Sunday, 2012-01-01

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lbt_Happy New Year \o/02:29
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zmclbt : Happy new year to you too! A productive and prosperous 2012 to you and yours!02:41
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Stskeepsmorn o/06:53
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iluminator101Is it possible to install mer on Tegra2 T250 graphics tablet08:03
Stskeepsi think people have put mer on tegra2 device yes08:03
iluminator101i specially referring about lg g slate08:04
fw190morn and a all the best in 2012 to MER team ;)08:06
Stskeepsiluminator101: generally: can you boot your own kernel, rootfs and are GLESv2/EGL drivers available and working for that combination, with glibc involved08:07
Stskeeps is a good start08:07
Stskeepsmorn worfox08:08
Stskeepser, fw19008:08
iluminator101i am trying to get asus transformer prime but they are in short supply08:08
Stskeepswouldn't bother with the transformer, weren't they locked down?08:08
fw190Stskeeps: ER like Emergency Room? ;)08:09
iluminator101tegra 3 has native linux on kernel 3.2 though; so you are saying bootloader is locked08:09
iluminator101on transformer prime?08:10
Stskeepsfw190: ah, like erm08:10
Stskeepsiluminator101: that's what i heard, at least08:10
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dm8tbrthat has nothing to do with the boot-loader08:19
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Stskeepsin case you guys didn't see yesterday, i booted Mer on MIPS:
Stskeepsconsidering it was in a emulator, sub-30s bootup to shell with systemd isn't bad :P08:38
dm8tbrwhy does it still say MeeGo? ;)08:38
Stskeepsdidn't merge yet :P08:39
dm8tbrprovides meego 1.3 *snerk*08:41
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iluminator101you can load ubuntu on transformer you should able to load mer too08:45
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dm8tbriluminator101: is it the usual 'chroot and vnc' or is it something else?08:48
Stskeepsiluminator101: we have a fairly strict requirement of being able to boot our own kernel and rootfs08:50
Stskeepsso if bootloader is locked, it's SOL08:50
Stskeepsso, some work, some don't08:50
iluminator101happy new year sleep time08:51
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dm8tbrthe tegra uses something that looks like a BIOS? o.O08:53
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* Stskeeps begins project mer-on-his-non-atom-htpc09:32
Stskeepseating your own dogfood == good09:33
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Stskeepsi586 scheduler acting up?11:31
dm8tbrI saw some API timeouts a few minutes ago11:33
dm8tbr11:06:10< foobot> 2012/01/01 11:01  ?? OBS_API (Service Check Timed Out)11:34
dm8tbr11:21:10< foobot> 2012/01/01 11:20  OK OBS_API Public API (OBS link, source service) up11:34
dm8tbrI must say though. I don't envy the people who have to maintain meego 1.2/1.1 - core obs uptime barely reaches 35 percent on a 31d scale11:37
Stskeepsi rarely go to that OBS anymore, myself11:47
dm8tbrI only see it scroll by on my private icinga/nagios stream11:49
dm8tbrand some intel guy contacted me over the downtime stats I happen to have. he was not really amused when he saw them.11:50
w00tdm8tbr: he was probably one of the unlucky people maintaining 1.1/1.2 :)12:11
kimjuthe last one?12:12
dm8tbryes, that's what I grokked from his mails12:12
dm8tbrhe claimed that MeeGo RE is actually very much existent and working, and not AWOL as it may seem12:13
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Stskeepswell, that part is true, RE is low on staff but they do still work12:17
w00tsure, i can write a script that accepts obs requests too12:18
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phaeronwe have that already :D13:01
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dm8tbrsomeone should sell theboss to intel ;)13:54
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zmcSorry, cat control issues here this morning.15:57
Stskeepsok, how many copies of db4 exists around the place16:18
Stskeepsso far i've counted db4 itself, db4 in pam, db4 in cyrus-sasl..16:19
Stskeepsmakes me scared to ponder how many sqlite copies there are16:19
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phaeronldap has one as well afair16:22
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Stskeepswhat i'm brewing on today, i have a mission: to enable my non-atom intel dual core 2ghz with nvidia gfx (fairly old) and 2gb ram, to be a Mer XBMC machine16:23
Stskeepsso far it's 50 packages on top of mer16:23
dm8tbrthat's more than n900?16:24
Stskeepswell, i need nouveau and i might have some superflous intel packags16:25
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sledgesHappy New Year!19:10
Stskeepsyou too19:13
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Sagewhat time we had the bug triage tomorrow?20:02
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Stskeepsmer or nemo?20:08
Stskeepsmer is 14:00 UTC, nemo ..20:09
Stskeeps08:00 UTC, so 10 finnish time?20:09
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Sageok, probably not able to attend whole nemo triage tomorrow.20:22
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sledgeswhat happened to MeeGo Tablet UX ? is somebody picking that up?20:39
Stskeepsand based on a dead codeline of components20:40
sledges:{ looked nice, and presumably faster than KDE PA20:41
dm8tbrshame, looked reasonably nice20:41
sledgesor put it that way, less resource hungry20:41
Stskeepsfrankly, if i was to do a UX these days.. lipstick and harmattan component based apps20:41
vgradesledges, are you seeing 100% cpu on start20:42
sledgesvgrade, no20:42
vgradesledges, there was an issue there at some stage20:42
sledgesvgrade, yup i replied as fixed, let me fetch a link20:42
sledgesStskeeps, the thing is, i am where i am now right after I got my N9 and saw harmattan in action; linux4CE-on-bare-metal passion started burning in me :)20:43
vgradealso there was some work done to reduce memory footprint also but I guess you are using the latest20:43
sledgesvgrade, ^20:44
sledgesi had to remove all those components, and things started to work :)20:44
sledgesfree says 383 out of 871 MB free, cpu is 0.04 0.05 0.32 as nothing is happening20:47
vgradeI think at one stage we also had tracker and nepomuk both indexing20:49
sledgesI had them indexing (nepomuk* an virtuoso-t were behaving badly, 100% CPU after >30min runtime)20:51
sledgesafter castration all good now, did not come back as to why (will be looking at black-screen problem first)20:52
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sledgesdo you think Tizen will bring back the man-effort and be lifting Tablet UXs from the grave?
