Thursday, 2011-12-15

vgrade1to get anyting running with Mer/Nemo you need to be able to get a custom kernel booted00:01
vgrade1do you have kernel source?00:01
Crnkojwe do00:01
Crnkojbut for
Crnkojcan be patched to .4800:02
Crnkojand yes one can put custom kernels on it00:02
vgrade1how ?00:02
Crnkojwith cwm recovery00:02
Crnkojlike in a boot.img format00:02
Crnkojit must have ramdisk and kernel combined00:02
vgrade1ok good00:03
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Crnkojwell actually its possible to fastboot flash it too -> means to boot into a special bootloader mode that allows flashing stuff to the phone over usb from pc00:03
vgrade1yea, does it have sdcard00:03
Crnkojyes sdcard and internal00:04
Crnkojinternal around 11gb sdcard up to 32gb00:04
Crnkojbut cannot boot from sdcard00:04
Crnkojits not doable00:04
vgrade1how so not bootable from sd00:04
Crnkojbootloader is made like that00:05
Crnkojand the bootloader is signed adn there is no SBK for the phone so cannot flash own bootloader, only motorola ones00:05
Crnkojand it doesnt take well to repartition teh emmc/internal sd00:05
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Crnkojvgrade1hmm ok my bad, it appears it is not that hard to change where it boots from00:07
Crnkojsomone just mentioned somone else told him its doable to change where it boots from00:07
vgrade1so using fastboot -c "root=/dev/mmcblk0 ...." zImage does not work00:07
Crnkojhonestly i have not tried that yet00:08
vgrade1if it does then we can do something here00:08
Crnkoji see00:08
* IanWizard-Cloud likes 3.0, shiny :)00:08
Crnkojlet me ask around now00:08
IanWizard-Cloud*linux 3.000:08
Crnkojhmm apparently even dualboot is possible00:08
vgrade1on the meego tegra2 page there is a sub page for my initial bringup on advent vega00:08
Crnkojbut the guyu who has it working isnt online now00:09
Crnkoji see00:09
Crnkojthis i guess ?00:09
vgrade1there is a subpage00:09
Crnkojoh yes massive :)00:09
vgrade1gives my lab notes on bringup on vega00:10
vgrade1I build boot.img's but flashboot works just as well00:10
vgrade1pull the kernel commandline from your android build00:10
vgrade1extract a boot.img00:11
vgrade1pull kernel and initrd apart00:11
vgrade1trick is to remove the init from the initrd and get the right mmcblkxpx for the sdacrd00:12
vgrade1write a filesystem to sdcard and away you go :)00:12
Crnkojok im not that advanced with the stuff so let me recap this adn you say if i got it right, k?00:13
Crnkoji take teh android boot.img crack it open with one of those tools (forgot the name now), edit the initrd so that it makes it boot from external sdcard, combine back kernel + initrd with that tool and fastboot flash it to the phone?00:14
vgrade1sorry there are two methods which I've mot explained propoerly00:15
Crnkojso my udnerstanding was bad :)00:16
vgrade11. nvflash method. cracks open boot.img, edits initrd to remove init program. Uses tool to put kernel, initrd and commandline back to a boot.img.  flashed with nvflash.  Not sure if atrix has this00:17
Crnkojwe cannot nvflash00:17
Crnkojwe dont have the SBK00:17
Crnkojwe can fastboot flash or recovery flash00:18
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vgrade12. flashboot method. crack open boot.img as before, edit inird to remove init program. Use flashboot command which takes kernel, commandline and initrd as input00:18
Crnkojoh like this fastboot -c "root=/dev/mmcblk0 ...." zImage ?00:18
vgrade1yea and initrd.gz00:19
Crnkojthank you very much man00:19
Crnkoji see ill ahve to read a bit more about this00:19
Crnkojand get my phone from warranty first aswell :D00:19
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vgrade1np, you will run into issues with gfx, wifi, touchscreen etc00:20
Crnkoji know00:20
Crnkojbut the kernel you said00:20
Crnkojshould i jsut try with the android kernel at first ?00:20
vgrade1my workflow was to just unpack boot.img, do nothing with it then flashboot it back00:21
vgrade1then you can validate the method00:21
vgrade1then you can then start making changes to the commandline and initrd00:22
Crnkojwhat about the system that i woudl flash to the sdcard than? i do have to compile it myself right ? or could i use some package for the first try ?00:22
vgrade1sec for link00:24
vgrade1 try the mer core image from that dir.  bzunzip2 and dd to sdcard00:25
Crnkojyou are of geat help00:25
vgrade1it should boot to qmlviewer00:26
Crnkojprobably it owuld take me a month to figure as much on myself00:26
Crnkojqmlviewer ?00:26
vgrade1a Qt QML viewer program.  Its a basic stripped down image of Mer00:27
Crnkojand i have usb access to it00:28
Crnkojfor like ssh00:28
vgrade1could I ask in return you update with your findings00:28
Crnkojsure i will00:28
Crnkojbut i need to get my phone first :)00:28
Crnkojyou are on here more ? what timezon ? i will probably need more advice :)00:29
Crnkojonce i start working on it00:29
Crnkojso UK00:30
Crnkojor osmething like that00:30
Crnkojmhm cant wait till i get the phone back :D00:30
vgrade1you can get adb access over usb or if ou get wifi over the air00:31
Crnkojand in the kernel as you said to edit the commandline, i only have to make it boot from sdcard no other changes (at least for the first try) ?00:31
vgrade1what wifi chip does it have?00:31
Crnkojif i dont mistaken00:31
vgrade1ok look for some linux driver source for that also00:31
Crnkojthats the chip00:31
Crnkojit for bt aswell00:31
Crnkojwait how do i have adb on meego ?00:32
Crnkoji though adb is an android debug bridge00:32
Crnkojas the name states00:32
vgrade1no you just run the adbd process00:32
vgrade1its just linux after all00:32
Crnkojoh true00:32
