Thursday, 2012-01-26

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lbtOK ... bed now ...00:04
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* Stskeeps brews coffee05:17
* phaeron hasn't slept05:18
Stskeepswhat have you been hacking on?05:19
phaeronvarious things05:21
phaeronmtdev .. wasn't able to prove it works on this thing05:21
phaeronbluetooth is special and hidden behind something else and needs hid2hci05:21
phaeronudev doesn't know about this one , and I can't seem to toggle it05:22
Stskeepsisn't it mtev, not mtdev?05:22
phaeronI packaged dawati over the past few days and it is starting to be marginally usable05:23
phaeronStskeeps: mtdev is the package name05:23
phaeronI meant multi touch05:24
Stskeepsmtdev is what's used for what toolkit?05:24
phaerondunno n-trig touchscreen gets enabled when I found the correct module05:25
phaeronnow I am want to see events coming from it05:25
phaeronso mtdev was included in x86 generic adaptation05:25
phaeronthere's a mtdev-test , just about to run it05:26
Stskeepsfor mer, xinput package, xinput test-xi2 usually does the trick05:26
phaeronso mtdev-test tells me that yes this is a supported mt events bla bla05:27
phaeronok will check that05:27
phaeronfiddled with maliit for gtk3 a bit but didn't get it to work , almost there though05:28
Stskeepsso how much is dawati working?05:29
phaeronwell uxlaunch --> mutter shell comes up pretty fast , a few panels don't work , network connection works and can be configured , apps menu is functional I have only epiphany and xterm currently05:32
Stskeepsdoes it use gtk2 or gtk3?05:33
phaeronsmoku's idea :)05:33
phaeronpure gtk305:33
phaeronI minimalized deps05:33
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phaeronmaliit still pulls in QT though05:34
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phaeronand still doesn't work05:34
Stskeepsyeah, talk to the maliit guys about it05:34
Stskeeps is interesting05:35
phaeronit's travelling like wildfire, watched all night05:36
phaeronlooking for xinput05:37
Stskeepssearch on cobs, it's packaged there05:37
phaeronbut the multitouch input device node is different so I probably need a xorg.conf05:38
phaeronso what to look for in xinput output05:43
Stskeepswell, does it give you multitouch valuaos05:44
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phaeronlist output is interesting
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Stskeepsmm, could work05:46
phaeronthere are valuator values05:46
phaeronrefresh pastie05:47
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Stskeepsis that with single touching or multi?05:48
phaeronit was random, refresh pastie , now with two fingers05:50
phaeronat the bottom05:50
Stskeepsok, may be working05:50
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phaeronyay I guess :D05:55
phaeronheh /lib/udev/hid2hci --method=dell --devpath=bus/usb/devices/3-0:1.0 made all the devices on that hub disappear05:57
phaeronreboot ..05:58
phaeronlsusb makes the bluetooth led flash but stays invisible05:58
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phaeronbluetooth appeared \o/06:12
phaeronlib/udev/hid2hci --method=dell --devpath=bus/usb/devices/usb3/3-2/3-2.2/3-2.2:1.006:13
Stskeepsarmv6l, armv7hl sb2-obs enabled without package build errors06:13
phaeroneyes bleeding from navigating this while comparing to lsusb -t06:13
phaeronnow to write a udev rule and submit it somewhere06:14
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phaeronStskeeps: cool!06:15
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Stskeeps(am moving it into production)06:17
phaeronrebooting to test udev rule06:18
timophStskeeps: does this look sane to you?
