Tuesday, 2012-01-10

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wmaronehttp://pastie.org/3157969 partially functional xorg conf02:51
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wmaroneall the fedora/ubuntu stuff uses mtev03:30
ScriptRipperI had already considered to loudly cry on the tizen channel "I want my meego back"03:30
ScriptRipperwhat the hell is this03:31
ScriptRipperbut since I am here, there is nothing to cry03:31
ScriptRipperlets get back to the first maemo and produce a maemo classic, like an old car03:33
ScriptRipperfull cover and good night :)03:33
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wmaronexinput_calibrator output is ignored04:27
cxl000wmarone take the output and create a /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/mydevice.conf04:42
wmaronedid that04:43
wmaroneI  have a .conf for my tablet's setup04:43
wmaroneah yeah04:47
wmaronetouchtest-xi2 failed04:47
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cxl000Is Xorg.0.log showing the pickup of directory /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d? Could ther be other conf matching your input device with higher priority?04:51
wmaronenope, it's doing exactly as configured in my file04:52
wmaronethe accelerometer, gpio-keys, and twl4030 are being ignored, while the cyttsp input is being directed to mtev04:53
wmaronewithout it, it'll start feeding the accelerometer into the cursor and do strange things04:53
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cxl000You may be able to adjust it with xinput05:05
wmaronepackage anywhere for it?05:07
wmaroneah, here we go05:07
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wmaroneok this is good05:14
wmaronejust getting some numbers on the touchscreen's odd behavior05:32
wmaronexorg is seeing a 600 x 600 square and mapping it strangely to the screen05:33
wmaronelittle to no idea how to proceed though :>05:33
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Stskeepswith xinput205:37
Stskeepser, xinput05:38
Stskeepsgot Option          "SendCoreEvents" "On" ?05:40
Stskeepsalso, test with xterm, not qmlviewer as a start05:40
wmaroneone sec05:40
Stskeepshttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1106294 also seems releveant05:41
wmaroneI had it on, but pulled it out as it had no obvious effect05:41
wmaronelet me restore it and list props again05:42
wmaroneno change in props, let me load up xterm05:43
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wmaroneI found that xdadevs post yesterday, got me moving with correct axis orientation05:48
Stskeepsqmlviewer may be using out xinput2 patch, so get readings from a 'normal' x app first05:50
wmaroneevent type 17 is registering (mostly) what I'd expect05:51
wmaronevaluator 0 goes from 0 to 1015 or so, valuator 1 goes from 5 to roughly 59905:52
wmaroneso it's registering the dimensions of the screen (approximately)05:52
wmaronebut event 6 shows the misalignment05:53
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Stskeepsanother problem we had at some point: somehow that our events got converted into both being our mtev driver but -also- mouse events05:56
wmaronehow can you tell that?05:57
Stskeepsmy caffeine hasn't kicked in yet, i can't recall how we did that :P05:57
Stskeepsi think it was something about xorg.0.log05:57
wmaronethe accelerometer was registering as a mouse05:57
wmaronetouchscreen was registering as a keyboard05:57
wmaronethat was with the evdev driver I think05:58
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Stskeepshuomenta jukka06:33
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Stskeepshello sathis06:46
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here?06:48
sathisWent through tizen source. Looks like qt is not included.06:48
Stskeepsit is indeed not, but that's not unexpected06:49
Stskeepsdoesn't mean it can't be installed, though06:49
sathiswhy? is it a closed channel?06:49
Stskeepswell, i think intel and samsung wanted to distance themselves and focus on the HTML5 application story instead06:49
Stskeepssome phones may be closed channel06:50
Stskeepsbut qt is not included by standard in the tizen stack06:50
Stskeepswe include qt in Mer because well, we're a Linux/Qt/HTML5/JS stack :)06:51
Stskeepsand hopefully we can share html5/WAC app story with tizen as well, but keep our qt-ness06:51
sathisyes.Mer should include Qt libs with tizen code.06:52
sathismay be swipe UX also.06:53
StskeepsUX some other people can do, Mer's just a core, people can build user interfaces on top :)06:53
sathissorry. I got confused with nemo mobile.06:54
