Monday, 2012-01-09

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* wmarone pokes the screen03:10
wmaronemtev seems happy, but unresponsive03:10
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wmaroneit twitched03:39
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wmaroneit's skewed :/04:20
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Stskeepswmarone: and you're sure to have removed any offending input devices06:31
wmaronethe accelerometer is disabled now06:31
wmaroneonly other input is gpio-keys06:32
wmaroneand it's ignored too06:32
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wmaronebut it seems that the input scaling is off06:33
Stskeepsmight be set to wrong resolution06:34
wmaronemtev is registering x from 0 to 600 and y from 0 to 1024, which is correct06:34
wmaronemy first thought is that DPI is wrong, omapfb is setting it to 96 x 9606:35
wmaronein any case, I am done for the evening. more tomorrow!06:37
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Sagelbt: haven't needed those so probably error07:14
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SageStskeeps: so 4 packages more to mer core
SageThis qt/qt-mobility is really starting to grow the core :/07:19
Stskeepsi'm a little uncertain of those07:19
Stskeepsespecially since mkcal is unmaintained07:20
Sagethat is the minimal set I could get it to compile. Another way was tracker :D07:20
Stskeepsyeah, i know07:20
Sagemaybe it should use kcal instead of mkcal?07:21
Sagenot sure though if that is even possible07:21
Stskeepsi'll take a study when i'm done with my backlog for today07:22
Sagewow, doxygen and byacc went through on the first run :)07:22
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Stskeepsmorn slaine07:43
slainemorn Stskeeps07:43
slainemy first day back after a nice long break07:43
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Stskeepshope you had a good xmas and newyears07:44
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slaineI did thanks, and you too.07:44
slaineYou head home for any of it ?07:44
Stskeepsi had my dad and brother visiting here in poland so didn't need to this year07:45
Stskeepssaw that tizen sources were out for a bit yesterday?07:46
slaineI saw something about a Tizen emulator07:46
slaineWas that what that was ?07:46
Stskeepsnah, it was a more complete set of sources (though some things missing)07:47
StskeepsSB2 based platform SDK07:47
slaineOh right07:47
slainePulled ?07:47
Stskeepspremature launch it seems07:47
StskeepsSLP-derived, ie, debian packaging/basesystem, but also contains .spec files07:47
Stskeepsfor some of the higher level components07:47
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slaineForgive my ignorance, but what is SB2 ? I've seen it mentioned a few times now but not looked it up07:49
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Stskeepsscratchbox2, i call it SB2 as it really has nothing to deal with Scratchbox 1 :P07:50
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Stskeepsit's basically a cross-compilation mapping engine, alters perception of file systems and executable binaries07:50
slaineAh right, the venerable scratchbox07:50
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Stskeepsit means the cross compilation for mer is much much simpler to maintain07:50
SageThere :)07:51
Sageoh, come on :D07:51
Stskeepsmonday.. don't do anything useful07:52
slaineRight, coffee and 200 odd work emails to get through07:52
Sage^ :D07:52
Sagethat search is useless :D07:52
StskeepsSage: click "search"07:52
Sagestill nothing for me07:52
Sageboth, go and search return empty07:52
Stskeepsthere is something about 3-letter words and wikipedia07:53
Sageok, how to remove that page :)07:53
Stskeepsjust blank it, i guess07:53
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SageStskeeps: :)07:57
Sageok, where to bang my head next :D07:57
Stskeepswe're hoping to move the wiki during this week07:58
Sagemove it how?08:00
Sagejust to another server?08:00
Stskeepswell, to mer infrastructure08:00
Sageah, ok08:00
Stskeepsso we can do a little more with it easier08:00
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Bostik  the Finns explained10:29
Bostikjust in case anyone was wondering10:30
leinirBostik: *nods* Looks about right :)10:33
leinirThey do know how to have a nice, relaxed time :)10:33
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BostikI can even do without the fishing rod10:34
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Stskeepsmorn tpn11:52
