Monday, 2012-01-30

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binhtran87i have installed ti-dsp on N950 follow this site:  But it appeared errors: ======== error: create_node: dsp node allocate failed  error: main: dsp node creation failed ========04:49
binhtran87Please help me04:50
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_av500_somebody wake felipec06:21
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* Stskeeps heads to work06:25
SageStskeeps: is the .0.0.2 exported in COBS?06:41
Sagelbt: for future reference I have home:sage:xbmc there atm. where the content of CE:UX:XBMC is atm. I haven't pushed those forward as I haven't had time to do the proper cleanup for those packages yet06:43
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StskeepsSage: no07:05
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* Sage checks udev and systemd update next07:13
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zester<Stskeeps> You around?07:29
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SageStskeeps: I wonder if we should do this as well
zesterSage see
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zesterOld project but still working on some of that stuff07:33
zesterI am looking at Mer's tree there is a lot of stuff in here no commercial project can or will ever touch.07:35
zesterExample: gnupg207:35
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zesterCompanys like Sanyo, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, ... the will never use gnupg207:36
zesterThey cant.07:36
zesterThat should be replaced with Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA)07:38
StskeepsRPM uses gnupg..07:38
Stskeepsand rpm can't dep on qt07:38
* Stskeeps is doing something else today, so will not be on irc07:39
zestergiflib should be tossed also07:39
Stskeepsthat i can somewhat agree with07:39
Stskeepsjust remember to see the whole picture of dependencies07:40
zestergnutls is another one07:40
zesterYou mean where other librarys depend on things like gnutls?07:40
zesterYou should add WebM and WebP07:41
Stskeepspotential patent issues07:41
zesterWebP is alot better than jpeg07:41
zesterHow so?07:42
zesterWebM maybe07:42
zestergst-plugins-bad-free theres your patent issues07:43
Stskeepszester: let's take this discussion sometime later, i have some meetings to attend to, so :) but yes, any recommendations on removing crap is good07:46
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* Sage is seeing boot speed regression with newer systemd+udev mix :/08:19
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dm8tbrSage: :)08:20
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dm8tbrI guess that's the thing announced for fosdem08:20
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Sagedm8tbr: nice, now I just would hope that I would have newer snowball at hand :)08:22
Sagedm8tbr: the current on isn't supported by igloo community upstream anymore :/08:23
slaineka-lima, KA-LIMA08:23
dm8tbrSage: yeah, I know :/08:23
Sagemy board v4 and last supported is v5 :P08:23
* dm8tbr had that discussion too on their IRC channel08:23
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SageI get it to boot but for some reason I get IO errors and device halts :/08:24
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lbtSage: OK - re XBMC, good to know. I think it may be worth having an ITP or similar for some key SW around Mer. Just so people can say they are interested or have started to work on it09:03
lbtbinhtran87: I see you've found this channel - are you using Nemo? If so you may want to chat on #nemomobile09:05
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binhtran87thanks <lbt>09:13
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SageStskeeps: sent udev,systemd etc to review. Wouldn't accept those as such though mainly because for example on exopc the boot speed goes from ~14s to ~34s :(09:26
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Sage ok so probably udev settle goes bad09:33
Sageerr... udev trigger09:33
Sageon my f15 udev-trigger is under 100ms09:34
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lbtalterego: ping ... can you permit 3 letter search terms on the wiki please09:49
alteregoI've got a few things I need to do to the wiki, I'll get on it this afternoon :)09:51
lbtok - and we need to sort out moving it to the infra09:51
alteregoChecked out that IP camera you were talking about. Looks like it's a winner :)09:52
w00tThe Infra sounds like it should be capitalised09:52
lbtalterego: it is good - has some niggles09:52
SageIP camera?09:52
lbttrees appear grey due to IR issues09:52
alteregolbt: how about I sort these configuration issues today, and we look at moving it Wednesday afternoon?09:52
