.09:19
lbtno, that's currently the latest version09:19
sonachso I don't need to upgrade. Is that right?09:19
lbtthat's correct - I thought you were running an older one09:19
slainemorning al09:20
lbto/ even09:20
* slaine yawns and reaches for coffee09:20
sonachlbt: ah, sorry, I didnot express myself clearly...09:20
lbtsonach: np09:20
lbtvgrade: lets talk about the HW soon too09:21
sonachStskeeps: the was built by "arm-hisiv200-linux-gcc (Hisilicon_v200(gcc4.4-290+glibc-2.11+eabi+nptl)) 4.4.1". so maybe it must be rebuilt since Mer's gcc is Linaro4.6.1?09:23
sonachStskeeps: Anyway, I will rebuild it.09:24
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slaineSo, back to my server stuff09:26
slaineis MDS/fakeOBS the first step09:26
slainewhile that's going, I can get the fe/be/worker VM's properly configured now I've got some more RAM09:27
*** swer has quit IRC09:27
slaineI've been dragged into fixing some blocker bugs the last couple of days, hence the delay in getting back to this, but I should be free to get moving again at least09:27
sonachStskeeps: Another related question. I think hisilicon's drivers(for example, hifb.ko) was build by 'arm-hisiv200-linux-gcc' but our programs and Mer-core are built by Linaro gcc 4.6.1. Will there exist some problems?09:28
timophREMINDER: Mer platform SDK meeting starts in #mer-meeting in about 30 minutes09:29
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Stskeepssonot for kernel issue09:31
* Stskeeps looks around for coffee09:33
Stskeepslbt: ,
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*** leinir has joined #mer09:45
Stskeeps"Google has been pressuring applications and mobile game developers to use its costlier in-house payment service, Google Wallet for quite some time. Now Google warned several developers in recent months that if they continued to use other payment methods — such as PayPal, Zong and Boku — their apps would be removed from Google Play, The move is seen as a way to cut costs for Google by using their own system."09:49
Stskeeps^ ouch09:49
* w00t suggests a new slogan: "do no evil; unless it's profitable" :-)09:50
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Tm_TStskeeps: uh oh , source?09:56
StskeepsTm_T: slashdot, so with a grain of salt..09:56
slaineWas on Ars too, which is pretty good09:57
lbtStskeeps: looking09:58
Stskeepslbt: i passed x11 tests with flying colours and crashed my exopc gpu with the gles test :)09:59
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lbthmm what's the betting my delivery arrives during the meeting10:00
Stskeepstimoph: meeting time?10:00
timophplatform SDK meeting starting now in #mer-meeting10:00
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mdfe_good morning10:02
Stskeepsgood morning mdfe_10:03
Stskeepsplatform SDK meeting in #mer-meeting now10:03
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*** notmart has joined #mer10:03
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* timoph heads home. bbl11:08
kulveStskeeps: any hints on debugging the touchscreen? I copied evdev to the target and /dev/input/event3 is sending multi-touch events. I assumed it's a problem that the kernel driver sends both Touch Major and Pressure values when pressing but only Touch Major when releasing. So I added the Pressure 0 on release but it didn't change a thing.11:10
Stskeepskulve: multitouch or not?11:10
Stskeepsget -mtev driver11:10
kulveactually I'm using a hard coded xorg.conf and I'm not sure if that's even correctly set. I don't see a cursor on the nemo screen (like I did with the qmlviewer.ks) so I don't know if it's reacting at all11:10
Stskeepsyeah, there's no cursor intentionally11:11
kulveI removed the "hide the cursor" part from the .ks but it didn't change much I guess..11:11
kulvewhat's the -mtev driver?11:12
Stskeepsmultitouch events11:12
kulvefor now a normal click would be enough but of course MT would be nice eventually11:12
