Saturday, 2011-12-03

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berndhsgood night03:04
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sethstormtesting the n810 image per the adaptation instructions, and both supplied kernels(separate of the image) are giving the same kernel panic early on in boot03:12
sethstorm(with the razor02 image, specifically)03:14
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Stskeepsphaeron: planning on setting up a obs 2.3 replica OBS today we can use to debug some issues on our typical mer setup06:50
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Stskeepsso we can see what happens with the localdep patch and possibly other extensions before putting them on mer deployment06:52
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* Stskeeps shuts off his old obs deployment07:45
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dm8tbrStskeeps: so monster is gone for good? in which case I should stop monitoring it.07:57
Stskeepsdm8tbr: pretty much07:58
Stskeepswe have another obs, mer-ci which is currently only on the internal network07:58
Stskeeps(mostly because it's not set up in it's final configuration yet)07:58
Stskeepswhich will be running continous integration checks etc07:59
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade08:13
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gpradehello all, anybody there?09:37
Stskeeps'lo gprade09:37
gpradehello Stskeeps, how are you?09:38
Stskeepsi'm good, about to run out the door though09:38
gpradeok, can i ask fast one question?09:38
gpradehow is the status of mer? i mean the cor itself, the infrastructur and nemo?09:39
Stskeepsquite good09:39
gpradecan you release? :-)09:39
StskeepsNemo: , Mer: -> All, Merged, , etc09:40
gpradedo you think it is the time to go to the manufactures and say, hey, take mer, it is functional enough to sell a phone with?09:41
gpradeor what left, what you first need to develop?09:42
Stskeepswe can already do phonecalls on Nemo and have a fairly nice UI working already09:42
Stskeepsthe hard part of phones is always the hardware adaptation09:42
Stskeepsbut our main focus is small to medium businesses at first, they are the ones who can have most gain of Mer09:43
gpradebut if the manufactures would say, they do the hardware things, the rest of mer and nemo is ready?09:43
Stskeepsthere's still bits and pieces missing09:43
Stskeepsbut do keep in mind we only launched like, 2 months ago09:44
Stskeepssome things still to be done, but we're already quite nicely rolling :)09:44
gpradenice, thanks for your work09:44
gpradedo you buy a n9 now? you taked about one day (i read in the logs)09:45
Stskeepsi haven't bought one yet, i've been too busy :P09:45
Stskeepsmy current goal is to properly launch Mer early january, with proper website, all backends showing, etc09:45
gpradeok, i wait sometime and hope it get cheaper, then i buy one, i hope i can oneday install mer and nemo on it09:45
gpradecoooooooool, thats fast09:46
Stskeepsyeah, but a lot of hard work to be done09:46
gpradeok, if you need german translation, i said oneday, you can ask, and i will help09:48
gpradeok, have a nice weekend09:55
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lbtalterego: ping.... wiki move today?09:59
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Venemo_N950morning :)10:18
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ScriptRipperlbt: ping11:34
ScriptRipperStskeeps, I want to report an issue about x8611:35
ScriptRipperit seems current x86 compilation flags or some package generates code11:35
ScriptRipperwhich does not run on all x86 processors, and I mean recent, on AMD11:35
ScriptRipperresulting in an illegal instruction reported at build time11:36
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Stskeepsyes, SSSE311:36
ScriptRipperI have tried it out on the *latest Opteron* processor, not any 5 year x86 machine11:36
Stskeepsdidn't you know this about meego?11:37
ScriptRipperI knew it bout meego11:37
Stskeepsok, so, we have two ports in Mer11:37
ScriptRipperI did not know it about Mer11:37
