Saturday, 2011-11-26

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Texrathey kyb3r00:00
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Venemo_webchathey Texrat, could you please paste that URL again?00:07
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TexratVenemo_webchat should we switch to a Qt channel?00:07
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Venemo_webchatTexrat: dunno, this channel is as good as any for me. #qt isn't much help. maybe let's continue in private if you don't wanna pollute this channel :)00:08
Texrateh, I'm easy00:08
Texratnot much activity here anyway00:09
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Venemo_webchathm, where the hell is my usb cable?00:16
Texratjust use wifi00:17
Venemo_webchatok, I can try00:17
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Venemo_webchatok Texrat, I'm making progress :)00:32
Venemo_webchatblank empty screen appears for me too now :P00:32
Texratyeah... that's... progress...00:32
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Venemo_webchatTexrat: ok, it's more than a black rectangle now00:38
alien_hello, I am trying to build mer/nemo handset UX for the first time, but I get this error, does it look familiar?
Texrathave you found areas to update the code at the wiki?00:39
Venemo_webchatI have not made any changes00:39
Venemo_webchatI'm just not exactly sure what's the supposed output00:40
alien_just for the record, I am using the latest kickstart from the nemo website and targeting x8600:40
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Venemo_webchatTexrat: I'm also not sure whether it doesn't do anything because it doesn't find GPS in my room or because it just doesn't work...00:41
Texratvenemo_webchat good, it's not just me then :P00:43
Texratseems to me the display should still work, gps or not00:44
Venemo_webchatit does display something00:44
Venemo_webchatand it also references a page whose source code is not on that site00:44
Venemo_webchatok, wait a moment, I messed it up00:45
Texratit would sure be nice to figure this out, although I am running out of time to get app done for contest00:46
Texratbut if it gets done, and wins something, I will share prize with helpers ;)00:46
Venemo_webchatwhat contest?00:46
TexratI can't reveal unfortunately00:47
Texratbut the prizes are nice :D00:47
Venemo_webchatTexrat: is it the one about which all of us received an email?00:50
Venemo_webchatTexrat: btw I managed to make it work.00:50
Texrathmmm, not sure.  We would have to discuss privately00:50
Texratreally? ok, is there soemthing to update on wiki?00:50
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Venemo_webchatI'll update the wiki and send you the project in a .tar.gz in email00:52
Texrathmmm wait i will create private channel00:53
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RaYmAnsts: indeed06:47
Stskeepsso you're ready to move into your new apartment?06:48
Stskeepsor how was it :)06:48
RaYmAnyup,just two hours left :-)06:48
Stskeepsgood luck :) we're going to go take a look at a possible candidate new apartment sometime next week for ourselves06:49
RaYmAnah, cool :-)06:50
RaYmAnit always surprises me how much you have whenever you have to move, lol06:53
RaYmAnwhst are you doing up so early anyways?06:54
Stskeepswife has a course at 9am so got up to make coffee06:55
RaYmAnnice of you :-)06:56
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Stskeepsmorn lbt09:47
Stskeepsthing our opensuse vm needs: acpid09:48
lbtyes it does09:49
Stskeepsi had a fun encounter with be not shutting down (i upgraded RAM amount to 3.5g, btw)09:49
lbtI forgot to add the suse equiv of acpi-support-base09:50
Stskeepsmorn phaeron109:50
lbtshould be in the kiwi or puppet09:50
lbthey phaeron109:50
lbtbbiam ... builder arrived09:50
Stskeepsphaeron1: what was the URL of your obs changs?09:51
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Stskeepsmorn Creip09:53
Creipwho's life everyone?09:55
Stskeepshow's, you mean ;)09:55
Stskeepsit's fine09:55
phaeron1lbt: so care to revisit using download on demand on the distro repos ?09:58
Creiphaha can't multitask09:58
Creiphow's exactly what I meant ;>09:58
CreipThe new splash screen is cool09:58
Stskeepswe have nemo mobile over in #nemomobile too :)09:59
CreipWhat is Helium missing when I can't get through any login screen? Is it a plugin missing or..?09:59
Creipfor eg. Twitter or YouTube, pressing "Sign in" after giving my credentials doesn't result in anything09:59
Creipaw damn so I'm asking in the wrong place09:59