tpnmorning Stskeeps11:52
tpnGot that build done yesterday11:53
tpnJust got to move it out of virtual box and run in virtual box :P11:53
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Stskeepshehe, inception ;)11:54
tpnThen comes the fun of getting it to work on the Joggler. I see you have made some kickstart files, and vgrade has been working on it too11:55
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Stskeepsyeah, just wanted you to test with a known working setup first so you got some feel of what needs to be done :)11:59
tpnStskeep: Yup, that sounds like a good idea12:01
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StskeepsSage: what deps does mic have?12:02
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tpnright, heading off now, will be on this evening12:07
tpnbye all12:07
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SageStskeeps: many of those are not needed and should be removed we should do clean packaging for it and add one by one when seeing need12:08
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SageStskeeps: what is the story with signed repos?12:26
SageI think the package manager fails because the repos are not signed as in that case the action isn't trusted.12:27
Stskeepswe need a proper signing procedure and keep this key very safe12:27
Sageanyway, I got the package-manager to work after tunign the PackageKit (thx to kyranto of guiding me through it), but that patch means that anyone is able to remove and install packages and refresh the cache12:38
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StskeepsREMINDER: Mer bug triage in 1 hour in #mer-meeting,
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Stskeepshello sonach, good to see you here :)13:25
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StskeepsREMINDER: Mer bug triage in 5 minutes in #mer-meeting,
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SageStskeeps: is there way to do remove request for package?14:24
Sagelike checking if removing package from Mer breaks something14:25
SageBOSS has this functionality build in at least for OBS removal requests14:25
SageStskeeps: submitted polkit and uxlaunch patches14:26
Sageat least my XBMC panda boots up with those.14:27
Sagedidn't resolve the package installation problem though14:27
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Sagewhile building glib2 without the armv6l patch15:20
Sagenext succeeded though which is funny15:21
Sageso random crash?15:21
Stskeepspossibly, i'm not happy about it15:22
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* Sage clicked rebuild15:29
SageStskeeps: <- how to test if something else then uxlaunch or polkit requires consolekit+15:32
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Stskeepsgo to -> projects -> Core:armv7l, click consolekit, -> one of the repositories15:32
Stskeeps-> the binaries15:32
* Sage ponders what was his account to that one15:33
Sagehow to retrieve lost login, that server isn't under the LDAP with others15:33
SageStskeeps: the glib2 build failed again15:35
Stskeepsok, so we can't drop that yet15:35
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Sageafter those uxlaunch and polkit updates we can drop consolekit as well.15:38
SageStskeeps: assigned bug 20 to you15:39
lbtSage: could you look at
lbtkernel spec15:42
lbtsome new variables : %{?builds_vmlinuz}  %{?builds_uImage}15:43
lbtuse of %{karch}15:43
lbtI will debug any issues for arm soon .. the idea is to keep it producing the same output as you had but working for arm and x8615:44
lbtsome questions :)15:44
Sagegive me a moment :)15:46
Sageif arch == "arm" or arm == "mips" then :D15:47
Sagelbt: you just made my Monday :)15:48
Stskeepsyou can do inline lua??15:49
lbtand you can write post- and pre- install as lua too15:49
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lbtwhich avoids bash/sh during builds15:49
Sagelbt: I probably would prefer if you would do "%{kernel_target_hw} = joggler" for example and replace that as well all over the place15:50
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Sagelbt: also I would prefer not to use karch but just kernel_arch so reader wouldn't need to think what k means in front.15:53
Sagethere is already kernel_devel_dir and kernel_version :)15:54
lbtpaths get quite long to read15:54
* Stskeeps ponders why he's more exhausted after irc meetings than irl ones15:54
lbtbut OK15:54
lbtSage:  line 9: kernel_devel_dir   /usr/src/kernels   kernels with an 's'  ?15:55