Crnkojbut the adb daemon is it in the core image you gave me the link to ?00:33
vgrade1no but you can add it easily00:33
Crnkojoh ye00:33
Crnkojjust copy over to the sdcard00:33
Crnkojafter dding00:33
Crnkojoh is that a .img file once unzipped?00:34
Crnkojwhat size its made to00:34
Crnkojthe img00:34
vgrade1probably get it on a 1/2 GB00:34
Crnkojah ok00:34
Crnkojhad a 16gb in mind :D00:34
Crnkojor at least 8gb00:34
vgrade1leave those for later, device adaptation is hard, I've lost a couple of 16GB00:35
vgrade1not funny00:35
Crnkojow lol00:35
Crnkojit has 10 year warranty00:35
Crnkojill just send it back00:35
Crnkojby dding a thousand times ?00:35
vgrade1no idea, probably faulty anyway00:35
Crnkojoh btw i have a nook color aswell00:36
Crnkojwas thinkign on getting it ont ehre too00:36
Crnkoj(meego/mer that is)00:36
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vgrade1guys are working nook00:36
Crnkojbtw hows the performance of mer on the tegra2 devices ?00:36
Crnkojye i saw but thers not much to get excited about00:36
Crnkojseems to work pretty nice00:37
Crnkojn950 seems more fluid ^ ^00:39
Crnkojhows the missing neon instruction set influencing the tegra2 performance on mer ?00:39
Crnkojgreat great00:40
Crnkoji will try that within 10 days00:40
Crnkojand will come to bug you more00:40
Crnkojeventually i will ahve to compile my own build i guess ?00:41
Crnkojbtw for the drivers (lets say the wifi and so on ) can i pull the binarys from the phones android os and htan use them with mer or do i need source code and compiled speicfically than ?00:41
vgrade1see the tegra2 wiki page00:42
Crnkojok will read it once more :D00:42
Crnkojthanks man00:42
Crnkojim off now00:42
Crnkojits almsot 2 am here00:42
vgrade1android uses their own libc00:42
Crnkojforgot about that00:42
vgrade1not compat with linux glibc00:43
Crnkojso ill have to get source and crosscompile00:43
vgrade1where are you Crnkoj00:43
Crnkojor if im lucky there are binary drivers for it00:43
Crnkojgmt+1 so to say00:43
vgrade1nice to meet you, gn00:43
Crnkojye you too00:43
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* IanWizard-Cloud 's back :)02:11
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Stskeepsmorn cxl00006:37
Stskeepshow are things?06:37
cxl000It's a busy time of year.06:37
cxl000I have written enough of retutime to set system time from rtc + CAL06:38
Stskeepsi'm having some trouble with armv6 and the new toolchain, but think we can solve it06:39
cxl000Do you think you will solve it for this next release?06:41
Stskeepsi don't release anything that has 'failed' anywhere :)06:41
cxl000I have run some short charging tests with successful increase on battery charge06:45
cxl000The real test will be what happens with a full or near full battery06:48
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dcthangsomeone knows this message: MInputContext: unable to create D-Bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/meego-im-uiserver/imserver_dbus: No such file or directory06:57
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jonnor_workdcthang, it can mean a couple of things. Most typically: maliit server is not running07:43
jonnor_workdcthang, it also means that you are using an old version of maliit-framework. Never versions support dbus activation and dynamic, per-session communication channels07:44
dcthangjonnor_work: thanks. I know that :)07:46
*** cxl000 has quit IRC07:53
Stskeepsok, i will give a beer to whoever figures out why the heck qt mobility is so flaky07:55
Stskeepsin building07:55
* Bostik battles between the forces of temptation and revulsion07:55
Bostikyuck - missing autogenerated class headers07:58
Stskeepsit does it randomly07:59
Bostikaccording to build log it's certainly generated but then it's missing from install rules07:59
Bostikhow can that be07:59
*** afiestas has quit IRC08:03
*** afiestas has joined #mer08:03
Bostikonly thing I can think of is that for some reason there's a freaky file-system race, because the rule which creates install targets is this:08:08
Bostik    qtmheadersglobal.files = $${QT_MOBILITY_BUILD_TREE}/include/QtMobility/*08:09
Bostikso I have to assume that the glob resolves to an incomplete list08:09
Stskeepsperhaps, due to -j408:09
Bostiknow that's not fun at all08:10
BostikI thought that rule would force correct order08:11
Stskeepsthis is on tmpfs btw, so it might be a lot faster than typical build processes08:11
Bostikoh, the rule only applies to subdirs08:12
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SageInfo: Installing: fontconfig           +++++                              [ 74/475]/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.1DHFSr: line 15: grep: command not found08:37
Stskeepsnormal, i think08:37
Stskeepsadd it to requires(post) ?08:37
Sageah, packaging error in mer yes08:38
*** himamura has quit IRC08:39
phaeronI would love to get mic running mer + few packages08:41
SageI would love to get it working first :D08:45
Stskeepsphaeron: SB2 builds should be working now, want to re-try the instructions?08:48
SageIn rpm does Requires(pre) mean that for %pre scripts it requires that or that it is required before rpm is installed?08:50
Sagemeaning if I should add the grep to Requires(post) or Requires(pre)08:50
slaineIt means at a package level rather then in the package08:51
phaeronif a scriptlet needs a certain binary add it to its requires so that it gets installed before the scriptlet runs08:51
slaineso if you have grep in the pre, then it should install your package after the grep package has already been installed08:52
phaeronI can't believe that in 2011 a quad core can still be starved by IO wait ..08:52
Sageso what is the difference with Requires and Requires(pre) ?08:52
