Wednesday, 2012-01-11

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spikelinuxbuenoas noches05:56
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spikelinuxalguien usando Nemo en el n900?05:56
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Stskeepsspikelinux: sorry, most of us only speak english - could you ask in english?05:58
spikelinuxmmmm how to install o upgrade packages in nemo for n90005:59
Stskeeps'zypper' command, like in opensuse, questions welcome in #nemomobile05:59
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spikelinuxmmm apt-get like debian is not use in nemo?06:00
Stskeepscorrect, it's rpm and zypper based06:01
spikelinuxhaaaa ok... many tks06:01
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StskeepsFor the record: qt debug symbols drop from 316.9 mb to 166.4 mb, by switching from DWARF-3 to DWARF-4 debugging format06:39
Stskeepsthat's almost a 50% drop in debug symbol size :)06:39
Stskeeps(compressed, btw)06:39
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SageStskeeps: Is that automatically applied to all packages or does that need something for the packaging?08:01
Stskeepsautomatically applied, new gcc will set it as default08:01
Stskeepsso it should be a general size differnce08:01
Stskeepsit means everything will rebuild, but so it goes08:02
slaineStskeeps: what was that linker cmdline you mentioned yesterday, the one that improved performance08:13
Stskeepsthe gnu hash style stuff?08:13
Stskeepsdebian has a similar one, fedora looks a bit like they lost theirs08:14
Stskeepsstill looking forward to see if it matters in practice08:15
Stskeepsdefaults to using , --hash-style=gnu08:16
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SageStskeeps: nice, so our debug size will be a lot smaller08:23
* Stskeeps is running benchmarks today08:23
Stskeepsour current cross compilation solution vs sb2-obs vs i58608:23
Stskeepsheaps and heaps of fun08:23
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w00tStskeeps: who's winning? ;)08:56
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Stskeepsw00t: waiting for some stuff to finish before activating the whole benchmark08:58
mdfe_good morning09:00
Stskeepsmorn mdfe_09:00
Stskeepsmanaged to fix the -lX11 issue?09:02
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mdfe_not yet, I had some other tasks - but hopefully totay09:02
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mdfe_but just addind ''-lX11" to '-DCMAKE....FLAGS' does not solve the problem09:04
mdfe_I have to take a closer look09:05
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mdfe_Stskeeps: hmm, but thats another error:
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Stskeepsthat looks like same09:15
Sagedifferent library/binary maybe?09:15
mdfe_'Invalid operation' looks strange09:16
Stskeepsnah, normal09:16
Stskeepsthat does look a bit weird09:16
Stskeepsthis is ld being retarded as usual09:17
Stskeepsyou need to have the -lX11 in the end09:17
Stskeepsafter the .o's09:17
mdfe_I will try it via a patch09:18
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Stskeepslbt: /whois csslayer09:25
lbtStskeeps: coffee?09:25
Stskeepscsslayer: nothing, slip of the keyboard :)09:26
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csslayerStskeeps: ok :)09:26
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lbtcsslayer: but good morning :)09:26
lbtStskeeps: I raised a few bugs last night for the meeting - need to flesh out the desc in some of them09:27
Stskeepslbt: yes saw09:27
lbtyou put a couple of pre-made searches at the footer - how?09:27
Stskeepsit's just important to remember that we have them and well, have to do them09:27
lbttemplate edit?09:28
Stskeepsthey're not working correctly, but you can do it in searches somewhere09:28
lbtOK - I was going to add need-triage ... not important09:28
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StskeepsBostik: i'm assuming your packaging hasn't caught up to the moving out of v8?10:12
BostikI've had my hands utterly full for the past three weeks or so10:13
Stskeepsyeah, no rush10:13
Stskeepsjust wanted to verify so i don't spend time on that :)10:13
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* w00t watches qt 4.8.0 build10:18
Stskeepspatched the qt instdate stuff too btw?10:18
w00tStskeeps: qt itself hasn't entirely caught up with that moving out10:18
w00tStskeeps: wasn't that mobility?10:18
Stskeepsno, qt too i think10:18
w00toh, no10:18
w00tyou're right10:18
w00tI'll take a look at that before I submit10:18
Stskeepsit'll save a -lot- of build power10:19
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SageStskeeps: Problem: nothing provides testrunner-lite needed by sensorfw-tests-0.7.2-1.9.i58611:18
Sagefiled a bug about that11:20
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Stskeepswe should really have someone leading QA..12:01
w00tyou don't want yet another fine hat for your collection?12:02
Stskeepstestrunner-lite looked quite nice12:02
Stskeepsno, i have enough12:02
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* Stskeeps pokes OBS with a stick12:09
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Stskeepswaiting for my Core:armv7l to finish building, so i can run those benchmarks..12:13
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mdfe_Stskeeps: the PA kde-workspace libX11 issue is solved12:37
mdfe_the bug was inside a huge patch12:37
mdfe_do you think about adding 'testrunner-lite' to the mer project?12:38
Stskeepsit's a nice tool for QA, at least12:39
mdfe_I like this idea, because it is really nice tool12:39
mdfe_I used it for some QA stuff for peregrine12:39
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jstaniekbtw, the tizen SDK docs look like specs not for end-developers; all these webIDLs12:55
jstaniekit is not proved technology; quite contrary - webos is like an evidence12:56
jstaniekI mean wac+html512:56
jstaniekhtml5 alone is portable; wac has no implementations12:57
Stskeepsyou're right12:57
jstaniekon mass market12:57
jstaniekso I like how Mer is not betting on just one narrow tech decission12:57
veskuhyou can put wac on any device, it does not exclude native apps or other runtimes12:58
Stskeepsit seems like WAC doesn't actually have any phone implementations public?12:58
