Wednesday, 2012-01-04

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dcthangand happy new year!:)06:21
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Stskeepsyou too :)06:21
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Alison_ChaikenHmm, maybe
Alison_ChaikenWho's that guy with Steve Ballmer?06:58
jukkaeklundyou want serious or not answer?06:59
Alison_Chaikenjukkaeklund, creative responses are always encouraged!07:00
jukkaeklundthen I'd say thats some kind of Ballmer clone07:02
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Stskeepswell, i think that the moment a company starts perfecting cloning techniques, i'm fairly sure software companies will be the first to utilize the methods07:04
Stskeepsi have on several occasions wanted to clone specific people to run them in parrallel07:05
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Alison_ChaikenballmerClone ballC = new Ballmer();07:05
Alison_ChaikenballmerClose elopC = new Ballmer(&Elop);07:05
Stskeepsthe guy on mer-general poses an interesting problem, that everyone is going towards GLESv2/EGL but those chips severely add to the price of cheap STBs07:07
Alison_Chaiken"those chips" = GPUs?07:09
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Stskeepsthere's no sane software rendering for ARM currently, as LLVMpipe uses LLVM, LLVM is broken on ARM07:09
Stskeepsfor gles/egl07:09
Alison_ChaikenRecent Phoronix review of LLVM vs. GCC was not too kind to LLVM.07:11
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Stskeepswell, i was impressed on llvmpipe at least, someone got 60fps inside a virtual machine with it07:11
Stskeepsso that's the way forward07:11
SageStskeeps: I think we should clean up some legacy sysvinit stuff07:13
Stskeepslike what?07:13
Sage/etc/init.d/ dir that isn't used with systemd07:13
Sageor is it?07:13
Stskeepsrpm -qf /etc/init.d/07:13
Stskeepsit -can- be, but we don't use it and shouldn't07:14
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* Sage doesn't have device up yet doesn't boot :)07:14
Stskeepsnew kernel should have finished now07:14
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SageI'll check what I can see with jig07:15
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StskeepsSage: check out , first comment by Mer Automation Dependancy build checker (about i586) and then second-last comment by it07:23
Stskeepsthat's the difference with phaeron's patch in how many packages needed rebuild07:23
Stskeeps vs
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Sagenice :)07:27
Stskeepsshould lower time to get responses quite a lot07:29
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Sagetime to set the n900 to jig07:33
Sagewell it boots now but the home doesn't come up.07:38
Sagemaybe the fs is corrupted07:38
phaeronStskeeps: alright that looks damn good :D07:42
phaerongood morning07:42
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Sagehmmp... now the image is up :P07:48
Sagejust had to give it a moment :)07:48
Stskeepswith new kernel?07:48
Sagewith the non quiet kernel07:49
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Sage[  954.580871] <11>alsa-sink-old/1851: potentially unexpected fatal signal 6.07:51
Sagenever seen that before07:51
Sageok, after reboot it works again07:54
vgradeStskeeps, which patch did the trick, alignment or stack, or both?08:00
Stskeepsso we need to change advice08:00
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lbtdo we have a mer bug lifecycle page?09:21
lbtlooking at
lbtI like the whining :)09:21
Stskeepsiekku proposed one09:21
lbtit should only happen to assignees though09:21
lbtit also means that in triage the state should stay "NEW"09:22
StskeepsASSIGNED or assignees?09:22
lbtonly assignees should be whined at09:22
Stskeepsit whines to CC'ed people too09:23
lbtah ...09:23
lbtI'lll reopen and discuss09:23
lbtcc you on bug09:24
Sagelbt, veskuh: Actually I liked that e-mail report. I can see what I have forgotten :)09:24
Stskeepswell, i think the settings may be adjusted a bit09:24
Sageit happened a bit too often but IMO once a month would be ok09:25
Stskeepsit should be disable-able though, by user09:25
veskuhOnce a day is spamming09:25
Stskeepsyes, agred09:25
Sageveskuh: true09:25
veskuhI would remove all bugs named to me in case that happens09:25