Stskeepsphaeron: try a floppy disk08:52
slainephaeron: its only gotten worse as cpu's got faster08:52
phaeronthat is laggy by the nature of its bus08:53
Stskeepsphaeron: can stall an entire system :P08:53
dcthangany guide some where to flash N950 with the newest package?08:53
phaeronbut here it's SATA to USB2 lots of ram .. ext4 to xfs ..08:53
phaeronI mean come on ! :D08:53
phaeronwasn't DMA supposed to fix this stuff ..08:54
SageSo what is the difference between Requires(pre) Requires(post) and Requires?08:54
phaeronSage: requires will only guarantee the package is available after a transaction is done08:54
SageRequires(pre) promises that it is available before package installation is done?08:55
phaeronpre and post guarantee existence before that transaction / operation. afaik08:55
phaeronSage: If you are going to run programs in scriptlets, they must be installed before you run them. You have to use special variants of the "Requires:" tag, so that the program will be installed before you try to use it.  These are of the form "Requires(CONTEXT):", e.g., "Requires(post)".08:57
*** trbs has joined #mer08:58
SageStskeeps: will fix that previous SR :)09:00
Sageso if I use some app in %post it needs to be in Requires(post) and if something in %pre it needs to be in Require(pre)09:00
*** slx is now known as swerden09:02
* phaeron thinks about setting cpu affinity of heavy IO processes 09:04
*** sebsauer has joined #mer09:04
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*** zabomber has joined #mer09:09
Sageok, time to do new test run.09:10
Sagehmmp... what is this then
SageStskeeps: seems familiar thing... recall what that is?09:13
phaeronare you mixing rpms built with different glibc versions ? ?09:14
StskeepsSage: does it try to get x86 binaries?09:15
Sagethat is supposed to be i586 build09:15
Sagewe don't use qemu < 0.14 anymore right?09:21
*** mdfe_ has joined #mer09:22
Stskeepswe don't really no09:22
SageI can just remove the bad qemu check from our .ks files instead of trying to repair it.09:23
*** javiF has joined #mer09:23
*** notmart has joined #mer09:23
*** notmart has joined #mer09:23
Sagemdfe_: btw, how is the PlasmaActive atm. Should it work with startactive on Mer now?09:24
SageStskeeps: umm... did you push the glib2 patch to the Mer:fake: already?09:24
Sageif not that is good if yes that might be bad :)09:25
mdfe_Sage: I got it running on mer based arm images09:26
mdfe_but x86 base do still crash with secfault09:26
mdfe_Sage: but sadly PA2 take really long at the first boot on arm09:27
*** Ans5i has joined #mer09:27
alteregoveskuh: merging your code now.09:28
*** cxl000 has joined #mer09:28
*** cybette has quit IRC09:28
alteregoveskuh: done :)09:28
StskeepsSage: no, i think that's still staged in mer side09:32
*** cybette has joined #mer09:32
SageStskeeps: ok09:33
StskeepsSage: what are you seeing?09:33
Sagemdfe_: ok, I'll check if that boots on my panda.09:33
SageStskeeps: just wondering that error.09:33
Stskeepswhich error09:33
Stskeepssomething goes wrong for sure there09:34
Sageif you applied some changes to Mer:fake and didn't publish in releases09:34
Stskeepsnot AFAIK09:34
Sageok then that can be excluded09:34
*** phaeron has quit IRC09:36
Sageveskuh, alterego: I'm doing the release today around 16:00 Finnish time so if you have dialer patches would be nice to get those in before that.09:36
*** cybette has quit IRC09:43
*** Chiku|dc is now known as Chiku09:44
alteregoveskuh: are you able to do that?09:50
*** sebsauer_ has joined #mer09:50
*** sebsauer has quit IRC09:51
*** harbaum has joined #mer09:52
Sage <- ;)09:53
Sagelast line09:53
mdfe_Sage: I have some trouble at the moment to build a special kernel package09:54
mdfe_I get rpc-time outs09:54
Sagemdfe_: special kernel package?09:54
mdfe_Project:KDE:Mer_Extras:Adaptation:Archos-gen9 > kernel-adaptation-archos-gen909:54
StskeepsSage: uhh..09:54
veskuhalterego: yep, I can package and push out new version of dialer09:55
mdfe_since yesterday I'm not able anymire to build for armv7l09:55
mdfe_obs say its building but nothing happens09:56
alteregoveskuh: awesome thanks :)09:56
*** cybette has joined #mer09:56
Sagemdfe_: it is stuck somehow. Need to get X-Fade or lbt_away to check on that09:58
Sagemdfe_: try to abort the build with osc and the rebuild09:58
StskeepsSage: BTW, gdb in CE:MW:Shared can be upgraded to 7.3.1 and possibly sent to mer core10:02
Stskeepsas qt5 and qt-mobility will dep on it10:02
StskeepsSage: 'mic' feature request: allowing to download qemu-usermode-static from a repo too10:05
Stskeepsso we can control that centrally10:05
Stskeepsideally we should make bootstraps mandatory10:06
*** vivijim has joined #mer10:10
SageI'm not sure if mic does bootstrap anymore10:11
Sageat least it behaves a lot differently than before10:11
Stskeepsok, let me know10:11
Sage <- some naming things still todo :)10:12
Sagebut hey images are there :)10:12
Stskeepswell at least it didn't call it tizen10:13
*** harbaum has quit IRC10:14
Sageactually I would prefer it would as then I would know where the error is ;)10:17
Sageyey, first contributions to mic accepted ;)10:17
*** harbaum has joined #mer10:21
*** lynxis has joined #mer10:23
*** lamikr has quit IRC10:23
Stskeepsoh finally10:24
alteregow00t: can you point me to your blog.10:24
alteregoYou had some cool optimization hints :)10:24
alteregoFor declarativeview10:24
w00talterego: http://blog.rburchell.com10:24
Stskeepswe can fix finally :>10:25
veskuhStskeeps:  :)10:25
Stskeepsbut erm, i really want to first fix that -after- the toolchain upgrade and rpm upgrade ;)10:26
*** harbaum has quit IRC10:26
Stskeepstoo much chaos incoming in the first place10:26
