Tuesday, 2011-12-20

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wmarone__aha, really02:02
wmarone__thanks Sage :D02:02
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wmarone__that modification seems to exist, albeit slightly differently, in the x-loader I have03:03
wmarone__err, sources at least03:03
wmarone__can't say for sure about the one on the device though03:04
wmarone__no, it's the same03:06
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wmarone__found the problem03:54
wmarone__if the vfat partition doesn't have the boot flag set, the nook won't acknowledge it03:56
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wmarone__I should now have an image I can blindly dd to an SD card and boot04:47
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wmarone__:/ and now the kernel won't boot05:52
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wmarone__more tomorrow :o05:52
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Sagewmarone__: ah, the bootflag is another thing... you need to have --active in the boot part in the .ks file07:05
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Stskeepswmarone__: BTW, how about kexec on nook tablet?07:18
wmarone__Sage: thanks, I'll include that.07:29
wmarone__Stskeeps: ignoring it, don't want platforms that require such contotrions to use07:30
Stskeepsyeah, sure07:30
wmarone__so close to buying one too07:31
Stskeepsi'd rather sink money into something archos-omap4 based myself07:31
Stskeepsat least i know those guys are cool with open source access07:31
wmarone__that seems to run contrary to my understanding of archos07:31
Stskeepswell at least the archos g9 has work ongoing for it07:32
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Stskeeps109 packages out of 320 packages built with SB2, only one failure so far, i like where this is going08:26
phaeronStskeeps: how much faster is it ?08:27
Stskeepsphaeron: right now installation phase is slower, i think we have a regression08:27
Stskeepsphaeron: intentionally getting things working first before optimizing08:27
Stskeepsbut it's much less complex than our previous setup08:28
phaeronStskeeps: less complex usually pays off in the long term :)08:28
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Stskeepsphaeron: http://stskeeps.subnetmask.net/rpm.pdf08:56
phaeronStskeeps: per binary ?08:58
Stskeepsphaeron: this is just a call graph, if i had process accounting i'd get statistics on how much was spent in QEMU and how much wasn't08:58
StskeepsTools means it was accelerated08:59
phaeronah. I thought it was something related to yesterday's depgraph09:00
Stskeepsthis is from SB2-OBS :)09:00
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phaeronStskeeps: bzip2 missing ?09:03
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Stskeepswas a tar.gz09:04
phaeronmake make09:04
phaeronerr and make09:04
Stskeepsit was just beginnings of a build :)09:04
phaeronok. jumping the gun09:05
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Stskeepslo javier09:16
javierI'm trying to get connman to work on mer/arm09:17
javierit seems it needs the meego.settings module09:17
javierit complains that it isn't installed09:20
Stskeepsnot sure what that is :) can you give me a debug log or something?09:20
javierI have checked the package list and it seems it's missing meego-ux-settings09:23
javierso far I only tried plasma-windowed to debug it09:23
Stskeepsmeego-ux-settings is part of tablet ux, that doesn't sound right09:23
Stskeepsso, can you tell me the exact symptoms you're having? :)09:24
javiersure :)09:24
javierthis object could not be created for the following reason: blabla/org.kde.active.connman/.../main.qml module "MeeGo.Settings" is not installed09:25
Stskeepsso they mixed it in with the meego tablet ux?09:25
Stskeepsthat doesn't sound healthy :)09:26
javierhmm, not sure09:26
javierlet see09:26
Stskeepsit sure looks like that09:26
javierthe meego-ux-settings tarball has some interesting stuff09:27
Stskeepsi'd recommend to remove that dependancy somehow and integrate it, as that codeline is dead like a doornail09:28
javierthe other possibility is to use network-manager09:29
javierand forget about connman, like balsam/opensuse does09:29
Stskeepsit is a possibility, but i'd like people to do proper evaluations of it on top of mer09:29
javierit = connman?09:29
Stskeepsnetwork-manager also needs to talk to ofono09:29
Stskeepsnah, network-manager09:29
Stskeepsfrom my perspective people can use what they want, just remember to use proper bearer plugin for qt mobility and deal with the bug reports yourself ;)09:34
