Sunday, 2011-12-11

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venduhola :)00:20
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kidproquoAre you guys currently using a self-signed certificate for the account creation page? Chrome is popping up all sorts of warnings...02:43
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* Stskeeps yawns 06:26
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MerBotcarsten: Error: "$!%@" is not a valid command.10:00
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* stskeepsie adds "acting like a virtual machine in a chroot" to the list of stupid things he has done10:03
dm8tbrshutdown got handed through? :/10:03
stskeepsiedamn straight10:03
stskeepsiegood thing i have a reset switch with hetzner10:04
* dm8tbr has RILOE cards in his boxes for same reason10:06
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w00tStskeeps: "oops"11:13
w00ti rebooted the wrong machine altogether once11:20
w00talso "oops"11:21
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Stskeepsphaeron: bored?12:05
phaeronwasted some time trying to build latest rabbitmq from source12:05
phaeronso yeah bored12:05
Stskeeps <- if you'd like to help me validate those instructions12:11
phaeronmaybe with my local obs ?12:14
dm8tbrw00t: mollyguard ftw :)12:14
Stskeepsdm8tbr: mollyguard doesn't help when it's a stupid chroot doing it :>12:14
Stskeepsphaeron: for now, just client side12:15
dm8tbrStskeeps: yep, but for many other cases12:15
Stskeepsphaeron: server side is a bit more complex12:16
Stskeepsphaeron: BTW, expect a error message when building in the end, perfectly normal12:16
phaeronok let's see12:17
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phaeronStskeeps: minor edit12:43
phaerongoing ok till now12:44
Stskeepsah, doh12:44
phaeronStskeeps: ended in systemd failed install12:57
Stskeepsgood :)12:58
Stskeepsthanks for testing13:04
phaeronanytime :)13:04
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vgradeStskeeps, marquiz, flasher -F 059K755\DFL61_HARMATTAN_20.2011.40-4_PR_LEGACY_009-OEM1-958_ARM.bin -L moslo.img -f --flash-only=moslo -R reports success in writing moslo but reboots to charging symbol.  Press of on/off boots to harmattan15:12
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marquiz_vgrade: seems that the bootloader of n9 doesn't support moslo :(15:16
marquiz_thus, the only way to dual-boot would be to flash to the kernel partition (i.e. overwrite the kernel)15:19
Stskeepswhich means no secure harmattan, i guess15:20
marquiz_vgrade: and the flashing log was similar to this? :15:24
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dm8tbrStskeeps: for secure harmattan you'd also need to know how to make the SoC come up in HS mode etc15:28
Stskeepsyea, except on n950 there's a trick15:29
Stskeepsbut doesn't exist in n9 bootloader :/15:30
marquiz_so it seems :(15:30
marquiz_the same reboot trick might basically work on n9, but we would need to be able to boot in non-secure mode from some other partition/media  (without tampering the harmattan kernel area)15:32
marquiz_and always using flasher to boot the 2ndary OS is not very user friendly15:32
vgrademarquiz, yes the flashing log was like that but included a cert line as well15:32
marquiz_vgrade: ok15:35
marquiz_and thanks for testing this15:35
vgradeno probs15:38
vgrademarquiz, so its possible to load a 2nd OS?15:40
vgrademarquiz_, just not have a dual boot setup15:42
marquiz_vgrade: yep, it should be possible15:48
marquiz_vgrade: basically it should be possible e.g. with my moslo, by flashing moslo to the kernel paritition15:49
marquiz_i.e. flasher -a <harm-fiasco> -k moslo.img -f15:49
marquiz_but then you wouldn't be able to use harmattan anymore15:50
marquiz_however, you should be able to return to harmattan by re-flashing the kernel only (i.e. flasher -F <harm-fiasco> --flash-only=kernel -f)15:51
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marquiz_(but, again, those are totally untested)15:53
marquiz_bbl, too16:05
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vgrademarquiz_, ok flashing kernel and flashing back works ok16:07
vgrademarquiz_, yellow traingle and warning message seen but no green moslo text seen16:09
marquiz_vgrade: hmm it probably doesn't load the initrd when flashed to the kernel area16:12
marquiz_thus, a separate moslo binary would need to be generated for that use case16:13
vgradewith an initramfs16:15
marquiz_vgrade: you tried only _loading_ the moslo (with -l -b flasher options)?16:16
marquiz_but that resulted in an unbootable device?16:16
vgrademarquiz_, yes, this gave me the green text16:16
vgradeand then proceeded to try a boot16:16
marquiz_what did it say about re-partitioning?16:16
vgradeI was not able to read as it was only on the screen for a second16:17
marquiz_hmm, that's strang16:17
vgradeit did repartition as when I tried -F FIASCO that failed with partition size errors16:18
marquiz_as long as the usb cable is connected, the moslo should not try reboot16:19
vgradewell it did here16:19
vgradeI'm not sure if it was at the same time as a ubs bong16:20
marquiz_i really should have a n9 of my own ;)16:20
vgradelet me try that again now to make sure16:20
vgradeI'll see if i canget a photo of green text16:21
marquiz_hmm, just started to think if the reboot could be a watchdog problem...16:25
vgradeok, got the pic16:26
marquiz_did it reboot, again?16:27
vgrade , yes it did reboot16:28
marquiz_you might be in trouble... :/16:29
marquiz_i guess i need to modify the moslo a bit16:30
marquiz_and enable some kind of debug mode with more verbosity16:30