*** sebsauer has joined #mer10:27
Stskeeps is what's staged so far for next release10:29
*** sebsauer_ has quit IRC10:30
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo10:30
*** zabomber has quit IRC10:36
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer10:36
alteregow00t: have you had much experience with optimizing declarative ShaderEffectItems?10:37
veskuhalterego: can you tag a new version number for dialer? Since we forked from meego gitorious I think we can start using our own version numbers. Would be nicer to release with proper new version number than git hash10:38
w00talterego: no10:38
alteregow00t: Oh well :)10:39
Stskeepsmorn mingwandroid10:39
alteregoveskuh: I could do, :)10:39
mingwandroidbeen off ill and then busy at work. hows everything going?10:40
Stskeepsmingwandroid: well, turns out 2011.12 also brought in the fix for armv6 memory barriers, so we have 15 'failed' on armv6 side10:40
Stskeepsthe good news is that linaro 2011.12 fixes it, supposedly10:40
Stskeepser, qemu linaro10:40
Stskeepsso that's what i'm on10:41
mingwandroidah so we need to switch to that then.10:41
alteregoveskuh: can you just use the latest version for now and I'll look into versioning this weekend.10:41
alteregoI think the version that's in gitorious isn't the latest version of the dialer source.10:42
Stskeepsmingwandroid: yeah, the problem is that qemu has to be the same everywhere :)10:42
Stskeepsmingwandroid: and qemu > 0.14 crashes harmattan builds10:42
mingwandroidcan't we have our own qemu?10:42
Stskeepsyea, that's what i'm working on now :)10:42
veskuhalterego:  ok10:42
alteregoSo I might need to work on pulling in some of the less crap modifications done in the meego gitorious dialer project.10:43
w00talterego: it's the version that you put into nemo, so no, not the latest, but the latest that isn't horribly broken10:43
alteregow00t: yeah, that was a good move ;)10:45
Sagedoes someone know if it is possible to skip a file from data_files in python if the file exists? (Trying to keep old configs)10:45
alteregoBut there probably are some useful bits that can be taken from the meego git repo.10:45
alteregoIt'll just take time to integrate the bits that weren't stupid.10:46
alteregoThen I think working on porting it to qt components.10:46
Stskeepsmingwandroid: we also have SB2 builds working now,
alteregoStskeeps: woo! :)10:46
Stskeepsmingwandroid: so we can do really awesome things and clean up the current mess10:46
mingwandroidforgive my noobishness, SB2?10:47
w00talterego: that'd be cool :)10:48
Stskeepsmingwandroid: scratchbox2 but ignore the scratchbox part10:48
Stskeepsmingwandroid: it's a cross compilation helper, you can map the perception of a filesystem/binaries to anything you want10:49
Stskeepsmingwandroid: so for example /bin/bash on ARM target -> /bin/bash x86 version10:49
Stskeepsor gcc to well, a cross compiler10:49
*** niqt has joined #mer10:50
*** phaeron has joined #mer10:51
Stskeepsmeans we won't need those magical "-accel" packages anymore10:51
alteregoQt 4.8 released :)10:51
alteregoWhich brings webkit 2.2.1, neat ..10:52
Stskeepstoolchain first, webkit 2.2.1 doesn't build on armv7hl for us else10:53
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC10:56
*** arcean has joined #mer10:59
*** akira_tsukamoto has left #mer10:59
*** sebsauer_ has joined #mer11:02
Stskeepsmdfe_: so the PA guys are planning to get stuff working on top of 4.8.0?11:03
*** sebsauer has quit IRC11:03
*** ukl has joined #mer11:11
*** lamikr has joined #mer11:14
mdfe_Stskeeps: imho yes11:15
mdfe_and get more scoped on mer11:15
Stskeepswhen was PA3 estimated?11:15
mdfe_imho in 3 three month11:16
mdfe_but I'm not really sure11:16
mdfe_personally I like to drop meeg asap11:16
Stskeepswhat CI methods do you use in PA btw? if i may ask11:20
Stskeepsjust curious about the systems in use11:20
*** ukl has left #mer11:20
mdfe_Stskeeps: sorry back from lunch11:25
Stskeepsthat was a quick lunch :)11:26
mdfe_Stskeeps: CI = continious integration?11:26
mdfe_sadly yers11:26
mdfe_For ci we take a hudson server with some simple shell scripts11:28
mdfe_it also build all the images11:28
Stskeepsit would be good to add some automation so that we can get feedback on mer changes eventually11:29
Stskeepsfor example, we will switch toolchain soon and we are running CI ourselves11:29
mdfe_what do you think about?11:29
*** vivijim has quit IRC11:29
Stskeepsbut on the basis of vendors (like PA) reporting back if our planned changes will break things11:29
mdfe_like emails send in case of a new image is ready?11:29
mdfe_or for updates on packages?11:30
mdfe_do you take boss for ci?11:30
Stskeepswell, imagine this situation - we make a change in Mer that will break PA11:30
Stskeepswe'd like to know in advance that this change will cause a failure for you as it won't go into the mer core release :)11:31
Stskeepsso that kind of system11:31
Stskeepsie, that we get automated communications when something may break vendor's systems11:31
*** vivijim has joined #mer11:31
Sagemdfe_: btw, are you using the CE:MW:PlasmaActive now in your builds? Just wondering if that works for you.11:32
*** mdavey has quit IRC11:32
mdfe_Sade: we are using CE:UX:PlasmaActive11:33
Sagemdfe_: and in image builds you need also CE:MW:PlasmaActive or do you have that Mer_Extras there still?11:34
mdfe_Stskeeps: you mean a additional (dryrun) testing mer project and we should another PA project against it?11:34
mdfe_Sage: mom11:34
Stskeepsmdfe_: for instance -  the idea is that Mer will publish prereleases, repositories for individual changes, etc, so we would like to sometimes get reports back if we cause packages to fail, automatically11:35
Stskeepsor tests to fail, or whatever11:35
