Tuesday, 2012-02-14

vgradeMacer, I noticed your question a few days ago but you quit before I could answer00:02
vgradesome of the transformers have a locked bootloader00:02
vgradecan you use the nvflash tool with your device?00:03
vgradehave a look at my lab notes for tegra 2 part00:03
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Macerah ok00:25
Maceryeah i heard that newer models of the transformer couldn't be rooted in a certain way because of the locked bootloader00:25
vgrade_Thomas, did you decide to distribute developer devices yet?00:29
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sonachlbt: When Platform SDK is OK to test, tell me, I am looking forward to try it.02:28
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Macervgrade: i see about the bootloader and the notes but there are still no clear cut instructions on how to get mer on it05:30
Macerthat just seems like a rmbled bunch of information. i was hoping to install mer and active on the transformer05:31
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* stskeepsie pokes hetzner with a stick05:48
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Stskeepshuomenta jukka07:14
jukkaeklundgood morning07:18
Paimenmorning :)07:18
w00tjukkaeklund: the only good morning is a dead one :P07:30
timophjukkaeklund: @NF today?07:34
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Sage_Stskeeps: could you retrigger the libXcursor review, it got killed07:40
Stskeepscan i delay that possibly as we potentially have to do a obs reboot later in the day?07:41
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Sage_no rush, just noted when reading the messages07:42
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_Thomasvgrade: We will reserve units for sales07:59
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jukkaeklundw00t, hehe08:05
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jukkaeklundtimoph, yes08:05
Stskeeps_Thomas: can you get gles working on cottoncandy with linaro deliverables or is additional stuff needed?08:06
Stskeeps(for glibc based systems)08:06
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timophjukkaeklund: I'll stop by NF around noon. so lunch?08:09
_ThomasStskeeps: We'll be releasing binaries for GLES08:09
Stskeepsok, cool08:09
Stskeepsthat should make it a slam dunk to put mer on those creatures then :)08:10
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Macerrelease binaries with instructions for transformers lol08:10
Macer(high fives?)08:11
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jukkaeklundtimoph, sure I should be near Jolly boat table :)08:16
jukkaeklundMacer, \o :)08:16
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slainemorning all08:23
Stskeepsmorn slaine08:24
slaineMorning Stskeeps08:25
slaineToday is the day I think08:25
slaineHardware Adaptation08:25
slainemy calendar is clear for the first time in weeks08:25
slaineI'll get the coffee on and get started08:26
slainebefore I get distracted08:26
_ThomasStskeeps: We'll be in a position to release our own binaries for whatever OS/distro we see fit, so if it's missing, we can release if someone do a request08:27
Stskeepssounds great08:28
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade08:35
vgrade_Thomas, thanks08:36
slaineStskeeps: assume I'm starting from scratch, what's the preferred dev env to get this moving, for installing osc and mic208:36
slainemorning vgrade08:36
vgradeMacer, do you have time to get together to do some transformer work?08:36
vgrademor slaine08:36
Stskeepsslaine: the best thing you can do is prod lbt for a copy of platform sdk08:36
Stskeepswhich has osc, 'mic', etc08:37
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slaineOh yeah, forgot about that08:37
slaineI've got http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptation_Guide/Step_by_step open at the moment08:37
Stskeepsthat works too, i gues08:37
Stskeepsjust follow the guide08:37
slaineI've my fake obs instance updating at the moment, but that might take a while08:37
slainewonder if I should just use by pub account08:37
slaineStskeeps: just to recap, the fake obs update process is , git pull; make; make update right ?08:40
slainecan I ssh onto my cobs a/c ?08:40
Stskeepsno, it's a obs account08:40
slaineso, I use a local osc tool to connect to the cobs server08:41
slainemight do that so08:41
slainelbt: you around ?08:45
Macervgrade: probably in a few hours if you're around08:47
Maceri don't mind taking one for the team. just let me get wordpress going so i can blog it08:48
slaineStskeeps: more systemd changes afoot, http://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/os-release.html08:48
Maceronce i get that going i have no problem trying to get the steps down to share with the world ;)08:48
Stskeepsslaine: yeah, i follow the mailing list08:49
vgradeMacer, it will probably be around 18:0008:49
Macerwhat time utc is it now?08:49
Macerchicago is -6 now i think08:49
* slaine is envious of you guys finding the time for all this08:49
Macerah. it is 850utc .. ok thats fine08:50
Macerso noon chicago time08:50
Maceri never understood the need for time zones :)08:51
jukkaeklundtimoph, need to cancel lunch :/08:51
Stskeepsslaine: well, hopefully we can prove that a low Y amount of people can maintain a core that X number companies can use it without significant modification, saving the need to hire (X-1 * Y) employees across X companies08:52
Maceri am sure people can adapt their lives to the time being different when the sun is up08:52
slaineStskeeps: Yeah, but where's the fun in that08:52
Stskeepsbecause usually there isn't (X * Y) knowledgeable people ;)08:52
slaineRight, seeing as lbt isn't around just yet, what's the best source for mic2 and osc for getting this moving, git ?08:53
