Friday, 2011-12-30

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cxl000disco_stu the n8x0 hardware adaptation is able to boot on n800. I don't have on screen keyboard working yet.00:30
disco_stucxl000: nice, i'll try it00:31
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leinircxl000: nifty! :) we've an n810 here that could use a purpose ;)00:35
Ezydigitalwhere can you get the source from for mer00:36
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Stskeepsalien_: it's also about cost, i'm paying out of my own money for mer infra and i can't afford to let's say, afford bandwidth for plasma active05:14
Stskeeps(well, ok, i'm paying and some others are too)05:16
Stskeepsand legal risk05:16
Stskeepscan't afford to let the whole project be taken down due to a patent claim on <random UX>'s swipe method :)05:17
timophStskeeps: does Mer take donations?05:34
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Stskeepstimoph: we're not yet under a nonprofit but that's the idea in longer term05:38
Stskeepsi personally take donations in liquorice form, but that's probably of no surprise to you05:39
timophnope :)05:39
timophit shouldn't be too expensive to send and box of goodies your way :p05:39
timophdunno what customs thinks of sending candy05:40
Stskeepshopefully i should go soon to .fi again to refill05:40
dm8tbrtimoph: I can hand-carry. Business trip upcoming in wk3/405:41
timophin that case I just might send some via dm8tbr-ex05:42
timophanything smallish in the code side of things that could use some help?05:52
timophdon't have too much time nowadays to spare but could work on some smallish things05:52
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Stskeepstimoph: has some small tasks, i try to publish this list weekly from now on05:57
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timophhmmh. seems I'm not subscribed to that list :/06:00
* timoph is now06:02
Stskeepsgood :)06:25
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timophyeah. Now I just need nokia to send me the lumia06:37
timoph(frees my n950 for hacking purposes)06:38
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iekkutimoph, mine is in it's way06:47
Stskeepsbut will it blend?06:49
iekkui think it's not going to be a good frisbee06:49
timophI need it to receive/make call so I'd think even wp7 should manage that :)06:52
iekkunot sure06:53
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Blat-hello all10:51
Stskeeps'lo Blat-10:52
Stskeepsso what brings you here?10:52
Blat-i am a n900 user, and right now i am sitting at some boring bank waiting my boring turn10:54
Blat-6 ppl ahead of me10:54
Stskeeps is probably of interest then10:54
Blat-thought i log in somewhere, so came here10:54
Blat-nemo is a cute name heh10:54
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Sagefamiliar error anyone? sd card gone bad?11:27
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Stskeepslooks like sd card gone bad11:29
Sageonly sd card that worked on my snowball :(11:30
Sageit used to work but suddently started to fail and can't find anything else that is wrong :(11:30
Stskeepsmm, perhaps bad sd card timings11:31
Stskeepsmy first beagleboard kept on killing sd cards11:32
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damnshockStskeeps: that beagleboard thing looks interesting13:09
Stskeepsah, beagleboards?13:10
Stskeepslook at pandaboards too or raspberry pi13:10
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alien_it looks like my mer VM stopped booting up after applying a zypper update14:06
alien_is there a way to enter the boot menu?14:07
alien_so I can boot up in a text console or maybe in single user mode, to figure out the issue14:07
w00tStskeeps: what's the state of qt5-on-mer packaging nowdays?14:10
alien_never mind, pressing esc got me to the grub menu14:11
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ScriptRipperping lbt17:08
ScriptRipperStskeeps, have pushed some fixes and your fixed to our new clone for OBS17:09
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ScriptRippercheck if it works for you17:10
ScriptRipperyou can add this repo as new remote branch to your local git clone17:10
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Stskeepswouldn't it be better to fork from the upstream opensuse-buildservice?17:21
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Stskeepshmm. hackable MIPS hw, ideally with 64mb or more RAM?17:39
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RaYmAndid you look at the 150$ tablet?17:43
RaYmAnNo idea how hackable it is, but I really doubt it's very closed17:43
Stskeepshm, good question17:44
Stskeepswasn't it 99$?17:44
Stskeepsworking on Mer MIPS port, so17:45
RaYmAnit was, but I haven't seen it for less than 150$ or so, lol17:46
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RaYmAnI guess the big issue is that chinese companies suck at releasing source for anything17:47
RaYmAnso there's unlikely to be kernel source or even graphics drivers for anythign but ICS17:47
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Stskeepshopefully we'll get to a point at some point where things come with mer out of the box ;)17:49
Stskeepsthere was a guy talking on tizennews talking about putting Mer into 3 million chinese smart TV17:50
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind a mer tv17:50
timakimamight piss off tizen? :)17:50
Stskeepsat this particular moment i have no idea what tizen does :P17:50
chouchouneStskeeps: In an hackerspace here, I'm pushing for mer in an interactive table project ;)17:51
timakimai haven't heard anything about it after the announce17:51
Stskeepschouchoune: i would love Mer on ExoDesk17:51
chouchounedon't know Exodesk17:51
chouchouneah yes17:51
chouchouneI see17:52
timakimai guess they develop tizen internally and then release something semi-ready with very little relevance to anyone else but themselves17:52
Stskeepsgood thing we have mer then ;)17:53
RaYmAnStskeeps: that's be awesome :]17:53
* Stskeeps ponders about xbmc vs qtmediahub17:58
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Stskeepsmy boxee has been running with 100% cpu at startup for almost three months now, so it's time to replace it with mer17:59
Stskeeps'lo vgrade17:59
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Stskeepswmarone_: do i have the latest .ks and kernel/etc from you?18:08
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wmarone_Stskeeps: they should be in the tarball I posted last week18:19
Stskeeps ok18:23
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sledgeshello and merry ex- chrimbo everyone!22:16
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sledgesgot KDE Active Plasma launching on Freescale i.MX53 with fbdev (boot ends with error):
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