timophI know it need some improvement but it works :)06:24
* Stskeeps looks06:25
Stskeepsyou can use --bind instead of -o bind06:26
Stskeepsalso if you somehow can mod mer user to have same uid as user, that could help a lot06:26
timophI'll look into that06:27
phaeronthis works06:32
phaeronStskeeps: comments ? where should I send it ? blues ? or udev ?06:32
Stskeepspart of your hw adaptation?06:32
phaeronyeah but I want to upstream as well06:33
phaerondidn't work on reboot :/  , works on udevadm trigger06:33
Stskeeps:nod: well, udev upstream, not mer package06:34
Stskeepsfor n900 we keep them in a nokia-n900-configs package06:34
Stskeepsor udev-rules-n90006:34
phaeronyeah I'll do both , package , and udev upstream06:35
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Stskeepsbrowsing through 2*327 packages for differences in their result is so much fun07:55
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mdfe_good morning08:36
lbtmorning all08:36
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SageStskeeps: btw, let me know if there is need for udev or systemd updates I have those partially done and on hold atm. as there haven't been any requirements for those AFAIK09:09
Stskeepsthere's always a need, put them in review queue and we'll merge when we can?09:09
Sagewell there are things that should be decided first09:10
Sagee.g., what to do with the /dev/loop*09:10
Sageok that those are not created during udev proces anymore?09:10
Stskeepsdoes 'mic' work with it?09:10
Sagewell, mic requires those on host but do we use Mer as host in somewhere+09:11
Stskeepsmight be eventually09:11
Stskeepsthink platform sdk..09:11
Sageok, well if kernel is updated to the one that contains the loop thing then that should work09:11
Sagethat functionality is moved to the kernel, recall the link I pasted?09:12
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Stskeepsah, true09:12
SageAnother thing is that I think I saw some regression in the boot with the latest packages need to inspect more09:13
Sagemainly my question was do we need those for next release? Probably can look that on next week again.09:13
Sageor well depends how nemo pre-release works09:13
Stskeepsnot strictly required no09:13
SageStskeeps: btw, need git tree for libkmod09:14
Stskeepsthat was on too?09:16
Stskeepsor libkmod on mer09:16
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Sagehmmp... maybe kmod and not libkmod09:17
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Sagekmod, kmod-libs and kmod-devel packages09:20
Sagerequired for new udev at least and probably adaptations as well in the future09:20
Stskeepsmer-core/kmod created09:21
Stskeepsany others while i'm at it?09:21
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* lbt -> coffee10:24
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vgradeStskeeps,, they don't look like build issues related to my commit10:50
Stskeepsno, that was me screwing up10:51
Stskeepsi'll make it re-evaluate10:52
vgradeok, thanks, is this using sb2 now10:54
Stskeepsarmv6, armv7hl is, armv6l is bootstraping10:55
Stskeepsyou can see it from the build logs10:55
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lbtvgrade: ping ... did you get the joggler running ubuntu? and did you test egl?11:15
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phakohi, there's this mer + plasma active video running on beagleboard. Anyone knows which mer was used or which image I can use for a beagleboard (c3)11:56
phakoehm video of mer and plasma active I mean11:56
Stskeepsphako: ask harbaum when he shows up11:57
phakoStskeeps: will do, thanks11:57
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lbtStskeeps: when you have a minute ... I want to submit a new package to Core :
vgradephako, has a beagle plasma image, bit old though12:03
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vgradelbt, yes I have it installed, will look tonight, what do you need to know?12:03
lbtStskeeps: and (obviously?) I want to update
lbtvgrade: does GL work properly :)12:04
Stskeepslbt: will you hate me if i ask you to call it tests?12:04
lbtStskeeps: not at all12:04
phakovgrade: should do for now, thanks12:04
lbtwe actually have a package I think it should merge with12:05
