Friday, 2012-01-06

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Stskeepsmorn vgrade07:29
fw190just tested the latest Nemo image07:46
Stskeepsyeah, some few regressions?07:46
fw190had some small problems with crashing apps07:46
fw190like phone app not responding07:46
fw190but forcing it to close worked07:46
Stskeepswhich image?07:46
Stskeepsjust to be certain07:46
fw190the laest from yesterday07:47
fw190I had a call, talked a few minutes and then hit the red button and had the pop up which told that the app is not responding07:47
fw190and picked up to close and all went ok07:47
fw190and one more thing07:48
fw190maybe this is related with N90007:48
fw190when using the "don't know how tu call ity"- this button on the right side to unlock the screen it froze the phone07:48
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Stskeepsreminds me a bit of a bug i found in my car07:49
fw190also had a crash with unlocking the screen- couldnt move the lock to the center to unlock and had to take out the battery07:49
fw190but all this could be partialy my fault- maybe I do things to quick like in maemo07:50
Stskeepsif there's traffic info going on (RDS), and you press the down button, it freezes the entire radio interface and resets itsel07:50
fw190does gprs connection work on nemomobile?07:51
Stskeepsthere's some patches waiting for us upstream07:51
Stskeepsit used to work07:51
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fw190it just came to me that I'm in wrong room ;) should be talking about it in #nemomobile ;)07:52
fw190should I move?07:52
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Dieterbehow does nemo on n900 compare to maemo in terms of features and reliability?08:59
Dieterbeput in another way: for a n900 users who wants his stuff to work, should i stick with maemo or try nemo?08:59
Stskeepsprobably best to ask in #nemomobile :)09:00
Stskeepsyou can always try nemo on a microsd, decide if it's for you, and go painlessly back09:00
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*** Stskeeps changes topic to "The Mer Project - | Wiki: | Contribution to packages: | Building against Mer in COBS: | This channel is logged, | To see what you can help with, & find newest 'Available tasks to do' post | Meetings:"09:03
Dieterbehi Stskeeps, IIRC we met @ maemo summit in amsterdam :) yeah i'll go to #nemomobile09:03
StskeepsDieterbe: probably :) it feels like we're back in 2009 all of us sometimes, with Mer being alive, etc :P09:04
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Dieterbethose were the days... "every attendant gets a n900" *euphory*09:05
Stskeepsit totally ruined n810 development overnight09:10
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* Stskeeps ponders idly widelands on his nook color09:49
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Stskeepssmoku: how bad does cordia build results look after we upgraded toolchain?10:20
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smokulet me see10:36
Stskeepsmost are probably going to be linker errors10:36
smokuI guess it didn't rebuild automagically, as there is no difference10:37
smokuI'll trigger the rebuilds10:37
Stskeepswhat repo do you build against? Mer:fake:* , right?10:37
Stskeepsok, good10:39
Stskeepsif there's no failures, that's good too :P10:39
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smokuStskeeps: no change... :(
Stskeepssmoku: SB2 not integrated yet10:40
Stskeepsi was worried about the linker symbol issue instead causing problems10:40
Stskeepsi hope to have SB2-OBS in COBS and core in two weeks tops10:41
Stskeepsmerging patches atm10:41
phaeronStskeeps: copying withbinaries works. but target project decides to rebuild anyway10:45
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phaerontrying to dig into that10:46
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smokuStskeeps: oh.  so what was the toolchain change?   the linaro gcc?10:47
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Stskeepssmoku: yes, and binutils 2.22, the release notes of mer core explain a little more11:01
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phaeronStskeeps: but the vendor info stuff embedded in the rpm needs to be less specific otherwise zypper is going to throw fits ..11:08
Stskeepsphaeron: hmm?11:12
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phaeronif a project gets binaries copied into it and doesn't rebuild them , they won't match the other binaries in the same project. which for zypper looks like you're mixing rpms from different vendors11:17
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smokuStskeeps: ah yes. the strict linking dependencies.  it does not affect Cordia, as we are building our packages for Fedora also. Fedora introduced strict linking two releases ago, so we needed to fix our packages already ;-)11:21
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Stskeepssmoku: ah good11:24
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lbtphaeron: ping13:09
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phaeronlbt: pong13:09
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lbtjust thinking about the local build process13:10
lbtyou were working on an alternative to chroot13:11
lbtmulti-pkg chroot13:11
Stskeepslbt: might be useful to see what SB2-OBS can offer too13:11
lbtStskeeps: yeah ... how far away from "osc build" equiv is that?13:11
lbtas I mentioned I'm reviewing what needs doing for the build13:12
phaeronyeah well it didn't get anywhere13:12
