Friday, 2012-01-27

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smokumissing ca-certificates package in arm repos - is that on purpose?00:45
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walleHi, all. Is there a mic2 installation package for ubuntu 10.10 upper,like 11.04, 11.1004:26
phaeroncheck on build.meego.com04:47
phaeronin the Tools project04:47
phaeronthat being said mer will move to mic the new version of mic204:47
walledoes it means that Mer will provide mic for more Linux distributions04:58
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phaeronat least try to05:10
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Stskeepsgood morning sonach05:41
sonachGood morning, stskeeps!05:41
sonachWon't you do a business trip today?05:42
Stskeepsyeah, taking plane in 6-7 hours or so05:42
Stskeepsstill need to pack a little bit05:42
Stskeepssonach: by the way, on your board, i don't assume you have a SD card slot?05:43
sonachWish a nice trip then:)05:43
Stskeepsthat might be a good thing for temporary development05:43
sonachStskeeps: yes. no SD card slot.05:43
Stskeepsah, ok05:43
Stskeepsso you normally use NFS to test some things out?05:43
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sonachYes, NFS was our major method to test applications,05:45
Stskeepsi tried out qtmediahub without 3d acceleration on my PC over the weekend, it was surprisingily fast05:45
Stskeepshopefully it'd be fast on ARM too05:45
wallesonach:nice to meet you here. i've sent you a email to query how you install the mic tool on your ubuntu11.10,it seems not work on my 11.0405:46
Stskeepswalle: we hope soon to be providing a file system which contains 'mic' and other useful tools05:46
Stskeepswalle: so you can chroot into it, like a platform SDK05:46
sonachStsKeeps: Ah, it is a good news! I will try qtmediahub on my board a little later:)05:47
walleon as more as distributions or distributions-undepended05:48
Stskeepswalle: independent of distributions05:48
Stskeepswalle: you see, it's difficult to compile tools for all distributions, so you get an actual small 'Mer' for your system05:49
sonachStskeeps: So the platform SDK is a very urgent task:)05:49
timophyeah :)05:49
wallehmm, at least for all fashion ubuntu distributions?05:49
Stskeepswalle: even ubuntu has problems to be built for :)05:50
walleso, which is the perfect one for mer05:50
Stskeepswalle: we hope people will contribute work to make the tools work, but platform SDK will work on all distributions05:50
timophfortunately it's friday so I can continue experimenting with the sdk chroot today :)05:51
Stskeepswalle: i personally use fedora 1405:51
* timoph uses ubuntu 11.1005:51
Stskeepsis our design page05:52
timophbtw, at least on 11.10 you get mic and friends just by installing meego-packaging-tools package05:52
Stskeepstimoph: yeah, mic2 but not 'mic'05:52
Stskeepsand it's an old version :(05:52
wallemaybe i should update my 11.0405:52
timophno need with the platform sdk approach05:53
Stskeepsthe problem is that mer was meego 1.3 based, so we require a git version of mic2 that was never fully released05:53
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Stskeepsbut 'mic' works better05:53
sonachwalle: You can look into
sonachwalle: But as Stskeeps said, Using Mer's platform SDK will be the most suitable way to work with:)05:56
Stskeepssonach: i think we'll first try to get your footprint down a bit, currently qtmediahub is something like 26mb compressed at the moment (can probably be smaller)05:56
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Stskeepssonach: but if you're interested in packages,
wallesonach:oops, shamed on me, i've read some article on your blog but not find the one you point05:57
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sonachStskeeps: Now my compressed rootfs with qmlviewer is about 90MB and the NAND FLASH size I can use is 107MB.05:57
Stskeepssonach: ok, we should be able to get it lower hopefully05:57
phaeron*rant* sometimes upstream makes packagers' lives difficult05:58
Stskeepssonach: i've opened a bug to have a build of Mer that's built with Thumb205:58
Stskeepssonach: which takes up even less space, provided your chip supports it properly05:58
Stskeeps(ubuntu uses it)05:58
Stskeepssonach: sources those packages are based off, is
Stskeepsphaeron: saw my OBS mindmap?05:58
