Monday, 2012-01-16

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* wmarone shrugs04:44
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* Stskeeps yawns and clings to his coffee cup05:27
Stskeepswmarone: did you try simple xterm yet?05:28
wmaroneboots directly into the xterm05:28
Stskeepsand that breaks too?05:28
Stskeepswell that's a good clue :P05:29
Stskeepsif it was only in qt that'd be more of a nightmare to debug05:29
wmaroneI didn't expect it was Qt, but I'm not sure where or what is causing the break05:29
Stskeepsok, got a latest copy of it then?05:30
Stskeepswith usbnetwork ideally05:30
wmaronehaven't built one recently, let me put one together05:31
Stskeepsnow that i can actually boot the images it helps a lot :P05:32
wmaroneok, new kernel and 92-NookColor.conf for xorg, quick test on my system then I'll post it05:36
Stskeepsalso, did you use mtev or evdev?05:40
wmaronewrong window06:02
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Stskeepsthanks, grabbing06:13
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Sageok, time to kick the kernel build and see what happens durin build.07:18
Sagewhat is the best way to follow memory consumption of the osc local build btw?07:18
Stskeepsfree -m monitoring maybe07:18
Sagewell, mainly ment that if I use the laptop at the same time is there way to easily distinguish that from the rest, I guess not07:19
Sagee.g., starting firefox takes easily couple of hundred M mem :)07:19
Stskeepsprocess accounting but that's a bit nasty07:20
Sagehmmp. I'll just take is easy during the build :)07:22
Sagebtw, any timeline for next Mer release?07:23
Stskeepstomorrow, ideally07:23
Stskeepswaiting for qt4.8.007:23
Sageso is it prerelease tomorrow or release?07:23
Stskeepsthat's the prerelease07:23
Sageand release is on Thursday?07:24
Sageif all goes well07:24
Stskeepslet's see how badly things break, but yeah07:24
Stskeepsremember bug triage is 2 hours earlier today, ie, the mer one07:26
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Sageit seems that at least the kernel compile is well handled in that kernel build. Probably just modules then.07:32
Sagehmmp... seems like it is not loosing memory actually07:37
Stskeepsslap in a ulimit -v 1048576   before buld07:40
Stskeepsin same segment, ie, in %build07:41
SageI'll wait for the build to finish first but sure :)07:42
Stskeepson cobs07:43
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Sageah, ok07:43
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Sage  MODPOST 1239 modules07:45
Sage^ just nuts :)07:45
SageAnd I removed bunch of those already07:45
Sageyup, succeeded on my laptop local build07:46
Stskeepshow much ram on it?07:46
Sage+ 6G swap but none of that was in use07:47
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Sagemorning veskuh07:52
Sagesonach: same thing with ulimit -v08:00
Sageerr... Stskeeps ^ :)08:00
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sonachGlad to see you all:)08:03
Stskeeps'lo sonach, and welcome :)08:03
kulvewould it make sense to be more active in I know it takes always extra time but getting news conveniently to your reader would make project following easy. At least I would be interested to know about weekly releases with the bugs-fixed list, any new major components added, milestones achieved or demos made (could include Nemo stuff as well). Most of that stuff is already in the mailing list but they are easily lost there08:03
Stskeepskulve: yes, agreed, but i think we should move it to our own hosting platform as blogspot is blocked in important markets such as china08:04
sonachStsKeeps: When will move Mer's blogspot to Mer's own hosting platform? We are looking forward to this... Several years ago, there existed some tricks to access blogspot, but now the tricks don't take effect any more.08:07
Stskeepssonach: it's on our list to do, just a lot of things we have to do :) right now all important news goes to the mailing list08:08
sonachStsKeeps: thanks for your hard work:)08:09
Stskeepssonach: BTW, you should be able to use qml 1.0 interfaces without difficulty on the non-GLESv2 devices08:09
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sonachStsKeeps: Do you mean QtMediaHub can perform well on the non-GLESv2 device?08:13
Stskeepsi think it might be able to, but i haven't tried it myself08:13
Stskeepssoftware rendering can be slow in HDTV resolutions08:13
Stskeepsin smaller resolutions maybe less08:13
sonachYou mentioned LLVMPipe several days ago.  Can LLVMPipe perform well on 720P HDTV?08:15
Stskeepspossibly, depending on CPU, but the problem with llvmpipe is that it currently does not work for ARM :/08:16
vgradekulve, I have been adding items of interest to