* Sage has Foscam FI8918W not very good quality but considering the price quite nice.09:53
alteregoI found a cool site documenting some of the HTTP API, would be easy to make a mobile client :)09:54
alteregoSage: exactly the model we're talking about ;)09:54
Sagealterego: ah :)09:54
lbtalterego: link?09:54
Sageit is quite nice camera with that price09:54
lbtalso alterego I used silicon sealant to block up the holes in the case and installed it outside under the eaves - seems OK09:55
alteregolbt: I've got a very secluded porch I was planning on using, I may do the same. Thanks for the pointer.09:56
alteregoAt the bottom he talks about the various HTTP server requests to do things like PTZ and get the live video stream, as well as stills.09:56
alteregoThink I could make a pretty nice QML UI around it :)09:56
lbtOK - he's not sorted the "IE only" bits either ... ah well09:59
alteregoWhat IE only bits?10:00
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alteregoYou mean the ActiveX recording stuff?10:00
alteregoAnd multiple camera UI?10:00
lbtyes - no idea what it is... don't have IE :)10:00
alteregoAh, my new to be hacked QML interface will handle multiple cameras and live video ;)10:00
lbtI just know there's 'stuff' that isn't in the other UI ... may not be interesting10:00
lbtyou seen MrHouse?10:01
alteregoHeh, neat10:02
lbtvery mature, from a Mer PoV not so much a codebase as a source of features10:03
lbtgive tk/perl is probably not our primary UI target ...10:03
lbtalthough perl/QML.... hmm :)10:03
* alterego shudders10:04
alteregoHow about Ruby & QML :P10:04
lbtah, there you go!10:04
alteregoI found there are ruby bindings for Qt Declarative the other day :D10:04
alteregotbf, could probably just do it in pure QML, which is what I'd likely do.10:05
* alterego tries to imagine a declarative home automation language.10:05
lbtyeah - it's the external interactions where I'd like perl/ruby10:05
lbtbut anyhow.....10:05
alteregoLight { states: {name:'on';when:environment.dark} }10:06
alteregoActually: Light {status: {when:environment.dark; PropertyChanges {target:light;powered:true}}}10:07
lbtyes, declaritive is really good for much of this stuff10:07
alteregoOr something ..10:07
alteregoI think declarative would be an excellent way of doing that stuff :)10:08
lbtI'd like to see a UI for building declaritive rules from user exposed controls and sensors10:08
lbta long time ago I looked at something like that for Fremantle10:09
lbtessentially a way to tell a device how to behave under certain conditions10:09
alteregoI arranged for a redelivery for friday, and it's only just been put back in the van this morning.10:10
alteregoStupid DHL10:11
lbtI know what you mean ... anyhow... taking Denise -> rail station ... bbiab10:12
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nsuffysMorning !10:34
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slainemorning nsuffys10:36
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lbtMer bug triage in 40mins11:20
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damnshockpitty I haven't got it installed :S11:22
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SageStskeeps: I think the systemd update is safe as it doesn't cause any regressions in speed. the udev is another ting11:50
Sageor hmmp11:50
Sageafter installation the rpm says it isn't installed :)11:52
Sageok, now when it really is installed I can see that the regression is in systemd partly at least11:54
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lbtOK ... bug triage12:02
lbtSage: you coming?12:04
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Sageyes :)12:07
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lbtaha ...12:29
phaeronlbt: hello12:33
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javieris there any problem with the meego obs?13:50
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javierkdepim-runtime has been building for such a long time (Project:KDE:Devel)13:51
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Stskeepsdoes it use cmake?13:52
Stskeepsand on arm?13:52
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javieron i58613:54
Stskeepsprobably a fluke then13:54
javierI have manually triggered a rebuild to no avail13:54
lbtlink to buildlog?13:55
javierit's not very interesting, is it? ;)13:57
lbtnot really13:57
lbtOK I'll need to look at it post-food13:58
Sagemdfe_: you should probably drop the meego 1.1 repos from the KDE:Devel project as those are broken14:03
javierbon appétit btw14:03
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javierah, 1.1 core14:04
mdfe_Sage: hi14:05
slaineSage, Stskeeps are there plans to adopt the everything under /usr approach for mer ?14:06
slaineseeing as we're going systemd14:06
Sageslaine: noted that couple of hours ago14:06
mdfe_vgrade1: ping14:07