Stskeepsyeah, mic2 is git for sure08:53
Macervgrade: i will be around at 1800 utc ;) that will give me enough time to set up a vhost in apache to get a wp install going08:54
Stskeepsif you run into trouble that last over 4 hours, wait for platform sdk08:54
slaineThis one, git://gitorious.org/meego-developer-tools/image-creator.git08:54
Stskeepsmaster, not tag08:54
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Stskeepsmorn mdfe, feeling better today?09:05
mdfemuch better, thanks and good morning :)09:06
Macerplasma active is in the mer repos?09:06
Stskeepsno, mer is a core09:06
Stskeepsplasma active is a seperate project with it's own repos :)09:07
Macerah ok09:07
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Macerso if vgrade and i manage laterto makde step by step instructions for a transfofrmer then plasma active is a matter of installing their repo and using rpm?09:07
Macercore distro... or core kernels with nothing else? :)09:08
Stskeepscore, there's no mer kernel09:08
Macerall device kernels09:09
Stskeepsso it's a set of packages giving a system and tools you can build on top of09:09
Stskeepsno UIs, no hardware adaptations09:09
Macerbuild on top of?09:09
mdfeMacer: Here a PA Mer kickstart file to build images09:10
Stskeepsyeah, we give tools to help make mer-based products09:10
Macerthat sounds scary. you do have typical tools tho and a basic repo for standard gnu utilities?09:10
Stskeepsit is scary, but a pretty good proposition09:10
Stskeepsyes, we have typical tools, but it's like image creators, build systems, etc09:11
Stskeepsstandard gnu utilities we have at the moment09:11
Macerwell hopefully i can get mer + active on this transformer09:11
Stskeepsprovided it isn't locked09:12
Macerand eliminate ad-droid from my life09:12
Maceryeah. it is a old 16GB non-3G one09:12
Macerso hopefully09:12
Maceri want to try that and nemo on my n90009:12
vgradeMacer, in prep can you configure and build your kernel with the following http://wiki.merproject.com/wiki/Adaptation_Guide09:12
vgradewhat version is your kernel?09:13
Macerin ad-droid? let me check.. i have it hefre09:14
Macerjust not in a position where i can work on it now09:14
vgradeok, good09:16
Macer0001 :)09:17
Macerwhy is that good? heh09:17
vgradeif it was older you would need a patch to suit systemd09:17
Maceri just hope it is old enough to not have a blocked bootloader09:18
Macerthe cheap ser# sticker fell off09:18
slainehmmm, I never did get that coffee09:21
RaYmAnthat's good09:21
RaYmAnIt's the one with known SBK :)09:21
Maceras i recall B60 was unlocked09:21
RaYmAnin reality the secure boot key was leaked for it, making it's security void09:21
lbtmorning all09:22
RaYmAnsadly, the tightened security a hell of a lot after that ;)09:22
Macerwell... hopefully all goes well later09:22
Maceri dont see why09:22
RaYmAnMacer: at least it's impossible to brick a B60 or earlier :)09:22
Macerwhat is gthe big deal?09:22
MacerRaYmAn: we'll see ;)09:23
RaYmAnIt's literally impossible (discounting hardware errors) :P09:23
Macerhope so ;)09:23
Macermer on the transformer should be a uboot deal?09:23
Macerbooting off the sd?09:24
RaYmAnuboot doesn't really play well with the standard android kernel09:24
RaYmAn(on TF)09:24
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*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer09:25
Macerwell. i will wofrry about it when i can wofrk on it09:25
RaYmAnAre you going for accelerated or non-accelerated? :P09:25
slainemorning lbt09:25
Maceraccelerated i hope ;)09:25
Macerno gl would suck09:25
RaYmAnwell, then you need to go for a very particular kernel (which most likely need porting unless someone already did that for TF)09:25
RaYmAnNvidia isn't very good at maintaining a stable interface to userspace drivers :(09:26
Macerwell i am sure acive would run horrible non accelerated09:26
StskeepsMacer: you'd think so, but the engadget video is actually nonaccelerated09:26
Maceri will see hat happens when i can do work on it09:26
lbtslaine: Stskeeps: in general the answer to "what's the authoritative answer for something in Mer" should be http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Category:About09:27
MacerStskeeps: lol... yeah well.. i hopefully can have it accelerated09:27
*** smoku has joined #mer09:27
Macerbecause that would suck to have a useless gpu ;)09:27
* Macer points to n8x009:27
RaYmAnMacer: sure, just sharing some experiences with tegra ;) THey are *very* particular about exact kernel revisions for different drivers :P09:27
vgradeI'm not sure if this has the correct interface, https://github.com/lilstevie/CrOS-Hybrid-Kernel09:28
lbtslaine: and I have a working SDK now09:28
RaYmAniirc that one is for alpha2 drivers09:28
lbtslaine: testers welcome :)09:28
slaineI'm all yours09:28
Macerwell.. i will be back later ;)09:28
lbtOK - let me get you an image09:29
Macerthanks for the info09:29
slaineStarting from Ubuntu 11.1009:29
slaineI've just install mic2 from git09:29
Stskeepsslaine: SSSE3 or non-SSSE3?09:29
lbtyep - that should mainly be irrelevant09:29
slaine^ Stskeeps09:29
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mdfeRaYmAn: moin09:30
RaYmAnmdfe: howdy09:32
slainestep 1 complete, mic2 built a mer fs09:47
jukkaeklundlbt, new password doesn't in bugs.nemomobile.org09:51
jukkaeklund..work, that is09:51
lbtjukkaeklund: mmm09:51
lbtslaine: OK - try this shell for enter-chroot09:51
lbtI'll stop uploading my fs now09:52
slaineNo, I'll test all your stuff09:52
slaineI'm following your step by step at the moment.09:52
lbtthis is called enter-chroot.sh http://pastie.org/337962509:53
lbtit should be in root of the sdk fs09:53