Stskeepshopefully devices with GLESv2/EGL will become cheaper and cheaper08:16
sonachStsKeeps: So sad that llvmpipe does work for ARM... Now our CPU is Cortext A9 600MHz, 1200DMIPS or so.08:18
Stskeepsthe reason is that LLVM JIT doesn't work for ARM, which is surprising considering that apple uses LLVM extensively08:18
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sonachStsKeeps: So apple have used some technology that we don't know?08:19
Stskeepsi think they just use llvm for compiler, not for runtime08:20
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kulveStskeeps: oh, I didn't know that it's blocked from whole china..08:22
kulvevgrade: polling sites for information is too unefficient :)08:22
sonachStsKeeps: To my knowledge, only high-end STBs will include hardware GLESv2/EGL.  So it seems that I have to find a way out to support non-GLESv2 device...08:22
Stskeepsit should be possible at least08:23
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Stskeepssomeone said they got qml interfaces working at 60fps at 720p with directfb on dual core mips08:25
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sonachOh, 60fps at 720p is good! We should try QtMediaHub later then.08:26
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Stskeepsmentioned in
sonachStsKeeps: Thanks. We are concerning whether QtMediaHub is stable or not...08:28
Stskeepsi think it's a template to build on top of - the alternative is to build your own interfaces08:29
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SageStskeeps: is is possible to get mail from all created gerrit reviews?08:36
SageOn creation that is?08:36
SageI would be happy to review some of those but I don't notice them atm. easily.08:37
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StskeepsSage: i've been pondering an irc bot08:37
Stskeepsbut yeah, i guess we can make that08:37
Stskeepsfile a task bug?08:37
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kulveif there's an irc bot notifying about review, I hope it's on #mer-reviews etc..08:39
kulvein there it's a good idea08:39
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sonachStsKeeps: Is there any guildance to port Mer to new hardware?08:47
Stskeepssonach: we're slowly generating documentation for that on the wiki page, but essentially, take a kernel that works for your device and try to boot one of our file systems. We'll soon be providing 'generic' root file systems for people to use08:48
sonachStsKeeps: Kernel works for our device is ready.  "try to boot one of our file systems" what file system do you mean?08:49
sonachI don't understand "try to boot one of our file systems"...08:50
Stskeepsok, take for example the 'tv' image you had for pandaboard08:51
Stskeepsthat has a file system on it you can try to boot08:51
SageStskeeps: how to install packages from localbuild to osc chroot?08:52
Stskeepswe'll soon be providing tar.gz files that isn't specific to a certain device08:52
StskeepsSage: no idea, sorry08:52
SageStskeeps: can't use rpm --root= as error: db4 error(-30971) from dbenv->open: DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch08:52
StskeepsSage: right, cp them in and then rpm -i ?08:52
Sageyes, but how to do rpm -i as the user in osc chroot doesn't have root perms08:53
Stskeepsah, you can osc chroot to root, i think08:53
Sageah, -r08:53
sonachStsKeeps: Yes, And I think "ce-adaptation-pandaboard" is where to do initialization for systemd. But I don't know how to setup the initialization process in our code or config files...08:53
Stskeepssonach: right, that documentation is missing - generally, most documentation you find on the internet about systemd can be used in mer too08:55
Stskeepsor you can look around on for examples08:55
Stskeepsin projects -> CE:Adaptation:08:55
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sonachStsKeeps: thanks. we will try generating our own rootfs soon.08:57
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sonachStsKeeps: BTW, certainly we have run mer-tv-pandaboard rootfs successfully by means of chroot.09:03
Stskeepsdoes your chipsets have NEON or not, by the way?09:07
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sonachStsKeeps: no NEON support. Only "swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp vfpv3 vfpv3d16".09:08
Stskeepswe don't strictly require it but it always helps :)09:08
sonachStsKeeps: BTW, can you create an account for me on MeeGo COBS? Or ask for lbt(David)?09:09
Stskeepswhat is your username?09:10
sonachWait a minute:)09:11
sonachStsKeeps: my username is sonach,09:15
Stskeepslbt: ^ please activate09:16
sonachlbt: thank you!09:17