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lbtjavier: hey10:00
lbtbz issues?10:00
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javierhi lbt10:31
javierbz as in bugzilla?10:31
lbthey ... bz issues?10:31
javierbut only with nemobile bugzilla10:32
lbtcan you try logging on to nemo bz using your merproject username, not email10:32
javierit works now10:33
javierthanks :)10:33
lbtyou say "now!10:33
lbtdid you try using your username before?10:34
lbtthat is really odd then10:34
lbtI haven't done anything10:34
lbtbut most people use email to login to bz10:34
javieras far as I remember I tried doing many things10:34
javierlogging in using email doesn't work10:35
lbtno, I need to make note on the login page10:35
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sledgesfinally free, so building a kickstart for imx with smoku's adaptation; running into problems:11:31
sledgesmic-image-creator -f fs -c imx.ks --cache=cache --mainrepo=mer-core --arch=armv7hl   spits out this:11:32
sledgesGenerating primary.sqlite from primary.xml for repo mer-core with arch i686...11:32
sledgesError: Failed to create bootstrap : URLGrabber error: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found: http://releases.merproject.org/releases/latest/builds/ia32/packages//repodata/repomd.xml11:32
Sagepastebin the full log please11:32
Sageyou have wrong repo there, ia32 repo on armv7hl build11:32
Stskeepsand don-t use mainrepo, do bootstrap too11:32
sledgesia32 is arch, and i have no idea how it sneaked in..11:33
sledgesno references to i* archs throughout, apart from the building host, which is ia3211:33
sledgesmer-image creator tries to bootstrap without being asked somehow11:33
Stskeeps"Mic comands"11:33
Stskeepsthe create-bootstrap one11:34
Stskeepsand drop --mainrepo11:34
* sledges in progress11:35
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sledgesthank you Stskeeps and Sage ; the next error is: Error: Requires qemu version >= 0.13 for armv7hl11:50
sledgesi am building it on OBS VMWare image11:50
* sledges not savvy on managing RPMs..11:51
Sagesledges: you need to update your qemu to newer version I would prefer >= 0.14 actually11:51
StskeepsSage: you likely want armv7l for imx anywaay11:51
Stskeepser, sledges11:51
SageStskeeps: I think mic doesn't make difference and requires qemu >= for that as wel11:52
sledgesSage, how do I do that in opensuse (OBS)?11:52
sledgesStskeeps: I had to make a choice: http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/smoku:/Mer%3a/HA%3a/iMX/11:52
sledgesSage, you are right, http://wiki.meego.com/Image_Creation#ARM_related_issues11:53
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Stskeeps'lo ClashTheBunny12:24
Stskeepsjust saying hi :) so what brings you here?12:25
ClashTheBunnyI was interested in Mer a while ago when I first got an N900.  I wanted to see what the new Mer was like, so I'm just poking around.12:36
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Stskeepsalright, Nemo Mobile is probably of interest then12:52
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RaYmAnStskeeps: hey..do you guys have any documentation on what's required from a vendor to be 'Mer' supportive (maybe not using it directly, but allowing "end-users" to use Mer-based products easily)13:03
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StskeepsRaYmAn: ability to flash own kernel / boot own kernel, own rootfs, access to libGLESv2/EGL in a redistributable form ideally, 2.6.32 and up13:10
RaYmAnokay, so that's pretty simple =P13:11
RaYmAnpresumably also X11 drivers13:11
Stskeepsframebuffer or X11, either one works13:11
Stskeepswayland best, but a moving target13:11
Stskeepsit really depends on the kind of UI you want to make, so13:11
Stskeepssome only need GLESv2 on top of framebuffer and single-app13:12
RaYmAnwell, that also requires being able to run GLESv2 purely on framebuffer I guess13:12
RaYmAnthis is for a new device, so13:12
Stskeepsbut yeah.. that's pretty much basics13:13
RaYmAnCool :)13:13
Stskeepskernel source very required13:13
RaYmAnof course :P13:14
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vgrade"The patent issued in 1999 and, in general terms, covers a device that scans computer text for data, like a phone number, and turns that number into a link that the user can then select to perform an act, like calling the number"13:20
vgradeso that would cover links in emails13:22
vgradeand browsers13:23
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Stskeepsnah, it's free form text transformation to structured13:32