StskeepsSSSE3 port is i58611:37
Stskeepsi486 is i48611:37
ScriptRipperI thought SSSE3 is *included* in the current Opterons11:38
Stskeepsit's in bulldozer etc i think11:38
ScriptRipperI have the opterons 1 revision *before bulldozer*11:38
ScriptRipperand otherwise mostly XEONs11:39
Stskeepsthat's why i have i486 port, i'm thinking to shift cross compilers to that11:39
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ScriptRipperso this would not work to build on the openSUSE OBS ....11:40
Stskeepsi never really agreed much with the SSSE3 thing in MeeGo11:40
ScriptRipperit was to market the ATOMS11:40
Stskeepsyes, of course11:40
ScriptRipperwhat I did not know was that its not included in some *64 bit x86 processors*11:41
Stskeepsxeon, i7, atom11:41
Stskeepsand amd bulldozer11:41
Stskeepsit's like the NEON of x8611:41
ScriptRipperI thought it was inside Opteron *before Bulldozer*, my fault11:42
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ScriptRippernow Bulldozer is released, so problem solved11:42
ScriptRipperI was just checking the new KVM inside QEMU 1.0 rc s before QEMU release11:43
ScriptRipperon an AMD machine also11:43
ScriptRipperso I ran into that11:43
Stskeepsi'm probably going to investigate in mer at some point how much SSSE3 can simply be autodetected instead of default compilation11:44
ScriptRipperI was checking the ISA signalling and ISA support in KVM11:44
Stskeepsjust like we detect NEON11:44
ScriptRipperand I first thought its a KVM bug11:44
ScriptRipperbut no11:45
ScriptRipperbefore QEMU 1.0 we *had a KVM bug* and a OBS worker bug11:45
ScriptRippernow some new KVM options are used11:46
ScriptRipperthats how I ran into it11:46
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lbtStskeeps: iirc ssse3 is autodetected fine in Qt but was hardcoded in glibc11:55
lbtThiago did an analysis11:56
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ruphyi'd like to install mer for tablets. what is the image best suited for me?12:25
ruphyi'm kind of lost in the wiki12:25
cxl000sethstorm these images and kernels have been used on both n800 and n810. Can you capture the console output to provide more detail on the kernel panic.12:25
Stskeepsplasma active typically - remember Mer is just a core, so other projects do the actual combination of UI+Core+HW adaptation12:25
ruphywhich plasma active? i've seen only meego and opensuse based ones12:26
ruphyi only want a base system to try out a fullscreen qml application12:26
Stskeepsah, that's another issue then12:26
Stskeepswhat kind of device you have?12:27
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Stskeepsok, so, what you should do is to get mic-image-creator installed, combine it with Nemo project's X86 adaptation and build an image that boots into qmlviewer12:28
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ruphyStskeeps: i could compile and launch it on the tablet, i think, which is probably easier12:29
ruphyit's just a testing environment :)12:29
ruphybut i appreciate the fact that i can easily build a completely custom image12:29
Stskeepsstill :) it's a good excersise to go through12:29
Stskeepswe don't really have bare images atm so12:29
ruphyoh, i see, cool12:30
Stskeepswhat OS do you have on your typical development machine?12:30
ruphyand well, plasma active should have worked for me if only i could use the wireless network :p12:30
Stskeepsfedora 15?12:31
ruphy16 actually12:31
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Stskeepsok, should still work, -- add this repo: , yum install mic212:32
Stskeepsthen git clone git://
Stskeepsand make, sudo make install12:32
Stskeepsyou can also just grab the dependancies of mic212:32
Stskeeps(we -really- need to improve this, it's leftover mess from meego)12:32
ruphythe repo has fc16 packages in :)12:33
ruphyStskeeps: eheh :)12:33
ruphyman, thanks a lot for your help, you rock12:33
ruphywarning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 79fc1f8a: NOKEY12:34
ruphyPublic key for libzypp-8.8.0-3.2.i386.rpm is not installed12:34