Stskeepslbt: depends, want to build software or rpmbuild?13:12
lbtphaeron: just unfinished or did it hit snags13:12
lbtStskeeps: platform packages13:12
lbtbranch OBS pkg on c.obs;  local checkout of branch13:13
lbtthen local git clone of Mer master13:13
lbtthen "osc build"13:13
lbtat which point I have 3 copies of the source13:13
lbtthen I snapshot the src (new git checkin?) so I can make a patch13:14
lbtso I'm trying to fix this part13:14
lbtideally I'd like to have a checkout of the mer master and then somehow use only that13:15
phaeronuse gerrit which pushes to obs :D13:15
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Stskeepslbt: well, some people used to do manual "build"13:15
Stskeepsie, not osc build, but "build" against a repo13:15
lbtwhat does that gain?13:16
lbtmanually maintained buildroot area?13:16
Stskeepsit resolves deps on it's own and uses a rpm repo13:16
Stskeepsie, no osc involved13:16
lbtwhereas osc makes a dedicated (known) local repo13:17
Stskeepsin this scenario, someone wold rsync down a mer release and build against it13:17
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lbtOK - that's also suitable for multiple package development in a big chroot13:18
lbtwith local installation of new code13:18
lbtessentially platform emulation13:19
Stskeepsand compatible with sb2obs13:19
lbtfor development13:19
lbtnot test13:19
lbtI think there's a need for both13:20
lbtpackage-in-chroot (ie osc build) and dev-platform-chroot (ie phaeron's unfinished + managed build root)13:21
phaeronI don't think osc build is needed in this case13:21
lbthow many devs have you trained to use chroots etc :)13:22
lbtosc build is a subset of the other one13:22
lbtbut (IMHO) many devs need the management done for them13:22
lbtiirc our 'complaints' came from the super-devs ... they need the full multi-package approach13:23
lbtI agree that it should support both... but "osc build" currently comes for free and is supported upstream13:23
lbtphaeron: thoughts?13:24
phaeronmaybe work more on osc build , or write a similar plugin that works akin to just "build"13:26
smokumaybe something like sb-menu would be enough?  something that automates chroot setup and switching with nice menus.13:27
lbtI think osc build could probably grow to support the 'plain build' style13:27
smokuI personally find working with sb2 good enough for software development13:27
lbtsmoku: yeah - hmm    "osc build" with named chroot13:27
Stskeepsobs-less, ideally..13:28
lbtsmoku: I am waiting to see what sb2-isms are13:28
smokulbt: yes. and a menu position to launch "emulator" - either Xephyr or qemu13:28
lbtsmoku: ui eventually ...13:29
lbtStskeeps: that was one use-case13:29
smokuthat's a bit overkill.  you can teach an IDE-guy to use text menus, but hardcore vi-devs are repulsed when you try to sell them GUI13:30
lbtStskeeps: the think OBS brings to the table here is "only" dev-package dependency resolution isn't it13:30
Stskeepslbt: no, build actually does that itself too13:30
lbtsmoku: yeah ... I said "ui" ... ie menus :)13:31
smokuok :)13:31
lbtStskeeps: kinda .. it (used to) send the sopec to the OBS for a pkg list13:31
lbtfor chroot building13:31
Stskeepslbt: yes, now it doesn't have to, AFAIK13:32
lbtmmm are you sure it's not just cached?13:32
lbtthe problem is inter-project depends13:32
lbtie which project repo is used to provide a pkg13:33
Stskeepsyes, sure13:33
Stskeepswell, check out the page "build without obs" :P13:33
lbtbut anyhow... the point is that if you develop against a snapshot you don't care13:33
lbtand build *can* do it13:33
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lbtStskeeps: when do we see if the perl rebuild patch worked?14:55
* Stskeeps ooks14:55
Stskeepswell, i don't see that specific problem right this minute14:56
Stskeepsit was the one with the datestamp?14:56
Stskeepsthere's a little more to chase though,
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phaeronok basic poc for copyprj with binaries without rebuild is working15:50
phaeronI need to rest my eyes a bit from the perl15:53
* phaeron goes back to python15:53
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Stskeepswmarone: for some reason my .ks'es doesn't work with the nook, did you have a raw image i could try?16:20
Stskeepsalso, it's really scary when it refuses to power on16:20
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wmaroneStskeeps: did you not get the one I posted previously?16:29
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wmaronethat's the last one I built16:30
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Stskeepsok, fetching that one16:32
Stskeepsand then files to put on /boot == ?16:32
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wmaronethe image is complete16:44
Stskeepsoh, ok16:45
Stskeepsthat's even better then :)16:45
wmaroneit doesn't build complete with the .ks16:45
Stskeepsgot g_ether on it or something along those lines?16:53
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Stskeepswmarone: cute with the mer uboot logo :)17:42
Stskeepswmarone: OK, where do i get a kernel from? i need to ssh to this thing :)17:46
Stskeepsie, sources17:47
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csdbStskeeps, I scratched my itch :)17:57
csdbI've made a couple of mods to mic2, and I've cherry-picked them onto master here:
* Stskeeps looks17:58
Stskeepsmakes sense17:58
Stskeepswe should apply that to 'mic' too17:58
csdbhaven't tested it in master though (I'm using a local branch with a number of mods that is quite different from the upstream right now)17:58
