Monday, 2012-01-23

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smokulbt: - it's building.  thanks for your help :)00:06
lbtdid you see the CONFIG_ warnings?00:08
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smokulbt: yes. irrelevant.  my kernel does not have FANOTIFY and hardware does not have CMOS clock00:11
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lbtok .. lets add some print statements to X11...00:18
lbtnight all00:18
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sonachStskeeps: I have sent one email to you and lbt. Any reply is appreciated:)04:56
phaerongood morning :)05:08
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sonachphaeron: good morning! What is your local time? I can't get it from my IRC client.05:22
beford /ctcp nick time05:24
sonachbeford: I do the command, but no result comes out...05:25
befordcheck in the server status window?05:25
sonachAnd "/ctcp beford gime" can give result:)05:25
sonachso it is real ly weird...05:27
phaeronmaybe I blocked it or something05:29
phaeronI don't remember05:29
phaeronit's 7:30 am here05:29
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* Stskeeps needs coffee 05:35
phaeronI just had mine :D05:36
sonachStskeeps: good morning!05:37
Stskeepsgood morning05:38
sonachStskeeps: I have built mer-core-xorg-basis rootfs successfully.  I find that there are three directories under /lib/modules: 2.6.38-8-generic,,
Stskeepssonach: i'll get to your emails in about an hour or so, need breakfast :)05:38
sonachStskeeps: And I copy my "linux-2.6.35-8" into /lib/modules.  How do Mer know that linux-2.6.35-8 is the propriate one?05:39
sonachStskeeps: ah, breadfast first, please:)05:39
sonachStskeeps: The real problem for me comes now!  jffs2 for mer-core-xorg-basis is about 115MB。Can you give me some instructions to slice the footprint?05:47
sonachStskeeps: The NANDFLASH size is 128MB。the current config allocate 58MB for rootfs(I am trying to make this region bigger...)05:49
sonachStskeeps: Even I can make the rootfs region bigger, 115MB of rootfs is still too big for me...05:49
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Stskeepssonach: ok, as a start, you can add --excludedocs to %packages line in .ks05:54
Stskeepslike %packages --excludedocs05:54
sonachStskeeps: Now the flash layout is "58M(rootfs),3M(apparam1),3M(apparam2),8M(ui),35M(app)", I think I should make it to "107M(rootfs)"06:00
sonachStskeeps: OK, I will try the %packages entry06:01
sonachStskeeps: After adding "--excludedocs", nothing changed at all. Am I do something wrong?06:04
Stskeepsi'm checking myself06:04
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sonachStskeeps: the %package content is
Stskeepssonach: ah..06:07
Stskeepssonach: %packages --excludedocs06:08
Stskeepsnot --excludedocs on it's own line :)06:08
Stskeepssonach: other options in the future is investigating ubifs instead of jffs2, which is faster and more efficient, but you're right, even 100mb is a bit high06:08
Stskeeps--excludedocs cuts 4 mb of compressed size for me at least06:10
sonachStskeeps: I will try ubifs later. But as for 100mb, in fact our product of STB will be 256MB for hi3716m.  I think 100MB is not very high.06:10
sonachStskeeps: Of course, less size is preferred:)06:10
phaeronhow many locales are pregenerated in glibc package ?06:11
Stskeepsphaeron: one, i think06:11
sonachStskeeps: Not from 239772 to 223204. still too high, deep instructions?06:12
sonachNow from 239772 to 223204.06:12
Stskeepssonach: yeah, i'm looking what else can be done easily06:12
sonachStskeeps: OK. And I see whether I can adjust the flash layout,06:13
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phaeronStskeeps: my mer rootfs has 35M in /usr/share/locale06:13
phaeronand 44M in fonts06:15
Stskeepssonach: in the %packages section, on it's own line, add -cjkuni-fonts06:15
Stskeepsthat removes chinese fonts right now, which isn't good, but good enough for experimenting06:15
sonachphaeron: ah, I can see a lot of locale in /usr/share06:15
sonachStskeeps: good point! I will try it,06:15
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Stskeepsthat cuts my MIPS image to 80mb at least06:21
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phaeronyou should minimize the kernel too , disable any unneeded modules06:22
Stskeepssonach: btw, not sure if you saw: - mer on MIPS booting to qmlviewer on emulator06:23
phaeronStskeeps: is gcc supposed to be included in core ?06:24
phaeronI mean base images06:24
Stskeepsphaeron: libgcc yes, not gcc06:24
phaeronwhy is it in my rootfs :(06:24
Stskeepsphaeron: i don't see it in my base image at least06:24
Stskeepsphaeron: rpm -e to find out06:24
sonachStskeeps: it cuts to 185640kB now.06:25
sonachStskeeps: I saw the mips png,06:25
Stskeepssonach: ok, so compressed it would be a lot smaller06:25
Stskeepsie, in jffs2 format06:25
phaeronhmm it's added explicitly added in the core ks06:25
Stskeepsphaeron: what .ks did you base off?06:25
Stskeepsphaeron: if it includes glibc-devel too, then you got an old version that is useful for cross compilation?06:26
phaeronyep probably06:27
phaeronok nevermind :)06:27
Stskeepssonach: ok, answering your questions: i think you're looking at /lib/modules for your computer and not the target's root file system, because sounds like something a PC would want :)06:27
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Stskeepssonach: mer / modprobe determines the right directory based on 'uname -r' from the device06:31
sonachStskeeps: your are right. I look into "/" so find
sonachStskeeps: I dont understand "mer / modprobe determines the right directory based on 'uname -r' from the device"06:34
Stskeepssonach: on my pc:06:35
Stskeepscarsten@ideapad:~/NOBACKUP$ uname -r06:35
Stskeepsso it uses that value to find the right /lib/modules/ directory06:35
sonachStskeeps: OK, I see!06:37
sonachStskeeps: there are a lot more entries in /etc/securetty!06:37
Stskeepssonach: yes, it's historical - just add ttyAMA006:37
Stskeepsyou can also log in with user mer, password rootme, and then su, password rootme06:38
sonachStskeeps: but I can see "ttyama0". is it the same as ttyAMA0?:06:38
Stskeepsif you can log in with root and password rootme, then it works06:38
Stskeepsif not, that looks like a bug06:39
sonachStskeeps: Now jffs2 is about 90MB:)06:39
Stskeepsok, better06:40
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sonachStskeeps: another question. phaeron advised me to add "depmod -a" in the "%post" section. And I copy hifb.ko file to /lib/modules/linux2.6.35-7/kernel/kmod. Will hifb.ko be loaded automatically after Mer has booted?06:42
sonachI think hifb.ko should be loadeer before qmlviewer ,06:42
sonachshould be loaded06:42
phaeronto load automatically , use lbt's instructions06:42
phaeronwhat I suggested is how to package the external modules you had06:43
sonachphaeron: hmm, so what your suggesstion is to put hifo.ko to correct place?06:43