Sagelbt could fix those with his all mighty power ;)14:07
mdfe_this would be nice14:07
slaineSage, I think I spotted it related to the upcoming Fedora17 release deciding to adopt it too14:07
* lbt rolls a 20 and the projects die with no saving throw14:09
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mdfe_lbt: could you remove 'Trunk', 'Trunk_Testing' and 'MeeGo_1.1_Core' repositories from Project:KDE:Devel project?14:29
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lbtmdfe_: sure (I just removed the blockers, not the KDE ones)14:30
mdfe_greate thanks :)14:31
lbtkdepim still not building14:31
lbtlazy typing14:32
mdfe_I disabled and enabled it again14:33
lbt"400 remote error: umount tmpfs failed after 5 attempts"14:34
mdfe_now it is building again14:34
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lbthmm worker08 looks sick14:38
*** stepiro has joined #mer14:38
* lbt goes to find bolt-gun...14:38
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Stskeepsslaine: make sense14:40
javierlbt: it's finished building. thanks!14:40
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zesterJust found this I am going to have to jump on the python bandwagon now :)
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind someone packaging up pyside for qt4.8.015:33
zesterI am playing with pyside with
zesterFor AWS15:34
zesterMer Dropbox15:35
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zesterCould do a music store services like ubuntu15:37
zesterUsing 7digital and aws15:38
zester and
lbtslight glitch in mer infra ... hope no-one noticed15:42
lbtStskeeps phost2 vlan went away for a bit as I started ntp on some phosts15:42
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Stskeepsvgradetab: btw, some sources claim spark has same touchscreen as nook tablet16:42
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lbtwell, phost5 still down ... no IMG tonight :(16:44
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lbtStskeeps: can you help me explain the Mer build targets16:49
Stskeepsnot tonight?16:49
* Stskeeps points to giant mindmap in progress16:49
lbt when you have time16:49
lbtoh yes :)16:50
lbtping when ready16:50
Stskeepsi'm intentionally shedding tasks until this week is done and over with16:50
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zesterI have Qt & C++, PySide & Python & HTML5/CSS3/Javascript all talking to each other in one app ;)17:33
*** tomeff has quit IRC17:34
zesterWith an embeded python based web server. Talk about a potental security nightmare.17:34
zesterRunning the app as root. You could delete your root directory from a web page :)17:36
zesterDidn't WebOS use Node.js as a local server for there apps on there tablets?17:39
*** berndhs has quit IRC17:42
zesterYup they sure did hmmmmm I wonder how close my psychotic little demo is from webos's basic design17:42
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Stskeepssomething for the toolbox (thanks to auke):
arc_matah yes18:26
*** eldar has quit IRC18:26
arc_matthat has proven valuable a number of times already18:26
Stskeepsmy best thing was to learn CONFIG_EARLYPRINTK18:28
Stskeepsdid you know there's -13- states a package build can be in?18:49
w00thow many of those mean "broken"?18:51
* Stskeeps counts18:52
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC18:52
Stskeeps3, with one of them being "possibly"18:52
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arc_matStskeeps: printascii19:03
arc_matsometimes, even more useful ;)19:03
arc_matin absence of a lauterbach19:05
*** zumbi has joined #mer19:08
Stskeepsevening zumbi19:08
zumbihi Stskeeps  :)19:11
Stskeepshow is it going?19:11
zumbinot bad..19:11
zumbibut have not been doing much lately related to this project19:12
zumbibut I really need to play obs, setup native and emulated build environments, etc..19:12
Stskeeps:nod: we've also had some platform sdk meetings19:12
zumbisaw your comments on the OBS ML re OBS-SB219:12
zumbiyep, I was in the SDK meeting lurking19:13
Stskeepsyeah.. i've had some crazy week so far, been in 3 cities in the last 4 days, adding brussels to the mix for fosdem19:13
Stskeepsi'm longing to get back to hacking19:13
zumbiaha! /me missing conferences this time19:13
Stskeepswe have a quite good open mobile linux room this time around19:13
Stskeepsyeah, sec19:14
zumbiI'll try to follow the material on the net/streams or whatever19:14
Stskeepsi also have a talk myself,
Stskeepsbut don't get your hopes up ;)19:14
zumbiStskeeps: nice, embedded room also has nice talks this year19:17
zumbilooks like there is some fresh blood19:17
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*** Venemo has joined #mer19:18
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Stskeepsvgrade: saw my comment earlier on touchscreen?19:30
