Wednesday, 2012-02-01

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sonachStskeeps: I got a new board with 256MB flash. Now from "ps -ef f| grep qtmediahub", I can confirm that qtmediahub is running. But I still cannot see anything on the TV screen. How to diagnosis this problem?02:33
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sonachStskeeps: From /home/mer/.Xorg.0.log, It seems that Xorg is working...02:37
sonachStskeeps: Since YPbPr output uses /dev/fb2 on hi3716m, I did the following "rm /dev/fb0; ln -s /dev/fb2 /dev/fb0; kill PID_OF_QTMEDIAHUB". then qtmediahub and Xorg were restarted by systemd.02:41
sonachStskeeps: I find that no "ifconfig" command exists on Mer. How to config the network then?02:44
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cxl000sonach net-tools provides /sbin/ifconfig04:55
sonachcxl000: thank you. but /sbin/ifconfig is not there. maybe I should add extra packages when building my rootfs:)05:30
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sonachStskeeps: I have used, but the result rootfs is bigger than previous... I don't know why...05:43
sonachStskeeps: the previous rootfs is built upon
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Stskeepssonach: hmmm06:02
sonachStskeeps: Nice to see you:)06:02
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sonachStskeeps: Now my questions are:06:03
sonach(1) nothing on TV screen;06:03
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sonach(2) footprint.  Now I only have one board with 256MB flash. others are 128MB.06:04
sonachThe first question(nothing on TV screen) is more important.06:06
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Stskeepssonach: footprint i can first truly help with when back from my trip on tuesday morning.. nothing on tv screen: can't you configure layers on the display chip to make fb0 the primary one and fb1 fb2 disabled?06:07
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Stskeepsmaybe there is a missing 'fbset' needed06:09
sonachStskeeps: OK. I will wait you back about footprint.06:09
sonachwhat do you mean by "maybe there is a missing 'fbset' needed"?06:09
Stskeepswell, if the framebuffers are set up correctly06:10
sonachSo,  is there any tool to test the framebuffer on Mer?06:10
sonachmaybe I can just find  some tools from vendor's sdk package?06:10
sonachWhen testing xbmc in meego's chroot, we just "rm /dev/fb0" and then "ln -s /dev/fb2 /dev/fb0" for YPbPr output. That works fine.06:12
sonachAnyway, I think I should test framebuffer first...06:12
Stskeepsok, so your output framebuffer is actually fb2?06:13
sonachYes. In vendor's document, it states that fb0 is for standard output, fb2 is for high-definite output.06:15
sonachHmmm, maybe I can try /dev/fb0 with AV output...06:16
Stskeepsokay, so, we should make xorg use fb2 then06:16
sonachafter doing "ln -s", I kill qtmediahub. Then systemd restarts Xorg and qtmediahub. Is that right?06:16
Stskeepsyes, that's normal06:17
sonachSo I think Xorg will in fact use fb2,06:17
Stskeepscheck /var/log/Xorg.log.0 or /home/mer/.Xorg.0.log06:18
Stskeepsit should say06:18
Stskeepsanyway, you should reboot so fb0 fb1 fb2 is back to normal, and then find guide how to make xorg.conf tell xorg how to use alternative fb2 device06:20
Stskeepsbut test with standard output first06:20
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sonachOK. then: (1) test with standard output; (2) make xorg.conf use fb2; (3) use tools to test framebuffer.06:21
Stskeepsi have to go to offic , good luck with it06:21
sonachthank you for your time:)06:22
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Stskeepsand switch to qt-qmlviewer instead of qtmediahub, then we are sure it's not qtmediahub making trouble06:27
sonachyes, that's a good idea. We will do that at once:)06:28
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sonachtimoph: morning:)06:39
Sagesonach: out of interest how much the image size did reduce with the latest prerelease?06:44
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sonachSage: the image size become bigger with the latest prerelease...06:46
Sagebigger? shouldn't have06:47
Sagesonach: can you pastie the package list?06:47
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sonachOK, wait a minute...06:47
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Sagethat really should be smaller image than before06:56
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Sageat least most of the qt-mobility deps that isn't needed are not present anymore06:56
sonachSage: It also puzzles me. Now I am rebuilding rootfs with previous repo. I will show you the result at once.06:57
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sonachSage: with 0.20120120.1, the package list is the uncompressed rootfs size is 207MB.07:01
sonachSage: with 0.20120209.0.0.2, the uncompressed rootfs size is s220MB.07:02
Stskeepsah.. this may be related to something i did07:02
Stskeepsthere was a bug with locales and sorting of filenames and i had to revert a 13mb footprint saving patch07:02
Stskeepsbasically it was supposed to remove locales we didn't use07:03
Stskeepsbut for some reason it also messed up sorting files in a directory07:03
SageStskeeps: after this usbutils needs restart in review07:04
Sagequite nice, ~19 packages saved with the qt-mobility thing in that image07:05
sonachYes, 19 packages are saved:) from 192 to 173.07:06
