Saturday, 2012-01-28

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lbtphaeron: we don't want glut in Mer00:07
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lbtdoesn't make sense :)00:08
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phaeronegl_info and eglgears_x11 work for me00:09
phaeronegltri segfaults00:09
phaeronnew mutter based on egl/glesv2 cogl works00:10
lbtOK - that's good to know00:10
phaeron(fixed a typo in the gfx-tests pkg name in your guide )00:10
phaeronglestest works00:11
lbtOK - not on the joggler00:11
phaeronwe want to document the actual EGL version and extensions requirements , right ?00:11
phaeronso if you run eglinfo and it doesn't say xyz then you're in trouble00:12
phaeronetc ..00:12
phaeronwhat does it say for you00:12
lbteglinfo: eglInitialize failed00:13
phaeronoh .. :(00:13
lbtset DISPLAY00:14
phaeronI created an xterm session for testing00:14
lbtOpenGL_ES OpenVG   no GLES200:15
lbtanyhow... sry ... bed now00:15
lbtbe around in the am :)00:15
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stoojHahah - thanks brooklyn :)00:40
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wallehi, after some reading i knew that Mer uses sysemd to get  control from linux kernel. and what exactly  process that i could assign to init01:39
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stoojThis may be a daft question: Can I dd a new image onto an mmc using the n900 as a card reader (in mass storage mode)? I don't have a separate card reader.05:20
befordyes but be careful not to overwrite the EMMC05:25
befordinstead of your microsd05:25
befordif you overwrite the eMMC it will require a reflash I believe, and everything will be lost05:25
stoojGrand, thanks beford.05:26
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wallemorning, hehe, we're 4:14pm now08:14
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walleStskeeps: how to assign to the kernel parameter init to start mer? my old linux use /linuxrc to mount the fs08:16
Stskeepswalle: init= in kernel command line08:16
Stskeepsshould be /sbin/init08:17
wallenot /lib/systemd?08:17
wallelet me try now08:17
Stskeepsno, just boot /sbin/init like a normal linux system08:20
lbtmorning all08:23
Stskeepsmorn lb08:23
lbtuugghh ... my cold hasn't gone :(08:24
Stskeepsyeah.. i suspect fosdem will be a nice disease spreading fest08:25
Stskeepsa lot of flu going around in .fi too08:25
lbtI was thinking that this morning08:25
lbtand my joggler is being a pain too08:27
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lbtkeep getting usb disconnects08:27
Stskeepsthe usb port is a bit wonky yeh08:28
Stskeepsadd a powered usb hub?08:28
lbthadn't thought to do that...08:28
lbtit seems more SW related08:28
Stskeepsthink that it runs out of power, as the port doesn't really supply much08:29
lbtI have a velleman usb i/o board08:29
lbtand when I read from the usb stick, it does a reset08:29
lbtif I leave it quiet .. it's fine08:29
lbtbut yeah, I guess those could relate too - accessing stick draws a little power08:30
lbtwell worth investigating08:30
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* Stskeeps ponders if he'll get tomatoes thrown at him when claiming that if we were to understand how the world looks around us by how linux distributions are and their attitudes, we'd assume they were using PDP-7's08:35
lbtpeople are beginning to realise that08:36
Stskeeps makes a nice provocative image then08:37
lbtcan you photoshop a discreet "Debian Inside" logo onto it...08:38
Stskeepsi don't want to die, you know08:38
Stskeeps is interesting, btw08:39
Stskeepsalso interesting from core pov08:42
Stskeepsfor example, nook color has honestly no business being based on android, entire ui is replaced08:42
lbtyes, we've noted this before08:42
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lbtit's why I'd like to take the Joggler running QtMediaHub and nothing else08:43
Stskeepsmorn sage08:43
lbthey Sage08:43
Stskeepslbt: remember power converters..08:43
lbtmorning timoph too08:43
lbtStskeeps: I have a MeeGo one :)08:43
Stskeepsah, true08:44
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* lbt wonders how many ways he can get the tiniest package in Mer wrong...08:46
Stskeepsyou learnt it after a bit08:47