Stskeepssonach: ok, test if it loads it automatically: by writing 'lsmod', if not, verify that it loads if you do 'modprobe hifb'06:44
Stskeepsmanually insmod'ing is not good in modern linux :)06:45
sonachYes, I realize that I am out of modern already:)06:46
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Stskeepsout of curiousity, those hifb.ko and so on, do you get the source code for them too or they are closed source?06:54
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sonachStskeeps: I don't quite sure about this. I can find several .c files under the fb directory, but I don't know whether they are enough for make hifb.ko...07:15
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sonachStskeeps: the makefile for this is: It seems that I have the source code. Can you confirm it?07:19
Stskeepsit looks like that, at least07:20
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Stskeepssonach: regarding qtmediahub, it seems well developed - , i think it's the best bet for non-3D platforms, as otherwise you would have to implement own UI and basic logic07:22
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Stskeepsand license is also business friendly07:22
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Stskeepssonach: and it can be skinned easily to take usage of 3D platforms eventually too07:24
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sonachStskeeps: What bother me is that QtMediaHub seems very inactive...07:31
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Stskeepssonach: yes, i can understand that worry07:32
Stskeepsdevelopment wise they seem to be active though07:32
Stskeepssonach: otherwise it should be easy to make something with html5 too07:32
Stskeepsbut that requires a lot of own effort07:32
sonachStskeeps: you mean, build my own UX on top of HTML5?07:35
Stskeepsyes, for example - we have a very good runtime based on qtwebkit07:35
sonachStskeeps: Currently all UX of our products are base on browser.07:35
Stskeepsok, good or bad? :)07:36
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sonachThis is another choice. IN fact, we think that most apps on TV will be web-based.07:38
sonachBut I take it for granted that we need an UX which is native...07:39
sonachI don't know whether my point of view is right...07:39
sonachIn fact, If I cannot port XBMC or QtMediaHub to my platform untill 2012.03.01. I have to turn to web-based UX...07:40
Stskeepsyep - i think what matters is the runtime really07:40
Stskeepsie, a fast qtwebkit for example, with ability to use 3d acceleration eventually07:41
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sonachIf web-based UX, the only thing is to make nice web pages and write some js codes, is that right?07:42
Stskeepsright, and backend calls07:42
Stskeepsit should be possible to run PhoneGap HTML5 applications too07:42
sonachIs qtwebkit suitable for this?07:42
SageStskeeps: already have the util-linux ready (needed that for udev experiments)07:44
sonachStskeeps: We have a team dedicated to browser. So "a lot of own effort" seems not a big problem:)07:44
Stskeepssonach: mer is supposed to be a fast qt/qml, html5 core, so what you put on top is good :)07:44
sonachStskeeps: I think qt/qml is conflict with html5? one would choose html5 or qml, not the two at the same time,07:45
Stskeepsnop, you can do both07:46
Stskeepsfor example, there's a port of phonegap (html5 apis) on top of qt webkit07:46
sonachqt webkit supports the "fast html5 core"?07:46
sonachwhat if general webkit?07:47
Stskeepsgeneral webkit is also possible, but usually webkit has a UI backend07:48
Stskeepslike gtk or EFL07:48
Stskeepsor qt07:48
sonachIs X11 not enough for webkit UI backend?07:48
Stskeepsnot raw x11, i think07:49
sonachIf wayland is included in mer, then Is wayland enough for webkit UI backend?07:49
Stskeepsbut with qtwebkit you can go straight to framebuffer too07:49
sonachIf "with qtwebkit you can go straight to framebuffer", qt is useless anymore?07:50
Stskeepsno, qt is what enables it to render to framebuffer :)07:50
Stskeepswebkit always has a 'render', qtwebkit is webkit with qt renderer07:50
sonachIN my point of view, what qt provides for webkit is its UI controls(qlabel, qbutton,pixmap,etc...). Is that right?07:51
Stskeepsnot only, it also provides ways to render to screen, like x11, wayland, egl/glesv2, etc :), or html5 backend things like backend screen,07:52
Stskeepsor framebuffer07:52
Stskeepsbackend database, i mean07:52
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sonachIN one case, our browser uses directfb directly. So I still can not understand why Qt is a necessity...07:54
Stskeepsi guess there's a directfb backend too07:55
Stskeepsbased on gtk, i think07:55
sonachor cario?07:56
sonachwebkit + cario + fb/dfb?07:56
Stskeepsor cairo, yeah07:56
Stskeepswell, you can use any solution you would like :)07:56
w00tqt is a full port, so it also provides e.g. networking (fetching of resources, caching), ...07:57
sonachah, I just try to make myself clear about the arch of browser. So my choice would be qtwebkit or "webkit + cario + x11/fb/dfb", Is that right?07:57
w00t is good reading there07:57
w00tit describes what a 'port' is07:58
Stskeepsw00t: can't read blogspot in china, can you pastie somehow?07:58
sonachw00t: thanks for your instruction,07:58
w00tah, right07:58
w00thold on and i'll mirror it07:58
sonachw00t: yes , I can not access blogspot07:58
sonachw00t: thank you, waiting your mirror:)07:59
sonachStskeeps: After discussing with you. I think I should consider html5-based UX instead of XBMC or QtMediaHub,07:59
Stskeepsit's also possible to have html5 applications and qt ui, as an example08:00
sonachI don't understand "to have html5 applications and qt ui"...08:01
sonachStskeeps: html5 web apps and qt native apps? or html5 web apps and qt UX?08:02
Stskeepsok, like, to mix - so for example you design a qt UX and then you can have 3rd party applications made in html508:02
Stskeepsbut i think html5 ux sounds like a decent direction08:02
Stskeepsas it fits with your existing products08:02
sonachw00t: still cannot access the page...08:03
Stskeepsw00t: try to remove the "" part08:03
w00tthat's some scary stuff ;p08:04
w00thold on08:04
w00tStskeeps: you always take the easy way out ;p08:07
sonachThank you two!!08:07
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Stskeepsmorn mdfe_08:49
mdfe_god morning08:50
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ScriptRippergood morning08:54
Stskeepsgood morning ScriptRipper08:54
lbtmorning all08:57
StskeepsScriptRipper: how difficult would it be to start having automatic packages for opensuse made of the github merproject things?08:57
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Sagedirectory not found08:59
* Sage ponders if the udev spawn could be actually cause by connman, ofono, bluez or something similar09:05
Sagetime to do very minimalistic image I guess :)09:05
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Stskeepssonach: you can drop 3mb or so by adding "-kbd" as well, to %packages09:21
