Wednesday, 2011-12-07

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norayrhey, any idea where to echo "otg" or "host" in order to put usb in host mode?00:25
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araujophaeron, no request has been rejected yet, just wondering if I submit a request for a branch with some platforms failing to build, will boss reject this?01:13
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iekkuberndhs_950, yeah, or it's almost night here still. woke up 30 minutes earlier than usually03:46
iekkuberndhs_950, so you have little bit time :D03:46
berndhs_950I quiit early today03:47
berndhs_950Watch movie on ps3 heating the room03:47
berndhs_950Ps3 is good for that03:48
iekkuin my new home the upstairs is too cool, but i think i'm going to get used to it03:48
iekkuif not, then i need to call repair man...03:49
berndhs_950Will get a lot colder in 2 months03:49
iekku-5 outside now, during the winter it's going to get like 30 degrees lower03:50
berndhs_950Olny gets to -25 or so here03:51
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iekku-30 is for sure, -35 sometimes03:51
berndhs_950Almost as hot as a freezer03:51
iekku:D :D03:51
iekkuwhen i lived in oulu, northern finland, there was -37 and windy when i had moving...03:52
iekkunever seen so busy helpers :P03:52
iekkuit's nice to remember that :P03:55
iekkuand oh crap i'm old, it was almost 14 years ago...03:56
berndhs_950Yes remember that its been worse03:56
iekkui'm sure that i don't have that kind of moving ever again \o/03:57
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berndhs_950Im tired oof this place, want to move again04:03
dcthangieku: so last time you are near Rovaniemi?:)04:04
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dcthangnear Santa Clause's village04:04
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sethstormcxl000: still somehow getting those kernel panics around the same spot(similar to what was with OpenWRT), what build environment would you recommend for building those kickstarts?04:41
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cxl000sethstorm try the latest zImage.06:18
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Stskeepsso many wtfs in this one:
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dcthanghow to change idle time for the screen by command? it now annoys u after some mins with blank screen06:33
dcthangwould be nice if know which package affects that or which configuration for that06:33
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Sageok, time to continue my local OBS setup07:32
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Sage^ causing my problems?07:36
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Stskeepsmorn mingwandroid07:44
Stskeepsmingwandroid: sh and linkpac to cross-armv7l-gcc cross-armv7hl-gcc, cross-armv7l-gcc-accel and so on07:44
Stskeepslinkpac within the project07:44
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* Sage got the OBS working07:57
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Sageforgot to change one user/pass in configs. Totally my bad when reading the instructions :_/08:00
Stskeepswoops :P08:00
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SageCertificate Verification Error: no commonName in peer certificate08:05
Sagewhen trying to talk to api with osc08:05
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Stskeepsdidn't you make the cert yourself?08:05
SageI made one with the guide08:06
Stskeepsso you skipped commonname?08:06
Sagehit enter to most of those yes ;)08:06
Stskeepswell then08:06
Stskeepsguess you have your reason08:06
Stskeepsopenssl x509 -in file.pem -text08:07
* Sage creates new cert08:07
Stskeepsremember to reload apache, i think08:07
vgradeStskeeps, we found the precheckin stuff and ray uploaded the new source for bin, utils and gcc.