Stskeepsjust remember community obs is a public place, so no closed source there, but you can build it locally if you need to09:18
StskeepsSage: so, imagine you have the 'mer' kickstarter, and availability to get the mer core yaml, how would you utilize it in mer, how would you keep it updated, etc?09:25
Stskeepsutilize it in nemo09:26
SageStskeeps: I would have nemo-image-configs depend on mer-core-yaml and kickstarter packages and when built it would pick up the latest yaml changes from Mer core as well09:26
Stskeepsok, so RPM centric?09:27
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Sageyes, I'm open for other ideas as well but that is what I would say atm.09:27
Stskeepssounds sane09:28
SageI would prefer the rpm as then the mer core yaml would be provided with the actual core09:28
Sageso vendor would pick up the changes when they change the core09:28
Sagesimilarly to other changes made.09:29
Matt_BattleHello everybody09:29
Stskeepshello Matt_Battle09:29
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lbtsonach: good morning .... done :)09:33
lbtsonach: I'm working through the getting started on new HW at the moment ... give me a few mins09:34
sonachlbt: Thank you very much! And now our time is 17:34 in the afternoon:)09:34
lbtjust getting started then eh :D09:34
* lbt will have to start getting up earlier....09:35
lbtsonach: so ... I assume you have a kernel that will boot on the device?09:36
sonachlbt: Yes,09:36
lbtah yes... I see you said that09:36
lbtso you need to think about creating a rootfs with additional local content09:37
lbtI guess you don't have a local OBS setup yet?09:38
sonachYes, for example, I need to create "mer-tv-hi3761m",09:38
Stskeepssonach: did you do image builds with your former meego based work?09:38
sonachI have done image builds with RPMs from MeeGo OBS and our local repo.09:40
sonachWe have built meego-pandaboard successfully before.09:41
lbtsonach: here's the outline of what I'm working on for Mer:
sonachlbt: OK, I can see the outline:)09:43
lbtso it sounds like you're at the stage where you need a kickstart for the pandaboard09:43
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lbtthat's what I'm working on for the Joggler - an atom based device which boots from a usb stick09:45
lbtit needs an image that contains fat32 /boot partition with grub and a / with rootfs09:46
lbtyou need to describe the image layout first09:46
lbtwe're also just in the process of transitioning from a MeeGo bootstrap to a Mer bootstrap for mic09:48
sonachlbt: OK. You message is very useful. I will try my work as soon as possible.09:48
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lbtsure - and please say if something is not clear - I very much want to make the docs and 'getting started' steps easy to follow09:49
lbtso feedback and comments are really helpful09:49
lbtsonach: by the way ... did we actually meet at the Tizen summit ?09:50
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sonachlbt: I have seen you at the summit. But I didn't attend on Day Two, So we didnot do conversation.  And, my oral English is poor...:)09:52
lbtheh .... I bet it's *much* better than my chinese :D09:52
lbtI'm hoping to get over there for another Tizen conference later in the year - maybe we'll chat in person then09:53
sonachOK, I am looking forward to that!09:53
lbtyou can demo a TV running Mer :D09:54
sonachlbt: Sure. We will release our first version on about 4/10/2012. Certainly, the TV/STB may be not so good...09:56
sonachOur first version is for STB. for TV, we have an important work to do: to persuade the TV manufacturer to use Mer instead of Android...09:57
Stskeeps4 october or 10 march?09:57
Stskeepser, 10 april09:57
sonachYes. 10 april.09:59
lbtgood to know - we'll have to keep an eye on dates leading up to that10:01
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sonachIn theory, the TV manufacturers should not use Android; In fact, if the TV manufacturers don't use Android, the products cannot sell well. It's a conflict, and it a chance for Mer.10:02
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slainesonach: they'll probably end up having to Pay Microsoft for patents that Android infringes too10:03
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Matt_Battlesonach: that will be a hard sell10:05
Matt_Battleespecially how many big companies back andriod10:05
sonachslaine: Maybe that's not a problem. Because the TVs using Android are all high-end, the patent fee is not very important, I think.10:05
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sonachMatt_Battle: You are right. The production section of the TV manufacturer company is not willing to produce smart-TVs without Android.10:06
