Sunday, 2012-01-08

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smoku  -- looks like something to look for :)02:53
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Stskeeps_Thomas: , though i'd never buy an AI product due to quality concerns :P08:18
Stskeeps(touchbook was a disaster)08:19
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phaeronStskeeps: found the place where obs sets the vendor name. it looks for the toplevel project that has signing enabled and uses it. if it doesn't find any just uses the project ID. I think making it configurable makes sense09:19
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Stskeepsin mer, we %define _vendor at least09:21
phaerondoes it get used ?09:22
Stskeepsthink so09:22
Stskeepsbut not 100% sure09:22
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lbtmorning o/10:28
Stskeepsmorn lbt o10:29
Stskeepsquite nice pictures from china :)10:29
lbtit was an enjoyable trip10:30
lbtshe's still working on them10:30
lbtI'm just looking at our kernel packaging ... which hardcodes 'arm' in the install path10:30
Stskeepsyes, it's just a fresh packaging10:30
Stskeepsdidn't use it for x86 yet, perhaps it can be made more generic10:31
lbtthat was the next question10:31
lbtthe benefit of generic is one change hits all10:31
lbtthe disadvantage is much conditional logic10:31
lbtwhich I don't even know how to do in yaml10:32
Stskeepsyeah, i think it'd be good to have 'x86 template' 'arm template' 'mips templte' maybe10:32
lbtI wonder if only the yaml needs to be changed10:32
lbtie a shared .spec template10:32
Stskeepsmm, maybe10:33
Stskeepsdiscuss with sage?10:33
lbtquick question ... can I write the entire thing in the yaml file? or does it need to have some in the spec template10:33
lbtnever done one from scratch10:34
Stskeepsusually you can write a lot in yaml but for a kernel it's not as expressive10:34
lbtyeah - I see that the spec needs logic .... can I embed that in the yaml as quoted sections?10:35
Stskeepsnot sure10:35
lbtOK... a "no" would have saved time hunting out the answer :)10:35
lbtI'll make it work first though10:36
Stskeepsi think 'no', but i can't always trust my memory10:36
* Stskeeps tries to figure out what to triage tomorrow10:38
lbtnb.... what's your 'everyday' process for hacking on a single Mer core package?10:38
lbtwhich is (still) a WIP10:38
lbt(or rather "again")10:39
Stskeepsi don't do 4)10:39
Stskeepsi unpack into directory underneath git checkout10:39
lbtdo you share git/osc checkout dir?10:39
Stskeepsno, but i'd like to be able to10:40
Stskeepscsdb mentioned he had some scripts in that regard10:40
lbtgit clone --bare10:40
lbtI was doing a checkout to a tmp and mv the .git10:40
lbtlooks neater10:40
lbtso this is what I'm working through to get documented10:41
Stskeepsosc getgit or something10:41
lbtso I'll prod you and sage for any comments10:41
lbtI eventually want to hack obs to support an external git10:42
lbtso osc co looks at the obs meta data and does a co from a git url10:42
lbtanyhow.... to get that sorted I need some baseline wflow with 2 vcs first10:43
lbtbut.... kernel first10:43
lbtStskeeps: kernel and versioning ...
lbtthat's the yaml ... line 15 has a sha110:45
Stskeepsyes, that's a bit ugly versioning10:45
lbtlines 4/5 don't mention it10:45
lbtany suggestions...10:46
lbt3.1.5-<sha1> isn't allowed10:46
Stskeepsgo for stable, normally :P10:46
* Stskeeps isn't so well versed in the new kernel packaging10:46
lbtI think this is a generic version/release issue (sorry)10:47
Stskeepstypically you'd use <version-next>~git<commit count>.<sha1> or something like that10:47
lbtyeah ...10:47
Stskeepsthat's the only incremental one10:47
lbtspeaking of which10:47
lbtwhat's our version policy on ~10:47
lbtdo we support patch 53?10:47
Stskeeps3.1.5~foo < 3.1.510:48
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lbthow does V.R-C.I fit into <version-next>~git<commit count>.<sha1>10:49
Stskeeps<version next>~etc -is- V10:50
lbtStskeeps: forget it... but please put Versioning on the RE agenda :)10:50
lbtit's sunday morning and this is a big topic10:51
lbt for the agenda notes10:51
Stskeepsok, bug cycle: a bug can't have a priority and still be need-triage, right?10:54
Stskeepsat least a triaged bug10:54
lbtcorrect ... but anticipating "overloading" ... please don't overload "has prio" as "triaged"10:54
lbtshall I raise that version issue as a bug? ... ie is that how we want to handle issues like that?10:58
Stskeepsyes, it's a process bug10:58
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Stskeepsgood sunday jukkaeklund :)11:18
