Wednesday, 2011-12-21

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wmarone__stskeeps: here's my latest image, this one will boot properly from the SD card if you hold the + key while powering it on04:12
wmarone__it'll start Xorg up and give me a black screen unfortunately04:12
wmarone__you'll need a 4GB SD card for it04:12
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iluminator101is there mer for tablets or is it just nemo mobile or is it both one and the same?04:22
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wmarone__mer just defines a base set of packages that can be used for pretty much anything04:54
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Stskeepswmarone__: cool, got a .ks too?06:15
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wmarone__Stskeeps: yeah let me post it06:44
Stskeepsso that image is created entirely with mic2?06:46
wmarone__the image is yes, I still manually drop the files needed to boot in /boot06:46
wmarone__I expect a complete build process probably once I get around to moving the whole thing into obs06:47
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slaineanyone know of any linux tools for flashing eeproms on usb devices ? specifically looking for something that's open source to use as building block for a tool to flash a Touchscreen EEPROM11:12
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slaineas I've no clue where to start11:13
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Stskeepsmorn zenvoid11:41
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zumbi_zenvoid: hi! :)11:49
zenvoidnice to see you here ;)11:51
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zumbi_zenvoid: are you mastering mer again?11:51
zumbi_I am trying to update myself, I want to setup a local OBS, but still I am on early days11:52
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slainezumbi_: enjoy the learning curve11:53
zenvoidI can say the same, I'm just updating with the changing times...11:53
slaineI put up some stuff details on my adventures on the wiki, it might be of use11:53
slaineHmm, I wonder does flashrom support what I want to do11:58
Stskeeps as wel11:58
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Stskeepszenvoid: do you happen to have any MIPS devices, out of curiousity12:03
zumbi_Stskeeps: I do, got a longson netbook12:04
Stskeepscool, i have a in-progress mer port to MIPS so12:04
Stskeepsgood to know we can get it tested eventually ;)12:05
zumbi_Stskeeps: re OBS, how do you do ARM builds?12:05
zumbi_using qemu, qemu with crosstools or native?12:05
zumbi_or SB2 or all of the above?12:05
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Stskeepszumbi_: as a basis we use qemu usermode (ie, not system) with binfmt-misc, and we have a custom set of packages that add in X86 accelerators, ie, x86 bash, cross compiler, etc12:06
zumbi_I am worried using qemu for building ARM and it might not catch misaligned memory acceses12:06
zenvoidStskeeps: I don't have MIPS, I remember I was thinking to get one of those cheap netbooks some time ago, but never got them12:06
Stskeepszumbi_: but we're switching to SB2 at the moment12:06
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Stskeepsmy idea is to somehow seperate out test cases in packages to be run on actual ARM/target hardware12:07
zumbi_Stskeeps: why bother to switch to SB2?12:08
zumbi_isnt qemu with crosstools (X86 accelerators) good enough?12:09
Stskeepszumbi_: because the current set of packages are unmaintable and difficult to understand12:09
Stskeepsalso, it doesn't accelerate autom4te12:09
Stskeepsunmaintainable, that is12:09
zumbi_yes, I can understand12:09
Stskeepsalso, i want to over a longer time period switch to a model where we seperate Mer into a core and a toolchain, allowing for a smaller core size12:10
Stskeepsbut regarding SB2, because it actually works quite well :)12:10
Stskeepsi have 308 out of 320 packages building without issues, rest are fairly simple to fix12:10
zumbi_yes, but sometimes SB2 could play tricks on you12:10
Stskeepsit can, yes12:10
Stskeepsbut i think the amount of issues are comparable to what we see with crosstools12:11
zumbi_yes, none of the ways are clean paths12:11
Stskeepsbest effort :)12:11
zumbi_I just wonder how would debian multiarch perform on this case12:12
zumbi_but it is still early days, but unusable12:12
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Stskeepsfor the general developer there won't be difference in how we build with sb2 and how we build with x86, in practice12:13