Stskeepsthat's the kind of generic system we want to make11:35
mdfe_sounds really good11:35
Stskeepsthe idea is that each mer core release is incrementally stable11:36
Sagemdfe_: that mer-extras might cause any kind of problem there you really should remove it from the builds11:37
*** mdavey has joined #mer11:37
mdfe_Sage: uh, what is causing trouble?11:38
Sagemdfe_: ah, you have disabled the packages from there11:38
mdfe_just about 10 packages11:38
mdfe_like strace less and some generic stuff11:38
Sageok, nice. So my stripped MW works :)11:39
Sagegood to know :)11:39
*** sebsauer__ has joined #mer11:39
mdfe_Sage: what do yu think about poppler-qt?11:40
Stskeepsah, that's me to fix..11:40
* Stskeeps does it while he remembers11:40
mdfe_Sage: It is close related to poppler11:40
*** sebsauer_ has quit IRC11:41
mdfe_Stskeeps: Do you see a change for adding poppler-qt to mer base?11:41
Stskeepsyes, we had a bug for it11:41
Stskeepswe already have poppler11:41
Stskeepspoppler-qt is in same package11:41
mdfe_yes, but it will not be build11:41
mdfe_only it the package is called poppler-qt11:42
Stskeepsi know11:42
Stskeepsjust added <link from="poppler" to="poppler-qt" />11:42
mdfe_but I had some trouble because mer base and fake obs wasn't not really in sync11:43
*** mingwandroid_ has joined #mer11:43
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC11:43
Stskeepsshould usually be11:43
mdfe_sorry was not in sync11:43
Stskeepsbut anyway, it'll be in next mer release11:43
mdfe_less and strace could be usefull as well11:44
mdfe_2 my 2 cents11:44
mdfe_just my 2 cents11:44
Stskeepsyeah, we should set up a Mer Utils project of some kind11:44
*** sebsauer__ has quit IRC11:45
mdfe_Stskeeps: Can you give me a big picture how do you plan to implement the mer update testing stuff?11:46
mdfe_Vendor notification process (Automated)11:47
Stskeepsbasically it's where we're writing up how things ought to run, so the big picture11:48
Stskeepswhat we expect vendors to do, what we do ourselves, how we signal new things, etc11:48
mdfe_greate :)11:48
mdfe_if you like, we can add a additional repository to the PA testing project to test the toolchain update for armv7lh11:51
Stskeeps:nod: i'm still wondering how to do this the best11:51
*** harbaum has joined #mer11:51
Stskeepsif we have had the process, we'd already know the feedback11:51
Stskeepsjust like i see when i add toolchain to core and some things fail11:51
mdfe_imho a additional repo should be good11:51
mdfe_so it is not to hard to switch11:52
mdfe_and we see what happens11:52
mdfe_and the PA testing project is not effectec by too many changes a day11:53
mdfe_so we do not waste build power11:53
*** harbaum has quit IRC11:56
mdfe_but for this will need also additional repos of CE:MW:Shared --> CE:UX:PlasmaActive11:58
mdfe_because we are building on top11:58
*** KaIRC has joined #mer12:09
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer12:09
*** peavey has quit IRC12:11
*** peavey has joined #mer12:13
mdfe_X-Fade: hi, I have some strange issues by building a package and imho it is an obs issue12:20
mdfe_X-Fade: Do you have time for a short look?12:20
mdfe_lbt_away: ping12:23
*** dcthang has quit IRC12:23
SageStskeeps: did someone fix that mer wiki image upload thing already?12:24
SageJust wondering if I create bug to whom I should assign it12:25
Stskeepsalterego ^12:27
alteregoWell, I've not done it :)12:28
alteregoSo I guess there's still an issue, and this is the first I've heard of it ;)12:28
*** harbaum has joined #mer12:28
Stskeepsalterego: just that image uploads are disabled12:29
*** harbaum has quit IRC12:43
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:45
SageX-Fade: ping. Is this normal: ?12:53
SageStskeeps: ^12:53
Stskeepslooks a bit odd yes12:54
Sagecan someone verify the key? As it has been working fine before and I highly doudt the key changed.12:54
Sageor did my machine just remove the key by accident?12:55
Sageah, my bad12:57
Sagedid sudo and didn't notice :P12:57
* Sage isn't sure if he missed the rsync schedule by couple of seconds or not .P13:00
*** tomeff has joined #mer13:06
*** lynxis has quit IRC13:07
*** peavey has quit IRC13:14
*** javiF has quit IRC13:19
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:19
*** peavey has joined #mer13:20
*** lynxis has joined #mer13:20
*** himamura has joined #mer13:23
*** IanWizard-Cloud has quit IRC13:23
*** paulsherwood has quit IRC13:23
*** slaine has quit IRC13:26
*** slaine has joined #mer13:27
niqtwho prepare plasma-two iamge based on mer?13:27
*** rlinfati has joined #mer13:28
rlinfatiHi, latest-release != latest.release at
rlinfatiis normal?13:28
Stskeepsyes, it's a superflous file13:30
Stskeepsi should remove it13:30
Stskeeps is the right one13:30
* Stskeeps fixes13:32
*** lynxis has quit IRC13:33
*** arcean_ has joined #mer13:33
*** arcean has quit IRC13:34
*** Blenster has joined #mer13:37
BlensterAs a "long time" n900 user I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to the people who are making sure this really cool OS doesn't die13:38
BlensterOne of these days I hope to get more into development myself (car-computer interfaces)13:39
StskeepsMer would be good for car computer13:39
Blensterbut for now I'm just delighted I can carry a real linux phone in my pocket13:39
StskeepsHazardousWaster is also working on that :)13:39
BlensterYou guys rock13:39
Stskeepshe already booted mer on a car computer of his13:40
BlensterIDo you have a recommendation on where to start learning for this sort of development?  I'm a pretty decent OO Programmer but flash is dying so it's time to pick a new direction for my career13:40
Stskeepsgot a car computer already?13:40