Stskeepsno problem, if you feel like doing a wiki writeup with your experiences or file bugs on bizarre issues, that'd be nice12:34
ruphywhere can i get that?12:34
ruphysure thing :)12:34
Stskeepsunsure, it might be in the repodata/12:34
ruphyok, let's do it12:34
Stskeepsgenerally this is the way people usually do product images so improving this procedure is esential :P12:36
ruphyok, cloning now....12:37
ruphyStskeeps: done :) what now?12:38
Stskeepsok, let me just cook you a .ks12:38
Stskeepsi wanted to put mer on my exopc myself so12:39
ruphyahah, awesome12:39
ruphybtw, are there plans for mer+qt5?12:40
ruphyi'd love to test that as well, if possible12:40
Stskeepsyes, there is12:40
Stskeepswe have packaging already but not actively built12:40
Stskeepswe can't put qt4 and qt5 in same repo12:40
ruphyunderstandable ;-)12:40
ruphyjust in case, can i build them already locally or sth?12:41
Stskeepsgot a account?12:41
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Stskeepsget a account and ask lbt for one12:41
Stskeepsfor one = to enable it12:41
Stskeepsthen i can help guide you to get our packaging built12:42
ruphyoh, i had a account, awesome :)12:43
ruphylbt: can you enable ruphy for the build service?12:43
lbtwhat is it?12:43
ruphythanks! :)12:43
Stskeepsbut first .ks12:43
lbtStskeeps: seems like a good time to think about making a few images for next week. I'll can take ExoPC, Lenovo, spare N900, N950... just thoughts to show diversity with Mer base12:45
lbtjust have a think about it :)12:46
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Stskeepsand mic-image-creator -f raw --save-kernel --arch=i686 --record-pkgs=name --cache=~carsten/NOBACKUP/tablet-cache --outdir=~carsten/NOBACKUP/tablet-os --run-mode=1 --config=test-x86.ks13:03
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Stskeepsadjust --cache and --outdir= to your own needs13:04
nwoki_Stskeeps: can we mod the .ks to our timezone etc?13:05
Stskeepsnwoki_: if you desire13:06
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Stskeepsjust start out with a working image first13:06
nwoki_yeah, true13:06
ruphyStskeeps: how much free space do i need, approx?13:07
Stskeeps~10gb free at least13:07
Stskeepsthis makes a 3gb image13:07
Stskeepsyou can make it a 1gb image probably, footprint is like 200mb, but always good to have free space on usb stick13:07
Stskeeps~10gb is just what i normally keep free for development as i often make multiple images13:08
Stskeepsand caching of rpms, etc13:08
Stskeepsand multiple architectures13:10
ruphyError: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option.13:11
ruphyStskeeps: also, should i do raw or should i do livecd as format?13:12
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Stskeepsruphy: sec13:13
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Stskeepssudo mic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /your/repo/cache/path -r -o /your/final/bootstrap13:13
nwoki_Stskeeps: what's that for?13:14
ruphyStskeeps: your/final/bootstrap == outdir?13:15
Stskeepsruphy: and -B /your/final/bootstrap in mic-image-creator13:15
Stskeepsbootstrap is basically a small meego install in order to do things right13:15
Stskeepsand yes, -f livecd13:16
Stskeepsmy bad13:16
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nwoki_Stskeeps: is this ok? "with bootstrap arch 'None' and bootstrap target arch 'None'"13:21
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Stskeepsnwoki_: well, if it creates it i guess, i haven't made bootstraps in ages13:37
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nwoki_wooo image created13:52
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ruphyi hope i haven't harmed my system13:57
ruphyi interrupted the bootstrap creation and before starting it again i had to rm -rf bootstrap... where my local disk was mounted :(13:58
* ruphy restarts the machine, crossing fingers13:58
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ruphylooks like it's sane14:17
ruphyStskeeps: bootstrap is okay, img creation fails :(14:18
Stskeepsruphy: what's on your loop0?14:18
