Wednesday, 2011-11-23

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* dm8tbr hands out doppio05:44
* dm8tbr chugs down a full coffee can of espresso05:44
_av500_dm8tbr: btw, you in a different time zone or you have a long commute?05:45
dm8tbrfirst I hung out too long at the radio club installing satellite dishes and then my darn liveview broke and I had to fix it... 02:30 local is not a good time to go to sleep05:45
dm8tbr_av500_: I'm in EET and my way to work are about 10 walking minutes05:45
_av500_ah, greek time05:46
iekkui should try sometime how much it takes for me to walk to work after move :P05:46
* _av500_ boots the nespresso05:47
dm8tbriekku: heh, that could be 'interesting'05:48
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iekkudm8tbr, :D05:53
Stskeepsmorn phaeron05:53
iekkudm8tbr, enough drink and something to eat. i would even survive :P05:53
phaeronStskeeps: morning05:53
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phaeron1Stskeeps: I put the patch here : and I am improving on it06:08
Stskeepscool, i hope to have obs 2.3 up later today for giving it a try :) thanks06:09
Stskeepsthink it will improve localdep users everywhere06:10
phaeron1yeah at least build logs , maybe even making the repos full using hardlinks06:10
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* Stskeeps heads to office06:23
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SageStskeeps: wasn't able to get lbt's systemd stuff out of gerrit07:31
Sagegit clone ssh://
Sagegit fetch ssh:// refs/changes/20/120/107:31
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Sageah, pull maybe07:31
Sageok, that works07:32
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SageI wonder if those could have been merged to one submit07:35
Sageeh, forgot changeid07:35
* Sage tries again07:35
Sage ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/for/master (squash commits first)07:36
SageSo in order to get my fixes in I need to squash it with davids?07:40
Sageif I want them under same review id07:40
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Sageveskuh: upto possibly destroying the n950 image today? :)07:51
veskuhSage: always :)07:51
SageI'm going to blow up my n900 first and fix those errors and then you can try with n950 so it would be a bit more ready :)07:53
Sageveskuh: already tried to install irc-chatter?07:54
veskuhNo, is it already in apps repo?07:54
veskuhseems to be07:55
veskuhI'll try it07:55
Sage205 packages to upgrade.07:56
Sagemy n900 image :P07:56
veskuhthat is a lot07:56
Sageyeah, some things in core got updated so lots of rebuilds07:56
Sage,status:open,n,z <- and lots of more to come07:57
w00tnb: do not upgrade meegotouch-home from project:mtf:ux, at the moment07:58
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Stskeepsyou're missing actual changelog text08:32
Sagelol :D08:32
* lbt wakes up08:32
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lbtStskeeps: when installing obs don't forget to commit after base install and add the BSConfig and /srv/*config08:35
lbtthen we get delta from baseline as the next commit08:35
Stskeepsit'll be later today08:36
lbtI saw you'd done the zypper in08:36
SageStskeeps: fixed08:36
Stskeepslbt: uhh..08:37
lbtmmm no you haven't08:37
Stskeepslbt: i didn't do anything with the targets08:37
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javierany known issues on meego 1.2-oss repo?09:02
javierrepository type cannot be determined09:02
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damnshockhey guys, what about the idea of having a forum for mer?09:59
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Stskeepsdamnshock: we have mailing lists at least10:06
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lbtI've fixed the broken registration on bz10:14
lbtI've only modified the english template for registration though10:14
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damnshockStskeeps: I know, it just that I read about it on the maemo forums10:16
damnshocki thought i could be something I could help in10:16
lbtdamnshock: Mer probably isn't the right place for forums10:16
lbtmore likely a nemo thing?10:16
lbtwhat do you think?10:16
damnshocklbt: yeah, you may be right10:17
damnshockI just don't know how exactly mer and nemo relate, I mean, how you dev guys talk to each other (in case you do)10:18
lbtoh yeah - we just use different hats :)10:19