slaineIs osc-0.132.4 up to date enough ?09:53
lbtslaine: these questions should not be needed anymore :)09:54
Stskeepslbt: he doesn't actually have a sdk fs yet09:54
slaineStskeeps: he's uploading it atm09:54
lbtslaine: here's the .ks http://pastie.org/337963709:56
slaineok, both those down09:58
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*** InformatiQ has joined #mer09:58
slainegive me a poke when the fs is up, I've some stuff to do here.09:58
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*** sledges has joined #mer10:01
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Stskeepsgood morning sledges10:01
sledgesany IVI solutions on top of Mer ?10:01
sledgeshello Stskeeps10:01
Stskeepssledges: mailing list has a guy interested10:02
sledgeshttp://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg00153.html ?10:02
Stskeepsbingo, simon boek10:02
lbtslaine: https://img.merproject.org/images/mer-sdk.tar.bz210:02
sledgesStskeeps: boss wants to ditch MeeGo IVI, and look for alternative platforms :( I tried to fighting at least for MeeGo10:03
Stskeepssledges: no surprises on meego ivi, just remember that not much other is genivi certified10:04
slainelbt: ok, pull ding down, about 5 mins based on eta and current network usage10:04
lbtslaine: wait10:04
lbtmissing sudo10:04
*** FireFly has quit IRC10:04
sledgesyup, that's what he said : he still wants Genivi certified. I personally liked early MeeGo's IVI, than the last one10:04
Stskeepssledges: only other genivi certified i know of is ubuntu core ivi remix10:05
lbtsledges: have you talked to Jeremiah ?10:05
Stskeepswhich erm, doesn't look too fancy10:05
lbtsledges: from Pelagicore10:05
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind some vendor pulling mer plus ivi packages and publishing/selling genivi solutions after certification10:05
slaineThat seems like a logical path from Meego IVI10:06
lbtStskeeps: I think that's in scope for Pelagicore10:06
sledgeslbt, no haven't come across Jeremiah10:06
*** petterw has quit IRC10:06
lbtsledges: talk to vgrade too10:06
*** petterw has joined #mer10:06
lbthe is kinda working on Mer IVI10:06
lbtsame group of people10:07
lbtiirc there's some interest in JLR10:07
lbtbut you know "interest" is a very vague term10:07
sledgesI see, infant stages. I would somehow need to persuade my boss to resource on bringing it to life, and certification; most probably not in our scope of company and the timescales he's putting out10:07
lbtwell, don't forget that you get all the MeeGo work for free10:08
lbtand that's not insignificant10:08
sledgestrue, and Nokia N9 is why I'm here, but MeeGo IVI is by far nowhere near as fancy as N9 UI experience10:09
lbtyou also get the Mer/Qt dev process too - and we think the competitive advantage there is also quite large10:09
lbtNo, but that's the point10:09
Stskeepssledges: just remember you can throw away meego ivi ux10:09
lbtyou get to put all your effort into the UI because so much below is working10:09
sledgesso my highest hopes are for Nemo Mobile. For UI you need designers, not engineers. None of such in our company I'm afraid :)10:10
lbt(sounds like you're looking for points so just trying to offer them)10:10
slaineAnd that UX was a template reference UX, not intended for resale by IVI vendors.10:10
lbtah ... that's a hiring problem :)10:10
sledgesmore like a company's direction problem10:10
lbtOTOH ... partenering with someone like Pelagicore or Nomovok may be a way to get that kind of skill10:11
lbtbut that's getting OT for here :)10:11
*** FireFly has joined #mer10:13
Paimenwe at nomovok are working currently to get genivi certificate for our Steelrat for ivi10:14
jukkaeklundthere you go :)10:15
lbtsledges: see Paimen10:15
*** csslayer has joined #mer10:16
sledgeslbt, Paimen, thanks for the info! What licening will you intend?10:16
slainelbt, ETA on updated fs ?10:17
Paimensledges: what you mean for licensing in this context?10:18
lbtslaine: try now10:19
sledgesPaimen, just reading this and it is becoming clearer: http://nomovok.com/news/10/34/Nomovok-and-Pelagicore-start-strategic-cooperation-in-the-IVI-sector10:19
slainelbt: ok, on it's way10:20
Paimensledges Rami erlin is good man to contact if your company is interested in partnership10:20
lbtsledges: and steelrat is built on Mer10:20
Paimenlbt: currently work on process transfering from meego to mer10:21
sledgesPaimen, could not find any IVI videos10:21
Paimensledges: sorry not available yet10:21
lbtPaimen: yes, that's better phrasing10:21
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC10:21
StskeepsSage_: http://review.merproject.org/#patch,sidebyside,403,1,libdmx.spec -- COPYING, is that a GPL license file?10:21
lbtI've been Pasi'd :D10:21
Paimenwell Pasi is Pasi :D10:22
Stskeepsah no, MIT/X1110:22
sledgesyou see, Paimen , everyone expects to see a thing in action :) video will be the first thing I will send to my boss and the sales' team. Any timescales' outlook? :)10:23
Paimensledges: I need to push our IVI guys then :D10:23
sledgesyes please :))10:23
PaimenI'm not actually working with IVI myself10:23
sledgesanyone on this #chan?10:24
PaimenI'm afraid not10:24
Stskeepsprobably a good idea to contact sales?10:25
Paimenwell I think best is to contact directly to Rami Erlin head of our IVI-development10:25
Paimenor maybe if you can give me some contacts / more information of your needs I can ask Rami to contact you with something to show10:29
Paimensledges: ^10:29
slainelbt, just running the enter-root.sh throws up errors, not usage ()10:30
lbtoh yeah10:32
lbtthere's some bug in pastie10:32
lbtI reported this ages ago10:32
lbtslaine: when you run enter-chroot it will bind mount your home and such into the sdk10:36