jukkaeklundsame, thanks!11:19
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lbthey jukkaeklund ... HNY11:22
tpnStskeeps: Tried that "tying it out" tutorial in ubuntu 10.10 in virtual box but get an error when I run mic-image-creator11:24
Stskeepstpn: which error?11:24
jukkaeklundlbt, HNY U211:24
tpnStskeeps: Just trying again so I can copy and paste it :P11:24
lbtswerden.... can't miss saying HNY11:25
tpnStskeeps: I'll pastebin the output.11:25
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tpn'Error: Command 'VBoxManage' is not available. '11:28
Stskeepsuhh :P11:30
Stskeepstpn: just do -f raw11:30
Stskeepsie, --format=raw11:30
Stskeepsor fs11:30
tpnOK, giving it another go11:30
tpnStskeeps: Are those warnings ok? quite a few of those repomd.xml.key's are failing11:33
Stskeepsthat's okay11:33
Stskeepswe don't sign at the moment since we know the key handling isn't secure, so we aren't going to even pretend it is11:33
Stskeepsuntil we've set up a sane signing serve11:34
tpnhehe fair enough11:34
tpnStskeeps: Do you know if any of that is up-to-date or working? Seems to be quite conflicting.11:35
Stskeepsancient, probably11:35
tpnWhat about: or
Stskeepsbit more up to date :)11:36
Stskeepsvgrade would know more11:36
tpnOK, will have a play when I hace some time11:36
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Stskeepsi'm happy that my exopc is now usable with nemo11:39
Stskeepscan finally move forward on my kitchen project11:39
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tpnStskeeps: Sounds cool. I've been hacking something together for a kitchen pc.11:41
Stskeepsi wanted joggler originally out there as well, but screen may be too small11:42
tpnYeah it is a tad small, especially with the keyboard on screen. Have got an old 3M 15" capacitive touch screen.11:43
tpnSpent ages trying to install the official drivers in linux, then found the inputattach command -.-11:44
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Sagelbt, Stskeeps: I know the versioning in the kernel isn't nice atm. Haven't given much though to it. ~git<count>-sha sounds good. Needs a good docuementation how to get it.11:49
lbtSage: yeah11:54
lbtI'm not complaining ... the packaging is *so* much nicer :D11:54
lbtI'm adding some more comments and docs and I'll see about making it multi-arch11:55
* Stskeeps glances at libsolv11:55
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Stskeepspython bindings, hmm..11:57
_ThomasStskeeps: I think that AI device is using an OMAP12:02
Stskeeps_Thomas: probably, yeah12:03
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_ThomasStskeeps: I don't think we're the only device like the at CES12:10
_ThomasStskeeps: But I do think we're the only device offering all the things we're offering12:10
Stskeepsyeah, usb stick size devices seem to be quite up in fashion12:10
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_ThomasSitting at CPH now, just waiting for my connecting flight to Chicago12:11
Stskeepscph's such a boring airport, isn't it?12:11
_Thomas3h at each airport is a pain12:12
Stskeepsi hate going there, except for the burger king in the arrivals hall12:12
_ThomasI'm just next to the 7-11 after passport control to C-gates12:12
_ThomasI need to pickup some food before my plane leaves, but I've got plenty of time...  Departure time is 154012:13
Sagelbt: there is some issues with my kernel packaging still. For example the kernel name doesn't contain adaptation.12:15
Sagelbt: but yes, it is so much nicer than the one before IMO as well :)12:15
lbtI'm hacking on it quite a lot12:16
lbtmainly to support x8612:16
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Stskeepssmoku: curious, how many subscribers does mer-general have?12:55
_ThomasStskeeps: Are there any commercial devices that uses mer now?12:55
kulveI would guess that Mer gets again more attention, when the raspberry pi -boards arrive12:56
Stskeeps_Thomas: given that we launched fairly short ago, no, but archos g9 will use it and plasma active for their open source distro thing12:56
Stskeepsbut there is commercial projects related to mer, at least, currently mostly used for demos12:57
Stskeepslet's see how things turn out :)13:01
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lbtStskeeps or Sage ... do (or can) we enable lua in rpm ?13:50
lbtpretty please13:50
Stskeepsthought it was already13:51
lbtthat's fine then13:51