Blenster(I know, I know, flash sucks -- I run a flash blocker myself so there's no need to convince me people do awful things with it -- but I write good code and flash has paid the bills for years now)13:41
BlensterNope, I have been looking at mobile dvelopment option sna dnot really liking what I see...  Nothing has really grabbed my attention13:41
Stskeepsso, if you're on UI side, get to know QML13:42
*** tomeff has quit IRC13:42
BlensterSure thing13:42
Stskeepsdo you know Lipstick?13:42
*** rlinfati has quit IRC13:43
Blensterand, again, thanks for keeping this project moving...  I really want to see this platform gain acceptance13:43
Blensternope, I'll look into that as well13:43
Stskeepsit's a toolkit to make homescreens and such out of QML13:43
Stskeepsthe windows of apps you see are elements within QML13:44
Blensteroh that is cool!13:45
BlensterI like the shot of it on the n900...13:45
Stskeepsso you can manipulate them like you would with any image element13:46
BlensterMy background is in graphic design -- I was always just the "nerdiest" of the designers so I had to write all the code -- ended up learning how to write code "the hard way"13:46
Stskeepslet me show you another awesome video..13:47
Blensterit wasn't until Actionscript 3, which really encourages OOP and the proper use of "design patterns" that I really had that "epiphany" moment and programming really becamse "claerer" to me...13:47
Stskeepsthat video ought to appeal to your graphic design side :)13:49
Blensteroh wow...  I'll look for that export script and QT creator tonight when I get home13:49
BlensterGeeze -- there goes my free time...  :-D13:50
*** tomeff has joined #mer13:50
Stskeepsi gave up on free time13:50
BlensterTHank you very much for talking to me13:50
BlensterI'm going to have to play with this...13:50
Stskeepsno problem, feel free to hang out here13:50
BlensterI'll check in as I can -- @ work now so I'll be back and forth13:51
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer14:02
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer14:02
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer14:02
SageX-Fade: sync ping14:05
SageStskeeps: <- the qemu update thing you were talking about?14:08
*** paulsherwood has joined #mer14:08
Stskeepsi've fixed it already, adding a project wide qemu14:08
Stskeepsjust.. takes time14:08
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC14:17
*** IanWizard-Cloud has quit IRC14:23
*** l32606 has joined #mer14:24
*** sebsauer__ has joined #mer14:42
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer14:53
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer14:53
*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer14:53
*** sebsauer has joined #mer14:54
*** sebsauer__ has quit IRC14:55
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:05
*** lynxis_ has joined #mer15:17
*** crevetor has joined #mer15:21
Stskeepsmorn crevetor15:21
crevetorStskeeps: Morning !15:22
*** javiF has joined #mer15:26
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer15:28
*** crevetor has quit IRC15:29
*** Venemo has joined #mer15:30
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:30
*** Venemo has joined #mer15:30
*** sebsauer_ has joined #mer15:31
*** sebsauer has quit IRC15:32
*** crevetor has joined #mer15:37
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer15:41
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC15:44
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*** sebsauer__ has joined #mer16:02
*** sebsauer_ has quit IRC16:02
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*** Dinnouti has joined #mer16:08
Stskeeps'lo Dinnouti16:08
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:11
*** Venemo has quit IRC16:11
*** l32606 has quit IRC16:16
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps16:16
*** Stskeeps changes topic to "The Mer Project - | Wiki: | Contribution to packages: | Building against Mer in COBS: | This channel is logged,"16:18
Dinnoutihello Stskeeps16:19
*** Stskeeps changes topic to "The Mer Project - | Wiki: | Contribution to packages: | Building against Mer in COBS: | This channel is logged, | Get an account at and click "Available tasks" for something to do"16:19
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps16:19
StskeepsDinnouti: so what brings you here?16:19
DinnoutiI am just looking around.16:19
Stskeepsalright - let me know if you have any questions :)16:20
DinnoutiI saw you mentioned the #mer channel and I moved into in. I am trying to understand the Tizen project, actually.16:20
Stskeepsyeah, tizen is a bit difficult to classify as no code or architecture has published16:21
Stskeepsa common standard for HTML5 apps sounds good, but about rest of the system...16:21
Stskeepswe'd probably try to use Mer plus Qt to provide a Tizen-compliant runtime here, if possible16:21
DinnoutiThe Mer project will keep supportin Qt application, right?16:22
Stskeepswe're a core that is geared towards Qt/QML/HTML5/JS basically16:23
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer16:27
*** rnovacek has quit IRC16:28
DinnoutiWhat are the common parts with Tizen? How the Mer interacts with Tizen - common libs or just common applications, or both?16:29
Stskeepsthe thing is that Tizen hasn't published any code, so it's hard to say what's common. right now it looks like their code will be published in Q1 201216:29
*** slaine has quit IRC16:30
Stskeepscommon libs and common pieces of software are likely16:30
Stskeepsand participating alongside in making some things in the gnu/linux ecosystem more mobile friendly, upstream16:30
Stskeepschances are they'll use connman, so do we, as an example16:30