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vgradefree form text from where?13:43
Stskeepsanywhere,  i guess13:43
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vgradea tweet with an embedded link?13:46
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Stskeepstweet might cover13:48
Stskeepsthe patent is nasty13:48
Stskeepswhich is why i'm not fond of doing business in the US ;)13:48
vgradeare Samsung still banned from Germany/13:49
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leinirWe need some lawyer to start a crusade against too-general patents... unlikely happen, of course, because patent cases are an enormous source of free monies for them ;)13:52
Stskeepsi vote we capture a central bank somewhere13:56
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slainea tweet with a phone number or a date or reference to tomorrow for example could be turned into a link to your contact address book or a calendar appointment13:59
BostikI wonder what would happen if patent office could demand punitive fines from the filing entity whenever a patent is invalidated...14:00
slaineThough I don't know if they parse tweets per se,14:00
slaineman I need some coffee14:00
Bostikand by punitive I mean "directly proportional to costs incurred while defendind said patent"14:00
Stskeepsslaine: hashtags14:01
slainesame to you ;P14:01
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sledgeshello again fellows,14:05
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sledgesjust putting a very harsh Freescale i.MX53 Mer KDE Plasma KickStart .ks so don't be too cruel :) ( here is the file: http://pastebin.com/ZG2W4kNq )14:11
sledgesgetting an error: Error: failed to create image : Unable to download from repo : Error: Unresolved dependencies, transaction failed.14:11
sledges (buildlog: http://pastebin.com/hqY0fXcB )14:11
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slainesledges: looks like the url for smoku's repo is the problem14:23
slainehave you verified that it's correct14:23
sledgesslaine, it apparently is, and package were downloaded from successfully: http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/smoku:/Mer:/HA:/iMX/Mer_Core_armv7hl/14:25
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Sagesledges: add --pkgmgr=yum to the cmdline14:25
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slaineSage: shouldn't it be using zipper ?14:26
Sageslaine: zypper ****s in some things ;)14:26
Sageor well the mic-image-creator (aka. mic2) sucks :)14:26
slaineand was written based on yum14:26
slaineWhat does mic offer over appliance-tools ?14:27
slaineI use appliance-tools to make my fedora images14:27
Stskeepsslaine: ARM support as a start14:27
slaineI think Stskeeps mentioned it works better with non-x86 archs14:27
slaineWhat does that mean though, mic can use cross-compilers when it see arch: tags ?14:28
Sageiekku: ping :)14:28
slainecause it's all python14:28
Stskeepsslaine: means it can deal with qemu and such14:28
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Stskeepsie, build an ARM image using user mode qemu14:29
Sageiekku: wiki is missing component in bugzilla14:29
slainesledges: there's a couple of the following in that output that would point to the smoku repo14:32
slaineErrors getting repomd.xml.key14:32
sledgesslaine: that one i ignored, as the repomd.xml.key is simply not there at smoku's14:32
Sagejust add the pkgmgr option :)14:33
slainewot he said I guess ^14:33
Sageit is normal to have 100 errors in mic build log :)14:33
slainethat makes my Aspergers go mad14:33
Sagewhe the "new" mic (yes, it is mic not mic2 or mic3) things are a bit better14:34
slainerewrite ?14:34
Sagenot sure but well it seems better14:34
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sledgesok, i'm getting there, and odd one now: file /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/services/powermanagementservice.operations conflicts between attempted installs of plasma-mobile-0.2+git20111014.144145.removedwelcome-3.6.armv7hl and kde-workspace-4.7.4+git20111212.030135-17.1.armv7hl ; can't figure out where kde-workspace sneaked in from14:58
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Stskeepsstart with a qmlviewer install maybe15:04
Stskeepsand then move up15:04
sledgesoh well, me starting from the top (baad I know)15:04
sledgeschances are I will bump into this error again15:04
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alteregoHrm, how do I list the contents of an installed rpm?15:35
Stskeepsrpm -ql15:35