kulveis the mtev already in Mer?11:13
kulveat least it's in  home:stskeeps:mer:hw:n950 > xorg-x11-drv-mtev11:15
kulveStskeeps: hmm.. I branched -mtev and mtdev from that repo ( and they built OK, but the download directory gives me 404?11:28
kulveah, nm11:29
kulveit helps when the publishing is enabled..11:30
lbtI have some more soil to shift ... bbiab11:31
*** niqt has quit IRC11:31
*** toscalix has joined #mer11:33
sledgesme proudly presents KDE PA2 on Freescale, 2nd wave:
slainewell done sledges11:34
sledgescheers, slaine, I think I took smoku 's work off of him/her :)11:35
slainethat'll be pretty sweet once the gles issues get resolved11:36
sledgesdon't know if KDE PA2 can hook automagically on GLES accel11:37
*** toscalix has quit IRC11:37
*** toscalix has joined #mer11:38
*** csslayer has quit IRC11:57
kulveI don't know how to use the mtev. With xev the evdev driver gets motion events but no press/release11:57
*** toscalix has quit IRC11:59
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*** pirut has joined #mer12:19
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vgradekulve, for a visible cursor in nemo. define that env var12:34
kulvevgrade: nice, thanks12:34
kulvemy event3 is reporting the following according to evtest:
kulvewhat's missing for the X.Org's evdev to be happy? I'm still getting only motion events according to xev12:36
*** rolandx1_ is now known as rolandx112:46
*** kurtul has quit IRC12:55
*** kurtul has joined #mer13:03
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:07
kulveah, finally the xev is registering ButtonPress and ButtonRelease releases. I had to add those to our touchscreen driver13:08
* lbt is back now13:11
*** toscalix has joined #mer13:12
kulveStskeeps: well. I got the 3d working (somewhat) and I have the touchscreen working13:25
kulveoverall performance is quite slow. I guess the X.Org's PVR driver isn't really tuned or something.13:26
kulvetalking about nemo now13:26
kulvethis is 1Ghz omap3 with 512M memory and the rootfs is on an older SD card13:26
kulveStskeeps: thanks again for all your support. I managed to get Nemo running on this device in two weeks (of which 1 week I fought with the TI SGX stuff) and now I have something to report :)13:27
*** smoku has quit IRC13:32
vgradekulve, thats amazing for an initial bringup. It would be great to have a blog post about that.13:44
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slainekulve: I second what vgrade said13:47
slainewell done13:47
*** phaeron has joined #mer13:58
Stskeepsmorn phaeron o/13:59
*** kurtul has quit IRC13:59
Stskeepskulve: if anything it gives a good testament to mer portability :)13:59
phaeronStskeeps: morning :)14:00
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*** Eren has joined #mer14:02
*** tomeff has joined #mer14:02
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phaeronlbt: hey14:07
lbthey phaeron14:07
lbtjust getting a delivery14:07
Stskeepsphaeron: ,
* phaeron tries to remember password14:10
*** djszapi has joined #mer14:11
*** djszapi has left #mer14:12
phaeronStskeeps: alright cool. now we need to deploy OTS or something similar14:16
phaeronand hook it up to imager14:16
Stskeepsphaeron: :nod: i was thinking automatic images that you can put on a usb stick / sd card, plug in, get results back14:17
Stskeepsautomatic flashing isn't easy14:17
phaeronStskeeps: how about virtual machines ? :)14:17
timophStskeeps: been there :)14:18
timophif we can make images that can be used with flasher and control the device's power it isn't too hard14:19
_av500_dm8tbr: working on it, eta early next week14:19
_av500_dm8tbr: there will be no gui14:19
_av500_just a demo kernel to boot14:19
* timoph had a #meego-qa-tools flashback14:20
*** phaeron1 has joined #mer14:21
* phaeron1 kicks router14:21
Stskeepsphaeron: some of those can't reliably be run in virtual machines14:22
slainemds make still chugging along, I need faster broadband at work14:22