ruphyno idea. i think bootstrap mounted sth... let me check14:19
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Stskeepslosetup -d /dev/loop014:19
vakkovcan i have plasma ative and nemo on one sd card but on different partitions? i'm using n900... I just don't want to delete nemo14:19
Stskeepsvakkov: you'd need to adjust uboot boot script14:20
vakkovthanks, i forgot about that14:20
Stskeepsnwoki_: does it boot too? :)14:20
nwoki_Stskeeps: installation went ok (i think) but it doesn't boot. well, i get a blank screen after system load14:21
ruphyStskeeps: weirdly, i had tried to launch the img builder again and now it seems to be going more... o.o14:21
ruphyoh yeah, awesome :) Stskeeps: can i try it with e.g. qemu?14:22
Stskeepsruphy: right now no, but if anyone wants to take a crack at we can have mer in typical VM environments14:23
Stskeepsnwoki_: hmm14:23
Stskeepsnwoki_: generating own image14:23
Stskeepsnwoki_: so it boots ok and gives you textmode installer?14:23
nwoki_i installed14:23
Venemohas anyone made a Mer image yet with the KDE netbook shell?14:23
nwoki_and now rebooted14:23
VenemoI'm desperately looking for something to replace MeeGo netbook UX with14:24
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* Stskeeps curses14:30
Stskeepsran out of disk space14:30
*** Venemo has joined #mer14:32
vakkovI can't find out how to edit the .raw image - want to edit some files. Can you help, please14:35
Stskeepsvakkov: .raw image is actually a byte-by-byte copy of a SD card14:36
nwoki_Stskeeps: back in an hour14:36
Stskeepsit has partition table, partitions, etc14:36
Stskeepsnwoki_: OK14:36
Stskeepsvakkov: so if you write it to a sd card you can access files on it naturally14:37
Stskeepsvakkov: for others, i use a tool called 'kpartx' where you do 'kpartx -a raw-image' and partitions appear in /dev/mapper/loop0p0  p1 p2 etc14:37
vakkovthanks, i was looking for a tool :)14:38
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vakkovis there another way to turn off nemo on n900 except writing shutdown in terminal ?15:16
Stskeepshold down power button15:17
vakkovoly locks screen and keys15:17
vakkovonly *15:17
Stskeepsnah, hold it down for like 30 secs15:18
vakkovyeah, it worked... I just say a video in youtube where a guy runs n9 apps on nemo and says he just copied some of n9s' binaries to the n900. Do you know more about that?15:23
Stskeepsvakkov: more of a #nemomobile question15:23
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XaseSo I am confused as heck as how I would go about "building" Mer for other devices15:43
StskeepsXase: right, so, let's start from the bottom: we are a binary package distribution, so we centrally build mer for various architectures and provide rpms for people15:45
Stskeepsarchitectures currently: i486, atom (SSSE3), armv6, armv7 softfp, hardfp15:45
XaseWell I was aiming for armv715:45
Stskeepsthen we have those15:46
Stskeepsso, what we typically do is that we have kickstart files, which describe how to put together a image and what packages should be installed15:47
Stskeepswe give them to mic-image-creator which then makes various forms of images for us, for armv7, typically a SD card image15:48
XaseI have a quick question. Are these ArmV7 images generic?15:50
Stskeepsyes, mer doesn't contain hardware adaptations or UIs, it's meant to be portable15:50
Stskeepsarmv7 is built for ARMv7-A, VFPv3-D16, so it'll work on all known armv7-a chipsets15:51
XaseSo I'm reading the wiki at the moment, trying to gather more information, for not being fully complete like it says on a few pages, it is terrificly well written.15:54
Stskeepsyeah.. we've been very hard at work and if you want to help contribute to the wiki by what i'm telling you, you're welcome to do so15:55
Stskeepsthe homepage is a bit blank but we're getting closer to a 'proper' launch of the core project15:55
Stskeepshopefully we'll have a good guide to "how to start making mer images" etc15:57
XaseMy objective question is... how would I handle device specific kernel modules... just rebuild the kernel?15:57
Stskeepssure, that part is entirely up to yourself15:58