vgradeStskeeps, still struggling with the linkpac instruction08:07
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Sageah, all of those didn't have default values :P08:08
Stskeepsvgrade: just osc linkpac home:ray:branches:Mer:fake:Core:i586 gcc home:ray:branches:Mer:fake:Core:i586 cross-armv7l-gcc08:08
Stskeepsand so on08:08
SageCertificate Verification Error: Peer certificate commonName does not match host, expected, got Marko Saukko08:09
StskeepscommonName = hostname08:09
Sageso IP that might change?08:09
Stskeepsgenerally just trust the certificate08:10
Stskeepsit's a self-signed one08:10
SageI just mean that it shouldn't check it against the IP in this case.08:10
Stskeepsdo you access it with http://192. ?08:11
vgradeStskeeps, so that command is to tell OBS to build all the other spec files08:11
Stskeepsvgrade: yes, basically08:11
SageStskeeps: https08:11
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StskeepsSage: ok08:11
vgradeStskeeps, thanks08:11
* Sage changes the cert again ;)08:11
phaeronalso add sslcertck=0 to oscrc08:11
N900hi every one08:11
Stskeepslo n90008:11
N900how is going08:11
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Stskeepsvgrade: you also need to add <arch>i586</arch> and <path repository="Core_i586" project="Core:i586" /> for each arm repository08:12
Stskeepsvgrade: basically -accel packages will copy from i586 arch to arm arch08:12
Sage\o/ :)08:12
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StskeepsGuest87454: quite good08:12
Guest87454good mornin all08:12
Guest87454is ther any video how to install Nemo on nokia n90008:13
StskeepsGuest87454: nop, we only have instructions, besides that, for nemo questions, #nemomobile IRC channel is open :)08:13
Guest87454i download image but how to write for install on n900008:14
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Guest87454to install nidtroit is so easy just i have to write ex. root apt-get install nitdroid-installer08:16
Guest87454how to type for nemo08:16
Stskeepsyes, but nemo is different, you install uboot and you write a SD card image08:16
Guest87454is it like meego?08:16
Stskeepssame method08:16
Guest87454ooooo nice]08:16
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phaeronStskeeps: did you yesterday's pastie08:22
Stskeepsyes, i did08:22
phaerona bit too invasive08:22
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Stskeepsi think that if source srcmd5 is different it has to be differnet08:23
Stskeepsie, one part of the disturl08:23
phaeronyes I use that08:26
StskeepsDISTURL contains srcmd508:26
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Stskeepsmorn lbt_china, how's the smog?08:36
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lbt_Hey Stskeeps.... blue skies (and strong winds!) .... really nice08:41
Stskeepsgood :)08:41
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Sage\o/ it actually builds :D08:42
lbt_and the firewall seems to be OK for irc then....08:42
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javiergood morning08:44
Stskeepsmorn javier08:44
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SageStskeeps: the qt-mobility problem exists09:00
Stskeepsyes, i saw it09:00
Stskeepsi'd like to test it with the new toolchain09:00
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Stskeepsmorn bergie09:01
SageStskeeps: you have the new toolchain cooking somewhere?09:02
Stskeepsmingwandroid's working on it09:02
Stskeepshe seems to have good knowledge with toolchains so it's perhaps good to put it in hands of someone who actually knows those things ;)09:03
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Sagephaeron: where did we leave on the image build thing?09:05
Sagejust trying to recall if I promised to do something09:05
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phaeronSage: you found some harcoded stuff in mic2 and then said mic was cleaned up09:09
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Stskeepsshould we start to look into 'mic' for Mer, perhaps?09:13
Stskeepsi see a mic 0.209:13
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phaeronif it does the job then I agree. then mer can be "on par" with tizen :D09:15
Stskeepsonly downside is that there's not git atm but ..09:15
Stskeepscompared to the current mess09:16
phaeronmaybe we can import them into a github repo for sanity09:17
phaeronjavier: btw messages go to #nemomobile09:22
phaeronjavier: and also fyi you can lump multiple related packages in one request. see osc creq --help09:23
javiermessages as in?09:23
phaeronyou just sent three requests , right ?09:25
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javierok osc creq for next time :)09:25