StskeepsMer is open source already and people are doing cool things with it :)16:30
*** sebsauer has joined #mer16:32
*** afiestas has quit IRC16:32
*** sebsauer__ has quit IRC16:33
DinnoutiThank you very much! I will read more about Mer also. I saw that there is a git repo. I will start with the wiki page and see what we see :-).16:34
Stskeepsin fact there's many :) mer core itself is described in git, and all packages are in git16:34
Stskeepsi'll go get some food16:34
*** tbf_ has joined #mer16:37
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:38
*** tbf_ has quit IRC16:38
*** harbaum has joined #mer16:42
*** afiestas has joined #mer16:53
*** sledges has quit IRC17:06
*** andre__ has quit IRC17:09
*** andre__ has joined #mer17:10
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:12
*** sebsauer has quit IRC17:16
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:18
crevetorStskeeps: you're in EST ?17:18
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:20
*** crevetor has quit IRC17:21
*** tbf has joined #mer17:23
*** shanem has joined #mer17:24
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:27
*** nicola_ has joined #mer17:29
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*** Venemo has joined #mer17:34
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*** tomeff1 has joined #mer17:49
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*** nicola_ is now known as niqt17:57
*** beford has joined #mer18:09
*** niqt has quit IRC18:16
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:17
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:22
*** shanem has quit IRC18:23
*** javier has joined #mer18:27
Stskeepslo javier18:28
javierI was wondering if Mer supports multi touch as MeeGo does18:28
javierok, great18:28
Stskeepswe have same xinput218:28
Stskeepsbut there's a bug on exopc where it crashes18:28
javierI haven't been able to see it by myself since PA crashes on Mer/i58618:28
javierI suppose that bug affects the WeTab as well18:29
Stskeeps(Nemo delivers the x86 hardware adaptation)18:29
w00tthat's curious, because erm, it doesn't crash on lenovo18:30
* javier takes a look18:30
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind if someone can get me a backtrace18:30
Stskeepsw00t: yeah, nor on n95018:30
javierso arm devices aren't affected18:32
w00tlenovo isn't arm18:32
javierI know :)18:32
javierI mean that no arm device is affected18:33
javieror known to be affected18:33
javierI'll try to reproduce that bug once we get PA2 up and running on Mer/i58618:33
Stskeepsthanks - it should be reproducable with a bare qmlviewer too18:34
Stskeepswhich is a smaller testcase18:34
javierhmm, I don't remember my password for b.n.o18:36
Stskeepsit's same as on bugs.merproject.org18:36
javieractually, I am not sure if my account was created18:36
javieris it the same? I got an email from bugzilla@nemomobile.org18:38
Stskeepswell, it became the same at some point :P18:39
Stskeepswe use same ldap backend18:39
javierbleh, it doesn't let me in18:41
Stskeepsok, you might have an account from before then18:41
Stskeepsit's just "after touching screen, qmlviewer crashes"18:41
javiermy credentials work on merproject's bugzilla but not in nemomobile18:42
javiercould anyone add me to CC?18:42
Stskeepswill do18:42
javierjavier at kde dot org18:43
Stskeepsnot registered on it18:43
Stskeepsi'll look into it with lbt tomorrow18:44
Stskeepsi don't see you in user database either so your credentials ought to work18:44
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC18:45
Stskeepsi'll have to debug this with lbt18:45
Stskeepsi'll file a bug :)18:46
*** shanem has joined #mer18:46
javierok, thanks :)18:46
*** xmlich02_ has joined #mer18:47
*** shanem has quit IRC18:52
*** beford has quit IRC18:52
*** mingwandroid_ has quit IRC18:53
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC18:54
*** javiF has quit IRC18:59
swerdenlbt_away: David?19:04
lbt_awayhey swerden19:04
*** shanem has joined #mer19:04
*** bergie has quit IRC19:05
lbt_awayback from Beijing but been catching up :)19:05
lbt_awayhence the _away19:05
swerdenlbt_away: Are things working ok? Do you need additional things19:05
lbt_awaywe had a few small hickups and just got things sorted as I left for china19:06
lbt_awayso now I'm back I can see about pulling the wiki in19:06
lbt_awaythen I need to look at the most effective way to setup an OBS worker19:07
swerdenperfect, Hopefully I will get a new machine tomorrow and then we need to test it19:08
lbt_awayI think I need to look at tuning OBS to be more useful on mid-spec machines too19:10
lbt_awaywe need to keep the barrier-to-entry as low as possible19:10
lbt_awayand just throwing lots of RAM can be pricey19:11
*** raignarok has joined #mer19:17
*** stephg has joined #mer19:18
Stskeeps'lo stephg :)19:18
stephghope everyone is well!19:18
Stskeepsyeah, we're good, mer is moving ahead nicely19:19
Stskeepsstill a lot of work to be done, but basics are there19:19
stephgthat's why I dropped by, I've not built an image of anything in ages and see the odd post from Marko about new nemo builds, I need to try some of it out :)19:20
Stskeepsyep, you should19:20
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC19:28
*** shanem has quit IRC19:30
*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer19:33
StskeepsHazardousWaster: Blenster was in here earlier (still is), graphics designer wanting to get into car-computer interfaces19:40
*** mlfoster has joined #mer19:42
*** shanem has joined #mer19:42
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:43
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:44
Stskeepsevening phaeron19:45
phaeronStskeeps: hello19:45
Stskeepsso, what's the status of the patch for localdep?19:45
