Sunday, 2012-02-26

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lbtmorning Stskeeps09:10
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Stskeepsmorn lbt09:18
Stskeepslbt: working a bit with mer-kickstarter-configs09:18
lbtOK - what are you thinking of? just because I have the 'improve kickstarter inheritance and templates' task09:20
Stskeepsjust fixing up some things before 0.1 release09:20
lbtdouble check the rpm thing09:20
Stskeepsfor example that qmlviewer actually starts up on boot in reference images09:20
lbtif you use mic 0.6 I think it may not need it in the same way09:21
lbtI got an error because I did rm /var/lib/rpm/__*   without the -f09:21
lbtthat's what alterted me09:21
lbt(I left it in with -f since it can't hurt)09:22
Stskeepsforgot this part09:23
lbtI guessed the prelink09:23
Stskeepsi'm also mic'ing each image to verify they work09:23
Stskeepswith 0.609:24
Stskeepspretty sure mipsel images wouldn't work, so i'll send patches09:24
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Stskeepsso, i'm of the philosophical opinion we shouldn't have tarballs on but instead teach people how to fish, ie, install platform sdk..09:26
lbtI suggest a few words before each chunk to explain the purpose09:26
lbttarballs of?09:26
lbtbug #102 ?09:27
Stskeepsof the reference images09:27
Stskeepsof course they should be tested to build, but it's better to teach how to build images on your own09:27
Stskeepsso yeah, i'm proposing to dump 10209:28
Stskeeps(i'm not sure if it's a good idea or not)09:29
Stskeepsbut we're at a stage where it's actually easy to make images, so09:29
lbtone thing ... reproducability09:29
lbteg mic version changes09:29
lbtOTOH ... so what?09:29
lbtthe deliverable is the packages, the image is a useful extra09:30
lbtthis is kinda in scope for  #17509:30
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lbtand if someone wants a 5 year retention policy for a .tgz (with tooling) then they can set one up (like Teleca are doing with IMG and stuff right now)09:31
Stskeepsgood point, task bug: mic should stamp what version of itself was used to build an image09:32
lbtinside the image?09:32
Stskeepswell, or in the manifest09:32
lbtthat's a good place - I guess I don't enable that09:33
Stskeepsbtw, regarding license info:09:33
Stskeeps   --record-pkgs=RECORD_PKGS09:33
Stskeeps                        Record the info of installed packages, multiple values09:33
Stskeeps                        can be specified which joined by ",", valid values:09:33
Stskeeps                        "name", "content", "license"09:33
Stskeepsthat's mic cr09:33
lbtnod ... so that comes from the yaml I guess09:34
Stskeepsit comes from rpm license header, yeah09:34
Stskeepsok, i have to vacuum the apartment09:34
Stskeepsbrb ~20 min09:34
lbtl8r then09:34
* lbt -> coffee09:35
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lbtpoor coffee maker .... needs some tlc09:54
Stskeepstender loving care?10:00
Stskeepsseems like 'info' snuck in gplv310:04
lbttlc :) ..... like a new o-ring in the steam knob10:04
lbtStskeeps: yeah - from a license mon perspective we need clearer policy10:05
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lbtmorning phaeron10:06
lbtphaeron: is #165 closed?10:08
lbt"IMG should use new mic"10:11
lbtAnd I think #104 is closed (Complete platform SDK to remove dependency on for bootstrapping/tools)10:11
phaeronyes , and 165 is done , but just testing the mer vm approach10:12
lbtI'd like to deploy the new IMG and see WTF is up with the http/https redirection issue10:13
lbtI think the apps aren't configured to cope with an https->http reverse proxy - which is daft as it's so common10:14
phaeronlbt: I don't know about obs , but IMG doesn't do anything special about http / https10:16
lbtphaeron: you've seen the problem though?10:16
phaeronlbt: no10:16
phaeronbin obs yes10:17
lbtgo to submit10:18
lbtthen submit a blank form10:18
lbtnotice the redirect is to http10:18
lbtI *know* it's not IMG10:19
lbtit's the config around it - but I don't know why10:19
lbtmmmm ... I think the sample I used missed ProxyPassReverse10:23
Stskeepslbt: i'll probably have patches for 'yum' and mic for mipsel10:30
lbtjust working on making IMG work10:30
lbtwill almost certainly be the same as the c.obs issue10:30