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Stskeepsphaeron: did you ever get anywhere on disabling packages in linked projects btw?09:42
phaeronStskeeps: pami is working on it09:43
phaeronhe tried a few approaches , none worked , so it seems we have to hack the pkg meta overriding in the backend09:44
Stskeepshow about my idea about doing it from meta prj?09:44
Stskeepsit already fetches "disable all" from there09:44
phaeroncould be that too but would need more work.09:45
bergiehey Stskeeps09:45
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Stskeepsbergie: any reaction to my devroom announcement proposal?09:45
Stskeepsphaeron: yeah, just might be cleaner and nicer from a BOSS perspective09:46
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bergieStskeeps: not yet, was busy working on my book yesterday09:47
Stskeepsjust to get it on the road as there's interest from qt5 and others09:48
bergieyeah, we should announce it asap09:50
Stskeepshm, amd fusion has ssse309:51
* Stskeeps ponders if fitpc3 would be a good match for mer09:52
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sethstormcxl000: That was with the latest zImage10:28
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cxl000Do you have a wimax version?10:30
cxl000Do you have a COBS account?10:34
sethstormmost likely not10:34
sethstormso that'd be a no10:35
Stskeepswimax version... there was something curious about those10:36
Stskeepsbut i don't recall :(10:36
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sethstormStskeeps: it wasn't preemption?10:38
cxl000I think there is some wimax code enabled in these kernels we could try disabling it.10:39
Stskeepshow far does it get in startu?10:39
sethstormStskeeps: mapping /dev/ttyO210:40
sethstormthen it panics with an imprecise external abort c0610:41
cxl000sethstorm is still available10:42
sethstormI had to step through that very, very slowly10:42
Stskeepssethstorm: --enable-rd-mode --set-rd-flags=serial-console10:43
Stskeepssee if that helps anything10:43
sethstormunfortunately not10:47
sethstormsame kernel panic10:50
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Sage<27>systemd[1]: Failed to mount /sys/fs/cgroup: No such file or directory11:09
SageWhat option I'm missing?11:09
*** toscalix has joined #mer11:11
RaYmAnSage: the cgroups one? :D11:12
kimjuis your .config somewhere?11:12
RaYmAnSage: in menu config, under general setup 'Control Groups support'11:13
kimjubut might be something else too11:13
vgradethere is the kernel patch,
SageI have that set... probably screwed something else.11:15
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vgrademingwandroid, morning, you get my mail11:18
mingwandroidyeah, thanks for that.11:19
mingwandroidwill do it in a sec.11:19
Sagevgrade: since what kernel that is included?11:19
mingwandroidStskeeps: I thought linkpac was an alternative to branching with OSC?11:19
vgradeSage, I'm not sure11:19
Stskeepsno, its also internal in a project11:19
mingwandroidAh right, that's what was causing me confusion.11:20
Sagevgrade: probably just what I needed thx.11:21
mingwandroidI also branched binutils, I guess I need to do the same <package name > stuff for the meta data?11:21
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Stskeepsyes, binutils to cross-armv7l-gcc etc11:22
vgradeSage, seems to appear in 2.6.36,
Sagevgrade: sure it is in there ;)11:23
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Stskeepsso what brings you here?11:36
*** iekku has quit IRC11:36
silver_hookWell, being a die-hard FS fan, I wanted to ask how Free Mer is and if I could potentially flash it over Nokia N9.11:38
* silver_hook needs a new phone at some point anyway11:39
Stskeepsso, mer is a core without UIs or hardware adaptations, so all these are outside the project. mer core itself is totally open source11:41
silver_hookI've been somewhat following the development of Maemo, MeeGo etc. for a while now.11:41
silver_hookBut the number of forks now are really too much to handle XD11:41
silver_hookUnder which license(s)?11:42
*** iekku has joined #mer11:42
silver_hookOK, so Mer covers both kernel- and user-space, but leaves (some) drivers and UI by side.11:45
dm8tbrit leaves out specific hardware adaptation and the UserExperience11:45
sledgesMer does not cover kernel11:46
sledgeswhich in turn is a subset of the hardware adaptation11:47
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silver_hookOK, I get it.11:49
silver_hookSo the aim is not to have a FS drop-in replacement ROM for phones like the N9?11:50
*** vivijim has joined #mer11:52
dm8tbrnope, that's done by 'others'11:54
dm8tbrin case of the N9 that can be e.g. Nemo-mobile11:54
dm8tbrit uses the Mer core and extends it by hw adaptation and Ux11:55