Stskeepsthink connman tets14:22
*** phaeron has quit IRC14:23
*** bergie_ has joined #mer14:25
sledgeswhat's the best minimal .ks for mer+qmlviewer (should I go with or Wayland) to start on i.MX53 (yes, Stskeeps, I'm going to where I should've started from ;))14:26
Stskeepsand platform sdk usage, of course14:26
sledgesyup, going straight there wiki Platform_SDK ;)14:27
phaeron1I understand but we don't have devices yet ..14:28
*** bergie__ has quit IRC14:29
*** Eismann has quit IRC14:30
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind having a small thing on a server at home that makes me images to build for my hardware adapations14:30
Stskeepsand test14:30
phaeron1I always thought about trying netboot14:32
*** djszapi has joined #mer14:35
djszapiHi! Is there a way of generating the /sbin/ldconfig post* lines for each library automatically with some configuration from the yaml file, or just write something simple into the spec file ?14:35
djszapifor each library package*14:36
sledgesPlatform_SDK tells me sudo: must be setuid root :(14:38
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer14:40
*** Eismann has joined #mer14:41
Stskeepsdjszapi: it happens automatically if you have something in Files in yaml matching ".*(%{_libdir}|%{_lib}|/lib|/usr/lib)/[^/]*[.*?]+so([.*?]+.*$|$)"14:43
*** onekenthomas has quit IRC14:43
djszapiStskeeps: and I have this schema: /usr/lib/libGluon*.so*14:44
Stskeepsyes, but not in Files: in yaml14:45
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC14:45
dm8tbr_av500_: that's just fine :)14:45
*** eocanha has quit IRC14:49
*** Eismann has quit IRC14:57
*** Eismann has joined #mer14:57
*** tomeff1 has joined #mer14:58
*** tomeff has quit IRC15:00
*** leinir has quit IRC15:01
*** Eismann has quit IRC15:03
djszapiStskeeps: vgrade mmmh, so you think kdelibs is badly packaged then ?
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #mer15:07
djszapiI do not find "Files" entries inside the yaml file, so prolly those things were added manually inside the spec file ?15:08
Stskeepsmanually added, sometimes that's ok15:08
*** tomeff has joined #mer15:14
*** tomeff1 has quit IRC15:15
*** tilgovi has joined #mer15:15
*** tilgovi has quit IRC15:17
djszapido you have an example  yaml file for presenting this thing ?15:19
djszapior is it simply just the question of a spec file -> yaml copy/paste ?15:19
*** jukkaeklund_ is now known as jukkaeklund15:20
djszapiI have always built the spec file manually wrt the install sections.15:20
djszapiI should probably have done that previously directly in the yaml file, if there are also library packages in the same project then.15:20
Stskeepscan i see your %files section ?15:21
djszapiSure. from line 201 on.15:22
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:22
Stskeepsdoes %{_kde_libdir}/* match ".*(%{_libdir}|%{_lib}|/lib|/usr/lib)/[^/]*[.*?]+so([.*?]+.*$|$)"15:23
djszapimdavey: -> first 21 lines15:23
djszapiwe have apparently some useless kde prefixing15:23
Stskeepsmdfe you mean15:24
djszapiso kde_libdir is equal to kde_libdir15:24
Stskeepsdjszapi: what happens if you do %{_libdir} instead?15:24
djszapi -> I think it is the same because I had the same issues here.15:25
djszapiI had to amend the ldconfig lines manually in the spec file.15:25
*** Eismann has joined #mer15:25
djszapiI just did not mind there since it was for 2 packages, but in case gluon: it is 5-6.15:26
djszapiinterestingly enough: no such issues with this package even without adding the library packages manually:
Stskeepsthat installs into %{_libdir}15:29
Stskeepswhich spectacle recognises15:29
vgradeRequires(postun): /sbin/ldconfig15:30
Stskeepsit doesn't recognise %{_kdelibdir}15:30
vgradeRequires(postun): /sbin/ldconfig15:30
*** Free-MG has joined #mer15:32
djszapiStskeeps: okay, let me try.15:34
djszapican it check in the future the "interpreted" path ?15:34