phaeronStskeeps: no05:59
Stskeepswork in progress05:59
wallePlatform SDKs is quite more  interesting05:59
sonachStskeeps: Now I can try to include qtmediahub in my rootfs. Is there any ks files to refer to?  Now my ks file for qmlviewer is
sonachStskeeps: I think I should build the image with qtmediahub successfully before you go to the airport:)06:03
Stskeepssonach: i think you can add those two repos, and
sonachStskeeps: and what packages?06:04
Stskeepssonach: you might need to add in %packages: qtmediahub   , libdeclarative-multimedia , libqtdeclarative4-particles06:05
sonachStskeeps: I will add something to the qmlviewer.ks. Is that right?06:06
Stskeepsand then eventually run with qtmediahub -opengl-usage false06:06
Stskeepsyes, that's fine06:06
Stskeepsshow me the .ks afterwards06:07
Stskeepsi haven't tested this myself on ARM and it might run a lot lot better with directfb as well06:07
Stskeepsbut let's see06:07
Stskeepsthis is a big package06:07
Stskeepsso don't be surprised if your footprint gets too big06:08
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sonachStskeeps: I have directfb on  my borad:)06:10
phaeronStskeeps: really nice06:12
Stskeepssonach: you can replace /usr/bin/qmlviewer with /usr/bin/qtmediahub -opengl-usage false in the .ks06:12
Stskeepssonach: how does that work anyway (directfb), hisilicon gives you a software module/plugin for directfb?06:13
phaeronI enabled flickr on dawait yesterday , and was surprised to see some old photos I had forgotten I uploaded. It was scary for a second.06:14
sonachStskeeps: I think I can exclude something for qmlviewer?06:16
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Stskeepssonach: like this06:17
sonachStskeeps: Yes, Our last product used directfb backend. I don't know the details.  but I can make it work definitely.06:17
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Stskeepswas just curious how they provided acceleration :)06:18
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sonachStskeeps: Now I am building the image...  I will discuss with you when I use directfb:)06:21
sonachStskeeps: It will be great if I can run qtmediahub on my board before you trip:)06:22
Stskeepsyeah, i think sadly we'll run into that the resulting image is too big06:22
Stskeepsbut let's see06:22
sonachStskeeps: haha... Maybe we can find some way:)06:23
sonachStskeeps: qtmediahub needs qt-mobility??06:23
sonachStskeeps: I can see it is downloading qt-mobility...06:24
Stskeepsyes, qtmobility provides qt multimedia ability06:24
sonachStskeeps: It is 125MB now, without hi3716m's drivers(in fact, this drivers just take very little footprint)06:27
wallei am find a ks for 6410, can anyone give me a hand?06:27
Stskeepswalle: just start with an armv6 ks06:28
Stskeepssonach: ok, so could have been worse06:28
wallewhere i can get it06:28
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sonachStskeeps: Now I if we can limit the size to 105MB, I think it will be OK,06:29
Stskeepssonach: ok, can you give me the list of packages it installed somehow?06:29
walleStskeeps:tks,got it06:30
Stskeepssonach: ok, in %packages, add:06:31
Stskeepsremove qt-qmlviewer06:31
Stskeepsand show me the .ks06:32
Stskeepsoh and -usbutils06:33
Stskeepswe can probably add -zypper to that06:35
Stskeepswe don't need that right now, so06:35
Sagevgrade: saw that it is nice06:35
sonachStskeeps: OK. Now I am building image...06:37
SageStskeeps: I'm still worried about the gl dependency in the egl package06:37
StskeepsSage: yes, that's awkward06:38
Sage <- because of this06:39
Sageit still wants the GL in which is a problem06:39
StskeepsSage: i'm not accepting it until fixed somehow, at least06:39
StskeepsSage: worries me, i wonder what pulls in libqtcontacts06:39
Stskeepsqt-mobility is maybe too generic a package06:39
sonachStskeeps: Now it is 109MB:)06:40
Stskeepssonach: so close..06:40
SageStskeeps: try rpm -e libqtcontacts1 in chroot06:40
SageStskeeps: that sonach's list? and need to get it smaller+06:41
StskeepsSage: yeah, it's qtmediahub dependancies06:41
Stskeepsso libqtcontacts makes no sense06:41
Sagelive sharing? ;)06:41
sonachStskeeps: so I can "rpm -e libqtcontacts1" in "%post chroot"?06:42
Sagebtw, drop qt-qmlviewer06:42
StskeepsSage: did already06:42
Sagesonach: that will not work06:42
Stskeepssonach: show me the packages that was installed this time?06:42