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:30
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* lbt lays out all the FOSDEM T-shirts...20:03
Stskeepshow many meters?20:04
lbtI'm just looking at them... looking at my carry on and shaking my head....20:04
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer20:04
lbtvgrade: vgradetab ping .... post tomorrow or take to FOSDEM?20:06
lbtw00t: you too ...20:06
w00tlbt: crap, i don't think i ever ordered, did i?20:06
* w00t totally forgot20:07
lbtyeah ... I know... you owe me one :)20:07
lbtwell, Denise20:07
Stskeepsthink w00t isn't coming to fosdem though?20:08
w00torganising in PM now20:08
*** mlfoster has quit IRC20:08
* w00t once again notes he needs to commit email bankrupcy20:09
Stskeepsjust go for inbox zero20:09
w00tthis is the second thing in a week I've forgotten to do until after the fact20:09
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zesterHere is a screenshot for the first part of Mers Mobile Phone UI.20:16
*** notmart has quit IRC20:16
Stskeepsnot bad20:16
zesterAways from done but its a start :)20:17
Stskeepsit's curious to see how much can be done with ease, yeah20:17
lbtphost5 back btw20:18
Stskeepsin order not to confuse people, i'd call it something of your own choosing - we try actively not to signal that Mer even has a UI :)20:18
*** shanem has quit IRC20:18
Stskeepshence Nemo, Plasma Active, etc20:18
*** sigkill_ has joined #mer20:18
zesterWell I have been a Kde/Qt developer for a very long time. I dont really have to read the api docs to much any more20:18
zesterBy the way we can add something like this20:18
* lbt suggests "citrus" ... seems appropriate for a zester20:19
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC20:19
zesterI am having some issues with network python code in qml blocking and multi thread doesn't seam to be doing any good ;(20:20
*** toscalix has quit IRC20:20
zestercitrus a name for the phone ui?20:20
Stskeepsor something like that, yeah20:20
lbta name for your project which you just showed20:20
zesterI would like to use some python in my c++ because there are a lot of network realated services apis for it allready out there.20:21
zesterSure citrus it is :)20:21
zesterMer Citrus ;)20:21
Stskeepsor just Citrus on its own :)20:22
zesterLeaves a sour taste in Tizens mouth20:22
Stskeeps:nod: we try not to badmouth tizen for the simple reason we still have to work together on a bunch of common software in their upstream projects20:23
zesterSorry I have to hate on Tizen a little there my motivation :)20:23
Stskeepsi just want to see the power of what we work with :)20:23
zesterI have Qt5 building I want to see what I can do with shaders in Citrus20:24
zesterMaybe make that Mer wallpaper flow like water.20:25
vgradelbt, post tomorrow, save you some space20:25
zesterShould I be using the maliit-framework for input?20:27
vgradeping me with the postage20:27
Stskeepszester: maliit's fantastic, yeah20:27
Stskeepszester: they know their stuff and it's quite flexible20:27
vgradeStskeeps, missed comment, irc down this afternoon, I'll catch up with backlog now20:27
vgradefor postage?20:28
lbtinc postage20:28
lbtah you paid already20:28
Stskeepsvgrade: ok, nook tablet has same touchscreen as spark supposedly20:28
zesterI am going to try and rewrite mcompositer with qt api's20:28
vgradei've already paid for two shirts, so 6 Euro's then20:28
Stskeepsvgrade: yeah, supposedly20:29
vgradewell I never,  searched hi and low never found ft5301 drivers20:30
Stskeepsvgrade: i just made the connection when seeing a comment about spark20:31
zesterAny one have any suggestions for an open GSM smart phone that I can get to test on?20:31
zesterWas the N910 ever released?20:32
zesterI don't think it was in the USA20:32
StskeepsN900's probably best supported20:32
vgradeStskeeps, My contact is back from New Years now and sent some things through I was waiting for so I'll have a look a that first.  Thanks for the tip20:33
zesterYahh forgot about that20:33
vgradeStskeeps, did you leave your hotel STB running Mer20:33
Stskeepsvgrade: tempting..20:34
zesterIf i use WebP for graphics I can cut memory consumption by 30%20:37
Stskeepsharbaum: your first handset UX experiments on beagle ---- did you use our pvr drivers?20:38
Stskeepsor not20:38
harbaumyou mean ages ago? yes, i once an your drivers20:39
Stskeepswe're wondering why on earth the panda is slow with our ux, so i recalled back to your experiments20:39
harbaumyeah, istr your drivers being faster at that time20:40
Stskeepsthough on beagleboard xm i doubt you used the20:41
harbaumnope the modified n900 kernel never really worked on xm. but i remember that it partially worked, but not if the video acceleration worked or not20:42
Stskeepswe're seeing something like 12fps on panda which doesn't at all make sense, so20:42
