Thursday, 2011-12-08

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mingwandroidyou still up?00:18
vgradeyou can use the saerch box on the top right of the GUI00:19
vgradejust about00:19
mingwandroidmake a .ks, but running into an error..00:19
mingwandroidProblem: pattern:nemo-middleware-shared-.noarch requires maliit-framework, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: maliit-framework-0.80.8-1.5.Nemo.armv7hl[mer-shared]00:19
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vgradeyou can remove your repo, and the xorg cat stuff, no idea abou the maliit stuff but you don;t need for plasma00:26
vgradeping Sage about that maliit error00:27
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vgradesorry leave the xorg I was thinking trinslice00:28
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vgradetoo late00:28
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mingwandroidhmm, can mic give me more info when things go wrong?00:35
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mingwandroidnight all.00:37
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* Stskeeps curls up in a corner with his cup of coffee06:32
araujoStskeeps, o/06:33
araujoStskeeps, how you feeling today?06:33
Stskeepsquite good, i usually have really rough mornings06:37
* w00t is not having a good morning06:38
Stskeepsit's also snowing outside06:38
araujow00t, o/ , what's up?06:38
w00ti'm quite tired06:38
* araujo got headache too06:39
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Stskeepsmorn andre__06:46
iekkuandre__, o//06:46
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andre__yo yo Stskeeps & iekku!06:46
iekkuandre__, in what time zone you are?06:46
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andre__Central Yurop.06:47
iekkuandre__, can't be! too early :D06:47
andre__The early worm strangles the bird, as we say here!06:47
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade06:57
Stskeepsseems like the mer pi team got accepted06:58
Stskeepsyeah, good to know my sales pitch helped a bit :P06:59
vgradeI really think that board will go far07:00
Stskeepsthink we got something useful out of those discussions07:00
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Sagevgrade: mingwandroid was missing one repo from his .ks file the CE:MW:Shared07:03
Sagevgrade: ok, nm. It is there.07:03
* Sage needs to wake up07:03
vgradeyea, thought it was there. Old mic?07:04
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StskeepsSage: if you noticed, mic-0.2 was published on obs, it would be good if we can investigate utilizing that instead07:05
Sagevgrade: maybe --pkgmgr=yum option needed07:05
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vgradeSage, got to be his config as that ks built ok for the G907:06
vgradeStskeeps, mingwandriod fixed the GCC error in the script,
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Stskeepsinstalling cross-armv7l-gcc-accel-armv7l-4.6.2-10.1.Mer07:08
Stskeeps"GCCVER: gcc (GCC) 4.6.1 20110627 (MeeGo 4.6.1-1) GCCVER_NEW: gcc (Linaro GCC 4.6-2011.11) 4.6.2 20111026 (MeeGo 4.6.2-1) "07:08
StskeepsGCC and GCC-accel versions don't match. Rollback also binutils...07:08
Stskeepsdid he wipebinaries?07:09
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vgradeprobably not07:09
SageStskeeps: didn't notice that.07:09
SageStskeeps: where did you see that SR?07:10
Stskeepsand what SR, i just spotted the update ;)07:10
Sageheh :)07:11
Sagethose guys would really need BOSS :D07:12
Stskeepsbut anyway, if we can somehow get rid of mic2 that'd be nice07:12
Sage:nod: I'll check that mic thing07:13
dcthanganyone knows why after starting qemu, the screen is black ?07:14
dcthangcheck this: -> "3) Launching QEMU just shows a black window. No MeeGo UI appears" but it does not help07:14
Stskeepswe don't use qemu in mer sorry07:14
Stskeepswell, at least not for anything with SDK at the moment07:14
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SageStskeeps: first try and :D07:15
Stskeepsif you'd like to try Mer plus LLVMpipe for virtual machines, i can help you in that direction07:15
StskeepsSage: yay07:15
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SageI already fixed similar problem in mic2 at some point. Any news from their git tree?07:15
Stskeepsno, haven't seen it around07:16
Stskeepsi suppose it's missing like the rest of tizen07:16
Stskeepsat least they're releasing tarballs07:16
Stskeepswe can bomb them with patches until they realise a git tree is good?07:16
w00tit doesn't work, they just ignore your patches (see open merge requests for qt on gitorious) :P07:17
SageStskeeps, phaeron: So not fully compatible ;)
Stskeepswoops :P07:18
Stskeepssure -c is for .ks'es still?07:18
phaeronthey invented a new ks format ?07:19
vgradeand mic is newer than mic2?07:19
Stskeepsif it's xml someone will be against the wall07:19