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sledgesfellows, here's a challenge for you15:50
sledgesi need to remove the file 'powermanagementservice.operations' from this package, plasma-mobile-0.2+git20111014.144145.removedwelcome-3.6.armv7hl and repackage it15:50
sledgeshow could I do it all locally first for a smoke test ?15:50
sledgescreate a local repo, or probably there are even faster ways of doing it15:51
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Sageslaine: osc build15:52
Sageerr... sledges15:52
SageI'm usually doing those first osc branch project package ; do changes ; osc build repository architecture --no-verify15:53
* alterego just hacked together a simple QML based wifi connection UI ..15:54
Sagethat builds the package locally and tells where you can get it from the local fs15:54
sledgesSage: then I'll just append a repo ...--baseurl=file:///... line into a .ks ?15:54
sledgesI wonder how it will pick it up, instead of a problematic 'plasma-mobile-0.2+git20111014.144145.removedwelcome-3.6.armv7hl' - shall I be giving it the same name then ?15:55
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Sagesledges: you can just boot the image and update the package no need to create new image I guess15:59
Sagebut in theory that file:/// should work15:59
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sledgesSage: I haven't got a working image, mic-image-creator curses on the conflict (i wonder how could i tell it to ignore it?): see my previous post16:00
Sagesledges: where is the full log of that conflict?16:01
*** leinir has joined #mer16:02
sledgesSage: I don't think you need that, as the bug is confirmed in #active: <sebas> the file should be removed from the plasma-mobile package (we moved it to workspace)16:02
sledgesnow they fixed it, but the fix will need to propagate through repos until I'll get an out-of-the-box green light going16:03
sebassledges: it's actually being used, I think we moved some stuff "upstream", but didn't port our code that uses it yet16:03
Sagesledges: well, just though that if you are still using zypp backend to build images it might be just the reason. mic2 doesn't resolv conflicts nicely with zypp backend.16:03
sebasdoing that now, but it might end up a bit too big to backport16:04
sebasthing is, I haven't seen this conflict before, wonder why not16:04
sledgesSage, I added pkgmgr=yum16:04
Sagesledges: can I see the log of that just for fun of it? :)16:04
sledgesSage, sure: http://pastebin.com/SS0rzmEv16:07
Sagesledges: you are intentionally using vgrade's branch repos and not the official ones?16:11
*** rnovacek has quit IRC16:12
sledgesSage: could you please point to official repo URI ? I have seemed to failed in finding an official one: http://pastebin.com/gWahEdzm16:13
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Sageso you need to get proper repo from CE:MW:Shared, CE:MW:PlasmaActive and Project:KDE:Devel at least and remove those branches from vgrade16:15
SageI though there was more official plasmaactive .ks file available already16:15
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Sagesledges: hopefully you find the repos. I need to go now, will help you later if you are still here and need help when I come back.16:21
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer16:21
sledgesthank you Sage, I am in search for repos at the moment, the future is dim :) I'll be around for another hour, maybe will connect from home to appreciate your time here, thanks for it now!16:21
vgradesledges, what device are you buiding for?16:22
vgradewhat ux?16:24
vgradelatest kickstarts here16:24
*** lilstevie has quit IRC16:25
sledgesvgrade: i.MX53, kde-plasma (implies tablet UX)16:25
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:25
*** niqt has joined #mer16:26
sledgesplasma active; vgrade that link is a golden vein, x100 thanks, now let's see if I'll get the .../powermanagementservice.operations conflict breakage still .. (which we are on about in #active and sebas is merging git branches, so might break even on recent repos)16:28
* sledges building16:28
vgradeis the nearest kickstart for Plasma Active on i.MX16:28
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vgradesledges, how does your device boot? uImage, zimage in first partition, rootfs in second?16:30
sledgesvgrade, on boot partition: boot.scr  MLO  u-boot.bin  uImage16:31
sledgeswhich is the first partition16:31
vgradeok the g9 image will give you 2 parts, you can put your uboot stuff on there16:32
vgradeon the first vfat part16:33
vgradewhat kernel version are you on?16:33