Stskeepsbut yes, we need automated package checks in review process08:47
lbtI'm clearly a true user....08:47
Stskeepsvgrade: does that actually run mer or how was it?08:50
* lbt was wondering that...08:51
vgradeStskeeps, yes runs Mer08:55
Stskeepsand the big question, does the gles work? :P08:55
vgradethere is a fair bit of work still to do on adaptation08:55
timophso where does one place an order?08:56
vgradethats one for aseigo08:56
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* timoph asks08:57
SageStskeeps: why they talk about OpenGL and not ES ?08:58
StskeepsSage: common mistake08:58
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Stskeepsvgrade: looks to come with (at least) framebuffer enabled gles drivers09:02
SageStskeeps: error: ^%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}$: regcomp failed: Invalid content of \{\}09:02
Sageis that normal?09:02
StskeepsSage: yes, bug in sb2-obs09:02
Stskeepsi've been menaing to fix it but it doesn't harm anything09:02
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Sagelbt: it is not BMO# but MER# that we use with bugs.09:08
Sagesimilar to NEMO# in nemo09:08
lbt*sigh* ...... :)09:09
Stskeepsdid we copy packaging/guidelines yet?09:09
lbtStskeeps: last night09:09
* Sage wonders if lbt comes with an axe to meet Sage at fosdem ;)09:10
lbt'an' axe....   when I have 2 good hands?09:10
Stskeepslbt wanted the full experience of being on the factory floor, well, here it is :P09:11
Stskeepswe learnt by anas and others slamming our packaging :)09:11
lbtActually it's exactly what I wanted09:11
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lbtit's been reason intense which helps get a good picture of what people will experience09:12
Sagelbt: thi time you can't blame me you changed the changelog :D09:12
lbtand it also helps identify the areas where it's frustrating09:12
lbtSage: no, indeed... new bug :)09:12
StskeepsSage: on a sidenote, i might agree with you that we might actually seperate qt from core09:12
lbtand you know, that doesn't feel as 'annoying' as my last failed submit09:13
lbtalthough last night I redid the packaging and it worked under osc (all files added with osc ar) but forgot to add using git09:14
lbtmakes me wonder if we should have a script to do the git push which can compare the git filelist to osc's09:14
SageStskeeps: \o/09:14
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Stskeepssmoku: though with mali with framebuffer drivers09:16
SageI hope that is shown in fosdem somewhere would be nice to see that device09:16
_av500_somebody ported linux onto an android tablet :)09:20
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lbtand some others09:24
lbtoh Sage can you confirm the gitweb bug for URLs is OK for now?09:27
smokuStskeeps: very cool :D09:31
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smokulbt: any chance of getting it working: ?09:32
Stskeepssmoku: looks like you're missing a Preinstall:09:32
Stskeepsfind out what package libmount is in09:32
* lbt prods phaeron too09:34
smokuStskeeps: oh.  got it :)09:35
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Sagelbt: I would probably prefer YOUR_USERNAME or <YOURUSERNAME> or something instead of your_username so it would pop up more. Also does one need username to get the stuff or is there anonymous clone available as well?09:36
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lbtyeah, I debated an anonymous clone url but I figured we should put that in the wiki link09:37
lbtmost of the time we want to use the ssh form09:37
Sagefair enough09:38
lbtI wonder if we can remove username totally?09:38
lbtie tell people how to config a username for that ssh target09:38
lbt(because it is annoying)09:38
Sagesounds even better09:38
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lbtnot really, no09:39
lbtactually I'm removing the <> .... cut'n'paste would screw up a shell09:41
smokuStskeeps: it helped. thanks.09:42
Sagelbt: we need anyway to guide user how to set his on name and e-mail to git config so why not username as well?09:45
Sageso removal sounds good IMO09:45
lbtyes, but don't you think we should defer that until it's documented and 'normal' ?09:49
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* Stskeeps leaves from hotel09:51