SageStskeeps: <- this help page is not very clear :D07:20
phaeronsections sound like ini ?07:20
w00tand why is it still called mic, and not tic? :D07:20
Stskeepsw00t: "my image creator"07:20
SageStskeeps: :D07:20
Sageoh, come on :D07:20
w00tat least it's not Usage: read the source, like07:21
Sagew00t: well they are using default python cmdline parsers so it comes automatically ;)07:21
Sagewow now I got some progress :D07:23
* Sage read the README file ;)07:23
Sagesure, and there it is again:
Sagethis feels worse than mic2 :D07:23
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #mer07:23
Stskeeps--arch= needed?07:24
Sagethat was like that in the readme so I wouldn't think so07:24
Stskeepsyeah, but probably against a i586 repo..07:25
Sagewill se very soon07:25
SageError <config>: Invalid arch armv7hl for repository. Valid arches: armv7nhl, armv7l, i58607:25
SageI could write about 20 bugs already :D07:25
Sageand hey I have used it almost 15mins07:26
SageError <creator>: Can't find package manager: zypp (availables: yum)07:26
Sagethis just keeps getting better and better :D07:26
w00tSage: that's due to your plugin error07:26
w00tWarning: /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/ undefined symbol: _ZN4zypp14Arch_armv7tnhlE, skip plugin backend/zypppkgmgr07:27
Sagew00t: yes07:27
SageI know just fun to get more and more errors ;D07:27
Sagewow, now it says DONE and uses 100% cpu :D07:27
SageInfo: 466 packages to be installed, 0 packages gotten from cache, 466 packages to be downloaded07:28
Sage\o/ downloading files07:28
phaeronare you sure it is not using mic2 behind your back :D07:28
dcthangStskeeps: could you guide me something about that way? llvm +mer07:28
Sagephaeron: I installed this on clean machine so yes :)07:29
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Sagephaeron: I didn't want to break my working mic2 ;)07:29
phaeronok because it sounds scarily familiar07:29
Sagephaeron: yes, I fixed that kind of problem before in mic2 at least07:29
Stskeepsdcthang: , mic-image-creator -f livecd --save-kernel --arch=i686 --record-pkgs=name --cache=~carsten/NOBACKUP/tablet-cache --outdir=~carsten/NOBACKUP/tablet-os --run-mode=1 --config=test-x86-mesa.ks07:31
Stskeepsdcthang: adjust --cache= and --outdir= to your liking07:31
Stskeepsdcthang: that'll give you a bootable .iso for virtual machines07:31
Stskeepson X8607:31
dcthangok, tnx. I will try that out.07:32
Stskeepsit will boot into qmlviewer with opengl activated, build on top of that07:32
Stskeepsi wonder how many devices are in 'kiosk mode' around the world, actually07:41
SageStskeeps, phaeron:
Stskeepslooks like qemu not getting installed07:42
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Sage\o/ audio works on pandaboard on Mer out of the box btw :P07:49
SageI have no idea why it didn't work when I last time tried :P07:49
Sage3.5mm plug though but still07:50
Sageok, this mic stuff needs work.07:51
Stskeepsjust wanted to evaluate it, could be interesting to check out kiwi too07:53
phaeronSage: looks like passwd was not found ?07:55
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* Sage sent mail to meego-distribution-tools08:06
SageI really would like to see the mic in use but for that they need to start working with us :)08:06
Stskeepsthere's always kiwi but that's not doing .ks'es08:10
Stskeepsand instead uses xml08:10
dcthangStstkeeps: which is mainrepo?08:12
dcthangError: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option.08:12
Stskeepswe really need to add that to wiki08:12
Sagedcthang: I would say bug in mic but well it has workaround :)08:13
Sageerr.. mic2 ;)08:14
Stskeeps mic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap08:14
dcthangah ..:p08:14
* Sage smiles as he has no idea why the audio changed between reboots from 3.5mm plug to HDMI :D08:26
Sageon panda that is08:26
* dcthang mic running nicely, I should change to build something on arm08:27
Stskeepsfor mer+llvmpipe, only on x86 for now08:28
*** zolkis has joined #mer08:29
matrixxStskeeps: wow, yay for us :)08:32
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*** mdavey has joined #mer08:34
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dcthangokay, but it can't boot with the iso file08:41
Stskeepsdcthang: hmm?08:42
*** mdfe_ has joined #mer08:42
dcthangThe kernel requires the feature on the CPU: pae08:42
Stskeepsi used virtualbox, works fine there08:42
Stskeepsenable pae extension08:42
dcthangok, so it starts Qt Quick example :P08:44
dcthang=> it works08:44
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Stskeepsmorn mingwandroid09:01
*** wmarone has quit IRC09:01
mingwandroidthat gcc thing worked.09:01
Stskeepsdid you wipebinaries?09:01
Stskeepsi wonder why it still fails then09:01
mingwandroidthe non-cross ones?09:01
mingwandroidvirtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory09:02