Stskeepshttp://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo is an example of a handset user interface, http://www.youtube.com/user/nsuffys has some nice videos, yeah06:55
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Stskeepsso what are you hoping to use Mer for?07:03
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SageStskeeps: that polkit thing is well a bit confusing. It seems it has circular dependency to consolekit07:18
Sageor is this just a fluke in review proces http://qtl.merproject.org/c2223542-3ae0-11e1-97b3-00163e6e0038.html07:18
Stskeepswell, try to replicate it on COBS?07:19
Sageyes, trying now07:19
Sagehttps://build.pub.meego.com/package/binary?arch=i586&filename=polkit-0.104-8.1.i586.rpm&package=polkit&project=home%3Asage%3Abranches%3AMer%3Afake%3ACore%3Aarmv7hl&repository=Mer_Core_i586 <- but there is circular dep as well :)07:19
Sageconsole kit uses libpolkit-gobject07:20
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Sageso that migth fail anyway :(07:23
Sagenothing provides polkit-docs = 0.104-8.3 needed by polkit-devel07:24
Sagenothing provides polkit-docs = 0.104-8.3 needed by polkit-devel07:24
Sagein gconf and upower07:24
Sageok, need to clean those up07:24
Sageit was empty package in polkit :D07:24
Sagedidn't see that coming :)07:24
Sageoh, my bad07:25
* Sage thinks it is too early to work this hour07:26
* Stskeeps is working on the gnu hash style stuff07:27
Sagedoes gerrit automatically start evaluating the submit btw?07:29
SageJust asking as I really would like this polkit stuff to next Mer release :)07:29
Sageok, now those compile fine07:30
Stskeepsyes, it automatically starts evaluating07:30
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Sagealso when submit updates?07:38
Stskeepscancels the old one07:38
Sagebtw, would be nice if unresolvable would show why instaed of "unknown at this point"07:39
Stskeepsit was simply i hadn't implemented that feature yet07:39
Stskeepssubmit a bug please so i remember07:39
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Sagehttp://review.merproject.org/#patch,sidebyside,297,1,pixman-0.22.0-arm-revert-Do-CPU-features-detection-from-constructor-function.patch original patch07:45
Stskeepsand don't look into what iwmmxt is, it'll just make you insane07:45
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Stskeepsmorn mdfe_, welcome back from vacation09:04
mdfe_Stskeeps: happy new year :)09:09
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Stskeepsmdfe_: we upgraded mer core while you were gone, hope it doesn't break PA too much09:09
Stskeepsread the release notes :)09:09
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mdfe_Stskeeps: great thanks for adding the mer_next repositories09:10
mdfe_Stskeeps: by the way, I'm trying to find out whats goes wrong with kde-workspace on top of mer09:11
mdfe_Stskeeps: I get strange linker errors from libX11 by building kde-workspace09:12
Stskeepscan i see it?09:12
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mdfe_I do wonder, because this software state was building successfully in december09:14
Stskeepsyes, it's a new thing with new mer toolchain/core09:14
Stskeepsthe release notes say that if you see this error, it means you're using a symbol from that library, but not linking directly to it09:14
Stskeepsyou need to -lX11 for greeterapp, i guess09:15
Stskeepspreviously gcc allowed you to use a symbol through another lib's dependancies09:15
Stskeepswhich would cause things to break often09:15
mdfe_I have to set additional linker flags?=09:15
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Stskeepsyou're using XQueryPointer but not linking to libX1109:16
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mdfe_maybe this should go directly into the code09:16
Stskeepseveryone is going to have this problem, they made it default in binutils i think09:16
Stskeepsnot just a mer thing09:17
mdfe_ahh ok09:17
mdfe_anyway, greate thanks :)09:17
Stskeepsi'm also working on switching to --linker-hash-style=gnu, which means symbol lookups are 50% faster09:18
Stskeepswhich is very useful for beasts like KDE and Qt09:18
Bostikand webkit...09:18
mdfe_I do not get it, but it sounds good to me#09:18
Stskeepsmdfe_: it's kind of like with x11, the old method is from the 80's and not very fast ;)09:19
mdfe_hopefully we do not get to many bad side-effects09:19
Stskeepsit's only if you try to run binaries built with mer on very old systems09:20
Stskeepswhich isn't a typical usecase09:20
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mdfe_I like the concept with the mer next projects very much, by this we have a great chance to notice bad side-effects very early09:24
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lbtmorning all10:02