lbtMer is very much the core - aimed at vendors10:19
lbtNemo is a community product built on Mer10:19
damnshockas far as I know nemo is Mer+ meego interface10:19
lbtlike a reference vendor10:20
lbtyes, essentially - that's what the code is... what I described is the pupose10:20
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damnshockI just wish I could help somehow10:21
damnshockboth mer and nemo10:21
lbtthe very best way to help is to make things better10:22
damnshockalthough my coding knowledge is very limited10:22
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damnshocklbt: how do I do that? ;)10:22
lbtand that usually involves starting with testing10:22
lbtand careful bug reports - and by tracking how they're dealt with - you learn10:22
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lbtanother important thing is to learn how to learn ... allocate a reasonable time to investigate before asking a question.10:23
lbtWhat devices do you have?10:24
damnshocklbt: my problem is that sometimes things might look overwhelming10:24
damnshocklbt: n90010:24
lbtOK - so have you installed Nemo?10:24
damnshockI asked for an n950 both from me and from my company10:24
damnshocklbt: not yet, I installed meego, the fall release10:24
damnshockright now I have nitroid installed on the sd card10:25
lbtOK - so install Nemo. Even better - make a note of things you think should be fixed in the instructions10:25
lbtwhat's hard? What's unclear?10:25
lbtbut don't report them back until you have worked around them and installed Nemo10:25
lbtthen do it again and ask yourself what the instructions *should* say... then propose some changes10:26
dcthang__qtmobility works fine in Nemo?10:26
lbtof course if you really do get stuck... ask10:26
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dcthang__looks like Camera functionality  doesn't work10:27
damnshocklbt: I'll try doing that, probably tonight10:27
lbtdamnshock: cool - and thanks10:27
lbtdcthang__: which device?10:27
dcthang__With Mer 1.2, it works10:27
dcthang__lbt: *N910:27
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lbtOK - well, I guess I can say "log a bug" now :)10:28
dcthang__and the same case with N900 (Mer 1.3 installed)10:28
lbtI've just got the bz open for nemo10:28
lbtso this may be bug #110:28
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Stskeepsdcthang__: perhaps we didn't get the gst-plugins-good installed10:28
lbtStskeeps: now you see how quickly you'd have closed #1?10:29
lbtunlike distros that have that open for years!10:29
dcthang__yes, I will try that pack10:29
* lbt fixes the "registration in non-english translation pages" problem too10:33
lbtand wonders at the FR page....  "Bugzilla is an open bogue tracking system"10:34
damnshockgood lord, there's no install howto in the mer wiki :S10:35
dcthang__Stskeeps: where I can have that package? gst-plugins-good10:35
damnshockI guess that's why you told me about it lbt , didn't you? ;)10:35
lbtthere are links10:35
Stskeepsdcthang__: ask penk10:36
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dcthang__ok Stskeeps10:38
damnshockgood lord how I hate windows :S it's terrible working in here10:39
* damnshock stops ranting10:39
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ScriptRipperStskeeps, I have grabbed copy of the pkgs into my local OBS to check me new QEMU pkg myself now10:43
ScriptRipperI have some questions on the code10:43
ScriptRipperseems like I get some build errors with the x86 "toolchain related pkgs"10:44
ScriptRipperdid I get the wrong pkgs src ?10:44
ScriptRippere.g. cloog, gcc, mpc fails at "configure", debug seems switched on10:45
StskeepsScriptRipper: MIPS?10:45
Stskeepsthat doesn't sound riht10:45
Stskeepsbut i'm at a customer right now so i can't hang around, sory10:46
ScriptRipperlets do via e-mail10:46
ScriptRipperbut I need x86 to get cross tools build10:46
ScriptRipperremote OBS I always get timeout errors10:46
ScriptRipperso I grabbed local copyx10:46
lbtalterego: ping10:54
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alteregolbt: ping11:40
alteregopang whatever :)11:40
lbtwould like to migrate it to a merproject vm and do LDAP auth11:41
alteregoOkay, cool11:41
lbtare you up for doing that?11:41
alteregoCan we do it in a couple of hours?11:41
lbtat least :)11:41
alteregoJust need to finish some things off.11:41