Stskeepsyeah, it's a stupid qemu problem..09:02
mingwandroidAny work around?09:03
*** phaeron1 has joined #mer09:03
*** phaeron has quit IRC09:03
mingwandroidI need both cross and non-cross to build before I can proceed?09:03
Stskeepsok, so, disable the building of the cross compilers and then wipebinaries, then let gcc build through on ARM side, then enable the cross compilers09:03
Stskeepsas you can see, the current cross approach has it's issues09:04
Stskeepsyou can do this in Repositories tab in each package09:04
mingwandroidI got to disable 20 packages? Any way of automating that?09:04
Stskeepsok, just disable the -accel ones09:05
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC09:05
mingwandroidBuild Flag -> All, All -> Explicitly disable?09:05
*** wmarone_ has joined #mer09:05
Stskeepsright, for the -accel packages09:05
mingwandroidok done.09:11
Stskeepslet's see if that helps09:12
mingwandroidI also tried to refresh the vega ks, getting:09:15
mingwandroid404 on
*** slx has joined #mer09:15
mingwandroidbinutils still failing with "./unlink-if-ordinary.c:65:15: error: storage size of 'st' isn't known"09:15
Stskeepsthat's ok09:16
Stskeepsit's not /releases/ anymore09:16
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mingwandroidok, weird, did this change happen very recently?09:18
w00tit's not?09:18
mingwandroidit was working last night.09:18
* w00t didn't see a mail09:19
mingwandroidto a point ;-)09:19
Stskeepsyou'r right09:20
*** bergie has joined #mer09:20
Stskeepsi botched a release09:20
* Stskeeps tries again09:21
* Stskeeps ponders if he should just go back to bed09:22
* mingwandroid ponders if he should go to work. he should09:22
Stskeeps(ran out of disk space..)09:22
Stskeepsmingwandroid: could you add me in Users in your repo?09:23
Stskeepsin the :Core:i586 one09:23
*** leinir has joined #mer09:26
*** leinir has joined #mer09:26
*** mdavey has joined #mer09:32
mdfe_Stskeeps: good morning09:37
mdfe_Stskeeps: I cannot find any reboot/halt/shutdown binaries on mer09:38
mingwandroidStskeeps: Will do when I get to work. Back in a bit.09:39
Stskeepsmdfe_: systemctl09:39
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC09:43
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC09:43
mdfe_Stskeeps: I have some very strange obs problems at the moment and no idea what I'm doing wrong09:51
Stskeepsmdfe_: mm?09:51
mdfe_The obs api url tells, I have some pakages in a project repostory I'm not able to delete09:52
Stskeepsgive me the exact error?09:53
mdfe_project Project:KDE:Mer_Extras repo Mer_Extras_armv7l09:53
mdfe_there is pvr-omap4 stuff inside I'm not able to delete09:54
Stskeepsok, and it tells you it can't remove them cos other people are using it?09:54
Stskeepsyou can wipebinaries it, maybe09:54
mdfe_I tried it for hours but it does not work09:55
Stskeepsso, you want to delete pvr-omap4?09:55
mdfe_but I cannot find a pvr-omap package inside
mdfe_but via api url the obs get this package09:56
*** slaine has joined #mer09:57
Stskeepsyou're right, that does look awkward09:57
mdfe_If you take a look to
Stskeepsas a start, all your packages are marked as don't build and don't publihs09:58
Stskeepsso something will be tale09:59
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer10:00
mdfe_you think I should disable the build and pubishing for all package in this project?10:01
mdfe_and then wiping out all binaries?10:01
mdfe_does I get it right?10:02
mingwandroidStskeeps: what role should I add you as?10:02
Stskeepsmingwandroid: maintainer or whatever allows me to tinker10:02
Stskeepsmdfe_: well, as a start, enable/publish10:02
Stskeepsmdfe_: why is it disabled in the first plce?10:02
mdfe_because there are about 170 package inside this project and I just need about 10 at the moment10:03
*** silver_hook has joined #mer10:05
mdfe_ok I enable the publishing flag for all packages again10:05
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC10:06
*** wmarone_ has joined #mer10:06
*** mdavey has quit IRC10:07
*** mdavey has joined #mer10:12
mingwandroidStskeeps: my ks is building ok now, thanks.10:13
Stskeepsgood10:13 a point...10:13
mingwandroid Installing: kernel-adaptation-vega       ##################### [468/512]/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.nBPSk7: line 1: /sbin/new-kernel-pkg: No such file or directory10:13
mingwandroidthat's my own kernel btw, so I guess I need to update something?10:13
Stskeepsthat's ok10:14
Stskeepsok, you can enable the -accel packages now10:14
*** afiestas_ has joined #mer10:14
mingwandroidStskeeps: did you fix anything or is it just an ordering matter?10:15
Stskeepsordering matter10:15
*** afiestas has quit IRC10:15
Stskeepsone of the reasons i wouldn't mind a properly staged gcc and different cross approach than what we have10:16
matrixxmingwandroid: pong ;)10:16
