Friday, 2012-01-20

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lbtwon't work AFAIL00:00
lbtKISS for now eh?00:00
phaeronwhich part00:00
lbtobs build of a 64it kernel in i586 Mer00:00
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phaeronlots of drivers need to be turned off. maybe the sample adaptation should start from allnoconfig00:20
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lbtok,,,, bed now :)00:32
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StskeepsIso: if you're a hacker type, you can combine Mer + the exoPC hardware adaptation + some UI of your choice, like Nemo, Plasma Active or something completely of your own05:47
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Stskeepsgood morning sonach05:54
sonachgood morning stskeeps.05:55
Stskeepshow is it going with trying out the base image?05:56
sonachA news first。I have dicussed the idea of "being one of Mer's interest groups" with key persons of our organization.  They all agreed this. Of course, We haven't contributed anything to Mer, so we still need hard work to achive this.05:58
Stskeepsyeah, it's possible still to register as an interest group to indicate you're here and interested in Mer, and then over time gain contributors05:59
Stskeepspeople listen no matter what :)05:59
sonachWe will hold a meeting with 6 TV vendors in the middle of February, and plan to propose this to others. I am confident that we can do something for Mer:)06:02
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sonacha trivial question: what's your local time now? and what's lbt's local time now?06:04
Stskeepsit's 7:04am my local time and lbt is at 6:04am06:04
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sonachOK. how to register as an interest group?06:06
sonachI don't see any information on
Stskeepsbasically, sending me an email with a name of the group and who's the representative (full name) and email, and if you want a mailing list on for your interest group to use06:07
Stskeepswe don't really have a community manager in Mer project yet, so i do that task06:08
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Stskeepssonach: i'll add that procedure to the mailing list06:09
Stskeepser, to the governance draft06:09
befordhey Stskeeps, good morning. do you have in hand one of those .ks that boots mer with qmlviewer on the n900?06:10
Stskeepsnot for n900 but it's fairly easy to piece together06:12
Stskeepstake a nemo one, strip away the package groups for Nemo UI, install qt-qmlviewer in %packages and change default session06:12
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befordlet me try06:16
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Stskeepssonach: by the way, those MIPS systems you spoke about, do you know if they're MIPS32 or MIPS64?06:21
sonachStsKeeps: I don't tell it right now. We are in the progress of presuding MSTAR and MTK. I don't know who will enter at the end. if MTK, then no MIPS; If MSTAR, I will tell you at that time.06:27
Stskeepsi was looking at my MIPS port and realized we can't use N32/N64 ABI as that will only work on 64-bit MIPS, and in fact most set top boxes uses 32-bit :)06:28
sonachAnd still, you can go to MSTAR's website to do this. And I will ask employee in TV vendor that using MSTAR's platform. But you know, Now they are on vocation right now.06:28
Stskeepsso i hope to add MIPS officially in 2 weeks or so, with "O32" (32-bit MIPS) port, but let's see how that goes06:29
sonachok. there is still a big market share of MIPS for TV/STB.06:31
sonachBut ARM maybe will do better and better. As I know from TV vendor, MSTAR is going to discard it's MIPS platform(This is not official news,hehe)06:33
Stskeepsi think linaro effort did a lot to make ARM more suitable for TV vendors06:33
Stskeepsa lot of good tools06:33
Stskeepsit was chaos before06:33
sonachSo i think the strategy is: Mer can support MIPS, that's enough. If there are a lot of TV/STB using MIPS in the future, we can do deep work for MIPS.06:34
Stskeepsi hope it'll attract people having an android alternative at least - not only in TV/STB, but also maybe in tablet06:35
berndhsi go to sleep, thing of the cats - they did in Schroedinger :)06:35