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lbtphaeron1: back10:50
lbtcold fingers10:51
lbtso phaeron1 the reason I don't just say "yes" to DoD is just prioritisation10:53
lbtright now "it works" and there's plenty that doesn't :)10:54
lbtStskeeps: so any info if Taku is going to use Mer?10:58
Stskeepsthey aren't related10:58
Stskeepsi think it's basically a simple bootstrap with qt only on file system but i can't be sure10:58
Stskeepsi think for prototyping you'd likely go taku -> mer10:59
Stskeepswhen expanding a bit10:59
damnshockmorning everyone11:00
Stskeepsmorn damnshock11:00
Stskeepslbt: i managed to kill the nss rebuild farce yesterday.. think that saves at least two-three hours of build time of core :P11:00
Stskeepsnormally it went like ncurses -> nspr -> nss -> gcc etc11:01
lbtin a cycle11:01
Stskeepsyeah, for 5-6 times11:01
Stskeepsdid you see my comment on fortran support?11:01
Stskeepsi dumped fortran support from gcc and suddenly, ARM gcc builds (cross compiled) sliced in half to 17 mins vs 34 min..11:02
Stskeepsbecause it spent horrendous amount of time compiling libgfortran with a non-cross compiler11:02
Stskeepswhereas it should only do small things like libstdc++, libgcc, etc11:05
damnshockhey guys, the task switcher is from Mer o frmo Nemo?11:10
Stskeepsanything remotely UI is outside Mer11:10
Stskeepswith exception of toolkit like Qt11:10
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damnshockok, won't bother you with my suggestions then ;)11:10
Stskeeps#nemomobile ;)11:11
damnshockStskeeps: do you by any chance have the log of the explanation you made the other day about obs?11:13
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damnshockI'm affraid I don't have the log functionality turned on yet :S11:13
Stskeepsdamnshock: /topic has a IRC log11:14
damnshockgot it, thanks11:15
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StskeepsSymbolRequired by11:16
Stskeepsnano = 2.2.4-1.3cvs11:16
* Stskeeps twitches11:16
phaeron1it's supposed to be "nano"11:17
Stskeepsthe reason why this is fucked up is that cvs -> gettext -> gcc11:18
Stskeepsso, if nano rebuilds, cvs -> gettext -> gcc rebuilds11:18
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kyb3Rhi to all11:20
Stskeepshi Naresh_, kyb3r11:20
w00tStskeeps: here's a question, what requires nano in the first place?11:20
Stskeepsw00t: cvs..11:20
Naresh_need help in installing neme on n90011:21
w00tok, and do I want to know what requires cvs? :P11:21
Stskeepsw00t: gettext11:21
w00tboth of these dependencies seem wrong11:21
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lbtNaresh_: #nemomobile :)11:21
Stskeepsvery good question11:21
* phaeron1 looks at the LFS book11:22
kyb3RI have temporary OBS running now at our Open Hackday. Would like to test it, do some builds but not entire Mer. I have no glue how this OBS works. Suggestions where to start? :)11:22
kyb3RStskeeps: ok, thanks11:22
lbtStskeeps: are we using sane ./configure values in there?11:22
Stskeepslbt: i am not assuming sanity11:22
Stskeepskyb3R: for smmap, async, gitdb, gitpython, you can install the python "pip" installer and just "pip install <those packages""11:23
Stskeepskyb3R: (install python development headers, gcc, zlib development headers first)11:23
lbtStskeeps: and ... I have a suggestion - rather than fixing these issues yourself all the time - maybe leave a few for learning purposes?11:23
Naresh_anyone provide me a link where i can find instructions to install NEMO (mer + meego) on nokia n900 mobile11:23
lbtNaresh_: yes in #nemomobile11:24
phaeron1ok gtg. see you later11:24
lbteg this small nano/cvs issue seems like a manageable problem to tackle11:24
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lbtNaresh_: that's not a dismissal ... it's just the better place to discuss it11:25
damnshockalthough lbt is right ;)11:25
lbtmeh - I was waiting for him to appear in there ...11:25
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kyb3RStskeeps: ok11:27
kyb3Rdoing make...11:33
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Stskeepslbt: regarding leave a few in, it costs too much in build power when it's in the base set of packages11:40
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Stskeepslbt: i do seem to be one of the first that actually looks into these things deepily though11:41
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kyb3Rok, I now have fakeobs running11:54
lbtmmm - takes a day for the rsync here :)11:54
Stskeepstime to get a better connection11:54
lbtI bought a second aDSL line to bond them11:55
lbtI was not happy11:55