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Sagelbt: also remove the hack I can't recall why it is there so probably can be removed :)15:56
lbtthoughts on<version> and/or System.map15:56
lbtI'm not using symlinks due to FAT fs15:57
Sagewhat the heck happened with my pixman package15:57
lbtx86 seems more likely to have multiple kernels ... so I think adding a -version is sane15:57
Sagewhy did I see it compiling fine15:58
Sageok, time to look at that tomorrow15:58
lbtSage: another one ... line 157/815:59
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lbtyou skip target and xen ... any reason ?15:59
vgradesage, lbt,
Sagelbt: no reason. Just didn't need those so didn't notice16:00
lbtSage: OK, I just wanted to know if they *should* be skipped - I'll use the find approach as more flexible16:01
lbtvgrade: ta16:01
Sagelbt: not sure about that16:02
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lbtSage: in what way ?16:02
lbtas it stands it does the same as the explicit list ... plus target/xen16:02
lbtie it skips the K?? file in there16:03
Sagelbt: I mean I'm not sure about the xen dirs16:03
Sageif they should be there or not16:04
lbtin the kernel-devel pkg16:04
lbtnot worth stripping :)16:04
Stskeepsrecall -devel is just so modules can build against it16:04
Stskeepsarjan erm, didn't like kernel modules at all, so it wasn't very complete16:04
lbtand people are doing spooky things with virtualisation and security16:05
lbtStskeeps: you see anything for mips kernel? is it the same as arm ?16:07
lbtI checked the arch/include and that's OK16:07
Stskeepsi just used a precompiled debian one as a start16:07
lbtI need to chmod 755 all the scripts files too16:09
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Stskeepsvgrade: looks like a good candidate for a fix, feel free to see if it applies to our 2.6.4 python16:33
Stskeepsvgrade: and file a task bug at same time to upgrade to 2.716:33
vgradeStskeeps, I thought so16:35
vgradeStskeeps, will give it a go16:36
vgradeStskeeps, what was the failure rate for a python bulid?16:37
Stskeepsit annoyed the QA process and i think it's just important to send a fix and see if it happens again after :P16:38
Stskeepsit happens enough to that we'd notice it16:39
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Stskeepsin other news, the tizen source is (again) available,
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vgradewith web runtime this time17:21
Stskeepsit was during the weekend too though17:21
vgradeI got half way through the SDK install last time17:23
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Stskeepsok, sending :quit to the wrong screen session = fucking stupid18:51
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wmaroneyeah I would leave all my xorg config edits on the sdcard19:09
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wmaronevgrade: you there?19:55
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lbtI'm thinking of removing the yaml for the kernel package ... Stskeeps, Sage.... any thoughts?20:42
Stskeepsthat's usually a bad direction20:43
Stskeeps.. why?20:43
lbtin this case because most everything is done in the spec macros area20:43
Stskeepsshow me?20:43
lbterm ... >>> <<< areas20:43
Sagelbt: I would like to keep .yaml there anyway.20:45
lbtSage: said he wanted the "kernel_target_hw"20:45
Stskeepskeep yaml20:45
lbtand that has to come from a string expansion of "Name:"20:45
Stskeepsyou're forgetting kernel patches20:45
Stskeepsand how annoying those are to handle20:45
lbtSource0:    kernel-patched-src.tar.gz20:45
Stskeepswe don't want to encourage such practices20:46
lbtit's a tarball of a git repo20:46
Stskeepsbecause they're really evil to extract anything from afterwards20:46
lbtthe git repo has commits with signoffs and history20:46
lbtit's a transient holder for the git repo20:46
SagePatches should be separate20:47
Sagedon't take my pandaboard package as example :)20:47
lbtStskeeps said I should20:47
Stskeepsyes, the spec/yaml part20:47
lbthence the removal of patches20:47
Stskeepsnot the tarballing20:47
lbtand here was me thinking we had some sanity back :P20:48
lbtpatches are evil20:48
Stskeepsnoone wants to upload 60+ mb of kernel tar.gz each time they do a change20:48
lbtno - we want to upload a sha120:48
lbtall 64 char20:48
lbtok though ... until we get that....20:49
Stskeepsmake the .spec in such a way that you practically only have to modify the yaml to do your work, ideally20:49
lbtSage: you can't have %{kernel_target_hw}20:49
Sagelbt: ?20:50