* lbt makes coffee ready for the brainstorm09:51
Sagelbt: well we don't have any URL there atm. so we could defer the whole bug until we are ready for approach without username?09:52
lbtwe don't?09:52
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lbtI see  "more details" linking to
Sageah, you added that to all git projects ok. well that is good for now then :)09:53
lbtyes, and that shell script is so easy to rerun09:54
Sageok. well sounds good for me then as it is now09:55
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* Sage needs to go away for a while .09:55
lbtnp... just closing down some easy-ish ones09:55
lbtbbiam ... then SDK09:55
lbtphaeron is awake now timoph :)09:55
* timoph is09:58
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timophconnected using n9 as a hotspot so networking might be a bit unstable for me09:58
Stskeepslbt: how did you add it to all git projects?09:58
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lbtSDK brainstorm in #mer-meeting now10:07
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phaeronlbt: what dependencies ?11:20
lbteg spectacle depends on cheetah11:20
lbtso we need to package cheetah11:21
lbtwe also need to track *why* we package cheetah11:21
lbtand any other users...11:21
lbteg IMG11:22
phaerontracking is like writing it in a wiki page11:23
phaeronalthough I don't see that much need to do it. but it is ok I guess11:23
lbtor the obs description on cobs, or the obs desc on mer ci obs, or the mer-tools/ git description, or the github description ...11:24
lbtwell, it's not for you11:24
lbtit's for whoever has to look after it after you11:24
phaeronlook at the spec file and you see it depends on foo11:25
phaeronso we have foo11:25
lbtand you look at cheetah and see the DependedOnBy: field ?11:25
lbtor do you just go update cheetah, then QA test spectacle and release it?11:26
lbtthen IMG fails11:26
lbtbecause it too uses cheetah11:26
lbtand yes, that's not going to matter if IMG isn't in the SDK11:26
phaeronwell the unit tests will fail when you do a trial build ;)11:26
phaeronbut nm , we could go on for ever11:27
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sonachStskeeps: Are you online now?12:17
lbthey sonach12:17
sonachhello lbt,12:17
lbtI think Stskeeps has gone out12:17
sonachlbt: I am testing qtmediahub on my board,12:17
sonachlbt: Now the uxlaunch still doesn't work,12:18
sonachlbt: Do you have time to do me a help?12:18
lbtsure... I saw some chat on this so you may need to bring me up to speed12:19
sonachlbt: hmm, maybe this is a new problem:)12:19
lbtso the usual... logs and a bit of configuration :)12:20
lbthehe ... :)12:20
sonachlbt: Now the /dev/fb0 is ready12:20
sonachlbt: under the same configuration, qmlviewer will work,12:21
lbtFailed: Could not make directory `/home/mer/.gconf' : No space left on device12:21
lbtlooks bad12:21
sonachlbt: ah....12:22
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phaeronif you have bluez installed and you don't have bluetooth on that board (or don't need it for now) you can remove it12:24
sonachlbt: Yesterday I encountered the problem when doing "depmod -a" and today I copy modules.dep to my rootfs and re-make the rootfs. so hifb.ko can be loaded manually.12:24
sonachlbt: It seems that I have to strip more;)12:25
lbtphaeron's idea is good12:25
sonachphaeron: I will try it ,12:25
lbtyou may be able to rpm -e bluez12:25
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sonachlbt: how to stop uxlaunch? It seems that systemdctl stop doesn't work,12:27
phaeronsystemctl stop uxlaunch.service12:27
sonachphaeron: Failed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager.12:27
lbtif it ran out of disk then it could be in a bad way12:28
sonachphaeron: how to solve this?12:28
lbtshould report status12:28
phaeronno d there12:28
sonachyes, just systemctl,12:28
phaeronsonach: you need to clean something first12:28
phaeronthen start dbus12:28
phaeronthen stop uxlaunch.service12:29
sonachphaeron: clean what? doing "rmp -e xxx"?12:29
phaeronrpm -e bluez12:29
phaerondoes it work ?12:29
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lbtcatch 2212:32
sonachI don't know the reason: (1) no space left (2) bluez is not installed,12:32
lbtyou may need to remove bluez from ks and rebuild the rootfs12:32