djszapionce a project has some project specific _myproject_libdir macro to /usr/lib/myproject, it is not gonna work if the validation does not happen for the interpreted context.15:35
Stskeepsdjszapi: it can be a bit hard, please propose a task bug for enabling a flag in .yaml itself for enabling this15:36
djszapimmh, my idea might be an upstream rpm proposal instead.15:37
*** niqt has joined #mer15:37
djszapiIS the recommended way to avoid the installation section writing in the spec file, but in the yaml file for projects with library package(s) ?15:38
sledgeslbt: I just found a bug in SDK: sdk rootfs should not reside in any mounted FSs, which appear as respective mounts under /parentroot/ - shall I add a note to wiki on this?15:38
kulvevgrade: Stskeeps: slaine: I did learn quite a few things but I'm not sure if it's worth a blog post. It "works" in the technical sense: the UI boots and I can start applications. But the 3D effects are too slow to be even demoable and I didn't try modem, wlan, sounds, etc. And the power consumption was really high15:38
sledgesotherwise I get: sudo: must be setuid root :(15:38
Stskeepskulve: how are you with /etc/profile.d and making scripts there?15:39
kulveStskeeps: what do you mean?15:39
slainekulve: it'd still be interesting to read15:40
slaineI've yet to tackle a HA so I'm interested from that point of view15:40
*** mlfoster has joined #mer15:43
sledgesanother error in sdk (modprobe IS available...): Error <creator>: Command 'modprobe' is not available.15:43
djszapiStskeeps: is this matching done on specify or rpm side:  ".*(%{_libdir}|%{_lib}|/lib|/usr/lib)/[^/]*[.*?]+so([.*?]+.*$|$)"15:44
Stskeepsdjszapi: specify15:44
Stskeepsdjszapi: it's in tools/specify15:44
Stskeepsi think15:44
djszapiStskeeps: okay, then I do not know better solution for this issue than putting everything into the yaml file.15:45
djszapifrom spec "files" to yaml "Files".15:45
Stskeepsdjszapi: what does %{_kdelibs} evaluate to anyway?15:45
Stskeepsor what it was15:45
djszapiyou mean %{_kde_libdir} ? (that is a mapping to %{_libdir} without any changes.15:46
Stskeepsso why is it _kde_libdir in the first place?15:46
djszapiI have never seen the point of it, personally.15:47
Stskeepsi agree15:47
djszapiI just kept the consistency about packaging with the rest.15:47
djszapiif I began it from teh beginnig (first package for kde), I would go with _libdir, and ot hers.15:47
*** jvd_ has quit IRC15:48
Stskeepseither way: , file a bug in mer core -> .Project Core, severity=task about the missing "please insert ldconfig for me" option in yaml15:48
Stskeepsand raise a issue with your fellow packagers on why on earth you have _kde_libdir in the first place15:49
*** jvd_ has joined #mer15:49
djszapiI think they planned some /usr/lib/kde or so, but never happened. They did not modify a core package later to not get everything rebuild for the modification.15:50
djszapibut I am just speculating.15:50
kulveslaine: I'll see on Monday when I'm back at the office. I could write one. I hope I still can put some hours to that to see if I could get the performance a bit better15:51
*** toscalix has quit IRC15:53
*** toscalix has joined #mer15:55
Stskeepslbt: ping16:06
vgrade200000 registrations for RaspberryPi at Rs,
lbtStskeeps: pong16:07
Stskeepslbt: so we're all finished and imported with .0.0.2 ?16:08
*** buckle has joined #mer16:08
lbtStskeeps: no, I wanted to do some sb2 image tests before making it -next on obs16:08
Stskeepslbt: ok16:08
Stskeepscan i integrate new stuff?16:08
lbtsledges: not sure what you mean - can you explain16:10
*** djszapi has left #mer16:10
sledgeswhen I need to use sudo, I get "sudo: must be setuid root" . This happens when I place SDK's rootfs within a partition which on my host is gnome-automounted (hence under /media/), and that gives it a nosuid under MerSDK: $ cat /proc/mounts16:13
*** pirut has quit IRC16:13
Stskeepsdid you put this on a 'mount' nosetuid partition?16:14
Stskeepsor nosuid16:14