silver_hookSooooo, Mer is user-space (minus UI); Nemo is a Mer/Linux distribution?11:55
silver_hookveskuh: I'm just reading through that, yeah11:56
silver_hookOK, I think I get it now.11:57
silver_hookSo, how alive are Mer and Nemo ATM?11:58
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silver_hookveskuh: Neat. Thanks.12:00
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silver_hookSo, what's the license(s) Mer is under?12:12
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mingwandroidStskeeps: Ok, my binutils package is part of the same project as gcc, so the meta data is ok.12:16
odin_are there any phone handsets good for Mer ?  (other than N9, N900, N950)12:24
Stskeepssilver_hook: lgpl, gpl, bsd, the usual mix12:28
silver_hookStskeeps: OK, so nothing coherent (the usual mix) ;)12:28
Stskeepsie, typical OSS licenses12:28
Stskeepsno weird "only use this with mer branding"12:29
damnshockis there any email client for Mer yet?12:29
Stskeepsdamnshock: it's more likely to be for Nemo or Plasma12:29
Stskeepsmingwandroid: show me your OBS project?12:30
veskuhfeel free to compile pine12:30
mingwandroidjust doing the linkpacs now12:30
mingwandroidshould I also do the -accel ones?12:31
* damnshock goes to #nemobile to ask for an email client12:31
Stskeepsmingwandroid: you also need to add <arch>i586</arch> and <path repository="Core_i586" project="Core:i586" /> for each arm repository12:32
StskeepsCore:i586 being Mer:fake:Core:i58612:33
mingwandroidDo I do that in advanced->raw config?12:34
mingwandroidIt says "The repositories are inherited from the project home:raydonnelly:branches:Mer:fake:Core:i586.", so can I add it there so that it happens for binutils as well?12:35
Stskeepsadd it in the project, yes12:36
Stskeepsin raw config12:36
mingwandroidIn fact...12:36
mingwandroidso it looks to me like I've already got that, and the gcc project inherits it so should be ok?12:36
Stskeepsyou need to add <arch>i586</arch> for each arm repo12:37
Stskeepsnot very logical, i know12:37
mingwandroidyeah, glad it's not just me ;-)12:38
mingwandroidis this because of some cross compiling thing or something?12:40
mingwandroiddoes this look ok now then:
Stskeepsyes, it's because of injection across schedulers12:40
mingwandroidyou lost me a bit there, but I guess the terms will come to me eventually...12:41
mingwandroidok I need to do the linkpac for all of binutils now.12:42
Stskeepsbaselibs.conf is what does the magic12:44
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC12:47
mingwandroidStskeeps: ok, I think I've done everything right now.12:47
Stskeepslooks about right12:48
*** sebsauer_ has joined #mer12:48
Stskeepsthe "unresolved" is perfectly normal, fwiw12:50
mingwandroidCan you cast your eye over:12:50
Stskeeps./unlink-if-ordinary.c: In function 'unlink_if_ordinary':12:51
Stskeeps./unlink-if-ordinary.c:65:15: error: storage size of 'st' isn't known12:51
Stskeepsgive it a bit to let the cross compilers catch up12:52
mingwandroidjust a bit suprised that I'd run into a build issue so quickly!12:52
Stskeepsfast response :)12:52
mingwandroidyeah, good in a way! for building the whole system, should I be looking at cross compiling or going native (well, qemu'd)12:52
Stskeepscross compile always, that's how we do it, just let it finish building12:53
_ThomasDoes anyone here happen to know of any good OpenGLES 2.0 demo content?12:54
* _Thomas wants to test his drivers in ubuntu arm12:55
Stskeeps_Thomas: i use personally, completely stupid demo, but shows if shaders+stuff works12:56
_ThomasI know it all works12:56
_ThomasI ran all the tests that came with the drivers :)12:57
_Thomasnow I want cool content ;)12:57
*** raignarok has joined #mer12:57
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer12:58
Stskeepswell, if our qt5 was building for arm atm i'd say that and some scenegraph demos12:58
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake12:58
w00tyes! ;)12:59
*** Velmont has quit IRC13:00
*** niqt has joined #mer13:01
Sagelbt, Stskeeps: my OBS doesn't create the repodata directory to the repos, any knowledge why?13:02
Sagethere is only: armv7l test.repo src13:03
Stskeepscheck publisher logs?13:03
SageCan't exec "createrepo": No such file or directory at /usr/lib/obs/server//bs_publish line 89.13:03
Sageeh :D13:03
Stskeepsso it needs createrepo13:04
*** mdavey has quit IRC13:04
*** mdavey has joined #mer13:04
SageStskeeps, lbt:
Sagecan I force publis?13:05
Sagewithout rebuild13:05
Stskeepsturn off publishing, re-enable it?13:05
Sage    nothing changed13:06
Sagewaiting for an event...13:06
Sageso didn't work13:07
phaeronwipebinaries maybe13:08
* Sage clicked rebuild 13:08
phaeronSage: osc wipebinaries13:08