Stskeepsthere's plenty of open source examples of kernel packaging15:58
XaseI was thinking of using Mer to make a nifty alternative for android on the Nook Color.15:58
Stskeepsah, you should team up with wmarone15:58
Stskeepsi have a nook color too15:58
Stskeepswe don't have "Mer" kernel, but 2.6.32 and up, with some specific kernel options our userland expects, for systemd15:58
Stskeepsthat's usually what we expect15:59
XaseI wish I was more handy, but I can always just do my best :D16:01
Stskeepsthen team up with wmarone and the others, i'm sure they would be happy with extra hands16:01
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind something better on my nook color16:04
Stskeepsthe e-reader app is driving me crazy16:04
XaseI have Cyanogen Mod on mine currently.16:04
XaseSome fellows seem to have ported a decent port of ubuntu overlayed on angstrom... but no one has developed it any further since april...16:05
Stskeepsnook color is hardware wise close to nokia n900, so it should be able to perform well16:06
*** felipec has quit IRC16:06
XaseI discovered mer actually poking around the Maemo pages :)16:07
Stskeepsi'm forbidden to really hack on my nook color before i've created a kitchen UX for my wife, so erm, procrastinating a bit and doing a industry-strength mobile core first to base it on..16:12
XaseI think I'm going to try and build the nook kernel, because last time I tried, I got an error with the def config as provided by B&N16:15
*** smoku has left #mer16:19
vakkovi think of porting to beagleboard ... the problem is i don't have beagleboard at the moment :D16:21
Stskeepssomeone actually did that already16:22
*** felipec has joined #mer16:23
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vakkovare there any plans of compiling flash player for mer16:29
andre__vakkov, not sure if there are Adobe people around here that could answer your question.16:29
dm8tbrflash is dead, adobe sent a memo16:29
Stskeepsyes, flash's dead, worry more about HTML5 runtime16:30
dm8tbrStskeeps: did you find a WAC runtime for trying out?16:31
Stskeepsdm8tbr: no not yet16:31
Stskeepswell, qt web runtime exists but that work stopped totally16:34
dm8tbrI wonder what Tizen is going to use then16:35
Stskeepswell, not qt16:35
Stskeepsi suspect chromium based16:35
Stskeepsmostly because i've seen people talk about that and wayland16:36
dm8tbrah yes, can't be Qt, that's tainted by the meego fail16:36
dm8tbrWAC seems to be mainly industry pushed, I wonder if that will gain any traction.16:37
XaseMn I really hate debian sometimes...16:38
Stskeepsdm8tbr: i'm a little unsure what iphone would use16:39
*** csgeek has quit IRC16:42
wmaronehmm, someone else interested in the nook color?16:42
Stskeepswmarone: yes, Xase16:42
Xasewmarone I am :D16:43
Xasebut having issues with Debian at the moment complaining about expirations all of a sudden.16:43
Xaseso hold on :D16:43
XaseAlright I'm good... turns out I set the wrong year while issuing sudo date16:45
*** csgeek has joined #mer16:45
Xasewmarone: I'd love to help in  any way I can.16:46
wmaronehmm, any particular area of expertise?16:46
XaseNot particularly unless being somewhat clever at "just figuring things out" counts :p. I'm decent with graphics, and I'm novicely familiar with kernel building, and I'm a vague ruby amateur =(16:47
XaseThough I'm trying to focus my learning around C++16:48
wmaroneso currently I've got a kernel booting on the nook color, and I'm trying to get a rudimentary filesystem up on it16:49
Stskeepsany luck with my .ks?16:50
wmaronejust getting started with that today16:50
wmaronefamiliarizing myself with the kickstart syntax16:50
XaseIs there a link for that kickstart so that I can try to learn  it a bit more too?16:51
wmaroneone sec16:51
wmaroneI'll post it up on the mer wiki16:51
wmaroneor is there a better place to put things like that?16:51
Stskeepswiki's good for incubation, when becoming a true project of your own, move out of the basement :)16:52
Stskeepsso go ahead16:52
vakkovbtw the kickstart link for armv6 in the wiki is not working16:53