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AWasistoSorry, I'm a noob... Is there any idea to port 'apt' and 'dpkg' to Mer? Thank you! :)09:24
Stskeepsno :) we use zypper and rpm09:25
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AWasistoYes, I know it. But, if we have apt and dpkg, we can try to add harmattan's repo.09:29
Stskeepsi suppose you could theoretically if you wanted09:29
mdfe_Stskeeps: What is about the yaml stuff to create packages for opensuse?09:29
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Stskeepsmdfe_: what? :P09:30
mdfe_you asks for " to start having automatic packages for opensuse"09:30
AWasistoI've tried to install something on Mer from Harmattan's repo. There's no end for dependencies problem. Huh!09:30
StskeepsAWasisto: it's a big stack on harmattan09:30
StskeepsAWasisto: it's easier to just unpack09:31
Stskeepsmdfe_: ah, it was because we want to build our OBS packages, ie, the actual obs system, for opensuse09:31
SageAWasisto: rpm in Mer and deb in harmattan ahve different package databases so they don't see packages installed09:31
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mdfe_Stskeeps: ahh ,ok09:32
AWasistoI've tried to install 'ovistoreclient' downloaded from Maemo, also a bunch of dependencies, 'package-manager' and other thing like that too... Store can run, can't see any apps... :(09:35
Stskeepswe can't really be compatible with closed source things :)09:37
AWasistoOf course...09:37
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StskeepsSage: mic's quite nice, btw09:53
StskeepsSage: i have some small patches for mips support eventually09:53
Stskeepsas the qemu handling is a bit arm specific atm09:53
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ScriptRipperScriptRipper: you mean OBS pkgs10:16
ScriptRipperStskeeps: github merproject == OBS ?10:17
ScriptRipperI always generate the obs pkgs from the src10:18
ScriptRipperby a script10:18
Stskeepswhat script do you ue?10:21
ScriptRipperown written script and a preconfigured tree of checked out git sources10:22
Stskeepssomething we can make run automatically?10:23
ScriptRipperyes, only automatic10:23
ScriptRipperwhy do you ask ?10:23
Stskeepswell, because in the next two weeks we'll probably start deploying sb2-obs patches to various places10:24
Stskeepsand it's best to have central obs packages to update from:)10:24
SageStskeeps: oh, but if it works for mips without large mods that is nice10:24
ScriptRipperwe need deployment branch10:24
ScriptRipperdo we want to mimic openSUSE:Tools or something else10:25
SageStskeeps: btw, could you remove consolekit from next mer core?10:25
StskeepsSage: yes, after i've done the invasive changes first10:26
StskeepsScriptRipper: something like opensuse:tools at least10:26
ScriptRipperwhich OBS do we use for packaging ?10:26
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ScriptRipperwe could also use opensuse.org10:27
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SageStskeeps: and if it causes some errors let me know and I'll give those a look10:28
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lbtyay.... joggler worked10:37
lbtwhich is really annoying since all I did was reboot it10:40
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*** leinir has joined #mer10:40
lbtstill - I found I can switch HA kernels in about 20mins and that the kernel-devel headers work from 2.6.37 to 3.1.610:40
lbtnow to erase it all and make it build from a ks :)10:41
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Sagelbt: some more kernel option checks:;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=README10:42
lbtSage: easy :)10:43
lbtwhich is nice10:43
lbtalso, we have a comment string which is output when it fails or warns - so links to pages are good10:43
Stskeepsqtmediahub works fairly ok with use-gl=false10:46
*** jargon- has joined #mer10:46
lbtI'd be interested in helping people use merproject to maintain a port of apps/suites like that10:47
Sagelbt: and for systemd the link
lbtdoing them now10:51
lbthmmm my 950 just spontaneously rebooted - old Nemo though10:53
lbtpowered up for about a week10:53
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timophwaiting to get my Pi so I can try mer+qtmediahub etc.11:03
timophwith it11:04
lbttimoph: so ... where should we run that project?11:04
lbtI'd like it on a joggler11:04
Stskeepsstart from vgrade's home:vgrade:qtmediahub at least11:05
timophah. vgrade is already on it :)11:05
Stskeepsbut it's out of date11:06
Stskeepsso packagers needed11:06
timophhmmh. that sounds like something I like to do :)11:06
Stskeepshint, "use-gl=false" in foo.conf and --conf=foo.conf turns off the need for opengl11:06
lbtand a wiki page and links to the git fork we use...11:07
lbtand contact details11:07
timophfork sounds bad. I'd at least try to stay as close to upstream as possible11:08
vgradexbmc guys are cleaning the Pi omx drivers for release so we should be able to get some video as well11:08
lbttimoph: you've been fud'ed11:08
lbtfork == branch == managed release11:08
lbtwe just want a repo we can git tag11:09
timophso we just clone it in gitorious11:09
lbtOK clone may be a better word :)11:09
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Stskeepsor just package git snapshots from upstream? :P11:11
timophthat was my initial idea but since it's just a reference implementation we might have to hack it a bit11:11
timophor we could take the core from upstream and make our skin for it11:14
Stskeepscore from upstream, several nice skins available, seperately packaged11:15
timophthey've already separated the skins in upstream11:15
timophso that helps11:15
*** phaeron has quit IRC11:18
timophwould be nice of them to move the packaging stuff into subprojects. or just get rid of it since it looks like it's generated by qtcreator for harmattan11:20
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StskeepsANNOUNCEMENT: Mer bug triage in #mer-meeting in 30 minutes11:30
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lbt"Mer is aimed at mobile devices and whilst it is not a minimal/embedded system it can still have a very small footprint"11:57
Stskeepscan we slice out 'very'?11:57
Stskeepsit gives too high expectations11:58
lbtit's a wiki :)11:58
lbtreally I just saw your chat with sonach and thought - we should capture some of that11:58
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SageStskeeps: what sets %{py_ver} ?12:09
StskeepsSage: /etc/macros/12:09
Stskeepser, /etc/rpm/macros/12:09
ScriptRipperStskeeps: what config do we provide for a deployment, and in which combo of other packages used by OBS like bugzilla, BOSS, Hermes for example ?12:14
StskeepsScriptRipper: i think for first deployments we just need to do simple OBS12:15
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*** lizardo has joined #mer12:32