phaeronSage: is the re meeting now ?10:02
Stskeepsmorn lbt10:02
Stskeeps12:00 UTC10:02
Stskeepsso in 2 hours10:02
phaeronah, just notice the UTC in the subject :)10:03
phaeronit wasn't in the body10:03
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Stskeepsi think we'll try to do it as a bit of a brainstorm meeting with the intent of general tasks for this month10:05
Stskeepser, generating10:05
Stskeepslike, what guides should be written, what processes should be made, what issues we need to investigate, etc10:05
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vgrademdfe_, happy new year,10:27
Stskeepssomething for the logs: Size: 316.9 MB , qt with dwarf-310:43
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tpnmemos please DeBot11:15
tpn(wrong channel urgh)11:15
tpnlol morning Stskeeps11:15
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Stskeepsbergie: what was the schedule deadline?11:31
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bergieStskeeps: not sure, but I guess we should input the sessions we know about11:38
Stskeepsyes, i can do that this evening11:38
bergielet me know if you need anything11:45
bergieI'm traveling almost every day before FOSDEM, though11:46
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StskeepsREMINDER: Mer release management meeting in 7 minutes in #mer-meeting11:55
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Stskeepshello Eiden12:38
mdfe_vgrade: happy new year :)12:42
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EidenI have question. Who can answer for me?12:56
Stskeepsask away :)12:56
EidenThank you.12:58
EidenI made mer binary with watching "http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Trying_it_out". but the binary didn't work on Virtual box.12:59
Stskeepsok, try with -f livecd instead13:00
Eiden" --format=livecd" is correct?13:01
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EidenAnd second try. I made binary with " --format=raw" option. but It didn't work on qemu. " --format=livecd" is correct in this case?13:04
Stskeepsyes, it makes a bootable live cd13:05
Stskeeps.iso format13:05
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Eidenthank you. I'll third try!13:06
Stskeepsit takes a bit :)13:06
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EidenI'll build binary dring my sleep. because japan is at night...13:09
Stskeeps:nod: it's a good time to do it13:09
Eidenbye Stskeeps!13:10
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SageStskeeps: does the review machinery do something as it doesn't report anything back to me from my last 4 review submissions?14:41
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Stskeepsyes, it's kinda occupied atm14:41
Stskeepsi added new gcc and glibc14:41
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Sageah, ok. Can I see that somewhere what it does atm.?14:42
Stskeepsmm, that interface isn't public, but it's currently waiting for all core repos to build14:42
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lbtSage: log a bug14:48
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lbtStskeeps: ping .. your email for the RE has http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/l%20mer-meeting.2012-01-10-12.02.html16:33
lbtthat's 40416:33
Stskeepswill reply16:33
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lbtshould it be on merproject?16:34
dm8tbras the log-links have hilighted me. I'm reminded:16:36
dm8tbrany monitoring needs?16:36
lbtyeah ....16:37
lbtI need to sort out delegating root to VMS16:37
Stskeepsstskeeps's pulse, blood pressure and location if under a bus or not16:38
lbtyou and alterego are blocked16:38
lbtStskeeps: seen the gertboard...16:38
lbtI'm sure you could manage that...16:38
Stskeepspoint, pi in the car could be interesting16:38
lbtlight sensor, accelerometer and inclinometer .... plus NFC for the bus sensor16:39
lbthmm a lot of people seem to worry about being hit by a bus ... there *must* be a market for that then16:40
Stskeepslinus would be a prime candidate16:40
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* lbt wonders about MINT vs Tools16:43
StskeepsTools can contain gdb, MINT can't16:43
lbtdo we *really* need two components/project areas ?16:43
lbtthis is not OBS project16:43
lbtthat needs to be split up16:44
lbtjust saying that we need a "Mer Tools" place in bz/Mer16:44
lbtand it should encompass all our tools16:44
lbtand some tools will be in one OBS project16:44
lbtsome in another16:44
lbtand another16:44
Stskeepsfeel free to kickstart an area that covers both, i guess16:44