Stskeepslbt: mer-core/mer-gfx-tests created12:05
lbtOK ... so I now follow c-i-detail...12:05
Stskeepsgit remote add ssh://
lbtand we see what happens12:05
Stskeepsgit remote add gerrit ssh://
Stskeepsi mean12:06
Stskeepsand git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master12:06
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lbtOK .. let me rename first12:06
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Stskeepsbtw, for the 'minimal' targets: linaro's 'nano' is 33mb compressed12:33
Stskeeps(on arm)12:33
lbt ... soon12:35
lbt already12:36
lbtI forot12:36
SageStskeeps: that is quite nice. What does that include?12:39
* lbt considers a bug component Mer Core/.PackageMgmt for tracking add/remove/merge/split requests/history12:39
Stskeepslbt: ok12:46
Stskeepslbt: though project-core is used for that atm12:46
lbtthat's fine12:46
* lbt makes minor edit to docs12:47
lbtis it mandatory?12:47
lbt"Propose a new package on irc, mailing list or via a bug to Mer Core/.Project-core"12:47
Stskeepsit's what we call architectual backlog, so12:47
Stskeepsyes, those ways are ok12:47
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wallehi, i am finding some history talks about ks between sonach and Stskeeps/lbt(?) and not found yet. could anyone give me a link?13:28
lbtwalle: hey13:28
lbtwhat are you looking for or trying to do?13:29
wallei am trying to understand what ks is and its role in the mer system13:29
lbtOK this page: may help13:29
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Stskeepswalle: .ks is a kickstart file, it describes the contents of an image, bootable on a device13:30
Stskeepslbt's pages will help13:30
lbtI need to know if the wiki is helpful :D :D :D13:30
lbtwalle: please let me know if that helps - and if we need to clarify things to make those pages better13:31
wallethanks a lot.i will check it now13:32
walleem, i will give a feedback after i reading13:32
walleha ,thank you for your replies13:32
wallei am just a newbies and trying to learn how to be a mer developer13:33
lbtStskeeps: can you review until the power returns13:33
lbtwalle: this is a good way to help13:33
Stskeepslbt, no, packing instead13:33
walleyeah ,i find IRC is quite helpful13:34
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walleoh! one more question ,how to find the history talks in IRC13:35
Stskeepswalle, /topic has an url for it13:36
walleem.... sorry. this is a first time i come here, which url is the right one?13:38
lbt"This channel is logged,"13:38
lbtyour irc client should show you the topic13:39
lbtor type "/topic"13:39
wallegot it. thank you very much ,Stskeeps and lbt13:39
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walleOK now ,thanks again13:40
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lbtshort day phaeron?13:40
*** phaeron has joined #mer13:40
lbtphaeron: and here was me thinking you were having a *very* short day...13:40
phaeronlbt: hmm ? :)13:43
lbtnm ... I can tell you're sleepy13:44
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Stskeepselectricity, sweet electricity14:03
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slaineStskeeps: just came across this android 7" tablet, could be a good MIPS target15:21
slainenot sure if it's root'able etc.15:21
slainebut it's MIPS15:21
RaYmAnI had a quick look at the roms they provide, and it's definitely rootable. heck, as far as I can tell, the default ROM is an engineering build :P15:22
RaYmAnThere is also a USB flashing tool (for windows only, but with source)15:22
RaYmAnslaine: the biggest concern is really whether it's possible to get e.g. X11 drivers for the Ingenic SoC :/15:24
StskeepsRaYmAn: seems like GC8xx typically has them, talks about ubuntu for instance15:25
Stskeepsif you go to their pages15:25
slaineI might be interested in picking one up15:25
slaineIt's my birthday in Feb, I'll drop some hints15:25
RaYmAnStskeeps: yeah, but they don't seem to make anything public15:25
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StskeepsRaYmAn: yeah.. let's see how much of a splash we can make - i do have some MIPS contacts15:27
*** sonach has left #mer15:28
RaYmAnheh :) Another reason to buy one of those =P (it's kindof been on my wishlist since it was announced, lol)15:28