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* Stskeeps hugs his 20mbit line11:55
Stskeepskyb3R: find someone who knows 'osc' and set <remoteurl> up pointing to fakeobs11:55
kyb3Rjust a note. That "6. add a remote link for your fakeobs's server, port 8001, /public, http, not-https " does not really "open" to all :)11:56
Stskeepsyes, i know :P11:56
Stskeepsthat's why i'm hoping to have someone help document it11:56
kyb3RStskeeps: yeah, need to dig in to that11:56
Stskeepswhat you need is to osc meta prj -e fakeobs, and add <remoteurl>http://fakeobs:8001/public</remoteurl> to the xml11:57
kyb3RI mean, I will get more knowlede of osc and remote links11:57
Stskeeps(and please fix the wiki)11:57
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kyb3Rok, I will try stuff and see if I can contribute to documentation11:57
Stskeepsfakeobs being the ip where fakeobs runs on11:59
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Stskeepslbt: ping12:59
* lbt finds his irc window.... pong12:59
Stskeepshow would you return that, but sorted?13:00
Stskeepsturns out getting files in a dir isn't deterministic :P13:00
lbtno, it's not13:00
lbtfirst attempt ... put 'sort ' in front of map13:00
Stskeepsok, no parantheses or anything13:01
lbtnot at first13:01
lbtsince :     return sort( map { cat_file($dir, $_) } @files );13:02
lbtis more messy ... but should work13:02
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damnshockwhy do you need it to be sorted?13:24
Stskeepsdamnshock: so, when OBS detects there is a difference between how a package was built and the last time it was built, it will rebuild all packages that depend on the package13:25
Stskeepsdamnshock: i had a case where some autogenerated code was relying on the order of the files in a directory13:25
Stskeepswhich is bad as this may differ13:25
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Stskeepskyb3R: how is it working for you guys?13:42
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Venemo~seen Texrat13:48
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Venemoinfobot, Y U no here?13:48
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Stskeepsso how's Venemo?13:53
Venemofine, thank you :) I've slept a lot :)13:53
Venemohas anyone made a Mer distribution with Gnome 3 yet? me is thinking about replacing the currently used meego 1.2.1 snapshot with some actually maintained stuff on my ideapad13:55
*** xnt14 has joined #mer13:55
Stskeepsnah.. we aren't terribly focused on GTK in mer13:55
Stskeepsi'm hoping someone will whip up a mix of lipstick and Nemo13:55
Stskeepsfor a nice netbook experience13:56
Venemowell, if I had the time...13:57
dcthangStskeeps: still working?:P13:57
Stskeepsdcthang: there's parts of my life where i'm being paid, parts i'm not .. and sometimes it's very hard to tell the difference13:59
dcthangokay :)13:59
dcthangthat's good, that's life...14:00
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kyb3Rso, after adding the remoteurl element the fakeobs returns "404". [C14:13
Stskeepskyb3R: curl http://localhost:8001/public/source/Core:i58614:14
kyb3Rthat returns listing14:14
kyb3Rin XML14:15
Stskeepsshow me your meta / where you put remoteurl14:15
kyb3RI gave the command you gave to me and edited the file to be like here
pabs3Stskeeps: lipstick?14:19
Stskeepspabs3: sure, sec14:19
Stskeepskyb3R: ok, and that URL works?14:23
Stskeepskyb3R: as /public/source/Core:i586 and curl14:23
Stskeepskyb3R: now try osc ls fakeobs:Core:i58614:23
kyb3Rthis works "curl http://localhost:8001/public/source/Core:i586"14:26
Stskeepsok, and http://192.blahblah/public/source/Core:i586 works too?14:26
kyb3Rfrom firefox yes.14:27
Stskeepsok, can the OBS access that with curl too?14:28
dm8tbrthat's on the same box14:28
Stskeepsso osc ls fakeobs:Core:i586 should work14:28
kyb3Rreturns "Server returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found"14:29
VenemoStskeeps, out of curiousity, does Mer build on x86_64 yet?14:29
Stskeepsosc -A http://localhost:81 ls fakeobs:Core:i586 ?14:29
Stskeepsadd a "-d" flag after osc to see what API it connects to14:30
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*** maour has joined #mer14:30
Stskeepswhat port is your API on? :)14:35
*** maour has quit IRC14:36
kyb3R(jsut a sec, we have some action going on here, a demo)14:36
*** maour_ has joined #mer14:36
VenemoStskeeps, does Mer have an x86_64 build yet?14:39
Stskeepsno, i don't see a serious need for it14:39
Stskeepsnah, that's fakeobs's port14:41
kyb3Rthis "osc -d -A ls fakeobs:Core:i586" works but gives same error as "404"14:41