Stskeepswhich is nice12:13
zenvoidI once managed to cross compile almost all ubuntu's core (not universe) packages with a just modified fakechroot that hooked into exec syscall :)12:13
Stskeepshehe, similar approach ;)12:14
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zenvoidthen just seen how bad performed unity and rm -rf it ;)12:14
zumbi_all this effort, to just end up rm -rf'ing.. sad12:15
zenvoidyeah. I still have the modified fakechroot I think, but probably there are better alternatives12:15
zumbi_zenvoid: is it online, would be curious to see it12:15
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zenvoidit worked better than sb2 though, at least at the time I made it, probably sb2 has been inproved since then12:16
zenvoidzumbi_: never published, but I can try to rescue it from my hard disk if you want...12:17
zumbi_zenvoid: sure12:17
Stskeepswhere i would like to end up is fairly simple, that effectively the Core won't need to be self-hosting, and we bootstrap any architecture's libgcc/glibc from X86 side and utilize X86 tools where we can12:18
Stskeepsmeaning we can do any custom mer core we want12:18
Stskeepsfor any hardware12:18
zumbi_zenvoid: I gave it a go a while back to croco, which I think its based on that idea.. see
Stskeepsheh, i almost forgot about croco :)12:18
zumbi_I like croco better than SB2, but I am missing mass building experience with it12:19
zenvoidprobably no need to publish my crappy code then? ;)12:19
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zenvoidnow I always compile native12:22
zumbi_Stskeeps: well, I like your bootstrapping idea, but surely a recompile with other flags for some packages might be needed12:22
zenvoidbut a reliable cross compilation method but be more conveniente12:22
zumbi_zenvoid: I do native too, but cross can help for development purposes, and it would be nice to improve status quo12:23
Stskeepszumbi_: might be, i have a hunch it might be minimal, if we do it with SB2 (ie, it feels like a toolchain)12:24
zumbi_and lots of people using cross for production12:24
Stskeepsthe other reason for this approach is to reduce the amount of rebuilds needed due to binary differences from one build to another12:24
Stskeepsas we don't have the huge toolchain loop cycle12:25
zenvoidzenvoid: yes, I would also prefer to cross compile everything12:25
Stskeepsbut anyway, this is just on research stage :)12:25
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zenvoidmy arm board is almost as fast as my desktop pc, though :)12:25
zenvoid(which is very old, single core)12:26
zenvoidStskeeps: I think it should be possible, it sounds similar to what I've done with Ubuntu12:28
zenvoidbut there are glitches, like the inline functions issues and others I don't remember now12:29
Stskeepsit is a good marketing effect to say "oh you want a port of Mer specially optimized bottom up for SH4? "<type a couple of lines on keyboard>", see, it's building!12:30
zumbi_zenvoid: plugins?12:31
zenvoidsome packages include assembler and fails to compile with specific flags, I remember it was the case of Qt, required a small patch to compile for armv612:32
Bostikzenvoid: Qt's atomic types include inline-assembler, and the "correct" header for given architecture is selected by compilation flags (namely target architecture)12:33
zenvoidstatic binaries can be detected very easy and run then under emulation, but dynamic liked binaries with some static functions are another issue12:33
zenvoidBostik: does not work for Ubuntu's Qt and armv6, a bug12:34
Bostiksounds familiar12:34
zenvoidI think it was natty the one that required the patch, but don't remember...12:34
zenvoidprobably it is fixed now12:35
zenvoidI hope12:35
zumbi_zenvoid: are you still focusing on ubuntu stuff12:35
BostikIIRC it was along the lines that one instruction used in armv6 headers was something which is not universally available on all armv6 targets12:35
zenvoidno, it was a test to see Unity 2D under n81012:36
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Stskeepsif any of you are curious about small jobs to help Mer along, get an account on and then look at
Stskeepsgood small tasks to get started with12:41
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Crnkojhey vgrade for crosscompiling stuff for mer for a tegra2 device shoudl i use armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi or just arm-linux-gnueabi ?12:58
Stskeepsdepends, is your target armv7hl or armv7l?12:58