* lbt wonders if we can check for that16:15
sledgeseven though it is in /parentroot, it refers to itself and loses sudo capability, so I had to move SDK rootfs to a fstab's-mounted-partition (or somewhere in / )16:15
sledgesStskeeps, there are not nosetuids anywhere16:15
lbtsledges: that doesn't sound right16:16
lbtphone ... minute16:16
sledgeslbt, absolutely..16:16
Stskeepssledges: 'mount'16:17
Stskeeps a partition which on my host is gnome-automounted (hence under /media/),16:17
Stskeepsthat will be nosuid16:17
sledgesStskeeps, correct16:18
Stskeepsmer sdk rootfs won't work on top of a nosuid FS16:18
sledgesthere ya go16:18
Stskeepsso we should have a check for this somehow or write "if you do this it's your own fault"16:19
sledgesyou finally helped to get my head around it too (I was checking nosuidness somewhat wrongfully)16:20
sledgesyes, in wiki :))16:20
lbta note in SDK Requirements section should be OK - "The SDK must not be on a nosuid filesystem - note automounted usb drives typically have this set"16:21
sledgescorrect, __k has been here with the same problem (see
lbtappend it to sudo rights line as it's essentially the same concept16:22
* sledges updates the wiki with lbt's sentence16:22
lbtor as it reads best16:22
sledgesok, bug #2 (mic bug this time): I had my PATH messed up (well, it works under bash) with it looking like PATH=...{./usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games}...:...:... - for crosscompilings, multiple SDKs (including tizen), so mic could not parse it correctly and could not find /sbin/modrobe . after resetting PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games all is fine (i think i should report16:28
sledges it to mic team, no ? )16:28
*** jluisn has quit IRC16:28
*** andre__ has quit IRC16:30
*** tpn has joined #mer16:30
*** jluisn has joined #mer16:32
lbtsledges: I'm not quite sure what you're saying there16:32
lbtyou had path messed up, fixed it and it worked?16:32
lbtor mic messed up your path ?16:32
sledgesmic messed up16:32
sledgesas my complicated path is dandy for other apps16:33
sledgessoz, 3rd interpretation:16:33
lbtoh, you have a path that has {} in it16:33
sledgesmic got messed up with my PATH variable16:33
lbtnot a bug - you're lucky it works16:33
lbtPATH is defined to be a : sep list16:33
lbtnot a bash interpreted variable :)16:34
sledgesokay! :))16:38
sledgesand the third bug16:38
sledgesgetcachedir() looks messed up, and ends up in:16:38
sledgesMountError: <mount>Bind-mounting '/var/tmp/mic/cache' to '/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-rtXwDs/install_root//var/cache/yum' failed16:38
*** slaine has quit IRC16:39
lbtdo you have a /var/tmp/mic/cache16:40
*** niqt has quit IRC16:40
sledgesit's the destination that does not exist16:41
* sledges going through the python code now to see where it gets generated..16:41
lbtit will exist at the time of the erro16:41
lbtthen mic will remove it16:42
sledges... I see16:42
sledgesi'll keep debugging then16:44
lbtStskeeps: do you actually use kickstarter-configs from the installed rpm?16:48
lbtI think there's a small bug in the way they're installed16:48
Stskeepslbt: i'm a little low on sleep and i honestly can't remember right now16:49
Stskeepswhat's the problem?16:49
lbtminor thing - the sdk yaml BR's them16:49
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC16:49
Stskeepsyeah, just pondering what the problem is :)16:50
lbtthen : ExternalConfigs:   - /usr/share/kickstarter-configs/mer16:50
lbtthen it finds and uses 00base.yaml16:50
Stskeepslbt: ah.. so, do you cd to /usr/share/kickstarter-configs ?16:50
Stskeepswell that might be why16:50
lbtcan't I have my own yaml16:50
lbtand relative paths16:50
Stskeepsproposals on how to get rid of evil relative paths welcome16:50
lbtthis could all be bugginess16:50
Stskeepsit's a bug16:51
lbtcool - I can deal with that16:51
lbtit could have been missing some esoteric option :)16:51