lbtsome stupid problem in apache reverse ssl proxy10:31
lbtphaeron's helping out too10:31
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* lbt keeps an eye out for alterego whilst in infra mode10:35
Stskeepsi suspect he might be hungover, after all, he's a young british man on a sunday morning10:35
* lbt looks at jukkaeklund .... and he's a *fin*10:36
* dm8tbr yawns10:36
dm8tbrinfra? need monitoring? ;)10:37
lbtyeah ... should get you a vm10:37
lbt.... woah10:37
lbtI fixed it!10:37
Stskeepswhat was it?10:37
lbtProxyPreserveHost On   is wrong10:37
lbtI guess the http redirect response doesn't match in the lookup table in apache10:38
lbtso it's not rewritten10:38
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phaeronbleh was just starting to read up10:43
lbtthanks .... don't worry, mer c.obs is still dead10:43
lbtI think it used named vhosts10:43
lbtwhich is why that was on10:44
lbtwe need to tell it to respond on the internal DNS name and let the proxy rewrite10:44
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lbtalthough all my jobs on IMG are stuck "IN QUEUE"10:45
Stskeepshello scalpel4k :)10:45
phaeronlbt: I can look at the img issue10:46
phaeronlbt: and you fix obs :D10:46
lbtouch ... OK :)10:46
lbtthere's an imgw1 machine too10:47
lbtlet me know if we need a phost reboot to get nested lvm10:47
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lbthmm cfe died on feb20 - no clues11:04
* jukkaeklund is not hung over..11:06
lbtjukkaeklund: sure ... 30m latency is perfectly normal ....:D11:07
iekkujukkaeklund, still drunk? :P11:07
jukkaeklundoh c'mon..11:08
lbtiekku: what can you do, eh?11:08
jukkaeklundjust busy with de-freezing the fridge11:08
lbtde-icer.... heavy stuff...11:08
jukkaeklundthere is too much ice to fit in any alcohol, need to take drastic actions11:09
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Stskeepscarsten@ideapad:~/sdk$ file11:49
Stskeepsbash: /usr/bin/file: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory11:49
Stskeepsthis isn't a good day..11:49
Stskeepsin order words, what the feck just happened11:52
lbtin sdk ?11:53
Stskeepsno, outside11:53
Stskeepsand in11:53
Stskeepsi think i screwed up binfmt_misc11:53
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Stskeepsi think i made all binaries match the MIPS one by accident11:56
Stskeepshey Termana11:56
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* lbt does some analysis work12:07
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StskeepsSage_: can you review and
Stskeepsok, there's some print's in there, ignore those..12:12
Stskeepslbt: so what's your 20% fun project for next week?12:15
lbthmm - I'm allowed fun time?12:15
lbtI can't decide between QML and git+pkg -> OBS12:16
Stskeepswe all have to do stuff that's fun too, or we burn out with this stuff :P12:17
lbtlet me put it this way ... I was doing a little knitting app for Denise a while back...12:17
lbtdavid     1115  8257  0 Jan11 pts/63   00:00:18 qmlviewer knit.qml12:17
Stskeepsi've considered beginning to prototype core-toolchain split12:17
lbtyep ... the qmlviewer is still open for when I find 5 mins12:17
Stskeeps(yes, i have a weird definition of 'fun')12:18
lbtme too - the git thing is more appealling12:18
lbtbut matrixx had those cool transitions at FOSDEM12:18
lbtand I wanted to use them in my knitting app12:18
lbtso I think git+pkg => OBS12:19
lbtit hurts me inside when I look at Mer gitweb and see tarballs12:20
lbtthe toolchain split sounds good too - along the lines of our chat last week ?12:21
lbtI'm editing the notes from that12:21
Stskeepsmentioning it as you stated you wanted to be part of that effort, so12:24
lbtyeah - I'd like that12:25
lbtso keeping it for later in the day when I'm awake would be nice12:25
Stskeepshow do i best send patches to M:T:T?12:27
lbtif it's source then git pull - if it's packaging then I guess SR12:27
Stskeepswell, i have a patch for 'yum' and for 'mic'12:28
lbtI've avoided moving to the core/ style as I really want to go straight to the new git/pkg12:28
Stskeepsmic one would be updated12:28
Stskeepser, upstreame12:28
lbtyep - ideally in a mer-patches feature branch12:29
lbtname tbd12:29
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Stskeepsdoes that setup exist yet, because i'd like to have that support ready for platform SDK matching next release12:30