Sagewipebinaries doesn't that cause rebuild?13:09
* Sage checks after the rebuild is done13:09
phaeronafair it doesn't13:09
Stskeepsit causes rebuild13:10
Sageyey, now it publishes13:10
HazardousWasterdoes anyone know (in plasma active 2) why no applications might show up in the dragdown list? /usr/share/applications is well populated and i've tried both removing /usr/share/kde4/config/active-blacklistrc and removing a few items from it.13:10
*** bergie has joined #mer13:13
mingwandroidStskeeps: Ok, I need cross-armv*-{glibc|glibc-devel|glibc-headers|kernel-headers}13:16
mingwandroid...for my cross gccs.13:17
Stskeepsthat's what's exported from arm side13:19
Stskeepsmingwandroid: ever done cross compiler with proper stage1 and so on? ie, first building enough to do glibc, then the compiler+libgcc, etc..13:19
mingwandroidyeah, I have, on PSP.13:20
mingwandroidbut my android work hasn't needed that as I use precompiled bionic.13:21
Stskeepsthe reason i'm asking is that i'm considering to fully bootstrap mer ports from i586 side13:21
Stskeepsie, there's no transfer from arm side to x8613:21
Stskeepsso it (in OBS) does the various stages and such13:22
Stskeepsmaking mer much more flexible to put on various architectures, also optimized from bottom up13:22
Stskeepsand perhaps enabling different ways of having mer targets/embedded13:23
mingwandroidbootstrapping GCC just gives you a GCC that's compiled itself, so your compile time goes down hopefully, but you still just end up with a x compiler...13:24
mingwandroidbtw, what level of xfer is there from arm to x86? everything gets x compiled I thought?13:25
Stskeepsbasically it's a mix - we start out with a arm chroot with everything in and then accelerate parts of it13:26
Stskeepslike bash, rpmbuild, gcc, etc13:26
Stskeepsi was more pondering to get into a situation where we can even make embedded devices with mer13:28
mingwandroidah ok. brb.13:28
mingwandroidbe nice to be able to compile anything on anything really.13:29
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC13:31
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer13:35
mingwandroidStskeeps: Should I start thinking about local OBS for now or try and sort out the x compiler dependencies instead?13:37
mingwandroidbefore going for the full staged compiler, I'd like to veryify that the linaro gcc works well etc..13:38
Stskeepsyeah, we can just do some run-throughs of some packages or perhaps a core test run13:38
Stskeepsbut let's us see if it builds first at all ;)13:39
*** berndhs has joined #mer13:43
mingwandroidok. what should I do about the dependencies then?13:45
*** mdfe_ has joined #mer13:48
mingwandroidcan I linkpac them across or identify another project for it to look in?13:54
*** mdavey has quit IRC14:07
*** mdavey has joined #mer14:10
*** lbt has quit IRC14:10
*** raignarok has quit IRC14:19
vgradewaits for Qt to build14:27
HazardousWasterit's amazing how plasma-active springs to life when you install qt... :/14:27
Stskeepsmingwandroid: well, we can start seeing if the new toolchain fixes some of our known armv6 problems or ICE's14:28
mingwandroidok. Linaro will be releasing a new tarball today though...14:29
Stskeepsjust to get some kind of indication of value of the update14:29
mingwandroidthey do it weekly, and I know there's a fix for neon generating invalid asm that's hitting ffmpeg...14:29
Stskeepsi am having trouble with armv6 glib + qt mobility, as an example14:29 it may be worth waiting for that to drop.14:30
Stskeepsi'm going to do next mer release soon anyway, so we have a week to get it in before tht14:31
mingwandroidok, so apoligies for being thick and asking same questions, but currently the gcc crosses are unresolvable due to the headers and glibc issue... what's the fix for that?14:33
Stskeepsthey aren't, just some of them14:34
Stskeepsthe ones not matching the architectures :)14:34
Stskeepsi am more worried about the gcc failures though14:34
*** mdavey has quit IRC14:35
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:36
mingwandroidah yeah, I see now14:36
Stskeepsi met the same issue on MIPS, fwiw14:36
mingwandroidgcc is same as binutils->14:37
mingwandroidso cross-armv7l-gcc built ok for Mer_Core_armv7l?14:37
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC14:44
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer14:45
*** mdavey has joined #mer14:46
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer14:50
mingwandroidStskeeps: It's actually thursday that Linaro do their releases... I might just grab their head instead, what do you think?14:52
Stskeepsnah, let's use tarballs14:55
mingwandroidok. am I at the stage of thinking about a local OBS so I can rebuild and test?14:56