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sledgesbuild so far so error-free, thank you vgrade, you are like Phoenix ;)16:40
sledgesout of ashes16:41
sledgesfor the buzz words: what do acronyms CE and MW means (as well as PA2) in Mer & Co. world?16:47
StskeepsCE is Community Edition, what is now known as Nemo16:48
StskeepsMW is middleware16:48
StskeepsPA2 is plasma active16:48
*** slaine has quit IRC16:52
sledgeslovely, thanks Stskeeps ! that explains the file-naming: http://repo.pub.meego.com/Project:/KDE:/Trunk:/Testing/CE_UX_PlasmaActive_armv7hl/armv7hl/libkdegames-4.7.4-6.1.Nemo.MW.PlasmaActive.armv7hl.rpm seeing CE in suffixes and Nemo in the prefix16:53
vgradesledges, you may need some differnet kernel options to satisfy systemd, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd#What_kernel_options_do_I_need_to_enable_in_my_kernel_in_case_I_do_not_use_the_official_Arch_kernel.3F16:53
sledgesok, vgrade , no probs, got the Freescale's ltib right here16:53
sledgesFreescale's BSP builder for its boards, including i.MXx . it does patching+handling of kernel as well. just don't look at its website, it might still be written in Comic sans... :)16:56
sledgesLinux Target Image Builder :))16:56
vgradetool late16:57
vgradetoo late16:57
*** lizardo has joined #mer17:01
*** pohly has quit IRC17:08
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*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer17:12
sledgesvgrade: i.MX53 build process is U-Boot on MMC, and then it loads bootcmd_SD2=mmc read 0 ${loadaddr} 0x800 0x2000;mmc read 0 ${rd_loadaddr} 0x3000 0x300;bootm ${loadaddr} ${rd_loadaddr}17:16
sledgeskernel and initrd17:17
* Stskeeps just passed 300 succeeded packages on Mer armv7l + SB2 inside OBS17:17
Stskeepsout of 32017:17
Stskeepsthis is starting to show promise :)17:18
sledgesgreat success, meanwhile I have just mer-image-created ~450 packages into a nice plasma-active rootfs for imx; can't wait to start tests17:18
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:21
*** sledges is now known as sledges_away17:28
w00tmeanwhile, I have pushed like 10 trivial qt5 patches today :D17:33
w00tmerge ALL the overloads17:33
*** bergie_ has quit IRC17:33
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Stskeepsvgrade: bored?18:09
*** lilstevie has quit IRC18:10
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sledgesw00t, good stuff!19:23
*** harbaum has quit IRC19:25
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vgradeStskeeps, what you got?19:38
Stskeepsvgrade: wanting someone to test out llvmpipe with the mer prerelease on some arm devices19:38
Stskeepsbut it seems like llvm JIT isn't working well on ARM19:38
vgradeI was just thinking about that today actually when talking to sledges19:39
vgradeI can do a test if you have an image or ks19:40
vgradeor just some mesa packages to install19:41
*** beford has joined #mer19:41
*** buluca has joined #mer19:42
Stskeepsyeah, i'm just prepping my brother and dad for trip down here tomorrow so give me a moment19:42
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC19:44
vgradeno ruhs19:44
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer19:45
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*** mingwandroid has joined #mer20:16
Stskeepslo mingwandroid20:19
mingwandroidHows it going?20:19
mingwandroidOn hols, in the us20:19
Stskeepsalmost xmas time, i made a prerelease with the new toolchain and so far we had n810 kernel not booting20:19
*** beford has joined #mer20:20
mingwandroidNot booting? Urgh20:20
Stskeepsprobably going to do a real release after newyears once we track down issues20:20
* Sage is building image for snowball which hopefully boots to xterm20:21
mingwandroidIf I get a chance ill try a tegra 2 build20:21
Sagedm8tbr: ^ will release it if that boots :)20:21
Stskeepsmingwandroid: on SB2+new toolchain side, i have 308 succeeded and 14 failed, so the new way of doing cross compilation is looking very promising20:21
StskeepsSage: they fixed the licensing?20:21
SageStskeeps: nah, using the generic fbdev20:22
Sageand hoping that it works :)20:22
SageI think it booted to xterm but not entirely sure and accidently erased my old images and .ks files :P20:22
mingwandroidFindimg it a bit tricky.to get any hacking done wirhout annoyong the gf.20:23
mingwandroidAlso this irc client aucks!20:24
Stskeepsjust enjoy the holidays, postpones burnout at least 3 months20:25
mingwandroidMight do, but tbh I enjoy it too much20:25
mingwandroidJust figured id check in!20:26
Stskeepshehe :)20:26
*** fw190 has left #mer20:26
* Stskeeps ponders how best to mass evaluate sage's gerrit requests..20:26