Stskeepsie, mipsel support for mic12:30
lbtno, it doesn't properly12:30
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lbthence the selection of "fun" :)12:30
Stskeepsso, any objections for me SR'ing it in until we have it set up with the intention it goes in a feature branch?12:31
lbtno, that's OK, I'd personally like to see it in a branch in your fork of the official mer git repo for mic (if we have one)12:32
Stskeepsnot sure we do12:32
Stskeepsbut sage'd know12:32
lbtand these are only 'official' until I complete the git work and our gitweb source becomes official12:33
lbtI just need somewhere labelled "always pull from here"12:33
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lbthey pohly12:35
lbtStskeeps: that lets me use this as a real-world example12:36
pohlylbt: hello12:36
lbtdoing it for yum would be great too as it sounds like we'll carry that patch?12:36
Stskeepslbt: i can give you a git format-patch for mic, yum .. i wonder where upstream is12:36
lbtthat's fine then12:37
lbtyum is in core anyhow ... so that's BAU12:37
lbtisn't it?12:38
Stskeepsno, it's not12:38
Stskeepsit's in M:T:T12:38
vgradeStskeeps, very nice afternoon project12:39
lbtah, of course, because mic can't use zypper properly12:39
vgradeI'll do the kernel packaging a bit later12:40
Stskeepsvgrade: i have a .config that works to boot mer12:43
Stskeepsvgrade: if you want it12:43
Stskeepsthough no rpm packaging12:44
vgradesure, thanks12:45
vgradeI also saw,
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vgradenice to have a recent kernel for a change12:49
* lbt hopes you're using the HA packaging12:49
Stskeepslbt: there's no kernel packaging atm but i'd assume vgrade would use yours12:49
vgradelbt, of course, do we have an ARM template12:49
vgradethanks, I think Sage did pandaboard12:50
lbtI've been pondering on where in Mer to put that12:50
lbtpossible I guess12:50
lbtI've been thinking of having a HA section with some common stuff12:51
vgradelbt, ok I'll follow that guide12:51
lbtlike extlinux and the uboot12:51
lbtI should also make less draconian statements about picking an upstream tag12:51
lbtit should be "pick a sane tag that you may patch agasinst, an upstream one is a good choice or a vendor one if you have a large patchbase - or just make one"12:52
Stskeepsalso remember that git trees are rare12:53
Stskeepstarballs are more previvialent12:53
lbtyeah - we'll need to do a tar->git step-by-step too12:53
* Stskeeps will disappear for an hour or so12:53
lbt(for sane people)12:53
phaeronlbt: img works12:53
* lbt goes back to his analysis too12:54
lbtphaeron: yay - thanks12:54
phaeronlbt: should we switch to mic now ?12:54
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lbtyes - for sure12:54
lbtzypper rm mic212:54
phaerondo you need any of the images that are in imager ?12:55
phaeronor can I clean it up12:55
lbtclean up - I made the SDK ones manually12:55
lbtwe do need a "publish as" process around MIC12:56
lbtfor the SDK12:56
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phaeronlbt: the mic for debian in mer:tools is useless . it depends on zypper13:15
phaeronI had fixed the packaging in mint13:15
lbtyes - we need to synchronise them13:17
phaeronlbt: I am going to upgrade mint's one13:17
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lbtOK - using the same mic sha1 as Tools ?13:17
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lbtphaeron: could you also test the new sdk chroot for me as per ml13:56
phaeronlbt: ok check last job on the queue13:56
*** npm has joined #mer13:57
phaeronlbt: sure. what do you need me to do ?13:57
lbtsanity check13:57
lbtthere's a big changelog entry13:57
phaeronsanity ? never heard of it13:57
lbtactually that image will have the new script in it13:58
phaeronlbt: that rootfs is also what I use for kvm13:59
lbtmmm no it won't have the script then14:00
Stskeepsreviews welcome14:00
lbtkernel-adaptation-vm though ... nice14:00
phaeronyeah incrementally added stuff to it starting from allnoconfig14:00
lbtStskeeps: no comments in yaml14:01
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phaeronso it might still need some additions14:02
lbtmy point is that you've add the rpm rebuild script to that secion - but i have no criteria to judge if that's right or not14:02
