Sunday, 2012-01-15

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Stskeepsgood morning06:48
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Stskeepsaraujo: topic for repos07:26
Stskeepsmorn ti07:26
* Stskeeps needs coffee07:26
timophclose enough07:26
araujoStskeeps, Mer:fake:Core ?07:27
Stskeepsyes, for instance07:27
araujoStskeeps, that is the main mer core repo?, ... it cannot be browsed online?07:27
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Stskeepsis the official one07:28
araujoStskeeps, I was looking for an OBS repo07:29
Stskeepsaraujo: ok, what are you trying to do exactly? :P07:29
araujoStskeeps, I wanted to see the list of available packages for the Mer Core OBS repo07:30
araujobasically that07:30
Stskeepsyou can also osc ls Mer:fake:Core:i586 for example07:31
araujoStskeeps, I was looking for the generated rpm subpackages too, but well, this gives me an idea :P07:35
araujothere it is, thanks Stskeeps !!07:39
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ArDoomHello folks!09:09
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ArDoomIs it possible to install Mer or Plasma active on my LG P500 Optimus One?09:10
ArDoomEverybody here?09:12
Stskeepscan you load your own linux kernel and flash your own linux file system?09:12
_av500_Stskeeps: you are so too technical :)09:13
Stskeeps_av500_: it's the first question needed :P09:13
ArDoomAre you asking me?09:14
Stskeepsyes, i am09:14
Stskeeps_av500_: i should make a flowchart..09:14
ArDoomI'm just user, I was curious09:15
StskeepsArDoom: then the answer is probably no :/09:15
ArDoomSo, is it even technically possible?09:15
ArDoomWhy not?09:15
Stskeepswell, it's not technically possible if you can't load your own linux kernel and can't flash your own linux file system to it09:16
ArDoomAlright, maybe through chroot and TightVNC?09:16
Stskeepsyou'll need mer booting on it's own for any kind of sane performance09:17
ArDoomLike it was made with debian arm build09:17
ArDoomAnd may I see screenshots of it?09:17
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Stskeepsthat you can probably find on the plasma active sites09:18
ArDoomMay I have a link please?09:21
ArDoomYou don't seem to be friendly to newbies...09:21
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Stskeepsi'm newbie friendly, but mer is the core/engine, plasma active is a seperate project :)09:22
Stskeepsso i don't know everything about it09:23
ArDoomOh, I see finally09:29
ArDoomBut any chance to make it work on ARMv6VFP?09:29
Stskeepsmer works on armv6 vfp, yes, plasma active was struggling on a raspberry pi though09:32
Stskeeps(also armv6 vfp)09:32
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n900-sleephelo ))09:59
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n900-homelanguare new rus!10:06
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phaeronlbt: ping10:42
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lbtphaeron: pong13:39
phaeronlbt: does puppet touch the enabled / disabled participants on img worker ?13:46
phaeronI disabled build_image twice and it got reenabled again13:47
lbtthere's a small chance it may have auto updated the package13:47
lbtbut that shouldn't do that13:47
lbtcobs IMG ?13:47
phaeronyes , but not package update. something reenables them by recreating the symlinks ?13:48
lbtsec ... potatoes are done....13:49
phaeronit's annoying because they have the old python-ruote-amqp and they hammer the amqp server with connections which it refuses13:49
phaeronand the log gets full and logrotate can't catch up13:49
* phaeron already has a headache13:50
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Stskeeps'lo vu3rdd13:54
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vu3rddhello Stskeeps14:00
lbtphaeron: looking now14:01
Stskeepsvu3rdd: welcome here :) what brings you to #mer?14:01
vu3rddFirst time on the mer channel. Quite interested in Meego. Don't have access to either N9 or N900 or N950.14:01
vu3rddStskeeps: I have an Android phone and work on Android internals a bit (on media side mostly).14:02
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vu3rddStskeeps: would love to do some work with Meego/Mer.14:02
lbtvu3rdd: sounds useful :)14:04
lbtMer works on any device with a hardware port14:04
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lbtand that's distinct from Mer Core14:05
lbtso Nemo has an ExoPC HA for exampl14:05