CrnkojStskeeps its a tegra2 soc, not sure which applies to it :)12:59
Stskeepsright, typically people would use armv7l on tegra2 in the absense of hardfloat graphics libraries :)13:00
Stskeepsso arm-linux-gnueabi (softfp) toolchain13:00
CrnkojStskeeps i see, but couldnt i use the hardfloat ? afaik tegra2 has hardfloat its just missing the NEON instruction set13:01
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Stskeepsyou could, yeah, we just have two mer targets, softfp and hardfp :)13:02
Stskeepshardfloat should work fine on tegra213:02
CrnkojStskeeps i see so probably hardfp is better to use with tegra2, since it woudl be faster aswell no?13:02
Stskeepsright, the problem is as i said, everyone else's binaries :)13:02
Stskeepsso if you have graphics drivers for hardfp, then that's fine13:03
RaYmAnhmm, was those drivers never released to public?13:03
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Crnkoji think nvidia released those (not sure though), thats why i was asking vgrade (i think he is the one hwo made a lot of meego/mer tegra2 ports)13:04
Crnkojuhm i believe he suggested to me to use the softft13:04
Crnkojsince he said i should try this one if it works meego-mer-core-armv7l-
Stskeepsthen arm-linux-gnueabi with -march=armv7-a and -mfpu=vfpv3-d1613:05
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CrnkojStskeeps many thanks, ill just setup two crossdev environments one for hardfp and one for soft13:05
*** drussell has joined #mer13:05
Crnkojmight i ask which one is to be used for hard i mean which march and which fpu ?13:06
Crnkojhmm im confused now :)13:06
Stskeepshardfp is just about how you pass around floating point values13:06
Stskeepsin softfp, you pass them around in integer registers13:06
Crnkojye i get that13:06
Stskeepsin hardfp, you use floating point registers13:06
Stskeepsdoesn't mean you can't use floating point support (VFP) :)13:07
Crnkojaha ok13:07
Crnkojso i just change -march=armv7-a to armv7a-hardfloat or ?13:07
Stskeepshardfp: -march=armv7-a -mfpu=vfpv3-d16 -mfloat-abi=hard13:08
Stskeepssoftfp: -march=armv7-a -mfpu-vfpv3-d16 -mfloat-abi=softfp13:08
Crnkojgreat thanks man13:08
Stskeepsdo you mind if i ask what you're trying to make?13:09
Crnkojim still somehow confused with all the archa nd fp settings :)13:09
Stskeepsyeah, it took me a while to get a hang of it too13:09
Crnkojgonna do a crosscompiler on my gentoo box for tegra213:09
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Crnkoji want to get mer/meego running on a tegra2 android phone13:09
Stskeepswe didn't support tegra2/marvell for a while because i didn't know vfpv3-d16 existed :)13:09
Crnkojhehehe :D13:09
Crnkojso i have to compile a cusotm kernel13:09
Stskeepsright, just remember float-abi doesn't matter for kernel13:10
Crnkojor in fact i have to take the old kernel apart and edit some things, but since my phone is in warranty at the moment im building the cross toolchains now :)13:10
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Crnkojso i will make an armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi13:10
Crnkojand another arm-linux-gnueabi13:10
Crnkojafter its finished13:11
Crnkojthan put the proper arch flags into the respective make.conf13:11
Crnkojthan i might take the android boot.img apart and mod it for booting form external sdcard and put it back together13:11
Crnkojbtw do you know if for booting mer from sdcard i need initrd/ramdisk in the boot.img or not ?13:11
Crnkojwe talked with vgrade and as i understood him it doesnt need it13:12
Crnkojah now that i am revieweng the logs it seems one needs it :)13:13
CrnkojStskeeps hmm do you know which gcc and glibc version should be used for crosscompiling for mer? is gcc 4.5.3 ok or too new?13:15
Stskeepswe use 4.6.1 in latest mer release (4.6.3 in prerelease), with glibc 2.1313:16
Crnkoji see13:16
Crnkojon gentoo i only have 4.5.3 stable or 4.6.3 unstable13:16
Stskeepsgo for 4.5.3 then i guess13:16
Crnkojim using 4.6.3 on my pcs tho :)13:17
Crnkojmostly on the sb pc i have cuz it has avx optimizations :D13:17
Stskeepsin practice we're more likely to provide a cross compiler for mer ourselves, in due time13:17
Crnkojoh nice13:18
Crnkojyes im using this
Crnkojif your interested in looking at it :)13:18
Crnkojone more rather newbish question if you have the time, i searched around but cant really find how to get sources from github oin my linux machine (the ones from motorola and the devs that modified kernel for the phone for android), you got any useful links/advice?13:19