sledges'cause all this as a home project is simply not enough time to ressurect and bring to production quality20:57
sledgesalso as competetive quality20:57
* sledges talks having all devices in mind (Phone, IVI, TV, Tab)20:57
sledgesbig respect to basysKom though20:59
sledgesi'll do my best to bring this out from my home and through to my managers20:59
Stskeepsw00t did some work recoding tablet ux apps to harmattan components at least20:59
vgradesledges, who knows what Tizen will bring21:00
sledgesthey all look covered up at the moment, wonder what they are cooking21:00
sledgesit's obvious - Android is loosing to Apple due to its latency and hardware responsiveness21:01
sledgesand projects like Mer could start smelling competetive21:01
sledgeswhat keeps Android on top are the Apps though.. One could speculate on embedded hardware becoming faster, but then the software will evolve and demand more, too. Dalvik VM might still remain as bottle-neck ..21:04
sledgesSo, Archos G9 tablet will soonish officially put out KDE PA SDE by basysKom ? Is there anything else out there zeroing in on this level of success?21:12
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zmcsledges: Did you just say that the new archos will ofically run KDE PA?21:22
sledgeszmc: officially will have SDE. about actual run support we'd have to wait more I believe21:22
zmcWhat's SDE?21:23
sledgesSpecial Developer Edition21:23
sledgesnow they ship Ångström distro to play with, for Archos <=G821:24
macmaNmkay mkay21:24
sledgessee comments:
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alien_Stskeeps: speaking of HTPC, I also have one waiting for me in Berlin that I could use as a testbed21:29
alien_it's an Asrock E350M121:30
dm8tbrsledges: that's just the 'demo image' that comes with the open boot-loader21:30
zmcasrock... that name always makes me chuckle.  Is the device any goo?d21:31
alien_Stskeeps: I also happen to run coreboot on it, for a full open source stack21:31
alien_zmc: it's not that bad21:31
alien_but the state of AMD graphics drivers for it is less than stellar21:32
sledgesyes, dm8tbr, just a 'demo', so no production quality still ;)21:32
alien_even the BLOB sucked last time I checked21:32
dm8tbrsledges: more in the sense that we (openAOS) produced quite some things that were then running from that open boot loader on Archos devices21:33
alien_and the hardest part was getting  XBMC work with accelerated VA-API on it21:33
dm8tbrin comparison the default angstrom image sucks21:33
sledgesdm8tbr, oh you are talking about what current SDEs there are (<=G8). Yea, never considered them worth attention, apart from being a open test-pad. Well apparently basysKom are working big time along those lines on KDE PA2 @ G921:35
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sledgesbut who's funding them....21:41
dm8tbrsledges: then I'm surprised why they didn't fix the GLES problems with the Xserver...21:41
sledgeswhat tells you they didn't? probably [government?] funding ended :)21:42
dm8tbrsledges: basyskom is a for profit company, they aparently see a possibility to turn a profit by selling services related to PA21:42
dm8tbrsledges: because if they did, we'd have SDE for gen9 now21:42
sledgesoh from The work on this project is partially government-funded by German Government, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie.21:43
sledgesThe main part of the project is financed by basysKom <...>21:43
sledgesi see21:43
sledgesaha, services most probably like PA BSPs for other devices21:44
sledgesinteresting, dm8tbr, what kind of GLES - Xserver error is it? is it gen9-specific?21:45
dm8tbrsledges: it's OMAP 4430 specific in combination with the TI BSP kernel used on the gen921:45
dm8tbrit comes up with a black screen21:46
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sledges:{ thanks for that21:46
sledgeson my side of things, here on imx53 libGLES libs are not used by , qmlviewer -opengl segfaults21:48
* sledges so much to learn! excited :)21:49
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* sledges lol just found out that accelerometer on imx53 acts like another mouse! :D and always resets the main mouse cursor back to the centre21:57
sledgeson Xorg21:57
sledgesslightest touch, or even electrical activity on board inflicts noice and triggers the accelerometer21:57
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dm8tbrsledges: time to ignore that then :)22:02
sledgesor find a way how to turn the bugger off :))22:03
sledgesand i thought that this was caused by ESD accumulating on my carpet here :)) and killing all flash-based chips altogether!22:04
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dm8tbrhaven't seen ESD damage in ages22:05
sledgesme neither. but at work they've just bought mats for everyone :) not that we ever needed, but it's all about QA..22:07
dm8tbrI hear in the 80s circuits were prone to it tho'22:09
sledgesstill so many things linger around in chips: PCI bus, UART comms, GPU comes from FPU, ... feels like time has stopped, but on the outside shows the giant leap.22:13
sledgesLike bank systems still use text mode COBOL/FORTRAN written account management software, authors of which are dead probably :)22:13
sledgesas long as it works - don't touch it :)22:13
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DocScrutinizernope, not dead yet :-D23:32
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