lbtmaybe not even today .... just wanted to touch base and prepare11:42
lbtI need to setup internal LDAP to get shell user accounts for admins11:42
alteregoOkay, well from my end I'll look in to how to migrate the data.11:42
alteregoThen have a look at getting LDAP working on it.11:43
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alteregolbt: do you have an idea when you'd want to do it?11:53
lbtover the next day or two would be good11:54
lbtbut no rush11:54
lbtI want to setup the nemomobile one too11:54
alteregoOkay, I'm sure I can dedicate a bit of time to do it over the next couple of days.11:54
lbts/I want/I want you/11:54
alteregoSure, that's fine, but that'll be a new wiki right?11:55
lbtgreat - thanks11:55
lbtyes that'll be new11:55
alteregoQuite straight forward, just a new wiki, with ldap and the same security things I've put in to the mer wiki?11:55
lbtyes - and no user registration should help11:55
lbtregister via bugzilla to LDAP11:55
lbtshould make spamming harder11:56
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damnshocklbt: vm? what it stands for?12:08
lbtvirtual machine12:08
*** jonnor__work is now known as jonnor_work12:08
damnshockwell, if all accounts attack to ldap everything will have a unified login :)12:09
damnshockwhich will solve one of the technical issues from here:
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Sagecxl000: Probably can't help you much after all. My N810 seems dead. :/14:41
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w00tanyone have a clue how mer on x86 boot process works? I've managed to get my lenovo into some kind of weird loop in the bootloader15:34
crevetorw00t: what do you mean how it works ?15:41
w00tcrevetor: ideally, how I can figure out what screwed up and how to recover from it15:42
crevetordo you have console output ?15:42
w00tit never even gets to the kernel15:42
w00t"Starting MeeGo..." repeatedly flashing over and over again, if I hit esc, it takes me to the "Welcome to MeeGo!" bootmenu, with a single option ("MeeGo (3.0.0-1.1-adaptation-pc)"15:43
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damnshockw00t: grub?15:44
damnshockmaybe the loading line is wrong for some reason15:46
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damnshockby the way lbt , how many beers do people owe you?16:02
lbtdamnshock: an interesting philosophical question ... best discussed over a beer (or a cider in my case)16:09
damnshockare you close to Barcelona?16:13
lbtsadly not16:13
lbtReading, UK16:13
damnshockyou lost your change for a free beer then :P16:14
lbtat the next Mer conference...16:14
damnshockI might get to London for the Olimpics :D16:15
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* Stskeeps stretches16:52
mdfe_Sage: Any idea why in CE:MW:Shared contain a newer version of glib2 as in Mer core?16:53
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StskeepsNOTE: currently queueing any checks for review build tests as we're working on a OBS 2.3 setup19:26
Stskeepswhich should yield much faster feedback on patches :P19:28
ScriptRipperHi Stskeeps19:28
ScriptRippergood to see you back19:29
ScriptRipperI had written the issue found in an e-mail to you also now19:29
Stskeepsyes i saw19:29
ScriptRipperwhen arm builds are also finished, its good time to check what is going on19:30
ScriptRipperseems arm shows same19:30
ScriptRippercould it be I just grabbed wrong toolchain pkgs or have prjconf error ?19:30
ScriptRipperall other pkgs seem to build19:31
ScriptRipperso when the toolchain first time rebuilds itself with the new toolchain pkgs, this error happens19:31
ScriptRippere.g. a ./configure time error19:31
ScriptRipperlet me get my OBS finsished19:32
ScriptRipperthen I write e-mail with the error messages19:32
ScriptRipperbut pls help me if I got the right sources19:32
StskeepsOK, so, mer is distributed in a format where the idea is that you take the deliverable, start a fakeobs, and link your OBS to it. you then set up Core:i586 with prjconf of Core:i58619:32
ScriptRipperI got copy from src via Comm OBS19:33
ScriptRipperand I also get the binaries for bootstrapping from Comm OBS19:33
Stskeepsyeah, it's best that you get mer in the way it's supposed to :)19:33
ScriptRippervia OBS interlink to MeeGo Comm OBS19:33
*** KaziKluBey has joined #mer19:34
ScriptRipperso what I see should not happen ?19:34
ScriptRipperI did not do FakeOBS, I linked to MeeGo Comm OBS19:34