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Stskeepsit should send when the bug is 7 days old, not 8, 9, 10, 1109:25
veskuhafter that, every day09:25
Stskeepsthat part annoys me too09:25
lbtveskuh: see part 3 though09:26
lbtYou decide the bug belongs to you, but you can't solve it this moment.09:26
lbt    Accept the bug by setting the status to ASSIGNED09:26
lbtso it's just an "ack"09:26
veskuhNo, that is wrong09:26
veskuhASSIGNED should mean that you are actively working on it09:26
lbtpoint me to the correct process09:26
lbtthe problem is that the single word states need better explanation09:27
Stskeepsyou know, i can't see whining in merproject conf09:27
w00ti don't think it's enabled for mer09:27
w00tat least i've never been nagged there09:27
lbtI am09:28
lbtmer has a default assignee of need-triage though09:28
lbtso most of the time you're not nagged until we point it at you09:29
lbtalso I set the state to ASSIGNED which may be wrong of me09:29
veskuhWell, if we start using assigned as acceptance, then we will not see what bugs are actually being worked on.09:29
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veskuhIf that is fine with you, ok hten.09:29
lbtveskuh: fair point09:30
lbtwhat does "being worked on" mean though? for Mer as opposed to an organisation's bz ?09:31
Stskeepslbt: being worked on == we expect a fix to arrive within a reasonable timeframe09:31
StskeepsNEW, == backlog09:32
lbtso ... moving assignee from need-triage to a person (== TAKEN)09:32
Stskeepsi think we can all agree the current whine settings are annoying and needs adaptation?09:33
Stskeepsand describing the bug cycle on wiki somewhere09:33
lbtand I'm editing that page now09:33
Stskeepsveskuh: would something like weekly list of backlog be OK, on monday morning?09:34
veskuhThat would be better, yes09:34
Stskeepsi'm going to disable whine for now until we set up a custom process for whining09:35
lbtveskuh: are you being whined at?09:36
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lbtby merproject bz?09:36
Stskeepsmerproject is 0 atm, i don't think nemomobile i09:36
Stskeepsnemomobile is 0 now, was 7 before09:37
veskuhlbt: I was by nemo bugzilla. Not anymore as I reseted the assignee on that bug. But on reallife I do not expect anybody else fixing the bug.09:37
lbtI wonder if iekku disabled the wrong one?09:37
Stskeepsbug was in merproject so :)09:37
veskuhlbt: And I did not mark it as assigned as I've previouly thought that it means that I'm actively working on it.09:38
lbtveskuh: yeah - I have no clue what the states really mean ... nothing probably09:38
lbtsince everyone has their own meaning09:38
StskeepsNEW (triage) -> NEW (backlog) -> ASSIGNED (working on) -> RESOLVED/NEEDINFO09:39
lbtand backlog report once per week ?09:39
veskuhlbt:  yep, it depends what the project wants to track how these are defined.09:40
lbtI'd be tempted to add an not-taken@mp.o user too - to be explicit about the assignee09:41
lbtsince we use that mechanism for need-triage09:41
veskuhlbt: I think that would be good09:42
Stskeepsie, after prioritization?09:42
lbtwe could use a boolean ... but it's more explicit09:42
lbtStskeeps: new topic: in changelogs do we have a short bug# notation?   Eg "Fixes Mer#63"09:46
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StskeepsMER#63, yes09:50
Stskeepswe also have NEMO#6309:50
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Stskeepslbt: saw the effect of phaeron's patch above?09:54
lbtglanced at it and have it open to examine .... looks interesting.09:54
lbtWhere's this patch applied?09:54
lbtScriptRipper was talking about having an OBS git tree which we use09:55
Stskeepsyeah, we should start using that09:55
lbtI'd like us to package from it :)09:55
Stskeepsput SB2-OBS and phaeron's patch there09:55
* lbt can't blame you .... cobs has random patches applied09:55
phaeronStskeeps: I'll start working on the merge prjlink idea09:55
lbtnever got to the git->pkg for OBS09:55
Stskeepsand we need to plan for COBS utilizing sb2-obs too09:56
phaeronlbt: except the ones we actually want :D09:56
lbtwe need to plan for cobs going away :)09:56
Stskeepsthat too09:56
lbtphaeron: :D09:56
iekkuwho, what?09:56
lbtphaeron: could you work with SR on getting obs->pkg process documented?09:56