phaeronrm -rf /usr/include12:32
lbtdid you strip the docs too12:32
phaeronyeah I think Stskeeps told him to12:33
sonachphaeron: nothing under /usr/include12:33
lbtwhat's in /usr/share12:33
sonachlbt: yes, already exclude docs and locale and font12:33
phaeronalso ls /boot12:33
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sonachlbt: an empty X11 directory12:33
sonachboot dir is empty,too12:34
phaeronls /lib/modules/*/kernel ?12:35
phaeronmaybe we can get rid of some modules12:35
sonachhmm... this is a good idea12:36
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sonachthe size of /lib/modules is 9.4M12:37
phaeronyou don't need most of them I'd guess12:37
phaeronbut careful what you rm or it might not boot or something12:37
sonachphaeron: this is the package list:
phaeronfor modules you need to disable them in kernel config12:39
phaeronbut you can try to rm some manually right now12:40
phaerondeltarpm can go12:40
sonachphaeron: I just copy vendors modules to mer's lib/modules, and do some modifications manually:)12:40
sonachlbt: wayland is needed by mesa,12:41
phaeronsonach: yeah but are there other modules there you can remove ?12:41
sonachphaeron: yes, I will try to remove some ko files soon,12:42
sonachflac and deltarpm can excluded?12:42
phaeronflac might be need by qtmediahub12:42
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phaerondeltarpm is not really used12:42
phaeronwhat is orc12:42
sonachphaeron: I don't know what is orc...12:43
lbtnot sure ... wonder what depends on it :P12:43
lbt"Orc is a library and set of tools for compiling and executing very simple programs that operate on arrays of data"12:44
phaerongstreamer , I just checked12:44
lbtmost things are pulled in through depends anyway12:44
phaeronexcept if they are in the @groups12:44
lbtls -Slr /usr/bin12:45
lbtI don't have a minimal install here12:46
lbtremove qmlviewer ?12:46
lbtunless you did already12:46
sonachlbt: output for "ls -Slr /usr/bin" is
phaeronrpm -e pkgconfig12:47
sonachlbt: yes, qmlvierwer was already removed,12:47
lbtok, you can rm openssl, localedef flac info curl12:47
phaeroninfo can't be removed12:48
phaeroncurl would break zypper12:48
lbtzypper not installed12:48
sonachyes, zypper is not needed atm12:48
phaeronok :)12:48
phaeronrpm -e usbutils12:48
sonachI just want to run qtmediahub for TV/STB UX:)12:48
lbtand these need to be fixed but later12:48
lbtyeah, sonach, you just want it to run - not clean up the rootfs12:49
sonachlbt: what do you mea?12:49
sonachlbt: run "rpm -e xxx"?12:49
lbtmmm we're hacking a demo, not making a product12:49
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lbtso removing some code from /usr/bin is just a way to make some space12:50
lbtthen we reboot and see QtMHub launch12:50
lbtlater we need to figuree out how to make the image smaller12:50
sonachlbt: OK, I will just remove something from /usb/bin.  "rpm -e xxx" can not be executed...12:52
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sonachlbt: so what can be deleted from /usb/bin then? pkg-config,openssl,localedef flac info curl?12:53
lbtthat should be plenty to reboot12:53
pdanek :)12:54
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Stskeepsmuch of the bloat is caused by a bad dependency in qt mobility, will be fixed in next mer release12:56
sonachthe same errors occurs:  Is SPACE the exect reason??12:58
sonachStskeeps: Nice to see you:)12:58
sonachI think there are several MBs left now...12:58
lbtwhat does df -h show12:59
phaeronstill complaining about space ..12:59
lbtit is12:59
phaeronmaybe the blocks reserved for root12:59
phaeronby mkfs.ext213:00
sonachdf: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or directory13:00
lbtnot ext213:00
phaeronwhat filesystem is this13:00
phaerondoes it reserve blocks for root ?13:00
phaeronbecause uxlaunch launches X as user13:00
lbtwhat is mounted13:00
sonachlbt: result of "mount":
lbtwhat is /etc/mtab ?13:02
lbt(wondering why df isn't working)13:02
sonachlbt: no /etc/mtab exists,13:02
lbtln -s /proc/self/mounts /etc/mtab13:03
lbtthen df -h13:03
Stskeepssonach: can i see /home/mer/.xsession-errors13:03
lbt<13>uxlaunch[1110]: Unable to open "/home/mer/.xsession-errors13:03
sonachln: creating symbolic link `/etc/mtab': No space left on device13:03
Stskeepsso still space isues13:04