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sonachWe are dicussing the problem with TV manufacturers and try to find some nice solution...10:08
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Matt_Battleyeap plus more and more microsoft push the claims of patents infringement the more companies are going to seperate themselves from them because they will view it as goliath picking on david10:09
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sonachCertainly, We need help of lbt, StsKeeps and all other Mer-guys... Thanks in advance!10:10
Stskeepsbut let's see.. i think mer could do well as a base for a STB10:10
lbtsonach: not a problem ... that's the intention of Mer10:10
Stskeepsi'm working on a way to shrink footprint even more with busybox instead of gnu coreutils etc10:10
slaineI certainly hope so, as that's what I'll be trying to use it for10:10
w00tStskeeps: busybox is certainly interesting10:11
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slaineStskeeps: and ucLibc ?10:11
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Stskeepsslaine: not that far yet10:11
BostikStskeeps: a word of warning, busybox comes with its nasty side effects when postinst scripts use options for coreutils tools that aren't implemented in busybox10:13
sonachI have to go home for my supper... See you later:)10:13
Bostikbeen there, still burning so no scars10:13
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StskeepsBostik: yeah10:14
Stskeepsi am aware it's a danger territory10:14
lbtBostik: I'm looking at using lua in rpm for postinst too10:15
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Bostikthings become even worse when (not if!) someone leaks busybox to build-depends10:15
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Bostikat that point things really go down in flames10:15
Bostikthe last time I got bit was when a %post used "chown --reference="10:16
Stskeepswe have even worse issues with our increasingily old gplv2 coreutils10:17
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slaineIs the Pandaboard ES available atm ?10:50
Stskeepsthink s10:52
vgradethat reminds me to unpack the beaglebone10:55
Stskeepsyou have a lot of toys ;)10:56
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slainemight be getting one here at work11:03
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lbtT-shirts.... just saying....11:11
vgradeStskeeps, yes and I should be booting those mer core filesystems you were talking about on them11:11
lbtvgrade: pandaboard?11:12
* lbt debates starting a project on C.OBS11:12
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lbtwhat's a small sea called11:12
lbtsome non-mer project that has minimal HA for some devices like pandaboard, joggler11:13
vgradesage has done work on panda recently11:14
lbtit's the scattered nature that irks me11:14 was a good place11:14
lbtit was a good place to distribute from11:15
lbtfor Mer the cobs has no restrictions on meego name11:15
lbtand we'll move to our own cobs one day11:15
vgradethe work on yaml buliding ks should help11:16
Stskeepsregarding that, lbt, saw sage's approach above?11:16
lbtno... scrolling11:16
vgradeonce that is in place that might be a good time to get a suite of images up11:17
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lbtStskeeps: yes, I'm assuming similar for the kernel HA packaging11:20
lbtdepend on the mer-core config package11:20
StskeepsREMINDER: Mer bug triage in 40 minutes in #mer-meeting11:24
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StskeepsREMINDER: Mer bug triage in 3 minutes in #mer-meeting12:00
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* lbt wonders who's ntp isn't working12:02
*** user__ has joined #mer12:03
*** KaIRC has joined #mer12:03
Stskeepsmonster, seemingily12:03
lbtlog a bug ? :D12:03
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*** user__ is now known as niqt_12:13
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* Stskeeps needs caffeine13:05
lbtI really need to finish this joggler thing and get on with my bugs13:05
Stskeepsi don't mind the joggler stuff, it gives valuable input to vendor process13:06
*** tbf has quit IRC13:06
lbtkernel...boot...wrong CONFIG...repeat13:06
Stskeepshow is it going with it?13:06
lbtyeah, it's doing well13:06
lbtand I'm keeping the overview simple13:06
lbtexpanding concept area locally to explain things13:06
lbtI have the kernel packaging working fine13:07
lbtwith a little git->patches script13:07
lbtmic is working with a bootloader too13:08
lbtno mmc yet :(13:08
KaIRChmm, my N900 USB sockets doesn't feel loose in any way but it doesn't accept charging any more :(13:09
StskeepsKaIRC: tmo has guides13:10