* Stskeeps waits for the "new bug assigned to you" email..16:51
lbtyou mean new bug assigned to lbt ...?16:52
lbtI'm planning to hack on kickstarter16:52
Stskeepstrue, it's in your area isn't it ;p16:52
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC16:58
*** Eismann has quit IRC17:01
*** Openfree` has quit IRC17:01
*** tomeff has quit IRC17:04
*** gimli has joined #mer17:04
*** gimli has joined #mer17:04
*** tomeff has joined #mer17:05
*** ssirkia has left #mer17:08
*** beford has joined #mer17:10
lbtdamn it - kickstarter won't let me base of mer's 00base.yaml17:21
Stskeepswhat error?17:22
lbtit's that path stuff17:22
Stskeepswhat error do you get17:22
lbtWARNING: not found, skipping.17:22
Stskeepsyeah, that's what i feared17:22
lbtI think adding ExternalConfig to path would work17:23
lbtbut then there's packaging error17:23
Stskeepsit doesn't really use paths in picking up post scripts17:23
Stskeepsi think17:23
lbt00base.yaml says mer/*.post17:23
lbtbut the files are in ./17:23
lbtso I may copy 00base.yaml into 00sdk.yaml and get an SDK image out17:24
lbtand then go down the rabbithole over the weekend to get us a better kickstarter17:24
lbtyup - perfect17:27
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:30
*** teve has quit IRC17:31
*** mdavey has quit IRC17:36
*** teve has joined #mer17:40
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:45
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer17:50
*** pohly has quit IRC17:50
*** kavurt has joined #mer17:55
sledgeshow weird lbt,
* sledges gtg now, will check in later sometime, but will see what you replied ;) thanks!17:58
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:59
*** toscalix has quit IRC18:09
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer18:15
*** leinir has joined #mer18:15
*** leinir has quit IRC18:15
*** leinir has joined #mer18:15
*** tomeff has quit IRC18:20
*** tomeff1 has joined #mer18:20
lbtsledges: it could be some kind of side effect of this annoying bind-mount stuff - I'm off out now - can you either prod me tomorrow or log a bug for me18:29
Stskeepshave a good evening lbt18:32
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk18:38
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC18:40
*** mlfoster has quit IRC18:57
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
*** mlfoster has joined #mer19:01
*** Venemo has joined #mer19:15
*** Tofe has joined #mer19:23
TofeHello !19:23
Stskeepshello Tofe :)19:23
Stskeepsso what brings you here?19:24
TofeI'm currently investigating if I could put Mer/Plasma active on my Iconia A500 tablet (it's a Tegra2 chipset)19:24
Venemohey guys :)19:25
TofeBecause what I see, currently, is that we are able to put ubuntu (armel version, of course) on it19:25
Tofeand I don't see major differences with putting Mer; should I ?19:26
RaYmAnas long as you stay away from hardfp version, it should be fine19:26
RaYmAnand given A500 has nvflash, it's a hell of a lot easier :P19:27
VenemoTofe, it should work, I think the only question is whether or not it will have hardware graphics acceleration. if I recall correctly, vgrade was the one who worked on that.19:27
RaYmAnhardware acceleration requires a very specific kernel interface and hence a very specific nvidia kernel19:27
Tofewe do have hw acceleration on ubuntu, so it's just a matter of having the driver also to work for Mer. Is Mer using an X server ?19:27
RaYmAnmakes it hard to get right, but it's certainly possible19:28
Tofe(I don't know Mer so well, I'm still using a good ol' n900 ;) )19:28
TofeAre the Tegra4Linux driver of some use, for Mer ? If this OS also uses X + Mesa, then I think so, but well as I said I'm still investigating19:30
TofeI think the steps are quite clear (but some are not easy): recompile a Mer kernel to make it boot on a custom partition/file, flash the brand new kernel and copy the rootfs where the kernel wants it, and reboot/pray.19:31