harbaumhmm, the current setup runs pretty smooth on beagle using the ti gfx blob. i think i would see if i only had 12fps20:43
harbaumfeels smooth, so probably nore than fps. flyingbus runs smooth, too20:44
Free-MGI'm the only one who has a mer t-shirt ordered from Germany?20:48
lbtFree-MG: no, at least 220:55
* timoph paid his shirt20:56
*** jstaniek has joined #mer21:00
*** Free-MG has quit IRC21:02
*** mlfoster has joined #mer21:03
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:03
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:04
vgradelbt,postage paid21:04
matrixxlbt: should I have received a confirmation about my shirt order?21:08
matrixx(including paying instructions perhaps)21:08
lbtyou're collecting iirc21:09
matrixxgreat, I can bring cash to fosdem :)21:11
*** zester_ has joined #mer21:12
*** zester has quit IRC21:12
zester_The Mer Project has t-shirts?21:13
lbtmatrixx: yes, that's fine21:13
matrixxthat's a deal21:13
Stskeepszester_: is an earlier edition21:13
zester_Any of you guys American?21:14
lbtzester_: yep ... for FOSDEM ... I'll probably do another post-FOSDEM order if there's enough interest21:14
*** tbf_ has quit IRC21:20
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:23
*** djszapi has joined #mer21:25
*** djszapi has left #mer21:25
*** alex_mayorga has joined #mer21:30
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:30
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:34
alex_mayorgaAnyone here actively working on ?21:34
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:34
Stskeepscxl000's the central person there, ARMv6 in general we handle in the project21:35
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:37
Stskeepslbt: did you know it's possible to use RPM macros in Release: ?21:40
lbtI was planning on it21:41
Stskeepsi mean, in prjconf21:41
lbtno, I didn't know that21:41
Stskeepscolour me surprised too21:41
Stskeepswell, hey, maybe i -am- learning something from this stuff21:41
lbtmakes sense - it's a literal subst21:42
lbtI probably didn't need my upstream patch then21:42
lbtstill - macros are evil21:42
lbtnb concept of inheritance or similar for things like prjconf21:43
*** dionet has quit IRC21:43
* Stskeeps reads up on source services for the first time..21:43
*** vakkov has joined #mer21:44
lbtalso evil21:44
lbtmainly because they're pull21:44
lbtotherwise not bad :)21:44
lbtrelate Prefer to "Provides at a non-pkg level"21:55
Stskeepsissh, it's more about choice21:56
lbtyes, I meant as a typical use21:56
zester_I discovered QML States soooo cool :)21:58
alex_mayorgaStskeeps: Thanks! I have 2 N800 gathering dust and was wondering what to do with them21:58
zester_Citrus will now rotate its ui when you turn your phone21:59
lbtlocal build - worth saying it runs the same 'build' script as the worker and gets the same dep list from the scheduler21:59
lbtzester_: sounds good - I wonder where you'll be at by friday?22:02
lbtyeah ... be fine by fri22:03
Stskeepsi usually take a train from the airport22:03
lbtsources.... no "revert"22:03
* lbt will meet phaeron and get a taxi c/o Nokia22:04
zester_Hopefully have the VOIP Voice Messaging, SMS, Twitter, and IM support work22:04
phaeronlbt: not really :D22:04
Stskeepsi'm happy enough with skeletons working fine, at least22:04
lbtI hate having no revert22:05
zester_I can do Augmented Reality fairly easly22:05
lbtphaeron: what!22:05
lbtzester_: what device are you using22:05
zester_And just QtMobility's sensors22:06
zester_Kind of need to go buy a N900 to make sure it works though22:06
zester_I have a n800 but it doesn't have any of that stuff22:07
*** tpn has quit IRC22:08
lbtzester_: if you can't find one then I think there's an effort to get some of Mozilla's spare N900s to hackers on loan ... timoph are you involved?22:08
*** smoku has joined #mer22:08
zester_I am good tax return day is coming up really soon.22:09
zester_Thanks though :)22:09
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC22:10
zester_This is what we will have for 2d and 3d gaming
lbtStskeeps: source server also handles remote links (which mainly matters when things crash and burn)22:10
* Stskeeps has to crash and sleep22:12
Stskeepstoo much screen for me today22:12
lbtmmap looks great btw22:12
zester_Anything in particular you guys would like to see in Mer22:14
lbtzester_: the main focus for us is to enable vendors to use Mer22:14
lbtso that will guide our need for features22:14
zester_Well that wont be an issue. I mean feature wise.22:15
lbtwell, we'll need the core to work of course22:15
lbtbut we also want QA support22:15
lbtprocess support22:15
lbtso when someone starts to build a project and Mer changes under them .. how do they handle that?22:16
lbtthen there is stuff built on top of Mer - like Nemo and Citrus22:16