lbtor you define it in the spec and can't see it in the yaml20:50
Stskeepswhat's kernel_target_hw used for?20:50
lbtvery little - description20:51
lbtor 'pandaboard'20:51
Stskeepsyou can use macros in yaml too, afaik, ie, refer to something earlier..20:51
lbtthat bit in from 30-3720:51
smokulbt: with patches tarball it gets non-trivial to answer questions like: do we have foo-bar.patch integrated in release x.y?20:51
lbtyou can use macros in yaml20:51
lbtbut you can't define them in yaml20:52
Stskeepsah, you want to derive from Name: ?20:52
lbtso you'd have the yaml having "Name:       kernel-adaptation-joggler" *and* define the macro in the spec20:52
Stskeepsah, yes20:52
Stskeepsthat issue has annoyed me before20:52
Stskeepsyou can't refer to %{name} in << macros20:53
lbtno, you can't20:53
lbtyou can't refer to %{name} in lua in <<< macros20:53
smokucan you refer the macro in name: ?20:53
Stskeepssmoku: yeah, but that just screws up other stuff :P20:53
lbtat this point I'll just remove the %{kernel_target_hw}20:54
Stskeepslbt: just put description in yaml20:54
Stskeepsyaml describes packages anyway20:54
smokuStskeeps: like grep Name something.spec ?20:54
lbtit doesn't add much and taught me a lot20:54
Sagelbt: could you have kernel-adaptation-%{kernel_target_hw} and define just %define_target_hw joggler ?20:54
lbtSage: no, tried that20:54
StskeepsSage: that gets ugly for the above reasons20:54
Stskeepssmoku: there's something about OBS freaking out at it :P20:54
lbtspecify makes a file called kernel-adaptation-%{kernel_target_hw}.spec20:55
Sageok, so we need way to define macros in .yaml20:55
smokuStskeeps: can we make specify to expand Name: from macro to real text?20:55
Stskeepswe probably need to mod specify a bit, yes20:55
lbtthat was the alternative20:55
lbtwhich is "not tonight"20:55
smokuwell... basically what Sage is suggesting - yaml macros ;-)20:55
Sagethere are also other things in spectacle we could fix.20:56
StskeepsSage: i wouldn't mind a << macros2, below Name:20:56
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:56
lbtStskeeps: that was what I thought20:56
lbtbut actually it's fine to just move << macros below name20:56
Stskeepsspecify doesn't like that, does it?20:57
lbtName is pretty much defined to be hardcoded20:57
lbtno, but you have to hack specify to make macros2 don't you ?20:57
*** Iktwo has joined #mer20:57
SageI would prefer just adding "Macros: - key value" to .yaml20:57
Sagethen this case would be simple as well, Macros: - kernel_target_hw: joggler" and have Name: kernel-adaptation-%{kernel_target_hw}20:59
Stskeepsthat sounds like a slippery path21:00
lbtI think the simplest would be to bump Name above << macros21:00
*** notmart has quit IRC21:00
lbtName is pretty much authoritative21:00
lbtand I'd rather derive from it than define it21:01
lbtas per the pastie21:01
*** xtcx is now known as thomashc21:01
lbtSage: I don't like having the files section be so dumb in the yaml though21:01
Sageyes, that is another part that would need improvement21:02
lbtI guess this is an 80/20 thing and the kernel is in the 20 for sure21:03
lbtso... bug for spectacle to move Name above >> macros ?21:04
SageI'm  wondering if we should make scripts like,, etc. and just call those in .spec and maintain those scripts in some package in mer core?21:04
*** mlfoster_ has joined #mer21:05
lbt  line 7421:05
lbtthe problem with that Sage is that you don't know how much hacking vendors will do21:06
Sageyes, that is another one of those21:06
*** seanvk has quit IRC21:06
lbtI think we need to give them the opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot :)21:06
lbtbut make it easy not to21:06
*** mlfoster has quit IRC21:07
*** seanvk has joined #mer21:07
Sagelbt: well, then they can fork the "mer-kernel-adaptation-setup" package21:07
*** mlfoster_ is now known as mlfoster21:07
lbtyeah.... but...21:07
lbtthe kernel *is* an adaptation package21:07
Stskeepsbbl sleep21:07
lbtthat's where they are supposed to adapt21:07
SageStskeeps: night21:08
Stskeepsand we should help them adapt in a sane way21:08
Sagelbt: yes21:08
lbtStskeeps: agreed - I think that's the idea21:08
lbtSage: so I think having too much indirection would be a pain21:08
lbtLet me raise a spectacle bug21:09
lbtthen raise a HA bug for %{kernel_target_hw} that's blocked by it21:09
lbtusing the code in that pastie21:09
Sagebtw, you could have that lua script of yours in >> setup << ?21:10
lbtSummary:  ?21:10
lbtI'll try though21:11
SageI'm still not so sure moving macros after name is a good idea21:11