Stskeepsmany people were surprised with the 99 USD  MIPS tablet06:35
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sonachYes! "an android alternative" is a great goal!!06:36
dubioyes someone spammed in another chan and my only thought ws "will it run mer ?"06:47
dubioi'm almost certainly swayed towards ARchos, unless tizenSamsung ends up having vanilla-kernel drivers and isnt some maemo 2.006:48
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Stskeepsarchos g9 is certainly looking like a nice target06:49
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Stskeepstizen's devices might be a good choice, at least samsung's, due to the use of x11+glibc06:49
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Sagew00t: yes ux launch is for that, but if systemd can also do that as jonnor_work said we should probably try that instead. With uxlaunch we have problems as it can't prioritse the startup order properly07:10
Stskeepssystemd doesn't yet support user sessions properly but upstream contribution most welcome07:11
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sonachStskeeps: I am reading vendor's doc. In order to make my own rootfs, I should use busybox. Can Mer support busybox?07:20
Stskeepssonach: hmm, you shouldn't need to use busybox07:20
sonachStskeeps: what then ?07:21
Stskeepssonach: i have an experiment ongoing where i try mer with busybox, yes, but to make your own rootfs you shouldn't need busybox07:21
Stskeepsdoesn't it say something about mkyaffs2 or alike?07:22
sonachStskeeps: OK, I see.07:25
Stskeepssonach: basically: find a way for turning a directory into a yaffs2 file system, it shouldn't rely on the actual contents of the file system :)07:25
vgradeSage, I was refering to to the startactive package witin plasma but I was not aware systemd could not take on this role07:32
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Sagevgrade: yes, only better way atm. is uxlaunch based startup07:34
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vgradeSage, @Mer Minimal Xorg pulls in xorg-x11-server-Xorg and xauth07:41
Sagevgrade: hmmp07:41
Sagevgrade: that shouldn't bring xorg-x11-server-Xorg anymore07:41
* Sage checks07:41
StskeepsSage: turns out the old package groups was taken from package-groups, not core/07:42
Stskeepsin my repo making process07:42
Stskeepsi've fixed that now07:42
Sageah, ok07:42
Sagevgrade: ok so remove that and install pulseaudio-module-x11 and xorg-x11-xauth instead07:42
vgradeok thanks07:44
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harbaumfor the records: "latest" mer + nemo still runs on the beagle. although with minor glithches like the missing wkb08:07
Stskeepsok, we're trying to make it work on panda too08:08
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Stskeepsslaine: ever wandered in MIPS STB's by chance?08:48
slaineWhat hw you got ?08:48
slaineour STB's are x86 based08:49
Stskeepswell, nothing atm08:49
Stskeepsbut exploring the opportunities for Mer on MIPS08:49
Stskeepsand what kind of baseline to start optimizations at08:49
slaineI thought you already had some mips hw08:49
Stskeepswell, i have a qemu and a wl-500gp ;)08:49
slaineI've a Cobalt Qube with a MIPS 300 :)08:50
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Stskeepsmorn lbt09:17
lbtjust scanning backlog... did you see my config question?09:19
Stskeepsno, repeat it?09:19
lbtnice news from sonach too09:19
lbtStskeeps: for the am .. wondering about making some kind of mer-config.rpm ... combining meego-rpm-config mer-kickstarter-configs and my mer-kernel-check ...  keeps the package count down and given it's all managed in git and even a bit related it may make sense09:19
Stskeepsmer-kernel-check == tool or config?09:21
lbtcurrently both09:21
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Stskeepsso, recall that meego-rpm-config is part of the bootstrap set for builds, so it has to be included in the basic cycle09:22
Stskeepsie, very low dependancies09:22
lbtmy deps are perl09:22
lbtno more than kernel09:22
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lbtand no modules09:23
Stskeepswe don't build kernel in bootstrap either, but just stating my worries :P09:23
lbtsure - is perl in at that level - I thought so09:23