*** lizardo has quit IRC12:39
sonachStskeeps: Accroding to lbt's suggestion, I create /etc/modules-load.d/loadko.conf, and add "hifb" in loadko.conf. My question is, if "insmod hi_gpioi2c.ko gpioidclock=11 clockbit=3 gpioiddata=12 databit=5 i2cmode=2", how to get this into loadko.conf?12:39
Stskeepssonach: hehe, i was wondering when that question came :)12:40
lbtme too12:40
Stskeepssonach: so, modules.load.d/loadko.conf will cause "modprobe hifb" to be executed12:40
sonach is from the vendor's rootfs,12:42
Stskeepssonach: modprobe will look in /etc/modprobe.d/ for .conf files, in there, you can add "options hi_gpio2c gpioidclock=11 clockbit=3 gpioiddata=12 databit=5 i2cmode=2"12:42
sonachStskeeps: /etc/modprobe.d or /etc/modules-load.d ??12:42
lbtStskeeps: does systemd exec modprobe or emulate it?12:42
Stskeepssonach: add hi_gpio2c in loadko.conf12:43
Stskeepser, hi_gpioi2c12:43
Stskeepsand in /etc/modprobe.d/hi_gpioi2c.conf , add "options hi_gpioi2c gpioidclock=11 clockbit=3 gpioiddata=12 databit=5 i2cmode=2"12:43
Stskeepssonach: when 'modprobe hi_gpioi2c' is done, it will look in /etc/modprobe.d and find the "options hi_gpioi2c" line and insmod with those parameters12:44
*** tpn has quit IRC12:48
*** lizardo has joined #mer12:50
sonachStskeeps: ah, it is very clear!!12:50
Stskeepslbt: i'll be abroad next monday, can you manage the mer bug triage there?12:52
lbtI'll make a note12:53
*** Dinnouti has joined #mer12:53
*** lynxis has joined #mer12:56
*** vivijim has joined #mer12:58
*** phaeron has joined #mer13:01
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC13:03
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:05
*** tbf_ has joined #mer13:05
*** sonach has quit IRC13:06
*** tbf has quit IRC13:08
*** phaeron has joined #mer13:09
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer13:13
*** sonach has joined #mer13:16
sonachStskeeps: mer-core-xorg-basis started. some errors, please look at
Stskeepssonach: can i see the %post section of your .ks ?13:18
Sageuxlaunch default session seems missing13:18
Sage<13>uxlaunch[374]: Unable to find session "/usr/share/xsessions/default.desktop.desktop"!13:19
Stskeepsyeah, that's my thought too13:19
Sagegoes to infinite loop13:19
StskeepsSage: we should really have some kind of fallback option, ie, stop after failing several times..13:19
Stskeepssonach: ok, can you cat /etc/sysconfig/uxlaunch ?13:20
sonachStskeeps: I seems that I cannot login. In, you can see that information,13:21
Stskeepssonach: username mer, password rootme13:22
Stskeepsand then su, password rootme13:22
*** afiestas has quit IRC13:22
sonachStskeeps: I cannot use "root" directly?13:22
Stskeepssonach: that's the /etc/securetty thing13:22
sonachLogin incorrect<85>13:22
sonachlogin[271]: FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM (null) FOR root, Authentication failure13:22
*** afiestas has joined #mer13:23
StskeepsPassword: <84>login[271]: pam_securetty(login:auth): access denied: tty 'ttyAMA0' is not secure !13:23
Stskeepsso log in with 'mer' user :)13:23
sonachwhy mer-core-basis rootfs does have this problem? I can login with root at that time13:25
sonachwhy mer-core-basis rootfs does not have this problem13:25
Stskeepssonach: i'm not entirely sure, maybe you had done the /etc/securetty adding 'ttyama0' back then13:25
*** arc_mat_ has joined #mer13:27
sonachthe result of sysconfig/uxlaunch13:27
Stskeepssonach: ahh..13:29
*** tom_say has quit IRC13:29
Stskeepssonach: the contents of should not be in %post --nochroot, but in %post :)13:29
*** arc_mat has quit IRC13:31
sonachStskeeps: what does "--nochroot" mean?13:36
sonachI will try it now,13:36
Stskeepssonach: it means "execute outside target"13:36
Stskeepsuseful for adding downloadable things, for example13:36
sonachso i just delete "--nochroot"? or add another section named "%post"?13:37
Stskeepsif you don't have another section called %post, then just remove --nochroot13:38
sonachStskeeps: the whole ks file:
sonachStskeeps: I have seperate %post section.13:39
*** niqt_ has quit IRC13:39
sonachStskeeps: or just move the contents in "%post --nochroot" section to "%post" section?13:40
Stskeepsyes, move the contents in %post --nochroot" section to %post section13:41
Stskeepsso it looks like
sonachStskeeps: I am building image now:)13:44
sonachStskeeps: I am making rapid progress under your help:) It is real an intersting technical trip!13:45
*** niqt has joined #mer13:46
lbtslaine: ping ...  I had the kernel_version problem too ... ugly solution .... did you do better?13:50
slainelbt, that's not too bad. It's at least along the lines of something I was thinking of anyways. But I didn't follow through as I ended up not actually needing the rpm package that I started out the quest on.13:51
lbtOK - fyi I have a out-of-tree module building package that works based on emgd_drm13:52
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer13:52
sonachStskeeps: ah, in the previous rootfs, no ttyAMA0 in securetty!!  I found out my pc's securetty had ttyama0 at that time.13:52
Stskeepssonach: ah13:53
sonachStskeeps: so why the login prompt can come out? I am puzzled...13:53
Stskeepswe should probably file a bug about that13:53
Stskeepssonach: it can come out fine but you can't log straight into root, you can however log in as a user and then su to root13:53
*** disco_stu has quit IRC13:54
Stskeepssonach: actually, that's odd, i wonder why the login prompt came on :)13:54
*** disco_stu_droid is now known as disco_stu13:54
Stskeepsif you didn't do the ln -s ../getty@ thing13:54
lbtsystemd is smart13:54
*** bigbluehat1 has joined #mer13:55
phaeronI disagree sometimes :D13:55
lbtI nearly said "too"13:55
Stskeepstrust me, it's a lot more sane than our previous rc.sysinit stuff13:55
*** sonach has quit IRC13:58
*** zhanghui has joined #mer13:59
*** mdavey has quit IRC14:03
*** mdavey has joined #mer14:03
*** sonach has joined #mer14:03
sonachStskeeps: :)14:04
*** phaeron has quit IRC14:04
Sagesonach: cat /home/meego/.xsession-errors14:04
Stskeepssonach: ls -l /dev/fb014:04
Sageerr... mer user?14:05
StskeepsSage: yes, the .ks'es changed to that14:05
Sagedoes that work now?14:05
StskeepsSage: remember last time, that was a problem with out HA14:05
Stskeepsour HA14:05
Sageit was?14:05
Stskeepsudev rules14:05
Sageah, that. But did it work after that?14:05
Stskeepsi'm not sure but i think so14:06
Sagesomehow I recall that it failed even after taht14:06
StskeepsSage: at least mer core on mips works with it14:06
lbtworks here14:06
SageThen I remember wrong.14:06
SageI wonder if there would be way to get it done without hardcoded username14:06
StskeepsSage: probably 'video' group14:06
lbtSage: we autostart X as a user... needs creating14:07
*** tomeff has joined #mer14:07
sonachStskeeps: no /dev/fb0. I "insmod hifb.ko", error occurs:
sonachSage: no "/home/meego/.xsession-errors" exists,14:07
Stskeepssonach: yes, you probably need to insmod the other things first14:08
Stskeepsthat's why it's good to work with modprobe instead ;)14:08
sonachStskeeps: In the mer-core-base rootfs, I can "insmod hifb.ko"14:08