Stskeepsiekku: discussing the whine feature :)09:56
iekkui disabled the whining as it was asked09:56
Stskeepsthough on merproject and not nemomobile09:57
Stskeepswe'll replace it with a better search09:57
iekkuok, thanks09:57
phaeronlbt: what SR do you mean ?09:57
phaerona scriptripper09:57
lbtyes :)09:57
lbtiekku: do you have a mer bug lifecyle draft?09:58
iekkumental reminder: 3 cops of coffee before any adminstration tasks09:58
Stskeepsiekku: lbt is working on a bug cycle wiki as well09:58
phaeronok I'll look into it , shouldn't be difficult09:58
lbtphaeron: agreed09:58
iekkulbt, i do have some kind of, at home computer09:58
iekkulbt, not good one09:58
Stskeepsiekku: the emails you sent, right?09:59
lbtOK - I'll bash something out and we can work it up09:59
Stskeepsthink lbt was cc'ed :)09:59
iekkuStskeeps, they are the best ones09:59
iekkui tried to make a graphical version of that, but lost my nervs10:00
Stskeepshint: dia10:00
Stskeepstool for making nice graphs10:00
lbtgot it10:00
ScriptRipperhi phaeron10:01
lbthey ScriptRipper10:01
iekkuoh, need to check that. thanks Stskeeps10:01
iekkui haven't have enought time to do anything10:01
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phaeronScriptRipper: hey :D10:03
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lbtStskeeps... phaeron and I discussed making MINT a project in Mer ... Mer Integration tools ... ie BOSS, IMG etc10:05
Stskeepslbt: ok10:05
lbtphaeron: there you go ... good idea :)10:06
ScriptRipperHi lbt10:06
phaeronok != good idea :P10:06
lbtScriptRipper: sorry I missed a couple of pings from you10:06
ScriptRippersure. created an upstream patch submission git repo for OBS and other github hosted stuff10:07
ScriptRipperas an org in github10:07
Stskeepsphaeron: if it's not a good idea you'd have a stream of complaints from me by now. it fits in the idea of mer being the core itself, the tools supporting the core and to make people use the core better10:08
phaeroncool :)10:09
StskeepsScriptRipper: we also need to set up a good way to build the packages of OBS from there10:10
StskeepsScriptRipper: two features so far: phaeron's transparent prjlinks, and SB2-OBS10:12
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phaeronScriptRipper: yeah the other two went to upstream directly already10:12
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Stskeeps2) urgh10:32
SageI think that is not needed dep10:32
Stskeepsit might be for drawing10:32
Stskeepsworth checking10:32
Sagefedora doesn't require it at least10:33
Sageon their -37 systemd10:33
Stskeepsfair point10:33
Sagebut they might have problem as well10:33
SageI'll check10:33
Sagewell there is some other problems :)10:33
Sageat least10:33
Stskeepslbt: still missing .spec..10:34
lbtStskeeps: what changes are needed in the .spec?10:36
SageStskeeps: :/10:36
Sagevalid dep10:36
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Stskeepslbt: you need to actually declare the patch and %patch ?10:37
SageStskeeps: can you make gitweb repo for pycairo?10:37
SageStskeeps: err wait10:37
StskeepsSage: doesn't cairo come wih python bindings?10:37
lbtStskeeps: there's already a fix-timestamps patch10:37
SageStskeeps: python-cairo is the proper name10:37
lbtI modified it10:37
Stskeepslbt: OK10:38
SageStskeeps: python bindings?10:38
Stskeepslbt: nevermind then10:38
StskeepsSage: nm :)10:38
lbtStskeeps: OK - thanks for checking :)10:38
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Sagehmmp... the upstream is pycairo but fedora has renamed their package to python-cairo10:39
Sageso which one to use?10:39
StskeepsSage: anyway, systemd-analyze has a non-plot thing10:40
Stskeepspython-cairo is correct10:40
Stskeepsmy worry is that python-cairo needs gobject-introspection10:40
Sageok, we need to inspect that a bit before adding10:41
SageI can do test packaging for some obs project to see what is needed10:41
* Sage files a bug10:41
Sageanything in that systemd log that is above 1000ms is bad10:44
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harbaumHmm, with the latest mer the pvr init script is not started anymore. Did something change in the systemd setup?11:14
Stskeepsthere was a systemd upgrade -- sage, what did we have to modify?11:16