Venemowell, if you target netbooks, then why not? even Atoms are x86_64 nowadays.14:41
Stskeepsdm8tbr: is it OBS 2.3?14:41
kyb3RStskeeps: yes (Thomas said)14:42
Stskeepsok, then it's https://localhost:444 i think14:42
Stskeepsfor api14:43
kyb3Robs APi is on 44414:44
Stskeepsso you need to meta prj onto that14:44
kyb3Rconfirmed here too14:44
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Stskeepsand then you should be able to ls14:50
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kyb3Rok, we are getting somewhere14:56
kyb3Rgot response "/obs/sources/:upload/25904: No such file or directory"14:56
*** asdfafew has joined #mer14:57
Stskeepswith ls?14:57
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has quit IRC14:58
kyb3Rno :) we ran "osc -A meta prj -e fakeobs", gave the remoteurl and saved14:58
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Stskeepshmm :P15:00
Stskeepswhat guide was used to set it up?15:00
kyb3Ri dunno, thomas did it :)15:01
kyb3Rit was sort of like mixture of two15:02
Stskeepsok, see if you can make a project of your own from webui15:02
kyb3Rwe tried that, it fails too15:02
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Stskeepsnot fakeobs's fault then :P15:02
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Stskeepskyb3R: check /obs/log15:05
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kyb3RStskeeps: yeah, we need to solve issues with our OBS installation15:14
kyb3Rlogs are filled with "mkdir: /obs/workers/idle: Permission denied" and alike15:16
Stskeepsdoesn't sound right.. does /obs exist?15:16
pdanek1Stskeeps: have you tested SHR already? :)15:17
Stskeepspdanek1: nop15:17
kyb3R /obs points to /srv/obs15:18
*** RhymeswA has quit IRC15:18
Stskeepskyb3R: if you ever need to set up a OBS, i've found very useful15:18
kyb3RStskeeps: :)15:18
Stskeepsi set it up on a opensuse install (11.4!!) in 20 minutes15:18
kyb3Rserver had debian installed and dm8tbr wanted to install it to that, so...15:19
Stskeepsso it's in a VM or..?15:19
kyb3Rno, bare hw15:19
Stskeepsso you tried to install obs server on debian?15:19
*** RhymeswA has joined #mer15:21
dm8tbrStskeeps: it is a opensuse OBS appliance dd'd to bare hardware15:21
Stskeepsah, ok15:22
Stskeepsi was getting worried you people had gone absolutely mad15:22
Stskeepsdm8tbr: does the startup talk anything about obs auto storage stup failed?15:22
dm8tbrI didn't watch the boot process15:22
dm8tbrI could reboot it tho15:22
Stskeepsyeah, would be a start15:23
damnshockhow exactly does obs work?15:26
damnshockmind to resum?15:26
Stskeepsdamnshock: it's a builder, simple as that15:26
Stskeepsdamnshock: spend some time navigating around on
damnshockcan it crossbuild? I mean, build for arm?15:26
damnshockon my x86_64?15:26
kyb3Rboot process seems ok15:27
dm8tbrno messages relating to 'auto storage'15:27
Stskeepsdamnshock: yes15:32
Stskeepsdamnshock: typically we have builders on x86_6415:32
Stskeepsdm8tbr: hm, ok15:32
Stskeepsdm8tbr: i'd frankly just advise you to follow the guide above, it's pretty straightforward.. if you can install opensuse 11.415:32
dm8tbrkyb3R: ^^^^^^15:33
dm8tbrnot my pint of beer15:33
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer15:34
Stskeepsit's also showing the dangers of appliances :P15:34
*** pdanek has joined #mer15:35
*** pdanek1 has quit IRC15:37
*** javiF has joined #mer15:40
dm8tbrStskeeps: until proven I would not claim such a thing15:42
Stskeepsok, i've just had my own share of problems with the obs appliance :P15:45
* dm8tbr also had back then(tm)15:46
*** javiF has quit IRC15:46
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*** pdanek has quit IRC15:52
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*** onekenthomas has joined #mer17:45
Venemohave any of you guys seen/used KDE's Plasma Netbook UX? is it good?17:47
*** toscalix_ has quit IRC17:50
*** toscalix_ has joined #mer17:50
mdaveyIf you are a Mer & Qt hacker and haven't registered for a free Raspberry Pi yet, there are still some slots left:
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:00
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vgradeVenemo, , my buld for N95018:35
*** kaziklubey_hd2 has quit IRC18:36
*** mdavey has quit IRC18:38
Venemovgrade, moment18:39
leinirvgrade: on that note, i'll finally be getting a new pin for my card this week, so hopefully i'll be able to ship the thing out either Saturday or Monday next week (that is, monday in a week) :)18:41
vgradeleinir, cool, I want to send some money for the postage, do you have pp18:46