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vu3rddlbt: Thanks.14:05
vu3rddis there some way I can acquire some supported hardware? I tried to get an N9 but it is not available here (india)14:06
Stskeepsvu3rdd: got a PC? :)14:06
vu3rddStskeeps: yes. :)14:06
Stskeepswell there you have one14:06
Stskeepswe run on atom and non-atom hardware, including in virtual machines14:07
lbtStskeeps: we could do with a HA for radeon14:07
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Stskeepslbt: :nod:14:08
Stskeepslbt: or nvidia ion..14:08
lbtyeah , nvidia is redistributable now14:08
vu3rddI am starting to look at the mer wiki pages.14:08
lbtStskeeps: I think we should do these in Mer not-Core as generic PC HA templates14:09
Stskeepslbt: mm14:09
lbtI know14:09
Stskeepsvu3rdd: a good start :)14:10
lbtbut it's not like a specific SoC ..,14:10
lbtI'll raise a bug and we can decide how to handle it14:10
Stskeepsvu3rdd: if you see anything missing, let us know, i'm fairly sure some is14:10
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vu3rddStskeeps: thanks. I am looking at this page:
vu3rddWill try running the images first under qemu.14:13
Stskeepsah, that's meego, not mer14:13
Stskeepsalso, ancient pages :)14:14
vu3rddshould this be the page I should look at?
Stskeeps - try this, Nemo, based on Mer14:15
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lbtphaeron: I was wrong ... I did puppetise img workers so it will start them15:38
lbtpuppetadm /etc/puppet/modules/imgworker/manifests/15:39
phaeronso every cron it skynet enables them ?15:39
lbtI think it's more that it ensures they're enabled15:40
lbtbut the effect is the same15:40
lbtif you disable and touch "/var/lib/SkyNET/services/build_image"15:40
lbtthen it shouldn't try to enable15:40
lbtpuppet is awsome except when it isn't :D15:41
lbtpuppet is absolutely ideal for the Borg...15:41
phaeronresistance is futile :D15:43
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lbtwith spectacle are we supposed to add "make install" to the .spec ourselves?17:00
lbtor is that an indication that specify doesn't understand the tarball/Makefile ?17:00
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lbtnm .. cut'n'pasted Builder:None   d'oh17:06
phaeronwhen are we going to write a dpkg output plugin for spectacle :)17:08
lbtwhen deb BR names match debian ones17:08
phaeronthere was a mapping db for that17:09
lbtwhy does specify keep moaning: Warning: There is no "Makefile" for this package, please update it using packaging-tools17:11
phaeronbecause it is obsessed with Makefiles17:12
lbtI have a makefile in my tarball17:12
lbtand it looks in there for the dir/17:12
lbtso how come it misses it?17:13
lbtthe makefile isn't supposed to be broken out...17:13
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phaeronmaybe it is talking about the specify related Makefile.17:13
phaeronso you run make instead of specify :D17:14
* Stskeeps returns to his desk17:17
lbtyou're thinking SDK rootfs construction?17:22
lbtphaeron: ??17:23
Stskeepsno, i'm thinking that this seems to have been the official solution to our old erm, versioning issue17:23
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Stskeepsi also found the only kickstarter documentation17:24
lbtyeah ... fabulous isn't it17:25
Stskeepsi plan on walking through the kickstarter template :P17:25
lbtI'm just watching source_validator fail in some really odd ways17:26
lbtcool :D17:26
Stskeepsyes, i know17:28
Stskeepsi referred to it, i think17:28
lbtOK so you do17:28
lbtand you must have seen the MS ARM lockdown ?17:28
Stskeepsyes, but that's (probably) related to MS DRM17:30
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lbtthe mandatory trusted boot on ARM devices that can run windows17:30
lbtthat's scary17:31
lbtsince device mfg now can't make open-able devices17:31
Stskeepsin practice, aftermarket adaptation is really difficult anyway17:31
lbtsome have been opening up bootloaders for android devices17:32
lbtyes the drivers are a pita..17:32
lbtbut you can at least compile a mainly clean (and/or extended) kernel17:32
Stskeepsright, kernel is easy but getting beyond that..17:33
lbtthe point is that that tendency/trend will be hard(er) to cost-justify given the new MS position17:34
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zuhlbt: Device manufacturers _that want to ship WP_ can't make open-able devices, that's an important aspect...18:07