*** dijenerate has quit IRC16:45
StskeepsMer Tools is a nice encompassing name for MINT, tools 'obs project', etc16:45
lbtso I'd like to keep https://bugs.merproject.org/describecomponents.cgi16:45
lbtOK ... I was having MINT === Tools16:45
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC16:45
Stskeepsright, MINT stood for what again?16:45
lbtMer Integration Tools16:46
lbtwhat RE uses16:46
lbtjust a catchy name :)16:46
Stskeepsso how about we just wrap all that in a subproject and you also maintain the useful packages that are outside core, second tier?16:46
*** slonopotamus has joined #mer16:47
lbtyes, MINT encompasses all in the BZ and for OBS we do as needed to develop/maintain it?16:47
*** dijenerate has joined #mer16:47
lbtMer:MINT:Tools  Mer:MINT:BOSS Mer:MINT:OBS  Mer:MINT:IMG16:48
Stskeepsnot sure i understood the last part (sorry, bit tired after today)?16:48
Stskeepsi'd just call it call Tools and drop 'MINT", perhaps Tools:Utils16:49
lbtMer:Tools:Utils  Mer:Tools:BOSS Mer:Tools:OBS  Mer:Tools:IMG16:50
lbtsigh... no imagination16:50
StskeepsMINT confuses people16:50
Stskeepsit makes perfect sense for you and me as we're in the know16:50
lbtwhereas they manage with having a phone called an apple16:50
lbtit's also a non-generic name16:51
phaeronno need to split BOSS and IMG16:51
lbtgeneric names are evil ... they mean different things to different people16:51
phaeronthey have too much interdependency16:51
Stskeepsright, a tool is a tool16:51
* lbt reserves the "told you so" ..... *again*16:52
lbtphaeron: agree16:52
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phaeronand I would shorten Mer:Tools:Utils to just Mer:Tools16:53
phaeronwe already have Mer:Utils16:53
*** berndhs has left #mer16:53
Stskeepswe don't, actually16:53
lbtwe have utils *AND* tools ?16:53
phaeronnemo ?16:53
Stskeepsnot officially16:53
Stskeepsnemo just has CE:Utils16:53
Stskeepswhich would probably seed Mer:Tools:Utils16:54
* lbt goes to JFDI ... there's an edit button16:54
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phaeronyeah mixed up CE:Utils with it16:54
phaeronI'll take a break16:55
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dm8tbrI thought it was the 'best thing since sliced bread' for open conference software18:56
Stskeepsentering fosdem schedule entries18:56
Stskeepswell, it isn't :P18:56
*** Gevatter has joined #mer19:01
Stskeepshello Gevatter :)19:01
Stskeepswelcome - so what brings you here?19:02
Gevatterjust heard about the mer project and wanted to know what it is19:02
Stskeepshehe, well, you can start at www.merproject.org - or ask any questions you might have here :)19:02
Gevattermy first question would be: what is the correct email to join the mailing list. the mentioned one is not working correctly19:03
Stskeepshang on19:03
Stskeepssend an email to mer-general+subscribe@lists.merproject.org19:04
*** test123 has joined #mer19:04
Gevattersecond try, I hope it works now19:05
Gevattersomething else I would like to know about Mer19:06
*** tpn has joined #mer19:07
Gevatterare you going to implement full Qt framework? OpenGL/ES, Network and so on? a c++ compiler, gdb and everything around it?19:07
*** raignarok has joined #mer19:08
StskeepsGevatter: it's already there :)19:08
Stskeepsqt, opengl es, connman, gcc, gdb19:08
Gevatteryou mean - everything, which I have worked on in MeeGo is possible in Mer?19:08
StskeepsMer is derived from MeeGo - we stripped out hardware adapations and UI as we believe this belongs outside the project19:08
Stskeepsmer is ~320 source packages, amongst those, full base system, gcc, qt, etc19:09
Gevatterthis sounds good - someone has heard my prayers19:09
*** trbs has joined #mer19:09
Stskeepshttp://www.youtube.com/user/nsuffys has videos of Nemo, a handset user interface on top of Mer, on top of N900, for example19:10
nsuffys;) thx Stskeeps19:11
Stskeepsbut you can also go as low level as just showing qmlviewer, http://stskeeps.subnetmask.net/nook/20120106_003.jpg19:11
Stskeepsnsuffys: you should add advertisement ;p19:12
Gevatteractually I would like to contribute in terms of games and qt-based game engine. at least this is what was intended to be the business case when MeeGo was running19:13
nsuffysStskeeps: I do not want to advertise either on my videos or on my websites. For me the ads kill that the creators wanted to create internet;)19:14
nsuffys*internet creators wanted to create19:15
*** tpn has quit IRC19:15
StskeepsGevatter: sounds like a good plan still :)19:15
*** stepiro has quit IRC19:16
*** stepiro has joined #mer19:17
GevatterI hope - do you stick to rpm?19:17
StskeepsGevatter: what kind of hardware do you use?19:21
GevatterExoPC for testing19:22
Stskeepsah, same here19:22