* Sage ponders if rpm really needs "Requires: curl coreutils db4-utils"07:08
Sagewould have though that is uses libs and not binaries for curl and db4 at least.07:09
sonachStskeeps: It seems that even I don't create a file like "20-mer-fb.conf" under etc/X11/xorg.conf.d, Mer will use fb0 by default. Isn't it?07:16
Sagehmmp... pulseaudio-module-x11 is the only package that depends on sed in the nemo image07:19
StskeepsSage: also in (pre) (post)?07:24
sonachStskeeps: we test qmlviewer using AV output. still nothing on TV screen. Maybe we should test framebuffer then...07:24
Sageit is just Requires: nothing else07:24
Stskeepssonach: yes, try to manually test framebuffer without xorg07:25
sonachStskeeps: another question, can you put ifconfig to mer-core in next release?07:25
Stskeepssonach: you can probably add it in %packages by net-tools07:26
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Stskeeps(i think)07:26
Stskeepsbut yes, that sounds like a good thing to add07:26
sonachStskeeps: OK. I will try it later.07:27
StskeepsSage: there's a lot of places that just assume 'sed' is there07:27
SageStskeeps: yes, just wondering what happens if use doesn't install pulseaudio :)07:28
sonachStskeeps: Now when I kill qmlviewer and Xorg, systemd will restart them. Can I modifiy some files to disable this? I want to manually start Xorg and qmlviewer instead of automation.07:28
Sagesonach: uxlaunch starts Xorg not systemd. systemd starts uxlaunch07:29
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Stskeepssonach: systemctl disable uxlaunch.service    -- (sage, this the right one?)07:30
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sonachsystemctl will report error,07:31
sonachStskeeps: it is an old problem....07:31
Stskeepsthen maybe 'stop'07:31
* Stskeeps has to go again07:32
SageStskeeps: yes but you need probably systemctl stop uxlaunch.service as well before disable [cc: sonach ]07:32
Stskeepssimplest way is to remove uxlaunch.service ;)07:32
sonachStskeeps: Failed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager07:33
Sagesonach: what command did you execute when you got that?07:33
sonachjust execute "systemctl"07:33
Sageit is always usefull to add also command to pastie before the output07:33
Sagesonach: well that should work and list active services07:34
Sagesonach: To disable uxlaunch you can do also: ln -sf /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/uxlaunch.service07:35
Sagesonach: that masks the service and systemd will not try to start it on boot.07:35
* Sage will disappear for hour or two. 07:37
sonachSage: OK. thank you:)07:37
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lbtmorning all09:05
mdfe_good morning09:05
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matrixxmanaged to type the source of information :/09:22
* lbt reads the comments and wonders if "Harry Tucker" got a pony for christmas too...09:27
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matrixxlbt: :D09:32
veskuhArs Techinca article is better than the engadget one09:33
veskuhas usual..09:33
w00tveskuh: link?09:36
timophfunny how the commenters argue about the important things there :p09:40
veskuhtimoph: yep09:41
X-FadeIt makes clear that this community needs some awesome designers though.09:43
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X-FadeWhile you can demo cool features, if it looks 'old' people will discard it as meh...09:43
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dcthangsomeone knows problem with camera on N950?09:52
veskuhWhat problem?09:53
dcthangone problem is that we can use gstreamer to record video but cannot use QCamera to do that task09:53
dcthangcamerabin can ring a bell?09:53
veskuhthere is a bug about recording video with camera app, but not for other things09:54
dcthangCan you show me that bug?09:55
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ZiQiangHuanHi, I'm the member of sonach's team. And I want to install xterm to test whether Xorg is OK. But when I use "rpm -ivh xterm-276-1.4.Mer.armv7l.rpm", I got the error
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phaeronZiQiangHuan: is the free diskspace still 0 ?10:26
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SageStskeeps: <- ?10:31
Stskeepswhat arch?10:31
SageI haven't seen that kind of error before10:32
Stskeeps.. no, that shouldn't happen i presume10:32
Stskeepswas it udev change?10:32
Sageyes, there is also Package had unsatisified dependancies on Core_i586, awarding 0 as this may be a fluke not seen in localdep testing10:33
Sagethat one10:33
Stskeepsunresolvable udev, interesting10:34
Stskeepsi'll have to check that later10:35
Stskeepsi didn't include kmod yet in actual <packages> until sometime last night10:35
Sagehmmp... udev build ok, but others didn't so it must have seen that10:36
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ZiQiangHuanphaeron: The free diskspace is not 0.10:46
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: in /, rpm2cpio xterm*rpm | cpio -idv10:46
Stskeepsthat bypasses the rpm database10:46
Stskeepsnot sure why it's broken on there10:46
Stskeepsmaybe jffs2 related10:47
Stskeeps seems to be the issue10:47
mdfe_lbt: hi, could you add the package 'sample-media' to the worker config of bigger packages?10:47
Stskeepsread last two lines10:47
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phaeronStskeeps: is that like xip ?10:48
Stskeepsphaeron: no, pre-ubifs flash file system10:48