matrixxmingwandroid: yeah, we have a Mer team there :)10:17
mingwandroidmatrixx: if it isn't too late could I be considered for it?10:18
matrixxmingwandroid: it's not too late, just add yourself to the accepted page :)10:19
matrixxI'm supposed to decide by 12.th10:19
mingwandroidwhere's that?10:19
matrixxthere's a link before the applicant list10:19
mingwandroidStskeeps: enabled -accel for all10:19
Stskeepsok, ignore the build error that comes now10:20
mingwandroidheh, I'm already there (raydonnelly)10:20
Stskeepshave to wait for cross-armv7l-gcc-accel10:21
matrixxmingwandroid: oh, great :D10:21
matrixxnice to meet you :)10:21
mingwandroida pleasure ;-)10:21
matrixxI added the candidates by searching "Mer" and added also people I know are working on Mer :)10:25
matrixxbut if you know someone is working on Mer and is not on the list, let me know10:26
mdfe_Stskeeps: I also added pvr-omap4 again to the project, build the trouble causing binaries and wipe it out again10:28
mingwandroidmatrixx: I'm fairly new to mer to be honest.10:29
mdfe_but it does not have a effect :(10:29
*** npm has quit IRC10:30
Stskeepsmingwandroid: we all are, to some extent10:30
matrixxI was just about to say the same :)10:30
matrixxand I have no experience to mentor anyone on Mer, it's just a formality10:31
matrixxwe'll be working as a group :)10:31
*** npm has joined #mer10:33
*** phaeron has joined #mer10:33
*** phaeron has quit IRC10:37
*** phaeron has joined #mer10:38
mdfe_Stskeeps: my issue is solved10:39
Stskeepswhat was the issue?10:39
mdfe_I had ro add the pakage again to project, add 'use for build' and 'publishing'10:40
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC10:40
mdfe_after that I was able to disable and the wipeout works10:40
mdfe_Stskeeps: I was able to build and use a updated PA on mer and arm tablet10:41
mdfe_Stskeeps: today I try to get it running on x86 mer images10:42
Stskeepscool,congrats :)10:43
mdfe_I'm happy too10:44
*** npm has quit IRC10:45
Sagemdfe_: had time to test the peregrine stuff?10:47
Sagemdfe_: I added you as a maintainer to home:sage:telepathy so you can update the peregrine package in there.10:48
Sagemdfe_: I can move those package forward when ever someone says that telepathy in there works as it should :)10:49
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer10:51
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC10:52
*** silver_hook has quit IRC10:52
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer10:54
*** sebsauer_ has quit IRC10:55
mdfe_Sage: sorry, last week I was on vacation and this week I got no time for peregrine10:55
mdfe_Sage: Greate thanks for adding me as maintainer10:56
mdfe_Sage: today I have to get latest plasma active running on x86 mer, but I will also install peregrine to this image10:58
mdfe_Sage: first I will try out the full blown dependency version and after that the stripped vesrion from you11:00
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC11:03
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer11:03
*** npm has joined #mer11:15
StskeepsSage: btw, isn't our libxcb ancien?11:15
w00tStskeeps: only helps qt5, too ;)11:17
Stskeepsstill, just pondered11:17
SageStskeeps: no 1.7 which is the latest11:18
Stskeepsah ok11:18
Sagemdfe_: that is ok :)11:18
*** bergie has quit IRC11:18
*** arcean has joined #mer11:19
*** mdavey_ has joined #mer11:28
*** mdavey has quit IRC11:29
*** mdavey_ is now known as mdavey11:29
*** _f_ has joined #mer11:34
Sagewow, xmllint is in mer core11:34
SageI though it was separete tool but it is included in libxml211:35
SageI'm happy that means that I can use it :)11:36
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer11:36
mingwandroidStskeeps: Still running into problems with those gccs.11:38
Stskeepsmingwandroid: yes, as expected11:38
Stskeepshang on11:38
*** _f_ has quit IRC11:39
Stskeepsi think we need a new strategy on what version path it takes11:39
Stskeepsthe spaces really mess up things11:40
*** KaIRC has joined #mer11:40
Stskeepsit should be /4.6.2/11:41
*** npm has quit IRC11:42
Stskeepsand that's what it should compare on11:42
*** dcthang has quit IRC11:46
mingwandroiderr, yeah!11:46
mingwandroidthat's odd.11:46
mingwandroidI use awk print $NF. Will look into it in detail in 12 mins.11:48
mingwandroidI can use awk in my scripts?11:48
Stskeepsthink so11:49
*** kiviluoto_ has joined #mer11:50
*** kiviluoto has quit IRC11:50
*** kiviluoto_ is now known as kiviluoto11:50
*** trbs has joined #mer11:56
*** smoku has joined #mer12:03
*** smoku has left #mer12:03
mingwandroidI'm using: gcc --version | head -1 | awk '{print $NF}'12:04
mingwandroidone sec.12:05
*** zutesmog has joined #mer12:09
mingwandroidStskeeps: should I wipebinaries again after making a change?12:13
*** silver_hook has joined #mer12:14
* Stskeeps ponders12:14
