Sunday, 2012-01-29

wmarone_anyone familiar with the ti wlan firmwares?00:03
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vgradewmarone_, I did a bit of digging around that00:37
vgradewhat a maze00:37
vgradeseems like there a number of drivers00:38
vgradeall based on different kernel versions00:38
wmarone_I'm not so concerned about the kernel, I'm stuck with 2.6.32 for the time being00:39
vgradeyou're on nook right?00:39
vgradehave a look at the backlog on here from before xmas, there was some chat betwee arc_mat and I, he recomended a particular driver.00:40
vgradesec, let me have a look00:40
wmarone_wl1272 actually00:43
wmarone_exceedingly similar though00:43
wmarone_mostly I'm trying to figure out which of the files are needed and where I need to put them00:44
vgradewell I managed to get a kernel driver plus the 802.11 .ko drivers loaded on the G9 and then you need the firmware files00:46
wmarone_.ko drivers?00:47
vgradeI was using git clone git://
wmarone_and those aren't upstream?00:48
vgradeand bulding from the mac80211 directory00:48
wmarone_I think I'll just use the .ko from my android build00:50
wmarone_no interest in installing the entire Android build system just to build a driver00:50
wmarone_(fuck you google)00:50
vgradefirmware from here00:51
vgradelet me know how you get on, i did not manage to get it going on archos G900:51
vgradeI think they have it sorted now but using a recent kernel00:51
wmarone_the problem is that I still don't know what of those files I need to use00:52
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wmarone_the n950 adaptation uses the wl1271-fw.bin and wl1271-nvs.bin files00:52
vgradeyes thats my understanding a firmware file and then the nvs which is a config file00:53
vgradeI'll look out my lab notes tomorrow and pastie them00:55
wmarone_ok, .ko filed00:57
wmarone_ko file transferred00:57
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sonachStskeeps: morning08:03
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Stskeepssonach: perhaps something else is drawing to framebuffer?08:09
sonachhmmm, maybe, but I don't know what is it...08:12
sonachAnd new mer release will be ready soon?08:12
sonachI mean, with this release, I can make jffs2 smaller. So I can start qtmediahub from NANDFLASH instead of chroot.08:13
Stskeepsi will try to start a prerelease once i've woken up a bit08:13
Stskeepsi'm changing hotels today so will be gone for like 4 hours08:13
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sonachOK. Since we have tested XBMC successfully in meego's chroot, I think I can solve the no-display problem later.  Then, the real problem is the footprint:)08:17
sonachStskeeps: We can do further discussion whenever you are convenient:)08:18
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* Stskeeps notes that we should provide some kind of "powered by mer" logo08:57
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timophStskeeps: indeed09:15
* timoph smells a great opportunity for someone with graphics design skills to contribute09:15
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nsuffysmorning :)09:16
Stskeepsany luck with wetab yet?09:18
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nsuffysI'll try to flash with exopc bios today, I looked at some tutorials yesterday. I'm think it's the best09:24
Stskeepsah, don't do that09:24
nsuffyswhy ?09:24
Stskeeps , see bottom09:24
Stskeepsjust using the nemo image instead09:26
nsuffysI'll try right away, I'm newbies with this tablet ;)09:29
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jkthi there10:04
jktI was just wondering if there are any known efforts to get some free software running on top of Lumia 80010:04
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nsuffysStskeeps: it's work ! I just modify my usb stick to a "Magic Key", without this, wetab doesn't boot on usb10:13
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Stskeepsjkt, not really, locked bootloader10:16
jktStskeeps: thanks10:18
nsuffysthank you for your help ! ;)10:20
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* lbt realises he didn't say "good morning"11:20