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harbaumthe pvr.serviec is in /etc/systemd/system, but something seems to be missing as systemctl doesn't see it. systemctl list-units. doesn't mention pvr11:20
SageStskeeps: well that was long time ago and didn't have effect to performace at least I didn't notice any change11:20
Sageah, different thing11:20
Sageharbaum: yes, a moment11:21
Sagethat is wrong also already, I should fix that11:21
Sageit should be in not multi-user target11:22
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harbaumSage i am talking about my own PVR stuff derived from the original TI GFX... blob11:24
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harbaummy stuff is in  ... is that bad?11:26
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Sageharbaum: that doesn't work with newer systemd at least on my tests11:26
Sageharbaum: also check that the link to the service file matches the [Install] section of service file11:26
harbaumso that's what broke11:27
*** vivijim has quit IRC11:27
Sagewell it has been broken from the very begging systemd just didn't do any checks I guess :)11:27
harbaumi am pretty sure i just copied the config from something else ...11:33
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer11:33
Stskeepsfrom us, probably11:34
Stskeepswe had problems too at the switch11:34
*** akira_tsukamoto has joined #mer11:36
Stskeepsbash 1 - 0 carsten11:40
* Stskeeps needs coffee11:40
Sageroot      1666  8.5  2.7  10892  6356 tty1     Ss+  16:07   0:01 /usr/bin/Xorg :0 -nolisten tcp -noreset -auth /home/meego/.Xauthority -nocursor vt111:42
Sageroot      1649  7.3  4.3  14416 10016 tty1     Ss+  16:09   0:01 /usr/bin/Xorg :0 -nolisten tcp -noreset -auth /home/meego/.Xauthority -nocursor vt111:42
Sageso saves about 15 shell spawns11:43
Stskeepsuhh? :P11:43
Stskeepswhat's that connected with11:43
Stskeepsxorg and boardname?11:43
Sageah, so just saying that xorg pid number is reduced by about 15 when boardname is not called during boot11:43
Sagepid increases on every spawn bin11:44
Sagejust used xorg as meter in my tests :)11:44
Stskeepsfair enough11:44
Sagedoesn't really affect boot speed as such but doesn't harm :)11:44
Sagedidn't know that that kind of feature existed in systemd before :)11:45
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veskuhSage, xruxa New Kasvopus looks really good!11:54
Sageaccepted ;)11:54
Sageveskuh: thx for testing (again)11:55
* Sage still ponders why the startup takes so long 11:55
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Sagethat ohm is something odd still12:02
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harbaumunbelievable ... as soon as you fix things they start to work again :-)12:14
harbaumso beagle setup is still opperational12:15
Stskeepsmm, might want to fix it anyway12:15
Stskeepsmight be a race condition or something12:15
harbaumand the ubuntu kernel fulfils all of mers demands12:15
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*** javier has joined #mer12:37
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harbaumi just tried nemo ... and i have two task bars (the one with the battery icon and the time) one on top in landscape and one on the left side in portrait mode ... looks funny. and both seem to be active12:46
Stskeepssounds like a rotation mishap :)12:46
harbaumyeah. but it's running!12:47
Stskeepsgood :)12:47
harbaumshould there be an onscreen kbd?12:48
Stskeepsnormally yeah, but there might be a compositor problem from what you're saying12:50
SageStskeeps: how bootchart was used in meego?12:50
Sageuse bootchartd instead of /sbin/init?12:51
harbaumhow are applications supposed to be closed that don't offer that option by themselves?12:55
*** eebrah has joined #mer12:56
Stskeepswe gesture from bottom12:56
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer12:56
Stskeepsto get to tak switcher12:57
*** tfshfz has joined #mer12:57
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC12:58
Sageflasher -l -k -b ?13:00
Sageah, -b doesn't allow space :)13:01
*** macmaN has quit IRC13:01
SageUnable to enumerate USB devices!13:02
Sageno *cdc* or *phonet* in lsmod13:02
*** tbf_ has joined #mer13:03
Sageah, now13:06
*** tbf has quit IRC13:06
*** macmaN has joined #mer13:07
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake13:07