lbtand.... fwiw it would be feasible to re-write in bash09:24
Stskeepsit is, but technically, the mer-kernel-check don't BR on it09:24
Stskeepsso that's ok09:24
Stskeepsjust R09:24
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lbtagreed - no BR at all09:24
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lbtslight worry is if anything BR on the configs - eg rpm-config09:28
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lbtbecause changing something (eg the check-kernel-spec script) would trigger an unneeded rebuild09:28
* lbt senses you need coffee09:31
Stskeepsa little ill these days, though at the end of it09:31
Stskeepsi'm importing new prerelease to cobs so09:32
lbtwhat documentation are you following ...09:32
lbtthat process is (obviously) on my list of vendor-cron09:34
Stskeepsi'd like someone to look into making -> obs packages for use somehow09:39
Stskeepsas that'll be a topic within 2 weeks09:39
lbtso ... I want to get that check into core - where shall I put it? I'm happy to combine all 3 into a config or just standalone for now09:39
lbtthat task has been on my todo since I started at nokia...09:40
lbtit's non-trivial09:40
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lbttake a look at all the other packages in the suse project09:41
lbtso we either build against the released version or their (dynamic and non-reproducable) trunk09:42
lbtor we clone and track all their packages (not a killer but...)09:42
lbtScriptRipper may be able to advise09:42
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StskeepsSB2-OBS integration is on my list, so09:49
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Stskeepswhich is also an enabler for Mer on MIPS09:54
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slaineIs it possible to get the current kernel version from inside a spec file ?11:49
slaineI've got a few kmod source rpms11:49
Stskeepsi guess if you do it against kernel-*-devel package yes11:49
slaineRather than updating the define for krelease in each spec file for each kernel bump, I was wondering if I could just have it pull it via a shell call, like in a make file you can do $(shell cmd)11:50
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lbtslaine: ... and see  line 51- for some usage13:38
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slainelbt cheers13:39
slaineit's the values going into lines 5-12 I was thinking of13:39
lbtyes, I figured you had another .spec and wanted to find a list of installed kernel versions or something13:40
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phaeron1lbt: so the kernel builds in about 6 minutes. I am sure I can get it lower14:02
lbtit's easy, use ssd or tmpfs :)14:02
phaeron1first try I had eth wlan (needed firmware) bluetooth14:02
lbtbut it's really not worth optimising ... IMHO14:02
phaeron1lbt: I meant in cobs14:02
phaeron1now I am trying to get X14:03
lbtwhat driver?14:03
lbt500 ?14:03
phaeron1not sure yet14:03
Stskeepswhat laptop is it?14:03
phaeron1lbt: the guide needs to explain a bit more about how to get the kernel into the image , and also bootloader14:04
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phaeron1also systemd rescue target didn't work14:05
lbtI agree - not *too* detailed but yes14:05
*** afiestas has joined #mer14:05
lbtI know... I need to check that b4 logging a bug14:05
phaeron1I had to use getty target14:05
*** stepiro has quit IRC14:05
lbtyeah - they should be the same14:05
lbtnot sure what's happening14:05
phaeron1I think it might be missing a package that installs symlinks14:05
phaeron1I created them manually14:05
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phaeron1there were no gettys launcher at all14:06
lbtthe problem Stskeeps is that a failing X does too many chvt14:06
phaeron1so I think the base group is missing a package14:06
lbtphaeron1: I saw that too14:06
lbtI just finished the mer-kernel-check package14:06
lbtand my local obs ran out of disk :)14:06
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phaeron1brb coffe14:07
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lbtphaeron: are you having problems with mic & raw images?14:26
lbtadding syslinux into pks14:27
phaeronlbt: no , I created a default loop image14:28