lbtgood morning11:20
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lbtmorning phaeron12:00
lbtjust about to go look at home:stskeeps:tools for the upstream git for each of the packages12:01
lbtI want to have a git tree for them not just tarballs12:01
lbtthat's .... nuts12:02
phaeronunless upstream already has one for them12:02
phaeronafter fixing everything to compile against the latest glib/cogl/clutter, everything worked using egl except the top bar. which is annoying ... :(12:04
* alterego contemplates getting an IP camera for out the front of his house.12:08
lbtI can suggest a nice pan-n-tilt12:09
alteregoWould make deciding whether it's work coming down two flights of stairs to answer the door easier12:09
alteregoYeah, I'd quite like a PTZ camera12:09
lbtz is more expensive - pt is < £8012:09
alteregoWell, zoom isn't something I /really/ need but would be nice :)12:10
alteregoMaybe just having a high quality image would be better anyway.12:10
lbtfoscam 18918w12:10
lbtbbiab... I have a decent ebay location12:10
alteregoPretty cheap, nice.12:11
alteregoAnd intercom, that would be even cooler :)12:11
alteregoAnd motion detection, which was the other thing I was interested in. Neat, I'm almost sold :)12:12
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alien_I created a Mer page on Wikipedia:
alien_it might not be accurate and complete, but feel free to fix any issues there might be12:43
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harbaumHave you guys heard about the "Spark" tablet?13:28
lbtyes. thanks :)13:29
lbtrather nice13:29
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Stskeepsoh interesting, the STB on this hotel is amino14:01
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Stskeepswoo, grooveshark has the OST from the sound of music :)15:51
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Stskeepshi zester17:05
zesterHello Bot?17:05
dm8tbrhi zester17:05
Stskeepszester: nop, just welcoming and friendly project founder :)17:06
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zesterProject Founder as in dev?17:06
Stskeepsso what brings you here?17:06
zesterCool well I am zester17:06
zesterCame to see about helping your project out.17:07
Stskeepsalright - out of curiousity, where did you hear about us?17:07
zesterLet me show you who I am first17:07
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zesterand ...17:08
Stskeepsah, you shouldn't have much difficult basing anything on mer it looks :)17:09
lbtlooks interesting17:09
Stskeepsdifficulty, that is17:09
zesterSooo instead of going at it allby my lonesome  I decided to finaly give in and come over to join you guys :)17:10
lbtexcellent idea17:10
Stskeepswe're basically a project that strives to give a well performing linux/qt/html5/js core - we don't contain UIs and hardware adaptations as such, but people can easily do projects that do provide those17:11
Stskeeps(this is because we avoid a lot of traditional politics that way and can focus on what we all really need to work together on)17:11
phaeronStskeeps: is pm-utils missing in arm for a reason , or is it an error like ca-certificates17:16
Stskeepsit was an error on my behalf17:16
Stskeepsthis is the stupid thing about obs linked projects :)17:16
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phaeronok :)17:18
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Stskeepssmoku: okay, working on the 'easily' part17:19
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lbtsmoku:  and
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smokuStskeeps: at least there are people trying stuff now. I know it's hard to dry runs :)17:22
smokuto do...17:23
smokulbt: this is the other side to the UI ;-)17:24
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lbtah, I thought you meant the hardware adaptations :)17:25
lbtI'd like to see some UI's that are much less grandiose17:25
lbtmore like single purpose devices17:25
Stskeepsfor various purposes i've considered to make a dead man's switch UI17:27
lbt... ?17:28