phaeronI meant xip as in execution in place stuff10:48
lbtmdfe_: mmm can you explain10:49
Stskeepsphaeron: ah, no10:49
mdfe_Buffer I/O error on device hda110:49
lbtmdfe_: sure... I misunderstood10:50
mdfe_lbt: more disk space is needed to build the sample-media package10:50
mdfe_lbt: great thanks :)10:51
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: Do you mean I can use command "%__dbi_cdb create private nommap txn"?10:51
StskeepsIn order to deal with this issue please create /etc/rpm/macros.rpmdb file with the next line:10:52
Stskeeps%__dbi_cdb create private nommap txn10:52
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps:  got the error: "-bash: fg: %__dbi_cdb: no such job"10:53
lbtmdfe_: OK - that should have done it10:54
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: ok, when something says 'create with the next line', it means, create a file, put this line in it :)10:54
Stskeepsso like echo '%__dbi_cdb create private nommap txn10:54
Stskeepsso like echo '%__dbi_cdb create private nommap txn' > /etc/rpm/macros.rpmdb10:54
Stskeepsi mean10:54
mdfe_lbt: awesome :)10:54
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: sorry for my poor english, I'll have a try like you said.10:55
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: ah, don't worry about it, it's fine10:56
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I test it, but got the same error11:02
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: cat /etc/rpm/macros.rpmdb11:02
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: yes, I cat and got %__dbi_cdb create private nommap txn11:02
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: any other way to test Xorg ?11:03
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StskeepsZiQiangHuan: qmlviewer, maybe11:07
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: or cheat, cd /; rpm2cpio xterm*rpm | cpio -idv11:08
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: now I'm testing qmlview. But got nothing with AV output.11:09
* Stskeeps has to leave again11:11
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I delete /lib/systemd/system/uxlaunch.service. And reboot. Then I type "export DISPLAY=":0.0"; Xorg &; xhost +; qmlviewer. And qmlviewer is running with log messages
Stskeepslooks correct11:20
Stskeepsand still no display on screen?11:20
ZiQiangHuanno display on screen11:21
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Stskeepscheck /home/mer/.Xorg.0.log and see what fb0 it uses11:25
Stskeepsok, please check that your fb's are actually working11:32
Stskeepselse debugging this will be difficult11:32
Stskeepscat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb011:32
Stskeepscat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb111:32
Stskeepscat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb211:32
Stskeepsfind out which one shows up on your screen11:33
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: fb0 shows up11:34
Stskeepsand you haven't modified the /dev/fb* files at all i hope?11:35
ZiQiangHuanno, I didn't11:35
Stskeepstry with xterm then11:35
Sagelbt: do we have guide how to remove package from mer core? or submit removal request?11:36
Stskeepsthere's a guide which basically says 'file a bug' or 'hassle stskeeps'11:37
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SageStskeeps: :)11:38
Stskeeps"When RPM can't decipher a package's version number, it's time to pull out the serial tag. This tag is used to help RPM determine version number ordering. Here's a sample serial tag line:11:38
StskeepsSerial: 4211:38
Stskeeps              "11:38
SageSerial tag... never seen that before.11:39
Stskeepsyes, i'm discovering new crazy things every day11:39
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: can I use the xterm*.rpm : ?11:42
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: It's time for me to go back home. I will test xterm tomorrow. Thanks for your help.11:45
Stskeepshave a good evening11:45
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SageStskeeps: where is repomd-pattern-builder? didn't make it to last release?12:00
Stskeepsit didn't, i think, check the pastie i had yesterday?12:00
Stskeepsi might have by accident forgotten to add it as package12:00
Sageit wasn't in your pastie yesterday evening so I though it was in the release already :/12:01
Stskeepsi will try to remember later12:02
Sagehmmp... it was in pickup 10th of january12:03
Sageso should be in release12:03
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #mer12:03
Sageat least it is in prerelease12:04
Sageyes, it is in .0.0.2 prerelease now12:04
Sageso I need to wait for the next release before start pushing the package group packages12:05
Sage <- example of usage.12:06
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lbtStskeeps: no removal process yet...12:30
lbtSage: I think the serial tag is intended when upstream version is not sane ... Version: is supposed to be upstream12:30
*** stepiro has quit IRC12:30
lbteg if upstream used sha1 as their only version12:30
*** stepiro has joined #mer12:31
Sagelbt: well, how does that help as the Serial is handled last "When RPM can't decipher a package's version number, it's time to pull out the serial tag..."12:31
Sageor at least so I get from that12:31
lbtI think serial is used for ver comparison12:32
* lbt is actually astounded that he found documentation ... although whether obs/rpm actually does what the docs say is another matter :)12:33