KaIRCStskeeps: I'll search for those, then, and hope I can salvage it somehow (it's not my main device any more, thanks to having an N9, but it's nice for testing e.g. mer/nemo)13:12
*** uolli has joined #mer13:12
KaIRCin the worst case, I'll need to find an old charger and use the N810 as a charger for the N900 battery ;-)13:13
*** uolli has quit IRC13:14
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*** cmazieri has joined #mer13:26
Stskeepshello cmazieri :)13:28
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:31
*** Jade has joined #mer13:32
slaineStskeeps: question about the fakeobs setup13:38
slaineOn my obsvm13:38
*** hadara_ is now known as hadara13:38
slainewhen I run the linkpac command, it copies from my fakeobs instance to my obsvm instance and rebuilds, due probably to the linkpac command getting a "copy" parameter13:39
slaineIs it possible for linkpac to link rather than copy ?13:39
Stskeepsas in you don't want it to rebuild?13:40
slaineso that I don't rebuild everything, obs just pulls the packages from fakeobs that have already been built13:40
Stskeepsthe -C copy is just something about about the versioning numbers13:40
slaineI can trigger a rebuild then in my own time13:40
Stskeepsright.. hmm13:41
slainejust trying to be economical with the computer time13:41
Stskeepsso you only want it to rebuild for the packages that you've modified?13:41
slaineand bandwidth. cobs builds everything, I pull it binaries and source packages, link them and rebuild it all over again.13:42
slainejust thinking out loud13:42
slaineseems like a waste of bandwidth to download everything only to scrap it all again and rebuild it.13:42
slaineso it should just get source packages down and create binaries, or if it gets binaries, import them and rebuild when changed13:43
slaineit's pretty heavy handed atm and takes a long time to sync up, one of the issues I have time time.13:43
slaines/time time/is time/13:44
Stskeepsokay, so, when you pull a new mer version, and you have an already built version, it'll use those. once you self-host and remove <path> to the fakeobs, you stop relying on the binaries from fakeobs13:44
Stskeepsafter you've done the build once, you can remove <path> to fakeobs13:46
*** leinir has joined #mer13:46
*** leinir has joined #mer13:46
slaineok, but not clear on how that syncs with the latest release. then13:46
Stskeepsthen it gets synced through the sources13:47
slaineatm, I'm redoing fakeobs each time13:47
Stskeepsand it rebuilds13:47
Stskeepsso what would you prefer the obs to be doing?13:48
Stskeepsi assume you want to modify parts of the core13:48
slaineStskeeps: more keep in sync with the upstream core13:49
slainemy requirements may well change as the project progresses13:49
*** dijenerate has quit IRC13:49
Stskeepsokay, so, you'd just like to build against mer core (your own local copy), not self-build it?13:49
slaineit's probably due to the regular snapshots and what I'm doing is right, just on underpowered build gear, hence the time being the issue13:49
slaineStskeeps: essentially yes13:50
slaineFrom a QA perspective, I'd need to be able to rebuild it13:50
Stskeepsright, but not part of daily process13:50
slainebut that's not a requirement for fast iterations13:50
Stskeepsok, then just set up an empty repository and <repository><path project="fakeobs:Core:i586" repository="Core_i586" /></repository>13:51
Stskeepsand built against that empty repositoriy13:51
Stskeepsthe binaries are there, so13:51
Stskeepsjust like you can rebuild locally, you can build against it without a rebuild13:53
Stskeepsah.. another way you can do it is aggregatepac13:53
Stskeepsbut that's more complicated13:53
slaineOr I could just get a dedicated machine with enough ram13:54
Stskeepsalso possible, but honestly, you can just build against fakeobs :)13:54
Stskeepsthat's what we do in nemo too13:54
*** harbaum has joined #mer13:54
slainethat was something else I wanted to look at13:55
slainehow the nemo builds are done.13:55
Stskeepslike in topic13:55
Stskeeps(building against mer in cobs)13:55
slainehave that page open13:56
Stskeepsour fakeobs is called Mer:fake on there13:56
slaineok, cheers.14:10
slaineI might see if I can do the same, that's probably exactly what I'm after14:11
SageStskeeps: so the kernel compiles fine on my work laptop but fails on cobs. So maybe the issue is in the COBS?14:34
Sagekernel didn't boot though, but didn't have time to inspect it more today14:34
*** musca has joined #mer14:34
Stskeepsi still think it's related to the ram size14:35
*** musca has joined #mer14:35
Sageis there away to limit ramsize on my laptop during osc build?14:35
Sageie. way to reproduce the issue on my laptop14:36
*** musca has joined #mer14:36
SageI could try to build with netbook with 1G ram. That should do it?14:36