Stskeepsyes, and i don't want you to do that as that can have bad consequences :)19:34
Stskeepsso i'm offering to help you set it up the right way, same way meego comm obs gets Mer19:35
ScriptRipperbut I dont want to keep and support a copy of Mer19:35
ScriptRipperI wanted to check QEMU19:35
Stskeepsright, just trust me on this, this is the way you want to do it :)19:36
ScriptRipperand to compare, I always build also the x86 version as a cross check19:36
ScriptRipperI managed to contact also your OBS directly19:37
ScriptRippervia OBS interconnect19:37
ScriptRipperits just so that OBS has some bugs19:37
ScriptRippertrust *me here* so this is not what I wanted :D19:38
ScriptRipperhow to connect19:38
ScriptRipperor lets say, osc and OBS has some bugs in combination19:38
ScriptRipperwith unexpected results19:38
ScriptRipperso I kept off of FakeOBS not to run into even more bugs19:39
ScriptRipperSo I am sure I got the copy of the *correct src*19:40
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC19:40
Stskeepsright, so, i'd like to ask we do it the right way, so that's why i'm asking you to set up fakeobs :)19:42
Stskeepsthat will get you Mer sources + latest built binaries19:44
Stskeepsaccessible over the remoteurl link to fakeobs19:44
Stskeepswe should really rename fakeobs to 'mer delivery system' or something.. :P19:45
*** Bostik has quit IRC19:46
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Stskeepsevening Clark00819:54
Clark008hi there19:54
Clark008how are you doing?19:54
lbtStskeeps: glad you're coming around to the rename :)19:54
Stskeepsi'm good, relaxing after a hard day at work19:54
Clark008sounds good19:55
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crevetorw00t: just read your blog post. is the performance increase noticeable on the N900 ?20:04
w00tcrevetor: we already used meego graphicssystem on there, so there won't be any visible differences from older mer images20:05
w00tthe difference will be, it won't use oodles of RAM now :)20:05
crevetorw00t: that's what I was thinking20:05
w00tsaving ~Xmb per application that isn't foregrounded20:06
crevetorw00t: also if I understand correctly the raster graphics system does all the rasetrizing and then only sends one update to X ?20:07
crevetorHum I should try that for my TP port. As I'm working on EGL support but it doesn't work yet20:07
w00tnote that, depending on your UI/DE, raster isn't enough20:08
crevetorw00t: do you know if it's supported by mthemedameon/sysuid/mdecorator ?20:08
crevetoror do I absolutely have to have EGL20:08
w00tdon't use it for mthemedaemon20:08
crevetoran use meegographicssystem20:08
*** maour has quit IRC20:08
w00tactually, I honestly don't know20:08
w00tnemo's UI is tricky20:08
crevetorit is indeed :)20:09
w00tboth mthemedaemon and sysuid (and a lot of other things) rely on being able to access shared pixmaps, either through GL or X pixmaps20:09
w00thow that'll react to raster exactly I am not sure20:09
crevetorAnyway it's somewhat more interresting to get llvmpipe working20:10
crevetorw00t: you work for collabora right ?20:10
w00tyup (and yup)20:10
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smokuStskeeps: - Bug 220:56
Stskeeps yep20:57
Stskeepsabroad atm but it's on my list20:57
smokuthx :)20:57
Stskeepssmoku: where's your gtk+?20:58
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arc_mat|tpvgrade: hi21:31
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lbtback now22:16
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heliocastroNight guys23:05
heliocastroI'm lloking for a dev image of mer that i can fit on a trimslice board, anyone has some idea ?23:06
mdaveyheliocastro: mer specifically?23:07
heliocastromdavey: I'm using now Ubuntu Natty but i need 4.8 after rc1 to get meego graphicssystem and compile against it is not the best idea23:08
heliocastroMer is more suitable at this moment23:08
heliocastromdavey: But any suggestion is welcome23:09
mdaveywell vgrade and arfoll got meego running on it a few months ago:
lbtheliocastro:  from cxl00023:10
heliocastrohumm, let's see if play nice with nvidia drivers23:11
heliocastromdavey: lbt: thanks23:11
*** tarantism has joined #mer23:12
lbtwe need to do some work on getting some Mer 'bare' images running23:12
lbtor more accurately - it would be good to find a place for vendors to contribute hardware adaptations and minimal non-UX image ks files23:13