*** tomeff has quit IRC12:34
* Sage thinks he has read that chapter before couple of years ago.12:34
*** tomeff has joined #mer12:36
vgradelbt, nice link, I've downloaded Maximum Rpm pdf for my EUROSTAR journey to FOSDEM12:41
* Bostik found out the hard way what a torture to OBS a webkit build is12:42
StskeepsBostik: gdwarf-4 makes it a -lot- lighter12:43
BostikStskeeps: hmm, now that's a nice thing to know12:43
Stskeepswe switched entire mer to that and it cut several hundred mbs in debug symbos12:43
BostikStskeeps: once I get this thing built functionally, I can start experimenting with different build flags; gdwarf-4 is new, --with-gnu-ld is something I already know I should check out12:44
StskeepsBostik: :nod:12:44
Stskeepswe also switched to gnu hash style12:44
Stskeepsgnu as and gnu ld sounds like good options to add too12:45
Bostikfinal linking of libwebkitgtk slurps something like 3.1GB of memory, then doing the debug symbol split slurps something along the same lines...12:45
*** drussell has joined #mer12:46
Stskeepsif you find any nice tricks like that, like making gtk asume gnu ld and gnu as, add it to mer architectual backlog12:46
Stskeepsthat really ought to be in our toolchain12:46
BostikStskeeps: my primary goal right now is getting wayland-enabled GTK to run gtkwebkit :)12:47
Stskeepsi'll add that then12:47
vgradelbt, shirts arrived, thanks12:48
StskeepsBostik: what's the motivation for --with-gnu-ld?12:49
BostikStskeeps: your comments as seen here :)12:50
*** drussell has quit IRC12:52
Bostikbut rest assured, I'll certainly provide data once I have anything and know what (if any) it helped12:53
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Sageis there links in wiki about Mer logos and icons that can be used?13:19
*** tomeff has quit IRC13:19
Stskeepsfeel free to copy to merproject wiki13:20
*** lizardo_ has joined #mer13:20
Sagehmmp... I was wondering more like icon that is in wiki page top left corner?13:20
*** lizardo has quit IRC13:20
Stskeepsthere's a SVG file13:20
*** Jade has quit IRC13:21
Sageurl(/images/Mer_Logo.png) but what is the prefix for that :)13:22
lbtI have the svg to hand too13:22
Sageah, typo13:22
Sage <- was looking for this13:23
lbtyep, that's mine too13:23
mdfe_lbt: hi, how can I find out the worker by obs package log file?13:23
lbtSage: let me know if you need higer res13:23
*** lizardo_ is now known as lizardo13:24
lbtmdfe_: url of the log?13:24
faboStskeeps: where can I find the qemu version that you use for armhf arch? (if it isn't pristine upstream version)13:24
*** phaeron has joined #mer13:24
Sagelbt: I think that is enough for me13:24
lbt"pubworker03 started "build kde-workspace.spec" at Wed Feb  1 13:10:35 UTC 2012."13:24
lbtyou can also see the specific 'root' which is occasionally important when debugging13:25
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*** Zeroedout has joined #mer13:42
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SageStskeeps: what about ?13:53
Sagethe qtorganizer thingy13:53
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:54
Stskeepskcalcore is maintained upstream and not a mer one, right13:55
Stskeepsmkcal i bet is unmaintained13:55
*** tomeff has joined #mer13:55
Sage <- seems correct guess :)13:56
Sagebut I don't know any other options13:57
AardStskeeps: for both it would make sense to try to merge it with kde-versions, and use the kde ones13:59
SageAard: does kde-version have heavy dependencies to kdelibs?14:00
*** Cwalle has joined #mer14:01
AardSage: there was some effort to allow building the stuff without much dependencies, and by the time we got cancelled it was pretty close to usable14:02
Aardunfortunately, I didn't have time to track what happened the last months, so I'm not sure of the current status14:02
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:02
Aardthe plan (from nokia) was to have only upstream versions in meego 1.314:02
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*** sonach has joined #mer14:40
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*** phaeron has joined #mer15:03
*** csslayer has quit IRC15:05
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer15:09
*** norayr has joined #mer15:10
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:11
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*** raignarok has joined #mer15:19
*** u1106-office has joined #mer15:19
*** Paimen has joined #mer15:19
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*** swerden has joined #mer15:40
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*** swer has quit IRC15:43
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*** nsuffys has joined #mer15:45
*** beford has joined #mer15:52
*** beford has quit IRC15:52
*** beford has joined #mer15:52
*** leinir has joined #mer15:58
*** leinir has quit IRC15:58
*** leinir has joined #mer15:58
*** vakkov has joined #mer15:59
*** mlfoster has joined #mer16:03
*** stepiro has quit IRC16:03
*** stepiro has joined #mer16:04
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*** disco_stu has joined #mer16:34
*** norayr has quit IRC16:38
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*** smoku has joined #mer16:47
*** disco_stu has joined #mer16:47
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*** smoku has joined #mer16:48
*** smoku has joined #mer16:48
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*** smoku has joined #mer16:52