wmaronealmost forgot this was here:
wmaronethough who knows how long that wiki will be around16:53
Stskeepsfor a while yet but feel free to migrate to wiki.merproject.org16:54
XaseI'm actually synching some kernel sources that were listed there16:55
wmaroneI'm actually working on the tarball from B&N's site at the moment16:56
wmaroneI'm going to clean that page up here in a bit.16:56
Xasewmarone: what about dalingrin's nook sources...16:58
XaseThey're  probably a little more optimized =/?16:58
XaseHe's the CyanogenMod developer for Nook.16:59
XaseNook Color*16:59
wmaroneI do have his tree16:59
wmaronea lot of the stuff on that page centers around cleaning the android bits out of the drivers16:59
wmaroneand pushing upstream16:59
wmaronebut I'm going to sideline a lot of that for now17:00
wmaroneI have some of the patches applied against 2.6.32 on dalingrin's tree17:00
* wmarone forgot17:00
XaseSo what can I do to be the best help to you wmarone17:01
*** zmc has quit IRC17:02
wmaronereproduce my boot sequence17:02
wmaronethat's probably the most annoying bit of this right now17:02
wmaroneone sec17:02
XaseAlright, I'll go grab my nook and sd card adapter17:03
*** bergie has joined #mer17:03
wmaroneXase: join #nook-boot17:03
wmaronedon't wanna flood #mer too badly17:04
Xasewill when ii get back inside.17:11
*** jargon- has joined #mer17:12
*** nwoki has joined #mer17:12
*** crevetor has joined #mer17:20
Stskeepsnwoki: "boot to meego" works for me, ie, live image17:36
nwokiStskeeps: mine got stuck17:36
nwokinow i'm trying something with plasma active17:36
nwokiimage creation and bootstrap was all ok though17:37
nwokidon't know why i had this17:37
Stskeepsnwoki: exopc?17:39
*** marquiz_ has joined #mer17:40
*** beford has joined #mer17:48
nwokiStskeeps: yup17:48
Stskeepsnwoki: hmm17:51
Stskeepsnwoki: any modifications in .ks?17:51
nwokiStskeeps: nope, kept it as you gave it to me17:52
*** felipec has quit IRC17:52
vakkovso what is the platform sdk i nemo17:57
Stskeepsvakkov: we use something called OBS at the moment, our sdk story isn't that strong yet17:58
Stskeepsnwoki: hmm17:58
Stskeepsnwoki: -f livecd ?17:58
vakkovi know about the obs, thought there's an sdk ..17:58
nwokiStskeeps: i'm about to go out now. I'll retry tomorrow afternoon if you're around i'll let you know17:59
Stskeepsnwoki: OK with me17:59
nwokithanks for the great help btw17:59
Stskeepsnp, please help document it on wiki17:59
nwokiwill do17:59
*** nwoki has quit IRC17:59
vakkov1 question about the OBS core - do only developers have access to it ?18:03
Stskeepsvakkov: we have a community obs kind of thing that can build against mer18:04
Stskeepswe have a OBS that's (currently) on an internal network that does all the integration/release work, ie, just a build farm, you don't technically need access to it as you submit through and git18:04
Stskeeps+and we have, i mean18:04
Stskeepswe're hoping to be able to eventually hack without an obs available18:05
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC18:23
*** tomeff has joined #mer18:41
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer18:41
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*** zmc has joined #mer19:02
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*** rlinfati has joined #mer19:31
Stskeepsevening rlinfati19:39
rlinfatihi Stskeeps19:39
Stskeepsso what brings you here? :)19:39
rlinfatinothing :), the other day i see in the irc channel log that say the n9 not has moslo partition19:42
rlinfatiand is not true19:42
rlinfatimy n9 has a moslo partition19:42
Stskeepsthat's cool19:42
Stskeepsgood to know :)19:43
Stskeepsso you were able to boot secure harmattan that way?19:46
Stskeepswell, as in, MOSLO dual booted without causing harmattan to be broken?19:47
Stskeepsjust curious19:47
rlinfatiyep, it boot (kexec) the pr1.1 in open mode19:49
rlinfatibut the nokia/ovi do not work (ovi store)19:50
rlinfatiovi map and gps work19:51
Stskeepsi was more wondering about something marquiz did later this week, where we actually reboot19:53
rlinfatithe aegis storage is broken...