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DocScrutinizerStskeeps: do you know what's up with ?17:35
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M4rtinKI see a an upgrade for aegis-developer-unknown-source-policy on my N95018:34
M4rtinKI wonder what is does. :)18:34
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: no18:40
mingwandroidStskeeps: Hey.18:41
Stskeepslo mingwandroid18:42
mingwandroidStskeeps: Hey.18:42
mingwandroidStskeeps: I'm keen to get my gcc changes into gerrit tonight.18:42
mingwandroidStskeeps: I'm on os x atm as I got to do a build of Necessitas, I've cloned mer binutils and gcc... I guess osc needs to be run on Linux though?18:43
Stskeepsyeah, though it's just python18:43
Stskeepsmay run on osx too18:43
Stskeepsosc build won't work naturally18:43
mingwandroidbloomin webkit takes for ever to compile.18:43
Stskeepsgerrit should just need 'git'18:43
mingwandroidStskeeps: I think I can make the changes with a fair degree of certainty that they'll work.. there's so few changes.18:44
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mingwandroiddamn, I forgot my login.18:54
M4rtinKoh, wrong window :)18:59
Stskeepsmingwandroid: i personally tie to my google account19:00
mingwandroidI thought I had, pretty much. hmm, It'll have to wait as there's no recover password option either.19:02
Stskeepson gerrit?19:04
mingwandroidah no on COBS.19:04
mingwandroidwanted to download my sources from that for binutils and gcc.19:04
mingwandroidthen just copy across into the git clone.19:05
Stskeepsah19:06 has recover option19:06
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mingwandroidprobably takes a while for password changes to make it to
berndhsmingwandroid: yes several minutes in my experience19:12
mingwandroidanother forgetful person ;-)19:13
berndhsI would give it <make-1-sandwich> minutes19:13
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DocScrutinizerStskeeps: is N9 modem still same interface? I.E. / ISI19:17
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mingwandroidStskeeps: -A meta prj home:raydonnelly -e19:31
mingwandroidis failing:19:31
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mingwandroidFile "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/lib/python2.6/", line 1421, in proxy_bypass_macosx_sysconf19:31
mingwandroidhostIP = socket.gethostbyname(host)19:31
mingwandroidsocket.gaierror: [Errno 8] nodename nor servname provided, or not known19:31
Stskeepswhat's that?19:34
mingwandroidwhat I got after doing python install after cloning osc.19:40
Stskeepsnodename nor servname provied is awkward19:41
Stskeepsping works i presume?19:41
mingwandroidyeah, I can login via web too..19:42
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mingwandroidI deleted my ~/.osc and ~/.oscrc and re-ran and re-entered my username and pwd, but it made no difference. I want my fedora back!19:42
Stskeepssounds like it19:42
Stskeepswho uses macos x anyway ;)19:42
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mingwandroidlooking at the osc readme, is just osc, they say do ln -s for it.19:43
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Stskeepsjust ssh into a fedora vm maybe19:49
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Stskeepslo juliusaugusts20:08
Stskeepsjuliusaugusts: so what brings you to Mer? :)20:09
juliusaugustswell I am interested in this project20:10
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Stskeepsalways a good start - on what level are you interested? potential contributor, maybe make a device with it, user?20:11
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juliusaugustsI am user, but a very technical and advanced user and I might be willing to say beta test20:11
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mingwandroidvgrade: hey mate.20:13
*** npm has joined #mer20:13
juliusaugustsI would be great if there was a way to get MER to run on existing hardware20:14
Stskeepsjuliusaugusts: sure, it is possible - Mer doesn't contain hardware adaptations, it is just a core - so it's ported to ARMv6, ARMv7, i486, Atom20:14
Stskeepslists where people has already put it on20:15
juliusaugustswell where would I go I wanted to request somebody make a port to a specific hardware20:16
Stskeepsit's usually better to do it yourself, it takes effort to port to a specific hardware20:16
juliusaugustsunfortunately I am a noob and don't the skills to do it20:17
Stskeepswhat kind of hardware do you have in mind?20:17
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juliusaugustsa HTC flyer it uses Qualcomm hardware20:17
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Stskeepsah.. qualcomm is always difficult20:18
Stskeepsbecause they don't have graphics drivers for normal linux20:18
Stskeepsjust android20:18
juliusaugustswell it also has some other specific hardware too like the n-trig digitizer20:19
juliusaugustsbut meego and other linux distros have been ported to the HP Touchpad (similar hardware) and the HTC Desire/Nexus One (similar but odler hardware)20:21
juliusaugustsgotta go20:21
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Stskeepsyeah.. but they all had issues with gles :)20:21
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* Stskeeps pokes his irssi clock20:27
Stskeepswhy you 22:2720:27
sethstormabout the same amount of time behind on mine20:32
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rlinfati <- taku22:04
berndhsah fedora, how nice22:05
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sethstormreading the dmesg from cxlinfo seems to think that the keyboard GPIO is being missed completely.23:12
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