Saturday, 2012-01-14

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dm8tbrStskeeps Sage - so you guys are putting the tizen sources into COBS? :)08:06
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Stskeepsdm8tbr: just seeing how tied to the platform the WRT is08:23
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Stskeepsugh bad packaging08:34
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Stskeeps      printf("\033[1;31m= WRT: SPANK SPANK SPANK !!! \033[m\n");08:43
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Anssi138#define WTF assert08:54
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Termanagood morning09:49
Stskeepsmorn termana09:50
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Stskeepsfor those of you interested in Mer Base system and the composition of this,
Stskeepsglibc, libgcc, bash deps are implicit and removed11:39
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phaeronlbt:  great opensuse obs is not working12:37
phaeronI am going to try to use dod12:38
phaeronlbt: can I create it at toplevel ? Debian:6.012:41
lbtphaeron: sure12:42
lbtdocument it though12:42
phaeronlbt: I don't have permission to create that toplevel12:42
phaeronlbt: where do you want the docs to be ?12:42
lbtyou're an admin aren't you?12:42
phaeronlbt: no I am not12:42
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lbtslow nw12:45
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lbtput something in the Mer wiki under "OBS projects setup" ?12:49
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Stskeepshello 'hey'13:23
heyHey we are currently looking for the "old" mer debian kernel image for the N8x0 device series. Does anyone know, what had happend to that one?13:24
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Stskeepsstill on gitorious somewhere i think13:24
lbthmmph... my coffee got cold13:25
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lbtmic docs are crap13:29
Stskeepsmic or mic2?13:31
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Stskeepswe have docs? :)13:32
lbtwe do ..13:32
lbtneed syslinux for mer for joggler13:33
Stskeepscan't you just do -f raw and put grub on the /boot partition?13:34
lbtah... -f raw13:34
lbtthat was probably what I was looking to find in the "docs"13:34
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lbtnotice the lack of "raw"13:35
lbtI was actually aiming to use mic to create a 'plugin to joggler and boot' image13:36
Stskeeps-f raw is the only way to go13:36
Stskeepsrecall joggler is EFI13:36
lbtI may cheat on the grub build and upload an efiboot tarball to my OBS13:37
Venemohey guys :)13:39
Stskeepslo Venemo13:39
lbthi Venemo13:39
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lbtStskeeps: so with raw are there any extra keywords needed13:42
Stskeepsyes, you need to do the partition stuff, 'part'13:43
lbtyep - 2 of them13:43
lbtError: failed to create image : Failed mount disks : Unexpected number of partitions from kpartx: 0 != 113:43
Venemohow many UXes are there for Mer yet? :)13:44
phaeronlbt: initial page13:44
lbtphaeron: lookign13:44
StskeepsVenemo: check the wiki, community_workspace13:45
lbtphaeron: you may be able to help me on the mic too13:45
lbtphaeron: nice - ta13:45
Stskeepslbt: --ondisk sda in both, i think13:45
VenemoStskeeps, I see Nemo, PA, and Cordia13:45
* lbt is in kvm mode :)13:46
Stskeepsalso, fstype=13:46
phaeronVenemo: there was one called lipstick13:46
Venemophaeron, was? I thought w00t is still working on it13:46
phaeronlbt: what's up ?13:46
phaeronVenemo: didn't mean it's past sorry :)13:47
lbtphaeron: just having issues making an image ... lack of mic docs etc13:47
phaeronI take this opportunity to bring up the need for signer and source service :D13:48
lbtsigner for ?13:48
phaeronMer / MINT ?13:49
lbtI don't think we can sign anything using the name "meego" in any way.13:49
phaeronwho cares about "meego" ?13:49
lbtdo you mean on mer obs?13:49
lbtthere's a high prio bug for that13:49
phaeroncobs can't get signing ?13:50
lbtwell, what would we sign with/as?13:50
* phaeron wishes obs interlink would just die13:50
phaeronlbt: we create a mint team signing key13:50
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phaeronlbt: fyi I am merging boss and boss-viewer source packages. I got boss-viewer down to two files :)13:53
lbtok - maybe keep 2 rpms though13:54
phaeronwe ought to clean up our gitorious team area (or move to github :))13:54
phaeronlbt: yeah merge source package only. separate binary rpms13:54
lbteventually boss-viewer may run on a web f/e against a nw DB like couchdb13:54
phaeronlbt: yes I introduced inifile based config to prepare for that13:55
phaeronalso planned is a simplified one page viewer based on the ruote-kit rest api , which show very condensed to the point info . without the need to click around a lot13:56
Venemow00t, ping.13:57
lbtadd that to the upstream view?13:58
phaeronlbt: yes , probably at the / which is currently empty13:58
phaeronor at /_ruote which now just says Hello world13:58
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phaeronkinda like easy mode vs. advanced mode13:58
Stskeeps <- lbt, phaeron13:59
lbtkickstarter for Mer core?14:00