lbtif you rm -rf the SDK you *WILL* lose all your data and destroy your machine :)10:36
lbtplease don't do that10:36
w00tthat sounds fun10:37
Stskeepslbt: is there a exit-chroot too..?10:37
lbtyeah and it's as failsafe and noisy as I can make it10:37
lbtbut if you rm -rf from another screen10:37
lbtthen game over10:37
lbtthe only way I can think to make it safe is to unpack the chroot to another fs and then rm --one-filesystem will work10:38
lbtnot widely available10:38
lbtit's not as bad as it sounds10:39
lbtbut in this "make/remove" development phase it's an issue10:39
lbtnormal users will rarely remove the SDK10:39
lbtand TBH it's the same as scratchbox ever was10:40
lbtslaine: use cat /proc/self/mounts before removing the SDK root10:40
lbtdon't rely on "mount"10:41
lbtalso be aware that mic plays silly and seems worse at removing bind mounts than my noddy shellscript10:41
lbtStskeeps: also.... osc uses uname to determine the host arch10:42
slainethat's usually 'cause something has an open file10:42
lbtslaine: nah ... it simply doesn't trap exceptions and cleanup10:42
Stskeepslbt: yes10:42
lbtStskeeps: doesn't work so well in sdk10:42
*** lizardo has joined #mer10:43
slainelbt, don't think it's pastie is the problem, same errors10:44
lbtpastie the error?10:44
Stskeepswhat is /bin/sh ?10:44
Stskeepsdash or bash?10:44
lbtthe pastebin is bad slaine... look at line 9 and 1510:44
Stskeeps #!/bin/bash in the top too?10:45
lbtthat runs outside the sdk10:45
*** jonnor_work has joined #mer10:46
*** FireFly has quit IRC10:46
slaineWell, I wget'd the url you have above and get the same errors10:46
* lbt goes to the window and squints *real hard* but still can't see slaine's monitor10:47
slainesorry, I'm on the phone too, I'll paste to pastie10:47
*** FireFly has joined #mer10:49
mdfeStskeeps: the mer sdk is based on madde?10:50
lbtmdfe: we don't really have a mer application SDK10:52
Stskeepsmdfe: the intention is to have two sdks, one application sdk (qt creator), one platform sdk (bash shell, scratchbox2, osc, mic, etc)10:52
Stskeepsplatform is for things app sdk can't do :)10:53
lbtand we'll likely work on upstreaming patches for qt creator to support mer builds10:53
mdfethe meego sdk for applications was imho madde based10:53
Stskeepsi'm a little worried about madde as it's kind of complex and upstream development stopped10:54
Stskeepsi'm hoping we'll see some effort from qtonpi10:54
vgradenemo sg meeting today?10:54
slainelbt, you see the above, http://pastie.org/337988510:55
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC10:55
slainerepull ?10:55
lbtoh, it may complain that it's not a mer SDK10:56
lbttouch  ${sdkroot}/etc/MerSDK10:56
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:56
mdfeStskeeps: thanks10:56
*** jabis has quit IRC10:56
*** _av500_ has quit IRC10:56
Stskeepsmdfe: did cmake and such things work with madde?10:56
*** _av500_ has joined #mer10:56
*** jabis has joined #mer10:56
mdfethere are some issues10:57
slainelbt, the fs should probably be in a top level dir, like mer-sdk-<version>10:57
mdfee.g. the cmake find stuff needs sometimes some work-a-rounds10:57
lbtslaine: if that's where you want it that's fine10:58
lbtI agree it should unpack to a decent name10:58
lbtoh, you don't mean top level as /10:58
slaineNo, what you said10:58
slainedon't want it unpacking all over my current dir10:58
slaineput it in mer-sdk-0.110:59
slaine-u mer ?10:59
mdfeStskeeps: For some time we decided in the peregrine project to switch from cmake to qmake about this issues with the madde sdk10:59
lbtsudo enter-chroot.sh <path>10:59
slainelbt, k10:59
lbtI'm tweaking the docs here to clarify11:00
slainelbt, ok, I'm in11:00
lbtOK, when you exit it goes to a root shell11:01
lbtthen next time it exits11:01
lbtso try that11:01
slainecleanly unmounted too11:01
lbtactually I fixed sudo so I'll remove that 2nd root shell11:01
slainedidn't run anything.11:01
lbtre-enter and do "osc ls"11:01
lbtaw :(11:03
lbtthat should have worked (unless you're in a proxy place?)11:03
slainelbt, http://pastie.org/337995011:03
Sage_Stskeeps: no http://pastie.org/337995311:03
Sage_Stskeeps: ah you found out yourself :)11:03
*** dcthang has quit IRC11:03
lbtslaine: so11:04
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer11:04
lbtslaine: so you should be in a bind mount of your home11:04
lbtcan you check that?11:04
slaineOh that's all fine, I checked that before, sorry, thought I'd said11:04
lbtOK - so why can't it see .oscrc ?11:05
slaineI'm chroot'd in properly, that's working.11:05
slaineI don't have one on this machine, it's a virgin setup11:05
slaineThat's the whole point isn't it, we're testing it.11:05
lbtkinda :)11:05
lbtI was checking it works inside a normal pre-configured desktop11:06
slainethe default .oscrc that gets generated should point to the cobs I guess11:06
lbtnah - we're not to that level of polish yet - but it's a good point11:06
slaineSo the command in the docs should get osc pointed there for it's first run.11:06
lbtso my initial intent is to allow people who have a working osc to simply enter the chroot and work there11:07
slainemy intent was got get setup from scratch.11:07
slainecross purposes11:07
lbtcan you try to unpack this on your normal working machine?11:07
slaineWhat I'll probably do is copy the oscrc from there to here.11:08
lbtOK, sure11:08
*** Free-MG has joined #mer11:08
slaineI'll take a look at that after lunch11:08
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer11:08
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer11:08
*** dionet has joined #mer11:11
*** vakkov has joined #mer11:12
*** Free-MG has quit IRC11:15
*** Sicelo has left #mer11:15
*** himamura has quit IRC11:16
lbtalterego: ping ...where's the wiki gone? :)11:18