Stskeepslook for any git guide13:20
Stskeepsgit clone is your friend13:20
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Crnkojok so13:22
Crnkojlol you see its so fast when somone gives you a direction :D so i basically make "git clone "url_of_rep" dir_where_to_clone" and its there ?13:23
adeus no dir_where_to_clone part but otherwise yes13:23
Crnkojoh ok13:23
Crnkojjust go into the dir where i want it cloned to ?13:23
*** tomeff has quit IRC13:24
adeusyes, it'll create a dir of the repo name (usually the last part of the url, XXX.git)13:24
Crnkojso further question if i want to clone the sources for kernel from thsi github how do i find the correct one? :D13:24
Crnkojthat i want this13:25
Crnkojso in order to clone this i write "git clone" ?13:25
lbtyou can have a target_dir but it's often not needed13:25
Crnkojok thanks guys :)13:26
StskeepsCrnkoj: see the "HTTP" "git read-only" and the text field?13:26
Crnkojmuch appreciated13:26
StskeepsCrnkoj: that contains what you can clone, depending on protocol13:26
CrnkojStskeeps sorry what where should i find the git read-only ?13:26
lbtCrnkoj: also, since you are clearly new to git, have a look at gitk - I find it helps to visualise the changes13:27
Crnkojok thanks13:27
StskeepsCrnkoj: look at the website13:27
Crnkojlooking at it now13:27
Crnkoji se it :O13:28
Crnkojso this is what i put into it :D13:28
Crnkojgreat thanks lol13:28
Crnkojwouldve taken me a day to figure it haha13:28
zumbi_Stskeeps: There is no saved search named 'Available tasks to do'. on the bugtracker13:34
Stskeepszumbi_: even after making an account on ?13:35
*** berndhs has joined #mer13:35
Stskeepszumbi_: should show up in the bottom13:35
zumbi_Stskeeps: that was with account, without account is not visible13:35
Stskeepsawkward, it should be on in the bottom then13:35
Stskeepsand working13:36
zumbi_no luck, not sure whats going on13:38
Stskeepsok, hang on then..13:39
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:40
zumbi_I see now, thanks13:44
* Stskeeps makes a mental note to fix that13:45
Stskeepsno wonder people haven't been taking tasks ;)13:45
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*** slaine has joined #mer14:30
Venemoso, now that everyone will have a Lumia 800 too, how soon until someone boots Mer on it? :P14:30
Stskeepsi'm getting one to study how my wife uses it, compared to n90014:32
Stskeepscan't say no to a freebie14:32
w00ti'm getting one to use as a frisbee14:32
w00ti've always wanted to know more about the aerodynamic qualities of a phone14:33
Stskeepsah good point14:33
Stskeeps should be ported14:33
w00t..didn't lcuk break an n900 doing that?14:33
w00tor was it someone else14:33
Stskeepsnot sure, but i wouldnt' be surprised14:33
sledges_zZguys, I launched kde-plasma Mer image on imx53, obviously things do not work, where should I start looking first?:14:35
Stskeepssledges_zZ: /home/meego/.xsession-errors14:35
*** sledges_zZ is now known as sledges14:35
Stskeepsfirst off, again with the top approach, get a qmlviewer working first :)14:35
Stskeepsmuch easier to debug14:36
sledges:)) fair enough14:36
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer14:40
Stskeepsqmlviewer, then qmlviewer -opengl14:41
*** HazardousWaster has quit IRC14:41
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*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer14:44
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*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:56
vgradesledges, you need those kernel options14:57
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:57
zenvoidCrnkoj: may I ask what is your tegra2 phone? if you manage to run meego on there, I'll be interested in buying that phone too :)14:58
vgradeCONFIG_CGROUPS was not set when your kernel was compiled. Systems without control groups are not supported. We will now sl.14:58
sledgesvgrade: I have them in. xsessions-error says No screens found (and no devices). I reckon I need xorg-drivers-video-imx or along those lines (fbdev is maybe another try to give)14:58
vgradesledges, are you using the g9 image?15:02
*** nekdo has left #mer15:04
sledgesvgrade: no I adapted g9.ks to imx (kernel and libgles probably not 100% yet still, as xorg drivers might be missing.15:04
vgradeok, I'd drop xorg-x11-drv-omapfb if you have not already and also drop the imx gles stuff for now15:05
slaineI might see if I can get ICS on my Lumia 80015:05
slainethink it would be a nice combination15:06