*** smoku has joined #mer16:53
*** beford has quit IRC17:00
*** jargon- has quit IRC17:00
*** zester has joined #mer17:05
zesterHas anyone tested out Wayland recently?17:05
*** vakkov has quit IRC17:08
zumbiok arm?17:08
zumbi*on ARM?17:09
*** mlfoster has quit IRC17:09
*** cajl has joined #mer17:10
*** mlfoster has joined #mer17:10
cajli would like ton install plasma on Archos gen 917:10
cajlhave you a process ?17:10
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:12
*** Mirv has quit IRC17:13
*** singler has joined #mer17:16
cajli am at this steep
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC17:22
*** test_ has joined #mer17:25
*** Free-MG has quit IRC17:27
*** khetzal has joined #mer17:30
*** jstaniek has quit IRC17:31
gato worked for me17:32
gatobut it is meego UI, QT stuff17:32
gatoas for how to go KDE/plasma or GTK/Hildon im not that far yet17:33
gatoMEego's netconfig UI was fubar, and id have to drop to a shell and figure out if the kde stuff is in RPM repos or waht17:33
vgradecajl, you need sde firmware on G9 and I don't thin its out yet,
cajlit is a SDE for gen 8 not for gen 917:39
*** vivijim has joined #mer17:40
vgradecajl, yea when its released it will be on that page17:40
cajli have the mer file
cajlvgrade yes i know, i have a  web site for Archos  Users in France since 8 years17:41
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:42
*** jluisn has joined #mer17:42
*** stepiro has quit IRC17:43
*** stepiro has joined #mer17:43
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk17:47
vgradecajl, ok sorry. Just need to wait for SDE.  Then write the ISO from the basyskom directory to sdcard and power on17:52
cajli creating the img on sdcard and after ENJOY ?17:54
*** lynxis has joined #mer17:55
*** slaine has quit IRC17:59
*** jstaniek has joined #mer18:04
cajlis it better on 8" or 10" (i have the two)18:16
*** phaeron has joined #mer18:17
* Sage is looking 7day forecast for brussels weather sat night -19C and Sun nigth -18C o_018:23
Stskeeps... -19 C sat18:23
Stskeepswell shit18:24
SageDay time Sat -5 and Sun -4 but the night will be cold as **** :/18:25
SageWell it is -22C here atm. so compared it is quite warm in there :)18:25
cajlimpossible to boot on the sd card with the gen9 !18:28
*** raignarok has quit IRC18:28
*** Mirv has joined #mer18:28
Sagehmmp... ok another service shows a bit warmer. only -10C on weekend nights :)18:28
*** pohly has quit IRC18:31
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:32
*** lynxis has quit IRC18:37
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:37
*** drussell has joined #mer18:41
*** phaeron has joined #mer18:45
*** gimli has joined #mer18:45
*** gimli has joined #mer18:45
vgradecajl, as I sadi you need the sde firmware18:45
vgradewhich is not released yey18:46
*** drussell has quit IRC18:46
vgradepacks jumpers18:46
*** tbf_ has joined #mer18:54
*** drussell has joined #mer18:55
smokuvgrade: and will be plasma based out-of-box, right? :)18:57
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:57
*** smoku has quit IRC18:59
*** smoku has joined #mer18:59
*** Free-MG has joined #mer19:03
*** cajl has quit IRC19:06
*** drussell has quit IRC19:07
*** drussell has joined #mer19:07
*** lynxis has quit IRC19:08
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer19:09
*** zester has quit IRC19:12
vgradesmoku, not sure about what the UX plans are for the SDE G9.19:16
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC19:30
*** vivijim has quit IRC19:33
*** tpn is now known as tpn|dinner19:38
*** raignarok has joined #mer19:39
chouchounevgrade: it doesn't work with the "unofficial SDE" :
chouchoune(this is in french, sorry ;))19:43
*** beyondcreed has joined #mer19:43
*** deegee__ has joined #mer19:44
Stskeepsevening chouchoune, how is it going?19:44
*** drussell has quit IRC19:44
chouchouneevening Stskeeps19:45
chouchouneI'm fine and you ?19:45
_av500_ah, cajl left already19:45
chouchouneI have lot of work these days19:45
*** deegee__ has quit IRC19:45
chouchouneso a bit tired ;)19:45
Stskeepsyeah.. i can't wait till this week is over19:45
Stskeepson business trip at the moment and then fosdem friday-monday19:46
chouchouneI'll go to fosdem too ;)19:46
* w00t has a holiday the whole of next week19:46
w00tyaaaa-boo :P19:46
Stskeepschouchoune: cool, coming to the mobile linux devroom?19:46
chouchouneStskeeps: of course19:46
Stskeepsgood :)19:47
vgradechouchoune, not sure19:49
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:49
chouchounevgrade: ok, I may try one day as I have an archos G9 tablet but I would prefer to wait until an official SDE19:49
_av500_i think the hacked sde misses the boot from sd or so19:51
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC19:57
chouchounethat would not be a problem for me to erase android or to install on disk alongside Android as I don't use it ... but I would prefer an unofficial thing19:58
*** lynxis has joined #mer19:59
_av500_ics will be out soon, then sde is the next thing i hope20:01
*** beford has joined #mer20:02
chouchounethat would be appreciated ;)20:02
chouchounefor the moment, my tablet is a brick for me20:02
*** test_ has quit IRC20:06
*** khetzal has quit IRC20:07
*** tpn|dinner is now known as tpn20:08
*** singler has quit IRC20:08
nsuffysHello ;)20:09
nsuffysSalut chouchoune , comment va ? On se retrouve ^^20:09
*** smoku has quit IRC20:09
chouchounesalut nsuffys ;)20:10
chouchouneare you going to fosdem ?20:10