lbtwhen I read: "Example of a Macro   %define patch_suffix%{!-z:%{-b:--suffix %{-b*}}}%{!-b:%{-z:--suffix %{-z*}}}%{!-z:%{!-b: }}%{-z:%{-b:%{error:Can't specify both -z(%{-z*}) and -b(%{-b*})}}} \ %{uncompress:%patch_file} | patch %{-p:-p%{-p*}} %patch_suffix %{-R} %{-E}   "13:52
lbtI realise how wonderful rpm is13:52
lbtit's like the worst bits of perl and lisp and shell all mixed up together ... with some ed for funsies13:53
lbtI like the look of lua stuff....13:54
lbt"Syntax errors in <lua> scripts are detected at package build time"13:54
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ScriptRipperlbt Stskeeps have checked for bugfixes in OBS, also 2.3 branch so we get it into Merproject @ github14:16
ScriptRipperrealized that 2.3 branch upstream is buggy14:17
ScriptRipperlots of master fixes needed not in 2.3 branch, have to check if 2.3 is dead14:17
ScriptRipperAdrianS initial approach was "2.3 can handle new incident handling used by openSUSE 12.1"14:18
ScriptRipperthis seems not to be the case14:19
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phaeronScriptRipper: adrian told me 2.3 branch is dead15:08
ScriptRipperthats what I wanted to say, yes15:25
ScriptRipperdid he say why ?15:25
ScriptRipperphaeron, lets say it like that: I know some reasons why its dead, but what did he say why it is dead15:27
ScriptRippereffectively, he branched too early, so what he needed for openSUSE 12.1 incident handling is not in15:29
* Stskeeps glances at tizen source15:37
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phaeronStskeeps: what source :D16:11
* phaeron looks16:12
Stskeepsi think it's early out so i'll give them a rest and ability to launch it properly before commenting on technical merits16:13
Stskeepsbut hey, they use SB2 too :)16:15
lbtemacs isn't in there anymore16:25
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dm8tbrheh, reference kernel is ARM, not intel16:30
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lbt ..... "sbs -A i386 -e dpkg-buildpackage -b"16:34
lbtyep... it is16:34
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dm8tbrhmm is it back to .deb? I see debian directories but also .spec files16:35
smokuStskeeps: # cat mer-general/subscribers.d/* | wc -l16:36
vakkovhas anybody downloaded the sdk16:36
vakkovof tizen ..16:36
tpnStskeeps: It's been building all day (really slow internet atm ~40kb/s), just hit ctrl+c to copy a link out of curiosity and just cancelled it! If I run it again will it use the cache of downloaded packages? Or redownload the lot?16:37
tpnvakkov: I just got 403 on the link for the SDK16:37
vakkovyep, me too16:37
wmaronethe SDK bin file will download16:38
lbttpn if it used the cpio archive method you're out of luck - usually caching works well though16:38
tpnlbt: Guess I will leave it running over night :/16:39
vakkovso, we have to wait until February for tizen16:40
wmaronethe stupid build script doesn't poll for processors, so it single threads everything16:45
wmaroneanyway, I need to figure out how to get Xorg to properly respond to the touchscreen16:47
Stskeepssmoku: ta17:00
Stskeepstpn: mic2 will cache17:01
tpnCool, well it's still going :P17:01
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n900_rusorry. mmcblk0p2 - flas? or memory phone?18:24
Stskeepsit depends, check 'df -h'18:24
Stskeepsthat gives a good indication18:24
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Stskeepsit might be, but check df -h, if /home/user/MyDocs is at mmcblk0, it's memory phone18:27
Stskeepsas i said, write the SD card from a pc18:28
n900_ruthanke you18:30
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n900_rumount - commande know?18:54
n900_rumm or commandes...18:54
n900_ru/dev/mmcblk0p1 on /home/user/MyDocs type vfat (rw,noauto,nodev,noexec,nosuid,noatime,nodiratime,utf8,uid=29999,shortname=mixed,dmask=000,fmask=0133,rodir)18:56
Stskeepsthen mmcblk0 is internal memory of the phone18:56
wmaroneStskeeps: are udev rules necessary to ensure Xorg properly detects and uses input devices? I'm seeing some in the N900 project, but not in the actual image18:57
Stskeepswmarone: depends, xorg.conf rules are used to ignore them18:58
wmaroneyeah there we are, disabled accelerometer18:59
wmaroneand the touchscreen18:59
Stskeepswmarone: touchscreen might need -mtev19:02
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mgrover_id just like to say wow, i remember using a release about 2 months ago and it was okay, but the latest nemo mobile is stunning19:27
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:29
Stskeepsthanks, #nemomobile would also love to know :)19:30
mgrover_will do19:30
mgrover_ah crap i think i broke the irc chat on nemo lol19:31