lbtphaeron: *nod*14:02
phaeronwhat ? who ? me ?14:02
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*** npm has joined #mer14:03
lbtphaeron: so I need to ask what is "Mer Base System" in order to say "OK, those scripts belong in base, not in a configuration"14:04
Stskeepslbt: the db needs to always match the db of the target14:06
*** xnt14 has joined #mer14:06
lbtStskeeps: sometimes I feel that I'm reverse engineering the "why" of Mer Design by looking at the "how" of Stskeeps ... occasionally I would like it more explicit14:08
Stskeepslbt: mmk14:09
*** talavis has joined #mer14:09
Stskeepsso you would like that yaml to be documented14:10
* lbt is trying to provide helpful guidance on where/why minimal docs are needed14:10
lbtyeah - but "this makes the base system" is useless14:10
*** talavis has joined #mer14:10
lbt"The base system should be capable of booting to console with the addition of just a generic HA"14:11
phaeronlbt: alright we should merge my vm sdk to your chroot sdk ?14:11
lbtphaeron: yep14:11
Stskeepslbt: :nod:14:11
phaeronlbt: and btw mic fixed up in mint:testing14:12
lbtStskeeps: also "Mer Xorg failsafe startup : this is intended as a minimal overlay on X+Y to provide a booting suid Xorg (suid version is more portable)"14:13
lbtby this logic I'd say that we're missing "Mer minimal qmlviewer session" which is qt-qmlviewer + mer-reference-images/qmlviewer-session.post14:15
lbtthe split is noted as "you can replace this with a vendor minimal session as a way to evaluate your UX"14:16
lbtfor xorg failsafe add "This should be replaced with a nonsuid Wayland or X-server from your HA project"14:17
* Stskeeps makes a note that we need a function in our editors "etherpad this"14:17
lbt*g* I wanted that in the wiki builtin editor14:17
lbtshall I put these as review notes or make a patch ?14:18
lbttechnically it looks fine of course - though it will need SDK changes14:19
Stskeepsno, i'm making 3rd version14:19
* lbt will do a review then ... to see how it works14:20
* lbt learns what "publish and submit" means ....14:27
lbtluckily gerrit complained ... submit != webform submit .... "submit" == "accept the change into master" (clearly!)14:28
* lbt goes to edit the button text.... ohwaititsjava14:28
* lbt looks at phaeron ..... wouldn't it be great if we used something written in, say, django .... ever heard of anything like that?14:29
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*** otep has joined #mer14:29
Stskeepswell, i've stated that you can try to do a reviewboard setup if you want to and have time14:29
*** Harbaum has joined #mer14:29
Stskeepsthen we can review both against eachother14:30
* phaeron buys more time from the market14:30
lbtyeah - phaeron and I discussed it14:30
lbtbut reallistically this is working well14:30
lbtso there's no pressure to change it IMHO14:30
* Stskeeps glances at agilebrowser tools14:30
lbtI would like to see how it handles a more multi-commit type pull14:31
lbtwhich I expect to happen with a mixed git/pkging system14:31
lbtie one commit to pkg branch, one to code branch14:31
lbtmaybe multiple to code14:31
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*** npm has joined #mer14:43
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phaeronffs mic doesn't depend on tar but needs it16:12
phaeronlbt: do we have qemu-user-static somewhere ?16:20
lbtpossibly M:T:T16:21
phaeronnot there. searching16:24
phaeronwe didn't update obs yet ?16:24
lbtyeah, broken16:24
phaerondid someone update the packages in obs:testing at least ?16:24
lbtdoubt it16:25
lbtsuspending kvms16:25
*** kurtul has joined #mer16:26
phaeronlbt: where is it built ?16:26
phaeronlbt: specifically16:26
phaeronbut it is not included in the releases16:27
lbtbad word16:27
lbt - I dunno -16:29
phaeronrephrase : it would be useful to have it in mer-tools or have releases of mer-crosshelpers16:29
lbtis down16:29
lbtI agree - much of this isn't written down too well :)16:29
phaeronlbt: for now copy it to mer-tools ?16:30
lbtif it's built against mer it should be available16:31
lbtI'm sure I had it installed in an SDK16:31
Stskeepslook in prerelease16:31
*** tsdedst has quit IRC16:31
lbtsince sb2 whined that it couldn't work with static16:31