nsuffysno, working :/20:11
harbaumare there thoughts to bring the old maemo5 qt theming to mer?20:12
nsuffyshmmm I can't stop playing with Plasma Active since I discovered it20:12
w00tharbaum: it's not just theming20:12
w00tQt on maemo5 is a pretty invasive fork20:12
w00tand I'm fairly sure that the look and feel would also require hildon20:12
Stskeepsharbaum: only one i know of is the MTF-based stuff, at least in plugin form20:13
harbaumi still don't want to give up the idea of running the old maemo5 stuff20:13
harbaumbut the mtf based stuff has major problems20:13
w00tyup, it requires hildon20:14
Stskeepsbut it is a style plugin?20:14
w00tat least partly, yes.20:14
w00tnot all of it20:14
harbaumoh, wow, a qt theme that requires a gtk :-) i didn't expect that20:14
w00tcombo box etc all had to be hacked to hell20:14
w00tlike i said.. invasive port20:14
w00tharbaum: the desktop gtk style also uses gtk20:15
harbaumfunny. i thought they only interpret the gtk style files20:15
*** vivijim has quit IRC20:15
w00tnope :-)20:15
w00tthings like the save dialog etc are actually provided by gtk in that case, too20:16
*** zester has joined #mer20:19
zesterWhat linux distro is Mer based on?20:19
Stskeepsi think the path goes a little like meego->moblin->{fedora, suse}20:20
Stskeepsit's a bit of it's own at times, but we're fairly close to fedora20:21
zesterWould just using the rpm5 python api's be ok?20:28
Stskeepsthat's not possible20:29
Stskeepsthere's rpm python apis though20:29
Stskeepsread up on the RPM4 vs RPM5 confusion :)20:29
zesterOk rpm4 seems to have more docs anyways :)20:30
_av500_Stskeeps: is mer rpm4 or rpm5?20:30
Stskeeps_av500_: rpm420:30
Stskeepsif you're asking why rpm4 and not rpm5, i can't exactly give you a good answer on the spot :)20:33
Stskeepsexcept that 'this was the codeline we've been following'20:33
_av500_Stskeeps: i was told asking that was a good conversation starter..20:33
Stskeepswell, i started out with slackware, so i'm not really passionate about either20:33
Free-MGIt is possible, nemo-mobile and MeeGo Harmattan on the N9 to start without a pc, it is planned?20:34
*** jargon- has joined #mer20:34
StskeepsFree-MG: little difficult when there's no hook for it in the bootloader20:35
StskeepsFree-MG: you can possibly dual boot unsecure harmattan and nemo, but..20:35
gatowho would buy a n9 if you cant install what you want on it20:36
gatosounds worse than n900, which arent particularly open either20:36
gatoi see a variety of archos 4.3" tablets, but i think theyre not G9 series20:36
Stskeepsgato: well, you can flash a kernel permanently..20:37
Stskeepsand a rootfs too20:37
Stskeepsand n900 is fairly open :)20:37
zesterSo testing on Fedora 16 should be ok?20:38
Stskeepszester: :nod:20:38
Stskeeps_av500_: makes me wonder if it's the third rail of distributions..20:38
Stskeeps_av500_: ie, touch the topic and you die..20:38
zester:) Not interested in politics20:39
* Stskeeps would much rather just code20:39
_av500_just use ipkg20:39
zesterSecond that lol20:40
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer20:40
*** tpn has quit IRC20:41
gatoyeh discounting a variety of maemo proprietary drivers/firmwares/userspace-daemons and NOLO proprietary bootloader, it looks like you can finaly do most things on 3.2-kernel + a few git-repo drivers + debian  now maybe sans GPS. havent had enough time to fiddle with it all yet though20:41
gatomer definitely provides a simpler base to build upon than 'in-the-dark' hacking...20:41
Stskeepsgato: we have a very good 2.6.37 kernel with power management, at least20:42
Stskeepsspent a lot of time on that20:42
Stskeepsand trying to upstream what we could20:42
zesteripkg appears to not be developed any more main site is down and wikipedia says last stable release was 5 years ago. Plus i just need an api20:42
*** berndhs_950 has joined #mer20:42
Stskeepsi'm reading about rpm5 and everyone says they love the advantages20:45
Stskeepsexcept i can't figure out any place they're actually listed.20:45
_av500_maybe that is one of them20:45
zesterRpm5 is suppose to be more portable amongs differant distros and faster20:47
Stskeepsyes, i get that, though a little confusing on why :P20:47
Stskeeps(i'm trying to do an honest technical review of this)20:48
zesterMore C less python in the code base, apparently20:48
Stskeepsnot sure if there's any except for bindng20:48
Stskeepsin rpm20:48
zesterI use Arch Linux lol, last time I used an rpm based distro was redhat 820:49
Stskeepswhat's arch derived from, btw?20:49
zesterI think Crux but they say its a distro of there own.20:49
*** ieatlint has quit IRC20:49
gatoarch is a cleanroom pkg manager i guess20:50
*** odin_ has joined #mer20:50
gatoso much overlap with AUR and Gentoo+overlays its kind of disappointin to see diverging effforts. instead of a DOAP/RDF oriented set of signed pointers to tarballs or somethin20:50
*** ieatlint has joined #mer20:50
gatothen we could have a race for the best package manager, and Paludis would win20:50
Stskeepsah, so a hybrid ports-binary package thing20:51
zesterWhat distros use Paludis?20:51
zesterLooks interesting20:52
zesterLooks like a Gentoo deal20:52
zesterI just might build a distro using that :)20:54
Stskeepsat some point you just stop caring about people's almost religious beliefs in package manager virtues and start caring about what's above :P20:55
_av500_Stskeeps: you mean like widget toolkits?20:56