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Stskeepsneeds content, and maybe adjusting headers a bit18:25
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lbtis it refernce or tutorial ?18:26
* lbt stares at uninformative "O2" logo on screen18:26
Stskeepsthis particular one is reference, i'll have another one for tutorial fitting into our actual setup18:26
* lbt stares at mic config18:26
Stskeepsif it boots first time, then you know you'll just have avoided problems temporarily18:27
Stskeepscheck that your boot partition contains the right stuff18:28
lbtI think I want screen.efi in there too18:28
lbtboot.nsh grub.cfg startup.nsh     grub.efi and vmlinuz18:28
Stskeepsit makes life easier, yeah18:29
lbtdisk image looks good though18:30
lbtd'oh .... grub,cfg has "linux /bzImage"18:30
lbtKernel panic18:32
Stskeepskernel panics are good ;)18:33
lbtexactly :D18:33
lbtdo we do initrd usually ?18:38
Stskeepsnot really18:39
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lbtgood - but we should support making them18:46
Stskeepswe do, i think18:46
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timophStskeeps: what toolchain I should use with sb?19:20
timopharm toolchain that is19:21
Stskeepstimoph: mer's own provided generally.. what target? armv7l/armv7hl?19:21
* Stskeeps curses19:22
timophany will actually do since I'm just experimenting with it19:22
timophjust thought hl would be nice since I could try the compiled binaries on nemo n90019:22
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Stskeeps is an armv7l ones19:27
Stskeepsi'll start making an armv7hl one now (and armv6l ..)19:27
Stskeepsif you don't have mer, just rpm2cpio *.rpm | cpio -idv it, it installs nicely into opt/cross19:27
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Stskeepstimoph: thanks for reminding me, i had to include normal cross compiler as part of mer core for sb219:34
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lbtso Stskeeps what you mean by "we do, I think"19:38
Stskeepsas in i don't have an exact url to prove mkinitrd is in or outside mer19:39
Stskeepsat the time i said it19:39
lbtOK ... I can't find any meego or mer ref to an initrd/initramfs creation step19:39
Stskeepsbecause traditionally we don't use them19:40
Stskeepsslows down startup19:40
lbtso I guess I'd need to extend the packaging and/or provide some tool to mkinitrd for us19:40
lbtof course...19:40
Stskeepsor just pre-package the needed drivers for your device in the kernel..19:40
lbtyeah ... this is more useful for hackers who want to build a variety of modules and modprobe them in an initramfs shell19:41
lbtwe just say "Mer doesn't provide initrd/initramfs creation tools"19:42
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lbtfeel free to mentally add "yet" or "patches welcome"19:44
lbtdid you make busybox yet?19:44
Stskeepsi'm like halfway through19:44
lbtso we can wait for that too19:44
lbt is actually best I saw19:44
Stskeepsi plan on a non-evil busybox setup, ie, you could possibly replace it with actual coreutils if you wanted19:45
lbt /etc/alternatives !19:46
Stskeepsi'm getting my freerunner back one of these days, should be a nice low-end target for experiments19:51
lbta lot of the things in the joggler kernel config are modules btw19:53
Stskeepsubuntu heritage probably19:53
lbtsed s/m/y/19:53
Stskeepsnah, just what's needed19:53
Stskeepsto get it to rootfs19:53
Stskeepsmmc drivers, ext4, usb..19:53
lbtwhich would be ?19:53
lbtyeah ... hence the desire to boot to initramfs sh and see :)19:54
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* Stskeeps yawns20:03
* Stskeeps ponders buying a n920:03
lbtosc chroot isn't setting the same env as osc build20:07
lbtit's building a different ARCH in each afaict20:08
timophneed to run to the store before is closes..20:09
timophout of toilet paper...20:09
* timoph goes20:09
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lbttwitter-worthy I'd have thought....20:09
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timophok. back to trying to figure out how sb2 works20:31
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timophqemu seems to take it's time to compile..20:58
timophnote to self: make takes the -j argument - use it20:58
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timophworks with codesourcery toolchain but couldn't get it to work with mer toolchain21:59
timophneed figure out this tomorrow21:59
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