dm8tbrlbt: single purpose qml is likely the way to go. so it should be extremely easy to base off vanilla mer+merux17:28
Stskeepslbt: think elderly17:28
lbtah... literally17:28
Stskeepswell, or, avoiding situations that lead to it17:29
dm8tbrah, I used to work for the ambulance service and paid a lot of visits to 24h-button-overrun locations...17:29
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dm8tbrStskeeps: I'm not sure if a touchscreen would work for the elderly. better results probably to couple a tft with a physical button and show e.g. 'Please press button, morning press not registered'17:36
Stskeepsdm8tbr: :nod:17:36
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zesterWhere are Mer's src located?18:12
Stskeepszester: we take contributions through a gerrit instance18:13
Stskeepsthat way we ensure transparency and proper reviews :)18:13
zesterIs there a reason that your basicly providing a complete operating system instead of just Mer relavent packages? Just asking ;)18:14
Stskeepszester: we're derived from meego, taking what was useful and made a nice mobile core18:14
zesterIs Mer rpm based still?18:15
zesterWould you guy object to a new build system where you could just say "build for armv6 and produce rpm packages or debs ..."18:17
Stskeepszester: well, we have OBS, which kinda does that, but in truth: packaging is a big chore18:17
Stskeepsand in practice, what matters is the content, ie, the actual software running18:17
Stskeepsso doubling the work with two packaging formats is a bit, well, why? :)18:18
zesterI once rewrote the linux kernel make files using premake4 :)18:18
Stskeepsin practice we have a system that cross compiles very nicely to x86, armv6, v7 softfp/hardfloat, mips, etc18:18
zesterAnyways I could just code something for me personaly and if you like it well if not then no harm :)18:19
Stskeepsyep, it's open source, i can't stop you18:19
Stskeepsthough there's more useful things to be done :)18:19
zesterIt's just that with Meego me or non of my team could ever get the dam thing to install with out tons of errors.18:19
Stskeepshehe, well, we aren't exactly meego :)18:20
zesterHence why I started my Quantum project out of fustration.18:20
Stskeepsif it was x86, you probably ran into the SSSE3 problems18:20
zesterIs Meego's composit manager in the repos somewheres?18:21
Stskeepswe consider that part UI, so it's in seperate projects18:21
StskeepsNemo uses mcompositor18:21
zestermcompositor thats what I was looking for.18:21
zesterAny luck building on x86?18:22
Stskeepssure, want to see a video of Nemo on exopc?18:22
zesterAwsome :)18:24
Stskeepsa couple of flaws as we usually run it on n900/n950/n918:24
Stskeeps - qtmediahub on top of mer on top of trimslice (tegra2)18:25
zesterWhats the deal with the Tizen references on the Mer site. I subscribed to there mailing list and asked about Qt support and they said Meego was crap.... Anyways I ripped there ass's and then some Mer supporter told me not to bother with them and just to come here.18:26
Stskeepsfunny story :) basically, a lot of us had gotten tired with the way meego was going and had planned to fork it, but intel actually came first :) we are interested with working with tizen from the point of view of their HTML5 application story as this can have a benefit for the mobile linux community as a whole. Just because applications can be html5, our UI's don't have to be.18:28
Stskeepsthe original hope was that tizen released code would be at least somewhat related to moblin or meego, but it has been published as a derititaive of Samsung's Linux Platform which is debian derived18:29
Stskeepsthough there is rumours of a rpm based tizen existing too.18:29
Stskeepsin Mer, we streamline towards linux/qt/html5/js, though if people want to slap GTK+ on top, or whatever, they're free to do so18:29
Stskeepsin the end it's our customers, the vendors, who choose what comes in and out of their devices and what they allow18:30
Stskeepsvendors can be someone like you, providing a UI, a lonely hacker doing a home project or a company doing devices18:30
Stskeepstizen has made their choices for their stack and we've made ours, though it doesn't mean we won't collaborate18:30