vgrademingwandroid, hi mate, you over there for xmas?20:27
mingwandroidYeah until 4th jan so ill not do much hacking I dont think!20:28
mingwandroidAbout to eat. Speak later20:29
_Thomashttp://lastgadgetstanding.com/voting/ <- Go ahead and vote for the Cotton Cand USB-stick :)20:29
vgrade_Thomas hi20:29
_Thomasvgrade: Hi :)20:30
vgradehows the launch going?20:31
_ThomasBeyond belief :)20:31
_ThomasProducing a batch of 500 next week20:31
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer20:32
_ThomasPipecleaning for mass-production, certifications (FCC, CE, etc)20:32
_Thomasstill trying to find people tho, it's really hard20:33
vgradeare those going to retail or out for press etc20:33
_ThomasWe can't do much with retail before we get CE, etc20:33
vgradekernel side?20:33
_ThomasKernel / embedded devs20:33
vgradeprobably best asking in new year20:34
_ThomasAnd I've started trying to find Qt-devs too (pref with some RoR experience)20:34
SageStskeeps: I'll see if I have day during my xmastime to do a new bunch ;)20:34
*** buluca has quit IRC20:34
vgrade_Thomas, have a work with jukkaeklund20:36
_ThomasWho's that, and what's he doing / done? :)20:36
vgrade_Thomas, sec20:36
Stskeepsmore a facilitator to perhaps find more people20:37
_ThomasOk, I've been talking to a lot of those20:37
_Thomasnone of which are capable of finding what we want20:37
vgradewhats his group called devamo20:37
Stskeepshe was product manager in our community edition stuff for N900, now he's 'free' and facilitating a lot of things, such as devaamo.fi20:37
Stskeepswhich has good ties to finnish tampere qt community, as an example20:38
vgrade_Thomas, are you planning to seed any devices to oss groups before launch?20:39
_ThomasSeed, as in give-aways?20:40
Stskeepsor rebates, for that matter20:40
Stskeepsthough price isn't terribly high in the first place20:41
vgradethe raspberry pi , Qt program sure created some interest from Qt people20:42
_ThomasWasn't Nokia behind as a sponsor on this?20:44
Stskeepsthey are, yeah20:45
_ThomasAnd Broadcom is a sponsor of the Raspberry Pi as a whole20:45
* Sage ponders why the snowball doesn't boot20:45
StskeepsSage: -next or not?20:46
Sageah, the picky sd card thing :P20:47
Sagesnowball accepts only one of my 4 sd cards :P20:48
Sageothers get mmc errors :)20:48
Sageusd cards*20:48
_Thomasvgrade: We've been considering a model which would ensure that people from the oss communities at least can buy from the 500 first devices20:48
SageStskeeps: not the -next, sry20:49
_Thomasvgrade: But think it's safe to say that we won't be giving any devices away, for now20:49
_Thomasvgrade: We have considered doing some kind of contests with price money20:49
vgrade_Thomas, a holdback of devices for comunity wold be great20:49
StskeepsSage: ok, just wanted to be sure it wasn't toolchain elated20:50
_Thomasvgrade: We thought about holding back 150 devices out of the 500 for early access from devs outside our partner program20:50
Stskeeps_Thomas: out of curiousity, what kernel version do you run on there for your ubuntu experiments?20:51
vgrade_Thomas, count Mer in for a couple20:51
Stskeeps_Thomas: ah, brilliant20:52
Stskeeps_Thomas: that should motivate a lot of people20:52
_ThomasStskeeps: We have to keep up with Samsung, so we'll continue to be bleeding edge when it comes to the kernel20:52
*** tbf_ has joined #mer20:52
_ThomasWe already have three versions; one for android 2.3.4, one for android 4.0 and one for "linux"20:53
_ThomasMight be a fourth version depending on a few things20:53
_ThomasAnd it's a lot of work backporting from Samsung-tree20:53
vgradehence the need for kernel devs20:54
Sageok, doesn't work even the good sd card :/20:54
_Thomaswhat kind of uSD-cards do you experience problems with?20:55
*** tbf has quit IRC20:56
*** tomeff_nonstop has joined #mer20:57
Sagesomething seems to be off on my snowball :/20:59
*** keithzg has quit IRC20:59
Sageit doesn't behave as it used to20:59
*** trbs has quit IRC21:12
StskeepsSage: everything sent for re-evaluation21:12
Stskeepslet's see how it goes21:12
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC21:13
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*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:33
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:33
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SageStskeeps: hopefully better than last time :)21:42
Sageprevious set was mainly obs errors though IIRC21:42
*** lynxis has joined #mer21:52
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