Stskeepsi should probably fix some typos14:01
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phaeronStskeeps: why the long names for the Architecture ?14:03
Stskeepsto indicate what exactly they are :P14:04
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phaeronok :D14:04
lbtis kickstarter better documented than mic2's .ks ?14:05
Stskeepsit can become, at least, but just to show where i'm going14:06
StskeepsExternalConfigs - effective layer cake14:06
phaeronlbt: mic's ks is a subset of
Stskeepsmeans they become available for inheritiance14:06
lbtphaeron: which subset?14:06
lbtthe problem I have today is that there are no docs and no best practice to make a vendor image14:07
lbtso do we fix that first14:07
lbtor do we wait until this is ready14:08
lbtnot sure if kickstarter is packaged14:08
Stskeepsit has been at some point, at least14:08
Stskeepsi'd prefer to have people using kickstarter for the simple reason that we have already seen problematics with people using 'old' .ks'es14:08
lbtso what do I put in that yaml to specify my raw image with 2 partitions?14:09
Stskeepsand we better can do 'off the shelf' getting of hardware adaptations14:09
lbtand where are you looking to find out ?14:09
lbtas explaining *how* to solve it is better than providing the answer :)14:10
Stskeepsthere's something called custom/part/ directory14:11
Stskeepsand you refer to it14:11
Stskeepsfor example, we have custom/part/n90014:11
Stskeepswhen it's beyond 'just a rootfs'14:12
lbtphaeron: cool14:13
lbtso that kickstarted knows about the n90014:14
lbtthe package/source14:14
Stskeepsyes, it's the same old used14:14
Stskeepssage has a bit modified one that supports inherit14:15
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lbt(mutter... raw is asking for syslinux too now ... wonder if it's hardcoded or a default for some magic bootloader attribute)14:15
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Stskeepsso, in principle, any objections to this kind of layercake setup?14:19
Stskeepsmeans hw adaptations can provide configurations as well to be added14:19
lbtI'd like to see docs on how it works before I see the yaml14:20
* lbt sees kickstarter isn't packaged for Debian *sigh*14:22
lbtlooks trivial though14:22
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lbtif not self.target_arch or not self.target_arch.startswith("arm"):  required_packages += ["syslinux", "syslinux-extlinux"]14:51
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* lbt hugs his # key14:53
Stskeepsthe new type of becoming a nonperson: being #'ed14:53
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lbt-> tango .... until tomorrow17:18
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Stskeepsphaeron: what things do we currently have packaged for mer?19:40
Stskeepsie, does mer:tools current build against mer itself19:40
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n900_ruI saw your new build)) Well done .. good work))) I would like to know .. is it possible to put the system on the memory of the body?)), and instruction)))19:49
Stskeepsi wouldn't bother, just run it off microsd19:50
n900_ruyes .. but I have a flash for only 2 gig ...19:50
Stskeepsthe emmc procedure is a bit comple19:51
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n900_ruin the sense?19:55
Stskeepsin the sense that it's very easy to fuck it up :)19:55
n900_ruthere are instructions for a similar naebu ?))))19:56
Stskeepshehe, not for newbies, i'm not even sure the emmc guide works at the moment :)19:57
n900_ruyou need to mount a folder in the monument20:00
n900_ruyou need to mount a folder on your phone?20:00
Stskeepsyou need to load a kernel and a special init ram disk20:01
Stskeepsand then manually write the image, with risk that you no longer can boot up your n90020:01
n900_ruNext time can be cut and enough 2 gig ?)))))))))))))))))))20:04
n900_ruNext time can be cut image and two gig enough ?*20:05
n900_ruor no?(20:05
Stskeepsso, there's two possibilities20:05
n900_rufor example:)20:06
Stskeeps1) you can partition the 2g card into 3 pieces, a root file system (ext4), a swap partition and a FAT partition, and copy all the contents from the 4gb image to that new card20:06
Stskeeps2) learn to make your own image and set it to 2gb instead20:06
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n900_ruI do not have a head ))))) so much to know because it is necessary ...20:08
Stskeepsn900_ru: ok, if you submit a bug on about making images smaller i'll see what i can do20:09
Stskeepsget an account on bugs.merproject.org20:10
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n900_rutoday it's too late .. tomorrow morning I Regna ... and leave comments20:11
n900_ruand esle mount mmcblk1 in / folder is .....?20:13
n900_ruand esle mount mmcblk1 in /folder is .....?20:13
n900_rumy laptop need to be repaired .. but finances do not allow so far ... When do .. uglblenno will study the system ..)20:15
n900_rutoo late .. until tomorrow ...)20:18
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Stskeepssee you20:19
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araujowhat is the name of the mer core repo in obs?23:12
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