alteregoIt's gone?11:20
Stskeepsalterego: go to wiki.merproject.org11:20
alteregoSorry :o11:20
Stskeepshehe, no problem, just wondering what happened :)11:21
Stskeepscan you do an export of the wiki somehow so we have an external backup?11:21
Stskeepsin case you get run over by a bus11:21
alteregoSure, do we have an FTP site or something I can automate my backups to?11:22
Stskeepsideally we should just get the transfer done to mer infra i guess11:22
lbtactually I'd like to migrate it to our infra and give you a shell there11:22
alteregoAlternatively I could make it available via http and one of you guys can automate a wget or something.11:22
alteregoLet me just figure out why this "simple" update to apache has screwed the vhost.11:23
lbtI setup the ldap etc with islam so it's easier now :)11:23
alteregoOkay, looks like I've fixed it now. Sorry about that.11:26
lbtnp - thanks for the quick response :)11:26
alteregoShall we pencil in getting the wiki into infra for Thursday?11:27
alteregoI should be able to do it anytime thursday.11:27
*** cxl000 has joined #mer11:27
alteregoI'll make a note of it.11:28
alteregoOut of curiosity, it's off topic, but has anyone had any luck in getting avahi to somehow work with windows computers?11:30
Stskeepsadd apple rendezvous?11:30
alteregoI want a way that maybe uses plain NetBIOS for hostname resolution.11:31
alteregoI don't want to have to install anything on the windows clients.11:31
lbtwe should have smb stuff for sure11:31
*** jabis has quit IRC11:32
*** sledges has quit IRC11:32
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC11:32
*** mdfe has quit IRC11:32
*** lilstevie has quit IRC11:32
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*** stskeepsie has joined #mer12:01
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stskeepsielbt: hetzner having issues for you too?12:02
*** NPX has quit IRC12:02
*** spre has quit IRC12:02
*** paulsherwood has quit IRC12:02
*** jbos has quit IRC12:02
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*** Stskeeps has joined #mer12:05
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC12:05
*** Stskeeps has joined #mer12:05
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*** slow has joined #mer12:05
*** ruphy has joined #mer12:06
lbthappened a few days ago too12:06
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer12:07
Stskeepsi suspect it's somehow related to all the problems with freenode and network connectivity12:07
*** khohm has joined #mer12:07
Stskeepslet's postpone meeting ~15 minutes until it calms down?12:07
*** phako has joined #mer12:08
*** KaIRC has quit IRC12:09
lilsteviesomeone highlighted me?12:09
*** spre has joined #mer12:09
*** jbos has joined #mer12:10
*** NPX has joined #mer12:10
*** Dotti has joined #mer12:10
*** eg81 has joined #mer12:11
lbtHetzner is OK now12:13
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer12:15
*** rha has joined #mer12:19
*** rha has quit IRC12:19
*** rha has joined #mer12:19
*** dionet has quit IRC12:20
Stskeepsokay, Mer release management in #mer-meeting12:25
*** sonach has joined #mer12:35
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC12:40
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer12:40
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC12:40
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer12:40
*** lynxis has joined #mer12:45
*** heapy has joined #mer12:47
heapyis this the channel to be in for spark tablet related news?12:47
Stskeepshere or #active :)12:47
Stskeepswe're just the engine room on base system side12:47
heapycheers :D12:47
heapyi just watched the linux action show, and am super excited about the release of the spark12:49
Stskeepshehe :)12:49
InformatiQi am running systemd inside an lxc container, and starting getty@tty1.service always failes12:49
InformatiQ[root@f16 ~]# systemctl status dev-tty1.mount12:49
InformatiQdev-tty1.mount - /dev/tty112:49
InformatiQ          Loaded: loaded12:49
InformatiQ          Active: active (mounted) since Tue, 14 Feb 2012 07:21:49 -0500; 14min ago12:49
InformatiQ           Where: /dev/tty112:49
InformatiQ            What: devpts12:49
InformatiQ          CGroup: name=systemd:/f16/system/dev-tty1.mount12:49
InformatiQ[root@f16 ~]# systemctl status dev-tty1.device12:49
InformatiQ          Loaded: loaded12:50
InformatiQ          Active: inactive (dead)12:50
InformatiQAFAIK the device unit is based on udev12:50
heapyam at work atm, just thought i'd pop buy to see if there was any news ;)12:50
Stskeepsheapy: best place to follow is aseigo's blog12:50
StskeepsInformatiQ: sure lxc has tty1 and not some obscure ttylxc stuff?12:50
InformatiQi had to disable udev (masking it wuth dev/null) to get the system to start because lxc does something to block events and udev from working properly12:51
InformatiQwrong channeƶ12:51
Stskeepsi was wondering when you'd notice ;)12:51
InformatiQi am getting too tired with that stuff12:51
heapyStskeeps: thanks am on that now! :)12:51
InformatiQi had left it behind but now got back to iyt as i am testing boss12:51
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer12:55
Stskeepsheapy: if you'd like to know more about the machine room, the core, then here is the best :)12:55
*** tomeff has quit IRC12:55
lbthey InformatiQ12:56
lbtWTF have you been?12:56
InformatiQlbt: trying to stay sane with al the empty time on my hand12:58
lbtInformatiQ: hehe  ... nice problem to have12:59
Stskeepssomeone is implying he has free time? quick, grab the tasks list!12:59
InformatiQlbt: how's it going with you?13:00
lbtInformatiQ: rather good13:00
lbtMer is generating a lot of interest13:01
lbtand, maybe more importantly, keeping promises13:01