Stskeepssonach: did you copy modules to /lib/modules ?14:09
sonachStskeeps: yes. and in /etc/modules-load.d/loadko.conf,  I added the entries,14:09
SageStskeeps: video works. will do a patch14:10
Stskeepssonach: hmm14:11
Stskeepssonach: my connection is really slow right now, so think i'll go to supermarket -- what does 'lsmod' say?14:13
sonachStskeeps: Now I manage to insmod hifb.ko successfully,14:16
sonachbut similar error:
ScriptRipperStskeeps, is the MIPS version of Mer Core up to trunk now ?14:17
sonachStskeeps: I insmod serveral ko files before hifb.ko, and it is fine:)14:17
lbtsonach: using depmod -a and modprobe should solve that14:18
sonachStskeeps: Now there are /dev/fb0 1,2,3,4,5. there.14:18
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer14:18
sonachlbt: what bothers me is, why Mer doesn't load the drivers automatically?>14:19
lbtmainly because you don't do depmod -a :)14:19
lbtthat calculates module dependencies14:19
*** disco_stu has quit IRC14:20
sonachlbt: ah, I added "depmod -a" to "%post" section of ks file. but it doesn't take effect.14:20
*** disco_stu_droid is now known as disco_stu14:20
lbt /sbin/depmod -a     ?14:21
sonachin /lib/modules/2.6.35-7/modules.def, no "hifb.ko" entries...14:21
Stskeepssonach: did you put hifb.ko in /lib/modules/2.6.35-7 ?14:21
lbtwhat he said14:21
sonachStskeeps: yes,14:21
Stskeepssonach: interesting14:22
lbtwhat about the other .ko files?14:22
sonachlbt: I do "depmod -a" in mer , and success, and in modules.dep, there are "hifb.ko" entries there!14:22
Stskeepsah, good14:22
Stskeepsnow try a reboot?14:22
lbtOK, I admit I've had problems running depmod -a in %post14:22
sonachreboot will take effect?14:23
lbtand I need to resolve that14:23
Stskeepssonach: yes14:23
sonachStskeeps: the changes are written to flash?14:23
Stskeepssonach: yes14:23
Stskeeps'sync' and then reboot14:23
*** phaeron has joined #mer14:24
lbtsystemctl reboot14:24
lbtoh, it's a symlink14:24
sonachlbt: I "reboot", now it is dead...14:25
*** disco_stu has quit IRC14:25
sonachlbt: I have to poweroff?14:25
sonachand then poweron?14:25
Stskeepsyes, i guess, and start again14:25
Stskeepssome devices don't reboot nicely14:25
lbtacpi problem maybe?14:25
sonachStskeeps: first "sync" and second "systemctl reboot". is that right?14:26
Stskeepslbt: arm doesn't have acpi14:26
Stskeepslbt: reboot's just plain broken14:26
lbtok... good to know14:26
Stskeepssonach: yes, but some devices don't reboot in a happy way, but if it acts 'dead', just power off and power on14:26
ScriptRipperStskeeps, which Mer code base is the MIPS version you have posted about ?14:26
Stskeepsbut if = when it is14:26
StskeepsScriptRipper: , projects -> home:Admin:mips214:26
StskeepsScriptRipper: i'm integrating it officially during the next two weeks14:27
sonach[root@localhost ~]# systemctl reboot14:27
sonachFailed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager.14:27
ScriptRipperis the the same as rest of Mer Core for ARM / x86 or is that current work ?14:27
Stskeepsanyway, just sync and power off and power on ;)14:27
StskeepsScriptRipper: i still need to integrate some patches, but yes, same versions, packages14:27
sonachStskeeps: ok:)14:27
ScriptRipperso its "trunk" basically, some patches missing ?14:28
StskeepsScriptRipper: right14:28
StskeepsScriptRipper: so a top modern mips distro, gcc 4.6.2, qt 4.8.0, etc14:28
ScriptRippergreat work14:28
*** singler has quit IRC14:28
*** FireFly has quit IRC14:30
Stskeepssonach: let me know if you get /dev/fb0 after reboot14:30
Stskeepsas in, when you've started up agan14:30
sonachStskeeps: /dev/fb0 is over there. but still similar errors:
*** Venemo_ has joined #mer14:31
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC14:31
*** Venemo_ has joined #mer14:31
*** Venemo has quit IRC14:31
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo14:31
Stskeepssonach: cat /home/mer/.Xorg.0log14:31
Stskeepssonach: cat /home/mer/.Xorg.0.log14:31
*** FireFly has joined #mer14:33
Stskeepsif that file doesn't exist, then /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:34
*** jluisn has quit IRC14:36
*** Venemo has quit IRC14:38
*** disco_stu has joined #mer14:38
Stskeepsalso, ls -l /usr/bin/Xorg14:39
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer14:40
*** jluisn has joined #mer14:40
sonachls /usr/bin/Xorg -l   gives:  -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1642968 Jan 19  2012 /usr/bin/Xorg14:40
*** disco_stu has quit IRC14:40
*** disco_stu_droid is now known as disco_stu14:41
*** tomeff has quit IRC14:41
*** tomeff has joined #mer14:42
sonachStskeeps: Fatal server error: [   645.159] xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open virtual console 1 (No such file or directory)14:42
Stskeepssonach: yes, can i see your kernel .config ?14:43
sonachIt seems that I should rebuilt kernel with console 1 support?14:43
Stskeepsi'm fairly sure you're missing CONFIG_VT14:44
StskeepsCONFIG_VT=y needs to be set14:44
Stskeepslbt: ^14:44
sonachStskeeps: OK!! I will add that and rebuild kernel14:45
Stskeepssonach: make clean  and make the kernel after adding CONFIG_VT=y (removing # CONFIG_VT is not set) and try again14:45
Stskeepsi'm going to shop now, be back later14:45
sonachStskeeps: nice to shop:)14:46
*** tpn has joined #mer14:46
* lbt off to train station .... bbiab14:46
sonachby train to shop??14:46
lbtmy wife has gone to the shops by train14:47
lbtnow she's coming home14:47
lbtI stay here to work :D14:47
sonachlbt: Happy life:)14:47
*** bigbluehat1 has left #mer14:49
*** bigbluehat1 has joined #mer14:49
*** sonach has quit IRC14:52
*** sonach has joined #mer14:52
sonachlbt: I made a big mistake. I just do "make" without adding arm toolchain to PATH. so the .config was modified in chaos..14:53
*** harbaum has quit IRC14:58
*** tpn has quit IRC14:59
vgradesonach, you pastied it earlier15:02
vgrade :)15:03
sonachvgrade: ah yes. Now I just make oldconfig and it seems right....15:03
sonachvgrade: if it doesn't, I will copy the content of pastie. thank you:)15:04
vgradesonach, not the best backup15:04
sonachvgrade: You have home:vgrade:qtmediahub?15:04
vgradeyes, a bit old now15:05
sonachis it suitable for TV UX?15:06
vgradeNot sure about the implementation details I just built it for Mer.  A good base I would say15:07
sonachvgrade: Unfortunely, It seems that I  can not access youtube....15:09
sonachjust like blogspot...15:09
*** sonach has quit IRC15:12
*** sonach has joined #mer15:13
*** bigbluehat1 has quit IRC15:13
lbtsonach: oops15:14
sonachlbt: the new kernel doesn't work. It stops at "starting kernel..."15:15
sonachlbt: I have to reconfig the environment15:15
lbtyeah - this is the nice thing about OBS - it's always clean15:16
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer15:18
*** tpn has joined #mer15:25
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:25
*** mdavey has quit IRC15:28
*** mdavey has joined #mer15:29
*** FireFly has quit IRC15:29
* Stskeeps returns15:30