heliocastroI'qui quite fresh on this board, so need to test things before match the proper devel system23:14
*** cybette has left #mer23:16
*** cybette has joined #mer23:16
lbtheliocastro: well, we'd welcome any feedback. Especially later - so if you could keep a journal of "what I wish those Mer guys had told me when I started" - and we'll do our best to make it painless23:17
lbtHowever ... late night last night so I'm done....23:17
lbtg'night all23:17
lbtoh heliocastro do you have a acccount ?23:18
cxl000heliocastro I have not build an image recently but we have build with qt-desktop ans plasma23:18
lbtand is it enabled for c.obs?23:18
heliocastrolbt: Yep, i have23:18
cxl000good night23:18
heliocastrolbt: Don't know yet,  i was out of N9 project in October and don't touched the account since then23:19
lbtI guessed it's "heliocastro" ... and it wasn't ... but it is now23:19
lbt*g* same here .... except I use my account a bit more23:19
lbtg'night again23:19
*** _nicolai_ has left #mer23:21
vgradearc_mat|tp, hi23:22
vgradearc_mat|tp, patched those files and ready to test. Been a bit distracted with the movements in projects in OBS and recent issues with new startactive23:24
cxl000heliocastro trimslice nvidia drivers work fine with X in 16bit, at 24 bit I see EGL problems selecting a suitable context23:26
heliocastro32 bits is fine as well23:26
heliocastroSlow as hell when in a 1080p setup :-_23:27
heliocastrocxl000: There's a API bug in nvidia drivers related to context in EGL23:27
heliocastroIs documented by *buntu23:28
heliocastroAnd i don't know why nvidia is taking so long to release new drivers, we're still with the old alpha ones23:29
heliocastroWaiting Tegra 3 maybe ?23:30
vgradeheliocastro, I can upload kickstarts and images of my plasma-active and QtDesktop build23:30
heliocastrovgrade: For trimslice ? I would thanks you a  lot23:31
cxl000The kickstarts I have  need some updating for the move from monster to release and possible some of the project changes23:32
vgradeheliocastro, yes, issue is there has been a lot of movement of projects and packages on OBS so can't be sure you could use the kickstarts direct.23:32
*** beford has joined #mer23:32
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heliocastrovgrade: Worth try anyway23:32
*** ljp_ has quit IRC23:32
vgradeimages will still work, but kickstarts may need a bit of tweaking23:33
vgradesec for link23:33
*** lpotter has joined #mer23:34
vgrade, images will appear there once I've zipped and uploaded23:35
heliocastrovgrade: Special tip to make it run or basic push into pendrive/sd card and run ?23:36
* heliocastro still green23:36
vgradeheliocastro, no special tips, although its a few devices and ports ago,,
vgradeheliocastro, I'm using sdcard on trimslice pro, ymmv23:40
heliocastroI have same unit23:40
vgradegood spot on the format return value. who at nVidia are you talking too23:41
heliocastroFigure out on the wiki, probably are canonical devs23:42
heliocastroBut error is quite clear when you try use egl utils from mesa demos23:42
*** jjmarin has quit IRC23:43
*** Bostik has quit IRC23:43
vgradelast time I talked to them (nVidia) about a new release they said they were having a few issues.  My guess is they are fully commited resourcewise to T30 launch23:44
heliocastroAnd at same time ICS too i think23:45
vgradeI offered community support :)23:45
heliocastroin my point of view as a company, makes sense wait all the targets been ready to make a single release, in that case, Droid 4 and Tegra 323:46
heliocastroNow both are out in the air23:46
*** berndhs has joined #mer23:46
vgradeas long as T20 is not left behind23:46
heliocastroToo many devices released23:47
heliocastrovgrade: Question, are you using some sort of qemu image to test compilation or compile direct on device ?23:48
vgradeheliocastro, Mer uses opensuse build system OBS, builds packages for arm v6/v7 hard/soft fp.  Allows local building as well23:51
heliocastroYep, i know obs well, but works for packages, for develop an project non package s23:53
heliocastroneed some form of compilation aside packaging23:53
vgradeOBS can create a chroot environment for you to dev in23:55
heliocastroStill, this chroot need to be handle inside and arm emu environment23:56
heliocastrolocally i mean23:59
vgradeyes , I've not used it myself but refers I think23:59

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