*** pohly has joined #mer19:32
TofeThe first step is the hardest for me: I never cross-compiled a kernel before.19:32
Tofebut maybe it is not even necessary: can't I just take the kernel that we use for booting Ubuntu/armel ?19:34
RaYmAnyou are probably not going to have much luck with any other kernel :)19:34
Tofebut I'm not very confident with the init process (which I don't know so well, even on "classic" distribution); mainly the launch of the "init" process isn't clear to me19:36
TofeI'm gonna have to read some docs, I guess19:36
Tofebut I think you gave me great hope: just taking a standard mer/plasma rootfs, putting it in place of the ubuntu one on the tablet (we can also boot from external sdcard, which is great), maybe tweak it a bit for the init and for some drivers, and it should be alright.19:38
Tofethe rootfs from basyskom is hardfp, isn't it ?19:41
*** Openfree` has joined #mer19:57
*** bergie_ has quit IRC19:57
*** JLP has quit IRC20:01
*** b-man` has joined #mer20:06
*** JLP has joined #mer20:14
*** JLP has joined #mer20:14
*** sigkill_ has quit IRC20:23
Stskeepshey b-man`20:24
b-man`hey Stskeeps :)20:24
b-man`how's life been treating you? :)20:25
Stskeepsi'd say quite well20:25
b-man`heh, same20:25
*** jstaniek has joined #mer20:25
*** s1gk1ll has joined #mer20:25
Stskeepsso what projects are you doing these days? from quick glances it might just look like Mer never stopped ;)20:26
Stskeeps(for me)20:26
*** trbs has joined #mer20:26
b-man`heh, well, I've been working on porting Ubuntu to the HP TouchPad, and I'm thinking about porting mer, too20:26
*** pohly has quit IRC20:27
Stskeepsit actually already runs there20:27
Stskeepsthink crevetor had it going with plasma active20:27
b-man`ah, did you guys have any luck with accelerated X?20:27
Stskeepsno clue, isn't it just MSM on there?20:28
b-man`I know that the gles libraries are available from WebOS20:28
Stskeepsyeah, but not x11..20:28
*** harbaum has joined #mer20:28
b-man`pretty much20:29
b-man`I've asked qualcomm about the driver ( but it seems that they aren't interested in releasing it20:30
harbaumAny news about the spark? It's pretty silent now after some weeks of noise20:31
b-man`Stskeeps: has anyone else made a formal request, that you know of?20:32
Stskeepsb-man`: doubt it'd be published20:33
Stskeepsharbaum: well, they've been at embedded world and cebit at least20:33
harbaumi should have gone to cebit .... it's pretty close20:36
* Stskeeps has once in his life presented at a booth there20:37
harbaumdid that 2 or 3 times while i was student20:38
harbaummy professor was always keen to have a table at the universities booth20:39
dm8tbrharbaum: looks like archos gen9 will be open before spark and there is already a hw adaptation with mer/pa :)20:39
harbaumgreat. does the g9 have usb host?20:40
Stskeepsdm8tbr: any ETA on the sde yet?20:40
Stskeepsnot because i need more equipment, but...20:40
dm8tbrStskeeps: _av500_ said earlier today here on channel 'early next week'20:40
dm8tbrharbaum: that's the open boot loader20:40
harbaumah, not a block device ....20:41
Stskeepsdm8tbr: great timing for my plans on putting my tizen port on there20:41
dm8tbrharbaum: it has both the EHCI port and the MUSB exposed20:41
*** andre900 has joined #mer20:41
dm8tbrStskeeps: playing with titzen? ;)20:41
* harbaum was going to ask the same20:42
Stskeepsdm8tbr: it reminded me a little too much of old mer and not in a good way20:42
Stskeepsbut then again, someone else's headache20:42
* b-man` wants to set up Tizen SDK to play with, but has a midterm networking project >_<20:43
Stskeepsb-man`: waste of time, install mer platform sdk :)20:43
Stskeepsyou can do both in that time20:43
harbaumwhat's wrong with tizen?20:43
dm8tbrindustry driven non-community project?20:45
Stskeepsharbaum: my gripe was based on alpha sdk, and the fact that core init scripts were primarily targetted to samsung based devices, hardcoded camera driver loading in init scripts, etc, so in practice it reminded me a lot of maemo4,5 which was an unportable mess20:46