* Stskeeps glances at delayed release13:02
lbtwe promised to release... not *when*13:02
Stskeepshehe ;)13:02
lbtalthough I think I'm glad it's not "when it's ready"13:02
lbtInformatiQ: we have an SDK approach too13:03
lbtwhich links in to your desktop13:03
lbt(and actually if you want to play with lxc that may be a candidate)13:03
lbt.... Happy Birthday matrixx ....13:05
matrixxlbt: thanks :)13:05
*** Cwalle has joined #mer13:05
ali1234lbt: my mer login is still messed up. looks like i still have some account in the bugzilla but not the ldap... so i can't reuse my email address. could you have a look please?13:05
InformatiQlbt: that would be good as i still have lxc fresh in my head13:07
InformatiQi have been trying out the releases from nemo and also tried the plasma on my wetab13:07
InformatiQi can't wait for a tablet UI13:07
InformatiQi hate the current ones in the market13:08
lbtInformatiQ: OK - there's an SDK rootfs here: https://img.merproject.org/images/13:08
lbtalso a script (slightly old)13:08
timophand a copy of it (~) :)13:09
*** vakkov has quit IRC13:14
*** sonach has quit IRC13:16
*** Cwalle has quit IRC13:17
*** jargon- has quit IRC13:19
*** sonach has joined #mer13:20
*** sonach has left #mer13:20
InformatiQgrabbing it13:21
Stskeepslbt: https for images?13:22
lbtStskeeps: nah, for IMG ... not finished that yet13:23
*** jargon- has joined #mer13:29
*** himamura has joined #mer13:31
*** Cwalle has joined #mer13:34
*** sledges has joined #mer13:41
*** sledges has joined #mer13:41
*** tpn has joined #mer13:43
*** ruphy has quit IRC13:46
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC13:47
*** merlin1991 has joined #mer13:47
*** ruphy has joined #mer13:47
*** parancibia has joined #mer13:53
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC14:08
*** vakkov has joined #mer14:08
*** NPX has quit IRC14:23
*** jbos has quit IRC14:24
stskeepsiei think the internet is telling us to get off our collective asses and go have a good valentines day14:24
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC14:25
*** Dotti has quit IRC14:25
*** khohm has quit IRC14:25
*** ruphy_ has joined #mer14:25
*** slow has quit IRC14:25
*** ruphy has quit IRC14:26
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC14:26
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*** merlin1991 has joined #mer14:26
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*** rha has quit IRC14:27
Cwallestskeepsie!! are you Stskeep's fan ?14:30
stskeepsieno, just stskeeps without his server14:30
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer14:30
lbtnah, he's a wannabe14:30
*** Stskeeps has joined #mer14:30
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC14:30
lbtthat's the real one14:30
*** Stskeeps has joined #mer14:30
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC14:30
*** Stskeeps has joined #mer14:30
*** rha has joined #mer14:31
* lbt twiddles thumbs14:31
lbtand pings hetzner14:31
*** khohm has joined #mer14:31
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer14:31
Cwalleyeah, which ID is Carsten Munk's14:31
Stskeepsi think it's a backbone issue somewhere14:31
StskeepsCwalle: i (and stskeepsie) is carsten munk14:31
*** Dotti has joined #mer14:32
CwalleIt is you!!!14:32
*** jbos has joined #mer14:32
*** spre has joined #mer14:32
*** NPX has joined #mer14:32
lbtwe tried to clone him but it broke the internet14:32
CwalleI just know that!14:32
*** slow has joined #mer14:33
CwalleStskeeps: remember that patch you gave me to fix my kernel issue?14:33
StskeepsCwalle: yes14:33
Stskeepsdid it apply?14:33
*** eg81 has joined #mer14:34
CwalleI got some strange errors14:34
Stskeepslike what?14:35
CwalleE...., wait a moment14:36
lbtDenise suggested checking for cats walking on the keyboard... that can account for strange errors.14:36
_av500_and Paula?14:37
CwalleStskeeps: first i got these http://pastie.org/3381115 errors while patching14:37
lbt_av500_: yeah, for sure14:38
StskeepsCwalle: okay, doesn't like it didn't apply well14:38
Cwallethen my kernel complain that that is undefined reference to `console_sysfs_notify'14:38
lbtCwalle: see lines 12 14 1514:39
CwalleStskeeps: i used the root to patch14:40
Cwallethe prink.c is ok14:40
Cwallebut the tty_io.c can't be patched!14:41
Stskeepswonder why14:42
Stskeepscan you look at the .rej files?14:42
Cwallelike: http://pastie.org/338114414:42
Cwalleit seems patch not completed14:43
Stskeepswhat kernel version was it14:44
lbtHetzner: Unfortunately, there have been issues with the core switches. Our technicians are working hard to resolve the situation14:45
CwalleStrangely, there is no tty_io.c in driver/tty/14:46
*** tomeff has joined #mer14:47
StskeepsCwalle: awkward14:47
CwalleStskeeps:any idea ?14:48
StskeepsCwalle: i'll have to look at that some other day14:48
Stskeepslbt: well at least its not power cuts14:48
Cwalleok, it is too late for me now(11:00pm)14:48
CwalleStskeeps: anytime you figure out what's wrong, please let me know14:50
Cwalleand good night everyone!14:51
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:53
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:54
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer14:54
*** Cwalle has quit IRC14:54
*** phako has joined #mer14:57
lbtyay .... ees bak14:57
* lbt stabs OBS in the eye14:59
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer14:59
lbtit seems to now require ruby-daemons14:59
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC14:59
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer14:59
lbtwhich only builds against 12.114:59
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer15:00
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC15:00
Stskeepsask adrian?15:01
Stskeepssounds awkward15:04