Stskeepsgcc failing isn't good as it means cross compilers aren't installed14:57
*** leinir has quit IRC14:57
*** leinir has joined #mer14:57
*** drussell has joined #mer14:58
vgradeHazardousWaster, :)15:00
*** sebsauer_ has quit IRC15:00
*** niqt has quit IRC15:01
vgrademingwandroid, virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory15:03
*** raignarok has joined #mer15:04
*** npm has quit IRC15:12
*** niqt has joined #mer15:13
*** npm has joined #mer15:15
mingwandroidvgrade: where's that? are you testing my new gcc?15:18
mingwandroidStskeeps: Weirdly,
mingwandroidah no ignore that...15:19
mingwandroidarmv5tel not compiling as all unresolvable.15:19
Stskeepswe don't have a working armv5tel port atm15:23
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:24
mingwandroidah ok.15:24
*** mlfoster has joined #mer15:34
Stskeepsbut the old code is still there15:34
*** vakkov has joined #mer15:37
*** niqt has quit IRC15:42
sethstormcxl000: for the new kernel (yes, I know a bit late, but more as a comparison)15:46
sethstormcxl000: er,
*** silver_hook has quit IRC15:53
Stskeepsmingwandroid: this looks awkward:16:05
Stskeepsinstalling cross-armv7l-gcc-accel-armv7l-4.6.2-9.1.Mer16:05
StskeepsGCC and GCC-accel versions match. Enabling cross-compiler.16:05
Stskeeps /usr/libexec/gcc/armv7l-meego-linux-gnueabi/GCC/cc1plus not installed or /usr/libexec/gcc/armv7l-meego-linux-gnueabi/GCC/cc1plus.orig-arm already present !16:05
*** maour has quit IRC16:06
mingwandroidyeah, that looks broken. I had to make a few changes as the linaro tgz's don't unpack like 'normal' gcc tbzs.16:06
mingwandroidthey unpack to gcc-linaro-4.6-2011.11 instead of e.g. gcc-4.6.2...16:06
*** toscalix has quit IRC16:06
mingwandroidso I had to muck around with a few things, it might be better if I repack, what do you think?16:07
Stskeepsmight be16:07
Stskeepsor at least see where it breaks16:07
mingwandroidok, I'll do that later then (in work still so can't really do too much ;-))16:07
Stskeepsthat's ok16:07
mingwandroidI'd rather keep the mer side of things as unchanged as possible tbh, so I will repack it a bit later, around 3.5 hours from now.16:07
Stskeepsyeah, but being able to use tarballs we can actually md5sum and compare with upstream is good16:08
Stskeepsfor security reasons16:08
mingwandroidah right.. well I reckon I can make it work then. but just let me know which way you want to go with it16:09
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer16:10
*** berndhs_950 has quit IRC16:32
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:32
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*** kimitake is now known as o_16:45
*** o_ is now known as kimitake16:45
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*** rnovacek has quit IRC16:46
slaineanyone know how to turn on debugging for polkit ?16:48
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:50
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC16:52
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer16:57
Stskeepsslaine: isn't there some standard glib way?16:58
slaineStskeeps: not sure16:59
Stskeepsi mean, they usually use g_* stuff so16:59
*** andre__ has joined #mer17:00
*** andre__ has joined #mer17:00
slaineYeah, I was looking for a way to enable the polkitd debugging17:02
*** otep has quit IRC17:02
slainevia some dbus setting17:02
*** otep has joined #mer17:02
slainebut I think I might have sorted my problem anyway17:02
Stskeepsi'm pondering a bit if we need polkit for mer17:03
Stskeepsmingwandroid: i think if you fix the /GCC/ issue, your compilation should start working again17:04
Stskeepsor at least i'd hope so17:04
Stskeepsie, the gcc one17:04
arc_matpolkit, bloatkit. too many free desktop standards17:06
mingwandroidok will get on it a bit later. damned paid jobs ;-)17:07
Stskeepsmingwandroid: yeah, food on table first, change the world second ;)17:08
slaineStskeeps: doesn't systemd remove much of the need for something like polkit and consolekit17:09
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer17:09
Stskeepsslaine: consolekit for sure17:09
Stskeepspolkit i'm less sure about17:09
slaineit's all a bit murky17:10
jonnor_workIt does not seem to me that polkit will be affected much. systemd does not fiddle with fine-grained policy handling17:11
Stskeepsdoes polkit have it's place in a mobile device you think? (just curious for arguments pro/con)17:16
slaineDon't ask me now, I'm too annoyed about it ;)17:20
slaineI can see how it would have it's place though17:21
mingwandroidAnyone applying for Raspberry Pi mentorship?17:21
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle17:22
*** shanem has joined #mer17:26
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:27