Stskeepsi'm giving them a benefit of a doubt to push out something worthwhile though20:47
dm8tbras in encapsulated hw adaptation?20:48
Stskeepsi'm browsing through beta to see if they cleaned it out20:48
dm8tbrtheir git got updated20:50
harbaumi thought tizen is mainly a html5 engine20:50
harbaummuch like this mozilla os20:51
Stskeepsharbaum: what's published is basically Samsung Linux Platform20:51
Stskeepsharbaum: with EFL + a web runtime20:51
Stskeepsthe /etc/issue even still says SLP :)20:51
dm8tbrI'd be actually interested to play with B2G20:51
dm8tbrneed to look for their stuff20:51
Stskeepsdm8tbr: i'd be more interested in a 'powertop' output from it...20:52
dm8tbrhm? you suspect gecko keeps the CPU busy/awake?20:53
*** Free-MG has quit IRC20:53
Stskeepswell, since entire UI is in it, it might20:53
harbaumsounds like it'd be easy to build a better tizen by putting efl and the web runtime on top of mer20:53
Stskeepsso i'm pondering how much it is20:53
dm8tbra shame I couldn't go to MWC, hear there was interesting stuff20:54
Stskeepsharbaum: that has crossed my mind at times too, we tried originally with alpha and not all packages were published to make this possible20:54
Stskeepssituation might be better now, but even the reference apps aren't public20:54
Stskeepsas in, source20:55
dm8tbrsource is underrated in corporate world... :-(20:55
Stskeepsthough, admittedly, there might be some kind of merit of a tizen runtime20:56
Stskeeps.. alongside others like phonegap, etc..20:56
harbaumand seabird and ...20:59
harbaumthere too many quite similar approaches imho20:59
harbaumthey should combine forces20:59
Stskeepsi think many ui frameworks are converging on phonegap as 'core'21:00
Stskeepsinstead of trying to provide their own apis21:00
bigbluehathe means
Stskeepsit changes name every other week, don't blame me for not keeping up :P21:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:02
Stskeepsbigbluehat: what's enyo on top of these days? cordova too?21:02
bigbluehatanything :)21:03
bigbluehat2.0 is "just" a JS framework + UI widgets called Onyx21:03
bigbluehatOnyx is optional21:03
bigbluehatanything else, afaik, is pulled in via other stuff21:03
Stskeepsany news about Nyx(?) yet by the way21:03
bigbluehatnot that I've seen21:03
bigbluehatI'll drop something in here when it surfaces :)21:03
* bigbluehat is still chomping at the bit for MojoDB :)21:04
harbaumif only someone would build a nice and clean qt mobile theme ....21:04
Stskeepsso does people include enyo 2.0 in all their applications?21:04
Stskeepsor is it a shared component21:04
bigbluehatI believe it's included21:05
* bigbluehat checks21:05
*** Tofe has quit IRC21:06
bigbluehatpretty sure there's a version that ships with webOS21:08
bigbluehatthat can be included21:09
bigbluehatbut honestly not possitive21:09
* bigbluehat is still getting started in that world21:10
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC21:10
RaYmAncan anyone remind me how you tell if an elf binary is hardfp or not? (does Tag_ABI_HardFP_use: SP and DP mean that you need everything compiled with that, including drivers?)21:10
StskeepsRaYmAn: Tag_VFP_registers21:11
StskeepsTag_ABI_VFP_args: VFP registers21:11
Stskeepsif that's there, it's hardfp21:11
RaYmAn'k, perfect :) (It's not, no Tag_ABI_VFP_args at all))21:12
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle21:14
*** NIN102 has joined #mer21:16
*** notmart has quit IRC21:17
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:17
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake21:21
*** notmart has joined #mer21:22
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*** xtcx has joined #mer21:39
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*** xtcx is now known as thomashc21:55
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