zesterYou can just uses WebOS there is an experimental Qt native backend for Enyo and PhoneGap18:32
Stskeepsyeah, that too18:32
Stskeepskeep in mind that when we wrote our original missions, webos hadn't gone OSS.18:33
Stskeepsand i'm inclined to support phonegap as well, but it's good to keep our options open.18:33
lbtzester: what Stskeeps meant to link to wrt source was:
zesterWere you aware of the Qt native backend for WebOS and PhoneGap that is being built.18:34
Stskeepsi'm aware of phonegap-qt4/5 yes18:34
zesterYah that18:34
Stskeepsphonegap has one problem though, it doesn't allow very nice distribution of apps across platforms18:35
Stskeepstizen has this 'wgt' thing, which is the w3c widget standard, basically a .zip18:35
Stskeepsphonegap is practically a wrapper for it's apps18:35
Stskeepsi'd much rather have one phonegap runtime on my system than many18:36
zesterYou mean the whole you pay us and we will build it for this or that platform deal?18:36
zesterDoesn't matter just trying to get on the same page.18:37
Stskeepsno, that is a useful service -- i'm speaking of that as far as i can tell, they don't have a 'phonegap app' format18:37
Stskeepsin the end it's up to the people doing a device or a UI or a solution to pick and choose what they want to have18:38
zesterDo you have any OpenGL / OpenGL ES game development api plans18:38
Stskeepswhat the mer core provides is qt/qt mobility/qt webkit - i would hope people would organize together to share a game development api18:39
Stskeepsand opengl es naturally18:39
Stskeepsi'm aware that the 'core' thing sounds a bit fuzzy, but we're not trying to create a new application ecosystem, just provide the tools to make good linux/qt/html5/js products :)18:40
Stskeepsand allow people to share efforts18:40
zesterI am forking framework over to Qt I already have it working in SFML218:40
lbtzester: the merproject also has an 'incubator' mentality too ... so projects that target Mer particularly and form a base for collaboration are welcome to talk about using resources18:41
lbtie as that fork develops, you may want to host it around Mer18:42
lbtsomething to bear in mind over time18:42
zesterNot sure if I should leave it's code base alone and just get it rendering in QtOpenGL or just shread the code base and make it entirly dependent on Qt api's18:42
Stskeepswell, if you can render straight to opengl, probably good to do it in qtopengl18:43
Stskeepsmakes it nicely portable18:43
zesterWell I have done alot of experimentation with Qt lately like having Qt's paint system rendering to a GL Texture in SFML without using the rest of Qt and using Skia in Qt. Crazy stuff18:45
Stskeepsso, is there any areas you'd specifically like to contribute in?18:45
Stskeepsyour skillset, etc :)18:45
zesterDo you know of ZeroMQ?18:45
* Stskeeps looks over at lbt18:46
zesterI am across the board I have experance with just about ever area except kernel development. Ill have to look over Mer's code base and see what sticks out.18:46
lbtwe use Rabbit AMQP for our systems work18:46
lbtzester: Mer is more than just a device codestack18:47
Stskeepszester: - i try to send these out weekly on the mailing list18:47
Stskeepszester: also good for seeing what works needs to be done18:47
lbtwe also have (and provide to vendors) build systems and CI automation18:47
*** thomashc has quit IRC18:49
zesterI was working on replacing QDBus with ZeroMQ but ......18:49
Stskeepsinteresting research project for embedded, perhaps18:49
Stskeepsthough a lot of software would have to be rewritten18:49
Stskeepsi would assume18:50
lbtI think it'd be quite interesting for higher level apps18:50
lbtdevice 2 device18:50
zesterTo tell you the truth I actualy like to rewrite stuff :)18:50
Stskeepshehe, just be careful as touching some things are like playing jenka18:51
Stskeepsone bad move and the entire building falls apart18:51
lbtalthough there's plenty of crap that needs rewriting now it's settled down and we know what it *should* be doing18:51
*** Ayla has joined #mer18:52
Stskeeps'lo Ayla18:52