Stskeeps_av500_: widgets are so 90's20:56
zesterAs long as there is a c, lua or python api to use and the package manager works and works well doesnt make a differance to me :)20:56
Stskeepszester: how's citrus coming along?20:57
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:57
*** dionet has quit IRC20:57
zesterWell I have two version 1. C++, Python, QML and 2. Python and QML20:57
zesterRight now I am working on the Python and QML version20:58
zesterAnd I have a partial QML widget toolkit up20:58
Stskeeps:nod: just be aware you shouldn't reinvent the wheel always20:59
Stskeepsyou can re-use qt components20:59
zesterActualy I was doing the widget toolkit thing to become more familar with build reusable components21:00
Stskeepsah, that's okay too21:00
Stskeepssometimes qml components doesn't always stretch21:00
Stskeepszester: if you don't mind asking, what do you do as a day job?21:01
zesterI don't I am us military vet21:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:02
zesterI program and take care of my little ones21:02
*** berndhs_950 has quit IRC21:02
*** vivijim has joined #mer21:03
zesterDid any of you get the new humble bundle?21:03
Stskeepssadly i don't have much time for games :P i spend time on Widelands usually21:04
phaeronI planning on getting it21:05
*** lynxis has joined #mer21:07
* lbt has a few of them21:14
lbtdon't play much21:14
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:14
lbtback now btw21:14
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:17
*** lynxis has quit IRC21:19
*** lynxis has joined #mer21:20
*** norayr has joined #mer21:21
zesterlbt whereare you from?21:21
lbtstar dust21:22
lbtbut where I arrived is Reading in the UK21:22
zesterAre you anywheres near Pittsburgh, PA21:22
lbtyes, depending on scale21:23
*** beford has quit IRC21:23
*** dijenerate has quit IRC21:23
lbtI take it that's ~ your current location ? :)21:23
zesterI am not far from there and hour or two away21:24
* Stskeeps glances at mkbaselibs21:24
Stskeepsi think one day i may be put to justice for the crimes against humanity i'm about to commit21:24
lbtisn't that deb?21:25
Stskeepsno, rpm too21:25
lbtOK, I remember writing a fair bit in there21:25
zesterMy sister lives in london she says you people are crazy.21:26
Stskeepslbt: okay, so i have a dirty idea.. so you know pkgconfig(x) in requires, right?21:26
zesterAnd london is super loud21:26
lbtzester: it is ... I live in the country21:26
Stskeepslbt: i want to post-process a rpm to wrap all requires and provides in cross()21:27
Stskeeps(name up for discussion)21:27
lbtin the spec?21:27
Stskeepsnop, in the built rpm21:28
Stskeepsjust like baselibs.conf allows me to make a armv7l rpm from a i586 one21:28
Stskeepsand do unspeakable things to it like adding post scripts, etc21:28
*** thomashc has joined #mer21:28
* lbt opens up build src and reminds himself21:30
*** vivijim has quit IRC21:30
zesterAnyone tested wayland recently?21:31
Stskeepsit's going towards 1.0 supposedly21:31
Stskeepstypically you won't need to care about it, toolkits do that for you21:31
zesterApparently there about to release a stable 1.0 build21:31
Stskeepsand compositor21:31
lbt"there" is a syntax error21:31
lbtso Stskeeps, what would you add to the baselibs.conf syntax?21:33
zesterYou use Qt's compositor api to build window managers, but it depends on wayland21:33
Stskeepszester: saw Lipstick?21:34
*** Arch__ has joined #mer21:34
Stskeepslbt: my rather crazy idea is automated baselibs.conf usage for each package in a project to send it across to arm/mips/etc scheduler21:34
Stskeepslbt: where it'll export each package, but with dependencies wrapped in cross21:35
lbtauto sb2-variant?21:35
*** niqt has joined #mer21:35
zesterLipstick api, wm, compositor?21:35
zesterLink :)21:35
Stskeepsso like requires/provides cross(
lbtwhat actually is cross(  ?21:36
lbtcf normal
Stskeepslbt: it manifests the dependancy on something alien to the architecture21:36
zester;P Haaa I had the idea first lol21:36
Stskeepszester: idea's old :P (qtwayland)21:36
Stskeepslbt: ie, i technically have a seperate dependency tree inside my target rpm database21:37
lbtI'm wondering why do it on export, not import21:37
lbtexport requires pre-preparation21:37
lbtimport would be able to handle any non-native arch package21:38
Stskeepsbetter integration into OBS dependancy handling21:38
zesterOnly problem is you can embed things like gimp using that approch21:38
Stskeepsexport would be automatic and used for a 'toolchain'21:38
lbtie we wouldn't need to write cross-libresolv21:38
zesterNot sure how he got an xterm in there21:38
Stskeepslbt: right, and not two rpm dbs..21:39
*** beford has joined #mer21:39
lbtalthough that may be cleaner21:39
Stskeepsit may be, but otoh, it adds double of each logic21:39
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:39
Stskeepsthink of this as my split into toolchain and core21:39
lbtOK - so if the baselibs.conf did an sb2export21:40
lbtthen you'd post process to add a cross(x)21:40
Stskeepsright, so in practice, i can install into the 'native tools' side of SB2 with full dependency handling21:41
lbtwhat needs to grok cross()21:41
Stskeepsnothing, in rpm that's just a text format21:41
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:41
Stskeepspkgconfig(x) is a fictional construct too21:41
Stskeepsgets added when /usr/lib/pkgconfig/foo.pc exists21:41
lbtbut its dependency-resolvable ?21:42