*** singler has quit IRC14:28
phaeronand did the bootloader manually14:28
lbtthere's a bug and a patch14:28
lbtand I have a sample (easy) bootloader pkg14:28
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phaeronyay qmlviewer started15:08
*** afiestas has joined #mer15:08
phaeronuxlaunch is fubar though15:08
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Aardphaeron: I quite liked it15:17
phaeronAard: uxlaunch ?15:17
phaeronwell it's not working .. complains about pam-console and dies. in a loop15:18
phaeronnow I need to install something useful15:18
Aardthen you're doing something wrong ;)15:18
phaeronnemo ?15:18
Stskeepsnemo sounds like a good target, but figuring out why uxlaunch goes foobar is probably an idea15:19
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Stskeepswhy not -f liveusb instead of -f loop, btw?15:19
phaeronyeah I'll do that15:21
phaeronStskeeps: I thought it would be easier to actually install15:21
Stskeepsit's usually not :P15:21
phaeronnext time I have to go through the usb drive I'll do liveusb15:22
phaeronthe main aim was validating lbt's guide with minimal changes15:22
phaeronI quite like this adaptation way. meego's spec file and patch and were insane15:23
phaeronusing 3.2.1 currently15:23
lbtsee too15:23
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Stskeepslbt: any feedback on psdk?15:37
lbtI don't think you sent me a link... I figured you'd found a problem :)15:39
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Stskeepsi didn't?15:39
Stskeepsi gave you a sdk15:39
Stskeeps[17:40] <Stskeeps> lbt: want a chroot with a draft 'platform sdk' (mic, osc, etc)?15:39
Stskeeps[17:43] <Stskeeps>
lbtmust have missed it :)15:40
lbtso, no, no feedback15:40
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phaeronso I needed the setuid Xorg instead15:47
phaeronnow uxlaunch launches the qmlviewer session15:47
*** arcean_ has quit IRC15:48
phaeronnice transitions in the beginning :D15:48
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*** paulsherwood has joined #mer17:33
* Stskeeps is happy it's weekend17:37
lbtme too17:37
lbttango tonight ... always good17:37
lbtquestion first though ... how does X work17:37
lbtmore specifically how does Mer tell X what driver to use17:38
lbtwe have no xorg.conf17:38
lbtwe do have a .d17:38
lbtbut it seems to try/find a number of optiions first17:38
lbtpvr, psb, vesa...17:39
lbtso ... do I push a "driver" entry into the xorg.d17:39
Stskeepsyes, typically17:39
lbtor should I somehow be registering the driver17:39
Stskeepsunless it autodetects it17:39
Stskeepsfor EMGD, you need a xorg.conf.d entry17:39
lbtI'm kinda thinking it may have a magic lookup table17:39
*** toscalix has quit IRC17:41
*** smoku has quit IRC17:42
lbtand I need to downgrade X ?17:43
lbtcompiled for 1.9.0, module version = 1.5.1812....  module ABI major version (8) doesn't match the server's version (10)17:43
Stskeepsif you look at latest published EMGD tarball, in the wayland/ dir, there is a meego 1.3 compatible xorg driver17:43
lbtVersion: 1.10 Release date: November 2011 ?17:44
*** lynxis has joined #mer17:44
*** beford has joined #mer17:48
*** lynxis has quit IRC17:50
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer17:56
*** lynxis has joined #mer17:57
* csdb is sad to read Stskeeps happyness at it being weekend. It reminds him that he's only @ 10AM in his timezone17:58
wmarone_good 'ol pacific time zone17:59
*** slaine has quit IRC17:59
*** vakkov has joined #mer18:14
*** lynxis has quit IRC18:15
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:19
vgradelbt, bypass bootloader on EFI,
Stskeepswmarone_: yeah, worst part of international collaborations - people start talking about beer around 10am in ones timezone ;)18:24
*** lynxis has quit IRC18:28
*** stepiro has quit IRC18:36
*** stepiro has joined #mer18:37
*** tomeff has quit IRC18:40
lbtvgrade: hey.... neat18:45
lbt3.3 eh?18:46
*** tomeff has joined #mer18:47
*** vivijim has quit IRC18:55
*** stepiro has quit IRC18:55
*** stepiro has joined #mer18:55
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:57
*** araujo has joined #mer19:01
* Stskeeps watches the mer mips port build away happily with sb219:12