lbtOK ... Stskeeps you can happily point at now I've found the HTML header file :)18:52
Stskeepslbt: ok, good ;)18:52
AylaStskeeps, hi18:54
lbtzester: at some point get yourself a account and I'll enable you on the community OBS18:54
StskeepsAyla: welcome :) so what brings you here?18:54
zesterAny opinions on Fossil and Premake4   ?18:55
Stskeepsno particular opinion about fossil, it's just a SCM amongst many18:55
Stskeepspremake.. not heard of, but we usually just utilize what our packaged software utilizes18:55
AylaStskeeps: curiosity18:56
zesterSo what is Mer needing and are you using Qt518:56
Aylalosinggeneration: man, you're everywhere18:57
StskeepsAyla: alright - feel free to hang around :) out of curiousity, did you do something with MIPS devices at some point?18:57
Stskeepszester: we're not yet integrating qt5 as it's a moving target, but we do have plans and actual packaging18:58
Stskeepsqt5 is just shifting around a lot before feature freze18:58
Aylaof course, I do work on a Linux distibution for a chinese handheld built around a MIPS processor18:58
StskeepsAyla: my apologies, did a /whois on you and looked a bit around - i just completed a port of Mer for MIPS32/O32 some week or two ago18:58
Stskeepshence me asking :)18:59
*** dionet has joined #mer19:00
Stskeepshas gcc4.6.2 and all that stuff, so fairly modern19:00
zesterSooo Mer provides the Framework that projects like Nemo use to build there UI's19:02
Stskeepszester: pretty much, all the boring stuff you'd normally have to hire a bunch of expensive linux guys to do19:03
zesterOk cool that's kind of my thing.19:04
*** tarantism has quit IRC19:07
Stskeepsour responsibility usually stops somewhere near qt/qt webkit/qt mobility top19:08
zesterYou should possible add RtAudio, RtMidi and STK19:10
*** vivijim has quit IRC19:10
Stskeepsnever heard of those?19:10
Stskeepsah, ok19:11
Stskeepswell, that is free for anyone to add and probably simple to package19:11
Stskeepswe are trying intentionally not to maintain a debian size package repository ourselves :)19:11
Stskeepsthough people are welcome to gather together and package useful stuff, like kinect drivers, opencv, audio tools, or whatever19:12
zesterThere only header files RtAudio is like one header and supports Alsa, OSSv4, Jack ,... under one unified api19:12
zesterLets see if Mer has pulse audio in there19:13
Stskeepswe use pulseaudio mainly, which may frighten some19:13
zesterYes !!! BAD MER BAD19:13
Stskeepsgenerally, if you don't like something, you're more than welcome to take the burden of maintaining that part yourself19:14
Stskeepsjust don't send bug reports about it our way ;)19:14
zesterRtAudio is far far far easier and superior to blahhh pulse lol.19:14
Stskeepspulseaudio works for n900 to make phonecalls properly, for instance19:14
zesterI dont file bug reports I usely fix them my self19:14
Stskeepsthat's okay too, though sometimes good to discuss with people19:15
Stskeepsa bug report with a patch is the best kind :)19:15
Stskeeps(or in our case, associated gerrit change)19:15
zesterI am hard core one sec ill show you something's19:15
zester3D Modeling Skills19:16
Stskeepswell, i'm certain that'll be part of my nightmares tonight..19:16
Stskeepsgood to see someone who has the skills :) did you play with qml's shadereffects yet?19:17
zesterOpenSceneGraph Qt4 Editor19:17
zesterWait I am not done19:17
zesterThis is my second attempt at replacing Kde4 desktop enviroment.19:18
zesterHere is Qt4 Graphics Stack rendering to SFML219:19
Stskeepsso, basically, you're a bit crazy? ;)19:19
zesterQtSVG rendering to SFML219:20
zester:) actualy alot crazy :)19:20
Stskeepswell, you should be able to do a lot of fun things on top of mer then19:20
zesterHere is Googles Skia I have this working in Qt and SFML2
zesterGetting Skia to compile properly and work was a pain in the ass19:22
Stskeepsgoogle's build system are crazy19:23
*** shanem has quit IRC19:23
zesterGoogles build system just plain out sucks19:23
zesterI rewrote Gwenview in a day using Magick++ here are my results19:24
zesterSwirl Effect19:24
Stskeepsso what's your primary device targets? desktop, or more mobile?19:24