*** musca has joined #mer14:36
Stskeepsi had a similar-ish issue with gcc build on my builder14:37
*** norayr has quit IRC14:37
Stskeepsulimit -v did it for me14:37
*** musca has joined #mer14:37
*** musca has joined #mer14:38
*** musca has joined #mer14:38
Sagehmmp, I'll retry with ulimit before the kernel compile (had it before module compile that was the one that fails)14:39
*** musca has joined #mer14:39
*** musca has joined #mer14:40
*** singler has quit IRC14:41
*** musca has joined #mer14:41
*** musca has joined #mer14:42
*** musca has joined #mer14:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps14:44
*** musca was kicked by Stskeeps (please fix broken client and rejoin)14:44
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps14:44
*** himamura has quit IRC14:49
*** himamura has joined #mer14:49
*** thomashc has joined #mer14:52
mdfe_Stskeeps: Hi, you do not build mer anymore on bpmc?15:05
Stskeepsmdfe_: we never did15:06
Stskeepsmdfe_: Mer:Trunk:Base was just a copy lbt did at some point15:06
mdfe_is your mer build service public?15:06
Stskeepssemi-public, ie, i don't want people to really build on it as we do CI on it and needs all the resources it can get -- people usually have own OBS'es and build against fakeobs (which is the output)15:07 if you want to browse around15:07
mdfe_cool :) thats what I like to do15:08
mdfe_Stskeeps: I seems I need a account to browse around15:11
Stskeepsjust register15:11
Stskeepsi couldn't figure out how to enable anonymous viewing :P15:12
mdfe_hmm, 'Illegal email address:'15:14
*** norayr has joined #mer15:18
Stskeepsnot sure it matters :P15:18
*** Free-MG has joined #mer15:22
*** norayr has quit IRC15:27
*** s1gk1ll has joined #mer15:28
*** sigkill_ has quit IRC15:31
*** mlfoster has joined #mer15:39
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:51
*** disco_stu has quit IRC15:56
*** disco_stu has joined #mer15:56
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:00
*** tomeff has quit IRC16:12
Stskeepsmeh, the build-all-in-obs idea won't work in reality16:13
Stskeepswith the yamls16:13
*** niqt has quit IRC16:17
*** raignarok has joined #mer16:17
*** singler has joined #mer16:23
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:24
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #mer16:28
*** KaIRC has quit IRC16:28
*** tomeff has joined #mer16:29
*** slaine has quit IRC16:30
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*** paulsherwood has joined #mer16:40
*** andre__ has quit IRC16:43
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer16:51
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer16:52
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer16:52
*** vakkov has joined #mer17:06
lbtyay X is crashing on my joggler17:08
Stskeepsthta's progress17:10
wmaroneStskeeps: did that image work for you?17:10
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:11
Stskeepswmarone: my wife took my nook along to work (she works at a publisher)17:12
lbtnetconsole is a bit random too17:14
lbtneed a rootdelay for the usb (I'd forgotten that one)17:15
lbtis it?17:17
lbtwould mer dhcp on eth0 ?17:19
*** NIN102 has joined #mer17:19
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer17:19
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:19
Stskeepsusually would, but joggler sets a random MAC address17:21
lbtwhich way round is it? I thought the wifi mac came from the eth0 ?17:22
*** shanem has joined #mer17:22
lbtI know it's spooky17:22
lbtactually nm ... I'm getting netconsole... sniff it :)17:22
* lbt rebuilds kernel so modules work17:23
*** dionet has joined #mer17:26
*** xtcx has joined #mer17:31
*** xtcx has joined #mer17:31
*** thomashc has quit IRC17:34
*** paulsherwood has quit IRC17:37
*** IanWizard-Cloud has quit IRC17:37
* lbt thinks we may need a boot to framebuffer console image first...17:48
*** shanem has quit IRC17:48
*** smoku has quit IRC17:51
vgradelbt, a good call.17:55
lbthey vgrade17:56
lbtso I have a nice HA package and ks for a minimal joggler which boots to rootfs but no more17:56
lbtHA kernel17:56
lbtjust trying to minimise the .config now17:57
lbt2.6.38.4 based17:57
lbtwhich I hope is appropriate for the gfx17:57
vgradeyea, been watching progress. kernel from the website with ubuntu, mint17:58
*** phaeron has joined #mer17:58
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:58
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer17:59
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer17:59
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer17:59
lbtthat config needs an initrd17:59
*** IanWizard-Cloud has quit IRC17:59
lbtso I'm getting to a bigger but plain kernel17:59