Stskeepssonach: i tried qtmediahub out earlier, on PC, and it worked quite nice even without GLES, but i don't know how it performs on arm hardwre15:30
*** harbaum has joined #mer15:30
sonachStskeeps: good:) I think write a html5-based TV UX needs a large amount of work... So maybe qtmediahub a good choice...15:31
*** harbaum_ has joined #mer15:33
*** FireFly has joined #mer15:33
*** fabo has quit IRC15:33
*** harbaum_ has quit IRC15:33
*** fabo has joined #mer15:34
*** pohly has joined #mer15:34
*** leinir has quit IRC15:35
*** fabo has quit IRC15:35
*** fabo has joined #mer15:35
sonachStskeeps: although our previous work was based on browser, but I think it is quite different with a real TV/STB UX.15:36
Stskeepsyes, let's see what performs best i guess15:36
Stskeepsin longer term, on that hardware, you probably want to have it on top of directfb instead of x1115:36
sonachStskeeps: but Mer is based on X11??15:37
Stskeepssonach: no, it doesn't have to be :)15:37
Stskeepsit's just what most people run it with15:37
Stskeepsright now it's just good to get something working though, so x11 is fine15:37
sonachi agree:)15:38
*** mdavey has quit IRC15:38
*** mdavey has joined #mer15:38
*** tomeff has quit IRC15:41
*** tomeff has joined #mer15:42
*** pohly has quit IRC15:49
sonachStskeeps: After I do "sync" and reboot, the /dev/fb0 is there, it means that hifb.ko is loaded. My question is, how does this take effect, /etc/modules-load.d/loadko.conf?15:52
Stskeepssonach: yes15:52
sonachStskeeps: After I add CONFIG_VT, compile error. Have you ever seen such:
sonachStskeeps: If you cannot meet this before, I will solve it myself:) Your time is very limited, I think:)15:53
Stskeepssonach: yeah, just find out how to disable CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE15:55
sonachStskeeps: I find it!15:56
*** laurent3 has joined #mer15:57
sonachStskeeps: the default value of VGA_CONSOLE is yes( [Y/n/?]) :)15:57
Stskeepswe're on ARM, 'n' ;)15:57
*** leinir has joined #mer15:59
*** leinir has joined #mer15:59
*** Paimen has quit IRC16:00
*** sampos has quit IRC16:00
*** jnwi has quit IRC16:00
*** astraljava has quit IRC16:00
*** timoph has quit IRC16:00
*** matrixx has quit IRC16:00
*** ighea has quit IRC16:00
*** sonach has quit IRC16:07
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:08
*** dijenerate has quit IRC16:10
*** sonach has joined #mer16:12
sonachStskeeps: I guess I succeed! see:
Stskeepssonach: does it show anything on the screen?16:15
sonach[root@localhost mer]# ps -ef | grep uxlaunch16:15
sonachmer        281     1  0 00:00 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/uxlaunch16:16
sonachroot       286   281  0 00:00 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/uxlaunch16:16
sonachroot       420   392  0 00:02 ttyAMA0  00:00:00 grep uxlaunch16:16
Stskeepsps aux | grep qmlviewer16:16
sonach[root@localhost mer]# ps aux | grep qmlviewer16:16
sonachmer        317  3.6 25.5  64916 23588 ?        Sl   00:00   0:09 /usr/bin/qmlviewer16:16
sonachmer        322  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    00:00   0:00 [qmlviewer] <defunct>16:16
sonachroot       424  0.0  0.6   2088   568 ttyAMA0  S+   00:04   0:00 grep qmlviewer16:16
Stskeepslooks right16:16
sonachit is over there;)16:16
Stskeepscongratulations :)16:17
Stskeepshope it shows something on the tv screen too though16:17
sonachthanks for your great help:)16:17
sonachStskeeps: I can ignore this: "(EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/ failed (/usr/lib/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or  directory)"?16:18
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer16:18
Stskeepsit's something xorg looks for but we don't use AIGLX on ARM16:18
*** Sazius_ has joined #mer16:19
Stskeepsand software raster gles isn't very fast16:19
sonachoh, i see. In chroot environment, I have seem similar Xorg.0.log output. I think qmlviewer is working now:) I have no TV screen with me right now.16:20
Stskeepshehe, okay :)16:20
Stskeepsbut yes, it looks fine16:20
*** Sazius_ has left #mer16:22
sonachStskeeps: I will go out of Beijing for 3 days. I will tell what's on the tv screen 3 days later. You know, it is mid-night, and I should go to sleep:)16:22
Stskeepshehe, i'm quite sure what it will show :)16:22
Stskeepsbut yes, see you16:22
sonachStskeeps: Again thanks for the great help. see you:)16:23
*** timoph has joined #mer16:23
*** ighea has joined #mer16:23
wmarone_Stskeeps: did you ever get a chance to try out that image?16:24
Stskeepswmarone_: waiting for my wife to come home from work with the e-reader, but yes, i'll work on it tonight16:25
Stskeepser, nook16:25
Stskeepsso the issue is that the touch seems totally screwed?16:26
wmarone_it works, but doesn't map to the screen correctly16:26
Stskeepsand it works fine in ubuntu?16:26
wmarone_no, I don't know about ubuntu16:26
*** sonach has left #mer16:26
wmarone_at least, I never saw the cursor in ubuntu16:27
wmarone_nor anything that suggested input events were being received16:27
*** slaine has quit IRC16:27
*** dijenerate has joined #mer16:28
Stskeepswmarone_: supposedly there's a calibration mode thing as well16:29
wmarone_I saw that when poking around the code16:30
wmarone_makes me wonder if the Android install runs that on every boot, because I don't see the same behavior outside Mer16:31
*** zhanghui has left #mer16:31
wmarone_don't think I've seen the dmesg output though16:31
*** harbaum_ has joined #mer16:33
*** IanWizard-Cloud has quit IRC16:33
*** paulsherwood has quit IRC16:34
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer16:35
*** phaeron has joined #mer16:36
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer16:38
*** tomeff has quit IRC16:41
*** tomeff has joined #mer16:42
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer16:43
*** nsuffys has joined #mer16:46
*** fabo has quit IRC16:52
Stskeepsok, wife home, hacking time..16:53
*** fabo has joined #mer16:54
*** harbaum has quit IRC16:55
*** mdavey has quit IRC16:58
Stskeepswmarone_: this boots up with some kind of usbnet i presume16:58
timophStskeeps: In our house it goes exactly the oppisite.. gf not home == hacking time :p16:59
wmarone_I don't have anything in there to report the IP, I ended up settling on using nmap to look for it >.>16:59
Stskeepswmarone_: well, if it works ;)16:59
Stskeepstimoph: hehe16:59
wmarone_fortunately it's pretty consistent in the address it choses17:00
Stskeepswmarone_: i wonder how well something like qtmediahub could run on this beast17:00
*** niqt has quit IRC17:00
* wmarone_ looks17:01
wmarone_good question17:01
lbtwmarone_: nook...17:04
lbtwould you care to try the Mer HA packaging for it?17:04
Stskeepshardware adaptation17:04
Stskeepswe're trying to help standardize on packaging / make easier packaging17:04
* lbt decides to learn macros17:04
wmarone_the kernel step may be a... lot... messy17:05
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC17:06
wmarone_I'll give the steps a shot tonight17:07
lbtwmarone_: do you have a git tree?17:07