Stskeepsheh, that's funny15:04
Stskeepsa day made of glass 2 narration talks about 'open operating systems' too15:04
Stskeepsyou didn't see those?15:05
lbtyeah ... not v215:05
Stskeepshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZkHpNnXLB0 first, then the narration (very useful), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-GXO_urMow15:05
*** lynxis has quit IRC15:07
*** lynxis has joined #mer15:07
*** lynxis has joined #mer15:07
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:08
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC15:11
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer15:13
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC15:20
Sage_Stskeeps: #nemomobile ;)15:20
Sage_Stskeeps: we should probably remove this patch from Mer http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/xdg-utils.git;a=blob;f=meego_browsers.patch;h=ddff4c635cf3a0a3078d36271bf07ac8573e50ac;hb=HEAD15:21
*** parancibia has quit IRC15:22
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC15:23
Stskeepsno objections from me15:23
* Sage_ makes a patch15:24
Sage_need to look into the shared-mime-info more but I think we can drop those defaults to totem etc. as Mer should not make selections in UI side.15:26
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer15:28
Stskeeps"The 60-computer build farm used to build the Fedora ARM software on which the remix is based"15:32
* Stskeeps hugs mer15:32
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC15:33
Stskeepslbt: cbe/cfe is 11.4, right?15:35
lbtI'd go to 12.1 but...15:36
lbtthen we'd have to upgrade ci and cobs15:36
Stskeepsno 12.1 yet15:36
Stskeepsadrian even isn't happy yet about it :P15:37
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer15:37
lbtif we end up with phosts with > 3Tb disks then we'll need 12.1 on them apparently15:38
lbt>2Tb even15:39
lbtwe may not due to pxe15:39
lbtnot important15:39
lbtI hate zypper15:40
Stskeepsrubygem-daemons doesn't seem terribly important15:40
lbtit fails at first dependency ...15:40
lbtso you have to iterate package by package15:40
*** toscalix has joined #mer15:40
Stskeepsfail fast?15:41
lbtfail stupid :)15:41
Stskeepsspark makes it to itworld, http://www.itworld.com/mobile-wireless/249482/evanescence-linux15:42
Stskeepsof course misunderstand what really runs, but.. ;)15:43
*** fabo has quit IRC15:43
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:43
*** lamikr has quit IRC15:44
*** mdfe__ has joined #mer15:44
*** mdfe has quit IRC15:44
*** toscalix has quit IRC15:44
*** fabo has joined #mer15:45
*** toscalix has joined #mer15:45
*** lamikr has joined #mer15:45
*** lilstevie has quit IRC15:46
*** peavey has quit IRC15:47
*** lilstevie has joined #mer15:48
*** Siosm has joined #mer15:49
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC15:53
lbtStskeeps: we won't have OBS up today15:57
lbtI thought it was all done but half the packages are missing15:57
lbtit's not just a copypac either15:58
Stskeepsis this because of our tools copy, or?15:59
*** peavey has joined #mer16:00
lbtI didn't get a handover from islam16:00
lbtso I'm reading his wiki script and editing it16:00
lbtOur target should be to have a single repo that we use to install16:00
lbtI notice it has no qemu yet16:01
lbtpackaged for suse 11.416:01
Stskeepsfrom mer pov i don't care about qemu16:01
Stskeepsit's project-wide and even better now, in sb2 tools16:01
lbtwe'd kill meego arm builds on c.obs16:02
Stskeeps(and a dynamic binary)16:02
lbtand any old mer builds16:02
Stskeepswe might have to add Hostarch: to some prjconfs16:02
Stskeepsbut that wasn't my idea16:02
lbtwhich may not be a bad thing16:02
lbtyeah - that's an upgrade thing16:02
Stskeepsi'm not saying not install a qemu, btw16:03
Stskeepsjust tat i don't use it in mer builds16:03
Stskeepsand haven't since last buiold16:03
lbtno, but I need to find one :)16:03
lbtnb http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Category:Qemu16:04
lbtplease feel free to edit16:04
lbtok ... now I feel stupid16:05
lbtI thought these packages were not packaged for 11.416:05
Stskeepsnow? ;)16:05
lbtbut apparently random ones are disablesd16:05
Stskeepsfixed page16:07
lbtyou changed the template16:08
Stskeepsso did you16:08
Stskeepsnot sure what i did wrong :P16:09
lbtit looked wrong... not sure it is16:09
lbtmissing the About category16:09
Stskeepswell you showed me Category:Qemu which had text in it already16:09
lbtit was an old template16:10
lbtmissing the ] External Links header so it looked odd16:10
*** harbaum has quit IRC16:11
lbtfinally.... it's about to install the api16:15
*** bergie has quit IRC16:19
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer16:19
*** niqt has quit IRC16:24
*** ruphy_ is now known as ruphy16:28
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC16:41
Sage_Stskeeps: where is the srpm files from mer releases btw?16:43
StskeepsSage_: bit controversial, but we don't have srpms as they don't represent in any way what actually is usable to rebuild the rpms..16:46
Sage_ok, fairenough.16:47
Stskeepsthe git repos are what is the authorative sources16:47
Stskeepswhat are you trying to do?16:48
Sage_cleanup :)16:48
Sage_did: sed -i 's/enabled=0/enabled=1/g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*16:49
Sage_and result is well lot of errors as those repos do not exist :)16:49
Sage_hmmp... probably time to call it a day.16:54
Stskeepshave a good evening17:07
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:09
Stskeepslbt: progress finally?17:09
*** heapy has quit IRC17:11
*** csslayer has quit IRC17:38
*** csslayer has joined #mer17:38
*** tomeff has quit IRC17:41
*** paulsherwood has quit IRC17:42
*** jargon- has quit IRC17:42
*** tomeff has joined #mer17:42
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:42