SageStskeeps: what device it this?06:42
Sageone could drop e.g. sensorfw as well06:43
StskeepsSage: think qtmobility relies on it06:43
StskeepsSage: some hisilicon cortex-a9 stb device06:43
SageStskeeps: what brings the qt-mobility package in?06:43
StskeepsSage: very good question06:43
StskeepsSage: , add -zypper to that?06:44
sonachStskeeps: wait a minute:)06:45
SageStskeeps: hmmp...06:45
Sagehow small the image needs to be?06:45
StskeepsSage: <105mb06:46
sonachSage: Now it is 109MB:)06:46
StskeepsSage: i just want you to look at why qtmobility gets pulled in, no need to help drive down footprint :)06:46
Stskeepsthat would be a nemo problem too, for sure06:46
sonachStskeeps: package list:
Stskeepssonach: ok, can you du -s -h usr/share/doc in the file system ?06:47
wallei got this error:ImportError: No module named utils.cmdln while executed a command mic --help.what's wrong06:47
Sageerr... nm06:48
Stskeepswalle: ls -l /usr/lib/python*/site-packages/mic*06:48
sonachStskeeps: 44KB:)06:49
SageStskeeps, sonach: why is module-init-tools in there?06:49
wallels: cannot access /usr/lib/python*/site-packages/mic*: No such file or directory06:49
Stskeepssonach: ah, so not much to gain there06:49
StskeepsSage: depmod..06:49
wallei did't got this error in ubuntu10.1006:49
Stskeepssonach: du -s -h usr/share/locale06:50
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Sageok, need to fix that it is not required dependency :)06:51
StskeepsSage: urrrgh06:51
sonachStskeeps: cool, 15MB in it!06:51
Sageqt-mobility is basically meta package, so we need that?06:51
StskeepsSage: no, not afaik06:52
Sagek, I'll make a patch for it then06:52
Sageshould bring down the footprint a lot06:53
sonachStskeeps: how to cut usr/share/locale then?06:53
sonachStskeeps: If I remove usr/share/locale directly, the compressed image is 105MB:)06:55
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Stskeepssonach: ok, but still too big?06:57
Stskeepsremoving is ok06:57
sonachStskeeps: no, if i remove locale directory, the size is OK:)06:57
sonachStskeeps: I can remove the directory directly in the file system?06:58
Stskeepsyes, just make an empty 'locale' dir06:58
SageStskeeps: so, qt-mobility-devel should depend on all of the packages, what about should all qt-mobility packages depend on -l10n package?07:02
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SageI'm guessing yes07:04
Stskeepsyes, posssibly07:06
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phaeronreverse patch , enable deprecated .. all to avoid using glib-2.3107:12
SageStskeeps: ^ something like that07:12
Sagethat should bring e.g. sonach's image 10-20M down at least I guess.07:13
StskeepsSage: ok, send to review07:13
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sonachStskeeps: boot success, but uxlaunch error:
Stskeepssonach: can you cat /home/mer/.xsession-errors?07:25
sonachStskeeps: No such file at all;(07:26
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Stskeepssonach: does /home/mer exist?07:26
Stskeeps /var/log/Xorg.0.log then07:26
vgradeqtmediahub may need qtmultimediakit07:26
sonach[root@localhost mer]# ls -al07:27
sonachtotal 207:27
sonachdrwx------ 2 mer  mer    0 Jan 11  2012 .07:27
sonachdrwxr-xr-x 3 root root   0 Jan 27  2012 ..07:27
sonach-rw-r--r-- 1 mer  mer   18 Jan 11  2012 .bash_logout07:27
sonach-rw-r--r-- 1 mer  mer  176 Jan 11  2012 .bash_profile07:27
sonach-rw-r--r-- 1 mer  mer  124 Jan 11  2012 .bashrc07:27
sonachStskeeps: no /var/log/Xorg.0.log at all...07:28
Stskeepssonach: hmmm07:28
Stskeepssonach: is the file system full?07:28
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Stskeepssee 'dmesg'07:28
sonachStskeeps: dmesg output:
sonachStskeeps: quite strange, no /dev/fb0,07:29
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Stskeepssonach: ok, get fb0 to be there first07:31
Stskeepsyou can stop uxlaunch looping by 'systemctl stop uxlaunch.service'07:31
sonachStskeeps: [root@localhost]# /sbin/depmod -a07:33
sonachFATAL: Could not open /lib/modules/ for writing: No space left on device07:33
sonachStskeeps: the "depmod -a" doesn't take effect when just in %post section.07:34
Stskeepssonach: ah, ok, so we need to strip more :/07:34
sonachStskeeps: So I should do "depmod -a" manually first.07:34
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sonachStskeeps: But there are 2MB left out there. 109838336==104.75MB07:35