Stskeepsqemu-usermode and -staic16:31
phaeronok so it is coming in -next ?16:32
*** pohly has joined #mer16:32
*** tsdedst has joined #mer16:32
phaeronlbt: first image produced with kvm + lvm \o/16:33
lbtso that *should* have the obs repos16:33
lbtbut I haven't finished making rsync work16:33
lbtso the main CI obs runs rsync but something goes wrong and I just left it16:34
lbtI don't know where to find prerelease Stskeeps16:34
phaeronlbt: I saw the error complaining about the repo machine being unreachable16:34
lbtphaeron: mmm could be16:34
lbton cbe or main be ?16:34
phaeronmer cbe16:34
phaeronmer be16:34
lbtyeah I'm talking mer CI be16:35
Stskeepsreleases.merproject, read the mailing list16:35
phaeron.. anyway16:35
lbtmailing lists are not documentation16:35
lbtI apologise for not havine a superb memory btw... I just don't16:36
phaeronok Mer:OBS:Testing:Devel now has latest git of obs16:36
phaeronwe probably should upgrade some time soon16:36
lbtcool - so we can upgrade meego cobs soonish16:36
Stskeepsanyway, what do you need qemu for?16:37
phaeronStskeeps: yes16:39
Stskeepswell, it's in the prerelease, &
Stskeepsfirst is dynamic, second is static16:39
phaeronStskeeps: if it's coming in the next release that's good enough for me, I'll just add it to the sdkvm ks16:41
* lbt tries to find why infra vms won't shutdown from host16:41
lbthmm acpi not nstalled on cbe16:42
Stskeepsalso, please validate prerelease by doing sdk .ks'es against it16:44
Stskeepsthe more issues we can solve in core before actual release for this time around, the better16:44
phaeronlbt: debian and opensuse repos in m:t:t are not needed imho16:45
lbthas 0.20120209.0.1/16:45
lbtStskeeps: so that built16:46
Stskeepsok, good16:46
lbtI need to redo them once you merge that ks/yaml change16:46
Stskeepsok, what part did i break?16:46
lbtI think they'll break a tiny bit16:46
lbtI'm guessing the rpmdb16:46
lbtit may not even break16:47
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*** Harbaum has joined #mer17:05
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:16
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lbtOK - that worked well17:21
lbtsuspend and restart of the VMs on phost5 retained my ssh session17:21
lbtphaeron: I'll make imgw1 the img worker master17:22
*** kimitake has joined #mer17:22
lbtmy N900 is going dead slow17:24
*** raignarok has quit IRC17:27
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lbthey timoph17:39
*** pohly has quit IRC17:44
timophlbt: so PS1 with the sdk is now doable?17:46
*** tpn has joined #mer17:46
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*** xtcx has quit IRC18:03
lbttimoph: yes18:10
lbtreview of the script and testing is appreciated18:11
*** phdeswer has joined #mer18:11
* timoph was planning to do that in a moment :)18:11
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timophseems to work quite nicely18:42
*** beford has joined #mer18:43
*** raignarok has quit IRC18:52
timophwhere does .mersdkrc come from?18:53
*** raignarok has joined #mer18:53
timophuser created?18:53
*** fluxi-flax has joined #mer18:56
fluxi-flaxhi where can I find the relase notes for last week , could not find them in the status page of the wiki18:57
Stskeepsfluxi-flax: check mailing list archives for mer18:59
*** nsuffys has quit IRC18:59
Sage_lbt: currently we don't have mic branch and I would prefer to keep it that way and just use the upstream.19:02
Sage_Personally I don't see any reason why we should branch mer mic out of the upstream version. The upstream is trying to be universal solution between distributions and not targetting Tizen only.19:03
Stskeepsreviews wlecome on my patch19:05
Sage_Stskeeps: currently on that19:05
Sage_ <- I would prefer empty line before line 39 and space after : on line 40 but otherwise looks good (if the old patch is actually working ;))19:06
*** talavis has quit IRC19:10
*** nsuffys has joined #mer19:11
Sage_Stskeeps: couple of things about the mic patch (not all related to your changes)19:14
macmaNsup boys n girls19:14
macmaNhow's merlife on the archos g9 front19:14
macmaNnot a single newspiece as of lately19:14
macmaNany other tablets besides the non-released Spark that are mer-capable?19:15
macmaNcapable today, with a nice wiki page with working install instructions :>19:15