*** shanem has joined #mer18:00
lbtthe problem was that rootfs device wasn't showing up quickly ... and I was looking for other config tweaks :(18:00
vgradeI think they are using emgd kernel module18:00
lbt# CONFIG_STUB_POULSBO is not set18:01
vgradethe last image I built used the emgd kernel patches from the meego automotive kernel and the meego emgd userspace pkgs18:01
lbtyeah ...18:02
lbtI may call on you RSN18:02
*** frals_ is now known as frals18:02
*** frals has joined #mer18:02
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer18:03
Stskeepslbt: so, building the yaml stuff using rpms isn't feasible since we'll have multiple <path>18:11
Stskeepswhich just will screw up stuff18:11
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer18:12
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer18:12
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer18:12
Stskeepsso, i'm thinking something like a Makefile and .tar files that people can point to..18:12
lbtwhy multiple paths?18:13
Stskeepsmer core, ux, hardware adaptations18:14
Stskeepssee the problem?18:14
lbtisn't core common to all18:15
Stskeepsit is, but if i have my-mer-product and build-dep on mer core's yaml package, ux's yaml package, hw adaptations's ux package..18:16
Stskeepsalso, that we aren't even guaranteed to have these in same obs18:16
lbtwhat is having the build-depend ?18:17
*** shanem has quit IRC18:17
*** xnt14 has quit IRC18:17
lbtthis is the IMG yaml18:17
Stskeepsit's the one that'll generate .ks'es18:17
Stskeepsie, the one targetting a product18:18
*** xnt14 has joined #mer18:19
Stskeepsthe idea is: i have my mer product, described by a yaml file, it depends on the yamls from mer core, from the ux, from the hw adaptation18:19
lbtjust thinking18:20
Stskeepsand i need to have a simple process that will give me suitable .ks'es18:20
lbtwe have multiple prj in OBS18:20
Stskeepsyaml's may vary across versions of the derived things18:20
Stskeepsalso, we have to be able to do this without an obs18:21
Stskeepswhich makes it more problematic18:21
*** lamikr has quit IRC18:23
lbtwhat's the problem18:24
lbtgiven 3 repos I want to build a .ks for my product18:24
lbtthe repos must provide yamls ?18:25
lbtwhich give partial descriptions18:25
lbtor is this more an event mgmt issue?18:25
lbtwhen any one of the repos builds a combined image must build?18:26
Stskeepsobjective: we have 3 pieces from the mer ecosystem, we want to merge them together with our own image description, and then create .ks'es on the basis of this18:26
Stskeepswe also have to be able to adjust the pieces as we increment versions18:26
lbtso the first one... makes sense18:27
Stskeepsright, second one: pieces are almost never static and evolves18:28
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC18:28
Stskeepsand we need to be able to 'upgrade'/pull to their new versions18:28
*** shanem has joined #mer18:28
lbtwhen does the yaml change?18:28
timophoh. btw, since I failed to get mer sb2 working yesterday. I'm thinking what I'm missing. Do I need to copy the rootfs from somewhere, etc.?18:29
Stskeepstimoph: grab any random rootfs, take the n950 one, it's in a nice tar.gz format18:29
timophI'll try that18:29
Stskeepslbt: as an example, we add a new package group, we change repository URL, we add a new package to be included, or change file system types..18:29
Stskeepsor rename package groups18:30
Stskeepsyes, that's usually a manual process, happening in the upstream 'piece'18:30
lbtso what's the problem with putting this data into an rpm?18:31
lbtis it that the obs build-dep process won't automate?18:31
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC18:32
Stskeepsone is that we likely will have to be utilizing multiple paths just to build one rpm, 2) we need to have access to the HW adaptation on OBS level, or UX 3) adding OBS to the mix just to make a .ks is a bit heavy18:33
lbtOK ... so we may be crossed here18:34
lbtI mean to have an OBS/git managed src which makes a tiny rpm with a config in it18:34
lbtyaml config in it18:34
*** paulsherwood has quit IRC18:34
*** IanWizard-Cloud has quit IRC18:34
lbtthree of these - one per area18:35
lbtthe combining step is manual18:35
lbtand not obs related at all18:35
lbtcf the 'watch upstream' bug earlier :)18:36
lbtwe can of course BOSS it18:36
lbtbut cron too18:36
Stskeepsthen again, i don't like combining step being manual, it screws up CI..18:36
Stskeepsa kingdom for a whiteboard..18:36
lbtwe watch OBS(es) all the time for certain events18:38
lbtso this is quite special18:38
lbtis it ....18:38
lbtwhat CI?18:39
lbta combined image build whenever any one of 3 repos is published?18:39
lbt(as a vendor)18:39