csdbI also pushed this cherry-pick:
csdbwhich makes mic friendly to a busybox-based setup if you're interested17:59
Stskeepsthat i am kind of interested in yeah17:59
* Stskeeps bookmarks17:59
Stskeepsi'm working on a bit different cross compile approach, should be very useful for tiny setups18:00
Stskeepsthough only on paper and small prototypes so far18:00
csdbso with this change, the following %post eliminates the problem:
csdbI also have mods for openssh, udev to use it (it's harmless if you don't have the modified mic since all it does is behave as before if it can't find the magic file)18:01
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csdbdo you want me to push that up to ?18:02
Stskeepswe use a bit different approach in mer, basically git cloning a repo and git pushing it to our gerrit instance for review+tests18:02
wmaronelet me post a tarball with my sources18:02
wmaroneand yeah, I had fun with the logo :)18:02
csdbinteresting. How do you get it from git to obs ?18:04
csdbis it manual ?18:05
Stskeepscsdb: we have something called fakeobs (mer delivery system), which emulates the API of a linked OBS over http, which our builders build against - we all got a bit pissed over API reliability18:05
Stskeepsthis fakeobs bases upon a core with packages.xml pointing to certain commmits of git repos18:05
csdbI've created a number of in-house scripts to take care of that - so we have internally every package being git-hosted and just use obs as the build machine18:05
Stskeepsso we have and;a=blob;f=packages.xml;h=78b31f5f4ad81493255c736ca86fb4307c3de9fa;hb=HEAD18:06
Stskeepsit's not so good our tarballs are in git, admittedly, but we needed a quick start18:06
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Stskeepsthe advantage of this setup is that anyone can set up their own mer build18:06
* csdb is off to a meeting18:06
csdbWe can talk later. We have a number of osc command addons to take care of a lot of this git-to-obs stuff18:07
Stskeepsthat could be useful18:07
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Stskeepswmarone: it's a little awkward not even fbdev works18:18
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wmaroneStskeeps: were there any fbdev patches in the N950 kernel adaptation?18:42
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer18:45
Stskeepswmarone: well, for our special sgx drivers yes but normal fbdev should work18:59
wmaronehonestly I'm at a loss as to why it wouldn't work, short of a missed option in the kernel config or a missing patch19:11
Stskeepshas people run silly things like ubuntu on it?19:11
wmaroneI have19:11
Stskeepsand no issue?19:12
wmaronecouldn't do anything with it due to no keyboard/no touchscreen response, but it displayed the login screen19:12
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Stskeepswmarone: what's in the uRamdisk?19:19
wmaronea disabled init and not much else19:19
wmaroneit's mostly there to keep u-boot happy19:19
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Stskeepswmarone: got in over usb19:30
Stskeepsenabled usb g_ether gadget and hacked in a ifconfig usb019:30
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:31
Stskeepsokay, now that's mysterious19:32
Stskeepsi have qmlviewer19:32
wmaroneso it didn't work on boot but does when you start it from the shell?19:33
Stskeepsi have a hunch or two19:34
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC19:39
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Stskeepsit's far more stupid than that :)19:41
Stskeepsshow me your .ks please?19:42
Stskeepsactually, nm, i have it19:42
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:42
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Stskeepswmarone: D'oh!'s are in order19:44
*** ThreeM has joined #mer19:44
wmaronethose ten lines were missing?19:44
Stskeepsno, the last one19:44
wmaronemakes sense19:45
Stskeepsit couldn't execute the default session as it didn't exist19:45
wmaronecan you post how you set up the usb ethernet, I haven't done that before19:46
Stskeepsyes, hang on19:46
*** harbaum has quit IRC19:47
Stskeepsthis will give you a compile error in composite.c, add #include <linux/delay.h>19:48
*** berndhs_950 has joined #mer19:48
Stskeepsi would recommend you to somehow get the 169.254.*.* ip it gets showing on ui19:48
Stskeepsalso, the x server sees the accelerometer as a input device19:49
Stskeepswith hillarious results19:49
wmaronemouse wobbles around on the screen?19:50
* Stskeeps looks for n950 for trophy shot19:50
*** mdavey has joined #mer19:50
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*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer19:53
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Stskeepsthe obvious challenge from here is to get a stock set of GLESv2/EGL drivers on there, but it looks fairly simple20:00
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:02
Stskeepscan you prepare a wiki page on how to get a image like yours made?20:02
wmaroneyeah, I'll have to do that this evening20:02
wmaronewhere are you hosting your git repos?20:03
Stskeepsgit repos? ;)20:03
Stskeepsfor .ks'es we don't have one yet20:03
*** berndhs_950 has left #mer20:06
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC20:07
wmaroneI mean for the kernel sources and whatnot20:07
*** user_ has joined #mer20:08
Stskeepsah, i just patched your tarball20:08
Stskeepslo user_20:08
*** user_ is now known as n90020:08
*** n900 is now known as n900__20:08
n900__help install ?