Stskeepsi suppose you can just wipebinaries cross-armv*-gcc-accel12:15
*** vivijim has joined #mer12:16
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC12:21
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer12:22
mingwandroidosc wipebinaries cross-armv5tel-gcc-accel12:22
mingwandroidNo option has been provided. If you want to delete all binaries, use --all option.12:22
Stskeepsyes, --all12:22
mingwandroidah ok12:22
mingwandroidcan I use wildcards too?12:22
mingwandroidswitching computers. brb.12:23
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC12:23
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer12:24
*** lynxis has joined #mer12:36
mingwandroidright... ok disabled the cross*-accels again...12:37
mingwandroidwas the ordering:12:37
mingwandroiddisable, wipebinaries, wait for gcc to build then re-enable?12:37
SageStskeeps: does your repository scripts accept this as groups.xml ?12:38
*** sebsauer_ has joined #mer12:41
StskeepsSage: it uses createrepo12:42
Stskeepsmingwandroid: in this case you can just enable them, they just need to be rebuilt12:43
Stskeepsmingwandroid: so it compares correctly12:43
SageStskeeps: ok, well then that should be ok12:44
StskeepsSage: sure createrepo does patterns?12:44
SageStskeeps: groups, have option for that12:48
SageStskeeps: Initial draft
Sagethat should work for Mer core and for obs patterns12:49
Sagehaven't tested it much yet though12:49
*** lynxis has quit IRC12:50
Stskeepsbbl ~30 mins12:50
*** lamikr has quit IRC12:54
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:00
*** lynxis has joined #mer13:03
*** tomeff has joined #mer13:11
*** Guest67384 has joined #mer13:11
*** silver_hook has quit IRC13:11
matrixxI see vgrade forked his own team at QtonPi ;)13:14
matrixxvgrade: once you've accepted, you can remove yourself from the Mer list in accepted page13:15
matrixx*you have been accepted13:16
Stskeepsforked into what? :P13:17
matrixxeducation team13:17
*** kiviluoto_ has joined #mer13:18
*** kiviluoto has quit IRC13:18
*** kiviluoto_ is now known as kiviluoto13:18
*** randompasserby has joined #mer13:24
randompasserbyAnyone here?13:24
randompasserbyIll show myself out then13:24
randompasserbyDo anyone here know if it official that Nemo will find its way to N9?13:25
*** berndhs has joined #mer13:25
matrixxrandompasserby: try #nemomobile13:26
* matrixx isn't here13:27
mingwandroidvgrade: got the new PA build running on vega.13:30
mingwandroidseems PA bombs out due to some power management issue.13:31
mingwandroidStskeeps: the cross compilers have built ok13:32
*** vivijim has quit IRC13:36
Stskeeps"GCCVER: 4.6.2-1) GCCVER_NEW: 4.6.2-1) "13:37
StskeepsGCC and GCC-accel versions match. Enabling cross-compiler.13:37
Stskeepsthere but not quite13:37
Stskeepswhere does the "-1" come from?13:38
mingwandroid%global gcc_release 113:42
mingwandroidI should probably change that to 2011.11 though?13:42
mingwandroidgot to switch computers again. one sec.13:42
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC13:42
Stskeepsjust get rid of -1 and i think we're fine13:44
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer13:45
Stskeepsjust get rid of -1 and i think we're fine13:46
*** randompasserby has quit IRC13:47
mingwandroidYou think I can change it to -2011.11, as that'd be most useful?13:50
Stskeepsno, because it won't match with /usr/lib/gcc/version/14:01
*** arcean_ has joined #mer14:08
*** arcean has quit IRC14:09
*** bergie has joined #mer14:16
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean14:17
*** silver_hook has joined #mer14:19
*** lamikr has joined #mer14:22
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC14:24
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:28
*** npm has joined #mer14:32
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer14:32
*** disco_stu has quit IRC14:33
*** disco_stu_droid is now known as disco_stu14:33
Stskeeps4.6.2 will do the trick :)14:33
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:36
mingwandroidStskeeps: ok.14:38
* Stskeeps makes a mental note we really ought to clean up the toolchain..14:39
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer14:49
mingwandroidStskeeps: I'm not sure why the -1 hasn't been a problem in the past though, as I didn't add that stuff.14:52
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake14:53
*** lynxis has quit IRC14:55
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:56
*** niqt has joined #mer15:00
*** rnovacek has quit IRC15:00
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer15:03
*** lamikr has quit IRC15:14
*** crevetor has joined #mer15:16
*** crevetor has quit IRC15:17
*** crevetor has joined #mer15:21
*** lynxis has joined #mer15:21
*** niqt has quit IRC15:22
*** vivijim has joined #mer15:23
*** dcthang has joined #mer15:23
*** niqt has joined #mer15:25
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC15:30