lbtonly Name:21:11
lbtnot the whole section21:11
Sagenext one will ask version and then release etc.?21:11
lbtthey are authoritative values21:12
lbtand if there's a yaml they *must* go in there21:12
*** ezjd has joined #mer21:12
lbtand they cannot have macros in them21:12
SageI've used at least %{version} in macros section already, I though I had %{name] in there as well.21:12
*** ezjd has quit IRC21:12
lbtthat's not the problem21:13
lbtit's using lua that's the problem21:13
lbthaving Name: *after* macros prevents one from using lua in macros21:14
lbtmoving the stuff into setup is probably a bad idea too - it should at least be in a >> macros2 section in the preamble21:17
*** leinir has quit IRC21:25
*** leinir has joined #mer21:25
*** leinir has joined #mer21:25
*** harha has joined #mer21:30
*** fw190 has joined #mer21:30
*** fw190 has left #mer21:32
*** pohly has quit IRC21:35
Sageok, time to sleep a bit. Will think about this more tomorrow. Anyway lbt I'm not totally against the moving thing either Just wondering if that is the best way to do it.21:38
Sagegood night all.21:38
*** mlfoster_ has joined #mer21:43
vgradewmarone, \o21:44
*** mlfoster has quit IRC21:44
*** mlfoster_ is now known as mlfoster21:45
*** seanvk has quit IRC21:45
*** seanvk has joined #mer21:45
*** harha has quit IRC21:46
wmaronevgrade: you did a fair amount of work on various tablets, did you use xorg-x11-drv-mtev?21:49
*** ymartin59 has quit IRC21:51
*** Dinnouti has quit IRC21:56
*** Iktwo has left #mer22:00
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*** bigbluehat has quit IRC22:06
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC22:11
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #mer22:13
vgradewmarone, yes, on vega infact22:18
vgradeI saw you were having scaling issues22:18
*** trbs has quit IRC22:23
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:25
*** jvd_ has quit IRC22:26
lbtnight Sage :)22:32
*** Mirv has quit IRC22:32
*** marquiz_ has joined #mer22:33
*** marquiz has quit IRC22:33
*** mlfoster has quit IRC22:35
*** raignarok has quit IRC22:40
wmaronevgrade: yes22:46
wmaronevgrade: mouse tracking on the touchscreen doesn't follow the finger, leading on the Y and trailing on X22:46
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC22:46
wmaroneso the screen represented by the touch input is very short and wide22:46
vgradenot seen that on my devices22:47
vgradeallthough I am looking at a touchscreen driver atm which does some scaling to scale to video res22:47
vgradeis there any xorg options for mtev to give you scaling22:49
wmaroneno idea, I'm looking to see if there are any22:50
wmaroneI did turn off acceleration22:50
*** tpn has left #mer22:51
*** leinir has quit IRC22:52
*** leinir has joined #mer22:53
*** leinir has joined #mer22:53
*** smoku has left #mer22:54
vgradewmarone, xinput2 can be used for debug also22:54
lbtvgrade: what's the spare 'systemd' for in ?22:54
lbtis there a CONFIG_ missing ? :)22:55
lbt(I'm editing btw)22:55
wmaronevgrade: I tried using touchtest-xi2 but it reported an error when trying to retrieve capabilities (which could be due to the age of the kernel)22:56
vgradelbt, I think sage added that as a section header.  ie all options below are required for systemd22:58
*** himamura_ has quit IRC23:03
lbtvgrade: I updated it ... thoughts?23:12
lbtgrr ,,, missed ! from key23:12
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC23:14
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer23:20
vgradelbt, much better. I see the benefit of something like that now you set it out. Can be used in automation23:22
lbtso I think that covers all the options - I suspect we'll also have an "I know what I'm doing" override :D23:24
lbtthe only other thing is ... should there be a CONFIG_/regexp/ ....23:26
lbtlets do that when the need arises :)23:26
vgradelbt, its really worthwhile as I've spent hours looking for issues which have turned out to be wrong CONFIG_ options23:29
lbtyeah :)23:29
lbtand they're a bitch to find out about and check23:30
vgradelbt, the meego way of having the generic and then arch specific config files and then merging was not the best solution23:31
*** thomashc has quit IRC23:31
lbtagreed - I think this approach will work - it's sparse enough23:32
*** gimli has joined #mer23:43
*** gimli has joined #mer23:43
phaeronlbt: hey23:47
lbthey phaeron23:47
phaeronbossdev participants are running under supervisord now :)23:47

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