zesterNormal Application view19:24
zesterI target Mobile soo that the applications performance is really good on the desktop19:25
zesterBut in general I like to build my own stuff as you can tell19:25
zesterBut it is sooo hard to find others on my level to work with and well you know it's alot of work19:26
zesterI loved the way Meego looked and ran at it's late stage19:26
zesterThen intel had to get all stupid.19:26
Stskeepsdid you see the tizen SDK's applications?19:26
zesterIts all Gtk i ran the route for 8 years Gobject almost killed me never again19:27
zesterBut no19:27
zesterWhy do they look good?19:27
Stskeepsare you up for a challenge?19:27
zesterDoes it involve coding using Gtk?19:27
Stskeepsno, thank god19:28
Stskeeps(apologies to anyone liking gtk)19:28
zesterK whats the challenge19:28
zesterF$#% Gtk19:28
zesterYupp I said it19:28
Stskeepsi have a bet going with myself that anyone with sufficient drive and knowledge can implement the apps in , with backend stubs (ie, no need for it to actually work behind the scenes), in QML, with qml and qt components, in a week, and make it look a lot nicer19:29
Stskeepswe have entire set of qt components for harmattan, so that does help some things19:29
zesterIWont to see my QML Work :)19:30
Stskeepssure, out of curiousity19:30
Stskeepsnot bad19:32
zesterHybred Qt4 and Html5 desktop prototype19:32
Stskeepsany of this open source?19:33
zesterI dont have that code anymore unfortantly19:33
zesterBut I could do it again easly19:33
Stskeepswell, i'd like to see someone disprove my theory at least (or prove it)19:33
Stskeepsit'd be a stunning example of what's possible these days19:33
zesterCheck this out Hybred Qt Html5 Desktop in 3D lol ;)19:34
zesterKeep in mind all those examples are over a year old I have greatly improved19:35
*** paulo has joined #mer19:35
zesterThere issues with the Hybred Html5, Css3 and javascript prototypes19:35
zesterQtWebkit is actualy kinda slow19:36
zesterWell compared to Chromium19:36
Stskeepsi do have worries about the html5 story in that regard, yeah19:36
Stskeepsbut i think that if you for example switched javascript engine to be using v8 instead, you might be havng a better experience19:36
zesterHopefully the new V8 engine and Webkit2 will help19:37
zesterNow for mobile the issue might be with memory consumption.19:37
*** paulo has quit IRC19:38
zesterYou start opening multiple instances of QWebPage youl endup running out of memory pretty quickly on a phone19:39
*** tpn|away has quit IRC19:39
Stskeepsprobably, though if you can share the initialization a bit, it helps19:39
zesterAnd you have to becarefull how much javascript ends up loading because that kills performance19:39
Stskeepsmobile's always a challenge :)19:39
zesterIt's a chalenge on the desktop when dealing with a web rendering engine19:40
zesterHopefully we get WebGL soon19:40
zesterin QtWebkit19:40
zesterSorry if I am to chatty ;) lol19:41
Stskeepsit's alright19:41
Stskeepsanyway, i have to prepare for something for tomorrow19:41
zester;) ttyl19:41
Stskeepsif you need some advice on getting started with mer, feel free to ask, would love to see you using it and experimenting with it19:41
zesterIs there a virtualbox img around19:42
Stskeepsyou can try an ancient one with nemo, it has a problem with the compositor, if you want19:42
Stskeepsit uses llvmpipe19:42
*** tpn|away has joined #mer19:42
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:43
Stskeepsis very alpha, as it was first time playing with llvmpipe19:43
zesterOhh and those Tizen apps we could do in a day or two19:43
_av500_Stskeeps: you ever heard of the 80 char limit?19:43
Stskeeps_av500_: yes, i grew up on 132 char per line terminals ;)19:44
zesterWe can start on them when everyone has some time to kill19:44
Stskeepssounds like a good use case, "so, you want to make a phone UI? takes two days" ;)19:45
zesterThose are cake   QtMobility and QML   no time at all19:46
zesterI wrote a mobile dialer in strait c++ in and hour19:46
Stskeepsas an example, we're a bit stuck with MTF based applications in Nemo, for example19:47