zester_Why didn't you guys just scrap the core system and just to a cross lfs build. using busybox or androids core tools?22:17
*** odin_ has quit IRC22:17
lbthehe ... because Mer is what is needed22:17
*** arcean_ has joined #mer22:17
lbtbut, like I was saying, we also want other people to provide things that can be used on top of Mer22:18
zester_Nooooo I mean keep all the meego specific api's and just replace the os it self22:18
Stskeepszester_: because if you show those tools to typical developers they'll run away screaming :)22:18
Stskeepszester_: we have a fairly good solution now, to be honest, providing a different angle on things22:18
zester_I have an lfs cross build toolchain for every arm, mips, ppc, sparc x86 x86_64, .... build the whole base system in 20 min.22:19
Stskeepsyes, i don't doubt it22:19
Stskeepsbut it also is limiting in terms of what you can actually do with it22:19
lbtzester_: think more about who our target users are22:19
zester_I was just wondering seams like you guys are kinda makeing thing harder then they have to be. ;)22:20
lbtwe are22:20
lbtmuch harder than it has to be for a single dev22:20
lbtbut a lot lot easier for a business with many teams delivering a real product22:20
*** arcean has quit IRC22:20
zester_What companys are you targeting?22:21
StskeepsSME's typically22:22
lbtwe think that small-medium device vendors will be able to use Mer22:22
lbtin a variety of verticals22:22
lbtmobile, tablet and TV are obvious... IVI is possible22:23
zester_So like Raspberry Pi, and Trimslice?22:23
lbtthat kind of device22:23
zester_Beagleboard, Pandaboard, Gumstix22:23
lbtone step above 'embedded'22:24
zester_Does Mer have commercial motives? Is this something your looking to make money on someday?22:24
Stskeepsas consultants, yes, not as a project as such22:24
zester_Ok I see22:25
Stskeepsproject is a co-operative between different companies and individuals22:25
lbtit's not going to change license or suchlike22:25
Stskeepsto share the burden22:25
zester_So a vendor says I need a system for this device here are my drivers ill pay you to build and maintain the core system kind of deal.22:25
*** odin_ has joined #mer22:25
lbtexcept we recognise that they need to keep the drivers closed22:26
Stskeepszester_: btw, just remember that we actively do review things like clfs, gentoo, debian and such, but you also have to understand that if they are so good, why does people spend ages and ages on making product programmes on top of it and limited success often? we offer a solution that is really sharing the burden and making ways to avoid thinking about there even existing cross compilation22:26
lbtrecognise, not encourage22:26
Stskeepsso that's where we recognise there's a gap :)22:26
*** tpn has joined #mer22:26
Stskeepsthere was a clear gap with meego, and i'm not speaking of the handset business22:27
Stskeepspeople used it for a lot different things, even smarthouse stuff22:27
lbtzester_: also note that both of us have spent a fair amount of time working in Nokia doing this stuff - hence some knowledge of how it works in real product areas22:27
zester_Personaly I have worked with alot of those distros and almost non of them have any real application developers.22:28
*** Ayla has quit IRC22:28
lbt*nod* hence Qt and HTML522:28
*** arcean_ has quit IRC22:28
zester_html5 will be good for the small stuff, but those that are trying to get it on the desktop like microsoft win8 <-- there just crazy .22:29
lbtStskeeps: seen the /. Nokia story :)22:31
zester_google win 8 sucks lol22:32
lbtlast sentence is just twisting the knife...22:32
*** cxl000 has joined #mer22:33
*** Ayla has joined #mer22:35
zester_Are we using Phonon for multimedia22:40
Stskeepsno, qtmultimediakit22:41
Stskeepsphonon's deprecated22:41
*** vakkov has quit IRC22:41
zester_Does it support all the same codes as phonon(vlc/gstreamer)?22:42
zester_Or do I have to use a third party api22:42
Stskeepsgstreamer is it's backend, at least22:42
zester_Ok thats cool22:42
zester_Ohhhhh really important question22:43
zester_What should the local dir structure(user home dir) i guess you could call it for a phone look like22:43
zester_Documents, Media(Audio, Video, Images), Contacts  on an SD card22:45
Stskeepsjust rely on xdg-user-dirs22:45
lbthave you ever looked at a random user's windows desktop22:46
lbtit should look like that22:46
zester_xdg-user-dirs ok22:46
zester_So QDesktopServices22:50
zester_Ignore the Qt5 its the same in Qt422:50
*** tpn has quit IRC22:51
zester_Ill have to lookup or ask Qt devs were VCard(contact) data should go.22:55
*** raignarok has quit IRC22:57
*** Alison_Chaiken has quit IRC23:00
*** trbs has quit IRC23:06
*** vivijim has joined #mer23:12
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