Stskeepsmingwandroid: there's a few people, at least17:28
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:29
mingwandroidvgrade: sounds like something you'd have a good chance of being accepted for.17:29
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:32
vgrademingwandroid, I'm already part of a team17:34
mingwandroidvgrade: anything I can do to improve my chances??17:35
vgradeI've not much Qt exp so that's why I did not put my name forward17:35
*** afiestas has quit IRC17:35
mingwandroidI'd hope my necessitas work will be enough really, but we'll see.17:36
vgradehave a work with matrixx, who is mentoring the Mer efforts17:38
*** afiestas has joined #mer17:38
mingwandroidah ok.17:43
mingwandroidmatrixx: ping ;-)17:43
*** maour has joined #mer17:49
*** raignarok has quit IRC17:50
*** maour has quit IRC17:55
*** maour has joined #mer17:55
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mingwandroidbe back a bit later.18:49
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC18:49
*** bergie has joined #mer18:53
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mingwandroidI guess getting the binutils package building would be #1 priority?19:51
mingwandroidvgrade: you mentioned local OCS build...19:53
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:58
Stskeepsgcc is more essential19:58
mingwandroidok I need to get local build going then.20:00
Stskeepsso, it has actually compiled once20:01
Stskeepswhich means we have a problem in cross compiler20:03
Stskeepsinstalling cross-armv7l-gcc-accel-armv7l-4.6.2-9.1.Mer20:03
StskeepsGCC and GCC-accel versions match. Enabling cross-compiler.20:03
Stskeepsinstalling rpm-build-4.9.0-2.1.Mer20:03
Stskeepsinstalling rpm-x86-arm-4.9.0-2.1.Mer20:03
Stskeeps in particular20:03
mingwandroidok. will look into that.20:07
mingwandroidis this all still correct?
Stskeepsyes, but it doesn't talk about qemu-arm and friends20:08
mingwandroidah yeah.20:10
Stskeepsyou need to look into why gcc -accel package seems to think the version is GCC20:10
Stskeepsthat's the key to the failure20:14
*** trbs has joined #mer20:22
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer20:39
mingwandroidStskeeps: Ok I think it's because the linaro source identifies the package as "Linaro GCC 4.6-2011.11"...20:44
Stskeepsthat's not good :P20:44
Stskeepsour scripts should adjust to that20:44
mingwandroidand something is expecting "GCC x.x.x"20:44
mingwandroidI guess instead of taking the 2nd word, the last word would be better?20:44
mingwandroidI could do a patch of couse?20:45
Stskeepsyes, of course20:45
Stskeepshint: you might have to osc wipebinaries the entire project to get the desired result20:45
mingwandroidI'll prepare that and let you think about where in the scripts it's going wrong! Where can I see the build scripts?20:45
mingwandroidStskeeps: some dependency problem?20:46
Stskeepsit's to get out of a bad situation, basically20:46
Stskeepswipebinaries just means "start all over and rebuild"20:46
mingwandroidyeah, thought so. is it done per repository?20:46
Stskeepscheck baselibs.conf20:46
Stskeepsit can be done per repository, or just --all20:47
Stskeepsbaselibs.conf is where you probably have to hack20:47
Stskeepsin all of those targets20:47
Stskeepsman, that's ugly..20:47
mingwandroidok, is this stuff on a git repo or is it a package itself?20:47
Stskeepsyes, , get a gerrit account on and then it's ssh://
Stskeepscheck wiki Contribution page20:48
*** rektide_ is now known as rektide20:48 is what you want to edit to fit that issue20:48
Stskeepsand re-run precheckin.sh20:49
Stskeeps(creates baselibs.conf)20:49
mingwandroidcut -d" " -f320:49
Stskeepswhat baselibs.conf is, btw:
Stskeepsfor future reference20:50
Stskeepsit's what does the magic about exporting from x86 to arm20:50
mingwandroidok. wrt committing to the git repo, what's the score? should I create a branch?20:52
StskeepsContribution page says it nicely20:52
Stskeepsjust work on master, and git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master20:53
Stskeepsand it'll show up for review20:53
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:53
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:53
Stskeepsget OBS side working first, though :P20:53
Stskeepsonce you've fixed and committed the changes, wipebinaries'ed, i think it should be good20:57
Stskeepsbbl sleep20:59
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mingwandroidthanks for the help Stskeeps, I'm testing something now.21:08
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:10
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mingwandroidanyone know where xorg-x11-drv-mtev has gone?23:43
*** foobar1 has quit IRC23:44
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