macmaNalready signed up for Spark19:15
macmaNbut really i could use a tip for something i could go and buy tomorrow..19:15
Sage_Stskeeps: remove extra print lines (line 45, 72). I would rename node to binfmt_node or something a bit too generic IMO. Line 104 you should check that qemu_string is not None just in case to be sure when someone adds new thing it fails properly.19:20
Sage_Stskeeps: but otherwise seems ok19:21
Sage_Stskeeps: one note, should the qemu >= 0.13 test be done for mipsel as well?19:23
Stskeepshard to say19:30
lbtSage_: I think you misunderstand "branch" - I don't want mer-mic, I want mic == upstream but I want to be able to apply patches on my timescales, not when they're accepted upstream19:30
lbthaving a mer git clone of upstream with a patch applied is the same as having upstream tarball+patch ... but 10year newer approach :)19:31
Sage_I would still prefer tarball+patches19:31
Sage_because then you actually see what is applied on top of upstream19:31
lbtthat's a solution to a requirement19:32
lbtalso - as you see in the kernel packaging - it's trivial to reproduce tarball+patches19:33
Stskeepslbt: localhost obs? :)19:38
Stskeepswell, localnet19:38
lbthehe - sorry, didn't notice :)19:38
StskeepsSage_: i'll apply those fixes tomorrow and request another review and then submit upstream19:39
macmaNStskeeps: good stuff, subscribing rss19:40
Stskeepslbt: btw, one requirement of the git->obs idea, for the core: tarballs must be easily checkable to verified as being same as upstream's release19:44
Stskeepsie, we can easily do automated checks if we match upstream's tarball release19:44
Stskeepsand signatures, etc19:44
*** fluxi-flax has quit IRC19:44
lbtpristine tar managed to provide bitwise reproduction of all tarballs in debian19:45
lbtgood enough ?19:45
*** phaeron has quit IRC19:45
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:46
Stskeepstar.xz, tar.gz, tar.bz2 and shouldn't hinder off the street contribution, automation on review side that does the pristine tar is ok19:46
lbtand... btw... one reason for doing this in tools is because I want to work things through19:46
Stskeepsyes, i'm not letting you into core with it until it's proven in tools19:47
Stskeepshence why i'm giving you free hands there19:47
lbtalso, fyi, why I've not pushed anything to mer-tools/19:47
lbthowever, I reserve the right to screw up in public19:47
lbtwhich means I may have to blat early versions of tools repos - which is unacceptable in core (or at least getting close to being)19:48
*** pdz- has joined #mer19:50
*** pdz has quit IRC19:50
*** ben1066 has joined #mer19:58
Stskeepshello ben106619:58
ben1066ohai Stskeeps:P19:58
Stskeepsso what brings you here to Mer? ;)19:58
ben1066I think it may have been this "Stskeeps" guy, he said Mer was more active than Meego with the same community19:59
Stskeepsi didn't actually say anything like that19:59
Stskeepsbut i'm glad you read it like that ;)19:59
ben1066you said the meego people moved on to mer and meego was pretty dead, gives you that impression19:59
Stskeepsnop, i said they moved on to tizen, or to mer19:59
Stskeepsbut yeah..20:00
Stskeepsanyway, we have a nice project going on here :)20:00
ben1066#mer said he, #tizen didnt :p20:00
Stskeepsso what was your interest in meego, out of curiousity?20:00
ben1066iOS is closed source, so I didnt like that, WebOS is somewhat failed and i couldnt see any massively good points (no x86 either), Android your stuck in a VM with limited native code support, Meego is open source and allows native code development without jumping through hoops20:02
Stskeeps:nod: well, mer is native code, though we encourage html5/qml/js for cross architecture stuff, can do qt and c++ if you really want20:02
ben1066And Meego seems to have a wide set of UIs for different platforms while maintaining a similar OS20:02
Stskeepson x86 (even non-atom), arm, mips20:03
Stskeepswe're just a core, compared to meego though20:03
ben1066why mips :o20:03
Stskeepsor 99$ tablets, like the android one was20:03
Stskeepsie, you combine mer core with a hardware adaptation for a device, a UI and you have something nice20:04
ben1066I kinda like the idea of having a full OS on a set top box20:04
StskeepsSTB = set top box20:04