*** lynxis has quit IRC15:31
*** lamikr has joined #mer15:34
mingwandroidStskeeps: I can't seem to download the compiled packages...15:34
dcthangStskeeps: Anyway to disable Swipe function for Mer? any configuration for that?15:37
Stskeepswell, it's not swipe, just gesture to switch15:37
*** pdanek has joined #mer15:37
*** pdanek has left #mer15:37
dcthangI mean this one
Stskeepsah, no15:39
Stskeepsthat's unrelated15:39
dcthangok :-)15:40
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #mer15:41
Venemo_N950hi everyone15:42
*** vivijim has quit IRC15:44
*** lamikr has quit IRC15:46
*** vivijim has joined #mer15:48
Guest67384i'm having trouble running this QML example: - I've build it with no modifications but QMLViewer will tell me that "MyPushButton is not a type" . I added a qDebug statement to registerTypes but that seems to indicate that registerTypes is never being called. Is there some way to see what plugins are being loaded, because15:49
Guest67384i'm worried mine is not being imported?15:49
*** Guest67384 is now known as HazardousWaster15:50
HazardousWasteror, indeed to get it to list all the registered types15:51
dcthangThis is about Mer/ Meego Community Edition. About those questions alike you should join qt or qt-qml room15:54
*** iekku_ has joined #mer15:54
*** iekku_ has quit IRC15:54
HazardousWasterok, thanks15:54
*** marquiz_ has joined #mer15:55
*** dcthang has quit IRC15:55
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:56
*** zolkis has quit IRC16:11
*** zolkis has joined #mer16:12
*** sebsauer_ has quit IRC16:14
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*** slaine has quit IRC16:22
*** crevetor has joined #mer16:25
*** lamikr has joined #mer16:28
*** Venemo_N950_ has joined #mer16:29
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:31
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC16:32
*** Venemo_N950_ is now known as Venemo_N95016:33
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC16:38
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #mer16:38
*** Tuju has joined #mer16:38
*** Ans5i has joined #mer16:39
Tujuis there some images to install already?16:39
Tujui've n95016:39
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer16:41
Tujudamnshock: ack, thanks. which flasher i need? I've fedora.16:42
Tujuis this rpm based system?16:43
damnshockyes, mer is rpm based16:43
Tujufinally! cool. :D16:43
Tujuwhich cli options i need to flash?16:49
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer16:50
Tuju--kernel --initfs ?16:50
Tuju--rootfs ?16:50
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC16:51
* arc_mat scratches head over people getting excited over use of a package manager ...16:56
damnshockthat depends17:00
Stskeepserm, no17:01
Stskeepsuse the ones from meego instructions17:01
dm8tbrarc_mat: package managers, the best since sliced bread, vi and emacs ... oh wait17:03
damnshockarc_mat: well, I'd love to have pacman on Mer :P17:05
Stskeepsthere's no emacs in Mer17:05
Stskeepsonly vim17:05
* Stskeeps takes cover17:06
arc_matI don't quite get the idea of a package manager for anything mobile17:06
HazardousWasteri cursed for a few minutes, but then i went and learnt how to use vim, only 11 years after i first started using linux17:06
mingwandroidStskeeps: Have you got a link to a package build where it was trying to use 4.6.2-1? Was it a build where you were trying to use the new cross compilers?17:12
Tujudamnshock: what is the firmware image? the nemo.....plaplaplaplapla--adaptiation-n950 ?17:12
Stskeepsmingwandroid: it was your gcc17:13
Stskeepson arm17:13
Stskeepsyou see it in the installation phase before it starts building17:14
Tujuflasher v2.5.2 (Oct 21 2009)17:15
TujuInvalid FIASCO file header17:15
StskeepsTuju: follow instructions on
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC17:17
Tujui'm not sure should i first get this powered up17:17
Tujuit has power button but it doesn't do anything.17:18
dm8tbrTuju: 2.5.2 sounds wrong17:19
Tujudoes it? i just got what instructed.17:19
Tuju~/Products/Nokia/N950/Mer% sudo ../Maemo\ Flasher/3.5/maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2/flasher-3.5 -F nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-testing-0.20111128.3.CE.2011-12-01.2-vmlinuz- -f -R17:20
Tujuthat came from the 3.5 binary anyway.17:20
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:20
*** bergie has quit IRC17:23
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle17:25
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer17:32
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC17:36
*** zolkis has quit IRC17:36
*** tomeff1 has joined #mer17:37
*** tomeff has quit IRC17:37
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:46
* Stskeeps posts new mer release mail17:46