*** vakkov has quit IRC19:56
*** vakkov has joined #mer19:56
vgradeSage, dm8tbr, found this while working on another mali platform19:58
vgradeSage, dm8tbr,
wmaronevgrade: what kernel version are you working on?20:00
vgradewmarone, 2.6.3420:01
rlinfatidelete nokia account, create nokia account and ovi store work in open mode :)20:01
wmaronehmm, so not too far off20:02
vgradewmarone, far off what?20:14
wmaroneI'm trying to figure out what's killing udev20:14
*** tomeff1 has joined #mer20:20
*** tomeff has quit IRC20:21
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:22
rlinfatigrrr, dualbooter, open mode, reboot to normal mode -> all work20:28
rlinfatidualbooter, open mode, edit nokia/ovi account, use gps, reboot no notmal mode -> "il dispositivi non funziona correctammente" ( the device is not working correctly, sent to nokia care )20:29
rlinfatimaybe was because i install a apps from ovi store :/20:34
*** tilgovi has quit IRC20:38
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*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:38
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:38
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*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:47
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dm8tbrrlinfati: I guess for harmattan it's either or, running it in both secure an open mode will mess things up bad21:09
*** lbt_hel has joined #mer21:13
*** lbt_hel has quit IRC21:14
ShadowJKautobricking :)21:17
*** zmc has joined #mer21:18
rlinfatigrrrrr  use of gps in open mode -> reboot to normal mode -> work21:19
rlinfatiinstall/uninstall deb in open mode -> reboot to normal mode -> work :(21:20
rlinfatia randdom brick21:20
DocScrutinizermessing with any paegified file will make secure mode MALF, no matter if the messing is done in secure or open mode21:21
*** notmart has quit IRC21:38
DocScrutinizer*if* we had a proper list of paegified files, we could keep backups and instead of MALF could restore the original file when aegis throws EMALF. (actually I think there *is* such list: /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist) - alas it's not exactly trivial to hack the MALF checker so it would do that restoring instead of MALF as it's also a paegified initscript resp binary21:42
DocScrutinizerthe funny bit is it seems possible to sign files in open mode21:56
DocScrutinizerwith a few tricks21:56
DocScrutinizerand since we can do this, we can sign any file we patched to neuter any patch Nokia platsec would deploy to fix this21:57
DocScrutinizerobviously we need an unpatched system to sign the file, so mustn't update to a newer OS version prior to patching the update process so it can't kick out our signature22:01
sethstormcxl000: the best I can do is get a photo of the remaining lines since I do not have a jig for the port22:02
DocScrutinizerbut basically nobody is interested in secure mode as long as proper open mode works in all aspects22:03
Sagevgrade: interesting, I'm using 3.x kernels atm. with snowball22:12
*** rlinfati has quit IRC22:31
vgradeSage, I thought you looking at mali22:37
*** Venemo is now known as Venemo__22:37
*** Venemo__ is now known as Venemo_22:39
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo22:48
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vgradenice one matrixx, Mer project first on the list,
Sagevgrade: snowball is ste u8500 with the mali gpu23:38
*** otep has quit IRC23:45
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