lbtsonach: so there aren't any Mb free...13:04
lbtlogs on reboot?13:04
phaeronapparently jffs2 doesn't reserve blocks like ext13:04
phaeronmaybe he can try to use 1K blocks :D13:04
phaeronbut probably insignificant13:05
lbtand oops ... that :  <13>uxlaunch[1110]: Unable to open "/home/mer/.xsession-errors    was from the old log - still present in new one though13:05
lbtso sonach what's in /var/log/13:05
sonachphaeron: now it is 0x20000 blocks13:05
sonach0x20000 per block13:05
lbtStskeeps: and where else may growing files exist?13:06
sonachlbt: Cannot show the left space is a big problem... So we don't know the left space exactly,13:07
Stskeepslbt, long story short jffs2 is picky as it needs to keep storage for flash erase blocks13:07
sonachand cannot stop uxlaunch.service is another problem that make my debug difficult....13:07
Stskeepssonach: try systemctl  disable uxlaunch.service13:08
sonachlbt: result of "ls /var/log" is :faillog  lastlog  prelink  tallylog13:08
Stskeepssonach: can you 'mic-chroot' into the file system before you mkfs.jffs2 it?13:09
Stskeepssonach: if so, in there, rpm -e --force qt-mobility13:10
sonachStskeeps: "systemctl disable uxlaunch.service" seems no effect,13:10
Stskeepssonach: ok13:10
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sonachStskeeps: (1) I write vendor's rootfs to flash; (2) boot the board to vendor's rootfs; (3) chroot to mer-qtmediahub-root by NFS; (4) rpm -e --force qt-mobility.  Is that right?13:12
Stskeepssonach: that is ok too13:13
*** adolph has quit IRC13:13
Stskeepsnow tell me what output rpm -qa | sort      has13:14
sonachStskeeps: Other simpler ways?13:14
Stskeepssonach: waiting two days13:14
*** lynxis has quit IRC13:14
sonachStskeeps: the rpm commands can not execute:13:15
sonacherror: db4 error(28) from dbenv->open: No space left on device13:15
sonacherror: cannot open Packages index using db4 - No space left on device (28)13:15
sonacherror: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm13:15
timophdisk full13:15
Stskeepssonach: thought you said mount over nfs13:15
sonachStskeeps: ?13:15
*** pdanek has left #mer13:16
Sagesonach, Stskeeps: rpm -e --force qt-mobility doesn't do anything it uses 0b space13:17
Stskeepssonach: chroot to mer qtmediahub root by nfs, then do those commands13:17
StskeepsSage: i have a point with this13:18
sonachStskeeps: OK, at least we can do some useful tests, maybe it can do good to next release two days later:)13:18
SageStskeeps: qt-mobility from could help in space13:19
Stskeepssonach: basically i want to remove more packages and we can only do this through nfs13:19
StskeepsSage: yes13:20
sonachStskeeps, Sage: Wait some minutes, I will NFS soon:)13:20
Stskeepssonach: when we have rmeoved qt mobility package we can remove many useless packages :)13:20
SageStskeeps: ah, true.13:22
SageStskeeps: we get probably regressions after taht qt-mobility meta removal when some packages do not have all the deps they actually nee.13:26
StskeepsSage: yes, and we have to fix those :P13:26
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SageStskeeps: :nod: mainly hoping that we get them fixed and not hide them under other dependencies.13:43
Sageanyway need to go now. I'll be back at IRC tomorrow evening or so probably.13:43
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zhanghuiStskeeps: Now I am in chroot:)14:12
zhanghuiStskeeps: "rpm -e --force qt-mobility" first?14:13
lbtyou can't force -e14:13
zhanghuilbt: you mean "rpm -e qt-mobility"14:14
lbtno, it has too many depends14:14
zhanghuiwhat do you suggest then?14:15
lbt(try ans see)14:15
lbtI think what were doing before is the best approach14:15
lbtwhat's the space usage now?14:15
Stskeepsyou can't force erase? wtf14:16
lbt:) fun14:17
Stskeepszhanghui: what happens if you rpm -e --force qt-mobility?14:18
*** sonach has joined #mer14:20
Stskeepszhanghui: what happens if you rpm -e --force qt-mobility?14:20
sonachStskeeps: I am doing this14:20
sonach[root@(none) bin]# rpm -e --force qt-mobility14:21
sonachrpm: only installation and upgrading may be forced14:21
*** zhanghui has left #mer14:21
Stskeepsok, and rpm -e --nodeps qt-mobility \14:21
Stskeepswitohut the \14:21
sonachok, the command finished:)14:22
Stskeepsok, good14:22
sonachno errors reported14:22