mingwandroidStskeeps: Where can I grab a built rpm? I want to check this folder thing out in detail.17:49
mingwandroiddo I need to set the publish flags before it'll let me get them?17:49
Stskeepsmingwandroid: osc getbinaries is your friend17:49
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:50
Stskeepsthanks for looking into this btw17:53
*** maour has joined #mer17:53
*** pdanek has joined #mer17:56
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC17:57
*** lynxis has joined #mer17:58
*** vivijim has quit IRC17:59
*** pdanek has left #mer18:05
*** maour has quit IRC18:07
*** maour has joined #mer18:07
*** rzr is now known as rZr18:10
*** silver_hook has quit IRC18:15
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:18
Stskeeps (thanks Alison_Chaiken)18:19
Alison_ChaikenDeadline Jan 12.   Speakers get free registration but no travel support.    MeeGons, Tizen, Meriacs, please CC me if you submit.18:21
*** felipec has joined #mer18:21
Stskeepswe also have Open Mobile Linux devroom in FOSDEM this year18:28
Stskeepsso that'll probably be first semi-official meetup of Mer people for a long time18:29
*** lynxis has quit IRC18:30
Alison_ChaikenIf nothing else, consider a Mer BoF at OSCON.18:32
Stskeepsjuly is in my holiday period, so uncertain if i can go to the US there18:32
Stskeeps(i start out with a week at a music festival.. then my birthday, etc..)18:32
Stskeepsbut yeah, if others in the US are coming, for sure18:33
*** mdavey has quit IRC18:33
*** mlfoster has quit IRC18:33
*** pdanek has joined #mer18:35
*** tarantism has joined #mer18:36
*** zolkis has joined #mer18:36
StskeepsSage: started QA'ing libksba, libogg, lzo, libxkbfile, libvorbis18:40
*** FireFly has joined #mer18:41
*** arcean_ has joined #mer18:45
*** arcean has quit IRC18:46
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:50
*** felipec has quit IRC18:51
*** felipec has joined #mer18:52
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer18:53
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC18:56
Stskeepsmer pixman is 0.2218:58
Stskeepsand upstream is 0.2418:58
* Stskeeps files bug18:58
wmarone_Stskeeps: what are the package names for SGX support?18:59
*** pdanek has left #mer19:00
Stskeepswmarone_: we don't really have any, it's up to the hardware adaptations to name their thing, they just have to provide and
Stskeepswmarone_: are you beyond the udev issue yet?19:00
wmarone_I seem to be19:00
wmarone_there's still a lot of console noise but it's getting far enough along that X tries (and fails) to start19:01
wmarone_which is significantly farther than before19:01
Stskeepsah, that's good, sec19:01
Stskeepswhat .ks are you using currently?19:01
wmarone_the one you posted a few days ago that is basically the bare minimums19:02
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer19:02
Stskeepsso it boots up to qmlviewer, right?19:02
wmarone_no, X does not yet start19:02
mingwandroidStskeeps: hey.19:02
*** mlfoster has joined #mer19:02
Stskeepslo mingwandroid19:02
Stskeepsi mean, it's -supposed- to boot up to qmlviewer ;)19:02
Stskeepsadd that repo19:02
mingwandroidok, so I rpm -q -l -p gcc-4.6.2-10.1.armv7hl.rpm...19:02
wmarone_well, guess we're still a bit away then19:02
mingwandroidand nothing in there is /4.6.2-1/19:03
Stskeepsmingwandroid: right, it's 4.6.2 instead, right?19:03
mingwandroidwhich is what we want?19:03
Stskeepsmingwandroid: the script is in cross-armv7l-gcc-accel-arm or whatever the name is after it's been made into a armv7l.rpm19:03
Stskeepsthe same one you saw in precheckin.sh19:04
Stskeepswmarone_: after that, i hope xorg starts19:04
mingwandroidStskeeps: I'm not sure what you're saying is wrong... can we take it from the top? ;-)19:06
Stskeepsmingwandroid: OK, remember in gcc? it creates baselibs.conf which has some scripts about GCC_VER19:07
Stskeepsthose scripts turn into %post install scripts when the package is installed on ARM side19:07
Stskeepsso it gets run when installing cross-armv7l-gcc-accel19:07
Stskeepswhich happens when a ARM build is being done19:08
Stskeeps(you can see the output in armv7l's gcc build log)19:09
mingwandroidah ok. I'll try to sort it out after dinner then; still not sure why it isn't a problem with the existing gcc as it also has a release number (and is in general very similar to mine)19:10
mingwandroidbut I gotta fly now, so speak later.19:11
Stskeepswmarone_: the reason xorg doesn't start is simple, there's no xorg driver to start up :P19:11
*** lamikr has quit IRC19:12
wmarone_well when it complains about being unable to find them in the log (which it made!) it's easier to diagnose19:12
wmarone_if it gets far enough and I can put it on wifi19:12
wmarone_I can grab more logs19:12
*** lynxis has joined #mer19:14
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:14
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC19:16