*** araujo has quit IRC19:12
timophwant to document the setup? :p19:14
Stskeepsit's surprisingily similar to ARM setup19:14
Stskeepsjust s/armv7l/mipsel/19:15
Stskeepsno more editing 40+ packages :)19:15
Stskeepstimoph: did you see the .ks i made for a toolset for platform sdk?19:16
Stskeepsstarted putting some tools together there19:16
* timoph downloads19:16
Stskeepsif you want a tarball of that rootfs, let me know19:16
* Stskeeps uploads it19:18
timophhmmh. need to go out to buy something to eat. brb19:18
*** seanvk_ is now known as seanvk19:26
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk19:33
*** tomeff has quit IRC19:40
timophStskeeps: thanks. downloading...19:42
*** tomeff has joined #mer19:43
Stskeepstimoph: i'm planning to integrate scratchbox2 and qemu into standard mer downloads when i've managed to get next release out the door, then that should be available there too19:43
vgradeStskeeps, I've been working with the nVidia Tegra SDK over the last couple of weeks.  Its based on a ubuntu 10.10.  Currently builds are done using scripts and much messing with paths, rewriting .pc files etc.  The SDK provides a rootfs of the target and arm toolchain.  Looking more at sb2 I'm thinking I could make a much more controllable environment with it. Could sb2 be used in this task?19:44
Stskeepsvgrade: sounds like a typical target, yeah19:45
*** notmart has left #mer19:45
*** AIN2 has quit IRC19:46
Stskeepsvgrade: what sb2 is good at is combining a toolchain with a target rootfs, and optionally x86 tools19:48
vgradeStskeeps, thanks, we are looking to improve the current environment19:49
Stskeepsvgrade: i would advise you to give sb2 a try the19:50
*** stepiro has quit IRC19:51
vgradeadded to the list19:51
*** stepiro has joined #mer19:51
*** afiestas has quit IRC19:53
*** swer has joined #mer19:55
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*** tpn has joined #mer20:10
* Stskeeps glances at meego's old featurezilla20:12
timopheyeing for good features?20:13
Stskeepswell, as you may know, this feature set is fairly close to an actual handset's20:13
Stskeepsand it's kinda amazing that's in the wild20:15
Stskeepsthere's a pretty complete set of SDK requirements too20:18
*** phaeron has joined #mer20:21
timophthose reqs should actually be saved before they turn off the lights20:22
Stskeepsyes, guess what i just exported :P20:22
*** onekenthomas has joined #mer20:23
*** AIN2 has joined #mer20:27
*** phaeron has quit IRC20:30
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phaeronstartin PA on mer ..21:45
phaeronquiet nice ..21:56
*** stepiro has quit IRC22:02
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*** stinger2k has joined #mer22:24
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stinger2kcan anyone told me if there´s a running project to precompile an image for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500/7510)?22:26
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC22:35
vgradestinger2k, we had some work on original 7" gt, not sure if anyone has started on 10.122:37
stinger2kare ther any driver sources for this...?22:38
vgradedriver sources probably not, let me get the link to wiki. Probably a meego reference22:38
vgradedo you have kernel source22:39
vgradeopen boot loader22:39
vgradeadaptation relies on a lot of things being available before we can go ahead22:40
*** stepiro has quit IRC22:40
*** stepiro has joined #mer22:40
vgrade, as you will see lardman is best placed to answer details22:41
vgradethis is encouraging
RaYmAnSGT 10.1" is pretty much the same as any other tegra2 tablet =P22:44
*** tilgovi has quit IRC22:44
RaYmAniirc, samsung was stupid and essentially released the SBK inside a bootloader.bin update ;)22:45
vgradeRaYmAn, hi, hows things22:45
RaYmAnvgrade: pretty good :P Been busy with ICS and porting random kernels to adam ;P22:46
RaYmAnCrossing fingers I'll manage to get an order in for a raspbpi when they go on sale :P22:46
RaYmAnvgrade: you? :)22:47
vgradecahnged jobs just before xmas so flat out on that mostly22:48
RaYmAnah..good job? =P22:48
vgradebig change for me but now doing this stuff ft22:49
vgraderpi is going to be huge22:49
RaYmAnI'd love to get a job where I'd do android/linux/similar stuff for a living =P22:50