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer17:43
*** jargon- has joined #mer17:43
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer17:44
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer17:45
*** mdfe has joined #mer17:48
*** alien__ has joined #mer17:49
*** slow_ has joined #mer17:49
Stskeepslbt: i think the issue on -ci is the fact you don't have an account on there, at all17:50
Stskeepsso i can't exactly reset your password17:51
*** tpn_ has joined #mer17:51
*** wagi` has joined #mer17:52
*** mdfe__ has quit IRC17:55
*** lynxis has quit IRC17:55
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lbtStskeeps: that would in fact explain it18:00
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* Stskeeps waits for llvm to build18:07
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* Stskeeps likes18:16
Stskeepsmeego sdk contains recipes how to bootstrap a meego arm / x86 target with glibc etc18:17
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Stskeepslbt: http://cpe.mitre.org/specification/18:21
_av500_Stskeeps: wtf is that?18:22
Stskeepsscroll down to CPE_NAME18:23
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lbtwhere are you thinking we use this?18:30
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Stskeepslbt: you always seem to be wanting to check if a release has a certain vulnerability or something, so in my mind , this fit into that18:30
*** dijenerate has joined #mer18:30
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Stskeepsi mean18:31
lbtso mer release naming?18:31
Stskeepsfor example18:31
Stskeepsand being able to denote using a certain mer release as upstream18:32
* lbt was just making dns names .... so just checking18:32
lbtcertainly seems reasonable18:33
Stskeepsi'm a little unfocused at the moment so i'm taking the task from tomorrow on prepping working llvmpipe, so we can have mer VMs for x86 working with gles out of box18:35
Stskeepswhich is a strong proposition for developers18:35
lbtI'm just making cobs VMs18:36
*** frals has joined #mer18:36
lbtjust a bit of a grind really18:36
lbthmm mk_vm doesn't run zypper up18:37
Stskeepsi got a mail back from one of the longsoon mips people btw18:38
Stskeepsso i'll get a conversation started on what they could help with/what they are interested in18:38
* lbt checks the wiki arch pages18:38
Stskeepsi did fix that page18:38
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lbtit's OK - i has mips on it18:40
Stskeepsi am pondering how much of a nightmare it gets if i do MIPS64 port18:41
Stskeepslbt: loongson is RMS approved, btw18:42
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Stskeepslbt: so what was end result with sdk before you started fighting with obs18:56
lbtit worked but needed a couple of tweaks18:57
lbtI need to get the 'enter-chroot.sh' into the image18:57
lbtand I need to hack osc18:57
*** dijenerate has joined #mer18:59
lbtgah.... I tweak the kvm /libvirt xml file to add an eth1 and it fails to boot any ifs18:59
lbtxen isn't so touchy18:59
*** vivijim has quit IRC18:59
lbtand reverting it doesn't work19:00
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Stskeepsevening InformatiQ19:33
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InformatiQhei steff19:36
InformatiQbleh tab completion19:36
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Stskeepslbt: think i'll take an early evening, how are things on your end?19:55
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lbtStskeeps: not good - VMs won't see eth0/1 on reboot20:07
lbtbut I may do the same in a while and hit it in the morning20:08
StskeepsCBE/CFE boots fine with the patches though, you're just setting up a worker , or20:09
lbtjust starting VMs20:09
lbtand now I'm trying a simple reboot20:10
lbtfor another vm20:10
lbtand that fails20:10
lbtso something up at the phost20:10
Stskeepsdidn't we discuss something awry when it was opensuse vms?20:11
Stskeepsback when we set up CI20:11
Stskeepsremember that there's some stupid stuff that changes interface names when MAC addys are different and so on20:12
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #mer20:13
lbtit could be that20:13
Stskeepsthere's some guides to stop that from happening, i think20:15
Venemo_N950hi :)20:15
lbtmacs aren't changing though20:16
lbtI checked20:16
Stskeepsmaybe order20:17
Stskeepsor something similarly silly20:17
Stskeepsanyway, bbl20:18
lbtOK l8r20:18
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omicron23Hi there. I want to try mer with plasma-active on my n900. Is there any information available on how to achieve this?20:49
Venemo_N950omicron23, PA isn't suited for such a screen size, however you can download their ARM image (if any) and use the generic Mer for N900 instructions.20:50
*** AndrewFBlack has joined #mer20:51
omicron23Venemo_N950: thanks. What would be the generic information for "Mer for N900"? I found two links on the wiki community workspace but do not really know what to do with them.20:52
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ali1234but... the spark has a 800x480 screen21:47
ali1234and the n900 has a 800x480 screen21:47
*** befr0d has joined #mer21:54
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wmaroneand they've noted that the elements are a bit large for the screen22:03
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PoleschAlways fantastic when Tux pop up on your mobile.23:38
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PoleschIs there a guide for installing Nemo on the root? (Not booting it from the memory card)23:42

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