lbteach individual yaml doesn't BR on the others does it ?18:41
Stskeepsnah.. that we can't 'automatically' move ahead on a updated hardware adaptation, for example18:41
lbtso .. what then ?18:41
Stskeepsokay, perhaps we need to back up a bit and ponder how it is we're delivering hw adaptations and ux'es and that kind of jazz18:42
lbtthis is a vendor integration issue isn't it ?18:42
Stskeepsit is a bit, but we're hitting it immediately in nemo18:44
lbtjust placing the problem18:44
lbtI know we have to solve it :)18:44
lbtI suggest dropping the automation for now18:45
lbtas I think this is 2nd phase CI18:45
timophStskeeps: afaik bigbluebutton has a whiteboard18:45
lbtie we do a rootfs build of Mer18:45
lbtand validate that before we accept a commit18:45
Stskeepstimoph: yeah, but one i can actually draw sanely on :P18:45
lbtnow this is part of that 2nd phase where vendors get to comment18:45
Stskeepsyou're right, i'm nitpicking18:46
Stskeepsthe first important steps is to provide the yaml's and the .ks'es18:46
Stskeepswe'll figure out how to do it best as we go18:46
Stskeepsi'll start with a rpm provided from mer core18:46
lbtand the good thing is that 'it's just another rpm'18:46
lbtthis problem would apply if *any* rpm in any of the 3 repos is changed - yes?18:47
Stskeepsthe problem was regarding that the setup would be awkward.. ie, we'd probably have a product that would have <path> to all three repositories, and get the 3 rpms from those18:48
lbtyes - I agree that is a bad idea18:48
lbtusing obs there is kinda feasible but clunky and ... bad18:49
Stskeepsalso, on a platform sdk, we'd have to addrepo each of those to do a manual build..18:49
Stskeepswe shouldn't make it -too- difficult to do .ks'es :)18:49
lbtwhich makes sense18:49
lbtI can see a simple tool to do this18:49
lbtI pondered publishing someting alongside or in the .xml18:50
*** norayr has joined #mer18:51
*** singler has quit IRC18:55
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer18:55
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*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk19:03
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timophhmmh. missing
*** dionet has quit IRC19:17
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Stskeepstimoph: prod X-Fade about that20:00
*** beford has quit IRC20:01
*** beford has joined #mer20:03
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timophX-Fade: ping20:24
*** smoku has joined #mer20:24
timophX-Fade: tablets-dev downloads for 770 and n8x0 broken20:25
*** mdavey has joined #mer20:25
timoph(I know this is not the right channel but I'm not on #maemo)20:26
*** vakkov has quit IRC20:41
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*** Venemo has joined #mer20:45
lbthmm Stskeeps what target does our systemd look for at startup20:58
*** tarantism has joined #mer20:58 or default.target20:58
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:01
lbtour systemd is ignoring the kernel command line option   systemd.unit=getty.target21:11
*** slow has joined #mer21:12
lbthi slow21:13
slowjust read about other OS on galaxy tab, like meego21:14
slowi think i should backup my sd card and try to get this running21:14
lbthmm - not heard much about ports to that device21:16
*** mlfoster has joined #mer21:17
slowmeego, nothing yet with mer21:17
lbtlardman is the guy apparently21:17
*** shanem has joined #mer21:18
slowtnx, lbt21:22
*** notmart has quit IRC21:22
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:24
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*** pohly has quit IRC21:27
* lbt removes uxlaunch binary ... that'll stop the damn thing running21:27
w00tbeen there, done that21:28
*** jamien has joined #mer21:28
lbthow come setting the commandline isn't working?21:29
lbtand even moving out of the way21:29
lbtno it didn't21:31
*** tomeff has joined #mer21:31
lbtsome bugger is changing vt21:31
*** Alison_Chaiken has quit IRC21:31
* lbt removes Xorg21:34
*** smoku has quit IRC21:37
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer21:42
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*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer21:53
lbthmm tmpfs based OBS worker liveUSB stick for my laptops and wifes PC and other machines...22:04
*** HazardousWaster has quit IRC22:08
*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer22:09
*** jamien has quit IRC22:12
w00tlbt: i'll take 1222:16
lbtthey'd be useful I think22:17
lbtnb... when booting a rootfs make sure there isn't another one on another device...22:17
w00tright... i'm going to make a second attempt at bed22:19
lbtgood luck22:19
*** plate has joined #mer22:20
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