Stskeepsnow pastie me rpm -qa14:22
Stskeepsnow pastie me rpm -qa | sort      , i mean14:22
Stskeepswith sort please14:25
phaeronfinally progress :)14:26
sonachphaeron: :)14:27
Stskeepsok, rpm -e droid-serif-fonts liberation-sans-fonts libqtdesigner4 libqtfeedback1 libqtgallery114:30 is needed by (installed) libqtdeclarative4-4.8.0-1.2.Mer.armv7l14:32
Stskeepsand rpm -e libqtsensors1 libqtserviceframework1 libqtversit114:32
Stskeepsok, remove libqtdeisnger4 from the list then14:33
Stskeepsrpm -e sensorfw sensorfw-configs14:33
phaerondesigner needed by declarative sounds weird14:34
Stskeepsrpm -e libqtmessaging1 libqmfclient114:34
Stskeepsrpm -e libqtlocation114:35
Stskeepsthose commands work?14:36
sonacha miniute:)14:38
sonachonly this failed: is needed by (installed) libqtcontacts1-1.2.0-1.15.Mer.armv7l14:40
sonachothers OK,14:40
phaeronyou should have some space to try uxlaunch I guess14:40
Stskeepsok, add libqtcontacts1 to the one that failed14:41
sonachStskeeps: OK, done, libqtserviceframework1 is removed,14:43
Stskeepsok, good14:43
Stskeepscan you try to make a jffs now and tell me how big the file is?14:43
*** ntadej has quit IRC14:44
sonachStskeeps: I think i should exit the chroot?14:44
sonachStskeeps: Now it is 109969408.14:46
sonachStskeeps: previous is 10983833614:47
*** himamura has joined #mer14:47
sonachbecome bigger...14:47
Stskeepsdid you remove locales in this one?14:47
sonachyes. I just copy previous rootfs to nfs directory14:47
sonachmaybe it is related to jffs2?14:48
Stskeepsmaybe, ok, i have to leave my train now14:48
Stskeepsso no internet there14:48
sonachit is bad:)14:49
sonachwhen will you be back?14:49
Stskeepscheck /tmp for any core files14:49
Stskeepsmaybe 20 minutes or so14:49
Stskeepsbut not for long14:49
sonachnothing under /tmp14:49
sonachOK, by train please, I will wait you back:)14:50
*** nsuffys has quit IRC15:03
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer15:03
phaeronsonach: maybe some logs in /var/log or in /home/mer/.uxlaunch or /home/mer/.X15:05
sonachphaeron: no useful logs in /var/log15:11
sonachand no useful logs under /home/mer...15:11
sonachphaeron: for example, result of "ls /var/log" is : faillog lastlog prelink tallylog15:12
sonachphaeron: the strange thing is, after doing a lot of "rpm -e", the rootfs becomes bigger...15:13
Stskeepssonach: ok, you use same kernel for the vendor rootfs as with mer, when you chroot?15:15
sonachStskeeps: yes. I just rewrite rootfs.15:16
Stskeepssonach: ok, go in, mount mer rootfs over NFS with vendor rootfs, and do this:15:16
Stskeepschroot into the mer rootfs15:17
Stskeepsmount -t devtmpfs devtmpfs /dev15:17
Stskeepsmount -t proc proc /proc15:17
Stskeepsmount -t sysfs sysfs /sys15:17
StskeepsXorg -noreset &15:17
Stskeepsexport DISPLAY=:015:18
sonachok, wait a minute,15:18
Stskeepsqtmediahub -opengl-usage false15:18
Stskeepsmake sure /dev/fb0 exists in /dev before starting Xorg :)15:19
*** csslayer has quit IRC15:22
sonachStskeeps: Xorg -noreset success,15:23
Stskeepssonach: ok, remembered the & too?15:24
sonachStskeeps: and it seems that qtmediahub also success:
sonachStskeeps: yes, I have run xbmc under meego before, so I have some experience for running Xorg, etc. :)15:25
Stskeepssonach: ok, looks like success15:25
Stskeepssonach: let me guess, you don't have a tv screen? ;)15:26
sonachStskeeps: I have a TV screen, my family's TV. I can move it to my workroom:)15:26
sonachStskeeps: wait a minute. I will confirm it on TV screen;)15:27
*** niqt has quit IRC15:27
*** sigkill_ has joined #mer15:27
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC15:30
*** thomashc has left #mer15:32
*** vgradetab has quit IRC15:36
Stskeepssonach: i have to leave now, but just tell the result on this IRC channel and i will read it later15:41
sonachStskeeps: OK. there is something wrong with trivial things...15:46
*** jargon- has joined #mer15:50
Stskeepsdefine 'wrong'15:55
* lbt is back now15:55
*** sonach has quit IRC15:55
*** arcean_ has joined #mer16:00
*** arcean has quit IRC16:03
Stskeepsphaeron: i think i just saw you in kamppi, apologies for ot waving back, first realized afterwards -- i'm a bit daft today16:04
*** norayr has joined #mer16:09
*** Trizt has quit IRC16:12
*** Jade has quit IRC16:14
*** sonach has joined #mer16:15
sonachStskeeps: the ultimate output is:
sonachStskeeps: I cannot see result of qtmediahub on TV screen. But I am sure the Xorg is working(the TV screen has some backgroud picture, different from the "no signal" state)16:16
*** Jade has joined #mer16:28
*** sonach has quit IRC16:30
*** vakkov has joined #mer16:31
*** slx has joined #mer16:32
*** ntadej has joined #mer16:38
*** norayr has quit IRC16:38
ntadejHello, what does this error mean? "Error: Failed to run mic inside bootstrap environment. Return code: -4"16:41
*** norayr has joined #mer16:42
*** vakkov has quit IRC16:54
*** harbaum has joined #mer16:57
*** norayr has quit IRC17:07
*** norayr has joined #mer17:11
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*** norayr has joined #mer17:15
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*** norayr has joined #mer18:21
*** Venemo has joined #mer18:23
vgradelbt, are there any logs from pdk meeting today?18:30
lbtnot much there tbh18:31
*** Transformer has joined #mer18:31
*** Siosm has quit IRC18:32
lbtthat project ^^ has the list of pkgs18:32
*** Transformer has quit IRC18:32
timophnot much but getting some direction at least18:32
timophevening btw18:32
lbtI want to make sure we have the support environment around it18:34
lbta decent git tree for each tool to start with :)18:35
*** alien___ is now known as alien_18:37
*** alien_ is now known as Guest3449218:37
*** Guest34492 is now known as cristim18:38
cristimis there any Mer repo out there containing an XBMC UX?18:40
lbtnot yet afaik18:40
cristimI have seen Sage's video and I would like to try it out on one of my boards18:41
cristimthere is but looks like empty18:41
lbtI think Sage's is the closest we have18:42
cristimalso, what do you guys think about an x86_64 port?18:42
cristimI have this AMD Fusion board, and I would like to run Mer+XBMC on it18:43
*** dionet has quit IRC18:43
lbtand what would 64bit gain you over i586?18:44
cristimacces to all the RAM?18:44
cristimwithout PAE18:44
lbtfor XBMC?18:44
cristimwell, not only18:44
cristimbut mostly yes18:45
lbtso you see the point is that the cost of building, supporting (and QA'ing) another build vs the benefit you get needs balancin18:45
cristimit was just a thought18:45
lbtit's a reasonable request - but there should be more of a reason than "because we can" :)18:46
lbtcan I suggest you  try for an i586 XBMC build first and see how that goes18:47
cristimwill try18:47
*** norayr has quit IRC19:11
*** ntadej has joined #mer19:12
phaeronStskeeps: yeah you looked distracted, so I didn't want to startle you :D19:12
ntadejHello averybody! Today I decided to install Plasma Active build of Mer to my N950 and while extracting the image I get a lot of Operation not permitted errors regarding permissions changes and creating symbolic links. Is this expected?19:15
*** Siosm has joined #mer19:16
wmarone_ntadej: did you extract it as root?19:17
ntadejI used sudo as instructed on the wiki, I'll try as root19:18
*** cristim is now known as alien_19:26
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:31
*** beford has joined #mer19:33
*** brooklyn is now known as quens19:34
*** arcean has quit IRC19:35
ntadejfound out the problem: I had some problems formatting to ext4, fixed now19:35
ntadejI have another problem: when trying to create newer image myself I always get "Error: Failed to run mic inside bootstrap envirnonment. Return core: -4"19:38
*** ntadej has quit IRC20:11
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*** xtcx has joined #mer21:12
* Stskeeps yawns21:13
*** quens is now known as quam21:17
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*** singler has joined #mer21:19
*** vivijim has joined #mer21:28
* w00t eyes Stskeeps21:39
*** leinir has joined #mer21:40
*** leinir has quit IRC21:40
*** leinir has joined #mer21:40
Stskeepsyou got assaulted by a snowman on the way back?21:40
w00tnah, but god, i learned cider is vicious to my bladder21:41
* w00t practically sprinted half the way home21:41
Stskeepsuh-huh :P21:41
w00ti also got eyed by the cops on the way home which made me laugh21:42
w00tas in they slowed down21:42
w00tlike i'm gonna cause trouble... ;)21:42
w00t made my evening (on a random note)21:49
*** Siosm has quit IRC21:51
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