Stskeepsn900__: #nemomobile irc channel :) and has a guide20:11
n900__and? - deuth? ja?20:12
n900__thank you )20:16
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wmaroneStskeeps: is the documentation for setting up usb ethernet on the mer wiki anywhere?20:50
Stskeepsso, connman will automatically set it up with a 169.254 kind of ip, it seems20:52
Stskeepswhen noticing it20:52
wmaroneah, so all you do is build it in the kernel. and I'll need to print it out in some fashion20:52
Stskeepsit tries dhcp on it first20:52
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*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:03
phaeronso it seems the backend handles all requests except it doesn't do anything on submit reqeust accept and the frontend is the controller in this case21:06
*** n900__ has quit IRC21:12
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*** tpn_ is now known as tpn21:42
Stskeeps'lo tpn21:42
tpnStskeeps: Hey!21:43
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here21:43
tpnFound Mer a couple of days ago whilst looking at Meego and where its going.21:43
Stskeepsmeego: probably going nowhere, think the two offshoots, tizen and mer is where the action is at21:44
tpnBasically I just got an O2 Joggler and am interested im building a new ui for it.21:44
Stskeepshehe, my joggler is still standing on the shelf21:44
Stskeepsbut it should be possible to get mer up and running on it fairly easily21:44
Stskeeps(running again, that is)21:45
tpnWhat does the mer ui look like? I'm a little confused?21:45
Stskeepsso, mer is a core, it's kinda the underlaying system's software, then people put UIs on top and add hardware adaptations :)21:47
Stskeepswe provide everything needed to run a modern linux/qt system21:47
StskeepsUIs can be Plasma Active, Nemo Mobile or any custom one you want21:47
tpnah, sounds perfect21:47
Stskeepshardware adaptations can be for joggler, etc21:47
tpnand the ui's are built with qt?21:48
Stskeepsyou could build with qtwebkit and html5 too if you wanted21:48
Stskeepsyou'd likely want to build something with Lipstick qml toolkit:
tpnah cool. Yeah I'm a web developer, but just started dabbling with C++ / Qt21:49
Stskeepsthe choice is yours, we just make sure it runs well and is easy to work with :)21:49
tpnYeah looks awesome, a lightweight core to build up from.21:51
Stskeepsi think lbt's working on hardware adaptation for joggler as well21:52
araujoStskeeps, any current effort for building an UI using qtwebkit/html5 on Mer?21:54
Stskeepsaraujo: is a bit interesting in that regard21:54
Stskeepsaraujo: i'm not personally aware of any21:54
araujolet's see21:55
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araujothat might be a start :)21:56
Stskeepstpn: and newer is a good bunch of tips to help you along21:57
Stskeepstpn: , as well21:59
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tpnStskeeps: QtWebkit / html5 sounds right up my street :P22:00
tpnStskeeps: Yeah I've tried quite a few linux variants on the joggler so far. JoliOS, Mint, Ubuntu, Ubuntu NBR, Android...22:02
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Stskeepsright, time for sleep22:07
Stskeepstpn: feel free to hang around here to learn more :)22:07
tpnStskeeps: Sure thanks man. Will do, very interesting project!22:08
Stskeepswe felt it was a good thing to work together on all the crap we all have to do anyway, leaving out the parts (UI, hw adaptations) there's a lot of politics in ;)22:08
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