Stskeepsat least according to raster12:58
veskuhOpera has released WAC1.0 for android already year ago12:59
jstaniekWAC people an misorganized - this is what I hear from my coworkers12:59
Stskeepsveskuh: ah, didn't know that one13:00
veskuhOf course WAC2.0 is much larger spec, but same story as always. more apis more html5 features included13:01
veskuhnothing special there13:01
Stskeepsit does look a bit awkward in the documentation there's no actual hello world example13:01
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Stskeepsi kind of had that coming, didn't i13:05
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mdfe_Stskeeps: Is there a reason why 'openjpeg' is not available anymore for Mer Arm architectures?13:12
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Stskeepsmdfe_: it wasn't really needed by the stuff that had it in core13:13
Stskeepspoppler had it's own jpeg2000 decoder13:13
mdfe_hmm, nice to know13:14
mdfe_so openjpeg will be dropped?13:14
Stskeepsit was dropped in general13:14
Stskeepsif it's still there somehow, that's an error13:14
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Stskeepsever seen a .jpx file?13:15
mdfe_not really13:15
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SageStskeeps: possible bug in nano packaging
Stskeepsright, ish, don't we have --exclude-docs?13:58
Stskeepsmay be a bad rpm macro13:59
SageStskeeps: --exclude-docs doesn't help here14:02
Sagedoesn't cause problems though as there isn't other scripts run14:02
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Stskeepshello nj3ma14:05
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nj3mahello Stskeeps!14:09
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here?14:09
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Stskeepsgabrbedd: you can try to perhaps look at the Flickr and Maps apps from Nemo (sorry for the huge delay)14:22
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gabrbeddgabrbedd: no problem.  I only just started searching more last night.14:22
gabrbeddStskeeps: ^^14:22
* gabrbedd has *got* to stop talking to himself.14:23
Stskeepsit's healthy, always someone to talk to14:23
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gabrbeddStskeeps: Rusty Lynch did some pretty nice stuff with the MeeGo UX, also.14:23
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gabrbeddI think meego-ux-appgrid is a pretty good example.14:25
gabrbeddSure, it has its shortcomings -- but I don't know if he had any models to learn from. :-)14:26
gabrbeddLife on the frontier. :-)14:26
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phaeronSage: sent this week's boss demo to your email :)14:31
Sagephaeron: hehe, ok :)14:34
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Stskeepslo sledges, how is it going?15:25
* sledges just installed Tizen SDK - still far from N9 UI (harmattan) shininess, hopefully will fetch up one day :)15:26
Stskeepsstack is nothing really to hurray about, i can only hope that their mentions of a rpm tizen is something saner15:26
Stskeepsbut at least the web runtime is out there15:26
sledgeslooks absolutely Androidish (and Bada, but me personally never saw Bada in action)15:27
sledgesgoogle will just sue them15:27
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veskuhwas the plan to make polished UI in mainline or again just reference UI?15:28
Stskeepsveskuh: that's a little unclear, i think polished15:28
Stskeepsbut of course themed per vendor15:28
veskuhAh, android plan then.15:28
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Stskeepssledges: could be difficult if they put the android themes under apache license, though15:29
sledgesyea, well then Apple will have shot two rabbits with one shot: going to sue patent forges on Android: hence on Tizen :)15:35
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mdfe_vgrade: Hi, do you get WIFI running on archos gen9?17:16
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NokiaN9Wow, there's a lot of people in here.17:34
mdfe_you are welcome :)17:35
NokiaN9Thanks, just checking in to see was it deserted or populated.. :P17:36
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* Stskeeps yawns 20:14
timophhmmh. looks like most of the stuff that I have in c.obs compiles against mer20:16
timophjust disabled all meego targets and added mer ones20:16
timophactually s/disabled/removed/20:16
Stskeepslike what? :)20:17
timophcowsay :)20:18
timophI still have to go through what makes sense to keep there20:19
timophdo a bit of house cleaning there20:19
timophhaven't touched obs in months20:19
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Stskeepsever played with maemo sdk+ in the past?20:20
timophI remember trying it once or so20:20
timophthat was the one based on sb220:21
timophyou have something similar in mind for the mer sdk?20:21
Stskeepsyeah, perhaps we can simplify a bit because we can fetch cross compilers and qemu from repository20:22
Palantir_Shouldn't the Mer Sdk be just a plug in for Qt Creator?20:22
StskeepsPalantir_: platform SDK, ie, for all stuff that isn't qt apps20:23
timophplatform sdk20:23
* timoph is slow20:23
StskeepsPalantir_: application SDK would be indeed, qt creator20:23
timophafaik the creator + madde stuff works already with nemo20:24
Palantir_I see20:24
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Stskeepsyeah, though needs to be kind of updated20:24
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Stskeepstimoph: is tizen's SB2 based SDK as well20:25
Stskeepsso i think it should be fairly simple to have something useful20:26
Stskeepsif you want, we can do a platform SDK brainstorm meeting to create some tasks at some point20:26
timophthat would be great20:27
Stskeepsfeel free to suggest a time and i'll set it up, i guess20:27
timophfriday evening would be the first suitable time for me20:27
timophgf is going to stockholm for the weekend so gives me time to hack :)20:28
Stskeepsso that's 18:00 UTC or 19:00 or..?20:28
timophboth work for me20:29
timophI get off from work around 4 .fi time20:29
Stskeepsok, let's make it 18:00 then, is a fairly sane time20:29
Stskeepsi'll send out an announcement20:30
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Stskeepsfriday 13th, excellent20:36
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