leiniri do, but i've no idea what it'll cost - wouldn't think it'd be much, mind you :)18:46
*** pdanek has joined #mer18:46
leiniri also have a British bank account ;)18:46
vgradeI could arrange the shipping from this end if you like? Anyways I'll cover your costs18:48
*** pdanek1 has quit IRC18:48
leiniri'm afraid i'm not actually near it at the moment, i'm in Barwell with the device back down in Eastleigh... i'll be here until Saturday next week18:49
leinirbut don't worry, i'll get it shipped out immediately it's possible for me, which, then, will be either Saturday or Monday :)18:49
vgradeleinir, np, thanks18:51
mingwandroidvgrade: wow, qt creator on the Pi?18:52
leinirmingwandroid: indeed - it's pretty sweet :)18:52
mingwandroidI just signed up for a Pi. Wondering whether I should put mer on my n950 too...18:52
mingwandroidleinir: you got a Pi too?18:53
leinirWell, i've signed up to take part in the device program, no idea if i'll get one yet of course :)18:55
*** raignarok has joined #mer18:55
Venemovgrade, I was asking about Plasma Netbook, not Plasma Active18:58
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vgrademingwandroid, I thought I would try QtCreator on the Pi and it works quite well.  I guess the work has been taken over by the official Qt project offering the 400 boards with Qt518:58
vgradeVenemo, ah ok, what is Plasma Netbook?18:59
Venemovgrade, this:
leinirvgrade: it's another shell, like plasma desktop and plasma active :)18:59
vgradeI could not find any link19:00
vgradefor source19:00
leinirit's a part of kdebase-workspace :)19:01
*** maour_ has joined #mer19:02
mingwandroidvgrade: I'm slightly suprised 128MB (or 256 even) is enough for QtCreator, but then I guess all the Qt libs are shared...19:05
vgrademingwandroid, remember we are running this on Mer core so thats very light on memory19:06
vgradeleinir, we have this package in OBS,
*** raignarok has quit IRC19:07
leinirvgrade: brilliant, in that case it should just be the plasma-netbook binary :)19:08
vgradeline 161 of that specfile19:08
mingwandroidvgrade: If I fancied hacking my n950 to mer would that be a good idea? Does all the hardware work?19:08
dm8tbrSage: could you upload that image you made for SB? Forgot to ask you for it. I'd try to make it boot on mine19:09
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:11
leinirhmm... perhaps not... but, i'm guessing there's be a few people in #plasma or #active who'd know :)19:12
vgrademingwandroid, I think most things are working on the latest Nemomobile image19:12
mingwandroidhad a look at the buglist, doesn't look bad at all. are there any vids about before I jump in?19:15
*** tomeff1 has joined #mer19:16
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vgrademingwandroid, sec for vids19:29
*** kaziklubey_hd2 has quit IRC19:32
mingwandroidvgrade: cheers, any links for the procedure for flashing? what os etc?19:34
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vgrademingwandroid, talk is in #nemomobile19:47
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kyb3Rdm8tbr, Stskeeps: advise noted (and most likely will follow it too)21:02
*** mdavey has joined #mer21:07
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Stskeepskyb3R: so how did hackday go?21:20
dm8tbrI think it went really well, but then I'm biased. :)21:25
kyb3Ra lot was learned, people laughed a lot. So I'd say it was great :)21:31
Stskeepsrandom thing for the logs: qemu-* in OBS, ARM boehm gc patch exists for gcc but it needs to applied for other architectures than ARM too for gcc not to break21:32
Stskeeps(learnt the hard way with MIPS..)21:36
Stskeepsevening phaeron1, not yet at the stage where i can verify your patch21:41
phaeron1ok, saw some messages about something similar so I thought you had done that already21:41
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lbtmarkup is a bit ugly - export from gitit -> Mediawiki21:50
lbthey phaeron121:51
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Crnkojhey guys, i got a few questions, i have an atrix phone (android based with tegra2 soc) and was thinking about getting meego/mer to run on it. now i looked a bit around and saw that it quote works on a few tegra2 devices, but nothing for my phone23:42
Crnkojso firstly im wondering about teh bootloader, the phne ahs an unlocked one but signed, so one can not flash his own bootloader, will that be an issue? secondly the manufacturers kernel sources and kernels are all, will that be an issue, thirdly can i use a kernel thats used for android to use on mer/meego23:43
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