dm8tbrdoes someone have the IP cached for seems DNS has a 'hickup' ;)19:32
*** mgrover_ has quit IRC19:33
Stskeepsdm8tbr: server's completely down again19:34
dm8tbrah, ok19:34
dm8tbrso someone noticed the 'OOPS' and pulled the plug19:34
dm8tbrthat's also what I expected19:35
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tpnStskeeps: The build has finished. I have a 'raw' image. How do I load this into virtual box?19:49
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tpnStskeeps: How do I use the raw image in virtualbox?20:15
*** dijenerate has quit IRC20:29
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean20:35
Stskeepstpn: -f livecd would probably be best, (not going to re-download)20:39
Stskeepswill generate an .iso20:41
SageStskeeps: byacc and doxygen updates in gerrit20:42
StskeepsSage: ta20:43
Stskeepsi've tried to make review process a little more solid20:43
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Sagethere is a lot of false positives in gerrit :(20:45
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smokuStskeeps: ta?21:00
tpnta, as in thanks21:02
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lbtSage: in the morning : does our kernel -devel pkg deliberately not install xen/  and target/ includes?   lin 11322:12
*** interested has joined #mer22:13
interestedHello, a quick question - is Mer currently for Nokia n9, n900 and n950 devices exclusive?22:13
lbtit supports other arm devices and x86 and mips too22:14
interestedwhat other devices are out there that could run it?22:14
*** trbs has quit IRC22:15
interestednot in theory but successfully installed on and running I mean22:15
lbtwas looking for a link22:15
lbtbear in mind Mer is not an installable distro22:16
lbtit's designed to support multiple HA ... hardware adaptations22:16
interestedno? not like nemo?22:16
lbtnemo is based on Mer22:16
lbtnemo provides the HA22:16
lbtfor the devices you mention22:17
interestedalright, then I got it wrong - I understand22:17
lbtit also provides HA for exopc22:17
lbtbut... PlasmaActive is a totally different UI22:17
smokuinterested: see
lbtand it runs on exopc and archos et22:17
smokuinterested: and
lbtit runs on joggler, Nook too22:18
interestedwill watch it, thanks lbt and smoku for now!22:18
lbtso interested... why are you interested ?22:18
smokuinterested: and
interestedI was looking for a device that could run it to toy around with it22:19
lbtso what do you have?22:19
lbtmain issue is usually gfx drivers :(22:20
interestedI'm on my trusty nokia n71 and got a spare SE p1i22:20
interestedI was rather looking for a cheap android device to try it on22:21
lbtit kinda feels like you want Nemo if you want to 'run' it22:21
tpnJogglers are ~£50.22:21
lbtMer is more for platform developers - though you're welcome if that's what you want22:22
smokuinterested: you won't find one (android device). the ones with open bootloader lack video drivers22:22
* lbt is looking forward to the Samsung devices...22:22
interestedindeed, I want to run it - I'm not too fond of code yet22:22
smokuwith one exception of archos tablets.  but these lack gsm ;-)22:22
smokulbt: yup. the upcoming ones with OMAP4 look promising.22:23
interestedtizen and maybe meltemi could be interesting22:23
smokuin the mean time I'm toying with samsung H1 :)22:23
*** lynxis has joined #mer22:24
* lbt is hoping to get the joggler up22:24
smoku :)22:24
interestedH1 might do it, hmm22:25
lbtsmoku: gfx?22:25
interestedgui would be most welcome, not pure terminal22:26
smokulbt: it's OMAP 3430 - same as N90022:26
interestedbut it won't run cssu?22:26
smokumaemo is closely tied to nokia specific hardware, so - no22:27
lbtsmoku: OK....22:27
interestedhow open is samsung's bada? also a linux derivate I thought22:28
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interestedsmoku,: any manuals you can recommend to get something to run on the H1?22:52
smokuthere are none22:53
smokuinterested: well... maybe - but that's not for the beginners22:54
interestedthat one has to do then. thanks! any other pages for OMAP 3430 based devices?22:56
*** lynxis has joined #mer22:57
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smokuinterested: N900 ones :)23:01
*** phaeron has quit IRC23:03
interestedthought about that, getting a n900 for 120 € ... but that one is a brick, not a "mobile" phone anymore ^^^23:04
ScriptRipperlbt, still there ?23:16
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lbtScriptRipper .... pong23:55
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