sonachroot@localhost]# systemctl stop uxlaunch.service  output: Failed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager.07:37
befordI saw wayland package there, you probably dont  need that07:37
befordin the packate list, just in case you need to remove more things :D07:37
sonachbeford: I will remove wayland:)07:39
Stskeepssonach: 2mb's too low probably07:40
Stskeepscan't remove wayland, mesa depends on it07:40
sonachStskeeps: why meas is used?07:40
Stskeepssonach: something needs to provide GLESv2/EGL apis, even if they fail07:40
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Stskeepsthis will be easier in future07:40
sonachStskeeps: Why 2MB is too low?07:41
Stskeepssonach: it has to deal with how NAND devices delete data07:41
sonachonly needs to modify modules.dep07:41
sonachOH, i see07:41
sonachSo I should strip more:)07:41
wallei got this error:  while executed mic-create-bootstrap, could not find anything help on internet07:42
wallecan anyone give me a hand07:42
befordseems like your mic instalattion is not correct07:45
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befordhow did you install it walle07:45
wallei followed, but i am using ubuntu11.0407:46
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walleStskeeps suggests me ls -l /usr/lib/python*/site-packages/mic* but no site-package directory in any python(i have 2.6, 2.7 and 3.0)07:50
wallewhich this sit-packages means07:50
Stskeepsi have to go pack my suitcase, go to go07:51
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phaeronSage: where to get ca-certificates for arm ?07:57
phaeronit seems to be missing07:57
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sonachStskeeps: see you:)07:59
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Sagephaeron: really?08:42
Sagephaeron: should be in noarch actually08:42
phaeronSage: smoku was complaining about it
SageI think that is something missing from project-core Stskeeps ^08:45
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phaeronSage: if I export CFLAGS before doing %configure in the spec , will it be picked up ?08:45
Sageno, it is there08:45
Sagephaeron: should be yes. I've used export CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} new_flags" myself08:46
StskeepsSage: something screwed up in last release08:49
StskeepsSage: next release has them synced08:49
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lbtmorning all09:19
mdfe_good morning09:20
* lbt checking backlog09:23
lbtgot my USB i/o board working last night - not hard09:24
lbtbut too many spurious usb disconnects which reset the digital output and turns all the lights out :(09:24
lbtSage: re the gl in egl ... what's the issue?09:27
Sagelbt: we should not need gl headers when compiling the egl09:28
Sagelbt: now your egltest package depends on GL libs which are not available on many of our hardware09:29
lbtso I remove the egltri code09:29
lbtI wasn't aware that GL was a problem09:30
lbtwhere's the Mer 'GL' page?09:30
Sageit is mesa-libGL09:30
lbtwhat is?09:31
Sage11:30.25 < lbt> where's the Mer 'GL' page?09:32
Sageit is inside mesa that is09:32
lbtright, and that's in core?09:32
Sageyes but plan is to remove that09:32
Stskeepsor at least discourage09:33
lbtah... so the bug is that I'm building against an unannounced deprecation :)09:33
Stskeepsalso your testcase won't work, at all, on ARM09:33
Sagelbt: you have commented that your self ;)09:33
lbtSage: OK, my bad09:33
Sageto me it seems that egltri uses only GL when -info cmdline option is used09:34
Sagewe should jsut patch that part out and it should be fine.09:34
lbtOK, I can do that09:34
lbtso... I still want a page that tells us the Mer GFX story...09:34
lbtpart of this exercise is to tease out the details09:34
lbtthis is useful (to me at least)09:35
Sagelbt: and I would say you are doing a great job in that :)09:35
lbtwhat's a good generic term for "3D" ... I'd use "GL" but that's confusing if we don't support it09:35
lbtthanks :)09:35
StskeepsOpenGL ES 2.009:35
lbtwiki page name "OpenGL"09:36
lbtwhich will discuss what we use and don't use and how it relates to HA09:36
Stskeepsas there's both DirectFB and OpenGL ..09:36
SageI would prefer page "GFX" or ^09:36
Stskeepsin truth09:36
StskeepsGraphics adaptation is what we call it, don't we?09:36