wmarone_I do, which is where I could see it working17:07
wmarone_cause I can use the Git method17:07
lbtthe git2tarball is fairly simple17:07
wmarone_is there a way to do a uImage build?17:07
wmarone_ok, so kernel package, bootloader package, and .ks17:09
*** smoku has quit IRC17:09
lbtX.... is interesting17:09
*** ibrah has joined #mer17:13
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer17:15
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer17:15
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer17:15
Stskeepswmarone_: well, i think a fairly strong hint is that if you run from top to bottom and left to right, the ratios are wrong17:18
Stskeepsso i think we're dealing with some kind of rotation issue17:19
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:19
wmarone_the xorg config does swap axes and invert one17:19
wmarone_which I adapted from the notes verygreen posted on making it work in fedora17:20
* Stskeeps waits for nmap17:20
*** tpn_ has joined #mer17:23
*** tpn has quit IRC17:23
*** ibrah has quit IRC17:23
*** vivijim has quit IRC17:25
*** gimli has joined #mer17:25
*** gimli has joined #mer17:25
*** vivijim has joined #mer17:26
*** vivijim1 has joined #mer17:30
*** vivijim has quit IRC17:31
*** raignarok has joined #mer17:36
*** tpn_ is now known as tpn17:37
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:38
*** vakkov has joined #mer17:43
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk17:47
*** mlfoster has joined #mer17:48
Stskeepswmarone_: ok, are you able to build a kernel for me?17:59
Stskeepsswitch x and y value around17:59
*** vivijim1 has quit IRC18:00
wmarone_isn't that the equivalent of SwapAxes in Xorg?18:00
Stskeepsno, the values are 0..1024, 0..600 on the wrong scale18:01
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC18:04
* Stskeeps tries it out18:07
*** tbf_ has quit IRC18:07
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:07
*** singler has joined #mer18:09
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*** vivijim has joined #mer18:21
*** bigbluehat1 has joined #mer18:21
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*** arcean has joined #mer18:25
Stskeepswmarone_: what board file is supposed to be the nook?18:25
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:26
*** vivijim1 has joined #mer18:27
*** vivijim has quit IRC18:27
Stskeepsok, hmm..18:29
*** NIN101 has joined #mer18:31
*** Venemo has joined #mer18:32
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:32
*** Venemo has joined #mer18:32
*** vivijim1 has quit IRC18:33
wmarone_in board-evt-peripherals.c they define maxx = 480 and maxy = 80018:35
wmarone_though it should be overriden elsewhere18:35
Stskeepsyes, that's what is awkward18:37
wmarone_though I suppose those values do line up with the behavior18:38
Stskeepsok, so the screen is 1024x600, right?18:39
Stskeepsso you have the values say maxx=600, maxy=600 at the moment by accident?18:41
Stskeepsin the new uimage18:41
wmarone_not anywhere intentionally18:41
Stskeepscould you check and if not, revert back to the previous setup?18:41
wmarone_the kernel I gave you was the first change I've done to the driver18:41
Stskeepsi found a way to dump the touchscreen driver debug, so18:42
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:48
Stskeepswmarone_: around still?19:00
Stskeepswmarone_: revert to  what's in , then go into and set flags to REVERSE_X_FLAG19:02
Stskeepsactually, i can do that myself..19:06
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:13
*** NIN101 has joined #mer19:14
*** trbs has joined #mer19:25
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer19:30
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC19:30
*** jluisn has joined #mer19:40
Stskeeps"Clearing data..."19:42
* Stskeeps glares19:43
phaerondoesn't sound good19:43
Stskeepswell, good thing i didn't have any paid books on there19:43
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:48
Stskeepsyup, all books gone19:49
* Stskeeps gets back to hacking19:50
* IanWizard-Cloud passes Stskeeps cocoa19:51
*** bigbluehat1 is now known as bigbluehat19:54
Stskeepswmarone_: success19:54
*** swer has joined #mer19:55
*** slx has quit IRC19:58
*** fabo has quit IRC20:01
*** fabo has joined #mer20:01
wmarone_Stskeeps: \o/20:02
Stskeepswmarone_: remove the Invert/Swap stuff from xorg conf20:04
Stskeepsgives me two-finger touch at least, i'm not sure the screen handles more20:06
wmarone_I think the chip supposedly supports 5, don't know if the driver supports more20:07
Stskeepswmarone_: either way, this cost me a total wipe of the nook20:07
Stskeepsit went into factory reset :)20:08
Stskeepsworks fine though20:08
Stskeepsi have no idea20:08
Stskeepsit started showing "clearing data"20:08
Stskeepscan't wait to get proper mer on it20:08
*** Free-MG has joined #mer20:08
Stskeepsnow, how the heck do we get wifi on this thing..20:08
wmarone_I think the only thing missing for wifi is the firmware20:10
Stskeepsbtw, remove CONFIG_PARANOID_ANDROID20:12
wmarone_I thought I did20:12
wmarone_I'll check again20:12
Stskeepsi'm getting ping permission denied on my conf, at least20:12
Stskeepsmay not be same as your most recent one20:13
dm8tbrthat paranoid network thing is 'special'... :/20:13
dm8tbrpeople used to gnu user land especially keep running into it20:13
wmarone_now paranoid network is active20:14
wmarone_I'll nick that one20:14
dm8tbrworkaround is to add your user to groups 3000-3005 or so20:15
wmarone_I'll opt for eliminating android-isms where I can20:15
lbtis your .config casually available wmarone_ ?20:21
wmarone_yeah let me make sure the latest is up20:21
Stskeepslbt: i think you missed superccxin's point on the mailing list, he was talking about host20:21
lbtI did20:22
dm8tbrusb host? omap3?20:22
*** fabo has quit IRC20:22
lbtso much for my new-year resolution of not spending too long composing emails20:22
*** fabo has joined #mer20:23
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:23
lbtgah ... not Sources:20:23
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:23
wmarone_most current config is "usb_ethernet.config"20:24
lbtwmarone_: I just want something to build the sample HA  for arm20:24
wmarone_then it -might- work, but I'20:25
wmarone_I'm certain it won't boot20:25
* Stskeeps plays qtflyingbus on nook 20:25
wmarone_Stskeeps: fb performance is good enough?20:25
Stskeepsmouse cursor is a bit in the way, but then again my setup is experimental20:26
wmarone_I'll re-disable the cursor after I get a DE or something going20:27
*** fabo has quit IRC20:27
*** fabo has joined #mer20:28
Stskeepswould probably work better with gles :)20:33
wmarone_I think first is wifi20:35
Stskeepsstill, 199$ nice Mer-capable tablet, not bad20:36
wmarone_where is the ti firmware package available? I recall seeing it included in the N900/N950 adaptations20:36
Stskeepswhat chipset? and don't rely on it matching20:37
wmarone_wl1271  series20:37
harbaum_wmarone_: How did you enable the cursor? The beagle setup has a need for that20:37