Sageand problem is active again :P13:08
Sagelol, changin usb port on host helps :P13:10
Sage[    0.000000] Kernel command line: root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait ro console=ttyO2,115200n8 console=tty0 omapfb.vram=0:2M,1:2M,2:2M mtdoops.mtddev=2 init=/sbin/bootchartd-long13:11
Sageshould work?13:12
Stskeepsdo we still have -long?13:12
Sagewhere does it generate the log?13:12
Sageah, /var/log13:13
Sageoh, crap. we don't have kernel debugs for that?13:14
SageI really would like to know what happens between 5 and 16s13:18
*** tomeff has quit IRC13:21
SageCONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG missing13:22
SageStskeeps: could you add that to the next kernel as well or was there huge performance hit from that?13:22
Stskeepsthere was something about there being some kind of performance hit yes13:23
Sagemoved to bootchart package13:36
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*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:54
*** eebrah has joined #mer13:58
harbaumthe double task bar thing was caused by the fact that my default .desktop wasa trying to launch kde. For some odd magic reason this casue the mcompositor to launch anyway plus a telephone ui which added the portrait task bar14:00
*** niqt has joined #mer14:00
harbaumstill no onscreen kbd14:02
*** tomeff has joined #mer14:03
Stskeepsps aux | grep maliit14:03
*** singler has quit IRC14:03
harbaummer        480  2.0  4.5  36500 10192 ?        Sl   05:57   0:08 /usr/bin/maliit-server -remote-theme14:04
Stskeepskeyboard attached?14:05
harbaumnope, sure not. but a mlouse14:05
Stskeepsharbaum: can you somehow build ?14:07
Stskeepsand run that14:07
harbaumurgs ... probably not. only via obs14:07
Stskeepswe should really package that up..14:08
* Stskeeps files a task bug14:08
harbaumanother issue i am seeing is that the minimized programs show as black screens14:08
Stskeepsyes, that's why i think compositor is shot14:09
Stskeepswe want this working on non-n900 hw too14:09
harbaumthe raspberry might help14:10
Stskeepsraspberry is (sadly) at the moment non-x11 EGL/GLESv214:10
harbaumuh .... unexpected after seeing all those fancy qt5 demos14:11
Stskeepsit's gles, yes, but not x1114:11
Stskeepsi've considered to make a egl wrapper that gives us fullscreen x11 gles14:11
harbaumis there no xserver to be run on top of egl?14:13
Stskeepsit's more complicated than that.. so, the raspberry pi has a framebuffer device we can run x11 on top of, but you talk to a display manager of sorts and tell "my gles window will be at X,Y, this Z layering"14:14
Stskeepsand then pass that window to the gles stack14:14
Stskeepser, egl stack14:14
Stskeepsthis can be abstracted a little more nicely obviously :)14:15
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harbaumhmm, shutting down also doesn't work ...14:16
harbaumshutdown -h now14:19
Stskeepsdifferent command in systemd wasn't it?14:19
harbaumhangs after Unit uxlaunch.service entered failed state.14:20
harbaumpowreoff looks the same14:20
Stskeepsnot sure, can be a lot of factors14:21
harbaumheartbeat led stops flashing, so something seems to be crashing severely14:21
Stskeepswe used to have poweroff issues with our n900 kernel14:21
harbaumbut that's actually not very important as hard reset still works14:21
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*** lynxis has joined #mer14:27
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iekkuwhat is alterego's username in the mer bz?15:30
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC15:30
iekkuit was without t :D15:31
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csdbspeaking of systemd (A few hours ago but I'm just getting online...):17:27
csdbI get these annoying "Running in chroot, ignoring request." during mic image creation17:28
csdbthey are caused by "systemctl daemon-reload" in %post section of some rpms17:28
csdbwhich is a problem. %post running during image creation is a very different thing that %post running on target17:29
csdbanyone know of a way to tell them apart?17:29
csdbso I can put some conditional around that daemon-reload and avoid warning messages on image creation ?17:30
* csdb wonders if mic2 people are here or on #meego17:30