ben1066I have a so called "smart tv" which runs a propritary linux based OS with no known method of replacement unfortunately, but if some full OS could be used alongside, itd be nice20:05
Stskeepsi know the feeling.. i'm pretty sure my tv is linux based, but it's locked dow20:06
Stskeepsi will however hook up a raspberry pi or a trimslice one day20:06
ben1066I know mine is, ive found the source for it20:06
ben1066Thats my plan except I think the rasberry pi has too little ram to massively useful in such an application20:06
Stskeeps128 or 256.. fair bit20:06
ben1066trimslice could work..20:06
ben1066256mb isnt huge...and armv6 isnt pretty :P20:07
Stskeepsi mean, i was demoing 1080p h264 on it20:07
ben1066its nice for price20:07
ben1066and considering the trim slice costs £20020:08
Stskeepscheap, for smartphone grade hw20:08
Stskeepswith gbe, too20:08
ben1066Last gen smartphone tbh, armv6 is mostly phased out20:08
Stskeepsi mean, trimslice one20:08
ben1066ah right yea, thats cheap20:09
Stskeepsand yeah, armv6 is mostly phased out, but the GLESv2/EGL really makes up for a lot20:09
ben1066although I think id be more inclined to go with the panda or beageboard20:09
ben1066fully open source platforms20:09
Stskeepswell, you aren't going to find open source EGL/GLESv2 on ARM20:09
ben1066True poin20:10
Stskeepsbest case it's redistributable and open kernel modules20:10
ben1066unless mesa on arm, thatd be kinda brilliant20:10
Stskeepsi wish llvmpipe was working on arm but it doesn't :/20:10
ben1066there does appear to be opengles and powervr and all that fun stuff for pandaboard20:19
*** jstaniek has joined #mer20:20
Stskeepsyeah, pandaboard is a nice kit20:20
Stskeepsthough sometimes hard to get20:21
ben1066there is an EU reseller now20:21
ben1066in germany I think20:21
ben1066mouser is my best bet20:21
Stskeepsthough raspberry pi's are of the kind you can place anywhere20:22
ben1066make that nowhere atm :P20:22
Stskeepswell, i have a beta board for development, but hmm20:22
ben1066pandaboard ES, worldwide shipping20:22
ben1066Stskeeps: Damn you!20:22
ben1066How does everyone get this fancy stuff D: did you win one of the auctions?20:22
ben1066or did you get given?20:22
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC20:22
Bostik"stock ~200, can dispatch immediately"  <-- now that is a new development20:23
Stskeepsi guess borrowed to help have stuff ready for r-pi launch20:23
ben1066Bostik: xD20:23
ben1066They used to be hard to find20:23
ben1066they have over 1000 of the standard20:23
Stskeeps was a video i did yesterday of a r-pi hack i did20:24
*** s1gk1ll has joined #mer20:25
Stskeepstime to head to bed, nini20:26
ben1066I hope to get one of the first rasbpis20:26
ben1066wish the pandaboard had gbe20:32
_av500_what is the exitement about getting a slow CPU?20:32
ben1066_av500_: its cheap20:32
ben1066gigabit ethernet20:32
Stskeepsbut yeah, cheap is probably only reason20:32
Stskeepsi would go for armv7 normally20:32
_av500_and what does it do with a gbit?20:32
ben1066_av500_: stream 1080p across a home network?20:33
*** fluxi-flax has joined #mer20:33
ben1066or more20:33
ben1066or serve said cotent :P20:33
_av500_you must have ultravioletray drives20:33
ben1066:D ofc I do20:34
ben1066actually they are gamma drives, but ssh, they come from the future20:34
_av500_ben1066: from what are you going to serve a gigabit?20:35
_av500_and I was wrong, its 125MB/s, and still a 1bgit movie20:35
_av500_blurray is like 40mbit/s20:35
ben1066a home server with gigabit ethernet :P20:35
_av500_1gbit/s to and from /dev/null20:36
ben1066sounds like a good diea20:37
*** tsdedst has quit IRC20:42
* lbt finds lua code in a .spec in the wild...20:43
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:47
*** Siosm_ has joined #mer20:54
*** tpn has quit IRC20:56
cxl000 vgrade: Thought I would try and get xbmc running again on the trimslice now that the newer softfp drivers work better. Still have the pulseaudio pthread_mutex_unlock issue.21:10
Stskeepsmight clear up with eglibc 2.1521:11
*** tsdedst has joined #mer21:13
cxl000I've enabled armv6l for you rasberry-pi people21:14
*** thomashc has joined #mer21:15
ben1066Stskeeps: what happened to bed? :P21:16
*** pat has quit IRC21:20
*** pat has joined #mer21:25
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