*** vakkov has quit IRC22:50
vgradedid you see
vgrade_Thomas on here is from there and they are looking for kernel guys22:51
_ThomasYes, we're looking for kernel guys ;)22:52
RaYmAnah, awesome :P22:52
RaYmAnIt looks so awesome, lol22:52
RaYmAnI love that so many new fairly cheap devices with reasonable power is coming out  these days :)22:52
vgrade_Thomas, hi, were you at CES22:52
_Thomasvgrade: Yes22:52
vgrade_Thomas, good response?22:53
_ThomasGreat :)22:53
vgrade_Thomas meet RaYmAn, he's been doing kernel dev on Tegra 2 devices22:53
RaYmAnI did notice that job posting actually, lol..But a bit far away =P22:53
vgradedistance is relative on the interweb22:54
RaYmAn"Place of work22:54
RaYmAn* Trondheim"22:54
_Thomasyes, that's correct22:55
RaYmAn_Thomas: the cotton candy looks so awesome :)22:55
RaYmAnvgrade: where did you get employed, if public? :)22:56
RaYmAnah, looks cool22:57
*** stepiro has quit IRC22:58
vgrade_Thomas, did you speak to jukka22:58
*** stepiro has joined #mer22:58
_Thomasvgrade: I think so, but he didn't follow up22:59
_Thomasif you're talkibg about kim j?23:00
vgrade_Thomas, sorry, I thought there might be a few ex Nokians who could help23:00
*** araujo has joined #mer23:01
*** araujo has joined #mer23:01
vgradeTampere, Finland23:02
*** leinir has quit IRC23:02
*** araujo has quit IRC23:02
_Thomashmm, I didn't talk to him, no23:02
_ThomasAh, for helping with finding people?23:03
_ThomasRaYmAn: So you don't like the idea of moving to Norway? :)23:03
_Thomasvgrade: No, didn't talk to him23:03
RaYmAn_Thomas: I'm not sure my gf would appreciate it much..How's employment rates for nurses up there? :P23:04
_ThomasRaYmAn: There's a shortage23:04
_ThomasRaYmAn: We get nurses from Sweden and Denmark, and even other parts of europe23:04
RaYmAnah, cool23:04
_ThomasShe works as a hospital?23:05
*** araujo has joined #mer23:06
*** araujo has joined #mer23:06
vgradeup early tomorrow guys, night23:06
_ThomasRaYmAn: You're based in .dk or?23:06
RaYmAn_Thomas: yeah, copenhagen23:06
_ThomasRaYmAn: 1h30 mins away then23:06
_Thomasdirect route every day with plane23:06
_ThomasRaYmAn: That's one easy way of starting out with a job as a nurse in Norway23:08
RaYmAn_Thomas: tbh, I'd love to apply, but it's probably not realistic right now..If you guys are looking for open source devs to help out on an "interest basis", do let me know :)23:09
RaYmAnbut I gotta go now. Birthday breakfast tomorrow with family, heh23:10
_ThomasRaYmAn: Before june, we'll be wanting people to do dev23:10
_ThomasRaYmAn: Usually nurses earn better here than in Sweden and Denmark23:11
RaYmAnA good deal of the people she went to school with is working in sweden/norway23:12
RaYmAnbecause there's a huge lack of jobs here for that :/23:13
_Thomaswhat part of the hospital do she work at?23:13
RaYmAnshe works for the uhm, ..Not sure how to translate it properly..respirator type thing..lung stuff and sleep apnea23:14
_ThomasIntensive Care?23:15
RaYmAnno, it's more people who has to live with it daily they deal with23:15
RaYmAnlike, when they are in recovery and take the respirators home23:15
_ThomasLike people who have KOLS23:16
RaYmAnyeah, think so23:16
_Thomas(don't know if it's called that in Danish)23:16
RaYmAnI don't know much about it, because I lack all the background knowledge =P23:17
*** stinger2k has quit IRC23:17
_ThomasRaYmAn: My wife is a nurse ;)23:17
RaYmAnIt seems like a very common combination :P Geeks & Nurses23:18
RaYmAnat my current job, half the people you talk to have gf's/wifes who are nurses, lol23:18
_ThomasBut seriously, we're looking for kernel /  embedded people23:19
_Thomasand there's lots of positions open for nurses in the area23:19
RaYmAnIt sounds really interesting, but I'm not sure it's quite the right time to move to a new country :/23:19
RaYmAnwe just bought an apartment23:19
RaYmAnbut anyways, really gotta run now :P gf's whining ;)23:20
_ThomasRent out the appartment for a while ;)23:20
_ThomasI'm actually not kidding :)23:26
_ThomasWe're also in the process in hiring another one from .dk23:26
*** Bryanstein has quit IRC23:28
*** timsamoff has joined #mer23:29
*** Bryanstein has joined #mer23:36
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