vgradeslaine, cortula has hacked a samsung WP7 handset but I'm not sure if lumia has same bootloader15:06
slainevgrade: nod15:07
sledgesvgrade: how should xorg talk to the graphics system, via /dev/fb* ?15:07
vgradesledges, get a fbdev setup going then you can then start putting in imx xorg amd gles bits15:07
sledgesthanks vgrade15:08
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Crnkojzenvoid its the motorola atrix 4g15:14
Crnkojvgrade hey whatsup man, i got the kernel for android for the tegra2 phone apart now and looking at the init in there, but cant really see what i have to change to make it boot from extrernal sd. got any ideas ?15:15
vgradein the initrd remove the init program and repack with a new kernel commandline pointing to sdcard15:17
Crnkojvgrade totally remove init, i see what about init.rc ?15:17
vgradeyes remove, we don't want to run the andriod init process but our own on the rootfs on the sdcarfd15:18
*** lynxis has joined #mer15:18
Crnkojremove init.rx aswell ?15:18
Crnkojinit.rc *15:18
Crnkojwhat about init.mapphone_cdma.rc15:19
Crnkojand init.mapphone_umts.rc15:19
vgradeyou can leave those, just need to stop the andriod init process from running15:20
vgradesee the mkbootimg command from the link above15:21
Crnkojok cool15:21
Crnkojlet me check15:21
Crnkojyes i see15:21
*** toscalix has joined #mer15:21
vgradeyou should have a command line from umpacking the boot.img. Add in the root= , init= , rootdelay=, noinitrd from that15:22
vgradesorry too that15:22
Crnkojso like the stuff from here \o/ booted to login prompt with this ?15:22
Crnkojbtw should i use hardfp or softfp mer images for testing it out?15:23
vgradeit does not matter as you don't have any 3rd party gfx, wifi drivers to use15:24
Crnkojaha ok so for now i just try one if it works15:25
vgradeyes talk your existing commandline and add the root=<the block device for your sdcard, init=/sbin/init, rootdela=20, noinitrd15:25
Crnkojok thanks ill try reasembling this now :)15:26
vgradehardfp will give you the best performance15:26
Crnkoji know15:26
Crnkojso i should jsut try hardfp on the beginning ?15:26
vgradewhat device is your sdcard on15:26
Crnkojits /dev/block/mmcblk1 and than partitions px15:26
vgradetake the smaller image15:26
Crnkojmer core ?15:27
Crnkojbut is it hardfp?15:27
vgradethats soft but its an easier image to debug15:27
Crnkojill try combining that kernel now15:28
*** tomeff has quit IRC15:29
Crnkojim still without the phone, hopefully should have it tomorrow, and will try to boot this tomorrow :)15:29
vgradelet me know how you geton15:30
Crnkoji will thanks15:31
Crnkojill copy the img onto a sdcard aswell15:31
Crnkojbtw should i format the partition ext3 or can i ext4 ?15:31
Crnkojor should i even ext215:31
Crnkojkernel supports all 315:31
*** lynxis has quit IRC15:36
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC15:37
Crnkojvgrade might take a look at this thread for a moment:
Crnkojespecially this part tegraboot=sdmmc15:41
Crnkojshould i leave it like that or remove sine we want ti to boot from external sd15:43
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:44
Crnkojvgrade mhm i have to ask the atrix guys about the specific command line for it, will update you once i make some progress15:47
vgradethe image is meant to be writen to /dev/sdb not /dev/sdb1 , for example15:48
Crnkojvgrade oh really am i not allowed to write it to like /dev/mmcblk1p1 do i ahve to write it to /dev/mmcblk1 ?15:48
*** HazardousWaster has quit IRC15:49
vgradeyou have to write the image to whatever the card comes up as when you plug it into your pc15:50
Crnkojvgrade uhm i can fdisk and partition it on my pc15:51
vgradeyou dont have to the image already contains the partiton table15:51
Crnkojthe card that is and since i woudl use either an 8gb or 16gb card (dont have other ones around now) i wanted to jsut partition like 4gb for it15:51
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk15:53
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC15:53
vgradetegraboot should be ok to leave or remove15:53
Crnkojvgrade ok, ill ask the guys about a few more things15:54
Crnkojbut one mroe thing to make a .gz out of the ramdisk directory do i jsut use "find . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip > ../newramdisk.cpio.gz" from here ?15:55
*** bergie_ has quit IRC16:00
Crnkojbtw vgrade do you have the tegra2 drivers for hardfp?16:03
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vgradeCrnkoj, drivers are here,
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