Stskeepsit's a dependancy, just like and /usr/bin/foobar is21:43
Stskeeps(though /usr/bin/foobar is handled a little differently in rpm..)21:43
Stskeepsmy idea is then to be able to do requires: cross(armv7hl-gcc) in prjconf and it'll add that to the sb2 tools side21:44
zesterHmmmm, still looks like there is no support for QX11EmbedContainer in QML21:44
lbtand you've messed with the rpm that it eventually picks21:45
lbtand that rpm will require: cross( or something21:45
lbtmessed with via mkbaselibs responding to an export-like directiv21:46
Stskeepsright now sb2 tools is just a big monolothic rpm21:46
Stskeepswhich isn't very clean21:46
lbthow special is the rpm before the export?21:46
Stskeepsthere is an obvious problem with post/pre install scripts, though21:47
lbtdoesn't know it's destined to be exported21:47
lbtyeah - I recall having to mess with pkging to remove pre/post21:47
Stskeepsthough since it's a toolchain set it's a little different on what we would need to do21:47
lbtI got around that by installing the real one 'properly'21:47
lbtso all scripts ran21:48
lbtand then swapping out the binaries21:48
lbtso ... what would be the problem with running the scripts?21:49
Stskeepswe probably have to add /toolchain/ to each filename path, which in turn will be run as /21:49
lbtsupplemental package21:49
lbtand when you sb2export21:49
lbtit adds a predepend on the sb2 conf package21:49
Stskeepssb2 conf package?21:50
lbtdoesn't sb2 need to know about the binaries in some cases?21:50
Stskeepsnot really21:51
Stskeepsright now we make two directories, tools and target21:51
lbtso, what's the issue with scripts?21:51
Stskeepsthink hardcoded paths21:52
Stskeepsie, if we execute them while it's getting installed into /toolchain , they're not realizing they'll be run as / eventually21:52
Stskeepsor that the files are in /toolchain/foo instead21:53
lbtOK, not done enough to know that bit...21:54
Stskeepsanyway, just weighing ideas a bit21:55
*** dijenerate has joined #mer21:55
Stskeepsthe current approach isn't pretty, so21:55
lbtit kinda sounds like the pre/post scripts may need to be manually modified21:57
lbtand is it just pre/post?21:57
*** shanem has quit IRC21:57
Stskeepsi would think, at least21:57
lbtso I'm thinking of using the mkbaselibs to disable the pre/post and having this additional package provide modified versions21:59
lbtbut that may not work either21:59
*** tbf_ has quit IRC21:59
lbtmkbaselibs for debian did a full unpack and repack22:00
lbtso it could do anything22:00
lbthandle_debs() was so much nicer than handle_rpms()22:02
*** zester has quit IRC22:03
*** shanem has joined #mer22:03
*** vgradetab| has joined #mer22:05
*** vgradetab has quit IRC22:05
*** lynxis has quit IRC22:20
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:23
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC22:25
*** lynxis has joined #mer22:26
*** stepiro has quit IRC22:36
*** stepiro has joined #mer22:36
*** vgrade has quit IRC22:38
*** sledges has quit IRC22:42
*** hoverbear has joined #mer22:42
hoverbearHey all, are there any screenshot galleries of mer's default UI?22:43
*** cxl000 has joined #mer22:44
*** vgradetab| has quit IRC22:44
*** zester has joined #mer22:46
*** vgradetab has joined #mer22:46
*** beford has quit IRC22:54
*** vgradetab has quit IRC22:55
lbthoverbear: Mer has no default UI22:57
hoverbearlbt: Even better then expected! :) Thanks!22:59
*** vgrade has joined #mer22:59
lbtThe idea is that we provide the core and the vendor provides the hardware and UI specifics23:00
lbtwhat's your interest if you don't mind me asking?23:00
hoverbearlbt: Was just loking at the spark and got curious23:01
lbtwe're quite pleased to see that out there23:03
lbthave you seen ? good jumping off point23:03
*** xnt14 has joined #mer23:03
*** Free-MG has quit IRC23:06
*** beford has joined #mer23:06
*** jstaniek has quit IRC23:08
*** vgrade has quit IRC23:08
*** hoverbear has quit IRC23:09
*** drussell has joined #mer23:10
*** norayr has quit IRC23:14
*** vgradetab has joined #mer23:17
*** vgrade has joined #mer23:19
*** paulo has joined #mer23:27
*** otep has quit IRC23:27
*** otep has joined #mer23:29
*** niqt has quit IRC23:30
*** paulo has quit IRC23:30
zester<lbt> You sound like a sales man ;)23:34
lbtthank you23:34
lbtI'm writing my FOSDEM presentation so I'm in that mode23:35
*** drussell has quit IRC23:36
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC23:37
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC23:37
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC23:37
*** hadara_ has joined #mer23:37
*** Stskeeps has joined #mer23:37
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC23:37
*** Stskeeps has joined #mer23:37
*** hadara has quit IRC23:37
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer23:38
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer23:38
zesterLike to see that when your done.23:39
lbtsure - ask me post-FOSDEM since I'm likely to change it the night before :)23:40
*** himamura has quit IRC23:43
*** sonach has joined #mer23:46
zesterMan Qemu without KVM is like slowly pulling teeth plyers23:46
zesterwith plyers23:46
zesterlol whatever23:46
*** lynxis has quit IRC23:52
zesterFedora 15 is actually pretty sweet haven't tried installing anything yet. That will be the real test.23:56
zesterSorry Fedora 1623:56
*** gimli has quit IRC23:58
*** lynxis has joined #mer23:59

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