Stskeepsand we'd very much like to move to something saner19:47
Stskeepslike qml19:47
vgradezester, are you following efforts19:47
Stskeepsyou know, the evil one that got ditched for qml ;)19:47
zestervgrade are you the author of razor19:48
vgradeno just did a build of it om Mer19:48
zesterThe author of razor-qt wanted me to join his team I wanted him to join mine...19:49
*** moxie has joined #mer19:49
zesterRazor-Qt is ok I like my Desktop better mines more like Mac OS X19:50
zesterIs this Mac's desktop or Mine?19:51
vgradezester, looks good. I just thought the two projects had similar goals. Anyway we brought razor up on Mer quite easliy19:53
*** moxie has left #mer19:54
zesterWell mine is more of an educational thing, A this is how you build a desktop from scratch using Qt, this is how you write a file manager from scratch, ...19:54
zesterThen I would write a tutorial going step by step threw the code19:54
zesterI would like to do the same using Mer19:55
vgradezester, all for the educational angle, I'm involved in the Education team for the qtonpi project for Raspberry Pi19:55
zesterGive them a mobile ui and then teach them how to write the thing from scratch line for line explaining what we are doing and why.19:56
zester:) Can't wait to get one.19:56
zesterRaspberry Pi is what I am going to use to write my new apps on, make them fast of Rpi and they will be even faster on the desktop kind of deal.19:57
*** thomashc has joined #mer19:58
zesterI am concerned that the new genereation of developers are not going to have anyone to teach them how to do all this stuff and open source oses will endup dieing. It's not like they teach linux kernel programming or programming with xlib in schools19:59
zesterIn the day we all built our systems from src and build our package managers from scratch. This new generation would be lost without distros like Ubuntu20:00
Ayla'in the day' there were only a handful of developers20:01
zesterSeams like that is how it is now.20:01
zesterThere is only a handfull of use who can code using Xlib20:01
zesterI am not putting them down, I am generally concerned this stuff is becoming a lost art.20:02
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:05
*** norayr has quit IRC20:07
zesterAwsome I was just notified that the Raspberry Pi will not need X we should be able to have Hardware Accelerated OpenGL ES and EGL on the Framebuffer20:08
*** onekenthomas has joined #mer20:09
*** arc_mat|tp has quit IRC20:09
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*** onekenthomas has quit IRC20:13
vgradenew wikipedia page,
Stskeepsi am waiting for the 'not notable' wikipedia stamp20:19
Stskeeps is what happened to my last project20:20
* w00t inks the stamp20:22
*** jargon- has quit IRC20:25
*** jstaniek has quit IRC20:25
zester<Stskeeps> How are you Qt skills?20:29
Stskeepsi'm a systems guy :)20:29
w00the abuses people like me for that20:30
zesterHow about you then w00t20:30
w00tdepends on the subject area; but usually i'm comfortable20:32
zesterCool I was looking for a partner20:32
zesterHere is our target
w00ti don't have time to take more projects on (unfortunately); qt 5 is taking up all of my free hack time for the moment, and i'm already neglecting things i should be doing on nemo as a result20:34
zesterYou the Nemo guy?20:36
zesterYou = Your20:36
w00ti spend some of my time on it20:37
zesterCould you tell me what your using for the window manager?20:37
*** KaIRC has joined #mer20:41
zesterAny major issues with it that you know of?20:41
zesterDoes it have window decorations?20:41
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*** tpn|away is now known as tpn20:46
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* lbt browses the MDS source and wonders if Stskeeps realises that python has docstrings?21:28
Stskeepsno? ;)21:31
lbtreally it does!21:32
Stskeepsis due for a rewrite anyway21:33
lbtI'm redoing the MDS page21:35
lbthave a look
lbtstill editing it but you may want to comment21:38
lbtyes, no meat though :(21:38
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aletzno one here22:47
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