Stskeepsi'm probably forbidden to buy any more equipment personally15:28
Stskeepsthough i wouldn't mind a MIPS target to validate against15:28
RaYmAnthe price does make it a bit more manageable, doesn't it? =P15:29
Stskeepsit does15:29
Stskeepsbut you haven't seen my shelf15:29
RaYmAnor is it the space it takes up that's the issue? :P15:29
RaYmAnah :P15:29
RaYmAntrue..I still haven't managed to arrange a holiday to come visit =P15:30
Stskeepsjoggler, omapzoom2, 2x n800, n810, exopc, ideapad s10-3t, raspberry pi, n900, n950, aava mobile, freerunner, smartq5 and a couple of dead nokia 770's15:30
Stskeepsoh and exopc15:30
Stskeepsso, you see what i mean..15:31
RaYmAnthat's a bit excessive :P15:31
Stskeepssaving up for making an automated test rig, or so i claim..15:31
Stskeepsi forgot the nook color, too15:31
Stskeepsbut i actually use that one15:31
Stskeepsbut yeah, you're certainly always welcome here15:32
Stskeepsbe aware that the vodka is cheap15:32
RaYmAnlol, sounds dangerous =P15:33
RaYmAnThere is a local bar that sells some kind of good polish vodka actually :P15:33
RaYmAnZubrowka! :P15:34
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Stskeeps[16:34] <phaeron> Stskeeps:  dawati on mer15:38
Stskeepsphaeron: how many extra packages on top of mer core?15:38
phaeron65 source packages , some are build depends and don't get installed15:40
Stskeepsnot bad15:40
phaerongive or take a few15:40
phaeronthe best thing is it starts in a 2~3 seconds15:40
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nsuffysevening all :)15:51
lbtStskeeps: should be going through BOSS ?15:53
bigbluehat1phaeron: are you tracking yoru dawati progress anywhere?15:54
bigbluehat1also, do you (or anyone else) have dawati screenshots beyond those 3?15:54 is...sparse15:54
Stskeepslbt: it should, yes15:54
Stskeepslbt: maybe in error state15:54
lbtOK - I've not started to look at our CI BOSS yet15:55
phaeronbigbluehat1: no this just result of 3 days packaging experiment15:55
phaeronbigbluehat1: I'll start a wiki page on mer wiki15:55
bigbluehat1phaeron: excellent. I'll follow it if I can15:55
phaeronbigbluehat1: and these screenshots I just created now will create a few more15:55
lbtphaeron: make a namespace as per Nemo/15:56
phaeronbigbluehat1: it did result in a tiny patch accepted  upstream  :)15:56
Stskeepslbt: no, its fine, it's just at SBC armv7l and armv7l is bootstrapping atm15:57
*** u1106-office has left #mer15:57
Stskeepslbt: mission SB2-OBS in armv6l and armv7hl was succesful, so armv7l is next15:57
lbtgood - just wanted to make sure the "new package" wasn't an issue15:57
phaeronStskeeps: webkitgtk3 and epiphany are running fine , maybe we can test this for "HTML5" :D15:57
lbtnice :)15:57
Stskeepsphaeron: hehe15:57
Stskeeps338 and 330 seems to be in error state though15:57
lbtStskeeps: I have Mer BOSS high on my list post-FOSDEM15:59
Stskeeps especially15:59
*** leinir has joined #mer16:01
phaeronwell clutter seems to claim to support it16:07
Stskeepssometimes some UX'es rely on GLX or use GLX directly anyway16:08
phaeronooh clutter supports wayland too :D16:09
phaeronone thing at a time :D16:10
slainesmoku, phaeron nice work on the stuff16:12
slainesaves me having to do it :)16:12
phaerondidn't know there were interested people16:13
phaeron*nudge* lbt16:13
slaineI mentioned it to Stskeeps the other week when I found out about it from ross16:14
slaineWas saying that it'd be a good mer netbook ux16:14
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phaeronyeah, I think it needs a few tweaks to be more touch friendly16:15
lbtphaeron: what can I say? some people even like vi too   :O16:15
phaeronvariety is good ;)16:15
lbtthat's no way to respond to a trolling16:15
lbtoh, btw thought this may (really) be of interest:
Stskeepsjust remember it's difficult to mix touch and desktop ui16:17
lbthmm "specify" with no args works16:18
lbtuseful tip which no-one told me :)16:18
bigbluehat1Stskeeps: yeah, I guess we'll see how Windows 8 does with that16:20
Stskeepswhat, it takes parameters?16:20
bigbluehat1maybe I missed something :)16:22
* bigbluehat1 was following up the "mix touch and desktop ui" comment16:22
bigbluehat1Windows 8 trys to do that16:22
Stskeepstalking about specify16:22