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC17:33
Stskeepshmm, well, it doesn't really need a reload when systemd isn't loading and we're just adding services17:40
*** toscalix has joined #mer17:41
Stskeepswhat's the harm in it, out of curiousity?17:41
csdba number of specfiles have systemctl %posts, including avahi, bluez, ofono, openssh, udev17:42
Stskeepsright, in order to activate the service when package is installed17:42
csdbthe harm is nothing because systemctl realizes it is running under chroot and bails17:42
Stskeepssystemd picks up the service file upon boot17:43
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC17:43
csdbbut the question is really around the fact that %post can potentially be run in 2 completely different setups: image creation time (and not running on real HW) and @ runtime (running on real HW)17:43
csdband to run commands such as systemctl which only make sense @ runtime seems wrong17:44
csdbright now as I mentioned is just the annoyance of the "Running in chroot, ignoring request" message during image creation (and me getting asked all the time about that error...)17:44
csdbbut what if someone needs a %post that would cause problems in emulation but is necessary on the target?17:45
Stskeepsit sounds like a good feature to have, but we have three cases: during build, during image creation and during install on live device17:45
csdbe.g. in the systemctl case, it would potentially talk to the host's systemd if it didn't have that chroot check...17:45
Stskeepsi think we can do it with rpm macros perhaps17:46
csdbYes, there is a potential for problem during build also. But if you know beforehand that you'll only do builds in emulation, you can take that into account17:46
csdbbut %post section you don't know beforehand if it'll be in emulation or not17:46
Stskeepsubuntu uses a /CurrentlyBuilding kind of thing17:46
csdbYes, I would hope that there's some sort of macro that helps out. That's what I was looking for17:47
csdbif anyone knew beforehand of its existence17:47
csdbif not, maybe I'll look into creating a %post-target-only macro17:47
csdbor something like that17:47
*** leinir has quit IRC17:48
Stskeepsi think it's an unsolved problem currently, but i'll add it to mer architectual backlog as it warrants exploring17:48
Stskeepsor %is_creating_image17:48
*** leinir has joined #mer17:48
*** leinir has joined #mer17:48
csdbor %in_emulation17:48
Stskeepsthere's a "running with qemu" thing in OBS, i think17:48
csdbI guess %is_creating_image is better since you'll want to skip %post even if you're creating an image on the target HW17:49
Stskeepsnah, not all %post is evil in installation17:49
Stskeepssome things are genuinely needed to set up an image17:49
Stskeepslike updating ldconfig17:49
csdbagreed - but we just need the option so that cmds that only make sense on a live install get skipped on image creation17:50
* csdb is looking forward to zero warnings during image creation17:50
*** leinir has quit IRC17:51
Stskeepsyour co-workers are quite picky about warnings :)17:51
csdbwell, not so much picky as everyone will ask the first time around17:51
* csdb helps a number of people come up to speed on obs+mic+spec+...17:52
Stskeepssaw there's a new 'mic'?17:52
Stskeepsie, mic2 replacement17:52
csdbI saw mention of it, haven't looked into pulling it in yet17:52
csdbon the todo list :)17:52
Stskeeps <- Investigate variables for deciding if a %post/RPM scriptlet happens during build, image install or on active device17:52
*** leinir has joined #mer17:53
*** leinir has joined #mer17:53
StskeepsBTW, now that i have you - i noticed something awkward in the qt for raspberry pi configuration --- does the BCM2835 really support VFPv3(-D16)?17:54
Stskeepsfirst time i've seen that on armv617:54
Stskeeps(they compile for -mfpu=vfp3)17:54
* csdb goes off to create a mer bugzilla account to get on cc list for bug17:54
csdbhmmm, I'll have to look into that. Haven't had time to look into pi yet17:55
csdbthat chip is from a different team17:55
Stskeepsi'm thinking it's just a typo but you never know :)17:55
*** mlfoster_ has joined #mer18:05
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*** sandroandrade has joined #mer18:13
smokulbt: does Fedora builder still kills COBS?18:14