phaeronStskeeps: almost done rebuilding everything with latest cogl/clutter which have runtime gl/egl backend selection09:36
Stskeepsphaeron: ok09:36
SageStskeeps: yes09:37
lbtI'll link from OpenGL too09:37
phaeronit was a bit more painful because I had to build glib-2.31 which deprecated some stuff09:37
Sagelbt: link from Adaptation_Guide probably as well?09:37
lbtfor sure09:37
lbtStskeeps: OK ... got that09:38
lbtnb ... back up a bit ... testcase won't run under ARM? did it ftb?09:38
Stskeepsit won't run under arm since opengl doesn't exist nor work there09:39
Stskeepsand guess why i want to remove libGL?09:39
lbtok, that's fine09:40
* lbt looks at phaeron and wonders about GL for his gtk port09:40
Stskeepsyeah, i know09:40
*** slaine has joined #mer09:41
* Stskeeps has to head out to airport09:42
lbto/ safe journey09:42
phaeronlbt: hmm ?09:54
lbtbug 19 is to remove GL support from Mer09:55
lbtwhich may impact your port09:55
phaeronthat means no GL on i586 ? very few drivers provide egl on i58609:55
lbtI think we need to think this through09:56
phaeronafair this was a BIG issue in meego09:56
lbtmaybe raise it at the next RE meeting09:58
phaeronlbt: and it's not gtk only that is an issue. anyone who wants to build for both i586 and arm and test stuff will find it difficult10:02
phaeronI am lucky because I have a device that has egl10:02
phaeronanyway gtg for now10:02
phaeronwe should try to make an "update-alternative" method10:02
*** phaeron has quit IRC10:03
lbtSage: egltri uses glPushMatrix and friends which aren't in GLES2 ... so it has to be completely dropped10:11
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Sagelbt: ok10:42
*** fabo has joined #mer10:43
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lbtSage: if at first :D12:33
Sagelbt: ? :)12:37
lbtStskeeps: when you're back online can you make me mer-core/mer-kernel-checks12:37
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wallehi, all. i used mic-image-creator with  -pkgmgr=yum but then received a "Package format 'kgmgr=yum' isn't supported". how to fix that12:48
*** stooj has quit IRC12:50
smoku--pkgmgr ?12:50
smokuwith one dash it is: -p kgmgr=yum12:51
walleyes -p kgmgr=yum12:51
walletyped error12:52
wallesmoku: this link is the command i executed and the error i got12:57
wallesmoku: could you see anything wrong12:57
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Sagelbt: more comments :)13:19
walleOooo,it is --pkgmgr,not -p kgmgr13:19
Sagelbt: sry, didn't read the whole thing through at the first time :/13:19
Sagewalle: :)13:19
*** thomashc has quit IRC13:20
wallesage: is there any document shows the detail of the mic-image-creator parameters13:21
Sagewalle: not full documentation AFAIK13:22
Sagewalle: mic-image-creator --help is quite good though13:23
*** tbf_ has quit IRC13:23
SageStskeeps: why in the **** qt-mobility has build dep on connman and blkid13:23
walleSage: you're right. i forget the base help13:24
walleand trying to find that on internet13:24
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer13:26
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer13:26
SageStskeeps: and bluez13:26
veskuhSage: qt mobility connectivity ?13:27
Sageveskuh: ah13:28
veskuhSage: and maybe systeminfo /networkinfo13:28
* Sage :headdesk:13:28
Sagegrepped connman from wrong dir and didn't see the dependencies :D13:29
Sagejust wondered why grep -nRi connmand didn't return anything :)13:29
Sageyup, valid deps13:29
*** tbf has joined #mer13:30
Sageok, I think the friday is starting to show :)13:30
veskuhSame here, not the most efficient day13:30
lbtSage: so just to check...13:36
lbtwhy is the changelog format odd?13:36
Sagethat is the one we have been using in Mer13:36
lbtI thought we used osc vv13:37
Sagethere is osc plugin that does ^ :)13:37
Sageby default osc does something odd :)13:37
Sage"odd" :)13:37
lbtyeah, the -------- line13:37
*** Siosm has joined #mer13:38
lbtand patches should be git patches even for non-git src? I'm happy with that - and I'm working on making the whole thing git13:39
*** pohly has joined #mer13:39
SageWell that is what I would prefer, it has not been demanded so far13:40
SageI've personally done tarball extract, git init, git add *, git commit -a -m., changes etc.13:40
Sagemuch easier in future to handle patches if they are in git format IMO13:40