Stskeeps(just to catch up)19:46
phaeronit works with remote projects now19:46
phaeronbut needs
phaeronto be effective19:46
Stskeepsi'll test it out after i try to start a full mer tree with SB2 tomorrow19:46
*** xmlich02_ has joined #mer19:47
phaeronI am slowly working on the delete in a prjlink thing19:47
lbt_awayHazardousWaster: Blenster .... if you're looking at Mer + Car UI then please ping me too ... I know a couple of groups who want to do that. One makes aftermarket stuff for Jaguars, the other group made the Empeg car stereo.19:49
*** tomeff has joined #mer19:50
*** tomeff1 has quit IRC19:50
*** jvd_ has quit IRC19:50
*** jvd_ has joined #mer19:51
*** pohly has quit IRC19:51
*** Blenster has quit IRC19:52
phaeronlbt_away: why are you away :)19:56
lbt_awayso people don't talk to me :)19:56
*** notmart has quit IRC19:57
phaeronlike that would stop us :D19:59
lbt_awayso true19:59
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt19:59
* lbt stops pretending he's not here19:59
lbtspent some time today catching up after beijing20:00
lbtstill not taken pics of camera though!20:00
lbt(Being shouted at for that :) )20:00
Stskeepswhat did you do with your camera?20:00
lbtcarried it ... a lot20:02
*** xmlich02_ has quit IRC20:02
*** xmlich02_ has joined #mer20:02
*** stephg has quit IRC20:03
*** marquiz_ has joined #mer20:09
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer20:11
*** lizardo has joined #mer20:12
lizardodid anyone make any experiments with booting a rootfs over USB (e.g. NFS) on N950 ? or from a loopback file ?20:14
Stskeepslizardo: it should be theoretically possible, we did that for N90020:14
Stskeepsmaybe together with marquiz's moslo20:15
*** xmlich02_ has quit IRC20:15
*** dijenerate has quit IRC20:16
marquiz_mm, there should be nothing preventing nfs boot over usb20:17
marquiz_haven't tested, though :)20:17
Stskeepscould be a cool flashable image, too20:18
lizardoStskeeps, thanks, I may try sometime :)  another thing I wanna try is booting kernel with --load and the filesystem with initrd + "mount -o loop" + chroot for not requiring partitioning20:18
Stskeepstalk to marquiz_, he's on the bleeding edge of alternative OS booting on those devices :)20:18
marquiz_lizardo, that should be fairly easy, too20:27
*** stephg has joined #mer20:28
marquiz_n950 now has support for gzipped cpio initrd's too, so it is fairly easy to test/modify (and nice that the initramfs is rw)20:28
*** stephg has quit IRC20:35
*** tarantism has joined #mer20:41
alteregoStill rw if it's gzip'd?20:41
Stskeepsyeah, i mean, it's loaded into ram20:42
alteregoOh, to me rw means persists ;)20:42
alteregoSo it's non-persistent rw :)20:43
Stskeepstemporarily ;)20:43
alteregoCan we load initramfs' via usb?20:43
alteregoWithout flashing?20:43
Stskeepsyes, but there's a timing problem on n9s so some don't work20:44
*** dijenerate has joined #mer20:44
marquiz_alterego: but otherwise yes, there seems to be some size limit, though20:44
alteregoWell, when I get a spare N9, I'm eager to start testing mer on it :)20:44
marquiz_but a while only cramfs initrd worked, which is clumsy20:45
alteregoThough my grande work looks sexy on the N950, I just want to see what it'd be like on the N9 :D20:45
alteregovgrade mentioned earlier that though he managed to demo mer (& nemo?) on the N9, it crashed in to a reboot loop shortly afterwards.20:46
alteregoI've not looked at the demo yet.20:46
alteregoAnyway, I need food :D20:47
marquiz_c ya20:47
*** dijenerate has quit IRC20:50
*** swerden has quit IRC21:00
*** swerden has joined #mer21:01
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:02
*** Dinnouti has quit IRC21:04
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:06
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:27
*** buser has quit IRC21:39
*** csgeek has joined #mer21:42
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC21:44
*** beford has joined #mer21:46
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:51
*** lynxis_ has joined #mer21:56
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:00
*** lynxis_ has quit IRC22:05
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*** dijenerate has quit IRC22:21
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer22:23
*** mgrover_ has joined #mer22:26
*** lynxis_ has joined #mer22:26
*** cxl000 has joined #mer22:27
vgradealterego, marquiz is doing the work I'm just testing and feeding back results. yes it was Nemo,
*** smoku has joined #mer22:37
*** trumee has quit IRC22:41
*** mgrover_ has quit IRC22:47
*** smoku has left #mer22:53
befordcool video vgrade22:54
*** himamura has quit IRC22:55
befordjust found my lost microsd :P going to build last image and test it22:55
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC23:00
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:03
vgradeNemo is looking good23:05
befordouch vgrade do you happen to have the command to build ?23:07
befordI used to get it from the .log file on meego, but mer log files doesn't seem to include it23:08
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC23:08
befordoh nevermind, found it from an older log file :D23:09
*** tbf has quit IRC23:10
*** seanvk has quit IRC23:23
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC23:24
*** raignarok has quit IRC23:25
*** tomeff has quit IRC23:28
*** seanvk has joined #mer23:29
vgrade - top line23:30
*** mlfoster has quit IRC23:33
*** tilgovi has quit IRC23:34
befordgot some errors about missing packages, xterm, openssh-*23:35
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer23:35
befordseems to be working now :d23:37
*** trumee has joined #mer23:41
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