Stskeepswe have an adaptation for exopc already19:23
Gevatterwhich gl version is running? I had the feeling that OpenGL was replaced by OpenGL/ES in MeeGo1.2 Tablet version - it was no longer possible to use fixed function pipeline19:24
Stskeepswe're defaulting to opengl es as it's the only one that will work across all mer architectures19:26
*** stepiro has quit IRC19:26
Stskeepsbut it's still available.. for now19:26
*** stepiro has joined #mer19:26
Gevatterk, understood19:27
*** gimli has joined #mer19:28
*** gimli has joined #mer19:28
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC19:28
Stskeepsbut hey, it's open source, so if you really wanted you could do whatever :P19:29
Gevatteryes - i still need to improve the shader to have same functionality compared to fixed function pipeline - if finished it would be easy to port 2 existing MeeGo games to Mer19:30
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:35
*** Gevatter has quit IRC19:44
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* Stskeeps glances at list of patches to merge to mer from mips port20:27
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer20:33
*** mlfoster has joined #mer20:33
*** bergie has joined #mer20:35
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*** trbs has joined #mer20:42
*** dionet has joined #mer20:42
phaeronlbt: ping20:43
lbtphaeron: pong20:43
phaeronlbt: the fix_scripts branch of boss git repo , do you still want to merge it ?20:43
lbturl ?20:44
phaeronI just discovered it20:44
phaeronit's your branch :P20:44
*** tanuk_ has left #mer20:44
lbtwhat do you think?20:44
*** tbf_ has quit IRC20:45
*** bergie has quit IRC20:53
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*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:04
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:04
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer21:05
lbtis there a hard reverse dependency in rpm/spec?21:09
lbtlike supplements21:09
*** tbf_ has joined #mer21:11
*** pohly1 has quit IRC21:11
Stskeepsthat sounds dirty21:11
lbtEnhances sounds worse :P21:11
Stskeepshttp://lists.rpm.org/pipermail/rpm-maint/2007-June/001477.html ?21:12
lbtI was thinking where to write the get_release macro21:13
lbtdo we put it in core rpm21:13
lbtor a supplemental package21:13
Stskeepsfuture mer-rpm-config21:13
lbtdoes rpm depend on it?21:13
Stskeepsno, but it comes in through automatic installs and target naming21:14
Stskeepsie, armv7l-meego-linux21:14
lbtOK - that was my concern21:14
* lbt knows where to make that bug now...21:14
lbtI don't like seeing a component / package21:15
Stskeepsyes, what about it?21:16
lbtit seems wrong - seems better to have a tag21:17
Stskeepsit'll make more sense as we grow21:17
Stskeepsit was shit with the bug areas we had in meego21:17
lbttrue, I didn't really see that21:18
Stskeepsif you can't find a place for your bug, put in Other, we'll get it in triage21:18
lbtmaybe we should make Other _Other21:18
Stskeepsyeah, possibly21:18
Stskeepsi'm pro that21:18
lbtyeah - I'd feel better having the 'not-a-package-name' values _'ed21:19
*** cybette has joined #mer21:19
Stskeepsevening cybette21:19
*** thomashc has quit IRC21:20
Stskeepslbt: +121:20
lbt_ sorts last :(21:21
lbt. works21:21
*** beford has joined #mer21:21
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*** thomashc has joined #mer21:43
lbtjust looking at the Tizen mailing list .... plus ca change....21:49
lbtSDK installer21:50
lbtDawn's comment about "would imply that we have those details and are keeping them secret" ... followed by "the engineering teams at Intel, Samsung and the Linux Foundation" .... which of course are un-named21:51
* w00t just doesn't care about any of that stuff21:52
lbtthe patch for the git-email destined for the black hole.... and the fact that it did a check against "email == *.com" in the first place21:52
*** Venemo has joined #mer21:52
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:52
*** Venemo has joined #mer21:52
lbtyeah.... I know...21:52
w00tyeah, it's certainly having a lot of echos of the past, isn't it21:52
w00t(i was commenting on the anonymous TSG being a sign of great things to come to carsten earlier when someone linked me to the post)21:53
lbtit's a bit sad is all21:53
lbt"lessons learnt"21:53
lbt#1 ... keep the community out... much quieter that way :)21:54
lbtanyhow .... back to your scheduled openness here in #mer21:54
timophthey're doing a great job with that :=21:54
timophgood evening btw21:54
lbtI liked Stskeeps' invite email to the Mer RE meeting :D :D :D21:54
lbthey timoph .... and HNY too21:55
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