lbtprobably - it's a kernel mismatch I think18:15
*** phaeron has joined #mer18:17
*** [JT] has joined #mer18:18
*** toscalix has quit IRC18:20
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*** ScriptRipper_ has quit IRC18:24
csdbwhich publicly states that it is an ARM1176 core :-)18:34
csdband ARM1176 uses vfpv218:34
Stskeepsso probably a bug then18:36
csdbthough looking at the arm v2 to v3 difference and there's not a lot...18:37
csdb1 new instruction + 1 new mode for an existing instruction from what I can see18:38
csdbwhere did you see the -mfpu=vfp3 ?18:38
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC18:39
*** mdavey has quit IRC18:45
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake18:46
lbtStskeeps: iekku:
Stskeepsisn't it RESOLVED?18:50
iekkuno released verified?18:50
iekkutalking about boss18:51
*** grinsekatze has joined #mer18:51
iekkuumh, too tired to focus on the text now18:51
iekkutrying to read that again tomorrow18:51
*** smoku has quit IRC18:52
Stskeepslbt: for 1) in creation: select "Other", we'll pick it up in triage then, if you can't find a fitting component18:53
*** mlfoster has quit IRC19:04
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lbtalterego: ping21:02
*** pohly has quit IRC21:16
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*** sledges has joined #mer21:28
sledgesgood evening21:29
* sledges has a big day tomorrow: a client arrives with their tablet prototype, and I'll try to sell Mer+KDE:PA2 to them21:31
Stskeepsgood luck :)21:31
sledgesthanks :)21:32
Stskeepselse sell them and
Stskeepsthat should get them turned on21:33
sledgeshope they could at least go ahead with a proof of concept21:33
sledgesok, will show them this first (customers' sales guys like eye candies..)  I will not ignore your suggestions though, thank!21:36
* sledges watching lipstick now with interest21:36
w00tsledges: if you've questions, lemme know21:39
sledgesthanks w00t21:42
sledgesPhotoshop/Gimp -> QML reminds me of Crank UI21:42
RaYmAnStskeeps: just fyi, that mips tablet actually does seem to have a bunch of source available from the SoC vendor (including uboot)21:47
RaYmAnofc, whether it actually works on the tablet is another matter21:48
*** trbs has quit IRC21:51
sledgesthis is awesome Stskeeps, following your article:
sledgesso is a no-brainer telling them that Qt QML UI can be applied for KDE:PA2 apps as well. What about branding (reskinning KDE PA2 itself)?21:56
sledgessoz that I am ignoring lipstick for now. Unless they will want to build tablet interface themselves, lipstick is a good starting point21:57
sledgesand lightweight, if their hardware will be too weak for PA2 - so is a good option, but now less shiny and more work :)21:58
*** nsuffys has joined #mer22:02
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*** lynxis has joined #mer22:24
vgradesledges, what SoC is in the proto?22:24
*** rZr has joined #mer22:28
sledgesvgrade, will know after the meeting. but hope not a stone age, as they received it recently baked22:30
*** plate has quit IRC22:32
*** plate has joined #mer22:32
vgradesledges, ah ok, if you let me know I could possibly dig out some Mer/PA videos running on said SoC22:34
*** lynxis has quit IRC22:34
sledgeswell, i'll keep this window open during the presentation :)) tomorrow 1400 UTC22:34
sledgesthanks heaps!22:35
*** nsuffys has quit IRC22:39
vgradelots of good targets, I've got my eye on the new Sony Vita, Quad A9 and Quad pvr22:39
*** worfox has quit IRC22:41
wmarone__ps vita is quad A9?22:41
vgradeaccording to
sledgesrZr, here we meet again (remember ? :))22:43
vgradebeing advertised as most perfomant console atm22:43
sledgeswhere I reused your files for h193022:43
wmarone__though I suspect the system lockouts on it will make motorola's BS look like child's play22:44
vgradethe psp emulator mode was hacked in one day apparently22:44
vgradebut yes I agree, probably locked down good22:45
*** tfshfz has quit IRC22:45
wmarone__'twas, but I suspect that sony will rapidly pump out firmware updates and hardware revisions to patch any holes22:45
wmarone__granted as a hack target the updates probably aren't of much importance22:45
vgradeone to watch at least22:47
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