lbts/talking about specify/poking fun @ lbt/16:22
slaineIt is part of their plan to make it more touch friendly16:25
w00tspecify is going to be touch friendly? o_o16:26
w00twell, i guess that removes the need for arguments16:26
w00toh wait...16:26
slainesigh, I need coffee while this image compiles up16:26
* w00t is packing up to leave the office for the day16:27
slainew00t: I should be too16:27
slaine:(  <- sad face16:27
*** RhymeswA has joined #mer16:27
lbtSage: thanks :  gl is needed for glestest glu is not .. (I tried to include the demos but there are dependencies on things like glut which is not in Mer)16:29
lbtI also removed the bad depend on an emgd package which was my fault for building in an HA project :)16:30
Sagelbt: gl needed fro glestest?16:32
SageI think that should be glesv2 that is needed or something not gl16:33
SageX-Fade: sync ping16:33
slainephaeron: is there details on that dawati build ?16:34
slaineI'd like to have a poke16:34
slaineI could install it on my dell mini 916:34
slaineI've to dash. If you spot the above, and have an answer, drop me an email, slaine AT slaine DOT org16:35
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phaeronah missed it16:48
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lbtSage: it's egltri that needs it17:53
lbtegltri.c:39:19: fatal error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory17:54
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Stskeepsbrr cld18:19
*** niqt has joined #mer18:21
* lbt spent 30m outside in a T-shirt discussing concrete and slabs... now fingers barely move...18:25
lbtand that's after 30m *inside*18:25
lbtAlthough my builder says QtMediaHub on the non-GL joggler is smoother than his Archos18:26
lbt edited and needs review18:27
* Stskeeps looks18:28 isn't clear what it is18:28
StskeepsDEVICE=/dev/sdh isn't clear and should refer to the image creation guide18:29
Stskeepsgit commit -a is dangerous, isn't it?18:30
Stskeepsmight add .osc too?18:30
Stskeepsotherwise good18:31
lbtwhen I first wrote it I assumed a local OBS18:33
lbtI think I may assume cobs now18:33
Stskeepsany obs, perhaps18:34
Stskeepsin mine it's called 'fakeobs'18:34
lbtI'm planning to create somthing like Mer.MDS: as the standard prefix18:35
lbtso the docs are consistent18:35
lbtdoes one MDS front multiple releases?18:36
Stskeepsyes, it can18:39
lbtso Mer.MDS:Core... isn't clear18:40
lbtI've not been watching the :next setup (and it's not documented :P)18:40
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer18:40
lbtgood evening arc_mat|tp18:41
lbtok tweaked
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Stskeepslbt: also, let's write out the commands, ie, not osc ci, but osc commit19:08
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer19:13
*** tpn is now known as tpn|dinner19:14
Stskeepsif you'd like to know more about OBS (in progress),
lbtdon't forget the book19:20
Stskeepsi know19:20
lbt(and yes, commit vs ci)19:20
lbtbbiab .. food19:20
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Sagelbt: that seems bad dependency for egl package19:53
SageX-Fade: ping. Our sync went bad for some reason19:53
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vgradelbt, I have joggler booted with ubuntu, what are we looking to run21:33
lbthmm - can you grab the rpm from mer-gfx-checks21:35
lbtrpm2cpio *rpm | cpio -idv21:36
vgradetried buiding those from source but I'm missing GL/EGL headers21:36
vgradewill try the bins21:37
vgradetried to install the headers but apt says my packages are broken!21:38
lbtmaybe they glitched something21:38
*** arc_mat|tp has quit IRC21:39
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*** tpn is now known as tpn|afk21:47
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vgradelbt I have undefined symbol: wl_resource_post_error, sounds familiar21:48
lbtsomething is looking for wayland symbols21:49
*** niqt has joined #mer21:49
lbtwhat's the exact filesize21:49
lbt65100 ?21:50
lbtwhere did that come from then21:52
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:53
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lbtediting a 70Mb libreoffice XML file *ALL ON ONE LINE* is not fun21:59
vgradelbt, got to run, talk tomorrow21:59
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