wmarone_harbaum_: disable the "xopts=-nocursor" line in /etc/sysconfig/uxlaunch20:38
harbaum_Uhm... ok, so trivial .... thx :-)20:38
harbaum_I think i'd like to write a script that does that on bootup depending on the presence of a mouse ...20:39
Stskeepswmarone_: possibly20:40
Stskeepswmarone_: or steal it from the nook android install?20:41
wmarone_either way really. I'll need to make a package out of it20:41
*** harbaum has joined #mer20:43
*** singler has quit IRC20:44
*** singler has joined #mer20:48
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:49
Stskeepswmarone_: either way, wifi, and then trying to get GLES up and running with whatever is latest possible beagleboard SGX drivers20:51
Stskeepsthen you already have something quite nice :P20:51
lbthmm the HA kernel pkg needs to allow depmod in mic20:52
Stskeepslbt: honestly? it should depmod in %post20:52
Stskeepsdepmod <kernel version>20:52
lbtyes... normally depmod runs w/o version :)20:53
lbtback to that slightly ugly kernel version macro20:53
lbt  any thoughts on a better approach?20:54
Stskeepswhat is that supposed to do?20:54
lbtrpm.define("installed_kernel_version "..f)  ... take a wild guess :P20:55
Stskeepsin what context20:55
lbt.spec file for a module20:55
dm8tbrbtw: any of our HAs use >=2.6.39? there was a ugly local sploit recently20:56
lbt3.1.6 ?20:56
Stskeepslbt: rpm -q --queryformat '%{version}' kernel-devel-package, if the /lib/<version> matches that?20:57
phaeronyeah I saw the article on the explot20:57
phaeronscary stuff20:57
phaerondid you see the xscreensaver one ?20:58
* Stskeeps calls it a day20:59
lbtit does20:59
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:03
*** fabo has quit IRC21:03
*** fabo has joined #mer21:03
phaeroncan you use rpm -q inside the spec %post ? I don't think so21:04
*** [XeN] has joined #mer21:05
*** beford has joined #mer21:06
lbtmmm .... last call for T-shirts...21:07
* timoph wants one21:10
timophforgot to send the mail..21:10
lbtdrop Denise an email and it'll go on the list21:10
lbtI should have done a reminder today :)21:11
timopherr. :)21:16
timophmail sent21:16
*** trbs has quit IRC21:20
lbtok - on the list21:20
harbaum_wmarone_: i have the ti sgx for beagle packaged in the repository21:20
*** dijenerate has quit IRC21:20
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:21
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:29
wmarone_harbaum_: great!21:32
*** mlfoster has quit IRC21:33
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*** mlfoster_ is now known as mlfoster21:33
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*** zumbi_ has joined #mer22:05
*** zumbi_ is now known as Guest4501222:06
* lbt wonders why mer-minimal-xorg doesn't install an X server...22:07
*** zumbi has quit IRC22:08
*** vakkov has quit IRC22:08
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:09
*** tilgovi has joined #mer22:10
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Sagelbt: because package group says e.g., xorg-x11-xserver or what ever and then that package is installed. And if user's driver would need xserver-setuid that would conflict22:22
Sagelbt: package group dep doesn't look provides fields it seems22:22
Sageit requires the explicit package22:22
lbtthe images I built over the weekend used a .ks w/o xorg-x11-server ... but it got pulled in22:28
lbtthat was 0.20120105.122:28
lbtbut... I added it to my .ks manually22:29
*** cxl000 has joined #mer22:29
lbtah... so the X driver should depend on it... emgd-xorg22:30
*** beford has quit IRC22:33
*** Free-MG has quit IRC22:40
*** Free-MG has joined #mer22:41
Venemocould someone please explain to me what sreadahead does?22:41
*** tomeff has quit IRC22:49
*** Free-MG has quit IRC22:50
Venemoaww, so this is why it boots so fast!22:51
*** raignarok has quit IRC22:52
*** tpn has quit IRC22:53
*** tilgovi has quit IRC22:54
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:54
*** tpn has joined #mer22:55
*** beford has joined #mer22:55
lbtto be clear Sage "your gfx-card X driver should depend on xorg-x11-server-Xorg"    (not xorg-x11-server ... oh no... that's too obvious, that's just an empy package to confuse you :) )23:00
*** xtcx has joined #mer23:08
*** xtcx has joined #mer23:08
*** thomashc has quit IRC23:08
vgradeStskeeps, the Python parallel build patch commited,,33423:09
lbtvgrade: the bug should be BMO#  in the changes23:10
lbtand ...23:10
lbtI have a joggler .ks :)23:10
lbt3.1.6 ... latest Mer build and emgd 11023:11
lbtmic -> raw image -> dd to a stick -> plugin and boot23:11
lbtand it's all properly packaged too23:12
*** beford has quit IRC23:13
*** tpn has quit IRC23:16
*** jluisn has quit IRC23:17
*** tilgovi has joined #mer23:22
phaeronthe end of poulsbo23:24
*** beford has joined #mer23:26
*** lynxis has quit IRC23:27
*** lynxis has joined #mer23:28
vgradelbt, missed the BMO instruction23:28
vgradechecks the wiki23:28
lbtI doubt it's clear23:28
lbtI just noticed it23:28
vgrade not in here23:29
vgradelbt, good news on the joggler, what was the issue with the xorg.conf23:30
lbtI suspect it was all just module related23:30
lbtI'd booted and run depmod23:30
lbtso it could install emgd_drm23:30
lbtbut i2c (or something) wasn't there23:31
vgradeI have the bug number in the changes23:31
lbtI know - it's not a major issue :P23:31
lbtI've been lax in moving that page over23:31
lbtbut we have a way forward on version # now23:32
lbtand it all goes to changelog checking23:32
lbtI personally would like every change to have a BMO#23:32
lbtbut ....23:32
vgradeso what do I need BMC or BMO? Link is good also for people to click23:32
lbtI may get shot23:32
lbtBMO is Mer23:33
lbtBMC is dead23:33
vgradeI'll add a BMO number23:35
lbtI'm rather hoping to get changelog extraction to a web view23:35
lbtand that will auto-link BMO#XXX23:36
lbtwe need a package DB system23:36
lbtBTW the emgd packaging comes directly from the Intel tarball23:36
vgradeso I need BME34 or BMER034?23:36
vgradenice job on the emgd packaging, how are you bringing in the EFI stuff?23:38
lbtcurrently I upload a grub.efi23:38
lbtI'm planning to discard it after the link you showed me23:38
lbtand do plain kernel.efi23:38
vgradeok, lets have a look23:39
lbtcopypac'ing now23:39
*** lynxis has quit IRC23:48
vgradenow I've never seen a kickstart file on OBS before23:51
lbtkeep it together...23:52
lbtit'll be a while23:52
lbtmy link is slow and I redistribute the huge EMGD tarball (which I'm 99% sure is OK) and of course a kernel tarball23:53
lbtthe ks is of course untested :)23:53
lbtbut it should be the right url23:53
lbtok bootloader and emgd and emgd_drm are up
lbtoh shite23:55
lbtI have 3 kernel tarballs :D :D :D23:55
vgradeI have an email from intel re redistribution of EMGD from ages ago, sec23:56
*** norayr has quit IRC23:57
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer23:58
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer23:58

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