w00tyeah, you just rebase over the newer version and you're done :P13:43
lbtI agree completely - but we should be sharing that git repo13:44
lbtand in fact ... that git repo should be what mer is based on13:44
Sageok, lets not go to this debate now :)13:46
lbtwasn't  - just agreeing with you13:46
Sageok :)13:46
* Sage wraps up for this week. Have a nice weekend everyone.13:46
w00t\o Sage13:47
* w00t looks at the clock13:47
lbthave a good one13:47
w00tthink I'll finish soon, too13:47
*** andre__ has quit IRC13:48
*** jargon- has joined #mer13:51
*** csgeek has joined #mer13:53
lbtSage: I felt a bit grumpy about that review and thought about it ... it's because the points you raise in the second review were not new and yet were not mentioned in the initial review. It's not trivial to do a complete resubmission so it's annoying to do it twice when it would have been easy to fix those minor issues first time around.13:54
lbtso this isn't a complaint - just thinking about how best to handle reviews and how people will react to rejections13:55
*** u1106-office has left #mer13:56
lbtwe should have some review checklists (although most should be covered by automation - such as the change format) and a guideline for reviews.13:56
*** u1106-office has joined #mer13:57
lbtequally you may not have had time for a full review so maybe a note or flag that means "partial review, some obvious points only"13:57
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC13:59
*** walle has quit IRC14:01
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*** beford has joined #mer16:23
sledgesnew toys have arrived: Qualcomm Dragonboard APQ806016:32
sledgesand we need to put "A Linux" on it ;)16:32
Stskeepshehe, it's a cute one16:32
sledgeshmmm, "which seat should I take" :)16:32
Stskeepsif you get gles working, that'd be cool16:32
sledgesit's Friday!16:32
sledgesGPU: Adreno 220 ..16:33
Stskeepseven framebuffer gless would be good16:33
Stskeepsit has to exist, think webos or chromium16:34
sledgesAndroid 2.3 looks quite smooth there, but wonder if anything's sped in HW16:34
*** bigbluehat1 has quit IRC16:38
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*** Stskeepz has joined #mer16:44
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*** singler has joined #mer16:59
phaeronStskeeps: reached destination ?17:01
*** csdb has joined #mer17:03
*** slaine has quit IRC17:09
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:09
*** andre__ has joined #mer17:11
*** andre__ has joined #mer17:11
smokuwhy is ca-certificates package missing on ARM?17:12
vgradesledges, let me know how you get on the basyskom boys have one and were asking me about it the other day17:12
sledgesvgrade, I thought you were from basyskom ;) (when you shared a link to their great .ks collection)17:13
vgradesledges, they used my work on the tegra tablet17:14
sledgesI see17:14
vgradeI worked on the advent vega and I got them working on their Povi tablet17:14
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:15
*** Eismann has quit IRC17:15
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*** leinir has joined #mer17:23
lbtAre you OK with mer-core/mer-kernel-checks? I can make it17:24
lbtStskeeps: ^^17:24
*** andre__ has quit IRC17:24
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC17:25
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sledgeshave a good weekend everbody!17:44
*** sledges has quit IRC17:44
lbttimoph: when's a good time to brainstorm the platform SDK tasks?17:50
*** smoku has left #mer17:51
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:51
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*** NeeDforKill has joined #mer18:02
NeeDforKillwho know changelog 0.20120120.1.NEMO.2012-01-26.1/  nokia n90018:03
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk18:07
timophlbt: tomorrow too soon?18:12
timophor do we want to wait until next week so it won't be on such sort notice18:12
lbttomorrow is fine18:14
timophhmmh. what time suits you?18:14
lbtit's just #104 list and agreeing a few points18:14
lbtI'm fi +2h18:14
lbtso >10am local is good18:15
lbtup to .... late18:15
timophI was thinking somewhere around noon .fi time18:15
lbtgood, just remembered I'm out sat night18:15
timophso that would be 10am utc18:15
*** Free-MG has joined #mer18:16
*** fabo has quit IRC18:16
*** fabo has joined #mer18:17
timophI'll send an email about it in case someone else is interested18:17