*** arcean has quit IRC19:17
*** mdavey has joined #mer19:18
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:26
*** felipec has quit IRC19:29
*** felipec has joined #mer19:31
*** Bostik has quit IRC19:32
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer19:41
*** raignarok has joined #mer19:49
Sagecobs broke?19:51
StskeepsQt on Pi mailing list:
Stskeeps( matrixx , vgrade , mingwandroid, lbt_away , etc)19:52
mingwandroidah cool.19:52
mingwandroidStskeeps: So... I've unpacked the gcc rpm.. is the install script stuff in ./usr/share/info/
mingwandroidaparently not...19:57
*** vakkov has joined #mer19:57
Stskeepsmingwandroid: nah, it's in the rpm's scriptlets :)19:58
mingwandroidyup, got it19:58
mingwandroidrpm -qp --scripts ../gcc-4.6.2-10.1.armv7hl.rpm19:58
Stskeepsin the cross- one19:59
*** trbs has quit IRC20:05
*** trbs has joined #mer20:05
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:06
*** trbs has quit IRC20:07
*** maour has quit IRC20:10
*** maour has joined #mer20:10
*** vakkov has quit IRC20:15
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC20:21
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:21
vgradematrixx, I don't want to leave the team, just wanted to get some of the eductional stuff going, thats the main part of the Pi foundation20:26
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:28
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:41
matrixxvgrade: I see, actually I noticed that I'm also part of OpenGL team :)20:52
matrixxjust worried if being there twice messes up some calculations20:52
matrixxbut I don't think they accidentally send us two devices ;)20:53
vgradeI don't think there's a problem being a contributer and mentor20:53
matrixxOk, let's just leave the teams how they are then :)20:54
vgradeI met Eben on Monday and its all about getting the kids to program again and I noticed that many of the educational pitches had not been taken up20:55
vgrademy work on Mer and Pi will continue20:56
*** mlfoster has quit IRC20:57
*** mlfoster has joined #mer20:57
vgradein fact it says that mentors may not be involved in the actual work of the team20:57
vgradeI'll add a note in my mentor pitch about not needing a device anyway20:58
matrixxyeah, the education is important, I don't know any kids at the moment who are interested of programming20:58
matrixxor maybe it just doesn't run in my family, and I'm the black sheep there :)20:59
vgradeEben was involved in interviewing prospetive Computer Science graduates at Cambridge20:59
vgradeapplicatiopns for a 100 a year intake have fallen from 500 per year to 150, and this is at one of the best unis21:00
matrixxoh, that's not promising :/21:01
matrixxthe situation was similar in the university where I studied21:02
matrixxalmost every one got in to computer science21:02
matrixxthen there were people who had actually applied to medical school and just hangaround until they were accepted21:03
matrixxand never considered computer science as a real option21:03
vgradecan't edit the page noe its gone to th accepted page21:09
*** tanuk has left #mer21:09
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:11
*** zolkis has quit IRC21:12
mingwandroidvgrade: I got a new root fs for vega.21:15
mingwandroidvgrade: following your archo g9 ks.21:16
mingwandroidPA crashes on startup though:21:16
mingwandroidKDE Power Management System: No valid Power Management backend plugins are available.21:17
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:17
*** zolkis has joined #mer21:18
*** phaeron has joined #mer21:19
*** cs278| has joined #mer21:22
vgrademingwandroid, that message used to just flash up for a second21:23
vgradewhen you say crash?21:23
mingwandroidit flashes up for about 8 secs and as soon as it goes I end up dumped out to xterm.21:23
*** cs278 has quit IRC21:24
vgradeand if you wait a while?21:24
*** Bostik has joined #mer21:24
mingwandroidwell it stays on xterm, no PA appears. also, annoyingly, mallit doesn't happen in xterm.21:24
vgradeanything in .xsession-errors21:25
vgradeso the maliit issue you had has gone away21:25
vgradeI though we had usb host21:26
vgradethe g9 image is good, I saw mdfe saying earlier21:27
*** raignarok has quit IRC21:31
mingwandroidyeah. mysterious. we have usb host yeah, just not got the keyboard to hand ;-)21:35
mingwandroidI'll hack on with gcc though.21:35
mingwandroidget back to vega (to test gcc hopefully) once that's working.21:36
*** lynxis has quit IRC21:38
vgrademarquiz, ping21:40
felipecanyone knows if there's .map file for the N900? The old one I had from MeeGo doesn't seem to work any more =/21:41
*** raignarok has joined #mer21:49
*** Alison_Chaiken has quit IRC21:52
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:55
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:55
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