lbtoops, just did that18:18
lbtmy bug was to arrange the brainstorm :)18:19
timophthat's done then :)18:19
*** u1106-office has left #mer18:19
lbtyep - stays open until we have all the blocked bugs closed18:19
lbtOK ... shower and tango18:20
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plateTouchPad 16GB for $169.99 at (update)19:20
plateis that applicable to mer, not sure19:20
*** djszapi has left #mer19:20
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phaeronlbt: I thought it was a powerhost :D19:51
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Sagelbt: understandable. Boss has at least the changelog check already so maybe we could utilize it?21:39
Sagelbt: also we could probably do a new participant that would check that patch is in git format (cc: phaeron)21:40
phaeronplease elaborate :)21:41
Sagephaeron: Would be nice if boss would check that all patches mentioned in .spec would be checked that they are in proper git format (i.e., can be applied with git am < my.patch)21:42
phaeronhmm ok21:42
phaeronwill log a task21:42
phaeronSage: isn't that going to make it difficult for some people21:43
phaeronwhat's the rationale ?21:43
Sagephaeron: we should always think about upstreaming21:44
Sagephaeron: but I agree that it might make it harder, so maybe just a warning by default. But anyway so that reviewer would note it easily21:44
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:53
phaerondoes anyone have glut packaged for mer21:56
*** thomashc has quit IRC21:57
*** nsuffys has quit IRC22:03
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*** thomashc has joined #mer22:06
phaeronlbt: ping22:09
phaeronthis is proof that I have very little life :D22:09
*** singler has quit IRC22:14
* Sage ponders what phaeron talks about22:14
phaeronwell it's Saturday night and I am looking for a package called glut and testing egl stuff22:16
*** drussell has quit IRC22:16
phaeronno debug symbols packages for X11 ?22:17
Sagephaeron: there is you just need to enable the debug repository22:18
Sageit is disabled by default see /etc/zypp/repos.d/22:18
*** plate has joined #mer22:18
phaeronhmm nothing there22:20
phaeronI can see the debug folder in the repo22:21
phaeronok added it22:22
*** stooj has joined #mer22:36
befordits still friday here22:45
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:56
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:57
*** plate is now known as brooklyn22:59
stoojMy new N900 arrived today and I'd love to upgrade from Maemo 5! Can someone suggest what I should put on it that will be new and exiting while still keeping it as a usable phone?23:00
*** mlfoster has quit IRC23:07
_av500_win phone7?23:13
*** raignarok has quit IRC23:15
brooklynstooj: debian or
brooklyndebian wil be a lot more fraught with pain than mer, having just installed nemo fairly effortlessly23:17
brooklynive got to find that gtk3+hildon customization now23:17
brooklynQT not really my fave ;)23:18
stoojI'm certainly leaning towards Mer, if only because of philosophical reasons23:24
stoojI find it difficult to keep up with the ecosystem and the multiple name/direction changes23:25
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC23:25
stoojBut stock debian works? That's kinda cool.23:26
*** alien___ has quit IRC23:34
*** tilgovi has quit IRC23:35
*** lynxis has joined #mer23:39
brooklynno, it doesnt beacuse you need all sorts of tweaks23:41
brooklynwhich are in mer base, already ,or something23:41
brooklyndebian is if you want to mess around seeing whats broken, and possibly eventualy contribute fixes upstream, more than a usable OS :)23:41
brooklyni mean, on n90023:42
brooklyni mean nemo is dd a 200mb .tbz2 to a SD card and it boots up to the GUI.23:42
brooklyndebian is like.. "shit, this X module form this old kernel i'm using beacuse 3.2 doesnt boot , doesnt like the Xorg in sid"23:42
brooklynnot trying to scare you ,but you should proably be versed in diagnosing "issues"23:43
brooklynive tried about 3-4 times, and only on PR1.2 and pancake's tarbal did i scceed in getting debian to a GUI, e17, and it was.. missing a lot of functionality. cool that it worked tho23:46
*** lynxis has quit IRC23:48
*** gimli has quit IRC23:49

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